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Poor Mark Sanford

In case you missed it, Mark Sanford announced that he’s broken up with his soul mate schmoopie.

How could such star-fated love ever end? I mean, this was a love bigger than them both! Bigger than his inflated ego! Bigger than the insanity of the South Carolinan voters that re-elected him! He was supposed to go the distance! This is who he “hiked the Appalachian trail” for!

And it ends with a 2,346-word Facebook post of emotional vomit?

Who killed the dream?

His evil ex-wife, of course. Jenny Sanford.

Apparently the custody trials are taking a toll and now she’s requesting a psych evaluation of him. He disses her in his Facebook message and has asked the court for a gag order.

You see, he’s just a sad guy who would like to avoid conflict, he quotes scripture about turning the other cheek, and he models himself after the “humility” of Jesus. (Poor Jesus, he always get this crap. Find me a politician Jesus cheater who doesn’t love the Jesus spackle.)

He writes of his Argentinian OW/girlfriend:

“Belén is a remarkably wonderful woman who I have always loved and I will be forever grateful for not only the many years we have known and loved each other, but the last six very tough ones wherein she has encouraged me and silently borne its tribulations with her ever warm and kind spirit.”

She understands! She encourages!

Just not enough to stay with him.

Some soul mates are funny that way.

South Carolina, wouldn’t you like to do the pick me dance with Mark Sanford? He’s got a mean, mean ex-wife who doesn’t understand him. He’s suffering and he needs a special someone to triangulate with. Won’t you answer the call? Can someone please find this guy a hypotenuse?

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      • Couldn’t possibly say it better. Where the seven hells–(GOT ref!) do these people get the Narc-Nerve to play this stuff out on a national stage? Criminy.

        On a similar, yet much smaller scale, my Ex’s O-whore … (only so called because (a) they were fucking before we were divorced, about which he lied, d’oh; (b) she’s not divorced yet & my Ex lives with her. Such nice people) … put up YouTube videos (sorry GIO, triggers)…of herself, opening credit/blurbs exploding off the screen with how FABULOUS and INSPIRATIONAL she is. ahem. The pull quote from my Ex does not include his last name, wonder why?? “You Amaze Me.”

        Gah, these people are bottomless maws of need to the souls of honest folk.

        • OMG, Vera, sounds like your ex’s narcissistic OW is a perfect match for my ex! They can join together to offer their inspirational YouTube messages! Maybe she can be a guest on my ex’s talk show!

          • In her case, she has Parkinsons! (I don’t ordinarily mock people with chronic diseases..but Ex felt free to mock me & my chronic, painful & crippling disorder….yet OW is Amazing! Inspirational! Incredible! Mine, you must understand, was just numbers i-j on the reasons to cheat list…)

            So yeah, I find the narcissistic, self-aggrandizing, lookee-I-am-besties-with-Michael.J Fox beeswax Videos!! to be nauseating. (poor guy not his fault)

            OTOH, what was that old commercial, “what will she love the most?” or something? well, ‘what will a true narcissist love the most in an OP?’ Why, an association, however shallow with a Real Live Movie Star, ne c’est pas?

        • Hahaha!!

          Sounds like the kind of birthday present mash-up a teenager would make for their first crush!! (And then die of embarrassment 5 years later when reminded of it)…

        • You Tube videos? “You Amaze Me.” Really, grow up. Someone said it sounded like a teenage stunt. It does. I don’t know if you were hurt by it, or laughing – but I was embarrassed for them just reading your short comment. Would love to see this video. How many thumbs up? One, by the Amazed? They never get over themselves, do they?

          • Nah, I’m really too close to meh–it’s the confounded Being A Raging Narcissist In Public, and Getting Praise for It that ticks me off.

            Google YOPD & me (young onset Parkinsons) and find the one called rigidity . YOU’ll see what I mean about exploding narcissism at the beginning….

            Also, the poor snausage ex emailed me again, he’s vewwy, vewwy sowwy (Elmer Fudd voice) for what he did, he feels bad every day.

            It takes all my NC willpower to not write back and and say, “It’s not about *your* feelings, dummy! Your feelings were the problem in the first place….”

            Sheesh. Idiots. Cowards.

            (ChumpLady I hope that’s not too much info? if it is please yank the comment…no names, and it’s a public venue, so…)

  • ‘Hoist by his own petard’- If the FB comments are anything to go by…eg “Leave it to a politician to make a brazen public statement several paragraphs long, to cover up his own assholery.” But it also makes a great CL master class in cheater speak- covering all the bases-using your children, religion, the spouse you cheated on ( bunny for your bitterness), the wonderfulness of the OW. There’s probably more, but I got bored. Cheater drama- so last year.

  • Poor sausage. It’s a tough world.

    And in other cheater news… I heard a report (rumor?) that before Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt got married they signed a pre-nup that she gets custody of the kids if he cheats on her. What, no trust??

    • The best thing is that decent people already made the call on this guy and his true love Schmoopie when the story broke the first time. But narcissists have to do that impression management thing, over and over. Hyenas. Jenny is well rid of him. And now, as so often happens when the spouse who has been betrayed stands up for herself, the cheater ends up with some consequences. Looks like the last 6 years in Cheaterpantsville, Argentina have not been all that Mark had hoped for.

    • While I certainly do judge her for starting a relationship with a married man (yes, I am making a judgement call, because CL showed me how!) I think it is wise of her to realize who she married — a cheater — and to protect her children…just in case his true colors win out over their true love.

    • “in other cheater news.” I just love the brand of humor here.
      Long ago I read (in Vogue?) an interview with Jennifer Aniston. I never forgot the gist of her comment “there’s something missing there” about Brad, implying an inability for empathy. I was so struck by it. There was another woman who saw the same thing in her spouse! It was years later that I found CL, and my sanity.

  • God, what a flaming narcissist! I have read Jenny Sanford’s book. She basically MADE this guy governor, running the campaign for him and giving up her own career to do so while raising their 4 sons… who he obviously wasn’t thinking about when he was off fucking OW in Argentina. Now he blames Jenny for creating conflict in his life??? oh spare me!!!!!!!!!! He created this mess, not her. This all sounds so freakin familiar.

  • You should read the posts supporting this idiot – I’m starting to think that outside of Stephen Colbert’s family there isn’t one intelligent person in South Carolina.


  • Omg-so ridiculous! I was wondering if CL saw this yesterday. All I could think of was “look at poor special NPD sausage” who felt compelled to announce to the world how bad his ex-wife was and how amazing his OW was. What about your kids you giant asshat?! I don’t think Jenny is a bitter bunny-I hope she takes him for all he’s got!

    Team Jenny!!

  • Oh gee, I wonder why the engagement is off? Oh yeah, buried in there is the fact that poor sausage has “been drained financially”, time for his soul mate to find a more lucrative arrangement…

  • M. Sanford writes: “It’s also reminder for every one of you who have been blessed to avoid the agony of divorce, of how important it is you spend time when you have it with those who now bear your name.”
    Umm…he gives advice? Jenny had his name too. And maybe he should have actually been hiking the Appalachian Trail with his sons.

    • That is a terribly constructed sentence.

