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Asshole Songs!

Hey chumps! While I’m working on my post, I thought you might enjoy this video from Garfunkel and Oates. An ode to the booty call, entitled “Self Esteem.”

And just so we have the guy perspective here too — enjoy “That Guy You’re With Is an Asshole” by Robert Earl Keen.

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  • Thanks CL, it’s great to start the week with a laugh and some music from the heart of Texas.

    “… not quite low enough yet.”

    Too funny.

  • I was tempted to post the Garfunkle and Oates to my FB page, but decided that its so atypical for me that I’d be announcing that STBX is STBX before I’m really ready.


    No, my self esteem isn’t that low! 😀

  • Well, there’s alway’s the Dead Kennedy’s classic. I’d say it describes more than a few cheaters. (And probably, their cheating.)

  • Classic. Love me some, Robert Earl Keen! Great song!

    And YES, someone did actually say that to me when I was dating assclown….that the guy I was with was an ‘asshole’.

  • I was talking to the ex one day long ago (well before he was the ex) about someone with Narcissistic PD, he asked about what that was, and then he said ‘so that’s the technical term for ‘asshole’? Or is that just a jerk?’.

    Little did I know at that time that HE was ‘one of them’ (cue the creepy music)!

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