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Prayers Needed for Chump Son

Chumps! I need your prayers and good thoughts — one of our cherished members of Chump Nation is fighting for his life — Chump Son (David), whose comments I know you all value, has a deadly bacterial infection. A friend of his on this board, Skategirl, sent this

Dave aka Chump Son, a  very healthy middle aged brilliant man is currently battling for his life in the ICU in Virginia.  He developed a bacterial infection from a cut he got probably in the gym, it went to his heart and now his brain.  At this point, if he survives, the damage is severe and unknown.  He  was the best man at my wedding my to asshole ex, he was the first person I told  when I discovered my ex’s disgusting text messages.  David  and his beautiful wife and children have been a rock for me, supporting me emotionally through this god awful process.

It’s not looking good, folks. If you’re religious, or even if you aren’t, please hold Dave and his family in your hearts right now.

(((Hugs to all)))


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  • What a terrible thing to happen. I hope he recovers. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.

  • Done! (and will do again)

    (and I made sure not to swear while praying just to make sure).

    Please keep us posted.

  • CL, thanks for passing this along. Skategirl, would you please let David know that we are thinking of him and sending lots of healing thoughts and prayers his way. He is such a smart and thoughtful member of this community. Much love, Sunshine

  • There is strength in belief… there is strength in words… there is strength in numbers and strength of the individual. Dave, you have all of these. My thoughts are with you.

  • Oh my. Sending prayers and thoughts for him and his family. There is power in prayer. Praying he recovers.

  • Wishing David a very speedy recovery and an article for Skategirl and David’s family to read about a new way to fight these resistant infections. Maybe there is an experimental drug they can get for him which may work.

    I lost my Grandmother in the hospital to an infection she caught while there that was resistant to antibiotics. I would hate to lose another person this way. It’s become so common. Please research and push the doctors to try something new to help David fight this infection even if it is experimental. I will post more things if I can find something of us online to give to you Skategirl!

    Sending my fighting thoughts and love to all of you and David!!!

  • Sending all my healing wishes and prayers his way……
    I have a good friend who is battling a serious infection in the hospital as well.
    So I can only imagine the suffering.
    Be Well Dave!

  • Prayer ALWAYS helps!! Especially for deserving ones from deserving ones! I am on board for this!!!

    Now, for Skategirl……Since you are there with this precious family, I have to put in my 2-cents about this…..Please, ChumpNation, no crapping on me for this…..

    Even though the main stream medical says there is nothing more they can do, natural and alternative methods very often trump any of their offerings. Many who have been written off by main stream doctors as hopeless have been brought back from death’s doors by what is often termed ‘alternative’ methods. These methods of helping the body heal are NOT alternative—–they are the methods that have healed folks for thousands of years!

    Please, skategirl Go on line or whatever and search furiously for natural and alternative methods for this infection. Not knowing what it is and not being a practitioner my self, I can not give specific advice. There may even be some natural doctors in your area. Please, do this quickly……..Also, ask around to friends and family, if any of them are into natural health. They may know where to get info quickly.

    Dr. Mark Sircus, IMVA,(on-line) may have some help for this. That is one place to start.

    Their are many natural substances & methods that can fight off bacterial infections quickly. Most doctors and hospitals are not aware of these superior methods or do not use them, as they are not taught in medical schools.

    I will pray—–for all of you to have the strength to deal wisely with this….

    By the way, one of the best family doctors in my area uses as HIS personal physician……a natural doctor! No AMA doctor for his personal care! He knows where the superior care is to be found!

    Pray on, my friends, Pray On……

    • Forge is right on. I have seen a calf dying of a clostridial infection get up and walk away after an infusion of saline with a smidge of hydrogen peroxide in it. Alternatives to antibiotics exist, the problem is that the mindset in the hospital environment is closed, to say the very least, and suggestions of alternatives to ‘standard of care’ are likely to be met with “Who’s the doctor here, you or me?” The whole system was set up to give the chemists a place to play God, and they regularly (still!) run down alternatives that are too far out for their tastes. The history of the people who did chelations or IVs of ozone is a cautionary tale. Things are turning around a bit though, as more within the system realize they wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of a lot of their own ministrations.

