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Shame! It’s Like an Icepick through Your Head!

Lightening up the mood around here a bit, I’d like to thank the script writers at True Tori (or as one blogger so nicely puts it True Whorey) for this bit of theatrical “remorse” by Dean McDermott.

Confronting McDermott about his disappearance during a Christmas party with their four children, Tori wants him to know that he missed fake snow, and it was special, and she had to deal with all that herself while he was off fucking around.

“It’s creepy to think someone could be that good of an actor,” says Spelling.

Um. You married an actual actor, Tori.

McDermott — a guy with a face like hammered steak and an apparent penchant for wearing t-shirts he dug out of the bottom of the laundry bin — is thunderstruck.

“Babe?!” says Spelling, dissolving into tears at McDermott’s apparent distress.

The head clutching is all too much for her! This operatic gesture of remorse is why she Just Can’t Confront Him. See what happens? It hurts him! The therapist assures her, that hey, he has to feel this.

Why do either of them assume he feels anything at all? He’s an actor. A bad, hammy one, but an actor nonetheless. Soldiering forth with his lines, McDermott declares, “I feel shame like I’ve never felt shame before. It’s like an icepick through my head!”

A note to Hollywood script writers — infidelity is like an icepick through your head (and heart). Shame? Not so much. Personally, I doubt whether a practiced serial cheater like McDermott is capable of shame. Clearly neither Tori or Dean experience shame or they wouldn’t be starring in their own reality TV show. But I get this is an ancient dramatic arc, beginning with Paul on the road to Damascus struck by the light of God toward repentance, ending with the magician in Frosty the Snowman who’s really sorry after all! People love this kind of fairy tale.

Why? Because it doesn’t happen in real life. Like all “reality” TV, it’s aspirational. Cheaters don’t have perfectly timed, on camera breakthroughs that, gosh! they are scumbags! Disordered people don’t feel pain at hurting others. They just feel their own pain, and yours is a little annoying buzz, and would you please shut up? Shaming them with Christmas photos of their children tends to be a tactic doomed to failure — ask several thousand chumps how they know.

No, if shame exists for guys like Dean McDermott at all, it’s a slow, creeping realization that they Aren’t All That. It happens over years. He wakes up one day and thinks “God, I need to wash my t-shirt.” The royalties to his TV show have long dried up and he’s doing late-night infomercials for dog shampoo and thinks “Maybe if I hadn’t been such a douchebag, my life would’ve turned out differently.” But he dare not utter this. Especially not to his five children who don’t talk to him. Or his multiple ex-wives. He admits it to himself, and it has all the force of a flaccid egg noodle.

In other news, the ice pick of shame clearly hasn’t permeated Monica Lewinsky’s head. Tomorrow her expose in Vanity Fair comes out, where she “breaks her silence” about her affair with President Clinton.

She is tired of  “tiptoeing around my past – and other people’s futures. I am determined to have a different ending to my story. I’ve decided, finally, to stick my head above the parapet.”

Putting aside that she stuck her bouffant-ed head above the parapet earlier for a Barbara Walter’s interview and a book deal, I guess it’s time to stick it to Hilary as she considers a run for president. Lovely timing, Monica. I’m sure you’re very sorry and would like to apologize to Mrs. Clinton for fucking her husband.

No? You were a “scapegoat”? You’re the real victim here and you’re going to set the “narrative” straight? Thanks for that, Monica. We’d all forgotten you. Mrs. Clinton has gone on to be Secretary of State and you’ve… what have you been doing? Designing handbags?

Where are those icepicks of shame when you need them.

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  • So well said Chump Lady! Mr. and Mrs. McDermott deserve each other….the one and only thing that really hit home for me was the promo commercial where Mrs. McD talked about how creepy it was that someone could cheat and then come home and go on with life. Hmmm, memories of my own experiences. I am still struggling with this…my ex-h took his whore to Jamaica then came home and slept in bed next to me. Business as usual for him. Slept next to me for many years while he whored around. So glad he’s gone. The healing continues for me.

    • Of course, it wasn’t “creepy” when he was doing the exact same thing with his former wife and a second child( new baby) at home while he was with Tori. Missing those family memories while fucking Tori.
      I am sure she feels some remnant of being special since he is not leaving her for the new APs.

      • Maybe the AP doesn’t want him, maybe he was just a “play thing”.
        After all, it was a 2 day “affair”.
        It probably” meant nothing to her” !

      • Did you happen to catch someone asking Dean why he wanted to use the sex tape he made with Tori as foreplay with the fling? Tori feigned upset–while grinning with her face down in Sippy Cup overwhelm. Wouldn’t that make her feel better–he needed to look at Tori to have sex with Missy? Oh, what was I thinking! He only wanted to watch himself having sex with himself–while perfecting the ice pick improv. Has anyone cared enough to find the escapee mistress? It wouldn’t be the first tweak for “reality” ratings.

    • She thought it was creepy? Interesting as she did EXACTLY THAT to her own first husband while she was seeing side-piece Dean. They just don’t get it do they.

    • Im reading everyone’s replies and comments here and realizing that the theme of narcissistic behavior prevails in each and every story. Personally, I avoid sweep generalizations, however, I’m confident in stating that only one type of individual is capable of any type of infidelity: textbook narcissist. We can add sociopathy, and personality disorders into this mix, but the narcissism is almost like a default setting they all operate from. In my case, i got hit with the latter combo, which is absolutely the worst case scenario, because the lack of empathy is always combined either with gaslighting or purely sadistic behavior (one quick example: I was in the middle of an anxiety attack during DD, and gasping for breath, and cheater/sociopath stepped over me laying on the floor and said, “I don’t give a shit about your stupid anxiety” before leaving the room. I’m sure this isn’t major news to anyone who’s been educated on some of the main themes in psychology of human behavior, but it’s always a good reminder to know that their narrative is so similar in most of our cases.
      As to the cheater theatrics, I’m actually glad I didn’t receive any. Apparently, I wasn’t worthy enough of even fake remorse.
      Oh yeah, and one more thing: that saying that if someone tells you who they are, believe them, is totally applicable in my case, too. My ex said to me on a few occasions that even he agrees withthe sociopath definition for himself, but in his own words “what you gonna do about it, that’s just me.”
      For a bright woman like myself, this part is the absolutely worst to get over: that I’ve been fooled for 14.5 years. It certainly makes me doubt my own ability to be perceptive (and I used to pride myself on calling myself that.)

      • Wow. I think that Chump Lady herself got stepped over as she was wailing on the floor – so he could make himself a pop tart.

        I THINK that is right… but the similarities!

      • Monika, totally agree about the NPD. My cheater tried to force me to take a valium on the night of D-Day. I refused. I shudder to think what might have happened if I had done it. These meds are prescribed to me for vertigo, a condition of Meniere’s disease that I thought he was nursing me through for the last three years of our 16 year relationship. Then found emails and friends told me too, that he told people I was faking my illness. But as you say, the worst part is knowing how badly they fooled us chumps.

      • Similar here Monika – I was on the verge of a breakdown after finding out he cheated and wanted a divorce and he said “you are very unattractive when you act like that!” I got some of the theatrics though because he is in the theatre industry. They are all so similar.

  • Tori has said that Dean told her “they fell in love”…..I wonder if it ever occurred to her that maybe, just maybe Dean fell in love with the prospect
    of the “Spelling” reputation & fortune ?

    • Yep that’s what he was in love with, the promise of a payday and not working.

      Notice how he hasn’t been in much of anything since he married her. I also think the rumors of him screwing around started right around the time it was clear Tori’s mom wasn’t going to forgive and forget and cough up more inheritance money.

      So transparent. I almost feel sorry for her. Almost.

      • The rumours of his cheating have been out there for ages. And her saying she can’t believe he can come home after screwing around? Puh-lease. She is one useless trick and he is nearly a cyclops.

    • Then why drag kids into it? After the money? Sure go ahead, make the most of it, but don’t have kids just to make it LOOK real!!!!!

  • I almost shot you an email asking you to post something on the Tori debacle. I laid in bed last night watching it and had many many hearty laughs. Tori looks like a muppet; I muppet who fails to mention how she hooked up with this fuck-stick in the first place. If they mentioned it on the show, I only missed it when I was howling with laughter over something one of them said.

    Weird. How do they see each other? Her eyes are set so far apart and his are really close together. lol

  • Oh, and upon my discovery of the whoring around, my ex-h cried, sobbed, crawled across the kitchen floor asking for forgiveness. Then curled up in a fetal position. I just sat in a kitchen chair staring at him.

    • That’s what I refer to as cheater “trauma”. The jig is up and it literally floors them.

      My ex wife she threw herself around the living room, bouncing off the couch while stuffing a throw pillow in her mouth. It was bizarre to watch her flailing about as if she was possessed.

      • Oh man….. this happened to me too. My ex wife curled up in a ball at least twice through the divorce also saying “don’t touch me!”
        I was confused with the strange behavior thought, Is this an act? WTH!
        I think the guilt of the cheating catches up with them at times and they really
        don’t know what to do at that moment.
        I asked the psychologist about this and he did not know what it was.
        I think he did.

        • Wow, lucky for you guys, ha ha. I got none of the theatrics. Pure denial and blameshifting, not a lick of shame or remorse.
          Maybe a few crocodile tears and pouting after the fact, like a kid getting caught with their hand in the cookie jar or how the dogs sulk around after they have an accident in the house…

          • I got nothing but blame for ah, brining up the MOW on FB. It was all my fault for accusing him.

