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A Feast of Mightiness!

IMG_2408Hey! Just a note to say THANK YOU for an epic book launch. I was so honored to meet you guys. We had chumps from Arizona (who walked 2o miles sight-seeing on Friday according to their fit bits!), Los Angeles, Brooklyn, Texas, Ottawa, West Virginia, and the DC environs.

It was absolutely amazing. And I choked up more than a few times. It was such an assemblage of strong, funny, amazing people. Just WOW.

You can’t imagine how odd this is for me. I started this blog, and I know you guys comment in droves, and more lurk, but yet, in a way, it’s still quite abstract to me. I liken it to sending messages in a bottle every day. I throw them overboard, they float along on the Internet seas, and I have no idea who picks them up to read, or ever sees them. I was blogging for a year and half before I’d ever actually met anyone who reads me. It was like meeting your imaginary friend.

Writing is just this sort of isolated thing you do alone. A universe you create in your head. So it is very strange indeed to meet people who speak your language — a language you invented! Of unicorns, and kibbles, and untangling skeins of fuckupedness, and the Universal Bullshit Translator.

You all GET IT.

And it helped you? I’m so thankful to hear that it helped you.

Listening to so many stories last night… after the party, some of us gathered to have dinner (thanks to Clare for organizing!) and went around the table with our chump tales. I was so impressed.

I can’t properly express this — but I was so deeply moved by what good, decent, loving people you chumps are.  And what IDIOTS your cheaters were to ever, ever devalue such a beautiful bunch of people.

Oh you’re just saying that, Tracy! 

Look, you are people who SHOW UP. And bring gifts. And say thank you. And help each other out, with directions and accommodations, and LISTEN. You hug. You joke. You tear up and get mortified. You are HILARIOUS. Deadpan. Mordant. Witty. Fragile but fierce. Motherfuckers you should not mess with. MIGHTY.

You are my tribe.

And the details of your stories will stay with me. The cheater who ordered his wife and kids out of the house. After she worked and worked and put him through a PhD program — banished. Thrown out with out a thing. No clothes. No furniture. And her telling me how she brought her two teenagers to an empty house and they all slept on air mattresses for months.

Okay, or the special ed teacher chump who works with kids with emotional problems — who found her husband’s Craigslist ads for cross-dressers? And the long litany of his kinks and hook-ups? And who saw the dark ABSURDITY of this idiot and made us laugh with her about it?

Or the woman who bashed the hell out of the unicorn piñata — cheated on while pregnant and then abandoned. Recently. Looking like a million bucks, and is quite the slugger.

You guys are amazing. Thank you.

For those members of Chump Nation who couldn’t make it, I’m attaching some pictures and the little talk I gave (and did not get through without a maudlin display of emotion).

Thanks again.


Ten years ago THIS WEEK, May 20, 2006 — a few blocks down the street, I married a cheater. (Unbeknownst to me at the time, of course. Turns out, I paid the bar tab for one of the Other Woman.)

A decade ago, this week.

I’d been married 6 months, when D-Day hit. What I didn’t know then, was that the worst thing that ever happened to me would become the best thing that ever happened to me.

(And I don’t mean that we reconciled our marriage, became stronger for it, and rode off into the sunset riding unicorns.)

I mean, I gained a life.

What a long, strange trip it’s been.

Some highlights – in August 2010, I married Paul, a Texas trial lawyer and my son and I moved to Texas. And to underscore just how much I love Paul, and how wonderful he is – I moved to TEXAS. Rural Texas. I’m a pasty person who gets miserable at weather over 70 degrees, I enjoy WOOLEN things, and about the spiciest food I grew up with was tuna noodle casserole. (Jalapenos? Please. Pain is a not a flavor.)

Love will make you do crazy things.

And to underscore how wonderful Paul is, and how much he must love me, we just moved to DC. A land with no breakfast tacos or decent BBQ. He had to give up casual work clothes, a much-lamented quad-cab diesel Ford pickup truck, and beating up on Houston lawyers.

Love will make you do crazy things.

In April 2012, I started the blog Chump Lady.

It began as a brain dump of everything I learned about being chumped. Here it is! I don’t need it anymore! Hope you can learn from all the stupid things I did and skip ahead.