      I pour hydrogen peroxide over my cuts, followed with a salve containing ozone. Things heals fast, and my body is generally a wreck from what modern medicine and dentistry have done to it in the past. Google ‘ozonated olive oil’.

      Now would be a very good time to find an alternative medicine practitioner for personal use. Offer to be a cash patient and relieve them of the insurance headache.

      Prayers going out for Chump Son, we are all connected.

      • I was about to suggest his family and friends gather together with a priest and pray over some Olive Oil/Coconut Oil and Anoint David’s head with it in the Sign of the Cross..Daily if Possible, until He Recovers. Faith often Triumphs when Logic and Science Drops you on your Arse. To take this Action at the Very Least helps All who love him Feel they’ve Been Active in Finding a cure…Hence the Knowledge and comfort they’ve Done ALL they Could.

      • Thank you, Chumpalicious, for commenting about H2O2 (aka Hydrogen Peroixde) It’s uses are endless. I ALWAYS have a bottle of the 35% food grade on hand. I put a little in by ultrasonic mist vaporizor and have not been sick this entire flu season, even though most of my freinds have been.

        Of course, H2O2 may not be the best in this case; there are many, many others available.
        (Love the coconut oil, as well)

        So glad someone else is willing to back up the superioroity of natural methods.

        Please, skategirl, there is an alternative that may bring David back from the brink.

        (the only reason I say ‘may’ is that nothing can heal someone if too much damage has already been done. That is actually one of the main reasons natural methods often get a bad rap—they are often used as a last resort, when far too much damage has already occurred.)

        Love and prayers……

        Forge on…….

  • I am so sad to hear this. I just had a dream last week where I met up with the Chump Nation and Chump Son was there. I will be pulling for him. Get well Dave.

  • My prayers and very best wishes to David and his family and also friends. Sounds like a lovely man with a lovely family. Life is not always fair. God bless.

  • Prayers to Dave and his family. Sending long distance healing thoughts his way, and hoping for the very best.

  • Sending all good thoughts and love to him and his family. Please keep us updated. <3

  • Oh no oh no, I am in tears…. David, all of my thoughts and prayers, you have been such a wonderful intelligent thoughtful voice. I pray for your recovery, please God.

  • Praying for healing for David and love and comfort to his family. Especially sad when this stuff happens to the good ones.

  • Oh, how awful! I have been crying about one thing or another for two days, now I am crying for this poor man. Many, many prayers for this man, and I will light a candle for him in Church tomorrow. How terrible, in the prime of his life, something so random…life is scary and unpredictable sometimes.

    May he make a full recovery and rock on!

  • David- You are an old soul with great spirit, tremendous insight, and resilience. We are all here behind you, holding you and your family in our thoughts and prayers. We offer you our strength now as you have so often offered yours. XOXO

    • What SeeTheLight said…. David, you are articulate, tender, wise, and an inspiration to all of us…a real leader on this site. Your suffering is our suffering – and we lift you up in prayer today… have strength in our love for you….

  • Prayers going straight up for healing, strength, and full road to recovery. May David be blessed, may his doctors provide the best treatment, may the Lord hold him in the palm of His hand.

  • Prayers and thoughts for David. Have lit a candle here and will be thinking of David, skategirl and David’s family xxx

  • Cl and Skategirl, thank you for letting us know about David. Sending prayers up for David and his family. Love to all, nmc

  • I have witnessed the power of many people praying for someone. My prayers are with David for his full recovery and with his family during this trying time. Miracles do occur daily and I believe this prayer circle of Chumps can be the force that creates one. (((HUGS))) to David and his family.

  • I’m thinking of David and hoping that he recovers…

    it is awesome how even though we have never met he has had an impact on my life… and it has always been obvious what a giving and caring person he is by how he took the time to help others on this site.