            • Same here. The theatrics were mine when I couldn’t take the days of silent treatment, his cool detachment or snide, seething rage–but never out of control, him. Maybe a slight tic if I actually caught him with his pants down (lit or fig). Since he was a superior being and it was all my fault anyway, why should he worry? I used to furiously throw clothes out of his bureau while he sat on the couch, smirking at my insanity. Then I’d put them back, neatly folded. How did the car keying “really insane” ex ow become his secret best friend one minute after he said “I do”? I guess he had his fingers crossed.

          • I got the McD creepy compartmentalized non-ice pick in the head. Asshat is a well practiced thespian too. I received the Gaslighting when I questioned him and then the weird going about business post porny church lady fuck. “Do I smell bad?” Nauseating.

            So far, no tears. Just a lot of verbiage that does not match his actions. There is no real shame. Just like there is no empathy. Tori doesn’t get it because she’s a supreme cheater herself.

            BTW….Whenever we get to that creepy NPD state off, I tell myself to think of a mountain covered in snow. These creeps are sooooo good at reading our emotions via subtle chump facial expressions/changes.

        • I think the hysterics are often not an act, but in NO WAY is it about their guilt or shame. I think it’s about three things;
          1) it HURTS a narc to look bad
          2) it HURTS a narc to fear the loss of cake, or, even worse, experience loss of cake
          3) maybe if they’re pathetic enough, they can get cake back, or at least get some ‘poor you’ kibbles. Better than no kibbles at all!

          • Their pretty house of cards fell over—waah, you knocked it down! It was pwetty!!!!

          • Actually it’s not about them being hurt either, it’s about changing the subject, distracting you, getting you off their backs. Horrible horrible you for making me feel so bad about myself, didn’t it look like I feel bad?

        • Mine did too..alternating with other weird and/or mean shit.

          Is it bad that I’m giggling now while I read this? I’ve read so many report of demented cheater behavior that … I dunno…after watching that Tori & Dean clip (brain bleach, stat!) …giggle giggle…

      • Glad I was spared the theatrics described above. These descriptions seem more like the antics of toddlers throwing tantrums. I imagine you were too shocked to even react.

        I never saw my cheater shed a tear in our 18 years together. After the affair reveal he cried once when he hugged me. Found it very odd and likely a calculated attempt to “show” that he was really sorry for hurting me. I was completely unmoved.

    • I’d hardly seen my ex cry in the 36 years we were married, but he spent many hours the last few months sobbing and curled up in a fetal position on our couch. I seriously thought he might have a brain tumor, his behavior was so bizarre.

      • I wondered if my ex had early-onset dementia. On the other hand, I now know that it’s a lot of work to lie, so that didn’t help. But the bizarre behavior was really weird. His mannerisms alternated between angry adolescent male, teen girl in love, and giddy 3-year-old. Nothing exciting for sure.

    • Oh. My….Nancy M, I would pay money to see that! Almost as good as Barrister Belle’s ex-h scrooching down the steps (?) in his sleeping bag.

    • My cheater’s eyes used to tear quite a lot. But, wouldn’t you know when he was prostrate on the floor, holding my hands, shouting “I get it, I finally get it!”, after my tirade of hurt, he couldn’t form one tear. Although I could see he was desperately crinkling his eyes trying to squeeze one out for effect. See, his sympathetic nervous system knew what was real and what wasn’t.

      • Yeah…my ex-wife tried to swallow a throw pillow but could no shed a tear. Maybe it was the Botox because her face became a frozen canvas.

        If she actually cried her face might melt.

    • My ex ‘cried’. But no tears. When I actually cried, upon discovering the depth of his betrayals, he asked me why I was crying.

  • I think the Ice-picks of shame needs a cartoon CL.

    On another note….I watched the first or second episode of this train wreck and there was ‘the tiniest bit’ of acknowledgement by Tori that she has been worried “ALL ALONG” that he would do this to her (for their entire marriage) because of the way they got together…..but we need to gloss over this……ummm cause she cheated too…but I digress….

    Honestly I think Tori is trying to play a chump, and not doing a very good job at it…her beginnings were not exactly honorable and lets face it…..her biggest complaint during his time in rehab was “It is just so hard to take care of 4 kids alone…we had a system.” Welcome to the rest of the world Tori….its not fun when you have to “SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP” and take care of your kids and keep yourself together….welcome to re-world non-hollywood problems….\

    I watch becaseu it is a disaster and you cant take your eyes off of it….but this is just pandering the reconciliation industry and it makes me soooooooo angry.

    • Yes yes! I was just thinking how useful such a thing would be. A mailable version perhaps…like a Nerf- ice pick so nobody could accuse you of actual malicious intent.

      But, what fun! (my weakness, I like to poke the hornet’s nest…I once sent the OW a bouquet of dead flowers on her birthday, a year after EX had sent her live ones. Addressed to: Dr. Hoe, Adulterer, xxx.) Bwa ha ha .

      Apparently you can also send dead fish and so on. Anonymously, of course. Because who sneaks better than a cheater? Turn the fuckin’ tables, I say. (immature, like I said.)

    • Dang, I missed “the tiniest bit of acknowledgement”! You mean it crossed her mind that she might be at the receiving end of what goes around, comes around? Drinking the bitter brew of karma? Personally, I always thought she was narcissistic and not attractive looking at all…

  • No shame. More like humiliation–you caught me and exposed me….grrr….now I have to act to save face.

    • Or he could have one wicked hangover–those can feel like icepicks to the brain as well…

  • “It is time to effect a revolution in female manners – time to restore to them their lost dignity – and make them, as a part of the human species, labour by reforming themselves to reform the world. It is time to separate unchangeable morals from local manners.”
    ― Mary Wollstonecraft, A Vindication of the Rights of Woman

    Both Tori & Ms Lewinski could learn a lot from Mary! It beggars belief that these two would sell themselves so short.

    • I think you could just finish your last sentence at “sell themselves.” (Omit the so short part….) And, frankly, I think it’s utterly in character. Too bad.

  • From the little I’ve read, it appears Monica Lewinsky is trying to get stick it to Mrs. Clinton, not the cheater she fucked around with. Typical OW logic. Ms. Lewinsky can play the victim card as much as she chooses (and I am no fan of Mr. Clinton), but she made the deliberate choice to screw a married man. I don’t care if he was Joe Blow the rag man, although I doubt she would have given him the time of day, she knew he was married and has no one but herself to blame for the blowback. I would carry my things in a garbage bag before I would buy one of her purses.

    As for the Spellings , or whatever they call themselves, the only people I feel sorry for is the kids. Can you imagine how they are going to feel when they are old enough to understand how their parents whored their family’s life for a few gold coins? To me, what is happening to those children is close to abuse. Tragic.

    • Technically, “screw” is the wrong word. Didn’t the whole “Did you mean sexual intercourse?” episode sort of drive that home?

      • Also.. “Am I having a relationship with?”.

        Ah the nostalgia of legal hair splitting while under oath.

          • Depends on what your definition of “is” is…a classic, that one…

            But seriously–given how many leaders cheat–was all that necessary?

            And I know people got pissed at him lying under oath, but is there a difference between lying to people who mean SFA to you, versus your spouse?

    • I also think Monica wants a pay day. She noted that even though she has a masters degree she has been unable to find a job since she screwed the president – companies tell her she isn’t a good fit or some such. LOL!

      I feel less than zero sympathy for Monica. She knew he was married (who didn’t?), and she snapped her thong in front of him in his office (how desperate), and most of all – she kept that nasty blue dress. Ew. Ew. Ewwwwww!!!!!

  • “Um. You married an actual actor, Tori.”

    LOL!! Thank you, CL, I needed that laugh today.

    As for Monica, does anyone really care? Just because it’s being sold as ‘news’ doesn’t mean that it is. There’s nothing new that Monica can say, thus, boring, tired, and beating a dead horse.

  • If I could rewrite that screen with Tori and ice pick Dean:

    Remember when I was cheating on my husband with you and you were cheating on your wife with me. Cheating to be together was special, it was authentic cheating. How can you throw away our authentic cheating by now cheating on me.

    Dean…(Clutching his head)
    I have never felt so much shame. This shame does not compare to the time I cheated on my former spouse to cheat with you. She was a bitch…never ordered fake snow for Christmas pictures while I was out banging you. Damn….it feels like an ice pick to my brain.

    Babe…babe….I hurts me to see how painful this is for you.

    I hurt so much…

    Cut…cut…(Dean says to the director)

    Can we shoot this scene again, I think I come off more sympathetic on my left as opposed to right side. Can we have some onions here to rub into eyes….I want my shame to look as real as possible.

    • OMG! Funny as all get out! I think you missed your calling PF, you should write script for some of these “reality” shows!

    • Priceless PF. The “babes”! I love it.
      Can I add–very sloppily?

      D: (Mid ice pick) “Babe? Can you help me with this, it’s only halfway in?”

      T sobbing: “zzzzzhhhiseffeeel so bad about myself and you don’t understandandpeopleused tosayIwasugly andIzzzhhhcouldn’t have sex with you (squeaking) because my intestines were falling out that day because I had (Fizz? Orf? What’s the last kid’s name?) but we had sex that entire weeeeekeeeeeeend!!”

      D: “We did?”
      T: “Yea.”
      D: “You sure?”
      T: “I think so.”

      D: ” Well it wasn’t very good sex. And *remember* this is about MY trauma about your trauma.”

      T: “How could you SAY that?! I was pregnant for five…was it five? Six sounds better. SIX years, and…BABE?! You ok? Migraine? I can’t go on. Now I’m having trauma about Dean having trauma about my having trauma. Do you see how I just can’t win? How’s my lipstick?”