      Who NOW bear your name? Huh? I think his kids have always had his name…

      And you aren’t “blessed” to avoid the agony of divorce. He isn’t divorced because he’s not blessed. He’s divorced because he had an affair and lied and stole from his constituents.

  • Reading right from the cheater/douchebag play book! Talk about a bloviator. I found myself drifting (into a coma) half way through his FB post and abandoned it. Just Wow! These asshats just never cease to amaze me and make me want to throw up in my mouth just a little.

  • “Yuck” is exactly what I thought about this guy when I read his comments last week. He claims his ex-wife is “crazy”. Hasn’t every chump heard that?? My ex told me all the time I was f****ing crazy because his stories didn’t add up. “Where’s the extra money going? Why is there all of a sudden a lock code on your phone? Why are you ALWAYS on your phone? Why are you spending nights away from home? There’s a bachelor party EVERY weekend for a distant friend I’ve never met? We’ve been married ten years. It’s time we meet!” He ended up in the psych ward when I filed because he “couldn’t believe I was doing that to him” (see? It was all MY fault). But I was “crazy.” I support Jenny Sanford 100%. I think a psych eval and a good ole fashioned MMPI is exactly what he needs to reveal what the real problem is! Mr Sanford smacks of cluster B tendencies (which incidently my ex is). Guaranteed if my ex ever takes me back to court for a custody modification, the first thing I’m insisting on is a psych eval.

  • I was hoping you’d post about this, CL. I nearly died laughing when I started to read that Facebook missive, right before I fell asleep from boredom. The man is long-winded!

    And of course it’s his ex-wife’s fault! That bitch! She just doesn’t want him to be happy and what better way to tell the word you’re sane than with a long, rambling, non-sensical Facebook post!

    Too freaking hilarious. I can imagine him sitting knowing deep down that he fucked up his life for a bit of totty who didn’t stick around when things got tough. Poor baby.

    • The thing that strikes me are the occasional comments like “who are we to judge?” or “only god can judge” which is such B.S. As we’ve already determined here on CL, we can and should judge!

      • Agreed. What we need is FAR more judgment of cheaters. We never should have stopped shunning people for behavior like this. Now, it’s rampant and completely out of control… and we just shrug. Pathetic.

  • I read the whole post and threw up a little. Poor little Mark…NOT!!

    The comments were the most interesting. The comments were overwhelmingly said, “This does not belong on Facebook” and “You’re and idiot.” I agree with both sentiments.

    We all should extend Jenny an invitation to the “Chump Nation”

    • The comments are great. Nearly 2000 of them. I’m gonna be tied up all day….

      You can sure identify the OW types — they’re the ones who are just positive that Jenny is the wicked, vindictive ex-wife.

      • Yep. And all the ones who talk about no one knowin what was going on in the Sanford marriage and that he deserves to be happy.

        • I think this is called ‘burning up on re-entry’.

          “Don’t you have a staff? And they let you do this?”


          • Theses NPDd people never think they need any help. “Staff, what staff! I’ve got this. I can spin this baby till the cows come home. I am wonderful and once I open my mouth everyone will know it!”
            He can not help himself. He just HAS to take center stage. He would have looked a lot less stupid if he had just let the OW go quietly back to SA, but noooooo this opportunity to get his name in the paper could not be missed. Mr. Sanford your 15 minutes of fame have expired.

  • The one thing that made me laugh about this story from the beginning was that Miss Argentina wasn’t his first fling and probably wouldn’t have been his last if he hadn’t gotten caught. He’s basically a serial cheater. A ‘moral’ one, of course, who is ‘tempted’ by brazen women, but yeah, he’s a serial cheater.

    • Well, maybe if JENNY WASN’T SO VINDICTIVE! He HAD to seek solace in the arms of various women who are patient and kind.

      Jesus, nobody appreciates how hard he has it….

  • I just clicked on Mark Sanford’s Facebook page and on September 3 he had another post, not as long, but very similar post, whining about how he handled things in 2009 and blaming Jenny for another legal claim. Hello!!! Did he apologize for cheating on her and his four sons, NO! He apologized for how he handled things and put the blame on her.

    Again, the comments were great reading and Karla Fay summed it up in one short sentence, “I think you and John Edwards must be soul mates.”

    He is such a loser troll.

  • “I will never attempt to detract from her or all the positive things she has done in her life, but having to frequently ask a former spouse when you can have time with a son is a recipe for conflict. ”

    ….but you’re writing this post to whine about her. …

    “If God wanted you to have more, you would have more. If God wanted you to have less, you would have less. ”

    By that reasoning, God wanted you to have a mistress and to betray your family. …and the people that voted for you.

    Definitely all the”crazy” ex’s fault. *eye roll*

  • Makes you want to take a bath after reading it. On a different note, did you know the skills you learn here in dealing with NPD’s can be used in other places. Yesterday, I very politely called an NPD on his crap in a public meeting with the County staff… He was gobsmacked and couldn’t respond. I won, the community won… thank you Chump Lady.

    • Please feel free to share details — perhaps there is something in how you handled this guy from which the rest of us can learn.

  • Truth is real. It can take a while to accept the reality that other people lie, and sometimes they lie so much they no longer recognize reality. My concern in all this is Jenny’s kids. My kids. They dont know to call their father’s 5 years of lying and cheating…NPD. They just know their hearts and minds are screwed up. Who wants to believe the father who (they thought) really loved them would hurt them so much? Surely it must be moms flaws that made him so unhappy and “unsafe”…for 25 years! And during that time looked so
    happy and would get 30 minute back scratches (from said unsafe wife) so he could fall asleep (eating his cake!) when he had bouts of insomnia? Who is happy now with his afucktress who conspired with him for years, while married herself and trying to end the other affair she was in, to leave his old life behind in a destructive swath of lies and sex (text quote: everyone only sees the destruction now, but once they see our love, everything will be ok). They are together now! Everything is ok! Why arent the kids happy for them? End of rant ( where did THAT come from? …new letters. BCP…betrayal cess pool). Seriously…i would like to hear thoughts about what Jenny’s kids should be told…or what you told your young adult children ( mine 21 & 26 now, 18 & 23 DDay). Loving Chumpsville xoxo

    • As CL says, kids should know age appropriately, if the Mom has any choice or control over it. In my case, Mr Fab was screwing Dd’s ‘auntie’, so no chance of a cover up there!

  • This is the same guy who thinks it’s perfectly OK to enter his ex-wife’s home whenever he pleases that is now comparing his own cheating ass to Jesus, right?

  • Another red flag to look for: your spouse sympathizes with cheating politicians. During a conversation with my sister from South Carolina about the embarrassment that is Mark Sanford, my then husband looked annoyed and said, “Maybe it’s her fault. Maybe she’s boring.” That was the first time I thought that maybe he was cheating on me.

  • I hate when cheaters drag God into their wicked adultery justifications. Just sickening.

    He seems confused about these matters. God is not. I do not hear one bit of remorse for committing adultery. Extolling his favorite homewrecker does not suggest he sees anything wrong with adultery.

    I have a suggestion to Rep. Sanford: REPENT!!! Call sin, sin. He isn’t fooling God.

