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Bitter Bunnies for Easter…

You asked and you have received.

Bitter bunny is now yours.



It comes in various commercial variations (coffee mug, whatever other gizmo CafePress sells).

Support the blog. Flaunt your bitterness.

Happy Easter!

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  • OMG. I hadn’t looked over there in a while. I’m thinking about buying something with the screenplay design. My ex’s middle name is Bruce. LOL!

  • I’m not sure where to put this comment, but I wanted to suggest a couple of columns for Friends of Chumps. Maybe one basic one on what it’s like to be cheated on so that people get it. Then another one on How to Help a Chump, complete with examples of what has helped and what has not. (Maybe you already have these columns and all that is needed is links.) One of the articles could have links to some of the columns that might be helpful to read for background.

    I think there are probably well-meaning people who would like to help chumps who could read a few columns on it.

  • Why you not put forgiveness troll on a mug? I read that and imagined he sounds like Grover. 😀

    • Okay, I’ll do that one next. It’s only because bitter bunny gave me such fits. (They’ve changed CafePress a lot lately.) I think I know what I’m doing now…

      • Wooo awesome! I just saw you added it. Who knew infidelity could be so fun!! 😉

  • Am I the only person here with an actual bitter bunny tale? Here goes:
    My daughter graduated from college and moved to another state to work on another degree. She didn’t know anoyone, was lonely, and volunteered at the humane society. She adopted two bunnies.
    Fast forward one year…she was going to move into a house with friends, but no bunnies were allowed. Daughter was preparing to take bunnies back to the shelter when her father (aka asshat of the century) suggested that MOM might want the bunnies (in addition to the aging dog and diabetic cat)! When daughter told me asshat suggested this she did not expect me to find it as funny as she did. She was right. Then I got to thinking…I knew asshat was going to help daughter move and I knew he was taking his current paramour along for a fun road trip. Hmmm…I thought, wouldn’t a car full of bunnies be fun on a road trip? So, yeah, I said I would be happy to take te bunnies. And yeah, I think they put a damper on the romantic road trip! Those bunnies ended up eating my son’s room, and they lived six more years. Was it worth it? Oh yeah!

  • Bitter party of one checking in! Love the idea of a bunny door prize!!
    Happy Easter fellow chumps-stay strong!!!!!!!!

  • This literally made me LOL. Too funny. ‘Bunny for your bitterness’ is going to be a line I repeat whenever I need a giggle.

  • This made me laugh and gave me a better idea on what to wear every easter especially many bunnies are abandoned after Easter. Adopting a bunny is like adding a new member in the family, so this requires a lot of thinking. If you think you could commit and be responsible enough to provide and to take care of a pet then please adopt one.

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