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Dear Chump Lady, I’m a serial cheater

serial_cheater_sharkDear Chump Lady:

I was recently on your pages reading about cheaters without remorse. I am a serial cheater – at least four times with at least four different women and I want to give your readers some insight into why I cheated on my wife, the way I felt about it and why I’m without remorse.

I was married at 22 and my wife was 21. My wife was extra-ordinarily beautiful (the marriage was normal and the sex was alright). She wanted to get out of the work force and become a stay-at-home mom. She had a picture of traditional male/female roles in a marriage. We had our first child a year after getting married. But I became bored with the marriage within a couple of years. I became overwhelmed with the additional responsibility of being a father and housework (more than half of the house work), child care, maintenance, repairs and gardening etc. I still loved my wife, but started to fall out of love. She wanted additional children but I didn’t. Despite my wishes she stopped the birth control pills, and got pregnant again. Twin boys arrived about 7 months later. I actually started cheating before the twins were born.

I certainly didn’t love the other women. They were younger and also attractive, but I was really in it (the cheating that is) to get the sexual fix. I didn’t worry who was going to get hurt. I knew that I was eventually going to dump these women. All I wanted was the sex, and I found it all too easy to pick up women starting with just a simple compliment. It seems their heart, ears and vaginas are all connected. I found them all desperate for the attention and they didn’t worry at all that I was married. I always wore my wedding ring.

I found cheating addicting. You see it, you want it and you have to have it (the conquest that is). Just like candy in a candy store. And don’t tell me that women don’t dress provocatively or actively encourage it. They do. They like the attention and want more. But from your readers’ perspective, I can attest to the fact that a cheater does not feel guilt or remorse. It’s the thrill of having another woman; another conquest. The real problem for the cheater is having to deal with the fallout when you get caught. At that point it is all damage control. I didn’t regret the affairs. I regretted all of the work having to ameliorate my wife; trying to patch things up. I hated that part. Certainly didn’t feel sorry for the affair, except for one occasion which I will come to. I always figured she would take me back and think me a bastard, but I was right on that account.

I eventually gave up on my marriage and decided to leave for a very pretty but spacy 21 year-old. She had originally been a babysitter to my kids. I know it absolutely crushed my wife emotionally for the rest of her life. I could see it in her face and eyes, but somehow I didn’t respond to it due to the anger surrounding the divorce. I didn’t want to reconcile. My ex-wife and I eventually divorced. The affair with the OW lasted maybe 6 months. It is only now that I am 70 years old that I feel sadness about what I did to her when I reflect on my life.

My wife, I think tried to have a revenge affair with an ex-boyfriend shortly after we separated, but that lasted about one month. Her parting shot aimed at me was that he had a bigger package than I had, but my parting retort was I didn’t care. I think it was at that exact point she realized that any possibility of restoring the marriage was over and she had to let me go. She never dated or had another affair after that.

However, after the divorce I became a free-wheeling very eligible single divorcee (early 30’s) and vowed never to re-marry. I went through a long string of romances and short and long relationships, holding out the unspoken promise of commitment, but being very careful not to ever fall in love. Broke lots of hearts but I didn’t care.

She had a difficult life raising the three kids on her own. She managed to get them all through high school (just 12 years after the divorce) at which time she died of stomach cancer. By that time I lost any bonding I had with the twins and most of my bonding with my daughter. They are all grown now of course and in their early 40’s but when seeing them it’s like meeting with simple acquaintances.

You can tell I am somewhat sorry for what happened now, but that was more than 35 years ago. You might think I am now remorseful, but no, not really. It is not that I have forgiven myself either, since I don’t see it as something I need to forgive. It is my life’s story, and that’s life.

I now know that my cheating is a character flaw that I am unable to control. It may even be genetic since my mother, two sisters and two brothers are all serial cheaters. My father lived a miserable life because of it. As I explained I am much older now (70), and in a relationship (not even common law) with another woman (quite attractive 54 year-old) and with whom I have a fourth child (now 19 and in 1st year university). But I am still tempted to wander; still tempted to cheat. Yes I live alone, I look at porn, Ashley Madison, personals on Craigslist, and Plenty of Other Fish. I am sorry to say the social media makes connecting with women and cheating way too easy. There are hundreds of women I would love to meet, and they are all looking for love. Easy targets. As a serial cheater it is easy to predict, that there is going to be a huge explosion of infidelity just lurking over the horizon. It’s also easier to get caught and probably going to drive the divorce statistics through the roof. That is my story.

Serial Cheater

Dear Serial Cheater,

Just wow.

Occasionally cheaters write to me and perhaps unwittingly prove my points about Genuine Imitation Naugahyde Remorse. Boy, and the unicorns think I’m cynical? Thanks for the sociopathy public service announcement.

Chumps, I’m taking the day off. Have at it.

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  • Yep, Sociopathy 101. The actual textbook definition. I’ve got a feeling that this post will get the least response because it’s so transparent- yeah, yeah, so this is the insight to the psyche of a sick man. Right.

    • Yeah, I hesitated to run it because a) it’s kibbles for him and b) he’s just a disordered asshole. But in the interest of untangling skeins and what makes the serial cheater tick? Here’s a look into their noggins. They don’t give a shit, they fake it, they repeat. Ergo chumps — it’s not YOU.

        • Good luck on getting it done! I’m looking forward to your next book!
          (Focusing on the positive….I have no comment for today’s featured letter writer. Him? Meh.)

      • Thanks so much for running this letter from Serial Cheater. Important to show this is what sociopaths and narcs are.

      • Hi!

        I think it’s okay that you ran cheater’s back story. I gives us chumps answers. We can see that there is no remorse, and his letter assures us that divorcing these a-holes is the right thing to do.

      • I’m glad you ran this letter and the responses. He could be a she too. He/she doesn’t give a shit about anyone but themselves. People to them are “transactional” events. He/she is a competitive thrill seeker; like people who do triathlons, iron mans, marathons and ultra-marathons, climb mountains, go on long road bikes, etc. They take care of themselves and they do not give a shit because the thrill, the challenge and competition directly infront of them is what drives them. He wore his wedding band – the women he had affairs with didn’t care that he was married. I actually read a study that a majority of women find married men more attractive, know single men who wear wedding bands to bars because it is easier to have a conversation with a woman when she thinks the guy is “safe”, whatever that means. He targetted women who took an interest in him even in light conversation and what he is saying is, no matter how innocent the interaction, he was never innocent, for him it was “game on.” I’m trying to find a way to identify these freaks ahead of time and get out before the “game” begins. And for starters I agree that you are right CL: “Ergo chumps — it’s not YOU.”

  • He might be a serial cheater; first of all he’s a misogynist with no impulse control. There is no gene for serial cheating. There is a gene I assume for when people cannot control impulses and also he was raised with no care for consequences. This is a sociopath; most serial cheaters would attempt to say they fall in love, or monogamy goes against biology etc. He has no excuses and lost touch with his kids. I feel sad for the other women too – they were younger, and this man was a predator and a sociopath. Most normal people are no match for this.

    • Not sure he is any less respectful of wonen thsn men, if he is a true sociopath. They ard equal opportunity predators.

      • Don’t. It sounds like their mother raised them right and they have nothing to do with him. He’ll be dead soon and they can dump his carcass in some hole and forget they ever knew him.

        • I hope my kids will be strong enough to think the same way. Thanks for the enlightenment KellyP. You’re right!

      • I wince when one of us calls another person a lesser human. In fact, he is a real human. One of us. His actions are deplorable and without empathy and will bring about the appropriate “cause and effect” depending on your view. We need to teach our kids to be aware of these personality types, so they will not fall into the same situations that we all did.

        • We are all flawed in someway….the difference is intent. When u lack the ability to recognize suffering… Or worse recognize it and continue doing it…purposely inflict it…u are a lesser human being. They are not whole.

  • This sounds exactly like my ex, who is only 36. He said all the same things to me after I found out he was a serial cheater with dozens of women (all low-class, very poor, married, usually with track marks in their arms). He said it was the thrill of the chase, he was always the one pursuing them, it made him feel alive and powerful to cheat on me and steal these pieces of trash from their poor husbands–thats what got him off. He told me he picked me as a trophy wife, so no one would ever suspect his double life and ‘sex addiction’. He was a diagnosed sociopath who took after his father, who lived the same way (I had no idea until the divorce, at which time children whose parents’ marriages were wrecked by his married father decades ago contacted me). Thank God I found out before we had children, although we were married 10 years. I cut him out of my life with the precision of a seasoned surgeon, as if he were nothing more than a 220 pound cancerous tumor. It wasn’t easy at first, but now I often forget he exists–until I step in dog shit. Perhaps its something about the incredible mess and the nauseating smell that bring back a fleeting memory of his shitty existence. I’ve no doubt there’s a special place in hell for my ex, his father, the writer of this letter, and all the others who belong to this subculture of scum.

    • // , Is there any way to prevent his latching on to some other victim?

      Can a “I will cheat on you” stamp get burned (figuratively, of COURSE) onto the slunt’s forehead?

    • He calls himself a serial cheater?!! He’s a Sociopath. Big difference. No remorse and no conscience …. Forever in Hell.

      • I would say that 99.9% of serial cheaters are either sociopaths or narcissists–no conscience or empathy in either of them.

        • Refreshingly honest. I know quite a few people like this, but few would admit it,like this guy.
          Yes. serial cheaters are invariably sociopaths.

          • Reminds me of this quote from Jekyll and Hyde:

            “To cast in my lot with Jekyll, was to die to those appetites which I had long secretly indulged and had of late begun to pamper. To cast it in with Hyde, was to die to a thousand interests and aspirations, and to become, at a blow and for ever, despised and friendless. The bargain might appear unequal; but there was still another consideration in the scales; for while Jekyll would suffer smartingly in the fires of abstinence, Hyde would be not even conscious of all that he had lost”.

            They don’t care because they are conscience of what was lost. This man lost a good woman and his children…and yet… and yet…When one is not interested in human connection can one lose anything?

            • A+ for this ^^^^^ Well said and exactly on point!!!!

              • I agree. Excellent quote. It captures exactly how i think of these folks. I would see it time and again in the criminals I represented. They do not suffer or consider, at all, the things they are losing. It is not a loss to them.
                i think we need to somehow comfort ourselves with the thought that the future may be nleak for him, but, it very well may not be. It does not cause him pain that he lost his relationships. Hemay not die alone, but might just die peacefully, rich and adored by some victim.
                i think it js tough to accept that good things do happen to bad people, even moreso than the reverse.
                Going through life as a Sociopath presents myriad opportunities for the Sociopath to flourish. Withiut the constraints of a conscience, one could get away with all types of things that provide creature comforts. Many, many of yhese folks prosper as they either walk a very fine line, legally without regard to morality, which frees them up to do all types of evil, profitable things.
                And, only a fraction of those committing crimes are ever caught,IMO.
                This guy is a monster, no doubt. But, he may very well reach the end of his life having banked more pleasure and prosperity because he is one.

            • Is his denial about not caring really a defense mechanism? Not that it really matters.

            • // , This is the best comment I have read on this site, PigletWiglet. Where have you been?

          • It’s pretty easy to brag about being a total douche when cloaked in anonimity…

            • And the kennedys, MLK, were assassinated , Lindbergh yeah we know his heroics, and his demise. False equivalency to the common every day sociopaths – like the OP.

        • Jfk,Mlk, et all, included, Tempest. Not that I disagree. Charles Lindbergh had a secret,second famiky and was doing two European sisters. Big funerals. Adoring public for these guys, among others.

    • You’re a douche old, man! There’s a special place in hell for people like you and the women who get sucked in by your sociopathic personality.

      • OP Original Poster. I see that 99.5% of the posts in this thread are going to be attacks on the messenger, while the message gets either misinterpreted or missed completely. The Message is this: many people who have experienced infidelity in their marriage try like hell to salvage what they can by dragging their cheating partners to a marriage counselor, and hopefully extract real remorse or guilt out of the offending partner. Only then do they feel that the marriage can be saved. What I am saying is that the cheater never feels remorse or guilt, despite what he may say during the counselling sessions, and he/she will cheat again when the opportunity arises. I’m giving you my own personal experience. I’ve seen one poor fellow who was cheated on four separate times in his own home, while the kids were at home, and once while he was downstairs. Each time he tried reconciliation. He pleaded, begged, sobbed and forgave, He was trampled on four separate times. Yet he still wanted to try and forgive. From my experience his wife will never change. A cheater never feels guilty about what they have done. That is the message.

        Now if you want to attack me personally for my story in trying to explain why I cheated, how I felt about it. and why I have no remorse or guilt, that is fine. I appreciate the fact that most of you have been cheated on, hurt, and even devastated and want to thrash out at confessed cheaters. I can handle the derogatory remarks, the insults, the snide remarks, etc. They don’t hurt me. I appreciate the fact that you may think that I am a sociopath or narcissist; a miserable unloved empty shell of a man headed for a lonely death and wish me all the ill will possible. Nothing could be further from the truth. That is beside the point. Attacks on the messenger are not going to help, especially if they are based on inacurate extracts from the original posting. It just clouds the message.

        • You’re a selfish prick. Ever heard of being a single, unattached person having no-strings-attached sex, instead of beating the shit out of someone mentally, physically, emotionally and financially?
          No. Because you are a selfish fuck, that’s why.
          And then you cower like the worthless swine you are. You’re the kind of person who talks big to a guy a lot bigger than you – and then when he says “Come and fight me” you run away like the chickenshit you are.
          I hope someone beats the shit out of you or takes you to the cleaners. And I don’t normally wish ill on anyone.

