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Chump Lady Has Computer Woes

Hi Chumps,

Forgive the quiet at this end, my MacBookPro is toast. I’m typing to you now from my son’s laptop, which I had to pry out of his sleeping, clueless arms.

Might be inconvenienced for a couple days. We’ll see what the “geniuses” say about the spinning beach ball of death.

Anywho, I hope to use my son’s laptop, but my chump lady email is not connected to it, so I’ll still see your comments, just not your emails to [email protected] for awhile. Go ahead and write, it’s just that I won’t see it right away.

I’ll let you know when things are back to normal, but for now say a little prayer for my MacBook. I think it’s in its death throes and it’s only 2 years old! (Still under the service plan though, thank goodness.)

More anon!

Tracy aka Chump Lady

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  • We are only as strong as our computer. Hope yours is on the road to recovery soon!

    • Well I was able to just finish a post on my son’s computer. So if he’s game, I think I can keep at it. Just frustrated here, that’s all. Yesterday was an exercise in futility trying to troubleshoot it. I hate having to call in the professionals. Ugh.

  • We all need to donate to the blog so CL can get a bigger better computer! Think of how much you’ve spent on theraphy and think about how much this blog has helped to clarify things for you ;and I mean all of you; those who post here and those who just come in for encouragement. The little icon for donations is in the upper lt hand corner (you can’t miss it!)

    • Tracy, if I was local, I’d help you out, but I did the next best thing and sent some $$ your way. I tried connecting with Steve Jobs via a pair of dirty socks, but to no avail.

      Hoping your Macbook Pro gets to feeling better soon.

  • I bet the “MacBook Pros” at the Apple Store can help.
    I had to cover my computers ears when I read this post. She’s 7 years old and needs an update. I have a ten and 12 year old Mac. They are all pulling for yours!!1

    Good Lick


    • Well, after two trips to the “Genius Bar” — I got a new hard drive (yes, the old one was toast after only 2 years!) and Crash Plan had backed everything up EXCEPT (and this is pretty dreadful), I lost all my emails, email folders, passwords, and bookmarks. Oh, and i have to reload Microsoft Office (even though all the files are there, I have to reinstall the damn thing.)

      To anyone still reading this thread — back up your files!!!! Crash Plan saved my bacon. Here’s a free plug to that company — best $5 a month I spend.

      Still total time suck and no fun I have to rebuild all my email addresses and bookmarks. Ugh, ugh, ugh. Worst case, I have my old hard drive and could pay someone to extract those files, if they aren’t corrupted.

    • And Jane, fingers crossed on the longevity of your Macs. I have an iMac that’s going on 10 years old. No problems yet… (except the software is long since outdated… but it works for me!)

      Wishing your computers a long and healthy life.

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