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Bookandme2Hey! Guess what came this week? My new book “Leave a Cheater, Gain a Life“!

I’m holding my one advance copy here. The rest debut on May 11 (although on Amazon it’s still saying the e-book version will be available April 5 — not sure what’s going on there… but we’ll know soon!)

Want a sneak peak? It’s 200+ pages of new material, the best of the old book, and bunches of new COLOR cartoons, PLUS “letters” from Chump Lady (that I wrote, based on the letters I receive here). IMG_2540 IMG_2541

To celebrate, I’m throwing a Book Launch Party on Saturday, May 14, at 4 p.m., at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.

I’d love to see you there! There’s a thread (in a super sticky) in the forums on the get-together here. Maybe some of you D.C. chumps can help out the out-of-owners?

Please if you’re attending — RSVP to [email protected] so we can get a head count for food and drink. You can meet me, my husband, and your fellow chumps. For ages now, I’ve stiff-armed a Chumpapalooza get-together (although I’ve attended meetups in DC and NY), because I was working on the book. Now the book is finished, so LET’S CELEBRATE!

Maybe we should bash a unicorn piñata or something… Add your suggestions to the comments. Hope you all can make it!



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  • CONGRATS on Turning the perspective on infidelity right side up !!!

    • Just last night I looked on Amazon to check on my pre-ordered copy, this is such great news.
      Unfortunately I live in California and won’t be able to attend your book release party.

      When I read that you were having your book release party and looked at your photo my eyes filled with tears. So happy for you, sending my best wishes…

    • Big congratulations! I’d love to be able to cross the pond to join you, but I can’t so I’ll have to be there in spirit!

      Tracy, you are really very pretty (your self-portrait drawing is great, but does you a huge disservice – much like a caricature drawn by a street-artist – amusing, clever, talented, clearly an unmistakable ‘likeness’ but manages to hide your beauty and your beautiful smile. Typical chump modesty and self-criticism – which only makes us love you more 🙂 ).

      Got to tell you – I have hair envy over here! 😀

    • Wow you’re very pretty, I can’t believe you were chumped but as we all know looks doesn’t matter to the cheater swine. Would love to be there but will have to wait for a west coast get together one day. Will definitely get the book! Congrats and thanks for this awesome site!

    • You are radiantly beautiful Tracy, Congratulations on this very important book. I hope to see you being interviewed on Ellen, the Morning talk shows, heck Everywhere to get your message out there. So many people think cheating is no big deal and that everyone is doing it. We all know the horrific damage done by Cheaters and worse if Cluster B’s. Sending you love and deep thanks for being there as a voice of sanity and strength for us.

      • Congratulations on your new book, Tracy!! SO happy for you, and that beautiful smile, while holding your book is absolutely priceless!! There truly is hope for all of us Chumps, and the spirit, spunk, and talent that you share with each of us day-after-day is helping us reach for that same happiness. God bless you, and thank you for all you do to raise awareness that cheaters really do suck, and that there is a beautiful life out there for each of us. Xo!

  • CL, I think that is a gorgeous picture of you!! I can’t wait until the book is released! It will be a gift to myself. Thank you for all you do for us here in CN!

  • Congrats Tracy! I pre ordered mine on amazon and can’t wait! Such great insights and a new empowering perspective.

  • Where do things stand on the book tour? Let me know WHEN you all make it to Minneapolis-St. Paul 😉 The book looks wonderful. Thanks for all you do, Tracy!

  • I already pre-ordered mine!! I can’t wait until I get it. I gave away all four copies of the first book 🙁

  • Congratz… Your are an amazing person. Thanks for taking so much time out of your life to help us through the most shattering life changing events of our lives…. Its all about giving back and you do it 10,000 folds…. I read all the time I rarely post but I have one of those crazy stories that I’m glad I gained a life…TY

  • Congratulations, how exciting!!
    Can’t wait to see the copy I ordered, but I’ll lend it out only. I have to make sure I keep it in my library for any new Chumps I may meet. Thank you as always, Tracy, for what you do. I got my self-respect back because of you!
    Have a fun party! I can’t come all the way from the West Coast, or I would!

  • Congratulations! The book looks great! You will help a lot of new chumps like we were, I would be soooo much behind on recovery if it wasn’t for CL and CN!!

  • So thankful for this site and the voice you give to chumps, Tracy. You’ve helped us all to be mighty!!!!