    But then again, I am not sure we serve the same God. My God wrote the Ten Commandments and repeated them in His ministry as Jesus stating that “Thou shalt not commit adultery.” Sounds like Sanford is either forgetting this or simply is not serving my God.

    • But hey, he “confessed” and is forgiven. No biggie, right? It was humiliating, so that means he’s like Jesus. All “humility” and turning the other cheek. (Except he’s got money for lawyers and gag order requests.)

      Jesus loves him. What’s wrong with you? I think you must be bitter like Jenny Sanford. That sad, bitter woman just won’t stop persecuting him. Jesus had the pharisees, he has Jenny Sanford. They’re so much alike!

      Okay, so he broke a commandment — but it was for a VERY SPECIAL woman! A very special encouraging snowflake of a woman! God should get this. He made snowflakes and he made mistresses and if God creates Argentinian mistresses, He means for you to have one! God makes exceptions for the Special! Why did God create exceptions if it weren’t for EXCEPTIONAL people, huh? Answer me THAT Divorce Minister.

      (I speak cheater-ese fluently, as well as the dialect Jesus cheater cheater-ese.)

      • I guess I missed the Thou shalt not commit adultery “except for exceptional mistresses” escape clause. Wonder how I missed it?

        Oh, that’s right, it isn’t there.

        And I’d add that Jesus tells the woman caught in adultery to go and sin no more. Staying in a relationship with an adulteress is not doing this.

      • My ex’s favorite catch phrase was “Christians aren’t perfect, just forgiven!”, as he and his mistress sashay all over town without a care as to how it looks.

        Thanks, Jesus, for the free pass! In days gone by, you had to pay for such and indulgence.

          • My ex used all of the above catch phrases:
            “God wants me to be happy.”
            “Jesus forgives me.”
            “I’ve already forgiven myself.”

            He went a bit further, with gems such as:
            “God is opening all the doors to my success.”
            “I’m on a divine mission from God.”
            “Jesus is bringing about so many miracles in my life.”

            It’s funny how constant adultery and abandoning his family brought out such religious fervor in my ex.

            • My ex hated going to church and only reluctantly went on special holidays. But after he left he started quoting scripture and basically saying it was God’s will…

    • My ex used “I need a family I can take to church,” “I need a woman who loves Jesus the way I do,” and “I try to be just like Jesus” as reasons for his having an affair with a fellow Christian.

      These days, he claims I bullied him our entire marriage (funny how I remember that marriage as being just the opposite) and says the worst bullying was that our son is Jewish. Umm, yeah, it works that way when you marry a Jewish woman. Ex also says that I “follow the devil,” I guess that is his way of calling me crazy.

      I wish I could get a psych evaluation of my ex.

      • I wish you could too. Think of the little cottage industry that would spring up if you got that particular eval and sold copies. 🙂

      • I think they confuse their smutty infatuation narcosis with what actual spiritual enlightenment is. Therefore, you become the “unbeliever” they have to get themselves “unyoked” from.

        Or, you could just be the number one reminder of what an asshole they’ve become and they just want to avoid anything that might bother what’s left of their conscience.

        My ex has burrowed so deep in the church that I’m pretty sure he’s brainwashed himself into actually believing his own lies.

        • I think that is the saddest part…getting to the point where they no longer can distinguish the truth from the lie. I almost pity my ex for getting to this state. Very sad.

          A cheater has to do something to deal with what’s left of one’s conscience–lies seem to be the best option. Live in an alternate universe outside of reality. Check.

          • “I think that is the saddest part…getting to the point where they no longer can distinguish the truth from the lie.”

            My ex hit this place during our divorce. It was shocking to me and the children. It’s been four years and I sometimes wonder if he is back in touch with reality. I doubt it.

          • Very recently, my cheater pants tried to revise our mutual history with the counselor. I shot that crap down. I lived through it and none of what he stated was the truth. His new version of our marital life is waaaay more convenient for creating his image of HIM being the victim of a selfish shrew.

            • I hear you! Mine did the same thing (except not in counseling – he would never go – in my case it was anyone and everyone he could throw me under the bus to. And some actually believed his version. But yeah, I am with my kids almost every day. He hardly sees them. So, um, you believe a man who basically abandons his kids?

          • Oh my, so true! I saw more and more of this during the divorce “negotiations” when he would spew out his bag of claims I knew to be untrue, chief among them his assertion to the judge that “nothing was going on” with him and the woman whose house he was living in (yeah, right. “She” was never there) during the first summer after he moved out (She was the AP, and that fall, she dumped him…) Lies, lies and more lies followed, that I started to think he really didn’t know the difference between fact and fiction anymore.

    • My ex did the opposite; he lost religion and his faith. I remember during the worst of it, I asked him didn’t he think he’d lost a piece of integrity by sinning like this, breaking a commandment, etc. He said he didn’t care about that stuff anymore. Rather than admit what he was doing was wrong according to the Bible, he turned his back on the whole thing.

      Of course, two conversations later, he switched to telling me it’s not his fault that God let him fall in love with another woman before falling out of love with the first one.

      Good racket he had going there. God only exists when He is convenient to pass blame to.

  • This post reminds me of last night’s convo along the same lines. I had an interesting, brief discussion with my unicorn. On the way to the local high school football game, ESPN radio was airing another discussion about the Ray Rice saga. I asked unicorn what he thought and didn’t really get a straight answer. I finally asked him if he really thought that a physical punch was much different than the emotional ransacking that he willfully caused me. SILENCE. I really dont think it even crossed his mind until that conversation. Mr. Sanford has that same tunnel vision, same “but this is different” mentality that cheaters of all walks of life believe.

    As an aside, I used to work at a local courthouse and one of my jobs was to weed through the old cases and pull out the pleadings for scanning / electronic docketing. I distinctly recall SEVERAL files (early 1900s) of men/women serving jail time for cheating on their spouse due to the emotional harm inflicted on their spouse. This is gone today; is it an improvement??????

  • It is SO interesting to me, this theme of cheaters being ALL butt-hurt about others’ transgressions against them.

    I read the NYT article that Nord posted, and it is chock full of how people offended Sanford and did wrong by him.

    But no mention of the horrible pain he inflicted on his sons, who are props throughout. No apologies to Jenny–only accusations.

    It’s fascinating, you know?

    And the skilled OW, she laps it up and mirrors it back. These cheaters LOVE it! The OW is really excellent at carrying the narrative, “Oh, my Hero, he is so heroic and misunderstood! And we’re in love–it’s a special love, because it’s the two of us against the world, which is against us.” Well, this is what makes the OW special, of course! Because nobody is more interesting than someone who is interested in flattering you, if you’re that shallow. And cheaters are like puddles.

    So good to have the template. I think it will come in handy.

  • I think Chump Nation needs to give “Jenny Sanford” awards to chumps who finally stand up to the cheater and says, “DONE.” She sounds kick ass.

    This guy is probably my X’s role model, all the way down to the Jesus-swinging chapter and verse and epic cheapness.

    • When my H got caught, he said he was going to start going to church. I told him no way was he going to go somewhere crawling with narcissists who would tell him he made a mistake and Jesus forgives him.

      I told him if he found the right psychologist that that dude would start looking like Jesus to him!

  • I hope his ex-wife’s lawyers captured this rant of his and preserved it for whoever is doing the psychological evaluation.

