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The Kindle Version of the CL Survival Guide to Infidelity is Available

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00055]Hi eBook chumps!

At last, the Kindle version of The Chump Lady Survival Guide to Infidelity is available here. Sorry it took a little while, I needed to hire (an awesome person) to format it for me, as Kindle doesn’t play nicely with other software and the cartoons need gentle handling.

But it’s up now. I’ll have ePubs versions for Nooks and other readers available in a few months. (The wait is because of a royalty deal with Amazon.)

All to say, if you were waiting for the electronic version, it’s up now. Thanks!

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  • CL,

    Congrats on the book and the interview, it looks like you’re getting famous! Good, better you than what accounts for famous these days!

  • CL, you are MIGHTY! Again a very heartfelt congrats.
    You know I was watching Dr. Phil the other day and he was actually counseling a divorced couple on co-parenting their ten month old child. What actually floored me was that he berated that woman for wanting to know when her ex began his relationship with the woman he is now married to. I mean the relationship she THOUGHT she had with her husband and the father of her very fragile child just went up in SMOKE and that woman just could not move forward and coparent with that lying cheating worthless ex because “it’s in the PAST!” (roared Dr. Phil). Yeah. So glad my marriage blew up after my kids were adolescents. While we may BE parents to our three children NOTHING in the world could make me ever invite TOXIC relationships into my life ever again. My ex is nothing to me. His children’s relationship with him disintegrates every year and it is NOT my job to spackle and “encourage them to have a relationship” with the idiot who sabatoged their innocence. Five years out and my kids, all in their twenties, have learned a hard lesson. That someone you love and trust can betray you in many ways. Why Dr. Phil thinks that their history together and past poor behavior isn’t relevant to healthily raising a child is beyond me. I can barely watch his show, he seems rather flippant about betrayal in a marriage. Hey as long as they are divorced who cares what happened. Infidelity is such a little thing (sarcasm here). Every time I see my ex’s ugly face all I have to do is look at that framed HIV test. You know the one dated two years before Dday. CL, when people discover their spouse has cheated on them, your blog (and book!) should be the only thing they read.

  • Always remember Drew, Dr Phil is a cheater. Of course “it’s in the PAST!”

  • CL, FYI, if I do a search for “Chump Lady” under “All Departments” or “Books” on Amazon, the Kindle version of your books doesn’t come up, so a person searching for your book might not realize that there is a Kindle version of it.

    • I’ll look into that, thanks. I think it just might be a delay. They said it would be 12 hours before it went live, and it was much shorter than that. Hopefully it’s not a permanent issue! Will try to fix, thanks.

    • Hey, it’s no longer a problem. I think it was a time delay thing. They’re both there and searchable now.

  • I should add, if you bought a print version of the book through Amazon, you can get the Kindle version for only $2.99. It’s part of their “match program.”

    • Yah! I did.. Thanks for letting us know.. Will go check if I can get my $2:99 copy.

      • It still says $9:99 on amazon even though I bought the paperback there. I’m registered on amazon.. Do I have to click any links to get it for the special price?

  • I presume it’ll be available someday on iTunes. If so I’ll buy a version of that and then donate my print version to the local women’s abuse center.

    • In 3 months I can put it on iTunes (Amazon retains certain rights for 90 days). I’ll be sure to post when that happens.

  • Done! Thanks for the heads up that Kindle is available.


    Before I found this site, I was prowling the internet looking for ANYTHING that would validate what I was feeling (my guess is a few people here have done this).

    Surprisingly, I found something on Dr. Phil’s website called “Guide For Cheaters And Their Partners”.
    It is not nearly as empowering as CL’s stuff (truly, not nearly), but for the first time, I was able to say, “OK, maybe I’m not stone cold crazy, and maybe I’m not out of line to have the feelings I have.”

    Among Dr. Phil’s thoughts to the Cheater: “Have the decency to tell your spouse in all honesty and candor that you own your choices. You’re the one that ran this relationship off in the ditch. This had nothing to do with your partner. If you want to fix your marriage, you have to accept responsibility and do whatever it takes to earn your partner’s trust back one step at a time.”

    To the betrayed partner: “My boundaries say ‘You either treat me with integrity, dignity and respect or you don’t treat me at all’ You’ve given your power away and you’ve got to get it back.”

    Anyway, there were some good thoughts there, so it’s disappointing to hear of him dismissing the cheaing aspect of what happened.

    This stuff is everywhere. Just yesterday there was something on HuffPo about how monogamy was unnatural and how people can just move past this outdated mode if everyone is open and honest and communicates and loves each other, yada, yada. A number of comments took issue with the concept but most agreed. Some people ranted at people who supported monogamy for being judgmental. Probably should not have even looked. It’s absolutely not my business or problem how other people choose to handle their relationships, but sometimes there is just stuff you don’t need to hear. Like the guy whose wife thought it was funny to tell adultery jokes. Ugh.

    BTW, I most certainly did not mention this to provoke a dreary discussion on monogamy vs. the other alternatives, etc. Just providing this as an example of the crap out there that makes it seem like someone just flicked mud in your eye. Like someone commented, “If you don’t like it, don’t read it.”

