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Dr. George Simon Interviews Chump Lady

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00055]Hi guys, just a notice to let you know this Sunday I will be appearing on Dr. Simon’s podcast show Character Matters. I’ll be discussing my new book and asking him some questions about infidelity and character disturbance. The show does call ins, so if you’d like to call in and ask a question, tune in this Sunday at 7 p.m. EDT (that’s 6 p.m. Central, my time) or you can listen later on his site.

Check out all the details here!

Now I’ll get back to our regularly scheduled chump blogging…

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  • Break a leg (that’s what you’re supposed to say, right? ).

    Made the mistake of clicking on the link just now, and it’s playing something called “vocal local with Will Roberts” which seems to be about how Will Roberts doesn’t understand anything about monetary policy.

    Don’t go on that show (Vocal Local) 🙂

    • Well, he’s just one show on a channel. So yeah, when you click you get whatever else is on. Which… might be weird.

      I promise I won’t talk about monetary policy on Sunday. 🙂

  • Tracy,

    You Rock!!!!

    You, DrGeorge and Bill Eddy are my ‘Triumphant Trio’! Just after I separated from cheaterpants last year, a wonderful therapist in S.A. pointed me in the direction of Dr. Simon and, as they say, the rest is history! I had so many ‘light bulb’ moments reading and re-reading his books. (and later, his blog.)

    A few days after seeing that therapist, I stumbled across Mr. Bill Eddy’s books. (at the Public Library in Marble Falls, not far from you)

    Then, earlier this year, Dr. Simon introduced me to you and my ‘team’ became complete!

    Am so thrilled the three of you have published this amazing information and have shared your collective wisdom! My suggestion to anyone going through this filth is the only books & resources you really need are those from the three of you. Save your money, you Amazon Chumps!

    I am looking forward to hearing the interview!

    Forge on, Chumplady, ForgeOn!

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