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Bear With the Site Wigginess

Hi Chumps,

Hey a shout out to Julie DeNeen of Fabulous Blogging for the site redesign. It’s looking pretty spiffy, huh?

Just so you know, we’re still working out the kinks. I decided to let the site stay live for these few days than shut it down with an “under maintenance” sign — the downside is things won’t always work the way you’re used to.

I’m not going to be at my computer much here for the next couple days either, so bear with me. I’m in the Midwest visiting my parents — my dad was recently diagnosed with lymphoma. (Any cancer warrior bad asses out there, please send your mojo!) The visit has overlapped with my site being updated, when I’m not super available to respond to each report of CL site weirdness.

Thus this post — any suggestions, or problems, or preferences with the site — please post them here as comments. And yes, I’ve already asked to return the comment feature to one long scroll on the same page instead of page by page. On it!

I’ll review the issues and pass them on to Julie. Who is awesome. Do tell her that too, whatever your quibbles with the new design.



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  • Our heartfelt prayers to you and your family as you meet the challenge of your father’s lymphoma. All blessings and best wishes to you.

  • Tracy, sending mojo to your Dad 🙂 however think you meant bare with the wigginess, unless bears are running the site. XO and Lol

  • Hugs, CL. The new design is great.

    All the best to you and your family. Keeping a thought for you.


  • Aww, sorry that your Dad is ill. Sending all my best mojo to you and your family. Thank you for working so hard to keep the site up for all of us, it’s looking nice!

  • Tracy, so very sorry to hear of your father’s illness. You and your family are in my prayers. They can do amazing things to fight cancer these days that were only dreamed about a few years ago.

  • Love, Hugs and Prayers to you, your Dad and the rest of your family. Sending some fellow Midwestern good energy your way. Thank you for all that you do.

  • Sorry to hear about your dad Tracy lymphoma survivor here. Having a really hard time reading this new format and even harder time writing in it. And I have used computers for 30 years

  • Logging on was like opening the door of to home and finding the Clean House crew just zoomed through and did their thing. It’s the same! Only better! and fancier!

    I, too, am liking the visual of a bear with site-wigginess, whatever that might be in a bear.

    Major mojos to your pop, who won my heart when he just wanted to take the shotgun out of the closet and ventilate the baserd. Tell him there’s a warrior army of chumps sending mojos his direction. Yours, too. We’ll be okay. We’ll keep an eye on the joint, throw some wood on the fire, answer the phone.

  • Tracy, tell your dad we’re thankful to him for raising a daughter like you and to get well soon.

    The site really looks awesome — I really enjoyed looking at the Cartoon Gallery. The format, your cartoons, and the colors on this site are fantastic. It does look like someone washed the windows!

    Don’t worry about us. We’ll still be here when you are able to make the time to get back.

  • Much love to you, Tracy, and your pops (and your mom–the caregivers suffer, too.) Love the new site, kinks and all. I think it’s great that your cartoons are prominently featured. It really gives the place some color, figuratively and literally, too!

  • My thoughts are with your Dad and the rest of your family. My Mom had lymphoma 2 years ago and is doing great. I hope the same for your father!

  • Best wishes to your pop. Lymphoma seems to me to be a great example of how research dollars have lead the way to effective treatment…I hope my hypothesis is correct, especially for your dad.

  • I lost my mother July 2nd this year, 4 months to the day my wife left me and my daughter for her Hawaiian fling. I’m so sorry to hear about your pop. My prayers to you Tracy and your family. Your site has really brought me so much peace, I hope you can know that. Your site is the only one I have found that has really given me the ability to move on. Please take care and take care of your dad.

  • Wishing your dad a complete recovery, soon. All the best to you and your family. The site looks great by the way. It’s very enjoyable to use.

  • GRRRR every time I want to post something it comes up with,
    “You need to prove you are not a robot before you can continue.

    Enter the five letters shown above and press enter”

    then I can barely see the box that I need to fill in and I no longer receive subscription email for me to agree on following and I didn’t get one single notification of new posts/comments in my email like I use to and only way for me to see if there is a new post, I have to keep checking and that means I have to go through all the old comments to find the new ones. Time consuming and frustrating.

  • Dear Chump Lady,
    Love all the renovations and the edgy characters and cartoons, You and your site make us Chumps realize that our dreadful tales individually and as a whole are significant, and the results of cheater lunacy harm innocents.
    Hope your parents are buoyed by your success and your Dad shares your kick-ass attitude during this rough time and throughout his recovery.

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