Chump Lady Blog Is on Huffington Post Today

Hey, well of all days to get published, I’m still in Minnesota at a Lutheran retreat center attempting to understand the vagaries of the USDA National Organic Program. (To wit — why is sewage sludge forbidden as an input but conventional hog manure is perfectly acceptable? Or fucking poultry litter? There is ARSENIC in poultry litter, people! And it’s okay to sprinkle it over “organic” farm fields. It’s an outrage. Write your congressman.)

Segueing from shit to infidelity for a moment, (not such a jump) Chump Lady was happy to receive notice of publication on the front page of the Divorce section at Huffington Post. This means I’m inflicting my cartoons on a larger reading audience! And some hard-won wisdom on what not to do when you’ve been cheated on.

To anyone finding this blog for the first time — welcome!

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