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And the winner is….!

You chumps have twisted, Gothic imaginations. LOVED the Halloween submissions!

I award the winner — STELLA! Who submitted:

His costume–Shiva, god of destruction
My costume–a phoenix

Simple, clever, and sums up the CL ethos of gain a life and rise above. Stella, you win a signed book and all the Kit-Kat bars I can wrestle away from the teenagers. (My son and our exchange student came home from trick or treating, loaded with treats, and then dumped the remaining candy here into their bags. I then hid their candy as an act of restorative justice.)

This chump medicated for your protection was a close runner up with his ex-wife as Medusa (with a head full of writhing dicks), but as I wrote on the thread, I like Gorgons. And it would be a disservice to Gorgons everywhere to be compared to This Chump’s ex-wife.

This Chump, as runner up, you may have the juju bees, skittles, and non-chocolate candy remains, if you chose.

Thanks for playing!

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  • Congrats Stella 🙂 Well deserved. And congrats ‘This chump medicated for your protection’ – that one was a good call too 😀

  • Wow! Thank you Jayne, and thank you so much CL for the honor of winning–there were some really good costumes and descriptions in this contest.

    I’m looking forward to receiving your awesome book, signed no less, and whatever Kit-Kat bars you may still have! Special thanks to M.B., a cyberpal who has helped (and keeps helping) me keep my sanity through this journey.

    • Thanks, chearterssuck, and congrats to This Chump as well. Darned kindle-finger got too excited and I posted too soon! :0)

  • Congrats to Stella! They were all great. The only time I wish my ex was more of a POS crazy one is during CL’s contests. I have nothing interesting to say, as he was simply a lazy, lying, selfish coward. Just a common run of the mill cheater justifying his behavior.

  • Congratulations Stella and Medicated!! Good Job. That was fun.

    I woke up grateful this morning for life and CL and Chump Nation. Reading this blog faithfully has opened my eyes wider than anything else in the world could have. Whereas I thought I had such a terminally unique cheater, according to my friends here, not so much. I had no idea they were all so banally the same. Just as CL calls it, narcissist and entitled. Bottom line. Because of this site I quit untangling the skein realizing that there really wasn’t one. Don’t care about his FOO issues or anything else. I can talk to him and not feel a thing. Finally. What he did to me was the most devastating thing I’ve ever had happen, he stole my joy for years but I’m over it. He’s not getting another minute of my wild and precious life. Today I love my life. It’s a gorgeous day in the pacific northwest and I’m going out to take down my pumpkins lights and hang my *sparkly* Christmas ones. Have a great day Chump Nation!!

  • CL…I accidentally put something in my name that I didn’t want there…..part of an eddress.. Could you remove it? I’m typing into the sun, Thank you!~

  • Somehow I missed Stellas, I’ll have to go back and reread, though the Medusa runner up is still vivid in my mind!!!
    Fun contest and congrats to the wimmers.

    Will there be a “My cheater is a Thanksgiving turkey contest”, oh well that is a given!

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