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Oh hey! I know that mindfuck!

I’m sorry… I’m still obsessed with Weiner gate.

Yesterday the NY Post reported:

Pressed for specifics, the prickly pol said, “I sought the help of my wife. And like problems that people had, this one thankfully is behind me and this one hasn’t recurred and the facts to a large degree have not changed.”

“Do you think I did not know that when I got into this race that there was a possibility that something like this would happen?” Weiner said, referring to the new round of revelations with Leathers.

“If [the voters] believe this is disqualifying, if they believe this embarrassing personal behavior means they will never vote for me, I understand that.”

I know that mindfuck! We need to catalog these things. This one is If You Thought I Was That Sort of Person, You Wouldn’t Be With Me.

You’re with me? Well, that’s evidence that I’m not That Sort of Person.

And insofar as I am that sort of person? Well, it’s behind “us.” I might (qualified) have been that sort of person, but I’m not now and evidence of that is that you are with me and not holding it against me yet, so we’re all okay, right?

Does your head hurt yet? It’s totally Alice in Wonderland!

I also want to know why no one has asked Weiner about his ability to fake remorse. Gee, you sure seems contrite and sure you were all better… when, uh, now you’re admitting there were as many as 10 other “inappropriate” relationships we don’t know about. (Read, there’s more than 10.)

Weiner is making the public chumps! He’s not saying “I’m not worthy, I’m going to step down.” He thinks he’s splendid. YOU are going to have to divorce HIM. Hey, voters, if you don’t have what it takes to reconcile… if you’re all a bunch of quitters… go ahead…

He’s mental.

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  • He’s a FLASHER. Just uses a digital medium instead of slinking around the isles at the mall.

    What’s horrifying is that, he told the recipients of the pics, who he was. He reveled in acknowledging that Carlos Danger is really Anthony Weiner – like he was Peter Parker admitting to a trusted lover that HE is really Spiderman – “but don’t tell anybody. It’s just our secret”. Maybe he’s so deeply wrapped up in fantasies that he’s become the protagonist in his own serial drama or superhero movie.

    • Those are my thoughts exactly. If the internet didn’t exist he’d be on a subway car sporting a rain coat and little else.

    • Yes, a flasher, and a pretty fucking predatory one at that. Its like the frog in the pot of water on a stove where he’s swimming along ever so blithely, totally unaware that the heat is getting turned up soooooo slowly… the poor frog doesn’t realize that he’s very slowly being cooked— until its too late.

      Everything that comes foaming outta his fucked up trap makes me wanna give him a much needed nose job! (without anesthetic)

    • I had exactly that thought too. He’s a flasher. He gets OFF on everyone discussing Anthony Weiner’s penis. If it’s not secondary gain, it may be the primary gain, and that’s so many flavors of fucked up. Did you see him at some of those press conferences? He’s SMILING. Enjoying this shit.

      I keep wondering how long he can keep up this superiority act, but if he’s disordered… probably forever.

      • CL,

        You just hit on my ex’s latest ploy…his superiority over me (and his pity for me).

        Since my divorce a few months ago, serial cheater ex has been playing this card a lot. I try to go NC, but he pings me almost daily under the guise of “it’s about OUR SON.” It’s drivel – just excuses to contact me and to let me know how great his life is now that he’s not married to me – the angry shrew. He’s cured of his issues and his happy new life with his GF is proof! He shares how unhappy we were and how sorry he is that he wasn’t man enough to end it with me long ago (in all that MC, he never said he was unhappy). And he speaks in riddles – “without looking at our divorce crap, what is the holiday schedule? I’m trying to plan a vacation.” (I’m assuming with his latest soulmate, but that’s the mindfuck I lived with daily. Partial truths. Then, when I fill in my own blanks, I’m so wrong, according to him. Like when I assumed he was still cheating and he was.)