It’s four years later and the blog odometer is about to flip to 10 million page views.

Also in 2014, I self-published a book and it went #1 on Amazon in divorce. Which got the notice of an agent, which got a book deal – and here we are celebrating the release of “Leave a Cheater, Gain a Life.” (This one also went #1 on Amazon in divorce.)

And the only reason I’m here celebrating with you today is because there are a LOT of chumps. My experience wasn’t unique. It was terribly common as nightmares go.

What wasn’t common was good advice. What wasn’t common was the message that you could leave and be happier for it. What wasn’t common was common SENSE about how to protect oneself.

All I did with Chump Lady was create a space to talk about the infidelity experience that did not assume or promote reconciliation. And to me, the most beautiful thing about Chump Lady, is the community. People who are further down the road shouting back to the newbies, “HEY! I see meh ahead! It’s TUESDAY!”

And the newbies believing it. Believing that the pain stops (on Tuesday) and that better days are ahead.

Nine years and six months ago, I was a sobbing heap on a bathroom floor. Lost 15 pounds in a week out of sheer grief and vomiting. Stranded in a new town. I’d left my job. Had sold my house and taken that cash and bought a house with the cheater, thereby making it a marital asset. I was terrified about my financial future. I was scared for my son, putting him through this drama, through another divorce.

I thought I’d never love again. I thought I was damaged goods. Insanely, I thought what that disordered freak of a cheater thought of me MATTERED. I thought his rejection somehow defined me.

It didn’t.

Today I’m just fine. My son is fine. Actually, proud mom moment here – he’s better than fine. He’s a great kid, a cross-country runner who was accepted to college on an academic scholarship.

And that cheater was not the last vote on my lovability. I’m loved. And I love and trust others.

I gained a life.

Thank you.

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  • What struck me the most about yesterday’s gathering was the variety of chumps. There were young and old, men and women, black, white, Asian, Hispanic and probably a lot of in-between, sexy, athletic, earthy, chatty, shy… So there, in the flesh was the irrefutable proof that nothing one does will prevent cheating. It is all on the cheater. I loved it. I LOVED IT!!! Thank you Tracy.
    P.S.: Can we add our own pics?

    • Sure, if you can figure that out. If anyone minds (anonymously) having their picture up there, just tell me and I’ll take it down. Thanks! But if not, enjoy! My friend — and professional photographer — Jenn took these and asked permission.

  • Awww thanks. If I wasn’t stuck here getting the cottage ready for sale(closing on tuesday) because all my cheater wanted to do was use it as his personal f#ck-palace, I think I would have been there beating up the pinata with you!!congratulations again. 7 months on(after discard after 34 years of marriage), not at meh yet but working on it!! As an aside it’s my 35th anniversary today, my new anniversary–October 9 freedom(ie D)day!

    • Sadlady – I’m sorry for what you’re going through, and that we did not get an opportunity to meet you. Please have faith (as Tracy says) that the pain is finite. I would NEVER have believed it seven months in, and after 25 years with my Ex, but its true. Probably took me longer than most (I did not have the benefit of this site for a long time), but I appreciate now how lucky I am to be out. I know it will happen for you too, and that a much richer life will follow for you. Happy Birthday.

  • I love you, Tracy, and Chump Nation. I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to make it! I had hotel reservations and everything and then,,,,,life happened and I had to cancel Friday morning. It looks like you all had a great time. I knew I’d cry when I met you, so I’m crying now instead. I hope someday I’ll be able to meet you and some of my fellow Chumps. God bless. 🙂

    • Hey, sorry about the awkward life event getting in the way of your trip. Drat! Well, there will be other unicorns to slay — no fear. 🙂

      • Thanks for replying back! I’m looking forward to future unicorns and Tuesday. 🙂

  • This is so awesome! Love the unicorn piñata! I wish I could have been there. Congratulations on all you’ve accomplished with your talents. You’re one of my favorite bloggers. I belong to a single moms Facebook group and whenever there’s a question about being cheated on, having the kids meet the affair partner, getting through a divorce, etc., I always share one of your posts and it seems to be the perfect answer, better than anything I can say myself. That’s what makes you such a great writer!

