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Designated Server Doom!

Hi chumps,

ComputerSo sorry about the miserably slow and crashing site yesterday and today. I’ve been in the 7th Circle of IT Hell trying to resolve it.

What it seems to boil down to is that there are too many of you, chumps.

Too much traffic, too many comments, too much too muchness.

I think my Australian shepherd might have an equally valid opinion of what’s wrong. (“You need more squirrels. Fewer cats. Optimize treats.”)

I thought I could get away with my current hosting plan after they upgraded me to “Pro” — and when that failed, they said, oh you have to “Optimize” for an additional $99. So I did that, and it was still crashed. The optimization geniuses never got back with me and the tech support people said “Oh, the Optimization Team has to deal with this.” I said my best guess after not hearing from the Optimization Team for 24 hours was that they were asleep under their desks or optimizing some beer.

“We would never allow that in our workplace” typed the disembodied LiveChat man, prudishly.

Anyway, I’m punchy. And the long and the short of it is I have to migrate to another server again. One that can handle this much traffic. Hopefully I can get by with the Virtual Dedicated Server and not the plain ol’ dedicated server. Had to upload all my files so they can figure out pricing for me.

But in a bit of GOOD NEWS — my Stupid Shit Cheaters Say book trailer is finished and it is a HOOT! I can’t wait to show it to you. But I dare not do it right now because any spike in traffic will crash my site until I can move it over someplace nice and stable. (Gee maybe leaving hosting companies is like leaving cheaters?) Let’s hope Chump Lady has a nice new life with a nice new server who appreciates her.

But stay tuned! Will be up and steady SOON! And limping along until then.



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  • Good news is that you’ll be up and running very soon 😀

    Bad news is that there are so many of us dealing with the evilness of cheater hell that we crash your servers 🙁

  • Thanks for letting us know, CL. I would advise that you get more capacity than you think you’ll need – I think you’re on your way to superstardom.

  • I tried many times to get on today, occasionally succeeded. Pictured you somewhere yelling to your tech support, “But my chumps need me! This is their life support!”

    Seriously, Tracy. STBX gets served tomorrow, and I’m running low on fingernail. . .

  • Technology can really be a bitch, can’t it? Remember the days when we would ride in cars without phones (smart or otherwise?)

    Of course back in those days there was no chump lady and that is hard to wrap my head around too.

    Anyway, I’m sure you’ll make it all work again CL.

  • Realized what a life-line this site is to me when I couldn’t get on at lunch today and almost had a panic attack!! I hope IT gets this shit together because I don’t think I can survive without my daily dose of CL and Chump Nation!!

  • I say we sacrifice the cheaters, but the whole system may burn down….

    Success is a female dog CL. Congratualtions.

  • Quick, Chumps! Buy the book!! It will be like the batteries for our Chump Lady Flashlights to use during times of website darkness

  • Cannot wait to get the second book. Great stocking stuffer.
    Glad to hear you are getting so much traffic,CL.
    I tell every betrayed person I meet about you.
    I just told a court reporter at a deposition and a women attorney at a settlement conference.
    I think you will make it big with this gig. People love your stuff.
    Remember the little people when you hit the big time.

  • Well, my cheater Ex was a software architect, so it’s all old news to me 😉 he would do things like reconfigure my operating system(s) … (multiple machines) without permission or notifying me…mind you, I was doing compute-intensive data analysis for work, yeah, so that was fun.


    Tracy, I wish you the best of Server luck, don’t know what the lucky charm is! But you certainly deserve every single morsel of success that comes your way. You have done a mighty service to the world . Seriously.

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