  • Skategirl, please pass along my best wishes and hopes to David and his family for a speedy recovery.

  • God Bless Dave and his family! Please heal him body and soul, and comfort his loved ones.
    Will keep Chump Son in my prayers, thank you for letting us know and have this opportunity to pray for him.

  • 🙁 This is really sad news. David is an awesome guy and a valued contributor here. Keeping him in my thoughts. Keep us updated.

  • David and his family will be in my thoughts and prayers as well. God bless them with healing & love.

  • And from all of us parents who worry about infidelity/abandonment’s impact on their children…especially the adult ones…Chump Son, your voice has given us perspective and hope, for their sakes. Thank you, thank you, wonderful man. Blessings….

  • Very sad to hear. I have appreciated Chump Son’s comments and concern for the issues on this blog. Deep meditations sent his way and to his family as well.

  • My thoughts are with David, his family & friends.
    I have always enjoyed his perspective on this site.
    Wishing him a full recovery.

  • I will be praying for him and his family. As a Physician I know it looks bad but as a person who believes in A God that can do the impossible.. And has seen the impossible happen,I will pray a miracle occurs. Will be holding him and his family in my heart.

  • Praying furiously for his health and well being. His generosity to this site has been invaluable. Sending healing thoughts!!

  • Positive thoughts are being sent to David from New Hampshire, as well as my deeply heartfelt wishes for a complete and speedy recovery. (This from a stroke survivor who is constantly amazed that new neural pathways are still being formed in my damaged brain…)

  • Hears awful news. I have so appreciated Chump Son’s voice and perspective here. I believe in miracles and will be praying for CS and his family.

  • Lord, give David the strength to fight this illness and give his family courage to sustain them in this difficult hour.

  • ” In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express” Romans 8:26

  • Sending lots of love to David and his family. Chump Son, you are mighty and have helped so many people on this site. Remember you are mighty and that chump nation has your back.

  • Awe, this is such upsetting news . . . lifting David up in prayer . . . may he fully recover and be restored to good health again . . .

  • I am covering David and his family in prayer. A couple of days ago, I started wondering why David has not posted recently and felt that something was wrong, and I prayed. Thank you for letting us know, Tracy. My heart goes out to his wife and children.

  • Sending energy to David, I hope he recovers fully. If I can help in any way let me know, I am in Virginia.

  • So awful and very sorry to hear. Sending uber positive thoughts and prayers for a rapid full recovery and peace of mind to all his loved ones.

  • I have read and re-read so many of his words over 18 months. That he took the time to share his story and wisdom has been a blessing to us all. Chump son you are strong so strong!! Praying that you pull through.

  • Praying for Chump Son, aka David.

    Skategirl, please relay to David and his family that we’re all pulling for him.

  • After all he has been through and all he has given to us all, it is so unfair.
    He deserves so much better.
    Our prayers and thoughts are with him and his family.
    Please get well.

  • I haven’t been here long but I’ve read older posts and have seen his contributions. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. Here is hoping for a full recovery, David! Please keep us updated.

  • Prayers being sent to David, his family, and his friends to pull through!! Chump Son, you have always been so insightful, kind, and understanding in all your on CL’s blog. I am so sorry to learn of this terrible news.

  • David, when you read this, know that you have touched the hearts of a lot of people who really benefit from your wisdom. Get well, buddy!

  • Sending prayers of healing and strength to David, prayers of love and faith to his family and prayers of skill and wisdom to his healers.

  • I’m also speechless. David is remarkably thoughtful, well-spoken and emotionally generous… truly a wonderful person. Sending a flood of healing thoughts and love to Dave and his family.

  • Also sending prayers and hopes for a miracle. I have such a friend who was in multiple organ shutdown & on life support due to having wisdom teeth pulled and not being given antibiotics to take orally at home. Emergency by 3rd day post op. (I am a nurse) This man, Kenny was considered gone by doctors, and pulled through despite. I can only hope and pray with the rest of you that this happens for David. No brain or residual damage either. I am a nurse and have seen other such cases. Please God! Hear our prayers!