    • It was so fun! I was there, ducked out for a minute with another chump and missed the pinata destruction! Tracy was kind enough to let me tear a leg off afterward. LOL

      • Somehow, I ended up with that hoof. Cats have been shredding it ever since.


  • Looks like it was a grand party! I am sorry to have missed it; I would have loved to have put faces to the screen names. Jedi hugs to all!

  • 2006 must’ve been a busy year to marry cheaters…that’s when I married mine, too. Ha. And 10 million views? Wow. That is amazing. So thankful for all you do, CL!

    • That’s when I married my cheater too. They must have made a massive amount of the koolaid for us to drink.

    • Me three for 2006 being the Year O’ the Cheater Marriages! So ten years after 2006 (for Social Security) must mean there could be a dearth of newly freed Chumps soon….

    • 2006 here as well! I think the average marital life span of a Cluster B/Narc is 7 – 10 years. (I wonder how long it is when the APs don’t have kids or better yet, are “blending” families. I would think it even shorter.)

  • Thank you so much for posting this. I was all set to come with doggie day care and booked hotel room, but unfortunately work intruded. It’s a good think I love my job! I’m glad you shared your speech and pictures so I can feel part of Chump Nation. I finished your book and will read it again. It is awesome and so full of wisdom, as you and so many Chumps are. I KNOW I wouldn’t be as far down the road and getting closer to meh without this site. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • I would have loved to have been there. Last week my husband had me arrested for texting him about expired car insurance and registration. He has a PFA on me…so…he can do that. The car is still in his name. We aren’t divorced yet…so I had to go infront of a judge….actually our divorce judge…who wasn’t too happy at my husband’s inability to handle a text about cancelled car insurance.
    The judge dismissed it, but it’s the point of the lengths these idiots will go to to make life a living hell rather than just finish what they started and finish the divorce.
    I think I’m close to MEH… this last go around gave me some prospective.

    Congratulations on the book launch. So glad I found this blog… was a voice of reason when my world was crashing. Unless you lived thru it…you can’t understand the pain…everyone here gets it….
    Great job Tracy….much continued success.

    • Tracy–there are no words. Your STBX is a %#$@!MFPOS. I’m glad the judge took him to task, and I hope the Karma bus arrives for him reeeeaaaaallll soon.

  • Bit teary here Down Under. This looks amazing! Go Chump Nation. Keep doing what you’re doing. No bloody words. But typing anyway – Gah – shut up, horses! Just thanks, Tracy! So much. For giving us a voice.

    • Another Aussie who is a bit teary also. Tracy if ever you find your way down to Australia you can be assured of a sellout crowd. I am sorry I live so far away as the event looks great going by what you have written and the photos you have posted. Also, Tracy you look about 20 years of age you lucky thing you and you have beautiful hair like my daughter ! 🙂

      • I wish I could have been there too but agreed, if you come to Australia it will be big ?

    • Aussie here too. Congratulations Tracy. I echo Maree, come to Australia, we would love to meet you. Keep up the great work.

  • Congrats on a fabulous fete in celebration of the ultimate ‘brain dump’. It was wonderful to meet you and Paul. It some how never occurred to me that the author of such a raucous, potty mouthed, calls it as it is blog, would present IRL as the lovely, quiet, and very demure Tracy. I often think ‘no wonder she was chumped — she really is the nicest person I’ve ever met.’

    You give great hope to many that genuine ‘happily ever after’ is out there— and it comes in the form of being happy with yourself and your actions — not dependent on the actions of another. Hugs)

    • Thanks for coming all the way from LA, Vickie!! (((Hugs))) to you too.

  • I’ve been cheater-free for almost 11 months and I’m not sure I would have survived if I hadn’t had your inspiring words to get me through. I have reached meh and no longer see unicorns out of the corner of my eye. Nine months of therapy a year ago only managed to keep me stuck in a hopeless, horrible situation. The only place I found truth and support was here.

    I sing your praises regularly and I hope millions more stumble on you when they feel hopeless, blamed and out of control because of the betrayal and crazy-making brought on by the person who promised to love and protect them for life.
    Thank you ❤️

  • It was so great to be in the company of chumps. It was like a family reunion!! Reading Chumplady ha’s changed my life in a multitude of ways. If I wanna wear a mini skirt to church, I wear it!! Some might say ” You wore that?” My answer? “Yes I did!! I do what I want as long as it aligns with my values. Trying to raise my kids, and the right thing. Chumps rock!