  • Very Proud of you! Yes you have a beutiful smile ? and it is an inspiration for us!! if you come to FL please let us know!!! I wish I could go to DC and see the CN club that day❗️

  • You deserve much success with this book! Wish I could be there, but am in Canada… I look forward to reading once it’s out in hard copy. Best of luck!

  • Congratulations! Wish I could be there but I’m way down south. Have a great time.

  • Looking forward to when it appears on my Kindle. Maybe I can catch you on a book tour if you ever come to WNY. Congratulations!

  • Congratulations! You have saved me and made the world a safer, happier, funnier place.

  • So excited for the launch! I pre-ordered a few months ago. I cannot make it out to the launch (I’m in the PNW) and single parenting 24/7 makes it hard to travel right now but I will be there in spirit!

  • Woohoo! Great to see the book “in the flesh” so to speak.
    Disappointed that I cannot attend the festivities as I live on the Left Coast, plus have a huge work commitment that weekend. Hopefully another time soon.

  • I’m hoping to be able to come- I’m headed up to NY later that week for my nieces nursing school graduation and my birthday- if I can swing a full week off from work I’ll be there!

  • Congratulations! my copy of the book’s been on pre-order at Amazon for a few weeks. I wish I could attend the book party but cannot make it unfortunately. Like everyone else, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating this site, sharing your wisdom, and giving chumps a forum to help each other. Best regards,

  • Congratulations! Thank you sooo much for all you do for us fellow chumps who are going through such difficult times. CL and CN have been such a Godsend to me. Please come to Chicago on your book tour!! 🙂

  • Congrats on the upcoming launch!
    I’m half a world away, so it would be a fair bit too pricey to attend! Hope you guys who attend have fun, though. 😀

  • Congratulations, Tracy! Looking forward to adding another gem of yours to my library (as I am fortunate to have kept your first book!) and hoping you will visit sunny Southern California to promote your book (and sign my copies, lol!). Not surprised at your beauty, as it radiates from the inside out!

  • Yes we will take you out to dinner and give you a place to stay when you are on your book tour. Also I am going to buy an extra copy of your book for my daughter’s MIL, she was chumped horrifically.

  • Congratulations and thank you Chump Lady. Thank you for showing us another way. I haven’t been able to make the NE Chump meetings, but this is so accessible I can’t not go. I’ve already booked my hotel and train ticket. I’m so looking forward to this. Any NYC/Tristate chumps heading down?

  • Congratulations on your new book CL. I hope it is an enormous success. I’m trying to help – I pre-ordered four copies some time ago. Sure wish I had seen your book or found your site earlier. You have been the voice I needed to hear. You have an extraordinary gift, and I intend to be a distribution center for your book to anyone I meet down the road in need of triage after DD.

    Thank you for all the time you devote to helping us chumps, and for caring about us so much to give it. You are awesome.

  • I’ve pre-ordered my copy. Thank you CL, you are helping the meek inherit the Earth by making us mighty. I may be out that way from Chicago on that weekend. If it works out, I’ll be there. 🙂

  • Wonderful news Tracy!! Congratulations!! I wish I could be there to celebrate because you’ve been such a huge help to me (as well as my fellow chumps) but I’ll be there in spirit. I’m going to get several copies of your book. Thank you!! Have a great party!!

  • You go girl (and you are adorable btw), my book has been pre-ordered on Amazon. I’m too far to attend, but I’ll say it again– you have truly saved me and gotten me through, thank you Tracy, and Mr. CL, and all the old regulars and newbies and everyone inbetween. Chump Nation rocks.

  • AWESOME! Congratulations! You look vibrant and beautiful. Thanks so much for everything you do. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Chump Lady, you are brilliant, compassionate, hillariously funny ANd a Hottie. Your exes are stooooPID.

  • Congratulations Chump Lady, and thank you for all your hard work helping us chumps. I hope the book PRINTS money!

  • Chumplady, I am just wondering… Is your book tour starting in Washington D.C. as it is a well known hotbed of cheater politicians and narcs, eh? 🙂

  • I await a couple pf copies ordered weeks ago. Great gratitude for the tenacity, patience and fortitude to complete such a daunting project. A message the world is waiting for, although the world thinks it has infidelity all figured out. Well, the world is wrong.

    I’m quite reflective today. Been watching ‘The Fall’, the BBC TV series with Gillian Anderson pursing a psychopathic serial killer. I can only handle it in daylight. Although the characterization represents the extreme end of the spectrum of pathology, so many of the attitudes and behaviours are present in all cluster Bs. I am revulsed by the ease with which ordinary, non-character disordered people can be lulled into the web of deception created by another human being. Just as if they are seeing ONLY sheep at all times, completely oblivious to the wolves that circle.