  • Best wishes and speedy recovery for David (chump’s son)
    Lots of love to David’s family at this most stressful time.

  • I checked back in here late tonight.
    It seems David is still alive.

    I so hope so.

    Hey!~ David…get back here….Right Now~!
    I insist!

    I need some of your sage advice.

  • Sending love and prayers to David! So sad to hear this news. Skategirl, I just want to mention colloidal silver as a possible help in his healing. It can be taken internally and applied externally. I don’t know what type of infection he has but I know from experience that it is the only thing that cleared a very serious, anti-biotic resistant staph infection that landed me in the hospital twice. Take good care.

  • Updates. Please keep those prayers coming and hold this fine man and his lovely family in your hearts. Please. Here is an update from his son:

    He has a rare bacterial infection in his heart. It’s all throughout his blood stream and he’s in critical condition but at least he’s stable now. He’s sedated and doing better, but because of the bacteria he’s had a stroke maybe two. He can’t move the left side of his body because the bacteria is in his nervous system and it could potentially be from the stroke but the damage from that is inconclusive. He’s unconscious and on a breathing machine to keep him alive because of where the bacteria is in his nervous system. If and when he recovers he’ll be in the I.C.U. (Intensive Care Unit) for 4-6 weeks because he’s still in critical condition. Right now they’re just bombarding him with the heaviest dosages of antibiotics to kill the bacteria and we just hope there’s not another stroke.

    • Thanks for letting us know skatergirl. I’m going to take “stable” as a hopeful sign. I know it’s grim, but he’s a strong person with so much left to live for. Praying he pulls through.

      • And PLEASE let his family know we’re praying for him. If we can’t comfort Dave right now, at least we can send some good thoughts their way. Please let them know how much we care.

    • Dearest Skategirl,

      Am SOOOO glad you let us know what is happening with David. Prayers have been going up for him, his family and you every minute since we were informed of the situation.

      Please, please dear friend, get info about the alternative natural methods for fighting this. Far superior!! There are several I think of, but you must get information based on the bacteria and from a trained, license professional. There are many natural doctors to found these days. And much info on-line.

      Also, after he is more stable, Arnica Montana to heal the central nervous system. Look it up. I know a man who had a stroke so severe he was expected to be permanently incapacitated, unable to speak. This was a man who had given himself in God’s Ministry for years. His wife & others did research and started doing natural.

      The Arnica Montana was their primary substance. In just a few months, he healed and is now back at his Ministry and you would never know he had a stroke! The mainstream medical had written him off, but his family and his God had not! (I know this first hand, as my parents knew him before the stroke and I met him after the stroke. Eye witness account!)

      And thank you for update!! I will formulate my prayers accordingly!
      Love to you and to David & his family….

      Pray on, ChumpNation……

    • Skatergirl,

      Please check these out……..I found this information on-line.
      (Sorry….I do not know how to link!!)


      Denise E. Bruner, MD
      5015 Lee Highway, Ste. 201
      Arlington, VA 22207
      Ph: 703-558-4949
      Fax: 703-558-4980

      E. Aubrey Murden, MD
      Alternative Integrated Medicine
      4020 Raintree Road, Ste. C
      Chesapeake, VA 23321
      Ph: 757-488-9900
      Fax: 757-405-3025

      Joan M. Resk, DO
      To Life!
      5249 Clearbrook Lane
      Roanoke, VA 24014-6637
      Ph: 540-776-8331
      Fax: 540-776-8303

      Love to you and especially to David and his family

      Pray On, Nation…..

  • Day 2 of Chump Nation vigil — holding David in a healing place in my heart and mind. As long as there is life, there is hope. Rally, David!