          • Fantastic response!!
            Love it. Straight talking..No Bullshit like these spineless assholes!!..& That’s why they cheat..Cos they need someone to go running back too..Pathetic

        • Don’t think you can predict that you won’t have a lonely death. Just try cheating on your attractive (not quite sure why we need that information, but it’s obviously important to you) 54 year old partner and see how long she hangs around. Suspect your 19 year old won’t be too happy either – perhaps taking the same route straight out of your life as your older children. So who’ll be around to tuck you into the earth? Perhaps only your latest hook up on Craig’s list. Even that would be a stretch.

        • RH – believe it or not, I think this letter of yours and all of the ruckus it has caused has really helped me heal and understand that there is absolutely no remorse. It just is. All of us here have been hurt so badly by betrayal and often wonder if the ex will ever regret it. It’s needed in a way like some sort of closure, and we all hope for it – even we are willing to admit it or not.

          This truly helped hit home to me to forget even thinking or hoping for that because it’s simply isn’t even a thought in my ex’s head. He was a serial cheat too. I was hurt countless times by that man. He on the other hand, wasn’t smart enough to stay single. He recently married his newest AP, but I think she likes the swinging lifestyle that he wanted so badly and she’s the one with the money – so perhaps as I think about this he’s not as stupid as I like to think ha ha ha. Time will tell, but hopefully I just won’t care!

          Basically your saying – don’t waste your time. It will never work and you’ll hurt more than you know. IMO, that’s good advice. Hard to do, but good advice all the same!

          • Kimberly-while your ex’s new wife may be going along with the “swinging” lifestyle it is clear that since she is supporting him that she would do anything to nab him. Don’t kid yourself she is emotionally involved and is headed for big time heartbreak and more than likely financial disaster. I also think that the OP’s letter should have been taken as an eye opener of a typical cheater and drum home that it is a complete waste of time to work on a marriage with a cheater.

        • The message I got from this was “look at me, I banged hot chicks when I was young, and still bang hot chicks now that I’m old”.. “I broke hearts”.. “I can get laid”… (yawn)… Big deal old man, you can manipulate easy women to drop their pants for you. You’re not special, you’re simple. You’ve accomplished something that’s really not anything to be proud of, yet you brag about it thumping your chest “I do what I want and I don’t care who I hurt”… then you pretend that you’re trying to give a ‘message’. As if you’d ever try to help anyone or try to do anything that’s not in your best interest. You see yourself as special, when you’re actually pretty creepy.

          So please stop with the “message I’m sending is x”.. we can see what message you’re sending. “Look at me… Look what I can do… I can live a shallow life, and be proud of it.” Good for you, you’re a creep and proud of it. What do you want from us? Not to help us, I can assure you of that.

          You’re 70 years old? Wonder if it’s too late for you to grow up and start acting like a man instead of a turd…

        • Sure pal, you’re not a sociopath or a narcissist – just a person who live totally for themselves and feels no remorse for the destruction and pain they have caused others, and brags about how awesome they and their life are while they do it…

          Waaaaaait a minute…..

          (But hey, I am sure your kids will defend you, just sit down with them and…. oh wait….. they are barely acquaintances…)

          Do you go by your first wife’s grave just to piss on it from time to time? Because that totally seems like something you would do…

        • Rh or Serial Cheater
          You’re still a dickhead. Doesn’t matter how well you think you write or what you want to say – your behaviour is that of a dickhead.
          You’re welcome:)

        • I am so very grateful for you post RH. And you are right, people here are missing the point of your post. I was never able to understand the depth of lack of empathy until your post. I am one of those chumps that thought if I explained the devastation he would have empathy and want to fix it. Your post clears up a lot of unanswered questions. Thank you!!!

      • Hey whoa buddy, the women who get sucked in by these sociopaths are mostly the women on this website: chumps. Wanna not victim blame? Because those women are victims. He preys on women who are specifically looking for love because they are “easy targets”.

        • Someone (WC Fields?) , said “You cannot Cheat an Honest Man”. this would seem to apply to the women he cheated with while married, unless he lied to them re his status. If not, they are not victims, but predators, themselves.

          • Are you that naive to think a sociopath would be honest with the OW right off the bat? I wouldn’t be surprised if the women didn’t know about each other initially until it was too late, and they were already sucked in. I was the main girlfriend at first, and then unknowingly became the OW, and neither I or the new girlfriend had any knowledge of each other’s existence until I stumbled onto her online profile.

            • Are you so naive as to believe that there are not plenty of women out there who think nothing of infringing on another woman’ s marriage? Get real, the vast majorith of OW anOM knowingly engage in tnese affairs.

              • Yup.And plenty of men too.In your case at least.But then again.I heard countless stories where the women didn’t even the d-bag is married.

    • This guy’s delusional lol. Thinks his x never dated again? Hahahaha, hollow shell clinging to false and grandiose sense of self importance. Narc much? I bet she was right about the package … Dickless.

      • It sounds like he left her to raise 3 children alone. It may have been hard for her to date, as he was not being a father to his children. A narc indeed.

      • Well I’m probably never going to date and that’s largely because when I read stuff like this it tells me we just don’t stand a chance. If this is the new normal…which more and more it seems that it is normal….then I’d rather be the cheese and stand alone!

        • TRUTH^^^^^^^ I have no hope that there is any chance that I won’t hook up with another narc. Just no hope at all.

          • Irish, i hzd the same fear after 2 marriages to what I believe are NPDs. I think there are ways to detect them and reading about the signs and using my brain vs my attraction alone has helped. Have very strict , arbitrary criteria: no past infidelity;good credit and job history; no drug or alcohol problems. The number one thing , i thjnk, is to expose them to trusted friends and family and ,actively, seek out their opinions with assurances that telling you their true impressions will not be held against them.
            I found that after i divorced , mzny came forward regretting they had not alerted me yo their concerns. They had refrained for fear of offending me.
            Even my wives’s family members expressed regret sbout not having forewarned me. But, it wastoo late, aftrr a lot of damage had been done.

            • Arnold, I thought that I was having those criteria. Long term job, good credit, no drug or alcohol (his addictions, as it turned out, were food (has a creepy knowledge of every restaurant in town), cigarettes (couldn’t remember my birthday but knew every gas station which would carry his brand), and, of course, lies and sex. Even after DDay, none of his friends knew. I had previous losers who, when I left them, suddenly all the ‘friends’ came out of the closet to tell me the horror tales. NOBODY knew about this guy, well, except maybe my ‘friends’ he f***cked, but that was later. There were other red flags, of course, but they seemed like the ‘well, nobody is perfect’, but in hindsight, they were blood red snapping me in the face sorts of things.

          • I want a relationship with someone honest. I’m sure this asshole and others like him would raise so many red flags. We are smarter and deserve a healthy relationship. Besides we have been detectives for so long we know what we don’t want.

        • I hear you, Nat1. My 20 year experience with marriage to the narc a-hole cements me to the idea of going it alone from here on out. Heck, I was my own husband, save for the sperm he donated that produced three great kids, who (like during the 20 years) are pretty much my responsibility from here on out. Sex? Overrated. In my mind, that became just one more thing I was expected to deliver on, while busting my ass taking care of everything else – including his DUI drunk ass fiasco/sabotages. And now that I’m on Effexor, I could give a crap about rolling around in the sack being expected to do who-knows-what. Too much of a performance these days. I am looking forward to enjoying my relationships with my kids (13, 17 and 22) and redsicovering myself – new friendships, activities, maybe even travel on my own. The peace and autonomy is too compelling after what I went through chained to his miserable soul.

          • Good for you pianomommy; this is what a recovery looks like. Enjoying what you DO have, and seeking out less dangerous adventures than looking for “love.” I agree with others that it seems the “no conscience” model is the new ordinary. I am seeing it in business too. People crushing each other lying, cheating and stealing to drive a better car or wear nicer jewelry? Putting people in harms way for a little extra profit? Cutting workers salaries or hourly wage to grow an already huge income? WTF??
            Good post!

  • That is not even close to genuine imitation naugahyde remorse. How many people’s lives is he going to destroy due to his selfishness? He destroyed his beautiful wife, his three children and is working on destroying his fourth child and the woman he is in a relationship with now.

    You’re in your 70s and should be contemplating your life, not continuing your horn-dog ways. You are at the age where you are going to need help in life and you are going to be left alone.

    • I wonder if he will be so smug when he dies at the nursing home, alone. He is already beginning the long march to the grave and this letter is nothing more than him whisting past the graveyard. How does it feel knowing no one will mourn him, that he will never be a hero to his grandkids (who he obviously doesn’t know), that not one person will shed a tear on his passing? He has led a life without meaning and for what? Strange pussy? This fellow is nothing more than a lonely old man, attempting to relive his “glory days.” Pathetic, but totally deserving of his fate.

      • you missed the whole point…….HE DOESNT CARE…. he will not care when he dies because he doesnt care now. he knowingly crashed his loving wife and walked away (abandoned) his children and HE NEVER CARED OR THOUGHT ABOUT HER AGAIN. he has NO REMORSE. the only reason he is with this lady is because he is slowing down but he has not stopped. his wife died, his children do not know/love/need/admire him and HE DOES NOT CARE.

        the only thing that ever meant anything to him was the trill of the chase. he never wanted to keep any of those woman. he had no respect for any of them. as soon as he “won” then he did not want them. AND GUESS WHAT…….there was ALWAYS an ‘easy target” for him. As soon as he dumped one chick there was another one waiting to pick up where the last one left off. i doubt this ass ever went without a body to cuddle, clean clothes, gifts, had someone cooking his meals, a place to lay his head and dick, there was alway someone to “make him feel better” and tell him he was wonderful.

        out with the old and in with the new. the destruction they leave behind never enters his mind.
        HE DOESNT CARE. he is not lonely. to be lonely you have to CARE about someone other then yourself.

        • I am the OP. Typing from my I phone. I have not yet read all the replies. But this post is probably the closest analysis I’ve read yet. I am not bragging or proud of the way I am. I am not lonely but it is just now that I have reached an age where running after women is just too much bother.

          • What’s funny, is you think you’re telling us something we haven’t figured out yet. You aren’t special, you’re just another garden variety douche bag.

            You’ve got nothing to teach us.

            • One thing that he might contribute are his thiughts on how to detect folks like himself. Sam Vanakin does this on his site.
              , Malignant self Love.

              • Arnold, I am in awe of Sam Vanakin. And I appreciated RH honesty.

          • oh yay!! i was the closest to figuring out that you are a worthless piece of shit. lucky me.

            drop dead asshole

          • Mrs Vain

            They don’t care about anyone. However, they do have to settle for less as time goes on. X can’t get it up, has no assets, can’t find anyone attractive or intelligent woman who would give him the time of day. What they will never admit is their supply dwindles. They age horribly and grasp for kibbles where ever they can. Rather pathetic statements like “running after women is too much of a bother” are typical. Their never lonley because they have a hand. Masturbate away! you have yourself OP. So fucking funny how simple it is for them to enjoy their own disordered company.

          • “He who dies with the most toys, still dies.” Enjoy hell.

          • I totally agree with Mrs Vain. Well done you! I see similarities between the contributor and my recent ex who is 63. A few weeks ago he was the bearer of ‘bad news’ to me as he told me he was worried that he might be running out of opportunities to be with other women and how much time does he really have left? So he finished with me. His phrases were. “This is just something I have to do.” “I have to pursue this new woman.” “Carrots have already been dangled but I haven’t responded!” Wow. After the anger and hurt subsided I think my overall feeling is one of sympathy and sadness for someone who can never truly have a deep, fulfilling connection with another person. You are right Mrs Vain. They don’t want that….or do they?

        • Mrs.Vain – your right – he doesn’t care. It’s too bad there are so many people out there willing to fall for his bs. He’s got an unlimited supply!

          • He doesn’t care…yet. But believe me, when he is alone in that bed he will. I cannot tell you the number of times I have seen people in this precise situation. Not a care in the world, no concern for anyone else, until the end, when they begin bemoaning the fact that none of their family memebers are anywhere to be found. I once saw a case of an old man who died in his wheelchair in the snow, on his way to pick up his Viagra! His family paid to keep him a caretaker to take care of him and most importantly, to keep him away from them. After he died, they paid for the cheapest cremation available and promptly forgot him…No loss to anyone.

            • he STILL will not care. look how he is bragging already. when he is alone in that bed, he will just remember all the horrible and cruel things he did in his life and that will keep him happy for the remainder of his life. he will also have the “poor, pitiful me” story to tell anyone who has to be paid to attend to him.

              but yes, it will be of no loss to anyone when this asshole passes away. the world will be a better place without him. if anyone even notices that he dies that is.

              • Yes, but if he is dead, he will not have any conciousness of no one caring. I feel fairly certain, having met a number of golks lime this, even the aging ones, that others caring about them or the legacy thet leave is of little importance.
                And, i have seen , first hand, good, decent people who profess to believe in an afterlife, scared shitless by death, fighting jt tooth and nail.
                living a good life seems to be no protection against the imme se fear of dying or being forgotten.