        He tells me that he and my son just want me to be happy! He congratulates me on my new job!! He thanks me profusely and apologizes for “bothering me!” He signs everything Cheers! Have a great day!!” He’s SO HAPPY and SO MUCH BETTER THAN ME ( and WITHOUT ME!)…God, you perverted tool, I get it. Leave me the F alone…

        Too bad he’s got this new chump – his Huma – to give him the superiority card. I will continue to tell my truth – that he’s a serial cheater whose long-term friends wrote off when he imploded his family. Superior, my ass.

        • PS…I left him and I filed. He’s trying to rewrite history, though. As if he didn’t beg me to come back for nearly a year.

          • The attempts at superiority always make me laugh. My ex tried that for a bit but I just stared at him blankly and he slunk away.

    • Also, she knew who he was because she contacted him on FB to ‘reach out and express her disappointment’ when he resigned from Congress. Carlos Danger (hahahaha) was his user name on another form of social media. She was clear who she was messaging with and apparently it went sexual very, very quickly.

  • yes, I know… me too, CL; the entire thing is completely insulting to anyone with at least half a brain in their head.

    He said, “I don’t believe that there were more than three.”

    That is… three fame seeking individuals that are stupid enough to come forward and rat me out…

    • oh wait… now, he’s admitting that there were no more than TEN. Last night it was THREE.


      does it matter. He’s a LIAR and therefore no suited towards any position involving the lives of millions of people.

      “Mayor Dickhead… We have just heard a report that there are bomb threats at Grand Central Station scheduled to coincide with this evening’s rush hour”

      —- “Hang on… said Mayor Dickhead, with a strange smile on his face… I’m just finishing——— something.”

      • yeh, the stress of working through the marriage prompted some of these behaviors to ‘resurface’ last summer – but you know being mayor of one of the world’s biggest cities, that’s been the bulls-eye of terrorists – that’s not stressful.

  • I just don’t get this whole story: the dude is basicallly saying ‘ignore my dick pics because they don’t mean anything’ while on the other hand it’s obvious that he’s whipping out his dic any chance he gets, essentially pleading with strangers to love his dick and only his dick.

    It’s such a mindfuck.

    • but Nord… its all being worked out between him and his wife and its in the PAST (like two minutes ago past)! yeeesh. I mean Don’t we realize that this is all because they have issues, ya know in their marriage????????????????

      And now we are discovering that this is all much more than him whipping out his dick anon. Nope. he’s had full-blown DICK AFFAIRS— complete with “I love yous…” (ick) and God only knows what ever crap that comes frothing out.

      This stupid cow said on Erin Burnett last night that monogamy is next to impossible to maintain– these days, you know… with the internet and all.

      Speak for yourself— bitch!

      • Yes, but it was only his dick that was being unfaithful, taking pictures of itself. Anthony Weiner is actually very sorry for his dick being “inappropriate.” (MINIMIZE MUCH?)

        • well… that dick needs to be penalized! (sorry, I couldn’t resist) let’s handcuff it (he would love that) and cart it away to the county jail. Oh, it doesn’t come off? Well… I guess, we’ll just have to cart away the rest of the gristle along with it.

    • and since his selfie album doesn’t show him actually putting his dick inside anyone else, and nobody complained about his dick pics (because they are AWESOME) what’s the fuss about? It’s a hobby – like oil painting or collecting salt shakers –

      • Exactly! And who cares if he was jacking off while having phone sex! And telling the young lady he loved her! And offering up condos and other treats in order to have real life sex! And came up with porn scenarios that wouldn’t make it to Penthouse Forum! Who cares! This is between them! Maybe they have an open marriage! Maybe she’s a power-mad bitch who learned all about this at Hillary’s knee!

        Ugh…he’s a dirtball and she’s sucking on the pipe of hopium.

        • “Ugh…he’s a dirtball and she’s sucking on the pipe of hopium.”

          I had to laugh! This is spot on!


    • Let’s be fair here. Why do people cheat? Because of their selfish needs. This is not the exclusive domain of men. Plenty of woman do it to. It’s not the gender of the person, its the lack of character that leads them down this path. I’ll acknowledge that probably, “traditionally” perhaps men “got away with it” more often than woman, but it always has been, and always will be, narcissism carried out, swinging dick or bouncing breasts aside.

