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Chump Nation Number One!

homecomingphotoWhat a difference a day makes!

Chumps, the book has been for sale on Amazon (U.S. and internationally now) for one whole day and we are NUMBER ONE BEST SELLER in Divorce and last I checked 44 in all of relationship books.

Yeah, that’s without an agent or a PR agency… just fueled by pure chump power.

Came back from the writers’ conference today to this incredibly sweet homecoming from my husband of the framed screen shot.

It’s a great trajectory from the sneery “That sounds… quirky” to number one sales rank in your category… in ONE frigging DAY.

I pitched to several agents who said send it to them. And another grand poobah of publishing who said call him when I hit 10,000 sales. But I found one agent I particularly like — so hey, we’ll see what happens. It’s all good.

But the point here is THANK YOU!!! Chump Nation has ROARED! That category that had no category –infidelity? You guys just put us on the map.

Quirk on with your bad selves!

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  • Yay!! That’s fantastic! I’m so happy for you and ecstatic that you are getting your word out to so many people who need to hear it!

  • When it hits 10,000 call him and tell him you don’t require his services.

  • Congratulations, CL. This is just the tip of the iceberg. And CL’s hubby, thanks for being the man she deserves.

  • Woohoo! You rock, Tracy! And your husband is a great big sweetie, who you totally deserve.

  • “Quirky”?!? Well quirk this! You have a number one selling book!

    Now to wait a few days for it to be delivered…but then again, we chumps are great at delaying gratification…

  • Hell…yeah. You are a wonderful writer and helped so many of us. So happy for you and wish you continued success!

  • Quirk you Numbskull!! I am so happy along with Chump Nation that the future for Chumps is one of a straighter line out of the woods for those devastated by infidelity….. because of one great soul, Chump Lady, who despite her having moved on from the pain & confusion of betrayal is. full on ahead at helping others through this tumultuous horror! God Bless Chump Lady.

    OK, as all ya all know, that is lots of hugs and kisses.
    So, how do I type ‘standing ovation’?!?! :0

    Careful, now, or you will whip all us ‘zealots into a frenzy’!


  • CL, to keep it very simple. I really like your style , you write about the truth and from the heart & that’s what grabbed me on huffpo. This is the only blog I follow. Like a good AA meeting I can come here and get really great life advice, friendly banter, and you never ever afraid to call a spade a spade a cheater a cheater. You don’t sugar coat a single fucking thing and for that I thank you 🙂

    Congrats & sorry for mixing up huggy bear for rooster 😉 both were equally bad ass tv pimps !

      • Michael – that totally cracked me up. But I do think CL will look good in pink with her red frizzy hair while promoting this book … The story will be how this woman was able to publish her own book and market it. Wolf Blitzer will pick up the story on CNN at 10am that this woman promoted her own book that bypassed traditional methods of marketing going thru the NY Giants of the Publishing industry. So. with an already big following with offering a free blog that hit a lot of nerves, obviously, this story will have more word of mouth than advertising on a billboard. I guess I’m both thrilled and hugely disappointed that this is the ONLY book out there about Infidelity…

        I think we live in wonderful times the new freedoms the internet allows – especially popular bloggers like CL. Hey, Tracy – you’ve done well w/marketing. Don’t sell out unless you can get Brad and Angie in the movie. Looking forward to my paperback..

        • Hi SheChump- it just occurred to me that so many of us had spouses who used the internet- especially Facebook aka Fuckbook to deceive us, that it is indeed wonderful Karma that the internet should have also brought us freedom. Firstly through this blog and then, as you say, by circumventing the publishing industry to get Tracey’s book ‘out there’. The publishing industry – like any other industry- is very patriarchal and is not interested in supporting so called minorities (a word I dislike) you know like women, chumps, chumped women….! Ah, just a little old fashioned consciousness raising….

  • Congrats ChumpLady! .. It’s only the beginning… Looking forward to seeing what you look like on TV when you become famous!

  • Exultation, Tracy!! I don’t know how you do it all, woman. And how sweet of your husband! Congratulations! A great day!!!!

  • Awww, he framed it, damn what a awesome chumpy thing to do, I have no idea how to make a heart here so just sayin; that was so damn sweet. I guess he does deserve those blueberry milkshakes after all 😉

  • Congratulations, Chump Lady!!!

    And: ***THANK YOU SO MUCH!*** for, well, everything.

    Wish there were a resource such as this when I went thru D-day and divorce, if only to affirm that I was NOT crazy or completely alone.

    • JenXstan, I second that. I don’t think Chump Nation was a force when I experienced my D-day. So glad I found this site–I’ve learned to forgive myself and see what the fallout from infidelity is really like for many of us.

      I ordered a copy yesterday. I plan to read it quickly and then pass it to a recently chumped friend.

