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And Then the Cage Comes Down!

Hey Chumplings (Thank you, I’m going to use this!) — while I’m working on an actual substantive post, I thought I’d amuse you with this awesome bit of Dylan Moran, an Irish comic. This sketch just tickles my mordant funny bone — and I think it’s a great metaphor for the sucker punches in life, like infidelity.

Enjoy! More soon!

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  • Chumplings. Frumplings. Dumpedlings. PickMeDancelings. Skeinlings. MAinAfricanHistorylings…

    I’d love to see that “substantive post” someday touch on and further develop the thoughts in the post on untangling the skein… I think I was riffing somewhere on the idea that it’s not only cheaters that reside on a spectrum – or a continuum as Dr. Simon would say. “A spectrum of chumplings” anyone?

    In the spirit of doing ourselves good, maybe we could talk about “us” some more? The cheaters are actually pretty easy to figure out if you apply your (open) mind to it – IMOHO. But it’s so much harder to figure out us… Waaay more rewarding too. I just hope the cage won’t come down before we get to where we want to be!

    “That fresh divot of black jelly”… “Shimmering in roseate candlelight”… I am such an Anglophile. Great bit of video. I’m now a Moran fan. Ahh, the sweet language of Milton, Austen, Shakespeare and Wilde…

    • Oh I’m a hopeless Anglophile too, Bede. Stephen Fry is my crush object, although alas he is gay (and I am married). Moran is a runner up though! I laugh at the “Japanese fighting spiders.” It is just beautiful writing. And surreal humor.

      Thanks for the topic suggestion. I’ll get right on that! Apologies for the post delay at this end — distracted by other IRL deadlines here, but I’ll get something up tomorrow!

      • Oh, don’t apologize! You have already done so much… We well and truly love you – us chumplings. I personally struggled for two years before an epiphany around Thanksgiving. Then I found your blog and it all… crystallized.

        Hey – gay, married, recovering chump, “competent loner”, (ever read E. Mavis Hetherington’s For Better or Worse: Divorce Reconsidered)? These all present their challenges. So does being Irish – like Dylan Moran. But to my ear, Irish wordsmiths have their own special mastery. It’s all good!

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