      • I simply meant that if there were really a penalty…
        I think some people would think long & hard before crossing that line.
        So many times the cheater is forgiven.. which enables the bad behavior to go on.
        We will work it out. It should be a hard line that when crossed…. One & DONE !
        Cheaters need to know … they WILL lose everything….. not come begging & crawling back when they realize they MIGHT lose everything.
        IMO somethings are truly “unforgivable”. Cheating is one such thing.

  • If I lived in NYC, I wouldn’t vote for him, and I’d cross the street to avoid him if he were walking toward me, and who knows? Maybe one day he will send photos to a minor, and he can then be registered as a sex offendor?

    From Wikipedia: “In July 2008, The New York Times characterized Weiner as one of the most intense and demanding of bosses, describing him as often working long hours with his staff, requiring them to be in constant contact by Blackberry, frequently yelling at them, and occasionally throwing office furniture in anger.[37] As a result, according to the Times, he had one of the highest staff turnover rates of any member of Congress, including, at one point, three chiefs of staff in 18 months.[37]”

    Throwing office furniture? Sexting? High staff turn-over? Is this the portrait of an abuser?

    • So he’s an abusive bully and his wife seems to have been cowed to his will. I figure he’s convinced her it’s her fault for not being enough of whatever. He said as much the other day. It was the fault of the marriage, not the fault of he himself.

      • Get the poor woman away from him, out from under his spell, and she’ll snap out of it in no time. It’s impossible to value yourself when your spouse tells you every day in every way that you’re inadequate. BTDT. Once his toxicity wears off, she’ll feel like a new woman. I know I do…

        • Yep. Even if he isn’t telling her outright that she’s not good enough his actions are saying it all. BTDT myself. My ex was telling me he loved me every single day. And was behaving in a way that wasn’t loving. Every single day. I only see it now. I really was mindfucked.

  • “…but it could have been more…but not more than a dozen…unless it a Tuesday, Tuesday I sent two-for-ones….well, wait minute. Are we talking before or after my resignation? Because it was maybe 6 or so before, and no more than 3 afterwards. I think. Maybe. But I can’t say what someone else thinks is inappropriate – so that’s why the numbers are fuzzy. It’s all in recipients’ definition of ‘inappropriate’ – I’m not sure I understand the question. Are you asking how may women I sent inappropriate pics to or just how many women I sent pics to?

    Let me ask Huma. She can better clarify how many women I sent pics to and how many women I sent inappropriate pics to and how many women I had phone sex with…I did an excel spreadsheet for her when this whole thing came up on counseling – it was really difficult to work through this but I am fortunate to have such an understanding and devoted wife. I was under a lot of stress in counseling with her. But it was important we go, just to help her understand better what I was dealing with.

    I think Huma may have the spreadsheet that show’s what I talked about in counseling – but that’s between us. But I seem to recall there may have a subcategory where the women I had both phone sex with and where I sent inappropriate pics to had an astericked column …because I think that some of the women I promised condos to, did not actually receive inappropriate pics – but that ‘s up to them to define. Like I said, .. it’s a numbers thing. Whatever I told Huma is the answer correct answer. Like I said it’s a fuzzy numbers thing depending on timeframes and definitions and types of contacts. Ask Huma. She knows. I’ll go an get her and bring her back to explain all of this.

    I TOLD you there were maybe other pics out there an it’s unfortunate that I and the voters of NY are distracted by all this stuff. From the past. I have changed. Ask Huma. She’ll tell you.”

    • Huma needs to get the fuck away from this creepster. Honestly, he’s not only an internet flasher, he’s also a gaslighting, blameshifting asshole who will try to squirm out of this crap no matter what.

  • He just needs to go away. How any one could even think about voting for him is beyond my comprehension. He has no morals and I could imagine him selling state secrets for a photo of someone’s breasts.

    • Or maybe the whole reason he wants back in office is those interns- oh so subordinate and young! I sure can’t imagine him being any kind of a decent boss, really!