        • MrsVain…….absolutely perfecto! Your explanation is exactly my XPOS! I ALWAYS said if he and I didn’t make it (musta had 6th sense) that he’d be on to the next! And never look back. And exactly that he did!
          Just ruthless worthless life forms. It’s sickening!

      • Folks, get real. These folks do not all die alone or hated. History is full of NPD cheaters who were adored and mourned. We have monuments to some. Some are on our coins and bills, stamps etc. We worship athletes and entertainers who are NPD, Jordan, Kirby Puckett, Kobe, Newman, A_Rod etc. Tons of politicians. Where do you get this idea?

        • Well in the case of the OP, I’m sure it’s a safe bet he’s no Kobe, A-Rod, MLK, or JFK, so he doesn’t have that going in his favor. I think it’s a pretty safe bet too, that since he has yet to put a ring on that 50 something gorgeous woman, she’s got her own side dish and just biding her time for the big payday. But besides that, we all come and go alone, from the cradle to the grave…

          Having had cancer in my 20’s and subsequently volunteered as a hospice caregiver for 20+ years, I can tell you that many narcs die alone and miserable – that’s who they really are.

          (But the lama says to us chumps “Oh, uh, there won’t be any money, but when you die, on your deathbed, you will receive total consciousness.” So we got that goin’ for us which is nice)

          • Love that movie, Indy.
            surely you do not believe that narcs all die alone though, and, clearly, many nons do,aswell. We have no idea what this man n has going for him. I merely mention JFK et al as examples of remorseless serial cheatrrs,who were/are sucessful and held in high esteem by many.
            I completdly sympatize with the desire some have for justice but it just may not happen.

            • Hey Arnold,
              surely you saw that I typed “many narcs”, not “all narcs”.

              That said- yea some cases were tragic and heartbreaking. You want to see a man or woman facing their final moments on this earth relieving every regret/missed opportunity? You should. There is truth in the adage “no one on their death bed says – I wished I had spent more time in the office” –

              Likewise I’ve never heard “I wished I had gotten more pussy” but I have heard ” I wished I had been a true husband/ a good wife. I wished I had seen my children grow up, I wished my children were here, I wish they respected me. I wish I had been honorable. – it’s funny but they all had deep consciousness in their final days. They finally understood the true meaning of life and that they had missed the point of it all. They died with enormous regret.

              These are the things I have witnessed, of course

              Your mileage may vary…

              • Then there are those that I witnessed who lived deeply, with great hearts and live in their hearts that they were ready to move on to whatever else was waiting for them. No fear, no regrets. I know I will die this way, because this is who I am. This is how i live. And I see this in chumps here.

                Just sayin

    • This guy’s not capable of regrets and introspection. It’s like asking a lamp to hug you back.

      • Exactly. Life would be a lot tougher for him if he was capable of those things. But, he is not, so he does not suffer snd prospers.

  • Just another piece of dysfunctional garbage. He wants to make a point that he just doesn’t give a rat’s ass but the joke is on him, as he will never feel pure joy, love, happiness or satisfaction in his lifetime.

  • ***YAWN***

    This guy is just boring and predictable. It’s funny, because I would think something like this would be hard to read, or “trigger-y,” or remind me of past hurts, but honestly, he’s just another bore.

    I wonder if he realizes what a walking, talking cliche of patheticism he is (not that he would likely care), or how anyone whom has even a modicum of intelligence or sense is likely sneering at him behind his back.


    • Quite honestly, I’m not sure I believe the story. Whether fictious ramblings of someone with wayyyy too much time on his (or her) hands or distustingly true, this is a completely soulless chunk of pig vomit.
      If indeed true, well there ya go…way to ruin having relationships with your children by choosing random, pathetic cumdumpsters over your family and not giving a flying fuck about it. Chew on that on your deathbed…it’s right around the corner for your elderly and likely impotent ass.

      • cumdumpsters…how true. What they don’t seem to get while boasting of their conquests is that they are scraping the absolute bottom of the barrel to find these women. All things considered, “desperate” would have to be considered one of their more attractive features.

        Why would I get an ego boost from screwing the ugliest guy I could find? Eeewww!

        • Right?! They need someone with a less self-esteem than they possess themselves and won’t call them on their BS. Always a downgrade. At the time, I was 29, he was 34…the women he was looking up online were over 45, ugly as sin, and about as wide as they were tall.
          You just have to consider the source…”easy” over “quality”. As soon I realized that, the proverbial fog lifted and saw what he really was.

          • The one I caught him with was a downgrade for sure….some skank from some podunk hole in Alabama. Looked like she crawled out from under a bottle of black hair dye.

            I felt horrible at first, I mean, you’re supposed to upgrade, and here we have this skank that is better than me? My self-esteem took a real beating.

            Seeing them for what they are is definitely the key that unlocks the door.

            • Wow there must be something in the water in Alabama, my soon to be ex also cheated on me with some low rent, trash bag, bottle dyed red headed hick from there… Total downgrade as far as looks and class go. Easy and dumb are the keywords here I guess.

          • Freedom

            When I think of the downgrade X always ended up with, it was typically either someone who was also married or was single and knowingly screwed married men. Size, age and appearance were always secondary to the OW’s lack of integrity, morals, or ability to care. In other words their equals. X did end up with a beast who is more disordered than X if that is possible. I’m enjoying the fact that he has to pretend he is happy with his new life with a whore. It’s comical.

            • I agree. Lack of scruples is first & foremost.
              One of them, specifically the Troll Hobbit, tried to get me into a pick me dance for him. Such joyous memories:/ What’s funny is that the twatwaffle now wants nothing to do with him. The dimwitted bitch could even see through his shit after fairly quickly.
              Im sure he’ll find another…how easily these whores are interchangeable.

        • Some of the men and women I know who I believe to be like this are pretty darn physically attractive and hook up with nice looking folks, no downgrades. As they age, they still attract nice looking folks, just older versions.
          Somatic Narcissists, often retain their looks longer than average , as, since looks are their main bait, they invest heavily in them, working out religously with high pain thresholds. They invest in cosmetic surgeries and wardrobes, too, to stay equipped for predation.

      • I believe it. I was married to a man just like that.

        Every now and then during an argument about his latest adventure in whore land he would let slip a little nugget of complete truth. Those nuggets of truth sound nearly identical to the letter.

        The only difference is this old asshole Sat down and wrote it all out in one long message, while my ex asshole dribbled it out bit by bit over the years.

        • When they reveal themselves …. YOU FEEL DISGUSTED ! Same feeling I get around pedophiles !!!

          • I do not think most people get the same feeling as they do from pedophiles. As i have mentioned, many famous,rich, admired folks are serial cheaters. Many folks are not put off by our presidents and other political leaders who serially cheat. Same with actors and sports heros.

  • I do agree with him on one aspect. Thanks to social media – people’s morals go down the tubes and I can see the divorce rate sky rocketing. Sad. These web sites and private cell phones DO make cheating WAY to easy and unfortunately….its almost becoming acceptable.

    • I don’t believe social media creates bad morals any more than banks create thieves.

      • I completely agree taniarochelle. Social media may just make it easier for them.

        • 100% agreed. Social media makes it easier, but definitely not the cause of cheaters’ behavior.
          My fuckwit tried blaming social media to some degree. Lol really? Facebook “made you” look up Troll Hobbit and start messaging her? And Adult Friend Finder “forced you” to supply credit card info to chat up lonely, much older fat women?
          If it were 30 years ago, he’d be answering personal ads by snail mail and trolling bars.
          Technology has changed, cheaters are all still the same.

          • agreed. Husband is deployed but social media/email/skype makes it easier for me to keep in touch with HIM, not for me to go trolling around. Can’t blame social media.

  • Hannibal Lector wrote, “You can tell I am somewhat sorry for what happened. . . .” Actually, um, no. Not at all. You never indicate you should have done anything differently and seem utterly unable to empathize with your wife, girlfriends or children. You plainly don’t understand the word “sorry.” But, hey, you’ve only had 35 years to contemplate these events. If, as I suspect, you are actually a vampire and live another 300 years, maybe you’ll have an inkling one day. And the way you describe the tragic death of your wife is downright bone chilling.

    This letter is a pathetic, near-end-of-life play for narcissistic supply disguised as insight. Disguise . . . FAIL.

    • AGREE!!!!

      what kind of loser writes a letter to a website dedicated to helping the type of woman this ass left behind? he is NOT SOMEWHAT sorry for anything, he is BRAGGING about what a complete empty shell and worthless man he is and telling all of us that he is not good at anything except fooling and tricking lonely woman. he cant keep a hold of anything.

      one thing that his letter has done is helped me realize that all those tears and efforts were wasted on the piece of shit i married. and how lucky i am to divorce him and get the fuck away from him. exhole is a lot like this ass. HE DIDNT CARE either.

      well, they are more then welcome to their empty useless lives. i have my children and people who love me.
      i have meaning in this world and have done things that mean something. this guys life is SHALLOW and forgettable, in the end HE IS NOTHING and there will be NOT a SOUL who will miss him.

      we are all better then he is.

  • “I now know that my cheating is a character flaw that I am unable to control. It might even be genetic…”

    See! It’s not his fault so he doesn’t have to be sorry. Not that he is anyway…


    Done, just done.

    • “I now know that my cheating is a character flaw that I am unable to control.”

      Correction: Your cheating is a character flaw that you are *UNWILLING* to control. You COULD have stayed single and told any woman you were with (if any would HAVE you…) ahead of time that you didn’t plan on staying faithful to them.

      BTW, cheating isn’t your ONLY ‘character flaw’. In order to cheat, a cheater has to be skilled in LYING. But I suppose you were *unable* to control your lying, too…

      • ,,,and you were *unable* to control your gross selfishness as well…

      • he couldnt be honest, if he was honest about being a lying, unfaithful, piece of shit that is not worth a fucking thing, he would have never been able to “chase” the women.

        he is such a loser that he couldnt even get a prostitute honestly. he had to lie, steal and hide who he REALLY is because he knows that a decent, or undecent woman would not have him.

        he brags about chasing and deceiving tons of woman like it is a good thing. he brags how he doesnt care about any of them or the harm he dealt them,

        but in all actuality his biggest lie is to himself, thinking he is has nothing that needs to be forgiven. he has lived a shallow empty life and has never know what it feels like to be loved for who and what you really are, or to give yourself fully to another person.

        • OP here again. I wrote this piece more or less to let faithful partners in a relationship to abandon hope of reforming the cheater or trying to save the marriage. I’m not bragging. I’m too old to brag. I’m telling everyone here that it is part of my make up and I couldn’t change. I did not remarry. Like I pointed out I live alone and I am in a relationship that isn’t even Common-Law. I did this to avoid a second divorce, loosing my home, child support, alimony and the like.

          • Oh….just wanting to help us? I’ll tell you like I said before, you aren’t telling us anything we didn’t learn the hard, hard, hard, hard, FUCKING hard way. The way your wife did.

          • Yeah, not bragging…lol. You’re delusional, depraved, and just an overall shitty human being. Now that you’re so old and not finding 20-somethings to put that old, decrepit dick in, you’re getting your jollies by spouting your bullshit to people who’ve gone through hell because of scum similar to you. One last thrill, one last chance to feel like you “got one over” on someone. Feel big & in control now?
            Obviously you know nothing about this site…definitely not pro-reconciliation…these chumps know better. We know cheaters don’t change even without your foul testimony.
            You didn’t even remarry?*Applaud* Don’t you deserve a fucking medal!

            Ugh…I can’t even…it’s futile arguing with trash.

            • LOL he didn’t remarry because he didn’t want anyone to be able to take any more of his money and he knew that it would have eventually crumbled anyway.

          • “I did this to avoid a second divorce, loosing my home, child support, alimony and the like.” Wouldn’t the better thing to do was to not have a fourth child whom it appears you did not support? Oh wait. I forgot. It’s all about you.

          • well you are right about one thing, it truly is a waste of time for the faithful spouse to try to honor their vows when they married a piece of shit like you.

            but you are WAY WRONG on saying “You couldnt change”!! that is just the bullshit you tell yourself. YOU DIDNT WANT TO CHANGE…..because YOU DIDNT CARE WHO YOU HURT in your journey to have fun and be happy..

            you see, i believe that ANYONE is able to change if they really really want to. if you have a conscious and have honor, integrity, loyalty and accountability then you can realize how much damage and pain your actions cause other people. then it is easy to change.

            but for someone like you, who only cares about himself, who has zero feelings for how his actions crushed your wife, who is not bothered that his own flesh and blood children do not recognize nor want anything to do with you, for you, because you are a worthless waste of good air, you did not WANT to change. because you enjoyed what you were doing so much, GOD FORBID you get bored by honoring your vows, keeping your promises and raising your children. you HAD to do it because your happy is the only thing that matters to you.

            i am not going to waste my time trying to get you to understand what a POS you are, i know it is beyond your mental ablilty to grasp….

            but honestly stop saying that you “COULDNT” change and call it like it really is that you “WOULDNT” change.

            geesh, what an asshole

          • RH

            I can smell your rotting flesh. If you could be honest you would admit not only that you never loved anyone but yourself; you enjoy every minute of degrading women. That is why you are here. You have lost your supply of vulnerable victims because…..
            You can fill in the blank. You enjoy coming here to play with us. You are a narcissistic sociopath who has lost power and control. I’ve read about you in books. The aging narcissist facing his false self. It’s not pretty. You enjoy the anger and pain too. We know everything about you also. What does it feel like to face yourself without your much needed admiration from your victims. We are here to spread the word about the character disordered. Are we your last attempt at an audience? That in itself is the most pathetic laughable action I can imagine from a narcissist. I am laughing at your lack of power. We hold the control button.