  • Congratulations! I hope everyone had a great time. Damn that Atlantic pond for getting in the way, I think a few of us Europeans would have loved to have been there!

    • Exactly! Sorry I missed it. But thankful of the Internet, that not only brings twu wuv to cheaters, unicorn pushers, but also the sound of reason!

  • Thank you so much for hosting such a great get together. I had a great time and it was so nice to put faces with screen names. As an added bonus the food was delicious. And who would have thought we would be able to meet Adele? Thank you, too, for being you, for paving the way and for saying what so many people are afraid to say.

        • Stole the show from you?! You, with that gorgeous hair & amazing moxy?! WOW! A super scrumptious bunch of Chumps invaded DC, that’s for sure!

        • LOL!

          I had such a great night.

          Now taking bookings for guest appearances at weddings, bar mitvahs, unicorn thumpings, the works!


          • thanks for organizing everything It was great to spend time with you — but where did you disappear?

  • Looks like you all had a blast! Sorry I couldn’t make it. Part of my gaining a life was embarking on a crazy, year long MS program. 12 classes, 1 year long project and no breaks plus I still have to do that whole working thing. I’m half way finished and all the way cooked!

    I hope there is another gathering when we’re celebrating the book being named a number 1 best seller Chump Lady! Congrats again!

  • The most beautiful group of people, ever. Wow. What a long strange trip it’s been. Congrats on the launch party!

  • Thank you for hosting, it was great meeting other chumps, and I was happy to check one item off my bucket list: Bringing Pie (Bitches!) to CL’s book launch :)!

    • Thank you for the pie!!!! Sugary carbs are my love language. 🙂

      • My pleasure, and because why not, guess who got pie for breakfast?? Me :)!

  • Please visit Europe!! Havent met anyone from around here but you are my tribe too… only place I feel people understand what this shit feels like…

    To the lady who was cheated on and abandoned while pregnant, same here! Even if STBX wanted me back a few months later… (I said no, buh-bye) Glad you decapitated that unicorn for us all!

    CL hope your book will do mighty!

  • Tracy, congratulations on a hit of a launch party. Love the pictures! Sorry I couldn’t make it, I took your advice and gained a life by landing a new job I just love! Too early to have requested time off. Hope there is another party…..I will be there with bells on!! Thank you for all that you do! HUGS!

  • Oh, I so wish I could have been there! Please come to Southern CA one of these days and do a book signing here!

  • Congratulations Tracy!!!! Standing OVATION from YOUR Chump Nation!!!!

    Many, MANY more books of wisdom to impart to Chumps the earth over in your future! WE ALL NEED YOU! Aka said it best, ‘I never believed in angels till I met Tracy…’ YES! TRUTH!

    Oh my! I am still so choked up over the surprise phone call to accurately express my gratitude at being ‘included’ despite the distance. Thank you so much Aka and Tracy and Tempest and Chump Nation! Goodness! I am so grateful for all of you! THANK YOU!

    I wish I really could have been there! Hopefully you will have another SOON and ALL CHUMP NATION can attend!

    • 🙂 Good to talk with you.

      “Angels” must have potty mouths.

      • Oh ABSOLUTELY! The Universal Angel Language!!!!

        Thank you so much!

  • Congratulations again, Tracy!

    I hate that I missed the party— it looked like a lot of fun!!!

    I was celebrated my oldest son’s wedding yesterday!!!

    Today, May 15th would have been 23 years married to EXH#1 — he ended up not being as terrible as The Evil One, but a cheater narc nonetheless…anywho, the point of my swtory is that yesterday, he was there at our son’s wedding- I was alone and he was with Wife #5 (HAHAHAAAA!!!) and when it came time to take the family pics, I stood proudly with my son and his new wife, my new daughter- EXH#1 was on the other side, and I felt…nothing — total MEH. Now, if you had told me that day would come 14 years ago, I would never have believed it…It has been so long ago that I’ve been at MEH towards him, I think it was a Tuesday 😉 … this man nearly put me 6-feet under literally by his own hands and/or by me at some points, but I survived, and so will you all Chumps!!!!

    Viva La Revolution de la Chumps!!!!