  • “YOU are going to have to divorce HIM.” Truer words have never been written. Because us chumps are all quitters, right (insert sarcastic emoticon here)?

    X made my life a living hell long before I discovered his festering affair with his cross-eyed coworker. Prior to his extra-curricular activity, he spent his time at home treating me like the help and the children as hobbies. When I discovered the cheating and their plan to wipe me off the planet, I filed. But even that was used against me in court. Because, I “quit.”

    I hope his wife sues his pants off, so all will be left is a big dick (um, with a penis) and a cell phone. And I hope he does circle the drain and eventually end up behind bars for exposing himself. Prison is perfect for a dickhead like him.

    • bettin’ she disappears from view for a while. Probably locked in the bathroom for a few days hugging the toilet while the bile retches up after she watched that Q&A of his yesterday. Both as his wife and as a political advisor.

      He’s going to have a big splashy withdrawal speech in the next few days. He’ll talk about New York and his continuing efforts to help the middle class in different ways. And he’ll be glorious and articulate and apologize for anyone that’s been offended. But you know for the good of the City he loves, he will think it’s best to bow out.

      She won’t be there. And in a few months there will be a news ribbon on CNN saying that she’s filed for separation/divorce and asks for her family’s privacy in a difficult time.

      • I really hope so. I hope she’s getting her ducks in a row and preparing to get away from this creep. She certainly doesn’t need his money. She makes more than half a million a year. Who wants to bet he ends up asking for spousal support?

      • And then four years from now……..Let’s not talk about all that unfortunate stuff, in the past, and let’s focus on my NEW campaign!

        • I have a feeling she’ll keep working behind the scenes. She doesn’t strike me as one wanting public life.

  • I was reading comments on CNN last night and there are a lot of people who don’t seem to have a problem with it. It’s personal, it has nothing to do with the job…blah, blah, blah…it saddens me how many people are complacent with it and cheating.

    In other news, check out this link. Wife has a meltdown and husband posts in on you tube. Now, she is very dramatic in the video but her words are so clear. “You are making me feel like I’m crazy” and the husband responds “so now I’m going to be the bad guy?”
    I remember balling my eyes out to my wasband begging for him to talk to me. He just sat there looking dumbfounded and couldn’t understand why is was upset. Then later said I used crying as a way to control him. What do you think about this guy posting the video?

    • The guy is a loser. Even if she was throwing a hissy fit of epic proportions, what sort of man needs to film it and then post it on the internet in order to ‘prove’ she’s in the wrong and he’s ‘right’.

      • Nord,
        He is the victim. He wife wants to discuss the budget and she is dictating how money is spent. She wants to be first and go on the lake but he needs to get his tires rotated. Poor baby. He had no other choice but to post it and humiliate her. …sarcasm

    • Indeed. I used to tell my ex “just because you are loud does not mean you are right”.
      So very peaceful & quiet now. He can yell at his AP constantly now that she moved in right after I moved out. Sleeping in the marriage bed with him…those sheets were still warm from me. LOL!

    • Lisa Bloom is good people, but when she said those nasty guys were “well aware of the excruciating pain the disclosure would cause their wives” I don’t think they were aware of their wives’ feelings at all…just their own feelings and their own need to get back into the good graces of the public.
      I loved it when she said, “Would you want your own daughter in that tableau?”
      You are right Nord, the tide is turning. Just slowly.

  • When I watched the video of Weiner the other day I couldn’t help but feel for Huma as she cast her eyes down or away when he discussed how they worked through “their issues.” Excuse me, didn’t he mean “HIS” issues? He kept referring to “them” and “their marriage” as if she had some part in his sorry behavior. I’ve also read online where some people say “Huma is not satisfying him sexually.” Excuse me? She was pregnant when he first got caught? So they are blaming HER for his crappy choices? CL is right, his entitlement issues are unreal. What a pitiful excuse for a human being, much less a politician! I was glad to see the Jon Stewart and Colbert shows skewer Mr. Weiner after the press conference.