  • Sounds very like the man I knew,a dangerous narcissistic sociopath who leaves a trail of chaos and destruction in his wake,totally devoid of empathy or remorse.These people are on the psychopathy spectrum and sadly his wife ,it seems,was never able to recover from what he did to her….emotionally and physically destroyed.
    These personality disordered types are never troubled by qualms of conscience or moral scruples.Sent shivers down my spine to read of his glacial,callous disregard for those who were unfortunate enough to be caught in his web….as did his misogyny.Truly horrible.Brought back memories I’d like to forget.

    • And yet, many of us were married to people very much like this. I think it is way more prevalent than we know.
      i spoke to one of my wife’s old boyfriends. He told me ” Arnold, Laurie never considers the effect of her actions on others. 2 things go into her analysis when deciding on an action: what is the reward and what is the risk of getting caught”.
      70 is not that old and with Viagra etc. many of these old Sociopaths have a decent amount of life left to indulge their proclivities.
      And, if they are agnostic or atheists, they are not too worried about what awaits them ,other than oblivion, which most of us fear.

  • Thank you for publishing this letter.

    I believe this was the sort of man I was married to.

    Got married without thinking about what the reality might look like, didn’t want multiple kids or a stay at home wife and the responsibilities that came with both.

    It was easier to cheat than to stand up and be honest about being unhappy. The writer chose to be a coward and cheat than make decision to voice his unhappiness and push to fix his marriage or walk away honestly and take responsibility for not voicing his opinions before he had 3 children.

    I believe he is correct when he says that plenty of women will have affairs with married men with families. In my case, she knew us all very well but simply cared more about what she thought she was going to get. (What she got wasn’t as wonderful as it looked but that’s besides the point)

    Mine also lost his relationship with one child (but he doesn’t care about that one because he knows that charm and guilt won’t get that child back) and will never have more than an acquaintance relationship with the other.

    I believe this man has no remorse. Not even imitation.

    I would like to hear from him years from now when he needs his diapers changed or spends all his holidays alone in a nursing home. Maybe then there will be some remorse…but probably not.

    The only horrible part is that the mother of his children did not live to reap the full benefit of her love and hard work raising her children. I will bet that they were with her while she died. The writer definitely left that out so I assume it was the case. If the children had abandoned their mother, I am sure he would have added it to his story.

    I am glad that the three children have each other as family and don’t need their “father”.

    What the writer fails to realize is what he truly lost. Knowing what true love looks and feels like. What love between parents and children or husband and wife can feel like when there is heart-felt love created out of years of real life, mixed with mutual respect, pride and devotion.

    He doesn’t even know what he missed out on and that is what makes him pathetic.

    • I was thinking the SAME thing!!! My STBXH & I were fine- until our daughter was born. From the start of her life, he disconnected- too much responsibility/obligation for him and his narcky-self to handle.

      Yep, this will be my husband – hopefully sooner than later. Fucking asshole!!!

      • exactly, it was at the time of the birth of my first child that I ceased to be a person but instead was ‘mother/housekeeper’.
        We need to educate our kids!

      • They were narcissists ladies. As soon as the kids come along, they are SUPER resentful because they are not longer the end all, be all.

        Narcissists can abandon their kids so easily because they resent them. They were competition, not offspring.

      • After my first was born, my ex put ALL of his attention and effort into her. I am certain that he figured out he would get way more ego kibbles from the rest of the world if he was an amazing father then he would get from being an amazing husband (the original game he played). I am curious if something will cause him to change his game of amazing father to amazing something else. There are a lot of ego kibbles in this present age for a fantastic father. He is very very good at playing up his role when the world is watching, but hiding his true self behind closed doors.

      • Yep, the shift in my marriage occurred during my pregnancy & after our first child’s birth. Chilling to see it written here by a man that could very well be my ex.

  • This really cheered me up
    This will be my cheater 20 years from now

    Also Serial cheater with multiple long term relationships/wives Right down to a kid at 50, as a result of an affair

    This will be him in 20 years when he hits 70
    The commets about needing the conquest and being addicted to it was exactly what my cheat er told me about why he did it.

    Thank god i am out, i had been struggling with the belief he will be different for someone else. This has reinforced that he wont

    • I know, right, coco? Initially, I thought cheater ex would happily live ever after with OWife. They have been married for a year now and I recently found out their big house and big lifestyle is all a lie. Cheater ex has gone through all his liquid assets and is now pulling money like crazy out of his 401k (complete with penalties and taxes) to maintain the dream. In just two years’ time. This was a guy who used to be financially savvy but now it is more important to him to prove to the world that he did not screw up. I guess he needs to be reminded of Suzy Orman’s famous line “Stand in your truth.”

  • 70 year old serial cheating sociopath. How appealing. Pretty sure I’m never gonna be that desperate. Have at it, OWHores!

  • Good thing he doesn’t have a relationship with his kids – he’s just the creepy old guy that no will let their grandkids be around. What a waste of human being.

  • I believe this letter was either written by one of my exes, or one of my brothers. Same MO. Horndogs till the end.

    • Could have been written by any of them. As unique and special as they think they are, they’re produced from the same mold. I never read anything on here that I can’t relate to 100%. All of them, same exact guy (gal).

  • Wonder what his job was? How old he was when he knew he had no conscience? Why his daughter still has anything to do with him? I told the wife of aa serial cheater to come to this blog and got jumped on. Wonder if she would see things differently now?

    • The daughter who still has contact is hanging around to get the inheritance. One of my kids stays in touch with her father so she can get money out of him.

  • Wow is right. Sociopathic much. And the way he describes women is so disrespectful. Hope he dies in a nursing home tended by spacey young women who find him pathetic and repulsive.
    Scary fact is that some men are only as faithful as their options. Makes the thought of dating let alone having a relationship with somebody very daunting.

    • The majority of men are faithful. Even the infidelity statistics bear that out. We’ve got guy chumps here. Some *people* are only as faithful as their options.

      • Thanks for this. I used to think my exW was sometimes an Ice Queen. After she dropped her mask I found out how soulless she really was. It was scary. No remorse or empathy what so ever. Thanks for the great post.

      • CL,
        Sorry I was quoting Chris Rock with that little gem about options. Never meant to suggest only men do the cheating. I feel that anybody can get chumped but earnestly hope that past experience makes all of us wiser in who we choose to share out life and love with!
        This particular post was creepy to see the extent of this person’s disregard for other human beings.

  • Ew, non-remorseful horn cheating grandpa! His boastful letter has done me SOME good, it’s put me right off my lunch, and I really could do with dropping a few pounds anyway! Thanks, you decrepit old saggy-balled asshole!!

      • Haha oh Donna! I’m so glad you’ve escaped your saggy-balled ex! Let someone else deal with his rocks in a sock, euw! xx

  • This guy is clearly an extreme case. But it does give good insight into the remorseless and entitled minds of most cheaters even if most aren’t quite as far up the sociopathic spectrum as this twat.

  • How can you not respect the honesty and the guts to admit that you are nothing but a “piece of dick”. His life revolves around his dick and that is it!!! Wish all the serial cheaters would be this honest.

    • He’s honest about the fact that he makes it a habit of being dishonest.

  • Not too much sadder than someone who uses his penis as the needle for his moral compass.

  • Sad and pathetic. Of course, he can’t help himself. The first step is admitting that he has a problem, which he clearly is unwilling to do. He likes cheating apparently or the thrill of cheating–to be more precise. Least he is “honest” in the letter. Probably the saddest and most pathetic part is what that addiction takes from him and the lives it destoys. Creates an incapacity to really connect and enjoy true love. True love does not cheat, and true love cares if it wounds its children. He might use the term, but obviously, he does not know what love is. That is both sad and pathetic.

    • Well said DM! True love never entered this guys radar. So sad and pathetic. My stbx and his family do not understand true love either. They understand love when it serves them, which we know is not really love.

  • “All I wanted was the sex, and I found it all too easy to pick up [other people without character and crap life skills like me or the stupidly naive] women starting with just a simple compliment. There. Fixed it.

    It was probably no coincidence that his first wife died of stomach cancer. She was probably nursing stomach ulcers for the better part of her relationship with this devoid POS. Chronic trauma of that kind often leads to malignancy. So he robbed her of more than the love, emotional and physical security of an honest marriage. He robbed her of her life.

    And like so many of these cliches, the well-being of his own children was always way down on the list of priorities. They were just an annoying by-product of screwing.

    • I developed cancer after being almost solely responsible for dealing with two very sick children for the first 5 years of their lives. Never got more than an hour or two of sleep because my ex was either traveling or “couldn’t hear them crying.” After he left I found a list of things he loved about his new AP, on the list he wrote “she is healthy.”

      • That’s just so awful and heartless! Hopefully he gets a ride on the karma bus!

        • He’s in the hospital as I type this, suffering from a sudden heart problem.

          • Well, I don’t think his heart problems are sudden. I think he’s had very serious heart problems for a long, long time.


          • Hugs to you Lyn for enduring so much, accomplishing so much- raising two very sick children to successful adulthood, and remaining intrepid through it all. I too had health problems, which I sucked up throughout my marriage which everyone on the outside looking in, attributed to the oddball that was my cheater.

            It was doubly hurtful, that cheater would never acknowledge, that his behavior was even a teensy bit contributory. It sounds like your X too thought it entirely your annoying little problem.

            Even though you are divorced, don’t be surprised if your X spins his heart issues as somehow related to the compassion and guilt he feels for leaving you on your own, or he is working doubly hard to provide alimony, yada, yada…. My cheater often played the pity card to the max as part of his continuing image management to reap those kibbles.

  • I enjoyed this letter. It reminded me of every miserable, judgy outing with the ex, and all the forced smiles at the end, and the fact that while it took me a year to get over my genuine sweet suede leather love for him, he’s already two ladies and an out of wedlock adultery child past me. And a few months into the Child Support he must pay the Schmoopie Stranger till he is a broken down 300 lb 66 year old with a high school education. And all the smiles on FB from New Chick and Ex-Side Dish and the older daughter he lost primary custody of to wife #2 out of this clusterfuck? Looking awfully forced. Decidedly not the proper public image he so desperately chided me about if I so much as laughed too loud at a baseball game, or left the house without him.

    It just reinforced to me how little I mattered, and how little anyone matters to these disordered specimens of Human Garbage. And how now I have the opportunity to spread my love ALLLL around to friends and family who deserve it. And The same no bullshit meter that grew in my spine from this awful marriage works in all sorts of situations, not just romance.

    And as for me? My dance card remains full, in the sane way that sane humans date and court. Because I’m not giving up on any options life may hold.

    The Free Love Bonobo Monkey Circus can pitch its’ tent on the other side of town!

    • 3 points for Luziana for use of the phrase “Free Love Bonobo Monkey Circus”

      And, thank goodness mine had a vasectomy! Hopefully my kids won’t have that awkward phone call from the alleged unknown brother or sister down the road.

      • Add another 3 points for Luziana from me for ‘Free Love Bonobo Monkey Circus’ – that’s a cracker! 😀

        • Perfect! This wonderful quote is now becoming a modification to my adopted motto:
          “Not my Circus, Not my Bonobos.” Thank you Luziana!

    • LOL @ “Free Love Bonobo Monkey Circus”!!!!

      I have literally stayed to myself since he moved out 2 months ago- he has tried and failed at trying to make me out to be dating, hooking-up, LOL #EpicFAIL…I refuse to date, talk to, hang out with anyone of the opposite sex until our divorce is final- honest to God, I haven’t even tried to hook-up or anything- I am in the healing process and have nothing to offer another person- right now, I’m working on me, Unlike HIM.

      He is shocked that I have developed a set of balls against him and a spine. He honestly expected me to curl into the fetal position and cry and let him walk away from me with nothing for child support, total rejection and abandonment.

      He is going to end up just like this. Already starting down that spiral mental-health-wise, and physically unhealthy too.

      37-year-old acting like a 15-year-old with Mommy-Abandonment-issues, he has nothing to show for his life except for being a convicted felon with a jail-house GED piece of shit.

      • UnsinkableMolly “He is shocked that I have developed a set of balls . . .” Mine has been too and is currently not speaking to me because I set some very concrete boundaries (finally!). Our college-aged daughter refers to his behavior as that of a “14-year old girl.” I’m not dating or anything until divorce is final in August. I may not date for quite awhile, I have absolutely nothing to give anyone while I’m just trying to survive the head games.

        • Me toooooo, bepositive!!!

          He told me a few weeks ago, “I will fuck with your head so much that you will end up in an asylum!!!…the games start now!!!” this was said after I exposed his lies for the truth to yet another Schmoopie, —- only after HER MOTHER called a friend of mine and get the real story…even after her mother got the straight story, this dumb 26-year-old is still dating his 37-year-old ass!!!! We haven’t even filed yet!!!! ARGH!!

          I will probably put myself on hold once the divorce is final to repair my “picker”— after my first divorce, I was in a big damn hurry to prove my ex-husband’s words about how I was unlovable, unwanted, etc. that I just jumped into a relationship with STBXH- just 6 weeks after divorce #1- NEVER AGAIN!!!!

          Mine has been pretty much N/C for about a month now. Except for his neglect of our daughter, I’m grateful!!!

