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How Do You Ask Chump Lady a Question?

grammar-ecardHey chumps!

I’m always trying to improve the site, and one issue I just fixed was it’s a bit unclear how to ask me a question.

Here’s HOW — check out my new Ask Chump Lady page.

Short answer? My email is

People are often loathe to publish their emails because of spambots. But oh well, spambots, I’d rather you just find it, instead of receiving a dozen emails a day going “Is this you? Are you here? Can I ask you a question?”

Yes, I am HERE. Yes, comes to me. (Howdy spambots!)

Please read the new page about my few little disclaimers and rules. (Like a pox on you if we answer your letter and you don’t comment. And no, my husband can’t give you legal advice. And yes, I do look like my cartoon.)

Another reminder — if you need advice RIGHT THIS MINUTE! Check out the private FORUM. You need to register with the site to use it. The login is on the upper righthand side of the homepage. No, I won’t sell your name or email. Chump Nation is here for support.

Also, as long as I’m doing blog housekeeping — a social media plug. Please follow me on Twitter @chumplady or check out the Chump Lady community Facebook page. We mix it up and post funny memes and stuff.

Well, that’s it for Sunday morning. Go back to your French toast breakfasts and newspapers. Thanks!

Ask Chump Lady

Got a question for the Chump Lady? Or a submission for the Universal Bullshit Translator? Write to me at Read more about submission guidelines.
  • To be clearer — the Ask Chump Lady page is on the HOME PAGE where Ask Chump Lady has always been. But instead of an archive of letters popping up, you get an actual PAGE with information.

    • That last sentence though “we just bitchslap the chumpiness out of you because we care”. I love you guys!! You have saved my sanity. Thank you CL!

      • I would have been too scared to leave my cheater had it not been for CL, CN and my Mom. Each day after work I packed up what I was taking for my move, took me a week, then the moving company came and got everything and moved me. Every night before I went to sleep I read on this site and it kept me on course to get out of there, so a lot of my strength came from here to do what I did 7 months ago. Best decision I ever made in my life, it saved me! Thank you Chump Lady and Chump Nation! 🙂

  • Unless I’m mistaken, there’s no link at the top of the homepage directly to the new page. Looks great though!

    • Doh. Never mind. The link is at the bottom of the page. (Just like you said it was Chump Lady.) My bad.

      Enjoy your Sunday knowing you are saving lives!

  • Wow, I just realized I happen to have some bread that would be perfect for French toast…..Haven’t had it in eons. Thanks for the great idea! Damn, I wish I had gotten that bacon I was contemplating at the store the other day…….have a nice Sunday, everyone!

    • I think most of us are / were in the same boat at some point Kar marie. It has taken me a lot to get here but I am at peace now and that is thanks to CL and CN. It is called meh! 🙂
      Yes, love to everyone who finds themselves. A great community to belong to.

    • I cant imagine not having found this site, I would be so lost with my anger and bitterness and hate!!! And still trying to untangle the web of shittyness fuckedupness!!

  • I can’t wait to write you with my bizar story, I am completely lost about what to do… But cheaterpants raging selfpittying addict idiot STBX left me while I was pregnant (after having sperm surgically extracted to get our IVF done and giving me all the shots!!! cant make this shit up!!!) and now I am 6000 miles away from him (he never met our daughter and i miss the life i left behind except dealing with him i dont miss… but this is my dilemma, its 6000 miles away or right there near him and final OW yoga bitch sociopath) and single mothering, surviving a new life and leaving everything behind I have had no time to write my story, I hope when you get a gazillion more emails you will still have time to find mine!!!

    Sorry for chaotic post.

    ANyway CL and CN you gave me SO MUCH clarity!!!!! All my thoughts and feelings are reflected here and put in words and I can see clearly, you have truelly saved my years and years of naviagting this alone, or maybe I would have never gotten this far ever without this website. Thanks for letting me be bitter and angry!!!

    Just saw STBX liked a post on my Facebook and I couldnt even bother checking his FB, I am far, far from meh, but that was a little meh!!!! NC kinda working… he doesnt bother to SKype to see his kid anyway, it makes im cry/uncomfortable and I didnt pick me dance and did not take him back when he wanted to. Yeah… cant make this shit up.

  • sorry for typos and bad grammar, its being alone with 11 month old baby, working, trying to keep my PhD and nonprofit going and freelancing making websites… arggg at least I am not lovingly folding his underwears anymore!!! I was so chumpy!!!

    • junglechump, you’re darn MIGHTY and a very busy mom – your full plates spilleth over! Look forward to more of your story even if you only have time to post snippets. Chump Lady’s been a good dose of the honest truth, humor and inspiration for strength. Wish you big success with your various endeavors.

  • Just noticed your facebook page CL. Sure are a lot of close-up selfies. Hope the NPD isn’t coming out in you! LOL Very nice pics though.

    • If you look at the thread, it was to get a vote on which mugshot to use for the book. And they weren’t selfies (I should be so talented), they were done by a professional photographer friend.

      • My bad CL. I should have looked more closely. Just had flashbacks of cheater taking 20+ selfies in a sitting to get just the right angle/light/lips/look!

      • You look so young and relaxed in those photo portraits, Tracy. We wear our happiness (and stresses) on our faces, which is just another good reason to dump cheaters, liars, users and abusers from our lives.

  • Personally my favorite Facebook chump lady picture is of the two dogs that mutilated the elf on the shelf (one just because it’s creepy) Besides saying a hail Mary and yelling praise Jesus each night because I don’t have to co-parent with a fucktard (both of my children were adults when we split); I give an equal number of thanks that my children never had an Elf on the Shelf.

    It’s not enough he is super creepy but parents have to remember to move that thing every night once he “visits their house.”. Like faking the existence of Santa wasn’t daunting enough, now parents have to host one of his creepy elves! Those dogs are my heroes!

  • Chump Lady, it’s not fair. You are smart, and funny, and adorable! More real life proof that the cheaters always downgrade.

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