    • “Not satisfying him sexually?” Apparently no ONE woman can. Regardless, he promised to “forsake all others,” and he didn’t. The excuse doesn’t matter. The breaking of the promise DOES.

    • I found it even more bizarre the way she smiled at him and gave him these looks of adoration. Reminded me a bit of Nigella trying to pacify that idiot Saatchi – the look of a woman who has been emotionally mindfucked by the man she thinks she loves – and buying into his fuckery 100%. Run, Huma, run.

  • It all boils down to entitlement and spotlight. All these political and religious scandals involve people who want to stand in the spotlight and hear themselves talk. As soon as they have an audience, they promote themselves to demi gods. They’re special! They can do what they want. How dare you suggest differently!

    It reminds me of the time my sister and I (and my then 3 year old son) were driving back from the airport late one night after attending our grandmother’s funeral. Construction had the road narrowed down to one lane, and as it typical, several cars refused to heed the lane ending signs and came up on the side, looking to cut in at the last minute. My sister drove an older sedan and refused to let a luxury SUV cut in front of her. He tried to cut her off, but she wouldn’t let him. He went ballistic. He cut in front of the person behind us, honked his horn, flashed his lights, and rode our tail through the construction zone. As soon as the road widened again, he passed us on the left and came up along side us. His wife and three young children looked terrified as he rolled down the passenger window, hollered at my sister, and flipped her the bird. My sister rolled her eyes and snorted, clearly unimpressed. It enraged him further. He sped ahead, got in front of us, and slowed down. When my sister tried to change lanes, he cut back in front of her. Whatever she did, he cut her off. This went on for several miles. He was determined to show her “who was boss.” He didn’t care about his wife, his kids, my kid, or anyone else on the road. Nope. My sister had not let him do what he wanted – ignore the construction lane ends signs and cut in at the last minute – and she was going to pay the price. End of story. It was ridiculous.

    Fortunately, a state trooper saw what was going on and signaled for the SUV to stop. He didn’t. Last we saw of that guy, he was speeding away with a state trooper on his tail, refusing to deal with the consequences of his reckless behavior.

    The red flags are everywhere and they come in a variety of forms. These people are TOXIC. They want what they want without censure or punishment. If they get caught doing something wrong? It’s YOUR fault. Don’t you know they’re entitled?

    It blows the mind…

    • oh, I absolutely LOVE that the asshole got nabbed! That is as rare as a rainbow in December. (for us in the N. hemisphere)

  • Whether it’s accurate or realistic or not, I relate to her. My EH jeopardized his professional career with bad behavior several times. And while on one hand I was angry and sick about things I found out about (I don’t think I ever knew half of stuff), my immediate reaction was to circle the wagons. My immediate goal was to put the immediate crisis behind us for several reasons:

    + I felt it important salvage his career – which I’d given up a lot for. I was very scared of losing the investment I’d spent many years sacrificing for – his professional aspirations.

    + twistedly, I felt he and I were closer fighting a battle together. We had a common enemy and common goal to discuss and work together for.

    + I never had failed at anything substantial in my life. I worked hard and took pride in being an overachiever. I just knew I could control the outcome of things if I could get ahead of it, and fix him, and if I didn’t it meant something was wrong with me.

    + I was terrified someone would find out about his professional misconduct with a woman. I mean terrified. I wasn’t in denial bout his deed really, but really felt that somehow my/our survival dependent on putting this behind us. spackle,spackle, spackle spackle.

    If my current husband (who I trust wholeheartedly) ever did something similar I’d be on a phone with lawyer the next morning –

    • I found out after that my ex had screwed up several work situations with his affairs. It was so disheartening because, like you, I had sacrificed a lot to help his career and set mine aside. He didn’t care at all about that – no matter how much me and the kids gave up or set aside for him, he still put himself first. Always.

      And this is exactly what Senor Danger is doing: it’s all about him and she’s giving up more and more to make sure he’s ok and he’s held together and he’s happy and he reaches his goals. And he will do this to her again, mark my words.