      D. Growl. Grimy: “I can’t get enough of you. I love your intestinal bump. I tell you that all the time.”

      T: “So you were attracted to her or not?”

      D: “I hate you.”

      Shrink: “T, what’s going on? You’re catatonic dear.”

      T: “I want everyone to see how I shut down and passive aggressive I become.”

      Shrink: “Dean, do you see how you’ve hurt Tori? Now apologize and act like you feel bad.”

      D: “We didn’t have sex for a few minutes. I have a small dick.”

      T: “I was pregnant. Look at my designer jeans. I don’t trust him but I’m glad he’s home to make dinner. Oh shit I forgot to cry. Deeeean were you attracted or not?”

      D: “I wasn’t attracted to her…but she made me feel fucking GREAT, but I feel more famous when I fuck you…oh heck, this is just too hard to figure out! Cut!”

      T Bone: “Babe? Babe? Is it too hard to figure out whether you feel better fucking her or more famous but more insecure fucking me?! Someone call an ambulance! Dean’s holding his head! But get me gently dabbing my eyes so I don’t ruin my make up first, and watch how tender I am with the kids…and let’s call the littlest one Baby and Momma (?!)”

      BabyMomma: “Tori? Dean? Can you send me back to props? I’m tired!”

      (I stole the props idea from an article about Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s first child.)

      Jenny Garth looked lovely. I mean that.

      Sorry to butcher your re-write PF!

      Cultivated battiness, what a concept. I think that may be me.

      • PF:

        Remember when I was cheating on my husband with you and you were cheating on your wife with me. Cheating to be together was special, it was authentic cheating. How can you throw away our authentic cheating by now cheating on me.”

        You have GOT to post that on some spoof website. Classic! Ha ha ha.

  • Oh my god. I’m dying laughing at the comments so far and it’s only 7:19 a.m.

    I’ll admit I watched this reality show for the very first time this week. It truly is like watching a car wreck. I think I saw a quick clip, perhaps of next week’s show, where someone asked him how could he do it, and his reply was much more real. It was something to the effect of, “I didn’t think I’d get caught.” Now that is truth.

    • THIS!!!!

      They don’t “mean to hurt you”–it’s just a nuisance side effect of getting caught.

  • I admit to watching about 15 minutes of Whori’s train wreck the other day. Mind numbing and hysterically funny at the same time. Yep; my past is your future indeed.

    I did feel so sorry for those kids. Good grief. Like she’s the first person to take care of four kids. Yes, it’s hard; welcome to life. I felt so sad for the little one that barfed in the car, only to have paparazzi take photos. What kind of parent subjects their child to that? Wait, we already know that answer to that.

    And Slimy Dean? It is fun to see these “players” (of either gender) looking so icky. Yeah, he’s a catch. And the “guilt”? Maybe these cheaters, when they’re lying alone on their deathbed, or when they figure out at 80 that nobody thinks they’re hot anymore…maybe they feel SOMEthing, but it’s not guilt…just more “poor cake-less me” crap. If they had the capacity to feel guilt, they wouldn’t be cheaters. You don’t grow a conscience. Blech.

  • I’ve never watched the show because I think they are both disgusting, but watching that little clip, I know I was right. Vomit inducing. How can anyone watch this and not see how fake it is? Someone needs to take steak face off the grill, it’s done.

  • Oh, and Monica?

    Seriously sweetie. Nobody can ever look at you without seeing a stained blue dress and a cigar. Go. away. and. hide.

    Oh, and like so many parents, you are the reason I had to explain “oral sex” to a 6 year old child. And have it discussed at the dinner table in front of my mother, who has never in her life uttered the word “sex” out loud. That alone is reason to despise you. Ugh.

    • LOL!!! I was in high school during that whole debacle. I always wondered how younger Americans processed the near-incessant stream of news of Monicagate back then.

      And here I thought I was scarred for a life as a child when I watched the Challenger explode on TV….

  • File this one under Cheater Afflictions, i.e. Physiological Displays of Distress when confronted with their lies. This ties in greatly with CL’s 12 Days of Crazy from last Christmas…ironic considering that Tori was at a Christmas party while Dean was in Canada getting laid.

    On the 12th Day of Christmas, Cheater Freak Dean gave to Tori….An epic, temple-rubbing grimace, complete with tightly-closed eyes and a bleeped (for TV): “Woah fuck!”

    My ex, when confronted, let out a series of a rapid-fire, exhaled breaths, similar to a pregnant woman in labor. Mind you, my ex was NOT in labor and was NOT pregnant. He didn’t even have ovaries…..he was a “he.”

    With all of the stories documented here of Cheater Freaks in fetal positions, sobbing, sleeping bag-hopping, and “grieving” the OWs, it’s clear that they’re all working off the EXACT same melodramatic script.

      • CL — If you do decide to create a “cheater afflictions” post, I have oh so many stories to share. 🙂

    • I just had one of those interesting “ah-hah” moments….wanted to share with the class! When I was first made aware of the OW – it was in the form of my XH sobbing/keening on the floor (fetal position) in front of an open door in the middle of the night. When I got out of bed to determine the source of these dramatic snorts and grunts – I found XH laying on the floor of the living room. Granted, he wasn’t hopping around in a sleeping bag, but Academy Award recipients have nothing on this fool. I hadn’t thought about this scenario in some time, but reading the above posts brought it all back….and I was pleased to note a “meh” response along with a side helping of amusement! (YAY!)

        • How about the OW retching in my toilet because she was reacting to all the wailing, flailing and crying my ex was doing in reaction to me Officially throwing him out? That night was an absolute circus. For everyone else’s sake, I wish mine was the craziest story here…but also kinda glad to know I wasn’t alone in getting treated to the freakshow.

              • One night, during what I didn’t know was False reconciliation, she stopped by (with her kids) announce that they were still seeing each other. I told bim to choose now, he chose her. So I pulled his clothes out of the closet, loaded them into her car and told him to GTF out. Then then commenced the wailing, flailing and crying. Seeing her darling Twu Wuv go through that breakdown over “crap, my wife doesn’t want me anymore”, she got sick. So he’s locked himself in the bedroom, still wailing, flailing and crying. She’s puking her guts out in my bathroom. Where am I? I’m making sure her kids are occupied with a Spongebob Squarepants marathon and snacks so they don’t have to see any of the crazy going on.


              • The frig? My comment was supposed to FOLLOW yours, Sara. Because yours was fab!

              • I like the loo revision Rally. I’ve stopped looking for my comments to appear where I expect them, especially from this phone. But I like finding the unexpected response from anyone, anywhere!

              • Wow, Feral, I think you might win the cheater histrionics prize, ’cause you got BOTH of them doing it! What a sight that must have been! And what an amazing example of their pure, unadulterated selfishness.

          • God, what a pair of freak holes. Sounds like they deserve each other. I sure feel sorry for the OW’s kids, though.

            • I feel sorry for her kids and now their kid. They divorced a couple years back due to *surprise* him cheating on her. Then he married the OW. Face/desk

    • I know, it is pretty amazing that so many act like this! It was completely out of character for my ex to even shed a tear, much less sob!

  • Where to start with that video. Tori’s face is so rigid with botox it’s hard to figure out what’s going on with her. That dabbing of the eyes thing when there are no tears – what’s that all about? Dean’s ‘icepick through the head’ thing looks more like he’s pissed off and badly hungover and just wants everyone to go away.

    And hang on, correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t she a cheater?

    • That’s probably why she can’t deal with any show of shame–fake or not–it should be a mirror to her face.

      I mean, I’m sorry–I was more upset about the shit dumped on me that whether he felt “hurt”–he should feel shame–he did something wrong!

  • It IS disgusting, Dean. Geez. *Insert giant rolling eyeballs!!!!!*

    I saw his “remorse” as turing the tables on her.
    I’m not going to address your grief and disappointment. I’m going to go all drama queen and then we have to talk some more about how this effects ME.
    It’s all about them.

    I do feel bad for Tori. For being cheated on. What I don’t understand is displaying it for the world to see. Yes, it could help someone but all it does is show that she’s trying to justify to the world why she may stay and draw more attention to herself.
    Actors should be known for their acting skills not their personal lives.

    • Umm… the acting skills thing wasn’t working out. Neither of them is a very good actor (in the professional sense).

      Dean’s lines in that video need a re-write, and I think they should cast Matthew McConaughey in his role instead. Matthew McConaughey has become a pretty good actor.

      • Also… they should bring in Hans Zimmer to compose the soundtrack to help with creating more realistic dramatic tension.

        Maybe… swap Tori out for Sandra Bullock?

        And… the director and cinematographer and camera crew really have to go.

        At least that’s how I think they can fix this show: get new writers, a new director, a new cinematographer and camera crew, new actors, and hire a top rank composer for the soundtrack.

          • Yes, I know (Jessie James… really? Really?).

            That’s why I think it would be better casting.

          • Though it’s worth noting that Sandy could have seen trouble coming. She married ol’ Jesse after he left his first wife (mother of his 3 kids), Karla James, and after he left his second wife, the stripper/porn star Janine Lindemulder (who later went to federal prison for tax evasion). Dude also has a loooooooong trail of civil lawsuits against him and huge regulatory fines for how he runs his businesses.

            Don’t know that Tori had many options, but SB could have had almost any single man in the country–and she chose . . . HIM?

            Talk about needing to fix your picker.

