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Introducing — Chump Chat!

Hello Chumplings,

Well, finally. Chump Chat is up and running! Please note, this is a work in progress, and what I’ve got so far is pretty basic. But it’s there! We’ve got three forums for now, General, Resources, and Songs and Videos.

General — talk amongst yourselves. On the subject of infidelity or divorce, but perhaps I’ll create an off-topic later.

Resources — please post books or other sites you’ve found helpful, so we can guide other chumps. Or any quotes or inspiration you’ve had, happy ever after stories you know about, that sort of thing.

Songs and Videos — got a favorite fuck off song that’s seen you through? Some lugubrious folk tunes you want to share? Bad poetry? This is the place.

The forum is PRIVATE. You have to register to use it — I’ll post the instructions from my developer below. You’ll be able to have a basic profile. Check it out.

My parents have descended for a four-day visit JUST as I got the email from Iker, the techie, that this thing is finished. So I have zero time to play with it and refine. So email me at with your suggestions.

How to get started: (From Iker, the guy who built this…)

People can register and sign in using the standard wp-login page, the same one
you use to log into your WordPress dashboard (
admin). Even if they do use the same login page, as the registered users have
no admin privileges, their ‘Dashboard’ looks completely different (way more

In order to register they just need to click ‘Register’ on the login page, and
enter a username and an email address. That’s how the already registered users
have registered, and the registration is shared between WordPress and bbPress.
The already registered users do have access to the forums right now, and the
new ones will need to register (and login) using that page. I believe there
are some WordPress widgets to add a link to the login/register page on the
front page’s sidebar.

When the users are not logged in, the url
will show “No forums found”. When they *are* logged in, that same url shows
the main “Chump Chat Forum”, and the “child” forums (General, Resources and
Songs and Videos). From there you can click on
the main Chump Chat or on any of the child forums. So, if people get directly
into the forum area ( they won’t need to go
to the main CL site to navigate through the forum, they can just navigate the
forums from that page.

That’s it for now chumps. Check it out and report back!

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  • Oh, my website/blog in real life is also wordpress and I thought I could just log in with my own wordpress log in info, but it won’t let me. I’m afraid to do this, because I don’t want to mess up my own website. Don’t want to lay any burdens on you, and maybe other people also share this issue who also have their own Word press sites. So, the question is… if we create a new user-name- pw, is that ONLY for the forum? Not sure how word press would know the difference, but then I’m not a techie. Thanks so much! ` L

    • thanks Kristina,

      So are you saying that you don’t have to sign out of your own blog in order to access this new forum? And that WP recognizes the various blogs as being separate entities. My blog is also part of my website and is for my business and so its really a critical thing that I don’t want to mess up.



      • I’m not currently logged into my blog. So I just registered with this name and that was that. I should think that if you keep your blog closed while you register then you should be fine. My blog name is different from Kristina.

        • that’s the point, its not just my blog and I don’t want to close it. I have an online shop on it and my website. Its my business website which I rely heavily on and I’ve already had problems logging in, so unless I hear otherwise, I don’t want to chance it. Thanks for responding though. xo

  • Woohoo! Forums! Just registered and tried it out, and looks like it works. I only saw the main forum, though, none of the “resources” or the others you mentioned.

    • Hi Dawn,

      The other forums are on your right, under the Archives. You’ll see them if you’re registered.

      I want them to appear under one big umbrella “forum” group, which I need to have Iker fix. As I said, early days. But you can still post and play around with them. Please do. The more folks who post, the more I can figure out how to configure and improve this thing. Thanks!

        • D’oh….just realized the “archives” you meant were on this page, not the forum page. I see the links now, and makes my comment above redundant. User error, sorry!

  • Thanks Chump Lady. Your site has helped me tremendously. Especially during the really bad days. Getting stronger everyday!

  • Hi CL – I need help (ha ha). I was able to register with word press and went directly to forum. After I signed out, I went back in to change my password but then could not get back to chump chat. Feel like I’ve lost my way. I went directly to the dashboard. When I try the initial link, it says private forum (like you said it would). Any suggestions? Thank you!!

  • Okay. I think I got it! Signed in on dashboard and then went back to your site to hit the link. Yeah!

  • I am an ignoramus. I tried to register, was told I’d receive an e-mail, but did not. I’m sure I screwed up, but can’t figure out how.

    Registering for Dummies – help, someone!

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