    • I know what you mean about “fighting the battle together” Marcie, I felt that way for years. Then he behavior and ethics got so bad I didn’t want to jeopardize MY life by supporting his bad decisions. It was the real beginning of the end for us. I think he was really shocked when I wouldn’t help him in his skirmishes with his little crack whores. Sick entitled users, all of them. He lost everything……

      • my XH lost everything too. Literally. I don’t know the stories as we’ve been divorced many years but he’s been through long periods of unemployment and probably had 12 jobs in 15 years.. nothing sticks too long. He’s a therapist – 9 years of higher education. We lived in a major city and he ran 600 miles away with 2 days notice, I suspect because he exhausted all the professional contacts and had no way to pay his rent.

        He now lives in a rural wooded area in a dilapidated duplex off a run down road, with rusty old pickup trucks parked in the driveway and an unmowed yard. I’m surprised he hasn’t ended up on the streets – which could still happen.

        He has mental health and substance abuse issues – which I would be otherwise sensitive about except he knows he has them, has all the knowledge and tools to get help and never has – and because he’s an overall TOXIC person.

        He’s lost his family, had 3 marriages and divorces and fathered a child out of wedlock that he’s had his parental rights removed from.

      • I had no idea about the sex stuff until after I threw him out. I did know that he seemed to screw up career moves while doing a great job and it didn’t make sense. I kind of freaked out towards the end – one day just lost it because I was scared shitless our whole lives were going to fall apart. I think this is when he decided he needed new kibbles full time, not just on the side. I wasn’t buying into his gloriousness quite so completely and therefore it was time to replace me.

        • yep. I knew about his cheating –

          What I didn’t realize, and am really just know acknowledging now is that he is seriously disturbed.

          • It takes awhile to face that. I know I still can’t quite believe it. But I saw him very recently and had to spend 30 minutes around him and as I looked at him I was just ‘how did I ever fall in love with you?’

            • God, Nord and Marcie…I hope and pray I get to see him implode someday and wonder how I could have ever fallen for him. Wish my ‘meh’ would stick around. My Tuesday cant come soon enough!!

  • Can we talk about the Luv Guv, Eliot Spitzer? Word is his wife is going to divorce him as soon as the election is over. Thank god, after he humiliated her so badly AND not only got caught with hookers but was pressuring them to not use condoms, all while investigating escort services. These guys are unreal with this stuff.

    • Ministers who condemn adultery while their mistresses are sitting in the front pew, doctors who criticize junkies while they themselves are high at work, cops who beat their wives – they’re all of the same ilk.

      Again, entitlement, rules don’t apply, you’re wrong, not them. Makes you wonder what lies they’re planning to tell St. Peter when they’re standing at the Pearly Gates…

    • Nope – she’s not doing a thing for his campaign and it’s being reported all over the place that she’s going to file as soon as the election is over. It’s already been more or less confirmed that they’ve been living seperately for some time.

    • I read this morning that she has told close friends she plans to
      file in Nov, after the election.
      CL…. book launch in Dec ?????

  • Regardless of anyone’s political views, I give Pelosi credit. Yesterday she basically said loudly said WTF is wrong with these guys (think she threw the San Diego mayor in the pot) and how the hell can they be so clueless – and she was referring to her former political allies.