            • I love Sandra 🙁 Even with the whole single white actress adopting an adorable black child routine. And Matthew McC is brilliant, we don’t want to punish him. Please don’t tell me he cheats. Who would need to with that stunning alter ego he hired–er, married as his personal cheerleader? The one who gets him up in the morning and tells him, ‘You are my MAN, my, HERO, now go out and win, my Man, my Hero!” Hey, it sounded good to me. But isn’t that one of the Things? No matter how Angelina a Brad can marry he can always get a younger, more Angelinic Angelina? So aside from my Man, my Hero (please don’t tell me he cheats), who among the Holly Woods has fixed pickers?
              Tom Hanks.
              Tom Hanks.

              • The place is chock full of narcissists going to Narcissist U their whole lives. Sandra may need to fix her picker (as do I) but she rolled out of that scene, settled out of S. California, and has focused on being a single mother. I can only speak for myself in saying that I can see why his talent, really a form of artistry, might have been an attraction. There were less dramatic but no less evident sign of fuckedupness in the Jackass but I was not looking at those things. Whether the hollowness of the cheater is packaged in a tattoed bad boy married to a porn star or the former prom king pretending to be a nice guy, if you’re a Chump you got fooled both by what they said and also by a faulty picker…

    • Oh, don’t feel too sorry for Tori. She was cheating on her first husband when she met Dean and he was cheating on his previous wife. She bought and paid for this shit.

        • You are a super nice person. 🙂

          But me . . . you go with a cheater and have a 50% part in destroying someone elses marriage . . . you deserve whatever karma has in store for you later. I’m sure Tori gave a rat’s ass about how she affected Dean’s then wife, or her husband for that matter. I hope she enjoys the misery she’s dealing with now. She earned it.

          • I’m not so nice RK, I agree with you. Tori has been karmalized and I cannot muster an ounce of sympathy for her.

          • I see that side of it, too. 🙂

            I think karma wise I’m worried that if I wish that kind of misery on someone else I’ll get crap in life 😉
            Sort of like winning the lottery. I can’t wish for millions. That’s greedy. If i wish for $100K maybe I’ll get it.

            yeah, right. LIke any of that cosmic logic works 😀

            • Well, I don’t actively wish anything on the OW and X in my case. I just go about my life and know that one day they will run into a brick wall. I don’t have to do a thing. I just let it go and leave them to their own devices. 🙂

            • Edie, I know what you mean, I too worry about being mean spirited when it comes to the OW. But I remember the misery she inflicted not just on me but on my kids and I get really bad thoughts and wish bad things for her. I would love to be more benevolent in my thoughts and maybe that should be my aim.

              I’m with you on the greed thing and always imagine winning money and taking delight in giving some away to brighten someone’s life. It’s a sort of interior dialogue I have with myself. I only I win this much I’ll give this percentage away. Dream on us. I hope you win something!

              • That’s exactly what I do. I don’t want a ton. I just want a little cushion.
                RIght now I’d just like enough to buy a condo I have my eye on so daughter and I can live on our own.
                Really…not looking for more than $100K right now.
                This sudden life change sucks ass.

                It’s hard not to act on those thoughts…
                Mostly I just want stbx to really understand my pain. It’s never going to happen but it’s what I’d like.

              • Wow. You guys are way more evolved than me. I want to slam his head into a brick wall. But nothing would happen because he’s too pig-headed. ShwineHurst, or whatever that German inner pig was. Ok, I don’t want to slam his head into a wall. I want him to regret the fuck out of being such a slimy duplicitous mother fucker who dicked me up one side and down the other until I almost flat-lined and miss me for the rest of his life, and long for what he trashed but be able to have some kind of half life, but still wish it was me for eternity, and that can that be his betterment. Which he will show by settling into his half life and losing his fortune, humbling him and making him chant ‘Nam Myo Ho Renge Kyo’ behind his couch every day, thinking maybe, somehow I’lll come back to him. Maybe, if he re-thinks every single atrocious thing he ever said and did to me, and spends the entire day thinking about ‘remedies’ as they say in court, but just for me. Just remedies for me. That would be all he lived for. But that’s never going to happen. So: I want him to fail, miserably. And be stuck in a room with his dick and his porn and his coke and his brother and their egos. The Dick His Porn The Coke His Brother and Their Egos. But at the end of the day, why do I have to defend my authentic kindness against his nice Shaudenfreude? I mean, if this is where all of my decency landed me I figure it might be time to let go of the karma police. Take that, you fuck lying pig, and stick it up your lesbian porn ass.

              • Sara – Once you get to “Meh”, you really won’t give a fuck what he does or what happens to him. For me, it’s better than waiting for an anvil to fall on his head.

                I go to sleep nice and cozy each night knowing that no matter how many penis enlargement pills he takes or how many scripts of Viagra he eats, his bad back still controls how his dick operates. And he’s still a bigger dick than his actual dick will ever be.

              • RK, I’m first to admit I’m nowhere near meh. But I like this better than suicidal depression.

            • See, I worry about this stuff coming back to bite me in the a$$. I don’t want to be standing in the way when karma comes to bite my XH and the OW and I know that if I do anything to show her friends what kind of woman she really is or show her what HE has been up to cause he has been visiting online adult dating sites, karma will swing around and smack me in the head. But, oh, how I wish I could 🙂

              • If you’ve been through the heartache of being cheated on isn’t that punishment enough Annie. You’ve already been smacked in the head. I don’t know how these things work and maybe we’ll never get to see justice done.

                I know it’s an old cliché, but they say the best revenge is a life well lived – your life.

          • Yeah, I’m watching the Jackass’s MOW bleeding all over social media–“Say something, I’m giving up on you” and all that. She sure didn’t care about what she did to me, and now she’s in love with a guy who has disengaged and done his disappearing act and married to someone she’s still chumping because of her “truuuue loooooovvve,” (She is fond of adding extra letter to whatever she writes. I’m sure texting with her was quite an upgrade over me, since my creativity is limited to using actual words in their standard forms…

  • That icepick through his head is that pesky little infidelity hangover… and like a regular hangover, I am sure he will get over it…!

    Shame on both of them. Good grief!

    • my XH ALWAYS develops instant migraine when he’s called out on something or faced with something he doesn’t want to do.

  • Worst acting evah, Dean. Love your review, CL.
    One observation in response to a comment here: I think it is possible to grow a conscience, or perhaps it’s reconnecting with the conscience one has lost…but the person has to want to regain the lost moral compass or want to find it in the first place. Doesn’t seem that the Spellings know it’s even missing…

    Another observation: it really is amazing what some people will do to be “famous” — no shame, indeed! Geez, I used to be an actor, and never would I want to display my “reality” like the Spellings, Kardashians, et al. Total Narc-TV. Very instructional on how not to live, and “aspirational” to a sick culture…

    • think it is possible to grow a conscience, or perhaps it’s reconnecting with the conscience one has lost…but the person has to want to regain the lost moral compass or want to find it in the first place.

      Hmm? You mean like if Tori suddenly connected her own situation to the trauma she helped inflict on Dean’s last wife and actually managed to express genuine empathy for the woman for once?

      • That can’t happen, TH, because from Tori’s perspective, she never cheated. No, it was Destiny! Fate! Two Wuv!

        Okay, so her Knight was in slightly dented, tarnished armor, but you know? It SPARKLED!

        See? That’s not cheating at all! 😛

      • So right TimeHeals. I wonder if that counselor or whomever that is in the video, would have the balls to bring up their past history of cheating as a kind of clarifying epiphany that would inspire their empathy? Talk about a teachable moment for Tori, Dean and the numbnutz viewers! But no, that would be just too judgmental (but more captivating and real if they acknowledged their actions.)

        • Yes, she does reality TV in order to disseminate a narrative for her life that makes her…special. Not like others. It’s not enough to make up her own story and tell her friends and neighbors. She’s such a narcissist that the whole world has to see her literally act out her life. Like the Kardashians, like the celebrities on Marriage Boot Camp, like the people who go on those pre-marital pick-me dancing bachelor shows.

  • From reading Brene Brown, I think they got the language wrong. Chumps are champions of shame. Feelings that we didn’t do the pick me dance well enough, that we “made” our cheater cheat, that we are not enough. I was a self-shame pro in my time, and the ex encouraged it as shamed chumps will keep serving up that cake.

    What we hope our cheaters feel is guilt. Guilt is the knowledge that you did something wrong. I have no guilt, because I have done nothing to feel guilty about. I kept my vows and honored my marriage.

    • My vows are not based on how I feel that moment in time. If I were going to base my whole life on my feelings, why bother with values?

    • I love Brene Brown’s work. She got me through the worst of the months prior to DDay when in the midst of the worst of the gaslighting and blameshifting. She has the best definition of love and betrayal ever. I will go on a hunt for it…

  • I just love watching whores trying to understand why they are still whores. They are both disgusting.

  • Monica, also, what a bitch. Here Chealsey is pregnant and her mom running for office I SWEAR I HOPE SO

    Sure she was paid off to make a mockery of herself. Agree, I had just forgotten that bow in hair wearing cow.

    • Not just Monica… The former President is to blame as well! He didn’t think of his family then and he didn’t consider their future. Shame on both of them!
      Personally, I don’t find any of this to be Mrs. Clinton’s fault.

  • So did he feel the Icepick to his head the first time around when he cheated with Tori? Did his first child not count somehow?

    And what about Tori? Has she ever felt the Icepick of shame? Will she at any point in this ridiculous media circus make the connection to what she did to his first wife?