    • LOL!!!!! And it suck to be him.. paying child support at his age to stranger. What an idiot!

      • Yuuuuuup. I’m not sure how friendly they are now, but Schmoopie Forever or Three Months now has to raise her kid and watch him coo on FB with the New Chick.

        And it’s a Narc Triangulation Sweepstakes! She has won the sparkly turd future she deserves from fucking a married coworker- and the timeline of the child’s birth proves it to everyone at work, which means promotions are sadly off the table and they are both lucky to still have a jerb.

        PS Babies are wonderful, blameless and a gift.

    • My Dad’s best friend had a High School education. He was worth over 500 million when he died. So,chumps withoit a college degree may do just fine.

  • “Plenty of Other Fish”

    It’s Plenty of Fish. I think this guy’s ears, brain, and penis are all connected, unfortunately.

  • What it comes down to is really just that so many people don’t know what love is. And they aren’t able to appreciate what they don’t know. The most detestable of them, like this asshole, are the ones who know it and insist on feeding on the hearts of whom they perceive as lesser beings.

    It’s one thing to realize that the cheater just never loved you and all you got was what he thought love was (hey, at least he cared enough to *pretend* he did, for a while?) simply because he enjoyed your company, then, more than anyone else’s. It’s quite another when your cheater is this kind of monster… one who knows he didn’t and can’t and has set out to just consume people. And is PROUD of it… like a very particular, twisted kind of foodie, who digests and shits the BEST food as if it’s a testament to his taste. “I only drain the goodness out of the BEST people, which I believe makes me superior.”

    “What a coward every man is! and how surely he will find it out if he will just let other people alone and sit down and examine himself. The human race is a race of cowards; and I am not only marching in that procession but carrying a banner.” ~Mark Twain

    I don’t believe in Heaven and Hell but I do believe that there’s some sort of an afterlife… may he find his just desserts there, experiencing the consequential side of the misery he has gleefully created. Everything balances eventually; that is the natural order of things, whether you believe it will happen or not.

    • Oh don’t worry, insistonhonesty, if you believe the below, I am PRETTY SURE that God (Father, Son, and Spirit) WILL NOT find this funny. Even if you do not believe as I do, you are right in that everything DOES balance out / have good or bad consequences. Does he think that ANY divine power would just ‘be ok’ with him purposely destroying lives?

      “For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ; so that everyone may receive what is due him, according to what he has done in the body, whether it is good or bad. 2 Corinthians 5:10”

      Personally, I hope his poor wife gets popcorn and a live feed of his judgement (from her couch, or whatever we sit on in Heaven) just before this POS falls through a trap door to hell. This is unlikely, but I believe that she got her reward for her deeds (raising her children, not cheating, being a good person) and now has no more pain or suffering.

      Remembering that verse was the only thing keeping me CALM after reading this horrid letter.

  • Mr Cheater, so on your death bed you can die with the knowledge, that your entire life has been lying, deceiving , and hurting people who love and trust you.

    • And with the knowledge that he never experienced love, true, pure, freeing love. He has cheated himself of life’s greatest joy. It is so clear from his letter that he senses his loss, but is too stupid to figure out why he is old and alone, cruising the net to find an equally soulless fuck buddy.

  • He actually sounds proud of being a disordered piece of shit. So glad his kids have walked away.

  • Ok, well this is a therapist’s field day… severe unresolved mommy & daddy issues spanning 70 years? “…being very careful not to ever fall in love. Broke lots of hearts but I didn’t care”.

    And what is the motivation of the person behind this letter, to Chump Lady? –Notoriety for portraying the perfect picture of no remorse? Getting your mojo from reading about others devastation on this website?

    I agree, the internet is a place where plenty of cesspools of humanity thrive. And at the end on your life the inscription on your tombstone might read- “Yes I live alone, I look at porn, Ashley Madison, personals on Craigslist, and Plenty of Other Fish”.

    That kind of says it all…

    • What’s his motivation? Kibbles.

      Getting chump attention gets his dick hard. I’ll spare you the creeptacular letter he sent about how chumps could spice things up in the bedroom (complete with dirty talk!) and how he doesn’t cheat on his 54 year old GF. Except that in the earlier letter (the one today) he says he does cheat, or looks to cheat on her.

      Yeah, we all want his “wisdom.” Oh gee, we were Doing It All Wrong. That means so much coming from a sociopath.

      • Oh good lord – Chump Lady, I love your website and what you do here – and what a great group. I guess you must see “IT ALL”. And for that–thank you for sharing it – not because the letter is particularly revelatory, for all we know it could be a work of fiction from a sociopath – but because it gives insight into the eye-popping array of humanity that you must be fielding on your website from time to time. –Goes with the territory I am sure –

        All I see from SC’s letter today is an inner nasty child.

      • Ah, interesting wrinkle!

        So he has sent you more than one letter.

        Kibbles, indeed. Someone is really hungry for attention.

      • ‘ I’ll spare you the creeptacular letter he sent about how chumps could spice things up in the bedroom’

        I’ve said it before, and I know I’m not the only Chump here who can say it too, BUT ‘a dull sex life’ with me was most certainly NOT why ‘The Great I Am’ had to go spreading it about! The man was forever telling me how fantastic he thought our sex life was. He was forever telling his friends and mere acquaintances (to an embarrassing degree) how fabulously, deliriously happy he was with our sex life. Certainly nothing ‘vanilla’ about it – or me!

        Simple truth is he is a greedy bastard who wants his ego stroking by, as you put it CL, as big a ‘smorgasbord of pussy’ as he can possibly get. And no one woman is ever going to be that for him. It didn’t matter if I told him he ‘hung the moon’ or if I was (as I was) ‘A Maid in the Living-room, a Cook in the kitchen and a Whore in the bedroom’. I was just one person, and hey – in getting me to marry him, he’d already conquered that mountain.

        Like our delightful letter writer today, he’ll die never knowing the true joy of living – Love.

        • Like CL said in another UBS ‘cheaters NEVER cheat on people who love and desire them’ …
          When asked WHY? My cheater replied: because she was a new c___ and a new pair of t—.

          One of the most honest things he said. Along with, no I never felt guilty.

          • was that a typo Patsy? I most certainly DID love and desire him – but he most certainly DID cheat on me!

    • I suspect that he didn’t have to be careful to not fall in love it all. He’s just a big baby who so resents not being man enough to love that he chose to “rise above it” (UBT: Run away like a damn coward) instead.

      • Serial cheaters can’t make real connections to other people; it’s all the thrill of the seduction/chase + the power of deceiving someone.

      • Yes, exactly!!! My STBXH runs away when shit gets real in his life…I’m sure he will run off or try to at least – He’s a coward, rather than honor his commitment to me, he wants to divorce and go “be happy”….

      • It read to me like a bunch of macho-dribble. He was just a stud, and a player….never let himself fall in love. Kind of like in some stupid cowboy novel.

  • What a waste of a life. This is one of those gross guys who get off on posting dick picks on Craig’s list. #byefelipe

  • Did you know that banging your head against a wall burns 150 calories per hour? True story.

    (I refuse to dignify today’s letter writer with a response.)

  • Sick. While this asshole’s wife was knee deep in raising kids, doing the hard work of the slog.. he was out fucking 21 year olds? And he’s not sorry?

    I am no shrink but this guy is at the MINIMUM a raging narcissist and quite possibly a sociopath.

    Kudos to the now departed wife who raised their three kids and did the hard work of being the adult.

    • Wha wha…. Boo hoo…. Just couldn’t handle the responsibilities of being a husband & parent but these guys have no trouble getting their wives/girlfriends pregnant. Gee, where have I heard this before? Wussies… Spoiled babies all of these cheaters.

  • I have no respect for a serial cheater who by nature is a sociopath and cannot ever be “honest”. What he said was he had no honor or respect for his wife and children from the starting gate. He BLAMES his wife for getting pregnant against his wishes. I doubt there is truth to this. He didn’t want to raise his children and selfishly abandoned his family because it was too much work maintaining a double life with twins. The destruction he caused was an afterthought 35 years later. Serial cheaters hide within a marriage and as they get older it becomes a a burden keeping all the lies straight. They take that step toward “happiness” which in itself is a lie. Cheaters cheat and end up old and unfaithful to the end. The truth is his children want nothing to do with him and he continues to defend his disordered self to the end. The only thing I take from this is we live better and CAN gain a life once we rid ourselves from the lying cheating assholes. If your spouse cheats expect more. Divorce is the best option if you want a guarantee they won’t cheat again. Because they do and will continue to hide in a relationship if you allow them to.

  • A life wasted trolling for pussy, thinking you’re Mr. Big Stuff because you are SO fantastic that women devoid of self-respect the world over were unable to break free from your sexy spell. Now you’re 70, resigned to living alone, furiously masturbating to porn. Your own children don’t even care if you are alive or dead.

    That’s quite a legacy, my man. Do the world a favor and step in front of a freight train. Free up some oxygen to other people who actually deserve it.

    • *Gasps for air* Rumblekitty, you are hilarious!
      “Do the world a favor and step in front of a freight train. Free up some oxygen to other people who actually deserve it.”
      Thanks for posting. I am all out of vitriol this morning.

  • This guy’s mindset sounds a lot like my serial cheating ex. It’s the thrill of the chase to satisfy his ego – he simply wants to be wanted by all women, all the time. My role was to be the facade so he looked like he was the right kind of person to friends and family. And no true remorse once all was out in the open. But I don’t expect him to stay single forever like this guy because he wants someone to take care of everything for him and make him look good while he subtly degrades them and makes them feel inferior to him. His ego enjoys that too and it’s another way he ‘gets off’. Sickos, that’s all they are.

    • ByeBye

      It is all about control. X hid in a marriage with children and I certainly made him look good for appearances only. X was a dreamer with no substance. They don’t find someone better as many chumps believe, they hide in another relationship and degrade their next victim. He found someone who sings praise and adoration for his ego. There may be no logic to their actions or cheater speak yet they are predictable as CL highlights so amazingly. There’s the presence of shit sandwiches, false remorse, and maintaining supply to name a few.

      As a chump we want to believe they aren’t a sociopath, serial cheater, or narcissist and that they are redeemable. We accept their inadequacies as our own. We want to maintain stability for our children. By definition a serial cheater must be caught repeatedly. Why wait? Once is enough. It should give us insight for their potential. Cheating requires deception, planning, lying, and fucking someone Never reconcile with accepting their actions.

    • That being wanted by all women, all the time deal gets old after a awhile 🙂

  • My attempt to fill in gaps:

    “After about half a century of being a serial cheater, I have figured out… looking back now… that cheating was probably wrong. Just like cheating on your taxes is wrong. I still think about cheating all of the time, and I still cheat on my taxes, but you know who doesn’t cheat on their taxes and stuff? Boring people.

    I have no relationship with my three grown kids (three that I know of–wink, wink), but I have no bond with them, so fuck ’em. Why no bond you ask? Well, I didn’t spend enough time with them, I guess. I was chasing this sweet young thing when the twins were born, so you know how that is, right? And the older one, well… I was only around it for a few years (did I neglect to mention even its sex?), and lord was that boring… like marriage.

    You know what’s not boring? Chasing pussy. Those things are wired right up to a woman things brain and activated with compliments. See how smart I am? Really fellas, If you aren’t getting laid constantly it’s because you don’t appropriately appreciate plying women with compliments to get laid. Did I tell you I am 70, and I have to take pills to get it up, but this is still how I think about things?

    Anyway, I know I did wrong, and no I wasn’t sorry, and after 50 years I kind of get that I am supposed to be sorry about some of this, but more than that… I struggle with thinking about cheating all the time and how boring it is not to cheat.

    Did I tell you about my 54 year old girlfriend? I’ve still got it, right? I wish I was Donald Trump”


    How did I do?

    • I think you could have thrown in having to take insulin or high blood pressure meds or something to, as a way to ridicule his physical condition. We all know having ED and taking pills to get it up is something we should all be ashamed and embarrassed by, right , timeheals?

  • I think Gramps in someway is trying to ” do right” by his dead wife in his letter. In his is own ego inflated way. Take note everyone… This is how assholes say they are sorry not sorry. It demonstrates very clearly that the selfish and disordered remain so. There is no seeing the light… There is no epiphany… The egocentrism remains at the core of these disordered individuals. They dont grow morals, or emphathy or feelings if the right one comes along… They remain true to one thing and that is their ego and self fullfilment( until death do they part)

    His confession reminds me of this quote…. ‘ When you are dead, you dont know that you are dead. Its painful only for others. It is the same when you are stupid’ Please replace stupid with Narc.
    Thanks for the PSA Gramps…. Keeping read that last quote….

    • “When you are dead, you don’t know that you are dead. Its painful only for others. It is the same when you are stupid,”

      Love it!!! So very, very true.

  • Bored and overwhelmed with the housework and childcare, quite an excuse there. Try it with an also working outside the home wife. Bad communication in the marriage for sure. Revenge on the wife for getting pregnant and all downhill from there. One of the parts that struck me is the not responding to the wife’s face, yet he recognized her agony. This is a tale of not taking responsibility, being lazy and cowardly, having no empathy, selfishness and it spiraling ad infinitum-taking an easy way out seducing women because he could, sucking them dry for narcissistic supply and then making the excuse that he can’t help it. I pity the children, anyone he is in contact with. Get some help dude, there are potentially more years of damage you can do.

