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Some Good News in a Wicked World

annabel1Hey chumps, I just wanted to update you on Annabel, our Valentine. If you’ll recall, I posted a request that instead of sending cheaters chocolates this year, help send a deaf girl from South Sudan to school instead.

Well, thanks to Chump Nation, we raised a year’s tuition for her to go to the Mulago School for the Deaf in Uganda. LeAnna has shared some pictures of Annabel at her new school, and she’s doing GREAT! Thanks to the campaign, we’ve raised almost TWO years of schooling for Annabel. (The original campaign was just trying to raise the first year, at least.) Over HALF the money raised so far has come from Chump Nation. I’m so proud of all of us!

LeAnna writes:

Dear friends, I just wanted to share a few photos of Annabel working with her teachers and in her dorm room at the Mulago School for the Deaf. She is thriving at her new school and getting good grades! Working with Confident Children out of Conflict (CCC), we have raised a total of $6,966 — just $34 shy of our target to raise two full years of tuition! 

For anyone that’s still interested in giving, the Indiegogo campaign for Annabel is here.

It feels so good to know that our love and generosity is going to a good kid who’s been through hell. Thanks Chump Nation!



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  • That is so wonderful!

    Now I know who Annabelle is! I wondered. I thought she was one of Arnold’s kids!

  • Thank you, Tracy, for giving us the opportunity to help. This makes my heart sing.

  • Annabel,
    You look great! Keep getting good grades, and change the world.
    I remember the way it felt to get my hearing aids. Who knew the world could be so fascinating?
    God bless you!

  • Very grateful to have had the opportunity to help provide this opportunity for Annabel!

  • 9 comments only?! Chumplady….please post donation details again…..and again…..and again……we are losing perspective of the big picture methinks……

  • Thanks for the update! Annable rocks and so does Chump Nation! It was fantastic to have a wonderful Valentine this year!

  • Annabel is an inspiration! I was wondering if she might be a candidate for cochlear implants in the future.

  • This is just FABULOUS! $7,225 raised so far as of this morning and the campaign is not over. To anyone who says little things can’t change the world, I say, “Watch us!” CN is mighty.

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