  • My ex told me he didn’t want to be married anymore while we were sitting in Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf a couple weeks before Christmas. There were definitely no tears in his eyes, though he denied having OW. The next morning he texted everyone we knew, announcing that we had separated and asking for their prayers as we “started this new road in our lives.” Not much remorse or tears there. It was five months before I could move out of our house, during which I got such gems as: “I have some good memories of our marriage, but now it’s just a business deal that is over,” “You aren’t going to rape me in this divorce,” and a complex scheme where I would basically trust that he was going to give me support money, so no need for anything official. Believe me, there were no tears from him, no shame and no remorse.

    Six months later, he wanted to reconcile so I could financially support him while he built up his “acting career.” For eight months, it was nonstop abuse. He accused me of tearing the family apart, said it was all my fault that he was broke, said he would have tremendous resentment towards me if the house foreclosed, said I was a terrible person for having moved out of our house, and when I reminded him of WHY I had moved out, he went into extreme rage, screaming “Fuck you!! Fuck you!” at me over and over again. Raged at me that I was “raping him and stabbing him in the back” when I was embarrassed that he paid two little girls to pretend to recognize him and ask him for his autograph out in a crowded public place. He would send me emails that he had written at 3 AM listing all the ways I had disappointed him the day before. On and on. I finally had enough when he said he saw no reason to work on the marriage, since I insisted he needed a day job. Not once during this hellish “reconciliation” were there any tears from him, any remorse, any actual apology or anything other than abuse towards me, gaslighting, blame and anger.

    And in the nearly three years since then, there is STILL periodic rage and abuse from him, though it’s become infrequent, thank God. This is the guy who texted me that he should have added “LOL” to the end of his marriage vows, after all. Not much in the way of remorse, tears or shame in him. There never was, and there never will be.

    But if he ever has an icepick through his head, that would be just fine with me.

    • Glad, my ex didn’t show remorse but he did go from raging at me to crying at me and back plenty of times. He’d scare the shit out of me one night and the next sit there crying about how he couldn’t live without me to “show him the path” blech. All the tears he shed were about him though. I think I would have preferred he only raged at me.

    • “This is the guy who texted me that he should have added “LOL” to the end of his marriage vows…”

      No, he didn’t!! The height of self-absorption at another’s expense.

      • It was totally out of the blue, more than a year after our divorce. I have to admit, that one hurt quite a bit. I didn’t respond, but I was overwhelmed at how evil he is.

    • Glad– UGH. Reading that makes my blood boil. I would like to beat the snot out of your POS-ex…NOW. UGHHH. The fact that we have not murdered our exes should be a lasting testament to our good nature and sweet dispositions. ACK! Hand me the ice pick….

    • OMG Glad, we were married to the same guy.

      I’ve been divorced FIFTEEN.YEARS!! and still will get the out of the blue raging texts about how I ruined his life. How I tried to control everything.

      Contrast against the out of the blue: I never stopped loving you.. I now realize what I lost. I wish you could accept that I change. I.I.I.I….. then the raging response of my ruining his life when I don’t respond.

      FIFTEEN FUCKING YEARS and I’ve literally had months/years of not hearing from him to be bombarded out the blue with this nutcase BS. Our children are adults. I’ve been remarried for 9 years. And XH has had two more ex-wives that I’m aware of….

      don’t hold your breath.

      • Oh geez, that is really scary. I have never received an “I never stopped loving you” text from my ex, or anything even remotely close. His texts are getting further and further apart these days, thank God. But every once in awhile, I still get a blast of his craziness. Or he does something nuts like give my suitcase (that I had loaned to our son) away to some friend of his. He recently heard from our son that my mom is in the hospital, and he texted me to ask if she would like a visit from him. Good Lord, that would have killed her.

  • I didn’t hear the word LIKE in that vid; “I feel shame like I’ve never felt shame before.” I heard “I felt shame, I’ve never felt shame before”. And what I heard is probably the truth, I think he feels humiliated/shame because he’s putting this on TV and it makes him LOOK bad. But of course they need the money, right?

    • Ok, so if Dean doesn’t do a good enough job pulling his weight bringing in the money with this show, will THAT be grounds for divorce?

  • I have to say, the therapist in this video looks like an actress herself. Wouldn’t want to have her counseling me…

  • Monica….Monica…Monica….

    Poor widdle OW….banging the President of the United States. What were you thinking….

    Maybe you should have banged the White House janitor if you didn’t want to become infamous with your beret and sperm dress.

    I forgot about you….as most folks have. If you really want to move on, posing on the front cover of Vanity Affair screams look at me…

    I guess you’re broke and cashing in on your affair. $$$

    Maybe you can make a guest appearance on the Tori and Dean show and share some crocodile tears with them.

  • Haven’t read all of the posts yet, and prepared to get scathing responses for part b. Part a first. Dean-O really can’t discern whether he’s sorry he cheated or got caught?! Are you kidding? What more is there to say–except he keeps using his meltdowns for both of them to come to his rescue, which is so annoying and really cheap. How many times is he going to use that card? “Migraine?!” “T” can’t do it, he’ll break from his own shame that he doesn’t really have! Suicidal ideation? It will destroy her! She can’t go on! But she also can’t forgive him, ever. For what she never thought would happen but always expected. And when did recovery make people look homeless? I mean c’mon Dean, the sauce is way too watery and you need a damn shave. Ok: start stoning, part b: I think Monica is creepy and I haven’t read the news today. But…I think she got a bad rap, I don’t like her goofy blue stained Gap dress adoring smile style. But I can’t work up the same steam for her at that age, working for the president of the United States, given her damage. This might be my last post here. I’m not a cheater. But given those surreal bizarre circumstances I might’ve blown the president too. He’s not my type, but I just might have.

    • Sara, Dean is only sorry because he was caught cheating and by the way he is a lousy actor. My father used to have a saying … “Once you are caught, you are found out”! I think that says it all. Cheaters who appear to show remorse when caught are acting. If they were genuine and authentic people/humans, they wouldn’t start the deceiving in the first place.

          • No worries! Your message (and your father’s) is a good one. Dean is a crappy fake-except about his entire life. “Duh, I don’t know if I’m sorry because I did it or because I got caught.” How insulting!!

      • Here’s why Monica can suck balls:

        Her quote,” It was a consensual relationship. Any abuse came in the aftermath, when I was made a scapegoat in order to protect his powerful position.” She reacts to Clinton white house papers that quote, Hillary Clinton, calling her a narcissistic looney tune. “Courageous or foolish. But narcissistic and looney? I find her impulse to blame the woman, not only me, but herself, troubling.”

        So let’s recap:
        1. She was in a “consensual relationship” (even though it involved basically blow-jobs and cigars) with a married man. Married man . . . what the WHAT?! I guess the fact that he was the most powerful man on the planet overrode the fact that he was married.

        2. “I was made a scapegoat in order to protect his powerful position.” Boo-fucking-hoo. The only reason she was even attracted to him was BECAUSE he was the President. She wouldn’t have fucked him if he worked at Honest Bob’s Gas station. She got exactly what she deserved.

        3. “Courageous or foolish. But narcissistic and looney? I find her impulse to blame the woman, not only me, but herself, troubling.”

        This right here makes me nauseous. You don’t get to pull the feminist card after fucking another woman’s husband. If you had any kind of value in “the sisterhood”, you would have kept your panties on. Secondly, there’s nothing “courageous” about fucking a married man. I’d say it’s easier than falling off a log.

        4. I can’t stand this bitch’s laugh. It sends me into instant migraine.

        There you go. Reasons Monica Lewinsky can go run out into oncoming traffic. And don’t fall for that excuse that she was young and impressionable. She was smart enough to be a White House intern, so she’s smart enough to know right from smarmy fucked up behavior.

        Yay Girl Power! 🙂

        • Amen Rumblekitty — especially #3 — there is no sisterhood card for Monica Lewinsky. It all seems like a very personal attack on Hilary Clinton, like she “scapegoated” Lewinsky. Bill? That guy who denied you existed? Guess she still feels warm fuzzies for him.

          Did it ever occur to her that there might be ugly consequences? If it was “consensual” — then didn’t she sign up for those?

        • Why would Hillary not blame Lewinsky? There is no sisterhood with the OW, ever. I have worked around “powerful” men since my early twenties (I’m now in my late 50’s) and have never once been tempted to give one of them a random bj. It takes a certain type of fame whore to chase after a high profile married man. Not to give Mr. Clinton a pass, but for Lewinsky to drag Hillary into the mud is certainly a reflection of Lewinsky’s character and values.

          • I totally agree. I’d have more respect for Monica if she shut her pie-hole about the whole thing. And then if she did comment, she could say, I made a huge mistake, I was wrong, I was young and stupid and selfish. Then just stop trying to make a buck out of the fact that you rammed cigars up your girlie parts because it made the Prez giggle. I’ve worked with million dollar lawyers when I was in my 20’s. I never once found myself accidentally on my knees. Oh wait . . . Maybe that’s why I never made partner. Har Har!!

    • Yeah, Monica was a young, loyal, female democrat, who found herself in the Oval Office. It was no doubt a big ego thrill as an intern. Everyone knows Clinton was/is a womanizer; he has tremendous charisma and ego. He probably flirted with her, she was flattered. He himself admitted that he did it because in his words, “he could.” Entitled much? And he did. And she did. If you were going to tell all (again) and didn’t give a fig about anything, because your reputation is kaput, it is no wonder she is doing it now. In the end it will still be a win-win for Hillary as she is adept at spin, “what difference does it make?” The press will just make it out as poor Hillary being harassed by that opportunist slut! But read between the lines: plenty of fault to go all around.

      • Meh. Monica’s current situation is all hers to own.

