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Well Chump Lady is having a good day here. As much as I try and keep the site gender and orientation neutral, today I’ll let my political bias slip — I’m so glad Obama got re-elected. But more than that? I’m glad the voting public repudiated the wing nuts (i.e., you can’t get pregnant from rape) and elected a scad of women to the Senate. Thank you JESUS!

But the last couple of days have been like crazy good days personally too. So much to be thankful for. We’ve got our health over here, business is good, the kids are all doing well. I got a money order in the mail for $100 the other day from my son’s dead beat dad. (Okay, he still hasn’t paid child support this month, owes me another round of travel costs, and hundreds in medical expenses from years back — but I’ll TAKE IT.) I mean, Saturn must be aligned with Mars in the seventh house of WTF? for my ex to send money he owes me without legal arm twisting.

And then yesterday I got word that HuffPo has bestowed the honorific of HuffPo blogger on me, accepted another piece, and gave me super power access to the system to post my stuff ! (With an editorial nod from them first of course, but still!)

All very exciting.

So, of course, what does all this have to do with infidelity?

I lost my flinch reflex.

You know the one — I’m sure you have it too — where any time there is good news you’re waiting for the anvil to drop on your head. Surely, no good deed will go unpunished. Where’s the sucker punch? I know you’re out there sucker punch. I’m waiting for you!


Look, it’s not that I’m so delusional or naive that I don’t think Bad Things can happen — it’s just that I’m finally at a place where I can live in the now and savor the peace and good times. And one thing surviving crap like infidelity does is it forges a tougher self. I feel pretty confident that I can handle what the universe throws at me. (Not that I’m challenging you, Universe. Please skip over me for awhile, thank you.)

When you go through the crucible of betrayal, it’s easy to get in a long funk of pessimism. Everything will suck. Always and forever. Trudge, trudge, trudge.

But keep trudging upwards. At some point you will reach higher elevation, the clouds lift — and the view is fucking spectacular.

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  • Me too, CL, vastly relieved that Obama has been reelected,, and grateful for all the gifts of being a DodgedBullet too! Everyone, have a wonderful day!

  • Congratulations CL! Great news about HuffPo.

    So pleased about the power of the female voting block! Go women!!! We have not always had the right to vote — but boy oh boy are we making up for lost time and making sure our voices are heard. Every cycle we factor more.

    Blessings abound in the world!!

  • Congrats, CL! Well done on all the good news. You’ve worked hard and you deserve it. Woohoo!

  • Yep, this stuff does prepare you to handle adversity. So glad you are happy that Michelle Bachman was re-elected.

  • I am all for go ladies go, but both genders have personalities they would rather not have associated with their sex. Why Arnold, aren’t you impressed with her statement that she can turn gay men hetero, or any other of her classic idiotic verbal blunders?

    • Okay I’m not happy about Bachmann, but on the whole it was an awesome Election Day. I won’t grumble about the residual wing nuts.

  • SI would ban us for talking politics. I once mentioned Hillary, and was ousted immediately.

      • Considering the number of trolls that are all over that forum, I’m really surprised that they actually ban people just for talking politics.

        That seems a little bit back asswards.

        • Oh yeah. My husband got banned for quoting someone who mentioned politics. Oddly the original poster did not get banned.

          It’s their site, they can do what they want. I say vote with your browser.

  • CL – I am a prophet and I knew these things were in store for you!!! Actually, you are talent topped with lovely curly hair and these successful days are your reward for your honest commitment to helping us wounded folk. As always – YOU ROCK!

  • It’s good to me in the now and celebrate your success and peace. Along with the celebration for the USA!

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