  • Everytime I see Huma, I go take a long look at myself in the mirror. I hurt for her. She is newly married with a young baby and she did not bargain for this. Knowing how these narcissistic types act, he probably swept her off of her feet with promises of undying love and devotion. He probably figuratively showered her with the moon and the stars. She is still madly in love with that person and hoping for his return. She is me and I am her. She is putting money into that slot machine and waiting for that next jackpot to come through. She has yet to realize that the machine hasn’t been refilled and there’s no jackpot to be had. She’s putting her hard-earned cash into an empty machine. Anthony (don’t you wanna see my) Weiner is a pig from hell (my apologies to decent, bacon producing pigs everywhere). When I was about 5 years in to my marriage with Mr. Top 1% of the NPD Class, a sales clerk in a store (he was in is mid-thirties, she may have been 20) accused him of coming on to her and trying to get her phone number. He told me she was angry at him for reporting her to the manager. I went with him to speak to the manager and backed up his story of being innocent although I had no proof other than his word. He was my husband, the father of my chileren and I (foolishly) trusted him. I look back on that with my current knowledge of Mr. NPD Top 1% and realize she was probably telling the truth. You could not have convinced me of that then. He, too, is an empathy-devoid, entitlement rich, self-absorbed, self-centered pig from hell (again, my apologies to decent, bacon-producing pigs everywhere). Hopefully, someone will tell Huma what he is and what her real prospects are for happiness with this craven, soulless creep and she will find the strength to run, not walk, to the nearest therapist and divorce attorney. She is young and attractive and can find a better and happier life beyond Mr. “Look at My Awesome” Weiner. Yuck!

    • I did that ‘he couldn’t have fucked up’ thing, although not with anything sexual. It was more in his career – whenever something went wrong I absolutely back him in his view that it was because someone didn’t like him or someone didn’t get how great he was or someone was favouring someone else over him….I nearly went along with his sexist bullshit that the reason something didn’t work out on a project once was because the to dog where he worked was a woman and the person who he saw himself in competition with was also a woman so naturally, in his mind, it was a ‘woman backing woman’ thing. That time I absolutely refused to go along with it, pointing out that he’d never say something like that if it were two men in the same position. I don’t know why I was surprised–his father is a massive sexist. He used to say women of childbearing age should be passed over for positions that could go to a man because the women will be busy raising kids and the men need to support their families.

  • WTF, just saw on TV that the a retired female Admiral has come forth and accused the San Diego mayor of inappropriately touching her….

  • Affairs aren’t just between the married people. There has to be at least one cheating partner. In Weiner’s case, what happened involved at least 10 women who got penis pics. There were surely more he tried to approach. I doubt this started when he got married. And it seems possible that at some point one of his cyber sex partners accepted his proposition and met up with him.

    Likewise Spitzer’s behavior was not just between himself and his wife. It involved many young women + breaking the law.

  • Two other thoughts – politician’s apologies are her irritating – which is amazing considering that they want votes. It is all private and inappropriate behavior and never admitting to having done something wrong.

    I suspect Hilary is giving bad advice here.

    One of the strange things at the FDR memorial is that it says he and Eleanor had a good marriage. Now I think Eleanore did great things for the country and they were good political partners. At the end of the day, though, I don’t think you can call it a good marriage when one partner is having a long-term affair that gets discovered after they die. Nobody hopes for that.

    • I think HIlary is is a very different situation than Huma and I do wonder what she’s advising. Hil is smart enough to know that Weiner is no Clinton and Huma is likely to get much further in life wihtout this dirtbag around her neck than with.

  • I believe that if Huma would put some distance between herself and Carlos Degenerate, she might realize that being married to a Flasher posing as a Politician is not the life she wants or deserves. When you are in proximity to the narcissist, you are constantly being manipulated and she’s already addicted to the narcissist drug high so the manipulation looks like truth and reality. On another note, I am seriously having a problem with Ms. Leathers (WTH!!!) being “sorry” and wanting to “apologize.” When did she have this revelation? Was it accompanied by a vision? Was she sorry when she was happily sexting with Mr. Degenerate? I understand that she’s young, but there are plenty of young women for whom this is not acceptable behavior – before they become a news story and people begin looking at them askance.

    • I guess it makes sense if the cheater wholeheartedly wants to change and make things right — but how common is that, really?

  • Hey Cl….
    I found this n another “pro -reconiliation site ” . Funny , huh !

    KlassyK from USA July 11, 2013 at 6:04 AM
    Ladies: Devastating to read about the cheating husbands, but listen to me – there is hope beyond those painful moments.

    I myself got through this. How?

    Read her blog…digest her words and indulge in her knowledge and advice! I did and I can certainly say I am a whole person thanks to her!!!!

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