    Lack of remorse over violating court orders, blaming the ex for the breakup with his mistress, playing the victim. Couple that with his very public non-apologies and even asking his ex to run his campaign while she was taking him to court over having violated previous court orders, and it ain’t pretty.

    Throw in that he did this while filing for a gag order against his ex-wife at the same time, and it grows warts on ugly.

  • What a complete shit show! I’m certain Jesus is cringing – even he wouldn’t want to be aligned with this complete moron. That’s right, you ignoramus, break every commandment there is, then start throwing around Jesus’ name. I am so sick of these hypocritical christians.

    I hope Jenny keeps putting the screws to him. I have a feeling she wants him tested so she can get an official diagnosis of NPD.

    Oh, and the capper? he lives in “Low” County. They must have named it after him.

  • The part that makes me nauseous is that he is an elected official. Thousands upon thousands of people have chosen to believe his poor-sausage routine and give him a huge helping of authority (and a massive ego boost) as a reward for sixteen kinds of dishonest behavior. There are all kinds of things wrong with modern society (and probably every ancient society that has ever faded away), but our current willingness to forgo basic integrity in those we elect to lead us is frightening. I don’t care if it is a Democrat or Repbulican or Spotted-whosit running for office, I’d like to believe that personal integrity was a base-line expectation for all voters.

    On the bright side, publishing this long-winded bit of nonsense on FB is going to give the former Mrs. Sanford’s lawyer all kinds of material to work with.

    This probably bothers so much because so many of his tactics and complaints are horribly familiar.

  • Oh say it isn’t so!! They really weren’t Twu Luv Schmoopie Soul Mates after all?
    The hell you say.
    Unbelievable that the people of South Carolina voted this POS in again.

    I love stories like this. Where the cheater’s life blows up in their faces.

    Recently a good friend of mine who was seriously chumped by her X and OW ending up homeless for awhile called me. It seems the Schmoopie has been diagnosed with early onset dementia and she pretty much fiddles with door knobs all day. Her X is getting ready to pack her up and ship her off to her kids in another state. So much for Twu Luv!~
    My friend asked me if she should feel bad. I told her “NO.”

  • I’m going to make a few comment here that I may be slagged for, but here goes:

    1. The Sandfords are engaged in a high conflict divorce. They separated in 2009 and are still in conflict over 5 years later. My feeling – both parties have a role to play in this.

    2. Although Mark Sandford is asshole for cheating on his wife, Jenny all too quickly went to press describing their shitty marriage and all the nasty things he did to her. I read the book, and personally, it didn’t speak to me. I can identify with her feelings of betrayal because I have been there, but to me, she came across as a spiteful and vengeful ex-wife. Never did she deserve the shit he put her through, but perhaps more time distancing herself from him and the affair, would have tempered her response. I felt she stooped to his level, by flinging his dirt back at him – the cuckolded wife. Way tooo much publicity – Jenny also likes the limelight.

    3. Apparently some of their issues revolve around child custody and access. Please, they are going on year 5 of this – don’t they think this ongoing conflict is going to be damaging to the children?

    • Jenny has put up with an enormous amount of crazy due to him. And he used her, through and through. The man had the gall to ask her to run his congressional campaign AFTER they split. Why? Because she has always been the brains in the relationship and is the one who steered his whole career. She had every right to be dead furious because the final schmoopie wasn’t his only time at the rodeo.

      Since the divorce he’s been even nuttier. She had to basically get a restraining order against him when he wouldn’t stop entering her home. Read it here:

      Her book is her way of speaking the truth because he was basically saying that she drove him to cheat. Fuck him. And no, I don’t agree that there are always two people in a high conflict divorce. I have done everything I can possibly do to avoid conflict with my ex and three years later he STILL creates chaos and drama for me. Sometimes you’re just dealing with a complete tool.

      And when it comes to that FB post I’d say she has every reason to ask for a psych evaluation because that is some nutty rambling shit. If he wasn’t drunk or have an ‘episode’ then I’ll eat my hat.

    • Not buying that BS for a few of reasons:

      1. The last time he got dragged into court, it was because he violated a court order by illegally entering her home.

      2. The youngest son is 15, which is old enough to decide for himself if he wants a thing to do with his father in most jurisdictions. The others have opted out of having a relationship with poor, picked on Dad.

      3. This guy never is responsible for anything to hear him tell it. Nothing. His mistress calls it quits; his ex-wife’s fault. His marriage ends due to his cheating; his mistress’ fault (or true love’s fault alternately). He misuses public funds: he was really just doing important business for the people of South Carolina in Argentina (there is so much for a governor to do all over Latin America–rolling my eyes). He violates a court order and enters his ex-wife’s house: he was just trying to be a good father. Blah, blah, blah, liar, liar, liar.

      Tired of him.

      • There’s a pair of them in it. Both are Pieces Of Work.

        Mark illegally enters Jenny’s home and we hear about it. Who leaked that piece to the press? Why does Jenny feel that the rest of the world needs to know this?

        Mark breaks up with the lovely Belen and we read about it on Facebook in excruciating detail.

        Jenny suggests that Mark needs a psych evaluation (because of the stuff he wrote on Facebook? Not sure?) Does his rambling on Facebook suggest that he is mentally unstable? Don’t think so – he just likes to talk. He is an idiot.

        Why are the details of their divorce being played out in the public eye?

        Why? Because there’s something in it for both of them.

        • tflan:

          1. You divorce from someone before fucking someone else, not the other way around. There is NO EXCUSE WHATSOEVER to be fucking someone before you divorce them. PERIOD.

          2. If thats her way of telling the truth, by writing a book, who cares? If the shithead conducted himself in a decent and honourable manner their story wouldn’t bring the shame so rightfully deserved. What do they say: “Don’t like the fire? Stay out of the fucking kitchen then!”

          3. Pretty sure that she wouldn’t be the one stringing it out and playing narc-y crap over it.

          So yes, I will ‘slag’ you – I’ll call you out for the complete shit you just posted.

          (To you other guys: This particular post twinged a particular nerve with me. Can’t stand cheater apologists in any form.)

        • Again, the trespassing became public because he repeatedly refused to heed the divorce agreement about entering her home or homes. She was eventually forced to go to the local police, ergo it went into the public domain. His choices, his fault.

          She may be no prize but since the book came out years ago she has not said much of anything, other than the odd comment here and there. When a document is filed, unless it is sealed, anyone can see it. There wasn’t much more than a slight rumble with the filing concerning a psych evaluation, etc. Then he went on FB and vomited all over the place like a teenaged girl. AND he dumped his girlfriend in that post.

          Stop blaming the ex-wife for Mark Sanford being nuttier than squirrel turd and not have the good sense of a gnat.

          • Nord: I am by no means blaming Jenny for Mark’s stupidity. He can own that. My problem with her is that she appears to be escalating their marital conflict in public and I have to wonder why. Does she not think her kids are reading about it?

            I am not a lawyer, nor in law enforcement, but I doubt that any old journalist could go into a police office and ask to see a confidential trespassing file of a high end politician. Let’s say I am wrong, and that this file is indeed public domain. Somebody would have had to have tipped off a journalist to search for it. Perhaps Jenny? Let’s say that person is not Jenny. The piece went to press and Jenny did nothing about it.