  • I know I am projecting (but like our hero here, I DON’T CARE) – but this guy reminds me sooo much of the guy who dropped the bomb on my life:

    – middle aged (50ish)
    – never married (no children)
    – no ‘real’ apparent connection, or desire for serious connection
    – shallow to a startling degree
    – no apparent conscience, just ‘damage control’

    I wish the people in these asses lives could REALLY see them for what they are. Then they would be alone, and no one would be hurt by their sociopathic shenanigans.

    SC you are the living definition of a creep and those that TRULY know you wish you would just die. You will leave this planet unloved and missed by no one (except maybe the last victim you are paying with false currency – the lies you spew like bad breath…). Enjoy your slimy, shallow, used car salesman life – but don’t get yourself in a position where you NEED someone, because unless you can pay for it, no one will be there for you. You see, you think you are playing all these women, but the fact is – they are using you too. And when they can’t get the compliments/rush/free dinners/trips/gifts FROM you, they will move on…

    • A bit insulting to car salesman. There may be betrayed car salespeople among us.

  • I love this letter. You don’t have to run it through the UBT. He admits everything!

    He’s a serial cheater because it’s fun.

    His wife wasn’t his partner, she was his babysitter.

    He’s not sad about hurting her, at least not beyond how much her pain reflects upon him as a person.

    He doesn’t enjoy love nearly as much as he enjoys “chasing pussy.”

    He’s not sorry about cheating, he’s sorry about having to go through the process of fallout after discovery.

    Thank you for sending this, Serial Cheater, and thank you to Chump Lady, for posting it.

    I think it’s the perfect counterpoint to all the cheater-defending troll posts we see here from time to time and provides much-needed insight for people who are struggling with the decision to reconcile or divorce from a repeat offender.

    • OP here again. Exactly. I just wish people woul read the original very carefully. It is a condensation of many years of my life. I’m not miserable. I’ve had a very happy life and just put out a warning to all, cheaters have no remorse. Don’t try to keep them around. Get rid of them and move on.

      • why are you even on this site if you are so happy?

        you are a pathetic piece of worthless crap. you ruin lives and dont care who you hurt.

        cheaters suck. they are nothing. nothing at all.

        • Disgusting. My father brought 4 children in this world from 3 different women. 2 passed at birth. But the 2 alive were not present as he he laid dying in a hospital for months. You see, he said he loved us. However there was never 1 action to show it. We never knew he was dying until the day after his funeral. He was too much of a scared little boy to ever reach out for love and honesty. We probably would have visited. It’s hard to know. We were busy bringing his grandchildren in the world. None of which he ever met. Mr OP, my best advice to you is make peace. Accept and acknowledge your shitty choices that harmed your children. To your children. They deserve that. And maybe your life won’t be quite as worthless.

        • You’re still here, RH? *blah*
          Do the world (and your kids, this site, etc) a favor…choke on a fistful of Viagra and die already.

      • Please don’t use your real name. I’m changing it, but please spare me the trouble. And all the RH’s who are not serial cheaters. This is Google-able.

      • You may not be “miserable.” You certainly are hollow. ” There’s one thing you can’t hide, it’s when you’re crippled inside.”-John Lennon

      • fascinating – obviously there is some urgency that we read very carefully and the need to warn us ‘the world’ to move on… Really? Why? For absolution? No, I don’t think so… So, he found this website, got published and is posting up a storm… to validate what we already know? I think the contradictions here are just meant to incite a chump riot… Interesting he is using an identifiable name to draw further attention. – I still think this whole thing is a sham for an exhibitionist’s entertainment value.

      • I for one appreciate this letter from RH. Not because this is anything I haven’t already learned through my own painful experience, but because I know there are many readers/lurkers here who are still dancing the dance with serial cheaters, still full of hopium, still riding the unicorn hard. I think it is very helpful for those chumps to get the bad news straight from the horse’s mouth (or maybe straight from the donkey’s asshole) — these types do NOT change, they do NOT ever feel remorse, they do NOT give a fuck and if they stick around, it’s only for their own selfish reasons. It’s a hard lesson to learn, but until it is committed to heart, a chump cannot break free.

        • OP. You have just said exactly what I was trying to say but you said it so much better and in a lot less words. I was using my life as an example. One of the problems with this web site is that you are all drinking the same cool aid or talking to the converted.

          • RH

            We are not compelled to get it. We live by example with integrity and morals. You are not the leader or follower. Your a blank space in time with no substance. Our strength comes from a place of doing no harm. You are devoid of the ability to teach or learn. Your presence is your insecurity, that is obvious. We see you and know you already. Now be generous and donate your brain to science. Researchers unlike chumps would love to pick your brain.

          • “One of the problems with this web site is that you are all drinking the same cool aid or talking to the converted.”

            Did you happen to notice the tag line on the website? I bet you go to the Harley Davidson website and ask why they don’t talk about Honda’s more right after you’re done trolling this site..

            Why are you really here?, and don’t try the ‘I want to help people’ or the ‘I have a message’ answers, go with something more believable, like “I want to tell you about how I get laid, and how I have a company and how I went to school.. did I mention I retired young and have a hot girlfriend?” You’re probably also hoping you can hook up with someone.. perhaps there’s an old grandma on here you can manipulate by telling her she doesn’t smell like moth balls (drives the old chicks crazy).

            A real problem with this website (for you) is that the folks here have been betrayed and found out about it.. so they have a fine tuned bull crap meter. You’re bull crap is reading off the charts.

            • Old women smell like mothballs? What say you senior women chumps? Is thiz ttue?

              • He tells them they don’t smell like mothballs.. that’s how he picks them up, with his smooth talking. Tell them ‘nice walker, what are you doing Friday night, I have an extra ticket for bingo’… The old chicks love bingo.

              • If this guy has money, and, especially if he has kept his looks and physicality, he may be attractive to some younger women, Raging. I see it all the time.

          • RH, Because of your touted wealth and entitlement, we understand your ability to maintain a sufficient number of toadies around you until your death. Further, you insist that you have led a happy life. You might even be a benefactor of charities and are revered by some.

            You feel the Chump’s here are all drinking the “Kolaid.” Perhaps it is time that you reveal yourself to the larger world and write a book detailing in the same quasi-gloating manner your accomplishments. The reaction to your tome, would certainly root out all those pesky Koolaid drinkers, and clear your path to an unlimited supply of kibble. But, you couldn’t be bothered to care for your own children and wife, why would you want to perform such a service to humanity?
            Your declarations are only reserved for this captive audience of the already informed.

          • Get it right, Jim Jones did not serve up Kool Aid – it was Flavor Aid.

            but speaking of Jim Jones – I think the OP is working on killing off as many / just a little more slowly. ( if he gave four women HPV or HIV and they gave four others and so on and so on… Mass murder)

  • Enjoy your day off CL, you deserve it. Are you working on another book? I hope so. Cheers everyone!

    • Above comment attempt to not give any energy or thought to the psycho/sicko.

  • Serial cheater, so also a liar, right?

    Tell me again why I should listen to this guy’s words about not feeling remorseful, rather than looking at his actions which scream “I think I f#cked up my entire life!” or “I feel bad, please pity me!” or both?

    His life sounds sad to me.

  • ?

    This reads like a fake post from trolls on Reddit.

    I’m not buying that the person who wrote this actually did any of what he said. It is much more likely it’s some 19-year-old lonely college student with too much time in his hands, enjoying messing with us.

    We’re *chumps*, after all.

    • I agree it sounds fake. At the very least exaggerated. There was too much gloating.

        • I think it’s fake too. Reason being, when he first disclosed age of 70, I immediately thought ‘this doesn’t sound like how someone who is 70 expresses them self”.

          But perhaps he IS real.

          Oddly enough, on Saturday, I was approached on a dating site by a man who is 70. Being that age, he is out of my range of interest. He had very little information about himself in his profile. His message was chock full of compliments and he supplied me with his email and cell # to contact him. My brain was asking ‘is it possible to have a red flag throwing narc at the age of 70?’

          Apparently so if the writer of today’s post is real.

          Whatever……MY prospective 70 yr old goat will get no attention from me :-&

        • Glad I waited to read through the comments before posting. “Fake” was my first thought.

          • i would say fake too, except his narrative is so. damn. real.

            lines right up with the facts we mighty chumps know all too well. lines up with many of XH’s FOO too.

            i can still see XH’s face and eyes when i confronted him with being told about his 4 year affair. shark eyes, cold, not worried. i have gone back to that initial reaction many times to keep myself from being exploited again…especially during “reconciliation” and what i now know is his impression management.

            is this letter “art” imitating life? maybe. but it is still truth.

      • OP here again. It’s okay to think that my posting is fake and that I am a troll. There are so many details of my life that I have left out in order to get to the point. In essence l just want to get to the point that I, like almost all cheaters, have no remorse. Everyone thinks that I have a terrible life. But I don’t. I am quite happy.

          • MrsVain, there are so many definitions of happiness. I have a very strong feeling his definition is quite different from yours and mine. Thank goodness!

        • I know and believe you are happy, OP. Your happiness comes at the expense of many lives.

          You are amoral. I have met many an amoral man and woman. Amazingly, they are all happy. But happy to someone who is amoral is quite different from those of us who are not.

          Happy to you is mere existence. Basic animal instinct. Self preservation at all costs. You do not and will never know or understand joy. It’s a foreign concept.

          I think of an “amoral” as the walking dead. Neither here nor there. Yet, I know you live among us.

          • Reading further down the vine, the only thing out of character is your advice to chumps to move on. It’s very generous of you. I’m surprised you give a shit.

    • You should see my mail. I get quite a few letters from cheaters, mostly OW. I don’t usually run them. Is he a fake? If he is, he’s a sociopath of another kind to troll a chump site.

      I think it’s real because in my experience of my disordered freak, they really ARE this stupid, this grandiose, this emotionally tone deaf, and this superficial. To troll it, you’d have to fake the fake. These people are incredibly shallow.

      My ex once said “I LIKE being a narcissist!” in MC and he meant it. He really did. He didn’t see what anyone’s problem was really. When the mask slips, it’s usually crap like this.

      Who knows, really? I ran it because I want to show people (preaching to the choir) that the affair partners aren’t Special. They’re just as contemptuous and unconnected to them. They’re just new supply.

      • This guy could be my ex’s brother. He’s real alright. Born without a conscience.

      • You’ve posted some of the OW letters in the past. I’d love to see some of the more “select” of those. Disordered FREAKS the lot of them!

        • Agree. I get a kick out of how delusional they are. Plus, I like seeing them clobbered.

      • Chump lady. I am glad you ran this letter. I’ve been reading in fascination with regards to psychopaths/sociopaths as I am convinced my husbands mistress was a low ball sociopath. Not just from his words but everyone that knew her who are never shy about telling my about her sociopathy. This does NOT vindicate my husband, but it answers a lot of questions for me.

        You can call theses people every vile name in the book and it will not sink in.

        Gramps serial cheater with the smelly, saggy, old junk sack? Nope he doesn’t care. I just hope 54 year old girlfriend is a smarter sociopath than him and is stealing him blind. Old fuck!!! Gives me goose bu,ps to think creeps like this walk amongst us.

    • I would agree it is fake, except I know someone exactly like this guy! Not my X-even he’s not that bad! One of his relatives, however, could have written this letter. At 65, he has wrecked 3 marriages, is completely estranged from his grown kids and is constantly on the prowl for young women (who are disgusted by his pornographic come ons). And he has zero insight into why none of his family wants anything to do with him!

    • Excellent POINT. Or he could be a 300lb 30 year old living in his mom’s basement jerking off to porn and Ashley Madison. At any rate, he’s crazy.

  • Hold on, I’m getting a message coming through from my ears, to my heart, straight to my chump vagina – WEIRDO!!!

    • As a man, I envy you gals your ear-vagina communication receiver mechanism. We guys have an ear-penis communication receiver mechanism instead, but all that picks up is ESPN and some classic rock radio stations. We were gypped.

      Lordy. That guy is what happens when herpes has sex with vomit.

      • Well, on some women it is broken. And some can be manipulated with interference: words like, “jewelry,” or, “You’re beautiful,” or, “I’ve never known anyone like you,” or, “My wife is so cold, she just doesn’t understand,” or, “I think we might be soul mates.” Stuff like that just breaks the damned thing for some women.

      • Nomar – you should definitely be comedy scriptwriting – you kill me all the time! Double ROFL 😀

      • nomar,

        “When herpes has sex with vomit” OMG that made my day.
        I’m maniacally laughing at my desk & getting weird looks from coworkers:) lmfao

      • I disagree that men are less intuitive,nomar. Not all men love sports and classic rock.

    • You guys are hilarious! What a great laugh I just had sitting here all by my lonesome. 😉

  • My ex was warned by my 30 year old son that he would die alone! I guess they really don’t care as they truly only love themselves! It’s pathetic reading this letter because this animal is so clearly a predator! No better than a serial rapist! His poor attempt at describing his wife’s pain and death is devoid of ANY true empathy! It sickens me, but it also reinforces the choice I made to divorce my cheater! Who the hell would want to live with that the rest of their life except some low value whore? What concerns me is the fact that he was not neutered and procreated. Clearly he doesn’t want ANY responsibility either! He can have a seat in HELL next to my loser cheater.