        Monica is an opportunist slut. Clinton is a serial cheater. A very married serial cheater. Just because he flirted with her didn’t mean she had to flirt back. She could have smiled, been polite and inwardly been flattered, but allowed it to go no further.

        The fact that she ended up with a dirty dress is completely on her. Just because you’re offered cake doesn’t mean you have to eat it.

        Is Bill Clinton a skeevy man whore? Yep.

        But if she wasn’t a slutty opportunist, she would be joining with us calling some other chick a white house whore from the comfort of her cushy office job instead of giving interviews about dirty dresses decades later hoping for a quick buck because she’s broke.

    • I’m with you on the Monica thang. I was an idiot when I was 22 – I think getting screwed over by Linda Tripp was a bigger life lesson for her than the affair. I think that was her karma bus hitting her hard. I watched these relationships play out in a big corporation when I was in my early 20s – the men liked the young ass, the girls liked getting close to power & everyone loved the titillation. It was such a cliche. Rules of engagement in the workplace need to be taught in school – it’s taboo and it shouldn’t be, ignoring it makes it acceptable, Hollywood makes it sooooo cool.

      My h is stupid, he didn’t pick young and nubile from work, he went for the married dirty pillowcase. Ho hum. So he screwed up his (and our) life with a skank for whom he felt nothing – he even managed to screw up screwing around. I do derive joy from his immense shame due to trading down. Now he gets to fire her. Dumbasses, both of them.

    • Sara – I rather agree with your part B. Yes, she was very young and he WAS her boss. That’s an abuse of power and the presidential machine protected him and, along with that, the media just skewered her with shame shame shame on you, Monica. I don’t recall the creep ever once showing remorse on national t.v. Just some gobbildy-goop about what ‘is’ IS. He even dissed her by saying ‘that woman’. Never once did he say he shouldn’t have taken advantage of a young intern. Jesus. Where was his comeuppance in all this? He remained president despite being an immoral jerk. She did pay a huge price for her stupidity but enough is enough. I understand she hasn’t been able to get a decent job since and Mr.Clintfuck is out getting millions doing public speaking. I think it’s time she did write a book and get some money out of his philandering, not that I agree one iota what she did was right. And, I don’t like her timing either with our hero Hilary running – but that shouldn’t affect her from winning! Go Hill!

      • SheChump, yes–it just smacks too much of the abuse of power. Women-girls-men-boys-have fallen victim to it throughout history; maybe without the glitz and scandal, but with as much or more damage–from therapists, priests, teachers, the guy next door. Monica’s was a pretty high octane ordeal.

        • I do see your point, as 22-year olds are not fully developed intellectually, emotionally or spiritually. And I know a woman who worked for Clinton and she said he is very powerful when he turns on the charm (she, thankfully, was smarter than Monica, and more professional). But persephone below makes a great distinction. Clearly, based on current behavior, she shows herself to be a total opportunist, a user, willing to take another shot at a woman to whom she already has done terrible damage. So that makes me less sympathetic to her younger self, which is just the early version of the interpersonally exploitive person she is today.

          • Now I agree even more with myself. Take her at those developing years and carefully weave in the roots of narcissistic damage within her particular drama–given her genetics, personality and whatever results she got from expensive, ineffective psycho therapy. What would you reasonably expect or want her to do, projecting as little of your own story onto Monica–hard in any situation because we’re always going to be Us. She did one reality show apologizing for the first era of blunders and I suspect we may see another some years down the line. It’s the insulting timing to Hilary we’re taking exception to? Maybe it’s more that I disagree “Monica has grown into a young woman with choice now.” How does anyone know that? By these standards I should be stoned to death for suffering profound depression long after the damage has been done.

    • Hey Sara — I met Clinton twice (not bragging, it was work related, i.e., I was working the events both times) and I can tell you that the man’s charisma was substantial. I always felt for Monica, given the circumstances surrounding her affair with him. That is to say, I felt for 22-year-old her. But she’s a grown woman now, and seems to have learned nothing. I take issue with the way the grown woman is continuing to exploit and profit from the actions of the young woman she was, and the mistakes she made. All I want to hear from her is “Hillary 2016. I’m horribly sorry. You’ll hear nothing from me other than what I did was horribly wrong, I take full responsibility for what I did, and vote for Hillary.” This is not a scathing response, in other words. I think she behaved terribly but I also think she was taken advantage of. How she’s chosen to grow from that — or not grow from it — is what I take issue with.

      • I’ve heard exactly the same thing about Clinton from others who were in his presence, from speech writers at events to receptionists at hotels, men and women were taken with his charisma.

        • Bill Clinton has buckets of charisma, and yes, I do believe that it’s an abuse of power for a boss to screw around with a subordinate. Even if the subordinate wants to say no, it’s hard because of real or imagined repercussions. If the boss sparkles as much as Bill Clinton, it’s doubly hard.

          I liked Clinton as President. I didn’t like him as a serial cheater. Lewinsky reminded me of some of the staffers I met while interning for a governmental body. My agency had a lot of back stairs gossip about one woman who made a hobby of fucking every single powerful man in that agency. I thought that Lewinsky was part of that same ilk.

          Interestingly enough, so is the OW in my case. She’s a skanky ho, a 40-something woman with tons of baggage–both emotional and physical. She boasts of how sexy she was when she was a teenager (but misses out on the part about being knocked up by age 18?). She slept with every man in management in STBX’s company. Most were happy with the one-night stand. STBX seems to think he’s special.

          Still, as much as OW is a predator, STBX is more culpable. He was her boss. Regardless of who made the first move, the power dynamics were such that she’d have a good case against him if she so felt like it. Also, she’s not married. It’s wrong of her to make a pass at a married man, but it’s more wrong for the married man to catch the pass and run for the goal.

          • That’s really generous of you given the OW, kb. Ouch indeed 🙁
            I agree that as vulgar as that thong snap was, it was Mr. President’s choice to stick it between his teeth. Heavy sigh.

      • Persephone–yes, I agree completely when you say “…I felt for the 22-year-old [Monica]. But she’s a grown woman now and seems to have learned nothing.” In fact, I agree with your entire post.

  • “Babe? Babe! Are you okay?” asked Tori frantically as Dean suddenly clutched his head. Then she turned to the counselor. “See? This is why we can’t do this.”

    Because when he’s getting his ass nailed to the wall, Dean automatically pretends that he’s having a health issue to make Tori shut up and think twice about trying it again. If they have to call 911, it’s gonna be HER fault.

    It’s SO easy to see the mind warp going on when it’s someone else. Wish I could have been as crystal clear for me when I was going through it…

    • Exactly. He turns it around so they stop talking about what he did
      When she needs to talk about how it effected her suddenly he’s the drama queen that has a medical issue that needs addressing.
      Totally selfish and nullifying her pain.

      I know…she’s a cheater, too.
      I’m just addressing the selfish behaviors of him.
      Neither of them should be on tv playing this out. I can’t even watch.

    • How about she says,”babe? babe? This is obviously too much for you. The counselor will help pack up your belongings and drive you to the Econo-Lodge. I still have enough money and “fame” to move on and find someone else to “lurve” my botox-ed self real soon. It’ll hurt, but what did we expect after how we got together? Buh-bye….

  • TBH, I really believe the Clintons have an open marriage agreement but due to politics they cannot say that. It’s the only thing that makes sense to me given what’s happened over the years and Hilary’s reaction to it all. I happen to think she kicks ass, that doesn’t mean she is a monogamish person. And as far as I’m concerned if a couple is OK with an open marriage then I’m OK with it. Don’t forget, Monica literally swore an affidavit that she didn’t have any relations with Clinton during the Paula Jones case. It was Linda Tripp who recorded her “friend” and delivered them to Starr. I believe if Tripp hadn’t done that, no one would ever have known a thing about the affair except Monica and the Clintons.

    • I’m not defending this, but how many presidents have had affairs that just weren’t publicized? Kennedy and Monroe were romanticized, their affair has become a history lesson. Or Bogie and Bacall, in the apolitical realm.

      • FDR had several, including one long-term affair (His wife had one with another woman–batting my eyelashes).

        I think George Herbert Walker Bush had one before he was President.

        Ronald Reagan’s first wife, Jane Wyman was married to somebody else when they began having an affair. She would later cheat on him. This was all when he was an actor, and the closest he came to politics was the actor’s guild.

        LBJ Openly cheated throughout his marriage. It is rumored that he bragged “He had had more women by accident than Kennedy had on purpose”.

        Jimmy Carter “lusted in his heart” , bless his heart 🙂

        Warren G Harding made Bill Clinton look like Jimmy Carter. He was fond of poaching the wives of “friends” among his many other “dalliances”.

        James Garfield had at least two affairs his wife found out about.

        Woodrow Wilson had an affair with some woman in Bermuda while married to his first wife.

        • Yes, many presidents have had affairs. And Clinton has had other affairs (Gennifer Flowers? + more), but people only seem to be mad about Monica.

          My beef? Quite a few people seem to be just as mad at Clinton for banging an ugly woman, as they are mad that he’s a liar and cheat. They incredulous as to why, of all the OW in the whole USA, he chose one who is so unattractive, unaccomplished, and unlikable in every sense. To me, the whole obsession seems like a preoccupation with looks vs substance, and I don’t think it puts the emphasis on the cheating, where it should be.

          • LiningUpDucks, your comment is another reason I think it’s an open marriage, Clinton could have had a number of hot women, he is charismatic and he was the president. Nope, he chose someone he thought would keep it secret and she did, except she trusted her “friend” Lynda Tripp.

