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Happy Valentine’s Day!

And the winner….

Will be announced later today. I gotta draw a cartoon(s) and it takes me a little while. The competition was stiff! My god you people are creative! And twisted. 🙂

busdriverHope everyone meanwhile is having an awesome Valentine’s Day — bring on the chocolate! And make someone else’s day bright. Just saw the sweetest post on Facebook — a farmer I know who doubles as a school bus driver (don’t go into farming for the money, people) was having a bad day, when a kid gave him a Valentine. The day is not just for goopy couples.

See you back here later — feel free to inundate me with more poems if you feel inspired!

And Happy Valentine’s Day!


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  • Can we see some of your other favorites, too?
    Happy Valentine’s Day to the one who loves us Chumps the most. YOU are one of the things that I am most thankful for this year! Hope that you have an awesome day with your sweet hubby!

  • Happy V Day Tracy and fellow chumps! It is awesome to have such a strong support system by such amazing people. May your day be a good one! 🙂

  • I had a friend post on Facebook: “Happy Valentines Day, or alternatively, Happy Singles Awareness Day!” So, whichever category you may fit into, have a wonderful day filled with warm fuzzies!

  • Happy Valentine’s Day to CL and everyone else.

    I added a link to a favorite tune of mine. It’s a good pick me up for the ladies, a jazzy song about freedom from a bad man.

    **Note – this is in no way intended as misandry. I know there are good men on here and it isn’t against any of you.

    That being said, hope it’s ok I posted it and if so hope some of you enjoy. 🙂

    No Man’s Mama – Carolina Chocolate Drops

  • Happy Valentine’s Day, CL and fellow chumps! It is because of this board that I’m enjoying myself today instead of feeling all grumpy and bitter. I dressed in red, passed out candy at work, and had a great time helping my DD and younger DS with their valentines for school. We even made heart-shaped Rice Krispie treats– boy, I had forgotten how much I love those. I haven’t made them in years!

    Anyway, I appreciate how much this site has helped me to heal and to validate everything I’ve been going through. That’s better than any box of chocolate or flowers I– oh, wait a minute, he never got me that stuff anyway… 🙂

  • I found this on another website, so its not my work. But since Ive spent time today looking for a divorce lawyer, I needed the laugh.

    Roses are red, violets are blue; sugar is sweet, and so are you.
    But the roses are wilting, the violets are dead, the sugar bowl is empty
    and so is your head

  • Without the support and guidance from CL, and everyone here, I’m pretty sure this day would have been a total downer for me this year. But I am in the spirit (right down to my conversation heart socks) and have totally enjoyed myself all day. Didn’t even bat an eye when the X sent me a “Happy Valentine’s Day” text at 6:30 this morning! *eyeroll*

    Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.

    • When you care enough to send …. a text. Ugh! The lowest form of human communication, below grunting. The no-investment investment.

      But rock on with your Valentine’s socks!

  • Hi guys -am new to this site.need your advise.I am actually so distraught.also in such disbelief. Met this guy who said he was in the process of separating and divorce. I would keep asking what’s going on?tell him to please do the right thing. If they he wants to reconcile please do so but tell me as its unfair to me. Kept sayin it takes time and would always come up with some exuse to detur the conversation from that. Wierd thing is I found out from a collegue that he was seeing 2 other people 5 years ago.but when confronting him he flat out denied it.

    Once I was sitting next to him and somone called his phone-he answered saying “I’m on anothr call”. I remember thinking this is wierd. I confronted him. He says “I ruinded the fun and enjoyment”of this.and I jump to conclusions and he thinks I’m schizo. I tried breaking up with him so many times but he would persistantl call and say I’m his best friend and confidant. The worst thing I found out is he is not separated.he been lying all along. Its 6 years later and he told me he always thought love eluded him and he always wanted a real romance and I am it-his one true love.I confronted him about his poor wife.-told him he’s a disgusting deceieving liar and I will not put up with his bullsit lies. He sent me a message 1 month ago-saying he needs to tell me somethong-“he knows I’m gona be upset but he just foundout.he’s gona be a dad.turns out his wife is 5mnths preg-and he slept with me when she was 4 mnths preg.omg-im astounded!

    I didn’t say a thing to him.just cut him out.went NC. In dec he sent flowers to my house saying “happy birthday.miss you”. My heart is breaking-i got played.and so many years of lies.

    • Stay strong and keep No Contact. He’ll find someone else to sucker into a relationship.

      Until a divorce is finalized, the man is married. Anyone who says that he or she is in the process of a divorce is still off-limits. Once the divorce is finalized, then they’re fair game for dating. Until then, though, leave them the hell alone. “We’re separated and waiting for the divorce to go through” is one of the oldest lines in the cheater’s book.

      You’re not the first to fall for it, and you won’t be the last, but you’re going to need therapy to understand just why you were willing to eat shit sandwiches instead of looking for something more wholesome.

      Now go out there and buy yourself some nice chocolate to celebrate the fact that you’re no longer with a total douche. Yes, you wasted 6 years on him, but you didn’t waste 16, 26, or even 60!

    • Did I read you right? You found out he was still married and hung around for another 6 years as a side dish fuck? Denise, you need to get your head on straight. You knew this guy was BAD NEWS. Listen to yourself finally and break it off for good. You know what will help with that? Telling the wife — kindly and compassionately, and apologize for your involvement in breaking up her marriage (but Asshole there is totally capable of it on his own, still Denise, you looked the other way on the married thing.)

      He’s a cake eater. You aren’t the love of his life. This is NOT how you treat people you love (as side dish fucks). Sorry it hurts, but not half as bad as it’s going to hurt someone who is 5 months pregnant by a serial cheater.

      Dump him. No contact all the way. Then get some serious ass therapy on the OW issues. If you can’t afford that, read everything you can and work on yourself.

      • Umm the moment I found out he was lying about separating and pretty much everything I cut him off.the wierd thing was it was not hard to go NC cos it was now clear to me in black and white.he was coning me and just never wanted me to be with someone else.

    • Find a picture of him and write in big black marker on it “He lies!” and “CHEATER”

      Glue your hands to your ass if you have to. I mean it. Find someone to sit on you and not let you respond to him. Literally.

      Cut him off permanently and like CL said, get help. You need it.

      From a fellow OW.

  • Fun stuff in reading STBXH’s texts this morning–a complaint from OW saying, “Our first Valentine’s and I don’t even get a card?” Lol! Honey, you worked with him. You seduced him. You fucked him. You knew he was married, and you knew that he was married first and foremost to his work. You never noticed that he never celebrated his wife’s birthday, Valentine’s Day, or his wedding anniversary when it fell on a week day. Oh no. Celebrations mid-week were too much stress, too tiring. Congratulations, sweetie. Thanks to you, I now see that he’s pretty much of a self-centered loser in the relationship department. He’s soon going to be all yours.

    More and more, that’s looking like a good thing.

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