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At Last! New Serverdom!

computerhampsterFINALLY Chump Lady is now moved over to a nice, new, ghastly expensive designated server who promises not to crash.

Thanks for your patience as we’ve slogged through this process. Between the site face lifts and Every. Fucking. Thing. That. Could. Go. Wrong. That. Went. Wrong. I believe we’ve finally arrived.

(Knock on wood. Kiss a cat. Throw cabbage over your shoulder. Whatever superstitions you know of to prevent jinxes, please perform now.)

What does this mean for you? Well, it probably means that CAPTCHA is going to eat all your comments until you tell me it’s bullying you and I add you to the White List. For some reason, messing with the systems seems to make all my spam filters go wiggy and get extra paranoid. It’s NOT YOU, okay? I’m not banning you, don’t hate you, it’s nothing personal. It’s the fact that millions of spambots attack sites like hoards of barbarians. I have to run spam software. If I don’t, the barbarians win.

Is the process of writing to me to add you to the White List incredibly tedious? YES. Please have some patience with me, especially if you emailed me yesterday (I had no email all day while that too was moving over). Oh, my email? I’m working my way through the requests.

Oh! And by the way, you’ll notice a few new things here! Where did the Amazon box go? It’s up there in Resources — check it out. I’ve included a few other sites I recommend here a lot and added a couple new books. Also, if you buy anything on Amazon through that portal (doesn’t have to be a recommended book), it goes to support the blog. So thanks!

Also a new feature many of you have asked for — in a drop down menu under Stupid Shit Cheaters Say I now have the patented Universal Bullshit Translator. Did your cheater send you a stupid text? OW send you some self-serving letter forgiving you? Is there some news article on infidelity that has your knickers in a twist? Send it to the UBT! And you could see your bullshit translated!

Thanks to all the IT geeks who saved my bacon this week and a SPECIAL shout to fellow chump Brent in Trinidad who introduced himself and did more to improve the site than a hundred, self-important Austin IT “experts.” Yea Chump Power!

Well, that’s it for now. Back to business. (I’ve got 820 emails to sort through… no, I’m not kidding.)

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  • You’re in the big league now! Congratulations! If I do any Christmas shopping through Amazon, I’m coming here first so you get the credit.

  • Thanks CL and thanks Brent in Trinidad! I buy nearly everything from Amazon, do I just click on the Amazon icon at the bottom and you get your bit?

    PS: you now have 821 emails…sorry bout that!

  • Amazon it is!

    We must make this a profitable website and I hope you get some sort of reward like a Grammy or Peabody.

    You have a place in heaven, CL. There is no doubt in my mind.

  • Dear fellow Chumps, please notice that little “Donate” button up on the top right of the blog post page. If each of the many readers here would click that and give say $3, or what the hell, even $5, I’m sure it would go some way toward helping Tracy defray the cost of this major upgrade to the site. Must of cost an arm and a leg.

    Just sayin…

    And now I’m doin it, so should you 🙂

  • I’m so glad you are back up and running. I am typically fairly broke – but I will be donating and I encourage others to do the same. Five bucks, ten bucks…we’d spend that on cheap wine to guzzle while we weep. It’s so much better spent donating to the blog where we actually get love and support! I’d say keeping this blog up and running is on par with donating to any worthy cause.

    Also, I pledge to buy any and all Amazon-y type stuff through your link here – I’m so happy to know it helps!

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