            In regards to there “only be a slight rumble” with Jenny demanding a psych evaluation – it’s all over the internet. This should be confidential information between the couple and their lawyers. Why is it being made public? Who is making this public? Don’t think it’s the lawyers. Finally, let’s say that the results of the psych evaluation show him to have a personality disorder – NPD likely. Does that mean his children are in any imminent danger while in his care? What does Jenny hope to gain by this?

            The pair of them shamelessly use the public domain to air private grievances.

            • Let me explain again: when something is filed with the courthouse or the police it is generally in the public domain unless a gag order is in place (such as Mark Sanford filed for just as he was posting his idiotic missive on FB). The Sanfords are big news in SC. The media have been watching these two for all these years and report on every twist and turn. Any decent journalist worth his or her salt will have contacts at the courthouse and at the police department, who will alert them to anything that might make a good story. Because the Sanfords are so well known and this story was such huge news when his affair was first exposed this would be considered a great exclusive for any journo.

              I seriously doubt Jenny Sanford was behind this. The story was not all over the internet or getting all that much attention beyond a bit of a ‘heh’ until he went on FB and acting like a teenaged girl.

              As far as Jenny ‘not doing anything about the story’ once it went to press, I will tell you that there is nothing she can do. The press has the right to print the truth and it’s the truth that was printed. She has no say in the matter and I’m not sure where anyone would think that she would. We all understand how the First Amendment works, yes?

              You cannot keep court filings or any other legal matter private unless you have a gag order in place. That has not been in place, ergo the whole thing is in the public domain.

              As far as what Jenny hopes to gain? Maybe a father who doesn’t act like a nut job and if he does he’s at least under care. The man is absolutely out of his tree and no one will convince me otherwise.

            • I agree with Nord and the others. I do not believe Jenny is not escalating the siutation, it is all filed with the courts. The media (and now poor sauage) have brought it out in the open.

              As for court psychology stuff, in my state court psych evals. are required if child custody is contested and goes to court.
              My ex is considering changes that I disagree with, and if we go to court, the kids, me, him, and his OWife all get evaluated. Period.
              I do not know the rules in SC, but it might be something similar.

            • “This should be confidential information between the couple and their lawyers. Why is it being made public? Who is making this public? ”

              LOL, seriously you’re joking, right? Are you unaware that high-level politicians and celebrities in the entertainment and sports field are constant fodder for journalists, that their every action tends to be watched for ANYTHING that can be turned into a story? You’ve never seen all those gossip rags at the checkout counter in the grocery store, hell, that’s an entire industry. Any journalist worth his/her salt knows how to get any info that is in public domain, and also has contacts at court houses and such that can give them a discreet nudge when shit hits the fan.

              I doubt Jenny Sanford is spouting her private business to the press. She’s been pretty quiet about the whole thing, other than her book, which I don’t blame her for writing. Hell, I’d like to write a book about my ex, but mine only IMAGINES he’s famous.

            • This is a bit triggery for me, so I apologize – but it certainly seems like placing ANY blame on Jenny in this situation is misguided at best, and a subtle way of victim-blaming at worst.

              I, personally, am reconciling with my Cheaterpants Dickhead. So, believe me, I understand the need for me to do personal (i.e., inside my own soul) work on forgiveness and a certain level of acceptance for what has happened. In other words, there are times (a lot of times) where I simply must decide to “be the bigger person.”

              But I do not OWE it to my husband to be the bigger person. I do not OWE it to ANYONE (including my children) to be the bigger person. Anytime I choose to take the high road is a goddamn GIFT. Anytime I choose to act as my higher self (evolved, compassionate, empathetic, kind, generous, etc.) in the face of the difficulties my husband has inflicted on my life, it is a high-cost GIFT from me to him. And he better recognize it as such – because it cost me a lot to offer. I don’t lord it over him, and I don’t sit around asking for bitch cookies or gold stars for giving that gift…but I know inside MYSELF that it is a gift, and I empower myself with that knowledge.

              Reconciliation is bumpy and twisty. There have been a handful of times where my husband has shown a small amount of petulance in the face of certain demands I have made (“Marriage counseling? Really? I don’t know…I don’t think we need it,” or “Limit my travel for the sake of your sanity? Awww, man, but I ALWAYS go on that fishing trip with the guys!”) and other people have actually asked me “Gee, LMM, can’t you just be the bigger person here? Let it go, just this time, maybe? ”

              My response is always the same. “Yes, I certainly can, because being a bigger and better person is who I am, and it is what I choose 99% of the time without so much as a comment. But I sure don’t owe it to him, to you, or to anyone, so if I don’t choose it this time – I refuse to allow anyone to imply it is owed. It isn’t.”

              It’s like Chump Lady said a while back about cheaters: Don’t order the shit sandwich at lunch with your eyes wide open and then complain about how it tastes going down.

              That is what this politician did. He willfully ordered that shit sandwich with a side of vomit fries and is now wishing he could send it back to the kitchen because it tastes like exactly what was advertised.

              Jenny does not owe it to him to make it easier, less public, less painful, more amicable, less contentious, or anything else. And I will go as far as to say she doesn’t owe it to her children, either. They are grown men (even the youngest is sixteen – almost a man), and their relationship with their father is theirs to manage.

              I say she is teaching them a valuable life lesson about the consequences of destroying a family in such a cruel and heartless fashion, and just how much blowback you can expect when you fuck with a woman who won’t take your shit.


        • From what I can see on the news sites, Jenny Sanford is trying to limit the visitation schedule for Mark Sanford. She asked for him to have a psych evaluation and take an anger management class when she filed about custody. She also suggested that he has an addiction problem.

          I think the implication is that she doesn’t think it is safe for her children to be around him.

          Basically, if he is drinking or taking prescription drugs or losing his temper, she’s right, his visits with the kids should be limited or supervised. Nothing vindictive about it, just protecting your kids.

          If she’s lying and doing it to get the attention, she’s horrible. I would point out, however, that of the two of them, Mark has been the consistent liar.

          I don’t think the Sanfords can control whether or not this gets into the news and is bad for their kids. It is bad for the kids that it is public, but there’s nothing the parents can do about that. If you believe your kid is in danger, you may just have to accept the press making things worse.

          I would add that I don’t think Mark Sanford’s Facebook post is the only reason this is in the public eye. He’s the governor and it’s news. He probably thinks that his Facebook explanation will help him. I’m pretty sure that he’s wrong.

    • tflan386, I actually wondered the same thing on the visitation issue. The kid is 15. At that age they can tell the court how they want it to be. If her kid is at odds with mom, well, that’s sad. I’d tell her just wait, he’ll figure out dad in his own time.

      The only thing I wonder that would prompt a psych evaluation (and again, you have a teen, don’t send him if he doesn’t want to go) is if there was some episode of crazy and dad involving drugs. I read — and of course Sanford’s disavowing it in that FB vomit — that’s she alleging he abuses prescription drugs. If he was driving under the influence with the kid, or did something to endanger him, I can see as a mother initiating that kind of lawsuit — no, you CANNOT go visit your dad (while he’s behaving high risk).

