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Make Your Own Cheater Memes!

kibblesPeople often report that they find their cheaters posting narcissistic New Age profundity on social media. One must pursue the Butterflies of Aliveness! Happiness is Never Wrong! sort of drivel.

Today (and this weekend) your job is to create your own cheater memes.

Give us a slogan, turn a well-worn cliche on its head, lampoon cheaters’ Deep Thoughts.

The more ambitious of you, may want to post graphics you create at a meme generator site.


Just post the URL. I’ll try and upload them as I have time.

If you need some inspiration for New Age dreck, check out this hilarious New Age Bullshit generator. (So that’s where Esther Perel gets her aphorisms!)


i-am-splendid i-wasnt-buying


Okay, the HTML suggestion isn’t working, so as I have time I will post your memes below. Meanwhile, post the links! Or the text! Thanks!its-not-me-bltexm


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  • Oops, try again? Hey, if you’re copying that code — replace the QUOTE MARKS. For some reason, my font here wants to turn them backwards. I wonder if that’s screwing things up.

    Or maybe stick to text if it’s not working….

    • Or post the link, and I’ll try and embed them for you. (As I have time.)

    • “Only God can judge me for what I did” is what my cheater mumbled, among other idiocies.

      • I got the same thing. “Only God can judge me. Who am I to judge asshat? After 23 years and falling “in love” with a fake POF profile, I earned the right to judge. Loser.

    • The church Boy Scouts gave me the God and Country Award right before I ran off with my schmoopie so see? I *am* honorable and honest.

  • Leaving a link to your meme is fine, I’ll embed them as I have time. Gah. HTML.

  • This site is educational in so many ways, including meme generation/posting! Cool! πŸ™‚

    • OMG!!! That ginger haired kid looks EXACTLY like what I would guess my XH looked like at that age……freaky.


      • Ew… change that kid’s hair to blonde, and you pretty much have my ex (even now).

        • Hesatthecurb and Moving on, he looks like a younger version of my Cheater as well, ginger hair, and cheesy smile. Maybe our Cheaters are triplets separated at birth.
          Last time I seen him, his ginger hair looked faded,he’s started wearing wired framed glasses, perhaps going for the intellectual/sophisticated, sensitive man look, making his bullshit sound more beleivable to gf and outsiders.
          Cheater still smiles like that, eww, creepy, especially knowing what a scumbag he is.

          • Yup, I have heard that one too….and usually I am at a loss for a snappy comeback, but I wasn’t that time. I said no, that would never happen, because NONE of my friends had ever intentionally slept with someone else’s husband, nor had any of them ever slept with their own first cousin….and that made Twatwaffle two for two.

  • Fingers crossed that I have done this correctly…


  • OMG the Stripper/Self Esteem meme – that’s exactly what my H said. Tracy did you create that meme or did someone else’s douchebag cheater out there actually say that too?!

  • Get Out You Seat and Chump Around, Funny! =) I

    Mine didn’t work, I’m not good at this, I tried deleting mine, evidently not good at that either.

  • Sorry, this is totally weird on the HTML images. We need ian to show us how. Gah. I can’t even get the edit function to work. Cheater gremlins?

  • 1. Lying makes people like me, don’t you want people to like me?
    2. I like our life, why can’t you just be happy this way.
    3. I don’t want to be divorced, can’t we just live in separate states?
    4. I think we have different sex drives, you want more then me. (After my living 11 years celebate, him 100’s of fuck buddies.) WTF?
    5. We’re not divorcing because of my cheating, we grew apart.
    6. I’m a different person now, why can’t you just believe that?
    7. Who you going to believe? Me or the psychotherapist, who says I’m lying.
    8. I’d tell you the truth, but you won’t believe me.
    9. Your perception is not the reality, it’s not that bad.
    10. I work hard, shouldn’t I get to have some fun?

    • Oh and how about can’t you just forgive and for get? And “this is 75% your fault” oh yes I got mad aboit the cheating lying stealing and not working so it’s MY fault.

      • My STBX complains about me bringing up the past (as he did today during kids’ sports lesson) when I ask him to pay support and half of daycare expense (which he is many months behind on). Jerk! I am also pi–ed off at him for making life difficult for my boyfriend (who I did not start dating until long after D-Day and date STBX filed for divorce). If it hadn’t been for monstrous STBX, perhaps my now ex-boyfriend would not have broken up with me (as according to ex-boyfriend, my life, which involved death of relatives, chronic injury, travails of divorce, was too difficult to deal with). I rue the days I met STBX and created children with him (although I dearly love my children). I envy all the people who have kids with people that are at least civilized.