      Congrats CL!!!!

    • I spent way too much time wondering what was wrong with me. This blog showed me that I should have been pointing my finger at my cheater!

  • Hell yeah! Go Tracy!!! I always thought I was a smart girl, & when I asked Chump Nation about my STBX’s devious capabilities, you all hit it spot on. I didn’t listen – but you were right. Now I am mighty, the 2×4 hurt, but made me realize the truth of the situation. I hope your book will help many others wandering the wilderness of infidelity & dealing w narcs. Thank you for all you’ve done for me & countless others!!

  • I’m pimping your book on my facebook page… not because you need it necessarily, what with hitting #1 in the Relationship category in just 24 Hours and all, but because all the chumps on my page need to read the book!

  • Fantastic !! Just ordered a few copies, but will have to wait until mid next month ( in Australia). So excited! Thanks CL!!

  • One day. That’s what happens when a (former) chump gets her ducks in a row.

    • Oh, and bought my paperback copy, wrote a review, and donated to the Red Cross by buying through AmazonSmile. Triple play! Can’t wait for the e-book.

  • Bought it! And when I get it I will be posting a review – UK Amazon- if only to trounce the ridiculous one currently posted by F. Price- ‘real name’ who has some issues-

    Quote: “The author whips vulnerable people up into a negative aggressive frenzied hate group. Very liberal use of profanity and also words that are discriminatory against the learning disabled [eg] “retard”.I understand the pain and anger these chumps have experienced- maybe that is the reason behind the toxic need to be right and get their victim status validated unfortunately the chronic use of hostile language sometimes gives the impression she gets a rush out of provoking and is getting a kick out of getting other people going. Also people seeking reconciliation are denigrated and ridiculed.”

    I wont comment. We’ve heard it all before. The only effective rebuttal is to buy, read, review and spread the Chump Nation word. I may even break my chumpy anonymity twitter style to help get the truth out. Congratulations Chump Lady, and thank you.

    • Mikky, you too, huh! I wrote on this exact thing yesterday, so thanks for the support.

      Mr F Price (real name) needs to be told a few home truths in plain and blunt language. Hopefully Mrs F Price will read them too and give up on her efforts to ‘understand’ and ‘forgive’.

      • Hi Patsy- agreed- Amazon says “estimated delivery date is Wednesday, July 02, 2014” so will be posting review ASAP which should deal with ‘recon man/woman’.

        • I wrote the same kind of review as Price wrote saying that I’ll update when I’ve read the book, you can do that too. It’s easy to go back and edit the review later

          • er, I don’t mean a bad review, I mean I wrote that I LIKED the blog.

  • Well done Tracy. I’ve just ordered a few copies. Like Julia, I’m in Australia and will have to wait. Can’t wait! Hopefully this will be a significant step to turn the reconciliation industrial complex on its head.

  • No, thank you! In stead of whipping me into a negative aggressive frenzied hate group, you made me get beyond the anger and into motion!

    July 25… Estimated D-day (delivery day!) 

  • Chump Lady, we need to see you on Oprah, Trisha and all the other shows.

    Please do let Ms McSmirk know…

  • My STBX now owns our amazon account, so could someone be kind enough to post this reply to SARAH KATZ (1 star review):

    Sarah Katz, do you understand that infidelity is abuse and about hidden aggression? Are you aware that the traumatic reactions to being intimately betrayed are the same as the reactions to physical battering, war and other trauma? Do you understand triangulation, and the power dynamics (neither healthy nor pleasant) behind them?

    I am just wondering why you take exception to this book. When traumatised people are further victimised by being blamed for something they had no knowledge of (it takes two/it must have been the marriage/let’s discuss how you drove him into the arms of another woman, okay?), how is that different from a rape victim being blamed. Tracy Shcorn puts the spotlight on the character deficiencies on the person who made the unilateral and secret choice – the cheater. Funny, the other person who does this is Lundy Bancroft who works extensively in the prison population with abusive men and says: they know exactly what they are doing, and the benefits to them are huge. Their attitude of entitlement is what needs to be challenged. This, Schorn does. Sarah Katz, I personally object hugely to my whole life from my innocent trust to my tax bracket, and my children’s psychic and physical safety, being obliterated by two inadequate other people without my input, knowledge or consent. The panacea to me is in not owning or taking the blame for other people’s bad and selfish behaviour, and deciding that I am worth more when their lack of ownership or true remorse becomes apparent. Sorry you don’t get it.

  • I’m wondering if it should also be under humour? A lot of this stuff is dead funny, your take, CL, in particular.

    Either way, brilliant!

  • The ‘poobah of publishing’ are most likely narcs and cheaters who do not get you or what you are doing. Hope you find a brilliant agent.