      • The kids may or may not figure out dad. As much damage as cheaters do to their families, kids still want both parents in their lives. Kids don’t understand marital anguish – they are not in the spousal relationship – they are in a parent/child relationship. I don’t see that Mark is a dead beat dad. He wants to be a part of his children’s lives. My concern is that Jenny is seriously vindictive and is playing the kids against him to appease her own anger.

        The hardest thing in the world is to give your kids access to a parent who has cheated on you. The bottom line is that the kids come first. You are the adult and you need to be able to manage your emotions. Five years later, Jenny is not managing her emotions very well. She is nowhere near meh. In fact she seems more outraged than ever. Now, she wants a psych evaluation – when in doubt, question the mental health of your ex-spouse. Jenny, get on with your own life. You’ve had ample time/money/resources to find a newer, brighter, happier life.

        • And you know she is not managing her emotions how? I have not seen one story about her making some public outburst on FB, about her trespassing on someone else’s property. And if he keeps stalling on settlement, whinging on FB, falling behind on child support, and complaining that she has full custody–well, who is not managing his emotions? She might not be the most fun ex-wife ever, because she has resources and the will to fight for her share of things. If he doesn’t like it, that’s just a consequence of his blowing up his family.

          • LovedaJackas: This has gone beyond where I wanted it to go, but now you’re making unfounded claims.

            1. How do you know he is stalling on settlement?

            2. How do you know he is falling behind on child support?

            Don’t take it to the next level and make assertions you know nothing about.

              • Something tells me tflan386 is a cheater themselves or posting crap on behalf of cheaterpants Sanford. Only a cheater would keep defending his steaming pile of lies. We aren’t buying any unicorns here.

              • Also, I get a bazillion comments on this site. I don’t have time to be moderator AND blogger. I trust that everyone plays nice, and if it really gets out of hand, I step in. But I would prefer NOT to.

            • He was found in contempt of court for failing to make a payment toward one son’s college tuition, as agreed to. So , the assertion that he failed to pay support has merit.
              Apparently he trespassed on his XW’s property in the past and just dumped his mistress is facebook vs in person.
              The man sounds very messed up, probably NPD, at the ver least, if not a full blown sociopath.
              As far as I know, his wife has not looked for much publicity lately.

            • tflan386 – read the divorce filings, his repeated deadbeat dad issues, his repeated trespassing issues, his repeated lies. Seriously, is that you, Mark?

        • I think it all hinges on whether or not Mark Sanford is abusing prescription drugs or losing his temper. If he isn’t, it shouldn’t be that much of a hardship for him to do the psych eval and classes, etc.

        • How do you know that Mark Sanford is not a deadbeat dad? Do you know him personally? According to the divorce papers he was balking at paying the agreed child support figures, pleading not just poverty but also pointing out that he is ‘notoriously cheap’, as if that absolves him from supporting his kids.

          As far as Jenny Sanford, again: do you know her? What do you base your evaluation of her management of her emotions on? A rambling FB post that has much of the world mocking and the rest scratching their heads wondering just how drunk he was when he posted that?

          Three of the kids are of age and apparently have some sort of relationship with their father but not much of one. The youngest one is at the age when he can decide for himself, more or less. Mark Sanford has shown himself to be an erratic and not very trust-worthy individual, from balking at paying child support to repeatedly entering Jenny Sanford’s home, uninvited and in violation of their divorce agreement.

          Whether he is in need of a psych evaluation, abuses dugs or alcohol, has an anger problem – that’s all for the court to sort out, but at the end of the day this is the first time Jenny Sanford has filed these sorts of papers. It appears all her other filings have been to get her ex-husband to live up to the divorce agreement, something he has repeatedly not done.

          In addition, the man is still lying – he says he didn’t have lawyers in the divorce when in face he did have lawyers. Two of them. Whether they were friends working for free or whether he paid them is not of any importance. They were the lawyers of record and they advised him.

          Not sure what dog you have in this race but damn, you’re making some very big assumptions based on absolutely nothing about a woman who gives every appearance of having moved on with her life but who is still dealing with a nutty ex who blames her for all his problems.

          • Yeah, that’s my read on this too.

            The crux of the most recent court filing was about appointing a guardian ad litem for the youngest son: in other words giving him his own representation so that he can make his own decisions about his relationship with his father. The rest is just standard cookie-cutter language for such agreements for the most part (the part about paramours is maybe optional, but it’s usually in such documents).

            In that same court filing, her attorney asked that the court hearing publications be suppressed, so Mark-the-Narc’s filing of a gag order appears to have been superfluous and litigious legal hand waving. Also note, that she has agreed to go into mediation, so not exactly the shrew he is painting her to be most likely.

            Meanwhile, who was it who took to facebook to blow this whole thing up into a public spectacle? Oh, that was Mark-the-Narc, and he makes all sorts of public accusations, many of which hold no water on the face of it. It really comes off like the story he’s been telling his mistress to avoid marrying her dressed up in Jesus robes for rube voters.

    • Oh, that’s rich. She found out on Facebook thanks to the press?

      Priceless. I assumed she dumped him.

      I guess she wasn’t “good for his career.” Even the mistress isn’t blaming the ex-wife for the break up. She thinks she got in the way of his ambitions. Now he can find a nice acolyte/younger woman who doesn’t have the taint of his philandering… onward and upward.

    • WOW! I also assumed the mistress dumped him. But instead, karma bus hit her in the backside. Now she sees that he used her and dumped her once she was inconvenient. She’s left with nothing but shattered integrity and the knowledge that she whored herself to her “soulmate” for nothing. Serves her right. As for Mark Sanford, that guy should hike the Appalachian Trail right off a cliff.

  • He has been one lucky S.O.B. Jenny Sanford has remained a lady throughout this ordeal he has put her and their sons through.
    She has never spoken out about anything!
    She has been the responsible one and the parent.
    But, boo hoo, we need to feel for poor Mark.
    I know for sure he won’t be getting sympathy from Chump Nation :).

  • Please someone with a deeper knowledge of congressional committees and appointments tell me that this narcissistic nut job is not on any subcommittees tasked with issues of national security!?

    • Here are his committee assignments with *my commentary*:

      1. Committee on International Relations: *Experience, Argentine Mistress*
      2 Committee on Government Reform: *Experience, Misappropriating Government funds to do things like traveling to visit affair partners*

      3. Committee on Science: *Experience, None required. Mark continues the New Republican Tradition of placing creationists who say things like “Evolution is JUST a theory” onto the Science Committee. Strangely, he is not a Climate Change Denier as well, so Boehner may have slipped up.*

      4. Joint Economic Committee: *Experience, Read Ayn Rand Novels.*

  • I get a very bad vibe from Sanford. He seems like a true NPD.
    Why couldn’t he have just been honorable and gotten a divorce if he had found his soulmate?
    What these. Heaters seem to fail to understand is that by cheating , they set the stage for acrimony and resentment.
    Was it really that Important to have this affair and humiliate the wife? Where was his self control?

    • I may be remembering wrong, but I don’t think he was planning to get a divorce. He got caught and Jenny Sanford gave him an ultimatum. He didn’t give up the mistress, so his wife divorced him.