    • We just happened to grow apart. The fact that I was away from home screwing other people had NOTHING to do with that.

    • Oh wow! Did we marry the same guy? OW is helping him become a better Christian! It was meant to be!

      • Mary so contrary, the whore was helping ex and our marriage by helping him “understand women.” Guess that would work better if I was a cheating whore.

        And he was helping her with religion and spiritual issues.

        These are both what you call the Blind leading the Blind …

    • A recent Sugars (Dear Sugar Cheryl Strayed) podcast told the victim of infidelity that she must accept the dark side of her cheating husband as part of who he is if she were to regain his trust and love.


      • Ain’t that the truth — he had a lot of online sex friends and a whole freaking fetlife sub fawning over how nice he was and sexy and all. THEY CAN HAVE HIM. What pissed me off the most was his CHEATING about it instead of saying I was blocking his kinky style and divorcing like 15 years ago. Oh no, he wanted the cake and me doing all the responsible work while he ‘played’ (that’s what they call the online or group sexy times, ‘play’ ).

      • Ugh. And I saw Cheryl in person and thought she was so on point. How could she be so off base?!

      • Embrace the cheater’s dark side?

        Fuck that noise. Where’s my light saber, I need to go all Jedi on his ass.

  • This is so much fun!! And they are ALL awesome!! NEEDED this big laugh today!!!

  • Real meme quotes from cheater wife facebook addict:
    – Be yourself. People don’t have to like you and you don’t have to care.
    – Nothing lasts forever. Forever’s a lie. All we have is what’s between hello and goodbye.
    – We may be getting older but that doesn’t mean we have to be boring and act our age.
    – When you truly don’t care what anyone thinks about you, you truly have reached a dangerously awesome level of freedom.
    – What people think about you is not important. What you think about yourself means everything.
    – Never be defined by your past. It was just a lesson, not a life sentence.
    – Can you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be?

    • You were married to my XW, PreyingMantis? I used to call her FB page “The Cluster B Evidence File”. If NPD had its own FB account, it’d look exactly like hers. But hers would still be more awesome. Because she’s so self-actualized. πŸ˜›

      • That’s hilarious Sunny! Mine’s is a Cluster B evidence file too. Unfortunately I’m still stuck in it.

    • One of the most disgusting images I have of my STBX is when he was getting ready for a guest for dinner, the guest was my daughter’s best friend.

      • mgirontree…..mine was/is a sick perv too! He’s 55 and likes em REAL young…..20’s. His son’s didn’t want to bring their girlfriends around him because he such a sicko!

        • Oh yessssss…my XW Whore packed her bags every Friday to spend the weekend with “the girls”…*cough* I mean our daughters 30 something boyfriend’s father when SHE was 46..I guess me turning 50 was an ungodly turnoff

        • Check this out, IHH, my almost 53 yr old XH, dad and grandpa, howorker 22,now gf now 23 is pregnant! Freaking Karma train has arrived! Yikes almighty.
          This fantasy world now became real life. And like my 25 yr old daughter keeps say “this wont end well.”
          They are underground about it, I dont use fb and laugh when my kids say neither dad or the whore to mommy have not and do not use fb anymore.
          Mmm I wonder why? Not proud of your new life. It is BIZARRE! Lol

    • These are awesome Better Alone. Just the other day my STBX tells me that he wants me to love him forever!!! (after telling me he doesn’t want to be married to me anymore)

      • Ha ha ha!!! Once you are free of the clutches of a narc, they become an endless source of hilarity! πŸ™‚

    • This photo may or may not be a picture of my STBXW. (Were we married to twins SDK?)

      • Ha ha.. Ian my STBXW looks almost like her too (that is why I picked the pic)

    • Okay. Now I *really* wan’t to post a meme with MatchGirl’s actual photo.

  • I thought my STBXW was almost the only one with all these keep happy message..

    Another one

    • Ack, no! Patrick Stewart has been a very loud and articulate voice against domestic violence. (Please do no ruin my day by telling me he is a cheater–I’m hoping you picked this photo because he is an actor playing a sleazy role in it, not because he is sleazy.)

      • Oh, I like Patrick too. It was just a funny photo on the meme site and it reminded me of my ex.