    I’ve lived over 65 years in that oblivion. Now, I am completely vigilant to predators. Not afraid. Just looking at the world differently. I thought that I would be forever wounded by this betrayal and the feeling of being prey, but it is a much needed removal of blinders and I feel grateful to have been knocked out of my slumber where I was only counting sheep. Now the mathematics of that visualization calculates for wolves.

    Thank you, Tracy. Delicious work you do. I owe you my life.

  • Congratulations from Down Under and I wanted to echo all that’s been said. I found my way here quite a few years ago from Runaway Husbands and thank you so much for stopping me wasting more of my life trying to untangle the skein. Have ordered the book as a present to myself and to have a physical reminder of all that I have gained. A trip is on the cards so I will post to NY/DC chumps when the dates are locked in and hopefully coordinate a face to face. Have an amazing launch and I hope everyone has a fab time whacking that unicorn.

  • Congratulations Chump Lady!! -That is a wonderful and happy picture of you. I look forward to your book and appreciate so much all you do for us chumps. Stay mighty!

  • Cheering from the sidelines here. Congratulations on your book launch and I hope it is one heck of a party. Thank you for your wisdom and willingness to share it. You have made a huge difference in not only my life, but in many, many more people’s lives. For me personally, you have been helping me heal a day at a time by helping me to understand the dynamics of the train that hit me, so to speak. That has given me more peace than I have found anywhere else. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • Congratulations Chump Lady! The new book looks wonderful. I am so excited for you. You deserve all of the success in the world for what you have done for us here. I know it will help so many as your last book helped me. Big hugs and I hope it is a great success!!!!!

    Thank you so much for what you do for us.

    Without your sanity and common sense approach to these sick disordered fools I would still be lost in the fog of not understanding what REALLY happen. I know I am in no way at fault now. I am pretty much at the new road of “Meh” now and it feels WONDERFUL. It is so nice to know without any doubt in my mind that the ex and all of his flying monkeys SUCK!!!!!! Having my sanity back and knowing all of the red flags I had about him actually has a clinical term called Cluster B Personality Disorder. There is no way to explain the relief I have experienced and also been able to forgive myself in finding your last book and this website. You got me to really educate myself about Cluster B Personality Disorders. When I started this journey to get real answers about the ex and his flying monkeys (thanks to you) everything came together. I had so many “light bulb” moments reading your book and this site and other sites. Now I am at peace knowing what the ex is and his stupid flying monkeys.

    I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me. Many big hugs again Chump Lady! Also congratulations again for the upcoming release of the new book!!!!!!

  • Congratulations, Tracy! Thanks for the photos sneak preview of the book. I think the production quality of the cartoons is quite good. I really look forward to reading my copy, pre-ordered months ago from Amazon. Have a blast at your book party. I’m stuck on the other coast but know I’ll be cheering you on even if I can’t be there. You so deserve all the love, gratitude and respect Chump Nation has for you!

  • Well done, and my very best wishes from Yorkshire, UK.
    I have been so grateful for this website and all the very good advice.
    Bless you all xxx

  • Well done and best wishes to you. First time commenter here and very recently chumped! How lucky am I that I stumbled across your site whilst performing some very random google searches late one night through teary eyes. Now my mother and I read your articles together daily (thank goodness for your archives!). My very supportive Mum has learned some wonderful new words like ‘fuckedupedness’ which she gets a real kick out of using. I have pre-ordered your book. Thank you for helping us chumps through such a shitty time.

  • Congrats Tracy – how awesome to have your own book published ! You are such an inspiration to us all here. So much so that I am even going to a children’s book publishing (illustrator) workshop this weekend with my draft that has tragically stalled since DDay…….I may get there one day……. Well done again – so jealous!!!!!!!

  • So happy for you, you’ve worked very hard to get here. Also happy for how your book will reach more people and help other people damaged by the RIC and needing a sane solution. I wish so much that I could be at your book release party; I will be there in spirit. Being a single mom of three youngins hinders my traveling, but maybe I can take you out to lunch when you visit Michigan next time, perhaps along with some other MI chumps, too. Going to pre-order my copy as well 🙂 You are being mighty!

  • Congratulations Tracy – you look so happy. You are also a wonderful person!