      I suspect he would have been very happy to go on having Jenny Sanford run his home and career for him.

      • From the divorce papers it appears he was willing to reconcile (while still banging Miss Argentina) all through the divorce. He’s a nutter.

        • And after becoming engaged to said mistress yet.

          Yeah, it’s classic, ain’t it? Bet he thinks he’s original too 🙂

  • Laughed so damn hard just a tiny bit of wee might have happened! God, they’re precious, aren’t they? (Loving the comments after his Facebook novel 🙂 )

  • I was actually quite “happy” to read another pair of cheaters who were destined to be together, called it quits, especially today, because I had to deal with my ex marring OW today (so unfortunately some of these soul mates are “destined” to be together! 😉 ).

    Now, I don’t know about you guys, but if I got married for a second time, especially after I had an affair, would you not keep it low key? I think I would. I would be HUMBLE. I would be EMBARRASSED. I would keep it on the DOWN LOW. Nope, full out planned wedding complete with A BRIDAL GIFT REGISTRY and and BRIDAL SHOWER. For a couple who each already had “big” first weddings (so it’s not like either half of the couple was deprived). For a couple who makes lots of money but doesn’t want to spend extra money on their own children beyond what they legally have to. I guess that gives new meaning to starting a “brand new life” even though they already took toasters and glasses and towels and waffle irons when they left…. … but oops, “we need new ones because, even though we are established people who have been living on our own together for a few years now (even though we make BIG BUCKS combined), we just can’t afford this house stuff and gosh darn it, we are ENTITLED to this stuff just like we are entitled to this awesome big time affair!

    Funny thing – none of the kids were there. As a matter of fact, neither side of children were invited. Mine were just told recently their dad was getting married ‘soon’. OW’s children weren’t even told. And yes, I had heard what a WONDERFUL woman this was… and such a great mom! She worked full time and raised her kids! All on her own! Um, reality, she found time to cheat with yet another co worker (not my ex) while dumping her young children (at the time) on her MOTHER IN LAW. Such an upstanding mom, isn’t she? 🙂

    They are all cut from the same mold. The sense of entitlement from all of them makes me want to puke. While I do not like hearing bad news about people, I did enjoy reading this story, as I am sure most if not all of us did.

    • Oh and sorry, I hit send before I typed this. This thought goes along with the comments/posts above…. I am sure the absence of the children was a topic of discussion. And I have no doubt that her ex and I were both portrayed as the EVIL EX SPOUSES who did not allow the children to be there. Trust me, I am glad they were not! But I, nor her ex, were the evil exes who did not allow the children to go. Thankfully they were never invited!!!!! (Because they knew their children couldn’t feel happy for them on their “special day” based on how they have treated their children since they both left).

      • Omigosh, AllaLie – schmoopie got re-married and didn’t even tell her children? Man, he really traded down, didn’t he. It sound horrendous but ultimately you can be glad he didn’t invite them – saves them from having their noses rubbed in it.

        You are so much more than them.

    • my kids found out their father remarried (again) – a woman 3 years older than my then 18 year old son, that he knew less than a week – when they went over to his house on the usual night and saw a wedding ring on his finger. Oh, and saw that their bedroom had been converted to her daughter’s room – and he knew it was no big deal for them to take the hideabed in the living when they spent their two nights a week with him….

  • I think he knows he’s at the end of the road. That facebook rant reads like it was written while the author was inebriated.

    It does occur to me that the “breakup” of the [5-year?] engagement is just an orchestrated ploy to influence current court proceedings over visitation/custody. Who stays engaged for that long…maybe Benecol or whatever her name is needs some boundaries herself.

  • To her credit the mistress is not blaming Jenny Sanford but she IS blaming politics, instead of seeing that he’s an asshole who got bored with her but figured one last time to hit it in Paris before quitting it.

    She’s speckling like mad right now, refusing to put the blame on him. And Sanford? That nice little bit in the FB post about ‘maybe in the future’ – yeah, we all know that story. Hoping to keep her on a string just in case her replacement doesn’t work out.

    This story has me in stitches.

      • I’ll see you 5 and raise you 10! No way that dude doesn’t already have his next side piece lined up. Poor Belen thought she was “so special,” we all know how that story goes.

        • It sure is something to behold from a safe distance;

          “How to Demonstrate Cluster-B Manipulative Behavior in 2500 Words or Less”, by Mark Sanford.

          I wouldn’t marry my mistress, she gave me an ultimatum, and I blamed my ex-wife and played the victim card using my kids, most of whom are already grown and can decide to see me whenever they want–but shhh! This has been my story for 5 years now, and I am sticking to it–and the youngest one is now 15 and will probably be allowed by the court to make his own decisions.

          Meanwhile, I wonder if anybody thinks I am grooming my next mistress already? Naw, I control ALL REALITY. The Universe revolves around me.

          Sincerely, Mark “I’m a lot like Jesus” Sanford.

      • There you go. I think he’s also stringing out the settlement stuff because once it’s all done, he couldn’t keep the “mistress” on the hook without a marriage ceremony. Typical cheater.

  • This story just gets better by the minute. I read a few of these stories. Comments said he already has a new shiny soulmate. I love, love , love how his mistress gave him he out. She was pushing for a marriage date and said “I can’t be you mistress anymore” and just like that, Markie was given a “get out of jail free” card. I bet his insides where squealing with delight that he could get out if it and shift blame, where as she thought he loved her enough to deliver an ultimatum. Foolish mistress, you aren’t special.

  • Poor Jesus, he always get this crap. Find me a politician Jesus cheater who doesn’t love the Jesus spackle.)


  • As someone who is endeavoring to life up to her screen name, can someone explain the bit about triangulation CL talks about at the end of this post? I googled and read, but still don’t get it. Could someone give me a Chump 101, please?

    • This comment is meant for the person who ask about triangulation. I have no idea where it is going as my computer has issues with the new format. CL means that Mark is a triangulator–wants to pit wife vs. mistress, mistress vs. first marriage kids, etc. He likes to have 2 people on the line fighting over him and feeding him kibbles–doing a pick-me dance. His FB page is like a complex triangulation–(1) wife vs. mistress (wife is mean, so mistress can’t get married when she wants, so WAAAAA! It’s not my fault I want out of the affair); (2) wife vs. his constituents (wife is mean, it’s not my fault for breaking engagement with True Love Schmoopie and ending up in court again fighting about money and my trespassing and all the other embarrassing thing I do. Don’t blame me! It’s her fault! I want your vote! ) and maybe (3) wife vs. kids (your mom is mean to me, feel sorry for me). All the while, maybe, he’s stalling and hoping she’ll take him back because (you know) CHILD SUPPORT! FINANCIAL SETTLEMENT! And SINGLE GUYS HAVE GIRLFRIENDS, NOT MISTRESSES AND….THEY WANT MARRIAGE! So Markie avoids dealing with anyone directly (wife, mistress, new mistress, kids, the citizens of his district) and thus tries to avoid any real claim on him or his resources. Meanwhile, he keeps them all in the game for kibbles and cake. Getting elected –> big cake.

        • It’s not complex–just managing relationships and expectations by pitting one person against another. Some people just do it with all their relationships and so–triangles everywhere. There are really good discussion about triangulation on the internet that are much better explanations than I can offer. Pretty sure Dr. Simon has one.