    • Sounds similar to what my ex-boyfriend said to me on our anniversary last month. As we were going out to lunch, he told me that he never wanted to marry me and never wanted to live with me . I later said, ‘You said you loved me.’ He replied, ‘I love your whole family (sister, mother, father). You’re all so kind and open.’ Funny, he never said, ‘I love you in the 30 years we were friends.’ Not until we started dating. Still trying to wrap my mind around this debacle of a relationship and break-up. Hard to do, especially when cheater STBX is still harassing me (not paying all of modest support amount) and many other areas of life have been extremely challenging the last few years.

  • “My mother stills loves me, why can’t you?”
    “I really had nothing to do with our marriage failing.”

    My expression was priceless when these two gems came out of his mouth.

  • Lyn, I can’t stop laughing, you don’t need to stop, these are hysterical.

      • Mine hasn’t actually said this, but whenever I do something he doesn’t like, he moves in with the other woman and won’t say anything to me and the kids. 4 months has been his record. It’s fun.

        • Mine never said it; I only realized in hindsight that that was the dynamic. When I took took time to go on an international weekend with him once, he remarked coldly, “I need this.” What I now suspect (with my current knowledge of his serial cheating) is that he had another “option” behind the scenes and was weighing who would dance more for him. Fucker.

    • Hahaha! Mine was chatting with a picture of Raven Riley, porn star. Turns out he was really Bubba from Ghana. Oops. Yes, he was telling all his hopes and dreams to a “girl” his step daughters age. Oh the horror he must have had when he found out, I know he cried and cried over it when he found out and was suicidal.Too fucking funny. This is the image I remind myself of when I start feeling any nostalgia over who I thought he was.

    • ^^^***THIS***^^^

      Thanks to Tracy and the rest of Chump Nation, I knew what that meant… and as soon as that phone call ended (a couple months ago), I went into mega-super-overdrive getting PreyingMantis off every bank account and joint account possible! PreyingMantis is still surprised at the financial wreckage that is falling in her lap and all the bills she now has to pay. Sure was easier when I was a good little chump, woops, I mean ATM! I think she honestly believed that she could bounce from bed to bed to bed and I’d still be around to finance it all. Fortunately, cheaters do tend to focus their attention elsewhere and lose interest quickly when the money dries up. They have quite sensitive antennae that way. While I didn’t technically have a D-Day per se, now that the marriage is over, I’m getting damage reports and [truly disgusting] confirmations of unauthorized extra-marital activities. I can also put a price tag on the help I’ve gotten from all of you fellow chumps. You’ve saved me approximately $75K in just this first year alone. So if sometimes you wonder, “Hey, am I making a difference?” The answer is yes. YES, YOU ARE. Also I’m getting my marbles back. πŸ˜€ THANK YOU EVERYONE!

      • Good for you. Same here. I was going to give her 65% of everything. After getting some strength from CN I demanded 50/50 (Illinois standard). It saved me at least $63000 in liquid assets and probably $100,000 in retirement assets. Keep going strong! Meh may come some time.
        Yesterday I smelled the slightest hint of Karma. While checking to see if I still need to pay alimony, I found out the her AP, “shit for brains” (SFB), defaulted on almost $6000 of credit card debt just before she moved to Austin to be next to him. He had to self disclose this to the financial advisor certification board to keep his certification. My ex got herself a real winner (not)! It made my day πŸ™‚
        Be strong and keep laughing CN.

        • Marked711 – I am in Illinois also. I actually lucked out on the assets, I kept the home and all the equity in it. 50/50 custody also. I was lucky for having my ducks in a row.

  • Mine isn’t about cheating. It just shows what my narcissistic ex was really like.

      • Same here! Except unfortunately my NPD BIL is not an ex. His meme would say “Merry Christmas! Here’s a humongous TV … I bought for myself.” It’s thanks in large part to CN, not to mention all the learning and growth I was propelled into my fucktard’s cheating and abandonment of our marriage, that I can see this so clearly now. It amazes me that no one else in my family can.

    • Sometimes I can’t even believe that there are other’s out there like this and how similar our experiences are. For my birthday one year, my ex gave me a $200 in a card for me to get to “surprise him with a gift” because that would be fun for me. Bad enough. But the next day he informed me I had given him $400 worth of bike shorts, bike brakes, and cables. . . all in a month we couldn’t make our rent. I don’t know where they make these guys.

      • Mine took $50,000 from our savings (his according to him because he deserved it) on my birthday and brought a new BMW convertible and then took the AP to The Breakers for the weekend! Gawd these A Holes are so alike….

