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Lillias White Will Cure What Ails You

Any Broadway geeks out there?

Need some kick ass uplift? Watch this version of Lillias White performing “Don’t Rain on my Parade.” Music starts at the 1:30 mark — SUBLIME at the 3:30 mark.

Barbara Streisand can crawl under a rock. Lillias OWNS this.

YEAH, don’t rain on my parade!

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  • Haven’t seen a Broadway show since Damn Yankees!!!
    Streisand’s still cool with me. I always liked to try to sing along with Evergreen. It came on in the car the other day. Belted it out on the highway. A great release.
    Lillias White nailed it though. I was especially drawn to the one shot and BAM! Lol.

    I think it’s time to go target shooting again. Another great release!

  • Thanks for sharing. Again…I’d like to have more of that tone of “inner voice” in myself these days. Something to aim for, eh?

  • We sang that number in high school choir. It bore ZERO resemblance to that awesomeness! She’s a force of nature, that woman. Thanks for sharing, CL.

    And painauxraisins, LOVE that ticker!

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