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Spiffy new site improvements…

Hi guys,

Hey I’m making some improvements around here, thanks to attending the BlogathonTX conference last weekend. Nothing like hanging around some Austin WordPress gurus to make you realize you really need to up your geek game.

The one improvement I just tackled, and which finally seems to be working (apologies to anyone who tried this earlier this week and hit a brick wall) — is email subscriptions. You’ll notice to the upper right is a new box that says “subscribe to Chump Lady by email!” Now you can sign up and every new CL article will be sent to your inbox. I try to post most days, but I’m flaky about what time of day, so… now technology can alert you. Never aimlessly navigate to my site again…

There is also still an RSS feed that works, or doesn’t depending on your browser. There was some discussion of this in cryptic Geekish on the merits of RSS or if it’s pointless, but I nodded off. It’s still up there, but this feedburner subscription thing is supposedly much easier.

No worries about spam or getting weird sales junk from me. I keep everything private and don’t sell anyone’s name. The only thing you’ll be sent is what you see on this blog. And maybe a newsletter if I ever get around to it. (After the book. I’ve got a long to-do list.)

I still have all the earlier emails for signing up for more, sent to me by my old primitive email link — saved in a folder. But do me a favor, if you sent me an email before to be on my list — please sign up again so I have it all in one place. Apologies for not figuring this out sooner. Writing is my strong suit. Blogging software, not so much.

The other thing I am slowly tackling is site navigation. When I started this blog, well, I had no idea how long I’d do it, or what form it would take. 18 months later, there are about 400 articles on this site — and I’m now finally adding categories. When I tediously go through every old article and categorize it, I will next put up a new site navigation where you can find everything I’ve written on subjects like “narcissists” or “polyamory” or “ego kibbles.” Until that bright new day — the search bar still works, albeit haphazardly. Or you can read backwards through the archives, something I’m shocked to discover many chumps do. I’m trying to make it easier, folks!

Thanks for your patience and support — and do comment and let me know if there are some improvements you’d like to see here. Okay, other than a chump dating site. I’m not ready to tackle that!

Happy reading,

Tracy aka Chump Lady

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  • Hurray, thanks!

    I proudly admit I read back through all the posts – and I still browse through them periodically when I need extra Chump Vitamins 🙂 Having categories will be great. If only you could crowd-source that to Chump Nation, we could help!

    • Wouldn’t that be nice? Then you could all scratch your head, as I do with “Does this go under Genuine Imitation Naugahyde Remorse or Cake Eating?”

      • This is likely a silly question, but you will be using tags, right? So a post could appear under multiple categories?

  • You have a great website, CL. The content is really, really good and you write exceptionally well.

    • Afraid not, TennisHack, but the world is full of nice, chumpy women just like me. This site is full of them. Introduce yourself. 🙂

  • You are my new guilty pleasure. I needed you 3 years and 1 month ago, but I’m basking in the late validation nonetheless. There is a suffering (silent and humiliated) subculture dying for your valuable wisdom. Can’t express enough thanks.

  • XO CL!

    First thing I did when I found you was read from the beginning! When I’m really feeling lost I sometimes go back and read my old comments and all of the feedback you and the spectacular Chumpettes supported me with…and I can see how far I’ve come thanks to ALL of you!!!!



  • Discovered the site in June, have read it every day since, usually 2-3 times a day.

    Thank you.

  • You have been a godsend in the sea of “we are stronger for it” bullshit!! You are amazing, and hilarious and what I need when I get mildly wobbly.

    I know I will be ok from this, all because of you!

  • I go back and re-read everything too! There are lots of days I think it’s the best thing I could find anywhere on the internet. CL rules!
    So how about a Chump weekend retreat?

  • Hey CL,

    This is a well put together site as is, but a glossary would help a newb such as I.

    I am sure it would be Beircian in caliber!


  • Im not all that “spiffy” with technology like this, but I can tell you you did a great job with search engine optimization!
    I googled “how to get over a cheater” and ” what to do when youve been cheated on” (or something like that and you came up first both times!!

    I read a couple of your posts and never looked back!!

  • CL, your blog is great!

    One issue and I have no idea how to fix it, but your forums link only shows up if you are currently logged into Wordpress. If you can ensure the forum link shows up without being logged in, I think many more people would participate. Right now where the forum link would be are links to some of your blog posts. I had to bookmark my Wordpress login in order to find your forums – so I only check in there once in a blue moon.

    • Dat, I know the forum is lame. I don’t know how to avoid the Brigadoon effect on the forum and WP. It’s a WP plug in — I was turned on to a different forum software simple-press, that would be much more robust and have more options, like PMing, and not be so hidden on the site, but it’s a Project to set it up. Right now, I’m focusing on finishing a book — but improving the forum is on my to-do list. I think it just needs a total overhaul. Until then, use the bookmark feature.

  • I love your site! You have helped me more than you will ever know! I was thrilled to find a site that “tells it as it is” and doesn’t sugarcoat what all of us have been through.
    When I found the site I read every article too. The titles alone are captivating:) Keep up the great work. But get moving on that book – I want to be able to promote it in my local bookstore!

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