    • Loling at this one because my recent ex-boyfriend (not a cheater, but definitely disordered) bought himself a Harley on my birthday. Didn’t have 5 seconds to even text me “happy birthday”, but had all day to sit in the finance office of the HD dealership.

  • This HTML will work with and most other sites:

    1. Make the meme at
    2. Right click on the image itself. It will end with “jpg” or “jpeg.” Save the .jpg file to your desktop “Save to desktop”
    3. Upload to
    4. Get “direct” link to image. (Use pull down menu)
    5. Use code below replacing “URL” with link.


    (One set of quotation marks)

    HTML: breaking hearts since 1993

    • Gah.

      Even I don’t write HTML without a preview.

      I’ll post some of the links too.

      • Try this HTML (removing the asterisks)


        Post a couple times if you don’t get it at first. It’s fun and educational. Learn HTML in your Cheater-free life.

  • A real thing that his parents said to me. Their way of fixing it was to do what I coined “pray the stray away”.

    • Also: I will make you feel terrible about all your behaviour; even when it’s logical and it’s just affecting me negatively because logic and my kibble needs don’t have a good flowz

  • Love you CN! Happy Friday! My therapy today reading the MEMES scrolling down a every 10 mins … Day off from work but as a usual the is chump cleaning …. keep going

  • “I was hoping to get this out of my system, then we could go back to the way we were”!

  • Omg, this is fun! I can tell the story of my divorce in memes!! How cathartic.

    • On D-Day #2, at the wedding of a relative, my STBX told me that he had sex with prostitutes because he thought that if he told me (confessed everything), we could start over. (This after trying to start a family with an AP, sending me pics of the sexual positions he used on AP, on the day he filed for divorce, requesting a restraining order against me so that I could never see our kids again, purportedly because I, the mother of his children, molested our youngest and tried to rape STBX, etc.) BAHAHAHA!

    • Nothing in common at all. She has a vagina and I have a penis. It’s not like we could get into any trouble having differing genitals that kind of fit together.

  • Hello everyone…

    For your meme to show, you can type the following code:
    (I’m using a picture, so you can see what the code looks like.)

    You’d need to replace the text in the src attribute with the link to your meme. The width attribute will keep the memes small… some are a bit large.

    However, you need the link to the *picture*, not to the page. Here’s how to get that:
    – Type the code in the picture… but you can leave out this part (leave the quotes!)
    – When you visit the page, right-click on the picture, and find an option similar to “Copy Image Location”, and select that.
    – Paste in the url that you just copied between the quotes after src.
    – If the link that you pasted ends with “.jpg”, “.jpeg” or “.bmp”, you know that you’ve got a link to the picture.

    • Thank you! TheUpwardWay is our chump IT guru. Please follow his advice and your meme should post. πŸ™‚

    • It’s terrible when… They weren’t thinking with that brain, and then they get half my shit…. FML

      • Crude I know, but my ex husband’s brain is only the size of a pea otherwise it wouldn’t fit where God put it !! πŸ™‚

    • omg, the image! Years ago, I dumped an old friend of mine who cared more about himself than his suicidal son. He complained to people how I’d treated him unfairly. Wrecked his entire family with his selfishness and won’t even own up to it. What an asshole..he’ll always be people-user and fraud.

      I wish you and your kids peace.

    • Heard these exact words from Cheater. That was the beginning of the downward spiral for our son.

    • That just reminded me of something really weird. About 6 months before D-day, POS cheater ex’s *older sister* emailed us both a link to Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” video, with a comment about the ‘great bodies’ in the video (this is the one with the naked dancers). I thought it was pretty off-putting and never responded, but now I’m thinking: WTF! What kind of sister sends her brother (and brother’s partner!) an email like that? In what kind of family is that an okay thing to do?

      Fucking sick!

    • I got rid of 2 female friends that were huge narcs. Both of them had something in common. Whenever they started dating someone and sleeping with them (which was usually right away) they would claim that this one was their soul mate or love of their life. I mean I think it’s great if someone truly meets what they believe is their soul mate, but really how many soul mates are available for one person? Several, apparently if you would ask those messed up women. I just can’t believe I was friends with idiots like that. Glad they are out of my life and I have less drama to deal with as well. Oh, and by the way, most of the guys that they claimed were their soul mates turned out to be the biggest douchebags and narc types, just like them.