  • …amazing how these disordered assholes are exactly alike…soul sucking carbon copies of black holes of emptiness…

    Ugh…Thank You God for getting me out before it was too late 😀

  • Sometimes I wonder if sociopaths are emotionally retarded and to some extent intellectually too. They just don’t know what’s good. They can’t comprehend the beauty of secure intimacy. They keep chasing the wind and end up old, lonely swine that wallow in the mud and to them “that’s life”. They might acknowledge their character flaw but then immediate come up with excuses to perpetuate their junkie behavior. “I found cheating addicting…” And, “It may even be genetic…”

    It’s disgusting that they will pursue their desire no matter who has to pay the price, spouse, sibling, parents, and acquaintances. They can’t comprehend what they are missing and I think this is how they ultimately pay the price. So their entire life is a sentence but they don’t even know it and they stumble on thinking highly of themselves. Meanwhile they are missing out on the best things in life.

    • Exactly, Michael!!! My STBXH couldn’t ever figure out that I would rather snuggle on the couch and being sweet to each other than be out “swinger-shopping” like he wanted to.

      Thank God I didn’t!!!

    • That’s the point really, isn’t it? While this fellow is proclaiming what a great life he’s had, it becomes so clear that the person he has cheated is himself. He has robbed himself of one of the most meaninful parts of life, the ability to love and be loved. Without that, what is the point? All the fucks in the world can never compare with true love, true intimacy, true vulnerability. He might as well be a robot for as much human emotion as he displays. He is just a shell of a man and is actually quite pathetic.

      • It is sad. He really does believe he is happy. He thinks his temporary pleasures and being free of emotional pain are happiness. He will never know true joy or appreciate true beauty. He never had the heart wrenching experience of looking into his child’s eyes and seeing a new soul. He cant look at the stars and feel that sense of wonder. He’s incapable. His ‘happiness’ always comes at the expense of others, it is never a shared experience. He doesn’t care if he dies alone, because he has always been alone.

      • Exactly. Woe to those who call evil good and good evil,. And since it’s self inflicted it doesn’t even warrant pity.

  • Sociopath! Wow. His poor ex got stomach cancer in addition to misery from this jerk.

  • IMHO —- serial cheater—-f’d up old bastard is looking for some cake ladies. I would like to suggest stopping ANY & ALL comments immediately. He’s not worth our time or space or energy, he is sitting jacking off his little used up dead dick reading our comments. buh bye….

  • When I think about what I want to be remembered for and what I want to look back on from that age (70), he hits all the targets for my worst nightmare. Imagine being such an arsehole in life that all you have to look back on is carnage. What a miserable sack of shit of a man and a miserable sack of shit of a life. I hope his first three children learn from his shitty example and have grown up to be good empathetic and kind people that leave a better legacy, despite this despicable arsehole of a father.

  • It is clear to me that this 70 year old cheater is an un-evolved human being. He’s not capable of examining his life even now.


  • I can tell you how this pathetic sociopath is going wind up. Utterly alone. It’s a natural consequence of being horrible to all the people they are supposed to care about and support.

    How do I know? Six years ago I took in my father. In reality he was not anything of the sort…..father I mean. As an only child, I felt I had to do the right thing. He had no one else. Cheater, sociopath, malignant narcissist, all wrapped up in one big dementia ridden package. I lasted almost a year. In the end he got ticked off over multiple things and went back to his house in a city across the country. Went NC with me because I would not support him buying a car. He had no clue that he was 1500 miles away from his home city, would get lost on pulling out of my driveway, and blamed me, of course. That was it…the end as far as I was concerned.

    He bounced around to multiple assisted living places getting violent when he was thwarted. Fast forward six years. He died alone in a hospital in his home city. Because he refused to have me involved in any medical decisions, I didn’t find out he died til three days later. Luckily, it is now possible to have someone cremated, and a burial at sea all done by phone. There was no funeral. There was no one left to care enough to come.

    Keep screwing over people who care about you serial cheater. You too will wind up alone, no one to help you in any way in your final days. Go ahead and burn all those bridges. No one will be left who gives a crap. Then you will get to be the victim to your little heart’s content. And when you die, the only emotions anyone will have about your death will be relief.

    • AB-SO-FUCKING-LUTELY!!! Most certainly, that when they leave this earth, the only emotion we will have is RELIEF!!! Amen to that!

    • I have just seen it to many time: many of these folks wind up revered and just fine. JFk, serial cheare. MLK, same.Nelson Rockefeller. Paul Newman. Charles Kuralt. Barbars Walters. Tiger Woods. Michael Jordan. Shaq. Kobe. Thomas Jefferson. The list is endless.
      Sorry, it is just not true that they die alone,hated. Not sure where anyone comes up with this idea.

      • People adore the money, status, or fame, but I wouldn’t agree that these guys got off Scott free.

        • Maybe not but they were certainly admired and succesful by some standard. I suppose if there is some form of afterlife with consequences they may suffer. But, i know of no reliable evudence therd is one.

  • I’m also betting that he has not not done well financially and the 54 y/o is either supporting him or they are both on the dole/disability, etc.

  • Why is he reading this blog in the first place? What would lead him here if he thinks there is nothing wrong with cheating? And the part that disturbs me the most is that he watched his father suffer as a result of a serial cheater and knows the pain it wrought. Then he did it anyway. I agree that he’ll end up alone in a nursing home with no visitors on his old age. Hope he gets one bed sore for every skank he screwed in his lifetime.

    • Oh nooooooo, Carmella, don’t you see? Mom cheated, so that makes it GENETIC.

      And when it’s genetic, of course, all blame is immediately absolved. Permanently. For good.

      I like to remind people that not everything that’s hereditary is genetic. Families teach us both good and bad patterns of behaviour and ways of coping, but that’s NOT in your genes, and you’re NOT determined to follow that pattern unless you choose it.

      And boy, has our buddy here chosen it. In spades.

      So watching Dad suffer was clearly trumped by watching Mom have the time of her life with no-strings-attached sex.

      • OP here. I fail to see why responders are getting so annoyed. I do not like being a serial cheater. I am not boasting or bragging. I am outlining my life in as little detail as possible. It is my way of stating that serial cheaters are bastards. Don’t try to salvage a marriage with one. End it and get rid of him or her.

  • This letter needs no parsing. He’s a fucking SOCIOPATH. Period. End of story. He’s probably hit plenty of animals with his car and didn’t stop. Sociopaths have no remorse, ever, for anything.

    Geez–piss off you old creep! Too bad you didn’t die of stomach cancer!

  • “She had a difficult life raising the three kids on her own. She managed to get them all through high school (just 12 years after the divorce) at which time she died of stomach cancer.”

    OMG ….we should give some silence and thought for this poor fellow chump who never had access to CL and was not able to recover her life.. We should see her story as a sign that was sent to us on where staying with a cheater or not reaching meh can lead you too. I feel thankful that from my experience and everything I have learned on CL, I can now spot these disordered people easily and instead of being attracted to them I feel a nauseating repulsion when they are in my presence and they know I am on to them and stay away. I now only feel attracted to like-minded, authentic people who are full of love and respect for themselves and their family, friends and partners. Any woman who consciously dates this idiot could figure out who he was with a few questions on his life story or the gut feeling that this guy is off and if she has learned something from past relationships, she wouldn´t give him a second more of her time.

    • Who says his ex wife didn’t have a glorious new life with her three beautiful children once her cheater left?!? That is “his” take on it, you know the self absorbed dick. I imagine, like mine, her very best years were after he left! 😉

      • I was thinking the very same thing Drew. We are only hearing his version of his wife’s life after him. My NPD ex thinks I could not possibly be happy without the “gift of him” in my life either. With him out of my life, everything has improved and gotten sweeter!! Narcissistic cheaters always assume they know so much when they know nothing.

      • I have no plan or desire to marry – or even date. And I can promise that I’m as happy as a june bug in the sunshine.

        Having somebody to fuck is his definition of happiness. I have another.

  • Tessie—your summation is almost word for word what I told the XBF many times.

    Subsequent to my sending him to the curb, his cousin confided in me this to how she, his siblings and grown children feel about his worthless ass. I foresee him being buried in a pauper’s grave because his extended family will not care where he ends up, much less be willing to spend a dime on his funeral.

    • As an addendum to my above comment—-XBF’s father was a cheater with an entire other family that everyone had to ‘tolerate’ and interact with. XBF’s mother lived a life of pain and sadness. The favored son from the side family stood to inherit EVERYTHING, which was substantial.

      When the time of his death was near, father only had one person by his side–the illegitimate son.

      Fucked up doesn’t fall far from the tree. Scorched earth resentment filled familial history repeating itself.

  • Douche. Nozzle. Sad that the subhuman walk among us. They should be tagged before they are allowed to run free.

  • Diablo, is that you?

    You motherfucker, how did you find this site?

  • Dear Serial Cheater,

    Real humans have empathy.


    P.S. Kiss my sweaty ass.

  • It took me awhile to come to terms with the fact that I lived with such a disordered asshole. Their expectation is we are so damaged we can never move on and date or find somekne who shares our values. This is the narcissusts legacy. It’s the hit and run discard as they leave us mangled on the side if the road.

    We can hear it in the disordered’s letter. She never went out with anyone after a revenge affair and died of cancer.

    This is why CN is so important. Whatever pain we have to deal with they are not that powerful. They no longer control our lives. I do live better. I will continue to take medication and see my therapist. I’ll make authentic memories with my amazing children. I will date and find a partner who shares my values and appreciates what I have to offer.

    It’s been a year and there is so much more to life than wasting it on the actions of a remorseless selfish narcissist.

    • Same here!!! He WISHES I had done what I did with my first divorce— went out and hooked-up as much as I could, then met him 6 weeks post-divorce and almost immediately was with him exclusively for the last 12+ years…

      Fast forward to now, and I am so not ready to be with anyone else- he is out and about and can’t figure out why I’m not out slutting around again- because I learned my lessons the first time around you disordered fuck!!!

      Once the divorce is final, I will find a good man, I will be happy again, but first with myself being alone!!! Then and only then, when I get clear of him and can make sure I don’t fall for another loser, leech, chameleon, mooch like him!!!

  • I’m so sad that his ex wife died of stomach cancer. Too bad his dick wasn’t infected with a flesh eating virus. That would be a perfect ending to his story.

  • At first I wondered if this letter was legit as it seems to be pulled from an old ‘How to be a Player’ handbook. Are you trolling this site looking for new victims to manipulate? Goodness!

    We know why you cheat. But do you know why you cheat “Serial Cheater”? Do you? (Hint, it is not in your genes.)

    We’ve heard this before: I cheat because I can; I am promiscuous because I can be; I don’t get attached because I don’t want to; I can do this because I am a man and I am just following nature. And, of course, all is fair in love and war, right? (wink, wink) You left out the part that you were lucky to be born a man in times when men held all the power. You were lucky and were therefore entitled. This isn’t feminist rhetoric but history. (My parents are in their 70s. I recall the economy and societal norms.)

    There is a lot of image management in this letter. Like the part where your wife went off birth control pills because they were making her sick (they weren’t very safe then), that divorce for your wife would have been social suicide so she delayed it for as long as possible, and the worst part, that you were a dead beat Dad.

    But, meh, it is just the story of your life.

    My ExH said (of his serial cheating) that he was just ‘bored’. He was a only a tiny bit surprised when I told him that he broke my heart.

    Thanks for the courage to pen this letter ‘Serial Cheater’. For me it gives further proof — that unless you want to change you will never change.

  • There is something about the degradation of women that sounds remarkably like Ted Bundy. This man had no sense of the people he screwed other than to degrade them, demean them and then throw them away. If you look at old photos of Ted Bundy you will see he always has a smirk on his face. That is what I pick up in this letter. He is just happy that he has gotten away with cruelty all of his life. That is so, so sick. The genetic component is scary because he has four children. Let’s hope that nurture tops nature this time.
    It would be better if the writer is a troll.

  • Um…..something doesn’t feel right here. Something about the way he writes…his words, his tone, his choice of phrases….I don’t think he is who he says he is. Can’t quite put my finger on it. Now, why someone would *pretend* to be a 70-yr cheating POS is beyond me. But there’s something about the way he writes that seems off (in more ways than moral).

    • Ducks—-yes! That was my take on it which I failed to adequately express above…. It just sounds too ‘youthful’ for a better term. I can’t quite elucidate what it is but the way ‘he’ writes seems off to me, too.

      Whoever, whatever….One thing we do know, this is a very disordered person no matter what their age, sex or intention.

    • But maybe–let’s just say for the sake of argument that he is who he says he is, and he is being truly 100% honest. (Hard for me to believe that someone who really gives zero fucks would take the time to write a letter to CL, except maybe for kicks, in which case, I don’t believe everything written is everything that he is.) Maybe the “off” tone is just another symptom of his pathology.
      Serial cheaters really are freaks. And not the good kind.

    • My very first thought on reading this was “This isn’t a 70 year old at all.” I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s skeptical. I think it’s a troll of some kind. The tone, the choice of words, is much too youthful and contemporary for any 70 year old. It feels very “off”.

      • You to have to remember that these people (term used loosely) never mature or grow, so it could very well be. My stbx is now 70, and when we met he seemed very youthful for his age. Little did I know it was because he was forever incapable of actually maturing.

  • Said this before, gonna say it again…now you are free to buy crunchy peanut butter. I’ll take being free, even if it’s painful.