    • High Five for all your triumphs! Rock on with your cheater free life & all the best to your son & ‘daughter’! What blessings you have. Thank you for sharing them with THE Nation.

      Forge on, Unsinkable….ForgeOn!!!

    • I’m glad you can have new, better associations with that date. Happy meh!

  • It looks like a wonderful time, would have really enjoyed being there. I couldn’t remember exactly when I found your blog, but my divorce was final in December of 2012, so I think it wasn’t until 2013 that I stumbled across it. Sure wish I’d have found it earlier, but just glad I found it, period. Sometimes when I think life is hard, or I’m feeling lonely, I just remind myself of what others on this blog are dealing with and I remember I’m not alone. That’s the most wonderful thing about this blog, sharing stories with people who really get it. Anyway, congratulations Tracy!

  • Whoa, Tracy! Way to go! I am sooooooooo jealous of all y’all that made it to this most auspicious occasion. (but jealous in a good way….)

    DC was my ‘stompin’ grounds’ from 5th grade to a year after I graduated High School. Amazing place! Saw ‘Star Wars’ on it’s opening night in DC! (Yeah, giving’ away my age here!) A few weeks later, my Dad moved us to TX & guess what….Saw ‘Star Wars’ on it’s Premiere night in Austin! You have just about covered all the places I have lived! 😉

    Yep, Tracy, you are indeed THE voice of reason amidst all the stupid drivel of the RIC!

    Love you! Love this Nation! Love your new book!

    I am blessed to be a amoungst some of the most beautiful souls ever!

    Forge on, precious ones…..ForgeOn!

  • Congratulations Tracy!
    I am so thankful for this site. It is four and a half year since d-day and two and a half since the divorce. I loved that this site offered an alternative view of cheating and it stuck with me. Life is so much clearer now and I thank you and chump nation for helping me through it. I don’t speak to ex- only email here and there regarding the kids.
    Oddly enough a serious issue came up recently regarding one of the kids and I emailed him. Well, I have not verbally spoken to him in over three years but I had to. I even had to have him over to discuss issues with kids. The funny thing is, he is and will always be a piece of shit but his presence did not bother me. My life is good and I could give a rats ass what goes on in his. The best part about this…..It was a Tuesday!!!
    Thank you Tracy. 🙂

  • Congratulations! I’m teary in Seattle. You saved me and made me laugh (not necessarily in that order) and it was so good to learn that I am normal. Take out billboards across the nation. You deserve a MacArthur Genius Award.

  • It’s great when people can get together to offer support to each other after experiencing such a nightmare as infidelity. I’m glad y’all had a blast 🙂

  • Congratulations Tracy. So glad your book launch went well. Would have loved to be there but unfortunately I would have shared the creeping crud flu and creeping crud flu fallout that has had me down for almost two weeks. I know it’s good to share but some things are better kept to ourselves.

    You are awesomeness personified, and you have made a huge difference in the world.

  • What a beautiful group! I’m so glad you all had fun and got to meet one another – wish I could have been there. I would have brought bitch cookies and a tiara and sash for Tracy – Queen of the Chumps! The book is fabulous as are you, Tracy. Mthatnks for all you do for us! ??

  • Congratulations Tracy! Looks like you guys had a great time, which you all deserve. Wish I could have been there, I’m insanely jealous! Thank you for everything you’ve done for this tribe.

  • And a great time was had by all!! Best irresponsible decision I’ve ever made was to book a flight to DC so as not to miss the Book bash (despite a one-foot stack of papers to grade; cue “Non je ne regrette rien”). . What a great bunch of people in this community, who have survived often-unbelievable, stranger than fiction, gut-wrenching stories. And we can laugh about those stories now because of having lived through them, in large part due to our Revolutionary leader, Tracy!

    Thank you Tracy & Paul for a wonderful party.

    Viva la Chump Revolution!