    • Oh, that didn’t work. Trying again with TheUpwardWay’s instructions:
      <img width=”300” src=””

      • Oh, I didn’t see the rest of the code string in the image file from the instructions. One last try – hope I got the spelling and spaces right:


  • First time poster, this was enough to take me out of lurk. My husband’s emotional affair partner actually makes New Age inspirational bullshit slogan art professionally. Here’s the slogan from one she made and actually had the balls to send to my husband and I after I caught them at their bullshit. Because the problem wasn’t what they were DOING, geddit? It’s how her husband and I felt about their shenanigans. Give me a fucking break.

    • Well done Allie, and welcome to CN!

      Yes, classic cheater speech about the problem no being what they did but your reaction to their actions… I hope you and your STBX’s AP’s husband (!) will take CL’s advice to heart and give us updates as you forge on to Meh!

    • I remember this SnakebitNoMore, I am rooting for you and hope you will send a happy meme when your kids and you visit Disney World.

      • Jayne: in the box post these things: if it’s in brackets I am talking about a symbol
        Start it with :
        (Pac man eating the words)img(space)width(equalsign)(quotation)300(quotation)
        Looks like:

        I hope these show up as words not weird broken links

        • Yep all broken. There’s always only one space between things, and you have to use all the symbols you see in upward ways instructions

        • LOL creativerational πŸ™‚ thanks for trying to help poor thick me. Unfortunately, while I understand every single word you’ve written, it all becomes gobbledegook in my head when I try to put them all together into a concept! πŸ˜€

          Ah well … there’s no helping some πŸ™ πŸ˜€ xxx

    • It’s a tight call … but I reckon this is my fave of yours Tempest! πŸ™‚ seriously … that really could be Hannibal’s girlfriend in 8 years time!

    • Get outta here! That is Sad Sausage’s current girl-child whore!

    • Oh NO! Tempest! That is sooo true!!!! I told the kids next satan will be trying to date his GRANDCHILDREN’S friends!!!!

  • today he actually said that our family’s lack of boundaries is frustrating . . . . thing is, HE is having an affair!!!!!

      • And where are you now, creativerational, because your deadline has come & gone, and the Swat team is assembled?

        • Durp. A few things! I don’t know what y’all here know… 1) my entire team got laid off, except me. I got promoted. I now have to relocate, so I’m setting up to move, in a few months. Investing in short term housing here right now would be… Hard and a waste of money I don’t have. Better to focus on moving ASAP. Also… With new job role, I am busy off my ass. It’s a beautiful distraction. 2) new legal consult: recieved clear advice about support on what i would owe him… he needs to get a better job. If he has the job he’s qualified for, i probably can get away getting to an agreement of support for a short time. Currently, I would be potentially supporting his ass for a decade plus. So… I really need him to get his qualified work. He has to”gain experience” to move to be with me… For lisencing requirements (Because he thinks he is coming). I’m putting lots of energy into getting him working, “so we spend less time apart” … Isn’t that sweet. 3) i was in a pretty dark space a few weeks ago, much love to all of you for seeing it and sending up smoke signals. Then I got sick with a wicked cold. I’m starting to feel better and my friends have been so good to me. I am recharged after a girls weekend and I am ok to keep stealth mode and get to the point where I can get away. 4) someone else was posting a day or two ago-about confrontation seeming like a good thing, but that it doesn’t accomplish what you want. She said stay stealth, then serve, and leave and make it all a surprise. Because you’ll never get your explanation. Your remorse. Your grovelling or your answers. That resonates with me. This is game of thrones with my life, and long game or not, I don’t need it celebrated, I don’t need it to be clean or public. I need it dead in a way that works for my long plan. I need to be Tyrion. I have held on for this long. It’s 6 months of real knowing, real understanding. 13 years of marriage that was a sham. But others have lasted 18 months planning, or years- for pensions to vest and for support purposes etc- I can also do this. Especially knowing I will be able to have physical distance soon. My tax return is going to ‘pay off some debt” but really is bound for my legal fund. Thank you so much for asking. I am working on my mighty.

          • “I’m working on my mighty.”

            Wow, creativerational, being able to survive this long while lining up your ducks, being promoted and almost there relocation-wise is super mighty in my book!

            Keep forging on and when you and Tempest get hitched, I will be in the audience :)!

      • Cheater said those words to me throughout our sons childhood. He did finally pay attention to our son when our son turned 16, and when X left. He used our son for his personal gain and to demonize and hurt me. Our son was so happy to finally get positive attention from his father he would do anything for Cheater.
        There were also the perks of money, gifts and freedom.
        X hs been successful alienating our son from me. Heartbreaking to see Cheat