            • I’ve always assumed he was having multiple women. Monica was just there and convenient and eager (she said she started it by offering to show him her thong – which is basically offering to show him her naked butt). I don’t think she’s bad-looking, though.

              • I don’t think she bad-looking, either, but this is something I’ve heard again and again in the media, it’s definitely a “thing” that people are disappointed more by Clinton “slumming” with Lewinsky, as opposed to being mad that he cheated in the first place.

        • Nice deconstruction. Don’t forget Thomas Jefferson and his affair with one of his slaves.

          LBJ, love him as much as I do, was a lecherous pig, worst than Kennedy.

          Carter’s “lusted in his heart” remark was pretty poignant considering that he was a hardcore Southern Baptist. To them, thinking about cheating on your wife is just as bad as doing it.

          I’ve read up on the Reagan/Wyman marriage and guess what—the Gipper was a Chump just like us. When Wyman cheated on him and left him, poor Ronnie sought counsel with friends and told everyone who would listen that Wyman was going to come back to him. She just needed to “find herself.” Of course, everybody knew that their marriage was over.

          I’m not a fan of Reagan but in terms of his personal life he definitely found a happy ending when he married Nancy. Wyman, on the other hand, went through two more marriages and spent her remaining years alone.

        • Of course, we cannot forget Edwards and Hunter. bleh – now there was a fine example of a couple of vulchers!

        • Didn’t Eisenhower (of all people) also have an affair with an aide, or a female driver, secretary or something, too? Like, was there one President between Truman and Carter who *didn’t* ?? Perhaps Nixon… stomach churning thought, there, eh? Poor Pat.

    • I don’t buy it. One of the things I dislike about Hilary Clinton is the way she dealt with all this. She blamed the OWs and called them names, even in a case where a woman was accusing Bill Clinton of harassing them.

      Hilary Clinton did not leave and get a life. She stayed so that she could have the power and benefits of being a wife. I don’t see that as being a kick-ass person at all.

      I don’t think the other Presidents who have cheated are any kind of excuse for Bill Clinton either. Kennedy was horrible – his wife was miserable and he treated women like trash. Eleanor Roosevelt was extremely upset when she found out after FDR’s death that his affair had continued – she had given him a chance to divorce her but he decided not to for the sake of his political career. She had done a lot for him, between nursing him through his illness and supporting him as President.

      I guess the best we can say is that people may do good in one area, but be horrible morally in another.

      I would give Lewinsky a bit of an excuse for being young and stupid when she had the affair, but her behavior since then puts her in a terrible light. She keeps coming back to get money and publicity.

      • Poor Eleanor Roosevelt probably had it the worst of all the Chumpy First Ladies.

        FDR’s mistress Lucy Mercer was with the President the DAY HE DIED in 1945. Worst of all—FDR’s daughter Anna condoned his affair and even arranged for her father to spend time with his Mercer when he was away from the White House. When FDR had his “terrific headache” and fell unconscious (and died an hour or so later), Mercer quickly packed her bags and fled the house, as instructed by Anna.

        Eleanor later found out that her husband was with his mistress on the day of his death AND that their meetings were arranged by her own daughter, thus she felt doubly betrayed. Anna, mind you, wasn’t some gawky teenager who was unknowingly complicit in her father’s infidelity. She was by then a grown woman in her late 30s who went out of her way to arrange for her father to meet with Mercer.

        That said, Anna and Eleanor eventually reconciled and Anna cared for her mother in her final years. Still, her complicity in FDR’s cheating is pretty shitty.

        • I agree. I don’t find Hilary classy. She looks bitter and smug behind her rah rah real man competence.

          • While we’re not talking about it, what about Carl Jung? He made his wife take the ow in, they were the First Two Wives. But it was somehow accepted, because the guy was an anti Semitic genius who changed the face of psychotherapy and had copy rights to myth and synchronicity. The only flack he got was from Freud, because he wanted her for himself or was out of cocaine, I don’t remember. Or maybe it was penis envy. Carl and the gals went on picnics together (of course his wife cooked for all of them).

            Labioplasty. Penis envy made me think of it. I thought it was a joke at first, when I saw an advertisement for Dr. Alter–real name, media vag reconstructor and surgical gender bender. Wonder what FredenJunge would have to say about Woman’s Search For Her Pussy. Or Woman’s Search For Man’s Pussy.

      • As a woman with my own accomplishments and a “high profile” marriage that publicly imploded for all to see, I applaud Hillary for maintaining her class in the face alot of shit.

          • Louise – yes! She handled it with Grace. I like grace. So, yeah – she has more intellect and drive than her husband, whom she also probably responsible for getting him somewhat out of the gutter and into the position he was in. She outdid him on that one, with Monica. (you do recall the scene walking to the copter where she pushed him away – she was HURT, guys!) I assume she will continue to out-do all the asshole ‘leaders’ out there like Putin. Love to see her up against that jackasshole.

        • And I think every Chump has to look at how much of his or her life the cheater and the APs get to take. Hillary will never get past the Lewinsky mess. There is no getting to “meh” when your husband’s cheating becomes a Presidential impeachment. What she does do is go on about living her own life and keeping her own personal life very personal. Not a whiff of scandal about how she conducts her own intimate life. She’s not the first person to trade sexual and emotional fidelity for something she finds more valuable or important.

  • I imagine that Mary Jo Eustace is sitting at home with popcorn watching this and laughing her head off.

    Then again, back in January she told People, “I wish Dean only the best in his struggle to overcome the demons he has been wrestling with for many years, so he can become the father and the man I know he wants to be.”

    I think he just wants to eat cake and get kibbles and make some money. Blergh!

  • Yeesh.

    As my Nana said, ” Don’t mock the afflicted “.

    A disordered cheater and a disordered cheater implode, monetizing as they go. Narkles galore!!! Karma bus crash tv is still karma bus crash tv. Not my cup of tea.

    But still, a slightly queasy schadenfreude. What have these peeps actually achieved?

    I pity their kids…..

    jedi hugs.


  • LOL, I actually watched the clip, I hadn’t even realized Tori Spelling HAD a reality show. She reminds me of a praying mantis, something about her emotionless, overly-botoxed and plastic-surgeried face. And Dean, OMG, that guy is the worst actor! Plus, he looks like a bum.

  • I havent read Monica’s Vanity Fair article, but when I first heard it was coming out, my thought was that Hillary asked Monica do this to get it all aired out before the campaign begins, so by the time it does, it will be old news again. I think Hillary is campaign/politically savvy enough to be planning strategically to diffuse negatives from her past. And I think Monica might be willing to help. I am not a Conspiracy Theorist kind of gal, just what I thought when I heard about it.

    • Ooh, I like this angle. Trot it out yourself instead of letting your opponents control the narrative. We forget how huge the story was – I wrote it under “what was in the news” in my son’s baby book lol. I do think in light of everything Monica doesn’t make a public move without a whole slew of advisors – no way was this her call.

    • Don’t think so. More like GOP operatives beginning their campaign, especially when you read Lewinsky’s comments directed toward Hillary’s reaction to the affair. Still spouting OW bullshit.

      • Yeah, but their timing is off and no one will care about what Bill was up to an eon ago. When he got elected the first time, it was well known that he was a womanizer; one of my best friends was a journalist at the time of his campaign and talked to many Democrats who worried about a literal explosions of skanks coming out. And as they often are, Republicans are off in their assessment of the Dem electorate at the national level especially women, which are a critical Dem demographic. Hillary won’t be hurt by what Bill did or what Monica says. It will backfire. She hasn’t done anything wrong and women will know that. This is not me taking political sides, by the way. I don’t have a dog in this fight. I’ve studied media and elections; it’s just how dirty tricks and countertricks will play out. They are trying to deny her the nomination but that won’t depend on dirty tricks but rather where the money lines up. So far, no one else is in the game.

        • (Politician) was a womanizer or ballbusting maneater who would sleep with any womanizing politician to get a rung higher. What about this is unique, except we can Twitter about it?

  • He’s a beady-eyed bangaholic loser. She’s got eyes on the side of her head and the wonkiest tits this side of Leann Rimes. They deserve each other.

  • Well, Mr and Mrs Spelling-McDermott’s respective former spouses must be laughing their f*****g asses off. I sure would. In fact, I may have to tune into this lovely little train wreck…for as long as I can stomach it.

  • Hillary is a chump and is still with the cake-eater! She blamed it on everyone but him. It was a “vast, right wing conspiracy”.

    • Bwahahaaahaha! 🙂 I couldn’t have said it better Lisa But it would seem that the metaphorical 2×4 is not appropriate for progressive politicians…you know the 2×4 that tells women how pathetic they are when they “sell out” to a cheater for security or gain in status. Don’cha just love situational ethics and flexible value judgements? “vast, right wing conspiracy” indeed!!

      • THIS is the kind of man or woman we need in the White House again:

        Harry Truman stated that he would never knowingly hire a person who had cheated on his wife. When he was asked why, he said, ‘You know, if a man will lie to his wife, he’ll lie to me. And if he’ll break his oath of marriage, he’ll break his oath of office.’ It’s hard to argue with President Truman’s logic. Can you trust a man who lies to his wife or breaks his marital oath? I don’t think so. Public officers take an oath to uphold the Constitution, to uphold the law of the land. Well, when you get married, you take an oath to be faithful in sickness and in health, in poverty and wealth, till death do us part; in adultery, you’ve broken that oath.”

        I cannot think of any argument to top Truman’s logic.

        • notyou – agree! Hilary, as far as I know, has done nothing wrong. I can’t say the same about a lot of polititians today. Sorry, but they all seem to be male, for some reason.