    This sounds like an addict. Like a hardcore smoker, not sorry even while they are dying of lung cancer. Like a heroin addict, missing the high, and that’s it. Lack of boundaries, grandiosity, empty, soulless insides, no ability to empathize.

    It’s a mystery to me how there are so many evil people in the world.

  • I can’t tell if this is real or not. Either way, it’s horse shit from a horses ass.

  • Flowerlady — I thought the same thing. This seems like it might be made up. If it’s not it just makes me sad.

    What a sad, pathetic life. To be that driven by your ego and your libido seems absolutely the most insidious waste of everything that can be beautiful and authentic and fulfilling about life — and about genuine intimacy with another person.

    What a gross letter from a horny, misogynistic worm.

    • Yes, I agree. Sad, pathetic, empty life. I’m realizing that I’d rather be a chump with all of the sadness and pain that has come with it than to be a shallow person with no feelings and no compassion for others and no way to authentically connect to anyone.

  • This is truly a snapshot of sociopathy. “My” sociopath is only interested in me when I am detached, upbeat, looking good, busy and other men may be around. Then I am a prize to be won. He once complained that I was the distancer. But if I break and show upset or attachment to him now, he is stone cold. As you can see, these are not people you want as your spouse if you become sick.

  • … and in a relationship (not even common law) with another woman (quite attractive 54 year-old) and with whom I have a fourth child (now 19 and in 1st year university)…

    I’m more curious about her. A woman who has been in some sort of non-relationship with this quasi-human cyst for nineteen years (according to him, of course). What is the mental process there? And what kind of young adult have they gifted society with? Poor kid. As for him, I figure he wrote for kibbles simply because they’re probably getting hard to find these days.

    • I was wondering the same thing Pearshaped. I’m thinking that relationship is a figment of his imagination.

  • and the reason for him to write to Chump Lady is……………………………….seeking more attention. What a loser!!!!!!!

    I found this someplace on the net…..

    Narcissist (noun): a more polite term for a self-serving, manipulative, evil asshole with no soul.

  • Well, if it is true, I appreciate the insight into the mind of the sociopath. It is the kind of honesty I always wished my sociopathic, narcissistic, children’s father would have said to me. It verifies everything I have thought to myself on how the cheating mind works, and how easy the world has become for sociopaths to prey on the weak and vulnerable (me, once). I agree with CL that this is sort of his version of kibbles, but I like to hear it and learn from it and protect myself and others from it. Similar as to when psychologists interview serial rapists, murderers or child molesters — repugnant, disgusting and yet, fascinating. To hear how they groom their victims, choose their victims and lure their victims, helps us more to protect ourselves from being a target. If I had had this CL knowledge before I met my ex, I may have not been jerked around in the first place. But it is like you have to live it to finally seek out the knowledge and learn from it. But what Chump Nation can do is to help get the word out, and see it when it is happening to others we know and love. Chump Lady brings a voice, a moral guidepost and a community to stop this very specific and devastating kind of abuse and maybe push back against the growing narcissism, neediness and addict behavior that seems to be growing in all areas of the quick, easy, anonymous, internet-based world.

    • ^^^ Great post^^^ If it is true, I find it interesting that this “warning to move on” reads like a strange confessional much later in life- And yes, there are the fine lines of forensic psychology in the grooming, luring, and choosing a victim, or willing participant? Scary world.

      Moving on from an unloving and emotionally abusive marriage or relationship of infidelity is living through the experience and this knowledge is a lesson in life. I don’t think the author of this letter had the guts to be honest to those who mattered most, when it mattered most.. But that also kind of reveals the pathology of no straight line in these minds by confessing it here anonymously, too. Still, it is a window into the very entitled, chaos-making world of the detached, and cold-hearted, Lothario types.

  • Scan. Discard. Select. Move on. What a waste of space this guy is. It’s too bad he didn’t die before he contributed to the gene pool. Bleck!

  • Serial cheaters maintain a life sentence of lies and deception. We don’t have to accept a life sentence with the disordered.

    I always felt like I was working toward something in my marriage. Some here described it as the goal post moving. The mind fuck of thinking you are a couple is an illusion. No matter how hard I tried to pin down what he wanted it was clear he just wanted to lead a double life.

    Filing for a divorce cemented the goal post and ended MY life sentence with an abuser who continues to live with OW he’s cheating on, and “wishing” he had his life back.

    My therapist predicted every move the disordered would make. I am solid in NC, working out, socializing, spending time with family and friends. The fucking life sentence is over.

    Whatever his life brings I don’t care. I am not alone, I am free.

    • This is awesome, Donna – “divorce cemented the goal post and ended my life sentence with an abuser”. I felt this way last summer when my divorce became finalized. I also have come to believe that the “life sentence” you speak of was, for me, really a “death sentence”. Now I’m setting my own goal posts and finding me again and feeling so good about the forward momentum.

    • Donna: my therapist predicted everything too! Every time he would tell me something was going to happen I would say, “no way. He doesn’t know my wife.” But then sure enough, his predictions would come true, even the one about how my ex would ultimately want to parent her children.

      I am SO GLAD to finally be out of limbo and back finding out how to live an authentic life again.

  • Guys

    People always doubt these things exist when they write in.

    “This must be some kind of joke!” they exclaim.

    Here is one written by a female sociopath.

    Notice the passivity and lack of involvement in the writing style, but an ever present means of communication that conveys their point.

  • Also, I am pretty sure that sociopath/psychopathy is a condition you can born with and it is more likely that you will be born wired that way if you have a parent or genetic line. He can no more change this complete lack of remorse than a shark can. I have read some of the brain science articles on this, and sociopaths brains are wired drastically differently than those of “norms” — I read a semi-recent book on the Columbine killers and that was the theory — the main kid was a sociopath. Good family, friends in school, not bullied. That these were misconceptions. That sociopaths are not raised, although bad childhoods can exacerbate it. So, I am not saying this to excuse a sociopath like the cheater above, but to say, they are wired that way, are dangerous to us, and the only way they can act in non-harmful, or predatory ways is for them or parents that see the traits early on to make a conscience choice to teach them to approach the world in a way that does not harm by learning to think around their lack of empathy. If they don’t have that kind of training and therapy, they will always be predators and we their prey. Regular therapy just gives them the chance to learn the right things to do and say to seem “sincere”. Since all humans exist to serve the needs of the sociopath, they tend to be this kind of serial cheaters.

    I do not think all cheaters are of this brand. Some are plain old narcissists, some are just character deprived assholes. The main point of this is the best thing we can do is not blame ourselves, not lose once second of sleep over lost “love”, and to protect ourselves from being the weak in the “herd” and not get taken down by these predators. We were ignorant before, but now we have and share knowledge. Their is power in that and we owe it to others to speak out.

    • OP here. Sarah, I have made special reference to your above post at the bottom of this thread. I’m hoping that if most people actually read all the way to the bottom, and see the posts on my childhood, they will come back to your posting. They may then have a better appreciation of what the problem is. I certainly have since reading your post. I thank you for injecting your thoughts.

  • I think the letter is real, because this is exactly how the disordered think and feel. If it is NOT actually from a 70 year old, then it is from a younger sociopath claiming to be 70. Either way, the thought pattern and sentiments expressed here are really how this person thinks, I am willing to bet on that.

  • This is just another play for attention, even negative. Poor fella, he ‘can’t help himself’. Yeah, just try telling to stop and see the results. Cheating is not an accident. You don’t just trip and end up with your dick in her vagina. It takes work. Its a choice, a CHOICE!! He is choosing to be a cheater and hes got way too many who will believe his lies. There is no hope. Let him mold and die alone with his ‘problems’.

    • Yeah, the can’t help himself genetic excuse really burns me up. My son is mentally ill, and on a bad day isn’t even on this planet, much less able to control himself. He was cursed with a brain disorder, whereas this guy – and others like him – have a willingness to control themselves problem. He’s blessed with all his faculties, he just CHOOSES not to use them.

      • Einstein, really sorry about your son. That is so tough. Hope you ard ok.

    • TheLadyisaChump, they always believe they are hot property, sexy and young! In reality they become a ridiculous caricature, a case of nothing more than arrested development! Some of these sloppy, fat, over the hill Romeos are beyond delusional!

      • Roberta, you are so right. Handout Boy still thinks he’s a mysterious, soon-to-be-discovered writer/rock star. The guy is a wrinkled, gone-ass 52 year old sleeping in his mom’s cowboy wallpapered guest room. Last I heard he’s joined and trying to make contact with old “female friends”.

  • I am stunned by the depth and breadth of this evil. When you think about how many trusting, loving, kind women are out there and how they suffered. When you think about how his legitimate children suffered,(God help the one he didn’t know about) how their mother suffered, how she lived a life she didn’t deserve and died a terrible death, he becomes a pox, a cancer on the face of humanity. He damaged people, took time energy, faith in humanity, faith in love, took energy that should go to their children, left people without resources, How every woman who has come near him, and his radio active dick has come away in some level diminished or destroyed. It is astounding, and then when you compound his behavior with all of the douchy guys we all know about, you start to get a sense of why and how the human race has to work so hard to improve. Every generation loses a large part of themselves to the harm these intra species predators create.

  • If he believes in reincarnation, he’s probably coming back as a toilet.

  • This guy gets off on boundary violations. Classic sociopath. It’s like Cosby raping drugged women. It’s not about getting off, it’s about getting one over on someone and controlling the situation.

    Whether the details are true or not, whoever wrote this is getting off on violating chump’s boundaries. By laying it all out there, in all it’s disordered splendor, he feels like he’s somehow hurting us. I’m sure he’d like to kill a few kittens too, while he’s at it.

  • I just feel sorry that his ex-wife couldn’t have had a very long, loving, enjoyable life for herself and her children! I could care less about his “story.”

  • It is so obvious from his lengthy and arrogantly indifferent comments, about his very predictable narcissistic lie of a life, that Serial Cheater is actually way too empty and void of any en-souled or authentic core self to ever have the capacity to know what a miserable man he really is or what an empty vulgar meaningless lie of a life he has lived. Ah it is a paradox with narcissist and psychopaths as he does know on the factual level that he is a creepy deceptive misogynistic arrogantly cruel man that has knowingly lived a pathetic life where he has indifferently harmed others with zero conscience. He knows this on the factual level yet he will remain incapable of ever truly knowing on the human level what a pathetic and empty existence he has lived. He will never understand this as a real authentic human being that has the capacity to relate to life and to others in ways that bring meaning to his life and to the lives of others. He is a methodically robotic man living a very predictably pathetic shallow predatory meaningless life. It is obvious this man is extraordinarily lacking in even the most remote capacity to relate to his world and other human beings in any truly human way. He lacks a conscience and empathy even for his own children. The utter metonymy of his life must be unbearable on any level that could possibly ever matter.

    His life as he describes it is a life of narcissistic-ally driven deadness where he has continually attempted to escape his own pathetic void-ness via harming and using others. It is clear that these predatory attempts to escape the metonymy of his own existence have not worked out for him in any way that really matters as his own pathetic narcissistic void-ness is inescapable and try as he might to escape the pathetic-ness of his own existence it will not happen. How can he escape what he is?

    It does not matter how many women he manages to use, harm and discard each act against his own humanity and the humanity of others only plunges him deeper into his own vastly expanding void-ness.. His attempts to escape his own methodic emptiness via preying on the lives of others and violating, harming and discarding people even his own children like nothing in life matters, will not ever work out for him.

    In fact it seems clear as he is pondering his miserable little life at 70 that he has only become more pathetic and void and his life is obviously even more mundanely meaningless than ever.

    What if more of the healthy, normal, non-narcissistic people of the world woke up and no longer participated with the narcissist and psychopaths of the world? What if we no longer danced their dance? What if all of the women that serial cheater had ever tried to pick up or use were able to see right through him and avoided him like the plague that he is? Where would he go to feed then? Who would he use and violate so he could break the monotony of his own existence? One of the keys to dealing with the narcissist and psychopaths in this world is for non-narcissist to learn how to not participate and feed them by buying their lies and allowing their violations. Do not feed the narcs.

      • Martha, my one consolation in life is knowing that my ex can NEVER really escape from who he truly is! I hope he is absolutely miserable and searches forever for his elusive “happiness!” That makes ME very happy! I can only hope he never realizes that the source of his own discontent is his own rotten fleshy existence! Bonus: he’ll make Schmoopie miserable too!

        • i dont really care if the exhole escape from who and what he truly is.

          the important thing is that i escaped from him. he is a spineless coward who was not man enough for me. there is SO MUCH more in life then just fucking and opening another beer to drown your sorrows in.

          i will live a happy life, i still have the things that are important to me. i dont waste another thought on what was important to him or if he is happy. i am sure the hood rat he is fucking is just as good to him as i was only on a much lower standard of life. it is not my problem anymore if he is happy, healthy, eats well, etc

          i live my own life, i take care of what i need to take care of and i do what makes me happy.

  • And this is the entire sum of this douchebags entire existence. He clearly missed the memo about lifes rich pageant. What a waste, what a fool.

  • This cheater did NOT teach us anything new about cheaters. This cheater only confirmed what we already know about cheaters. Like ALL cheaters, this letter was all about himself. He felt compelled to put his story out there simply to get the attention he desperately needs to feel alive. He is nothing special. He is your run of the mill cheater. Not all of our stories about our cheaters are the same but the one thing they have in common is their selfishness. Same with this guy. Pathetic.