  • Tracy, this, this is what the Internet is for! You started this blog to help people heal from infidelity. What you have done is form a family, a worldwide family that now holds David in the palm of its hands. My prayers are that David live and that all of you heal from your pain. I am not a chump but the sister of one and I know that life gets better, and sweeter.
    Another day that David is still here. Another day that both families pray.

  • Our thoughts and prayers are still with you and your family, David. You have triumphed over so much in your life and you continue to be an inspiration to us all.

  • Have been thinking about David and sending positive energy his way. Actually wondered the day before finding out why he hadn’t been posting. His insights as a chump son have been so interesting and helpful. Praying he recovers.

  • Fluid in his lungs overnight but this morning the bacteria has been identified and they are starting the appropriate antibiotics. Maybe maybe a tiny small step in the right direction. I will post updates as I receive them from the family. Thank you for your prayers, thoughts and wishes. David is one of a kind. He is a good man. I can’t emphasis that enough. He is such a good person, such a kind heart and funny and super bright! He works for our government and we are so lucky to have such a bright person representing our interests. His family and children are mirrors of his wonderful personality.

    • I am glad to hear they have a handle on the antibiotics. Sending all the energy I can his way. Jedi Hugs to David, you and his family.

      • To David and his Family – my prayers are being sent, positive thoughts being beamed your way. You’re all in my thoughts.
        Thanks for keeping us posted.

    • I’m so glad that the strain has been successfully identified. That should help.

      Continuing to pray for David and his family throughout this ordeal.

      Thank you for keeping us updated, skatergirl. Please continue to relay to David and his family that we’re all pulling for him.

    • Thank you for this update! I am continuing to send prayers and good thoughts towards David and his family. May he be cured completely, may he be blessed with strength and healing.

    • Oh thank God for that little crack of hope. I pray that the whole door will open to recovery for David.

  • Oh man, my heart is pouring love for David, his family and you Skatergirl. So many times his words have me keep things in perspective. I am so thankful for the updates, thank you for taking the time to keep us n the loop. David has the whole Chump Nation behind him, and we have all seen how strong the words and thoughts of the Chump Nation are in supporting and healing others.

  • Chump son, I’ll be praying for your recovery and good health. Stay stRong in spirit we are with you.

  • Sending David and his family positive mojo with all my might. Hugs and comfort going out to Skategirl as well.

  • Thank you so much Skategirl (((HUGS))) for taking the time to make updates. David is a special person and such a source of inspiration for so many of us. I will continue to pray for him, as prayer is a powerful tool. I have seen the success of circles of prayer and that’s actually what we have formed thanks to CL and this blog. Please express to David’s family our love and concern and that we are praying for him, and praying for them as well.

    Two slivers of hope – the word “stable” and that they have identified the infection and have begun the right course of antibiotics. Small miracles, but miracles nonetheless. Continuing to pray hard for David’s recovery and healing.

  • Just caught up with this. Sending positive thoughts and wishes for the best treatment and a speedy recovery to David.

  • Just saw this. Sending prayers to David and his family as well as his friends and doctors. May the power of prayer and positive thoughts heal him. Stay strong!

  • I’ve been thinking about David and his family constantly since I saw this post. I too am sending prayers and positive energy their way. Hugs and best wishes to all those involved in this sad situation.

  • This is the stuff that makes you realize you can’t live in anger forever because something as minor as a cut can become something so severe. I’m so sorry. David’s insight has been invaluable and i’m devastated for him. All my positive energy to him and his family.

  • From Dave’s daughter:

    Friday March 21, around 5:30 my mom had to dial 911 because my dad was unresponsive. He was barely breathing and couldn’t move the left side of his body or his right eye. When we got to the emergency room the doctors made us wait for 2 hours before letting us see him. When we finally did he looked agitated, and honestly in so much pain. He couldn’t open his eyes but was very conscience of what was going on, he could squeeze your hand at best.