          • To be fair, Hilary wasn’t just talking about Monica when she said there was “vast, right wing conspiracy”, The republicans had been digging up dirt of all kinds to throw long before that, like Whitewater, etc.

            • To be OBJECTIVE, datdamwuf, that is totally a two way street. BOTH factions dig and dish dirt with equal fervor and relish. If they focused a fraction as much of their attention on trying to find real solutions to the nation’s problems, their responsibilities to the people, and on understanding and upholding The Constitution of the United States, we’d all be better off. But politics and big government breed narcissists and sociopaths like the carcass of a deal elephant breeds maggots.

          • As far as we know Hilary was a faithful wife in the sexual sense. And in that sense appears to have “done nothing wrong.” Having done nothing wrong in her career, is a highly debatable topic. She was an incompetent Secretary of State and she lies. (Think Benghazi).

            She also appears able to selectively abandon her alleged feminism when it suits her personal political purposes. No real feminist is going to stay married to a grandiose narcissist who is a serial cheater and woman abuser. I don’t even believe she is really a “chump.” Her husband was and is a political tool for her. As for her to call Lewinsky a “narcissist looney tune?” All I have to say is that it takes one to know one.

  • (Sorry if this sound like a foreign language lesson, I’ve taken on learning German as a very part-time hobby. Hopefully I got the concept behind this word right)

    Just seems like cheating and adultery, especially among the famous, is a push for instant gratification. They take what’s good now instead of working toward something better later with who they’re with. “Till death do us part” no longer matters until cheaters have felt that they’ve sufficiently “upgraded”. In German there’s a word some of you may have heard – “Schweinhund”, which literally means “pig-dog”. It is used as a metaphor for things like gluttony, selfishness, or temptation – “You need to overcome your inner Schweinhund.” This word can also be used as an insult – You can tell a cheater or the AP “You are a Schweinhund.”

    So, overcome your inner Schweinhund, and keep away from cheating Schweinhunds!

    • Wait till you get to Arschloch…very common insult, exactly what it sounds like, and useful!, or perhaps Ziege (goat–a very low-down female insult), or even “alte Ziege” (old goat, e.g., old bag)… so useful for cheating OWs!

      • Arschloch was one of the first ones I came across, but I’m not into using that kind of curse word online yet, in any language. It is a good one, however.

  • What is wrong with me? Tori looks like a horrible, bloated freak, and I understand the ugly history of their relationship, and I can’t help feeling sorry for her! Damn, I’m a chump!

  • This is fun! Let’s make it a point to watch this shit show each week and then critique it the next day. I love the re-written dialogue. 😀

  • I am so amazed that they are playing this out on tv. This is Jon and Kate plus 8 all over again. Is there nothing in life more important than the almighty dollar? Do not any of these couples that play this game to the tabloids realize that their children will, at some point in time, be privy to all of this? If you can’t stay loyal and faithful to your spouse, why, oh why, do you bring children into it and then get paid to play your life out on tv? I feel so badly for all of these children who have to grow up and go to school where children can and will be cruel. Shame on these two for airing this where everyone will know. I guess when the dollar is involved nothing is off the air.

    • I’m betting that even more than the money they’ll make, this is about the attention they get, the kibbles. ‘Cause both of them are clearly screaming narcissists.

      And that is why they bring their kids into this hot televised mess. THEY DO NOT CARE about anyone else, including their own kids.

      I’ll tell ya, when I get to be god, people’ll need a license to have children, and I get to decide who gets one and who doesn’t.

    • In many years my greatest hope is for their children to recognize that their parents were disordered but did the best job they could in loving them. Their children will always love them but I hope they will be more healthy than mine were coming out of their cheater father’s abandonment (and mine were in their late teens and early twenties). It surely is a mindfuck. Their beginning, middle, and end, which will come. The best thing about all this televised drama is that we can actually learn something from this. How easy is it to recognize what’s his name is not actually remorseful. None of our spouses were. For too long in my marriage I made tons of excuses for my ex. Why wasn’t my life happy with him? Clearly reality tv reflects many relationships and plays with the truth. I did that in my marriage. To excuse the crap I lived with but couldn’t quite place my finger on. I hope the next generation will get it right.

      • ‘Their children will always love them’ – not necessarily so. Teens and adults who can recognize the total self-centeredness of highly narcissitic parents often do manage to stop loving them, stop yearning and working for the narc’s attention, approval and love, and move on to putting their love where it’s deserved.

        And I’m very glad of that!

  • The most telling thing about Dean’s little act here is that instead of acknowledging how awful this (supposedly) is for Tori and how much pain she must be in because of what he’s done, he makes it all about him and his poor cheating head. When Tori gets upset at his “distress” he doesn’t give a toss – it’s still all about him and his “pain”.

    To sum up – it’s all about Dean, all the time. He’s a terrible actor, but an excellent narc & cheater.

    It annoys me that the therapist doesn’t call him out for this – but I guess telling Tori to ‘”eave a cheater & gain a life” doesn’t rate well on TV. The show would be over in one episode. She is chump wannabe just for the sympathy vote/payday.

    As for Monica – she made a gigantic mistake in her twenties that she’s never learned a single thing from. Maybe if she’d worked as hard on improving her character as she has on her studies, someone would be willing to employ her.

    • I still find it suspect that the chick is gone. TMZ told me so it must be true. There’s another woman by that name who has to tell everyone that she’s not the hewer Dean presumably poked. But why wouldn’t his side dish have any googleability or trace of social profile, friends to defend her? No one can even get a picture of the sweet tart. Maybe he’s cheated but no one cares and it’s all about publicity. Maybe they had a threesome and it’s transformed their marriage. Or maybe he’s never cheated on Tori but they decided that it would get better ratings than his Glue Sniffing addiction so they’re cleverly arcing this fanciful plot as his recovery beard. Far fetched? A little teched? And what’s up with 4 episodes–was that all the station would buy? Who knows, I’ll still watch!

  • The look on his face is all, “Ok, what do I have to say to make the sound of her voice, which is like an ice pick in my brain, go away.”

    And Tori’s all, “I wonder if I look cute when I cry riiiiiiiight…NOW. My feelings!”

    And the therapist is all, “I bet I look pretty and super professional on camera. Like, you HAVE? to talk about your fillings.”

    These people are VULGAR.

  • I just figured out why they were attracted to each other in the first place. She doesn’t ask and he doesn’t tell. They’re both disgusting. God help those children.

  • The Retcher in the Loo


    The Retcher and the Lie

    An American classic, unfortunately translated into many languages worldwide. 😉

  • I find it interesting that narcissists always use the phrase that they are ashamed. Being ashamed is a self-reflecting action. Being sorry or upset that you hurt your partner is the considerate emotion. The selfishness shines through even in their emotions, continuing to silence the chump’s voice and feelings.

    • Exactly Catherine! I used to comment to the ex how odd it seemed that as a writer, he had no interest in or capacity to self reflect, But he could sketch out multi dimensional fictional characters in a script. I asked him what he’d have his hero do when we were fighting, for instance. Nothing. Shrug. He agreed! And—had so much *shame*. Or he thought he was supposed to feel (something?) whatever that is, so he pulled the term out of his ass when it was convenient.

  • I’m sure it’s already been said, but it needs to be said often:

    She CHEATED WITH Mr. McDermott. I feel no sympathy for either of them! Did Tori feel remorse when she was banging Dean while he was still married with two children? Doubtful. And now she expects him to feel shame while he banged someone while married to HER. Well, at least the writers do…

    Whorey show indeed.,,1192319,00.html

    • That’s the part that makes me laugh and shake my head. They were both married to other people, they openly talked about banging the first night they met, she denigrated the first wife publicly … and now she’s all ‘poor me’ because the sleazy idiot she married is cheating on her? They’re both assholes.

  • I peeked at lewinsky’s article. She is not sorry. She sees her humiliation to have come from others not her own actions. She talks about this happening to her because she had an affair with a powerful man, not because he was married. She doesn’t think the relationship was abusive, just the way she was treated afterwards. She regrets that it happened, but doesn’t seem to be able to say sorry.

    Oddly she does not seem to blame Bill Clinton. Rather the Clinton administration went after her.

    I do not think either the HOP or Hilary Clinton encouraged her to do this. Monica Lewinsky is too insulting for it to help HC. At the same time Monica Lewinsky is being such a jerk that she won’t get sympathy. The GOP would have briefed her better. I think it’s just about money and ego for monica Lewinsky.

    CL, I’d like to see you write up your take on her interview.

  • I tried to post a comment on this the other day, but it didn’t work.

    Anyhow, a brief version of my lost eloquence:

    I skimmed the piece in Vanity Fair. Lewinsky is not sorry. She deeply regrets what she did, but the article is all about how cruelly she was humiliated for it. She talks about having an affair with a political figure, but never with a married man. There is nothing in there about the pain and harm she caused. She talks about having felt suicidal, but does not wonder if Hilary or Chelsea were.

    Oddly, she does not seem to blame Bill Clinton. The bad things that happened to her were caused by the mysterious Clinton administration trying to protect his political power.

    I do not believe that the GOP put her up to this as she does not come off well. On the other hand, she’s enough of a jerk that I can’t see Hilary Clinton having promoted it either. I think it’s just about the money and ego.

    I’m hoping you’ll go ahead and write about her cluelessness, CL, even though I don’t want VF to benefit from running the article.

    • Oh, sorry, The comment did go through. Somehow I missed it. Ugh. You can delete one if you want to.

  • >