  • Tracy, congratulations! As you know, you have been a life-saver for me and all the wonderful chumps here. Had I not found you back in April 2013, I would still be in a nightmare back and forth crap with the cheater ex. I shudder to think that I would have been staying miserable – and with my permission!

    More importantly, your book will open the eyes of millions out there who don’t think they have a choice. They do. Right now, those chumps in the reconciliation fog think they have no choice but to reconcile with the cheater, and that the cheater will change if only the chump will do better (sorry, doesn’t work. Wonder how I know? Hint: Over 2 decades of trying). Also, your book will make cheating what it is – freakin’ adultery. Enough of this fog shit, FOO issues, unhappy marriage. Character is character. Period. Those cheaters can no longer hide behind the veil of the stupid fog. How can anyone be in a fog when cheating involves planning, lies, manipulation? Fog is when you can’t see where you’re going. Cheaters know exactly where they’re going – they just don’t want the chumps to know it.

    Thank you – your book will change lives.

  • CL, I think it would be cool for you to become a Goodreads author. Goodreads is a sort of “social networking” site for readers. If you are a Goodreads author, people can become your fan and you have the opportunity for live chats with them, among other things. Here’s the link if you are interested:

    Ironically, it’s through Goodreads that I found out about my ex’s affair–OW’s husband friended me and sent me a message. But I still hang out on Goodreads. It’s a fun place for avid readers.

    • I already added your book to Goodreads and marked it “want to read.” I am having trouble adding the image though–I’ll try that again later.

  • I think reviews are critical for getting the book seen and read.

    CL, may I suggest a different color cover? White covers just blend in on Amazon. Maybe a border would work.

    Also, I think you could jazz up your book description slightly to get it going.

    It’s interesting, the negative reviews are from people who don’t like your philosophy, not comments on the book itself or the writing.

    So now you need to get an article up on HuffPo… (Maybe once the Kindle edition works.)

    • Thanks for the suggestions. I have a LONG list of to-dos right now, starting with the Kindle version. But I’ll look into it. HuffPo is at the top of my list.

  • It might be good for reviews if people don’t call CL by her first name. It could make someone think the review was from a family member of friend.

    Anyhow, I encourage anyone who reads the book and wants to support it to go ahead and do a review. It will help the book.

    • Diana L,
      That’s a good suggestion. Calling her Chump Lady. My books should be here this week.

  • Two words – “Book Tour”! Congratulations Tracy! Glad to add my order to the rising numbers. You really have created a space for healing that is unique and so needed in the world. Thank you from this chump who has finally reached the hallowed state of “Meh”!

  • YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!
    As someone who tried for years to get my book on recovery from a loved one’s homicide published, I get what a mountain you have climbed. The fact that your book is # 1 after only a day tells me that it is timely and much needed. You tell it like it is, Girlfriend, and that is a rarity these days. I predict HUGE sales. I will be ordering when my budget permits.
    I am SO thrilled for you!
    And I’m thrilled for the millions that will buy your book, use it’s wisdom figure out what’s really going on in their life, dump their cheater and get a fabulous new life afterwards.

    Let’s hear it for Tracy and Chump Liberation!!!

  • I love it when the good guys/gals win! Congratulations. You have helped so many of us dig out from rock bottom to shout, “NEVER AGAIN!” Gaining a life, one day at a time.

  • Go Tracy!!! It’s thrilling to see your quick success and I immediately burst into tears at the absolute sweetness of your husband’s gesture of pride in your great accomplishments. You deserve it — as do we all.

    • Make that man a blueberry milkshake!

      Congratulations ~ It’s a big psychological/emotional pick up for me to see your book rocket to the top so fast.

  • My books just arrived! Woohoo!
    Once I’ve read it I will post a review on Amazon.

    Happy Sunday, ya’ll.

  • Congratulations Chumplady! What you started bubbling and simmering here on your blog is about to boil over and the rest of the world will have access to your hard won wisdom and humor. Very happy for you and all the chumps that will benefit!

  • That’s great news. Just goes to show how much of a need there is for an alternative to the RIC. And one with humor, I might add. Keep it up. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Chump nation is behind you, handing you cups of water and towels along the way.

  • CL-

    My copy just arrived! I feel like Steve Martin in the scene from the “Jerk” when he shouted out “the new phone book is here!” Lol. In all seriousness, you are doing important work here Tracy. You are changing peoples lives. You are giving us a voice when no one else will listen. You provide us a safe place to express our anger and fears after being betrayed. I can’t thank you and Chump Nation enough for the love and support the past year or so. And since I’m high maintenance, in all of the upcoming years as well! This is somewhat a pleasant surprise. It’s funny how an online community can become, well, family and something to stay connected with even after you’ve reached Meh. You should be very proud of creating something that provide us chumps with such stability and strength. Well done you.

    To my fellow chumps, stay strong and have a great 4th of July!


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