    After about a day of tests they finally put him in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) undiagnosed. For the next 3 hours my family and I sat in agitation waiting for anything. Finally a doctor came in and told us that there was a bacteria growing in his heart valve and was also flowing through his bloodstream. A few hours after that they did and MRI and it showed he not only had a bacteria in his heart but because the bacteria was in his bloodstream it had gone to his brain and caused a stroke. Which is why he couldn’t open his eyes or be fully aware of his surroundings.

    Saturday morning my brother Fernando flew in from LA. My mom, my 2 brothers, and I sat together waiting for some kind of miracle and asking all of our friends to pray and if not keep us in there thoughts. Finally, today, Sunday morning my uncle and grandma drove down to see us as well. The doctors then informed us that he also has developed pneumonia due to the fact he is intubated because he can’t breathe on his own.

    Today was a rough day, his stats fluctuated and honestly he didn’t look too comfortable. But I guess I find comfort in the fact that they now have identified the bacteria and are starting antibiotics to attack it as well as cure the pneumonia. Although he looks uncomfortable I like to remind myself he is in one of the top 100 hospitals in the United States and if he is going to get treated well, it’s here.

    I guess all I’m asking now is to pray. Pray for patience, and some kind of sign that he is getting better and if not pray just keep him and my family in your thoughts.

    The fight is every day and constant but with enough prayers and hopeful messages I get through the day. I’d like to thank anyone praying and thinking of us or just even reading this and being aware of what is going on.

    Thank you.

  • Dear Skatergirl,

    THANK YOU for posting message from David’s daughter!!

    Was just looking for a Bible verse to post. As I was perusing Psalms, a book full of prayers, it hit me…..

    Many of the prayers in Psalms were recorded by another precious man named David; that is, King David of ancient times.

    Now, one of his name sake’s is in dire straits.

    So many of these heartfelt prayers could be applied to our precious Chump Son. Even many who do not profess a ‘religious’ affiliation recognize the beauty contained in these passages.

    A dear friend of mine bookmarked for me “Bible Gateway”. (Perhaps some of you are familiar with this site; I was not)

    Point: There are many beautiful prayers recorded there that some of you may wish to send up for our beloved David……

    With you in the vigil, CL & Nation…..

    Pray on, ChumpNation, Pray On!!!

  • It is so upsetting it took so long to get in to see a doctor, and then took so long then to get a diagnosis. Can’t they make him more comfortable? This is so hard to hear. Please make demands if you do not think David is getting anything he needs. My heart goes out to you and your family.

  • Still holding David and all of his loved ones in my thoughts. This bacterial infection might look to have the upper hand right now, but from everything he has written here, David is one tough cookie. Strength of mind and sheer determination can do powerful things.

    So can the knowledge that others are there with him, in person and in spirit.

    May the antibiotics work fast and well.

  • David, You are not forgotten. Your wife, children, and friends have been wonderful as advocates for your care. You are so lucky to have them in your life as they have expressed their love for you. We are still all here at your back because it will take a lot of strength to conquer this invader. Keep at it!

  • Still praying for Dave and his family–not only that Dave pull through, but that while the stress levels are high, the family can still pull together…

  • This is very upsetting news. Chump Son is such a special person. I really pray that he recovers. Please let us know how he’s doing…

  • Skatergirl, please relay to David’s family that we’re logging onto this blog post regularly to check for updates. We’re still holding David in our thoughts and prayers!

  • My thoughts and prayers will absolutely be with David and his family. He was one of the first “Chump Children” I met when I joined these boards and was so kind and friendly and supportive. I hope he recovers! Thank you Skategirl for keeping us updated.

  • Folks, we still need your prayers and good thoughts. This today from Skatergirl:

    Sadly the news is not good. He is just not getting better. Still Intubated and today he had developed a new frontal bleed. I will be driving down on Saturday probably to say goodbye. He has a living will for no extraordinary measures. I hope I will be given the gift of one last chance to thank him and tell him he is my hero. Perhaps a miracle will happen between now and then. We can hope and pray. Please keep this fine man in your heart

  • I am really, really sad to hear this news and am crying. David is in my prayers and my heart. Tracy, please thank him on our behalf, too. So many of his posts brought me peace and clarity.