    • Dear lord, on top of everything else…

      He lied even more than I noticed in the facebook post, and he and his family are nuttier than a bunch of fruit cakes.

      Seriously? Flying planes at the kids to see who will dive to avoid possibly being hit first? And two kids drowned on the farm because of poor supervision? And no liability insurance?

      And what’s up with lying about not having legal representation? He didn’t think anybody would check that out? Audacity, he has.

      His visits should have been court-supervised, and he should have received a psych evaluation years ago.

  • It really irks me to see people posting stuff about Jenny Sanford when, at every turn, she has not been the selfish ***hole bringing media attention to their marital and divorce issues.
    1. He had multiple affairs. Not a word about her being unfaithful, from anyone.
    2. He lied not only to his wife, but to staffers and constituents when he was governor of a state and out of the country.
    3. His lies and egregious cheating brought his wife and kids into an international news story, 24-hour cable scrutiny.
    4. He declares his love for True Love Argentinian Life-long Friend Schmoopie via press conference, essentially throwing his wife and kids under the bus.
    5. He lets himself into his ex-wife’s home, trespassing. This is a huge boundary violation, especially between divorced spouses. My XH (not the cheater) would never think to just walk in my house without permission and vice versa, which is why we don’t need restraining orders.
    6. Did Jenny write a FB rant complaining about his bad behavior? No? Well, then–who brought all of this back to national attention?
    7. I take it they are divorced but still arguing over the settlement since–aha! he’s a deadbeat dad. He doesn’t want to pay!
    8. The Argentinian OW/”Mistress” is tired of her status and wants to get married. Could it be that old Mark is running that familiar cheaterpants play, the old “I can’t marry you because of my wife/exwife/kids/child support…”. And then word gets out that the ArgentineMOW might have just been discarded publicly, shades of what Sanford did to his wife. If a play works, in Cheaterland, just run it again.

    He’s no different than the rest of these married cheaters who want to hold onto legal marriage, run out the string on settlement so they never have to pay, skip child support, cross boundary lines over and over. The only difference is that Sanford’s “impression management” goes on in national press conferences and on FB, where it goes viral from there. Giant, soul-sucking narcissist.

    Jenny Sandford was married to this bum for a long time and had 5 kids with him. No telling the emotional and psychological trauma she endured from years of lying, gaslighting, emotional abuse, cheating, and bullying. Years of boundary violations. And still her divorce and financial settlement go on. Who benefits from that? It isn’t Jenny and the kids. It’s Mark Cheaterpants, who can’t cut lose from all his cake supplies at once.

    • And Nord pretty much explained it all about how these private matters go public. Sandford’s sex life is and has been big news, all owing to his own lying and cheating. Court houses are not hermetically sealed. Clerks see these filings and they talk, as all humans do. Reporters, especially state political reporters, lurk around courthouses and have sources. A major politician trespasses, by entering his wife’s home without permission? Major story. Two of my best friends are reporters. That’s how it works. Jenny Sanford has no reason to leak anything. She’s a private citizen and huge news stories just bring her and her kids more embarrassment. No doubt she has her flaws, as do we all. Maybe their marriage would not have worked for other reasons, but it ended because Gov. Cheaterpants had an international fling on the job. Who knows how long it will take for her to recover from such a horrendous D-Day, and the subsequent revelations that this was not Gov. Cheaterpant’s first cheating rodeo? She was chumped. She gets the benefit of the doubt. Hope she is getting counseling. Hope she gets to “meh.” But she is bound to this loser forever with 5 traumatized kids. Can’t imagine how those 5 boys felt when Dad stood up at the microphone and told the world he loved someone other than his wife, their mother. So anyone who want to blame the wife or the kids or the dog, be my guest. You’ve just finished a gallon of Cheater Kool-Aid/

  • What I can’t get over is how old mark looks next to his former mistress. It seems these older guys feel younger when they date younger girls. They look at the young girl and not themselves. They just look even older standing beside the young schmoopie.
    Also, it seems Mark is up for reelection in November and will run unnopposed and supposedly anyone who runs and is Republican wins.
    So that may be the reason for the breakup. Seems he’s using The Cheater’s Handbook and being a coward by not even telling his schmoopie he’s ending the relationship,then blaming it on the ex wife. If South Carolina reelects this idiot there is no hope for you.

  • Turns out Schmoopie found out the good governor had broken up with her via his Facebook post! Gives new meaning to the words ‘lack of spine.” One of the things schmoopies don’t get is that if the cheater is so cavalier about his wedding vows, he will be even more callous in jettisoning the so-called soul mate he is cheating with. Cheaters cheat on everybody! Fundamentally it’s all about the cheaters convenience and lack of conscience.

  • Another side to this story is that most of us who have been cheated on have been betrayed in hundreds of small ways. I tell my story because it is the truth. When I was a child I covered up the fact that my biological nightmare of a father sold me for pocket money (giving men oral sex at ten) but when I returned home from visitation I promised myself I would never willingly place myself in harm’s way ever again. So I tell my truth. I was married for twenty years to a man I never knew. I no longer care that it makes people uncomfortable. It doesn’t matter that it’s “between adults” because the disordered are always going to abuse their kids. My ex destroyed our lives while gleefully setting up his secure future. He stole our savings and refinanced our home so he could force a foreclosure. He vandalized the house because he discovered they were paying us to move. I could not have left town fast enough. I write about it because if something ever happens to me there will be a record. It does not however keep my ex from controlling his narrative and fucking over his children every chance he gets. He’s a peace officer who lies about injuries he did not suffer on the job and settles for money to reimburse him for that injury. He worked with those in our local family court and then paid people in our community to “side” with him. Scholarships to their children, gifts to others. He illegally dissipated assets. Over years while carrying on who knows what. Funny thing he is newsworthy and solicits write ups in the local papers attesting to his “specialness”. Little things. My ex is truly evil and five years out he is still triangulating. The last bit of “paper” on our financial settlement has been on hold for five years. I am hundreds of miles away and he is still courting favorable opinion, he’s a great planner. Of my three children one recognizes he’s manipulative but she is 25. Not fifteen. Were any of our marriages perfect? No. But Cheaters are a whole different animal- to be married to, and to divorce-and the sooner people realize this the safer our families and communities will be. So often people say, you never know what goes on in a marriage and that is true, one day I woke up and saw I wasn’t married to a man who genuinely cared about any one, and he sure wasn’t going to allow his family to get in the way of his dreams. It’s the first time I realized he could hurt me and nobody would know. Sanford is the same animal and a politician first. It is how he makes money and that money fuels his actions. He is a user, plain and simple. IMHO that is what I believe Jenny knows,and she is fighting back. She is trying to protect her family.

  • Awww, I’m soooo sad! He has staffers back in the office now that it is Monday, apparently, and all the negative comments calling out his bullshit have been deleted.

    Including mine – lol!

    But it was fun while it lasted.

  • Business as usual, then. Pass the spackle and sparkles, there are shit sandwiches to make, dontcha know?

    I hope Jenny can get what she needs to protect her kids. And I hope the SC electorate sees through this assclown.

    love to Chump Nation!

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