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And the Arts & Crafts winner is…

bedazzleI don’t know if I can scrub the mental images from my brain of manscaping art, genital bedazzling, and assorted cheater weavings. But I’ve kept you hanging long enough, so I declare the winner to our Cheaters Arts & Crafts contest to be Carmella1722 for genital bedazzling.

“Genital Bedazzling so they’ll be sparkly for each new conquest.”

I think the best thing about this entry is that Carmella1722 didn’t know that it’s actually a THING. (Neither did I… I learn so much here.)

I’m a child of the 1970s, so bedazzling anything (even cheaters) appeals to me. Does anyone remember the Ronco rhinestone stud setter? For $9.99? I think it’s like a staple gun with bling. Think of the fun you could have.

Carmela1722, you’re the winner of a Meh mug!

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  • Fun indeed. Shame it wasn’t the piercing kinda bedazzling gun. Or the hot glue kinda bedazzler. That would be fun!

  • Hahahahahahahaha, using a piercing/hot glue bedazzler on their privates!
    Death by 1000 rhinestones as punishment for cheating!

  • Oh dear, that advert reminds me of some of the clothes he was buying in the last few years. That should have been a big warning.

  • So I googled ‘genital bedazzling’ and the try result down was an entry for Urban Dictionary. Ding-a-ling bling. Lol!

  • Congratulations to Carmella1722!

    The mental imagery is certainly, uh, interesting….Think of the His and Her versions.

    Excuse me while I go load up some sort of violent video game to flush those images out of my mind. 😛

  • Congrats Carmella1722!

    QUESTION: Do I have to be in the state of “meh” before I buy myself a meh mug?
    Currently I’m in the state of “trying to fuggedaboutit” also known as New Jersey. 😉

    • Do it. It gives you something to strive for. And it’s good for a giggle when you’re down. Your own little inside joke, for the down times. Knowing that Chump Nation is here for you will give you a little boost.

      I bought the bag a long time ago. I love that thing. It’s a nice quality bag, and it makes me smile.

      • Thanks Stephanie! I took your advice & bought myself the meh mug & I got the CL travel mug for my car.
        It’s good to know I’m not alone in this.
        Thanks CL & CN! It’s a steep uphill climb to meh but you help make it more tolerable.

  • Goggled pejazzle. Oh my god! Seriously! I need a good laugh after saving a possum from my dogs. Ewwwww! Pejazzle is gross. I didnt even get when asswipe started manscaping. My ex is the he man of he men and I laughed my ass off over what a girly thing to do. I mean I don’t see anything wrong with it but for my asswipe to start manscaping at 56? Hahahahaha! I couldn’t get him to wear deodorant for his stinky pits! Aha! A whore lurking about! That’s it. I laughed until coffee came out of my nose! Next time I see asswipe I will show him a pic of a pejazzled slong and ask if the 50 year old teenybopper whore likes rhinestones. Hahahahaha hahahahaha. Thanks guys need this this morning!

  • I’m too scared to google this or YouTube it. Carmella, I’ll take your word for it!

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