  • Congratulations! It’s been an inspirational journey to have followed your blog for so long and now see you launching a second book. Thanks for the example you set for all Chumps to “gain a life!” I’ll be at the launch with you all in spirit.

  • Tracy, I have been with you almost since the beginning (maybe month 2 or 3 of your blog?). I don’t post a lot, but you have made the biggest difference in my life (I was the one that suggested the donation button…if you remember me). I am SO THRILLED and happy for you. You are the chumped person’s Oprah! I really, really want to be there to celebrate with you (with my new ex-chump husband)! Let me know if you are having a Texas launch, I will be there for SURE!

  • I am about a 5hr drive away so if I can make it then I will 🙂 YAY!

  • Congratulations, Tracy! I think you look gorgeous and very happy! I pre-ordered my book on Amazon and can’t wait. I can’t get to DC this time 🙁 but if you’re in Seattle on a book tour I will make sure I get there!

  • Congrats to you Tracy and WELL DONE! Please come back to Texas for a reading/signing. You deserve all the accolades voiced and more. It must be incredibly satisfying to know you have made such a difference in peoples lives. Can’t wait for my copy! Have a great launch party. We’ll raise one to you on that day.

  • I am so glad your book is coming out! Thank you for changing this conversation for all of us Tracy. Next up NPR, Ted, Oprah…I can’t wait for your/our experiences and language to be out there. So tired of all the gas lighting and crap dealing around cheating. Virtue, honesty, human rights, and dignity are real. Thank you for making the connections that we all intimately feel.

  • Your book is debuting on the one-year anniversary of my final D-Day! I LOVE THAT!

  • Congratulations on the publication of your book, Tracy. You have done so much so for many people. I live in Europe so won’t be at your launch but will raise a toast to you.

  • Congrats! Few things can get me to go to DC but for you, absolutely! Sending in my RSVP.

  • Congratulations Tracy, you are a remarkable, talented, bright, beautiful woman. I begin each and every day reading your insightful posts. I was sinking, treading water, and now I can swim. Your words have meaning and have empowered so many with the gift of gaining a life. Thank-you for being a lifeline for hope and change.

  • Congratulations!!!! I can’t make the launch party, but I look forward to reading the book! 🙂

  • Many congrats, Tracy!

    If the book tour heads out west, I’m just up the coast from L.A. in Ventura County where a chump can thrive. If a group of chumps can make it, we’ll make up a taco bar and bring out the margaritas.

    Go, Chump Lady, GO!

  • Congratulations Tracy. I do hope a signing happens at some point in the UK. Come to London!! Please.
    You really have been the voice of reason for me, and you are quite brilliant at translating the bullshit these creeps spout. I hope you sell a load of books and treat yourself to a fabulous holiday, you deserve it.

  • I just got the e-book delivered to my Kindle! Amazon says Kindle version available 04/05. Turned on my Kindle and there it is!! Woo Hoo!!!! So excited! I will wait for the actual “real” book.

  • Chumplady, you have earned all this praise. This is quality work, it is passionate, to the point and completely hilarious. Your illustrations bring it to some other mind blowing level of awesome.

  • Congratulations Tracy! What a wonderful accomplishment for you and a wonderful read for all of us chumps. I don’t comment often but I read every day.If it weren’t for you I never would have become good with NC and drawing boundaries. You have helped to make me the independent and strong woman I am today.

    I hope that your publicist can get you on all the talk shows. Your (and Our) perspective really needs to be exposed to the public. I hope this book puts it all over the edge.

    I’m in Philly, but unfortunately I have my kiddos that weekend and can’t make it to DC. I will however raise a glass to you, your husband and all chumps that day. Thank you for making the world a better place – one educated chump at a time!

  • Just now downloaded the kindle version, and am so excited to read it. It’s an important read for so many women and men who have been horribly abused by those who were most trusted. You tell it the way it is in plain language so there is no misunderstanding the message. Sometimes we need that 2×4! And Tracy, you are as cute as a spotted pup, and we all know how adorable spotted pups are! Congratulations on your new book.

  • Starting reading last night… so direct to the point to anyone finding themselves as a chump. Even though I am nearly 2 years out, every word of it still hits home for me and I find value in it. While I did not have this guidance early one, reading it gives me validation in so many ways. Cannot wait for bedtime to continue reading!

  • Hey CN and CL! We are planning a remote Book Launch Party in North Texas! Eve and I are planning it and will post details in the Forum. Watch for it and let us know if you’re in Dallas area if we don’t already have your contact info.

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