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A comment on the comments

Hi Chumps,

Hey — I know a lot of you are suddenly experiencing some weirdness with the comments. They don’t appear when they used to before. It’s nothing personal! I’m not banning you or moderating any of the comments here at CL.

What’s going on is I run Askimet — a spam software that works behind the scenes with Word Press. Askimet spares you having to read a bazillion designer purse, viagra, and porn “comments.” But it apparently fucks up on occasion and turns on commentators it has previously approved. (It also on occasion lets some of those stupid spam comments get through.)

The blog is constantly inundated with spam. Probably every blog and every email account out there deals with the same problem. I’m sure you’ve found an email you wanted in your spam filter. Same deal here.

All to say, if it happens to you — just send me an email at [email protected] and I’ll fish it out of the spam filter ASAP. If you don’t get an immediate response, it’s just because I don’t happen to be at my computer.

Thanks for your patience!


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  • Thanks for the info. I was starting to feel paranoid that someone was blocking my ability to post Monday, but it seemed to work yesterday. I was starting to feel left out of the conversation!

  • Do people who post on [email protected] get an automated response that you’ve got it in your mail-box and you shall consider it when you are free etc.? I had posted and didn’t get such a response. I think this would be a good idea.

    • Do you mean posting on the site or emailing me? I don’t have an auto responder, although I could look into it. If you email me, it comes directly to me. Assuming my spam filter doesn’t eat that too. (Happens sometimes.)

  • Cl…
    look around in that spam folder for my question concerning the conflicting info on the divorce rate due to infidelity ?
    Thanks for the post today…. I was feeling left out . : )

  • Hey everyone ! I found this on LinkedIn this morning.
    Notice the similarity ? We tolerate so much crap , from cheaters as well as work.
    Read this… BTW love the cartoons.
    Enjoy !

  • I was wondering what happened to my comment re: mzmama’s post about remedial chumpdom – did it go spammy too?

  • I prefer to continue to believe that I am being singled out and take offense and nurse a deep, malignant resentment and then act up unexpectedly and then skulk away like that character in Dostoevsky’s “Notes From Underground”. 😉 lol

    • hahaha! That is too, too funny TimeHeals. I was afraid that my comment about going out on a date was met with disdain. How C H U M P Y can one get? And then I REALIZED… but THAT is the point of this blog!?! To go out and GET A LIFE!!!

  • Have you thought about implementing a CAPTCHA into the bottom of the comments block so that it at least cuts down on the spamming?

    • Is that where you type in the letters numbers combo? I hadn’t considered it. I could look into a plug in for Word Press. What’s more annoying? The occasional missing comment or typing that thingie in every time? Thoughts?

      • Most blogs I’ve seen do have a captcha and they can be somewhat annoying. Some are easier to decipher than others. right? I don’t mind though, if it makes things easier for you.

      • Yup – Captcha is that “type in the letters and numbers” thing that is supposed to prevent bots from spamming your blog. It’s a pretty typical thing to have to do, so I don’t find it annoying. Whatever makes admin of the site easier for you.

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