    • So true. I believe most of us marry with the thought that we are going to be exclusive. That though real life has its challenges we can be successful if we support and respect one another. I had this discussion with cheater ex BEFORE we married. We dated for seven years and he had many opportunities to leave our relationship. That’s the thing with my cheater ex though. I don’t think he really knows what he wants or who he is. He didn’t at 19 and he didn’t at 46. I think when you feel inferior you will do anything for kibbles. On the other hand I think Chumps know what they want and are more confident. A little too trusting, I knew crappy people existed but I certainly was naive at seventeen. When I began to question his behavior it became more and more obvious that he was a a good looking man who made poor choices. I could never quite get him to discuss anything meaningful. Who else would belittle a life with his wife and family? I watch my children struggle now. At first it was like they didn’t care what he’d done. Five years out and it has been a hard road to travel. Not that I don’t recognize how much better and authentic my life is now, but everything about the man we loved and knew was one big lie. It’s the legacy he’s left my children that hurts most. Neither of my two youngest date. They are afraid to trust others. I know it just needs time. I worry though. We do the best we can.

      • “…if everyone was open and honest and communicates and loves each other….” If I had that in my marriage then he would have never cheated.

  • Hi Tracy – Kindle version is now available on, which I am happy to see. But I don’t see the paper version of the book. Any chance that it will be added or do I have to purchase throught and pay the shipping 🙁 ? I’d like to have a few dead tree copies on hand to give out for immediate use.

    • For Canadian chumps — this is bizarre but Amazon isn’t carrying the book right now. For expanded distribution, I guess the other “channels” choose. It appears it’s available everywhere in the world EXCEPT Canada. No idea why and when I asked they said it could be 6-8 weeks to see if it they go with it. It’s a best seller in Divorce, so I’m not clear on why. (Cheater One World Conspiracy? 😉 )

      If you want a print copy, email me. I can send you one from my stash and charge you whatever postage is to Canada, which I’m sure is less than what Amazon charges. I won’t have my copies until July 23, however.

      • Thanks for the info, Tracy, I will get in touch.

        Odd that the dead tree version isn’t available in Canada, of all places. Maybe thinks we are too polite and won’t buy something with salty language? Or that we don’t divorce? or that there are no cheaters up here (at least that we will admit to?). I mean, after all, we put up with Rob Ford as mayor of Toronto……

        If there is anything we can do to hurry the process along up here, let us know, k? It’s too valuable a resource not to have available on this side of the line.

      • Perhaps because Anne Bercht’s book was a Canadian best-seller and your book will put all of her drivel to shame?!

        Anyway…..Got my Kindle version, too!!! Thanks a zillion!

  • In my kindle version there is a giant redx instead of a graphic over the unicorn section. Otherwise no mother formatting issues. Thank you so much again for your site and book!

    • Thanks for letting me know. I’ve forwarded this issue to the formatter. Thanks!

  • Got my kindle copy today…thanks Tracy for your work on this subject. As you say, it fills a huge gap in the literature around infidelity.

    I get so angry every time I hear a chump being blamed for not being a good enough spouse. When people say “there must have been things wrong in the relationship” I usually just say, yes, one party was dishonest and broke an agreement….and succumbed to their own stupid sense of entitlement. Case closed.

  • I bought the book when it first came out and the Kindle for full price and am happy to support this site and all that Tracy does. If I have benefited, it’s incumbent on me to give back!! Thank you so much for!!!!!

  • I am new at this but I have a Kobo Can you down load it from Kindle and read it on your computer ????

    • Dear mm1224,

      I do not have a Kindle, either. You can download the Kindle app for PC at Amazon. It is free.

      That is how I got my Kindle version.
      I, too, am a newbie at a lot to the tech/computer stuff, but I was able to download the Kindle app with no problem.

      I was also able to get the Kindle app on my Android tablet, also for no charge.

      Happy reading!!

  • Hi Tracy, Im trying to buy your book (kindle) but all stores come up with ‘item unavailable’ can you pls let me know how/where to buy it? Thank you..

    • I had to withdraw the self-published version from the market, so as not to compete with the new book (was the deal struck with the publisher.) If you look at the BOOK link on the menu, you can pre-order on Amazon. Comes out April 5. I’m sorry for the wait! 🙁

  • This really could not have happened at a worse time. HOW can I buy your old book? I am LOSING MY MIND!!!!!! This site is the first thing that has given me any sense of hope.

    • No. Not at all. New book is 240 pages, new cartoons, and 17 “Letters to Chump Lady” (based on the letters I receive here, but written by me.) I reworked the chapter from the old book — most of them are in there, but I added twice as much NEW content — chapters on forgiveness, Switzerland friends, affair partners, co-parenting, etc.

      • Thanks for your quick reply. So the new book includes most, but not all, of the content from the original book. Is it still possible to get an ebook copy of your old book somewhere?

        • No. I had to take it off the market as part of my book deal with Running Press/Perseus. You might be able to find a print copy if you ask in the forums here.

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