  • I am so, so sorry to read the latest. I came looking for any update hoping for the miracle. Still praying, still praying.

  • This sad update from Skatergirl:

    Dave’s wife just texted me. They met with Palliative care since medically there is nothing more they can do for him.
    I am going down tomorrow. The decision needs to be made when to remove life support.
    All is lost.

  • Still praying and will continue….
    David’s precious loved ones will need prayers for weeks and months to come…..
    Such sadness……
    Love to all…..
    Thank you both, Tracy and skatergirl for allowing us to be part of this vigil. It is an honor to know of & to pray for such quality humans as David.

    Pray on, ChumpNation….

  • Keep praying and hoping folks!!! Skatergirl just sent this:

    I am here at David’s bedside. He is opening and closing an eye when you ask and squeezing one hand. He remains critically sick and the doctors said they just don’t know yet. He might continue to wake up or he might just stabilize where he is and being that he is so young ( his birthday was yesterday) then the decision has to be made if it is a long term care and quality of life. But it might not even get to that point. I did tell him about all the great support from chump nation!!! I told him his post is getting the most responses lol and he needs to wake up to read him. I also told him if he doesn’t wake up I’m getting back with my pos ex. Lol. I told him if that doesn’t make him rally what will? So a teeny tiny glimmer. Ever so tiny but at least it is giving us something to hold on to! He has so many friends visiting we are taking over the hospital. This man is truly loved. Tell chump nation now is the time for prayers!!!!!

  • Keep talking to him and giving him support, Skatergirl. After my stroke, I was in such intense pain from the resulting massive headache that I just wanted to curl up and make it all go away. Add to that the sudden inability to talk, to walk, to understand what people are saying, and the around-the-clock blood draws and other invasive procedures, and you get some idea of how desperately fatiguing the whole process is. Above all, the stroke survivor needs to be comforted by knowing that everything at home and at work is going to be taken care of by competent people. Remind David that his main job is to get well, and don’t let him get discouraged by any negative prognoses for recovery. I can attest that neurological improvement can most definitely be made after the “critical first six months post-stroke”!

  • Thank you, Skatergirl, for posting the update. I feel so uplifted and please tell David his work is not done in this world. We need him here to keep on telling us to leave the cheaters! I am hopeful for his complete recovery. Hang in there, David, we’re praying for you.

  • Thank you for the updates, Skategirl. Still sending up prayers for healing, for strength, for recovery. Please tell David he is thought of and so many healing vibes are heading his way.

  • Thank you for the update Skatergirl, our prayers are with you and your family. I am sure he hears you please tell him to keep fighting for more ground. What a smart thing Coldturkey said about letting him know everyone is covering for him so he can concentrate on just getting better. God bless you & your family.

  • Sending prayers of love and strength to David!
    His wisdom, wit, and kindness always shined through so brightly in his posts. What a great guy, hope he’s getting better.

  • HANG ON, DAVID!! I’m not at all cool with not reading another post from Chump Son!! NOT OK!! And I’m sure your family and friends need you more. We are here for you,rooting for you! Fight, fight, fight!! BIG LOVE! And big THANKS and support to Skatergirl and family. Thank you for allowing us the honor to be part of the vigil.

  • Thank you skatergirl & Tracy, for bringing us together for this vigil! Look at the result…Yes, what an honor!

    Oh! My! Word! Just had a chance to read here and I am flabbergasted!!!

    David aka Chump Son IS STILL WITH US!!!
    (skatergirl, your comments to David…….you are a hoot!!)


    So happy to hear this! Power of prayer! I have continued to pray for his family & obviously all of ChumpNation has, too! SOOOOOOO good to hear!

    PRAY ON, Nation….Pray On!!!

  • Thanks for keeping us updated. I hope David continues to improve. He had such wonderful words of wisdom and compassion for us…

  • This is very sad to read about. What is the latest update? Hopes and prayers go out to David and his family.

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