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Arnold Being Arnold

Did anyone see the 60 minutes segment in which Arnold Schwartzenegger discusses his serial cheating and boinking the  housemaid? There’s a great smackdown of it by Steve Lopez in the LA Times here .

“I explained that it was my screw-up, that [Maria] should not feel that it had anything to do with her.”

What a prince. The former Mr. Olympia did some cardio work with the maid while his wife was away, and he’s not even blaming her.

Schwartzenegger’s not that original, playing the “it’s not about you” line. But the part of the interview that I find the most odious, is the not so subtle blame shifting to Maria for being unable to forgive him. Yes, THAT’S the problem. Her inability to forgive. Not his cheating. Yuck.

He’s steroid-swollen proof that serial cheating narcissists don’t change. He came into office with sexual harassment charges and left under the cloud of a sex scandal. He’s a pig and he’s consistent. At least if you’re going to be a cheating narcissist and public servant — do your job well. Whatever anyone thinks of Bill Clinton, at least he balanced the budget while he was getting blow jobs. And he didn’t knock anybody up.


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  • You make me laugh! Yes indeed, President Clinton did balance the budget while receiving BJ’s but leave it to our Chumplady to remind us of that!!

    What, oh what, would we do without the wise Chumplady to truly tell it like it is.

    Coffee and CL – the perfect way to start the day!

  • Deapite balancing the budget, don’t you think Clinton was at least as much a narcissisit as Arnold? How do these guys get elected?

    • Yeah, but it is narcissism in service of something. Clinton is a masterful politician. The guy has game. Unfortunately, people who are really excellent and tops in their field are often flaming narcissists. But then there are the untalented narcissists — all the self glory with none of the talent or accomplishment. They glide through life fueled by their massive sense of entitlement. What’s Arnold got? Oily pectorals. The grateful state of California thanks him… He was a disaster.

  • Arnold really is a pig. The fact that he runs around saying that he and Maria will get back together is gross, although I wouldn’t be surprised as those Kennedy ladies really don’t have good pickers.

      • But she was never really a Kennedy. The ones born into the clan have the example of generations of Kennedy men screwing around and treating women like crap. Then again, look at the one who married into it and recently committed suicide. She was his mistress in his first marriage and, big surprise, he cheated on her and dumped her in the end.

  • Yeah, great strategy for winning back your betrayed wife, writing a book about all your philandering and then going on national television to hawk it. Very respectful of your betrayed spouse, and remorseful.

    Smell that, Arnold? That’s sarcasm.

  • I need to change my user name. How about JFK ?
    BTW, did you know Charles Kuralt, Barbara Walters, and Pauyl Newman cheated (not with each other).
    I have found so many cheaters that I never suspected. Chalres Kuralt for God’s sake-sheeesh.

  • Not sure if talent(like Clinton’s) mitigates his NPD. Guy is still an a-hole.
    JFK’s IQ was reported to be only 119. Schwarznegger’s is supposed to be in the high 130″s. Perception is everything.
    I often thought that Quayle’s comeback to Benson’s “You’re no Jack Kennedy” deal should have been “Yeah, and my wife is sort of glad about that.”

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