    • If I ever get a new handle on here it’ll be Chump Guevara! (if it hasn’t already been taken)

  • Dear Tracy and fabulous Chump guys & gals, another downunder chump here, congratulations on the book launch and so happy to see the pics & speech. I am holidaying OS with my wonderful mother, else I would have been there. I found you late in 2012, 4 years after DDay and I can honestly say my road to meh started then, when I stopped trying to untangle the skein. Thank you so much for helping me get my kickass sense if humour back. Sending that virtual hug that I didn’t give you in real life…one day soon I hope I will. XOXO

  • Would so have loved to be there! Never did I think I’d find others that understood REALLY what I mean when I say “you can’t make this shit up!” Thank you CL for being the potty mouthed truth speaking, UBT inventing leader of this whole CN. I have indeed found my tribe and can laugh in this new found state of Meh…..time to order a half dozen books for friends that need to join in and get MIGHTY to move on.

  • I look at the pictures and I am grinning from ear to ear. What was intended for evil ( cheaters’ betrayal)has turned into something good ( a community of support and healing). Thank you Tracy and CL.

  • Tempest, moi aussi. Je ne regrette pas Chumpalooza. I also have work (due today) which I have not completed and probably won’t even venture to tonight. I was happy to come down to DC to thank Tracy most of all. As I mentioned Saturday night, this site started after my divorce was completed. Nevertheless, it is an invaluable resource, particularly in dealing with issues around the children. The trip was also a nice break for me as I am the responsible parent, always on and taking care of all. I really basked in my free time visiting the sites of the city, especially roaming the Mall with ToDoVa and friend. I even saw the Presidential motorcade and Marine One. Of course, once I got home, I had to make cupcakes for kid’s birthday party and sit with the other for homework that was not completed with their father. The work never ends, but thankfully everyone here understands and for that I am grateful.

  • I scoured the pics hoping to put faces to screen names. What a wonderful fete to celebrate this epic shared journey. Thank you Tracy for giving us the vocabulary, the heart and soul and courage to travel this rocky road. You gave helped so many of us navigate the road less traveled or should I say the road more traveled but with a more honest journey. I was with you in spirit! Here’s to Meh!!!

  • I wish I could have been there with you guys. At least I can post-celebrate, vicariously, through your report and the photos (thank you for posting them). I love visiting DC — good subway system and FREE museums, great art galleries!

    Huge congratulations on your book launch, Tracy. I received your new book and I recommend that any newly-arrived chumps to read the last chapter FIRST (my favorite) to understand what Chump Lady is offering you. All the other chapters are about arriving to the goal of the book: a better life away from people who are a source of heartbreak, abuse and disregard. We don’t need them .. truly, we don’t.

    What fun to see some faces of the real people who share their stories on this blog, who generously give support to others. I thank you all for being here.

  • So grateful for your insights. So helpful and important to 1) know you are not crazy, 2) know you are not alone 3) know it’s okay NOT to “be friends” with cheating dumbass ex. So blessed to have NOT done the “pick me ” dance. Your words and your followers are valuable in the recovery and working towards meh, you give me hope.

  • Congratulations Tracy !! and to all who were able to attend. I would have felt very blessed to meet each and every one of you. Heroes all !

    I received my 2 copies, a must read.

    I will never be able to put into words how much you helped to save me, gave me hope, and more than anything made me feel that I wasn’t alone.

  • I’m so sorry that I couldn’t make it. It is such a tribute to you and your work. You deserve all the best! Thanks Tracy.

  • Add me to the list of “wish I could have been there” folks. I hope this is the first of many Chumpapaloozas; it would be lovely to meet some of you IRL. Congrats again, Tracy!

  • Thank you, Tracey, for using your pain and experience to help the rest of us who have believed in unicorns, done numerous pick-me dances, and have eaten unlimited shit sandwiches. You are amazing! Congratulations on the successes!

    Loved the bashed unicorn pinata!


  • I didn’t realize how much I keep this in my own head (unspoken in my real life) until I got to the party and had momentary culture shock from the loud “caught my cheater fucking the neighbor!” sorts of comments …after a second I thought “Oh yea, were ALLOWED to talk like that here” and I jumped right in. I’m the worlds biggest extrovert but Im glad no photos of me…still secret from too many people.

    And yes, the assemblage was beautiful and funny and sexy and amazing and mighty !!

    I laughed when I saw Chumptitudes pie…she is great.

    The blog started in April ’12 ? really? and I managed to find it and post a stupid unicorn comment between April ’12 and Sept 12 when cheater died…I was efficient at my cluelessness.

    • Aaah! You were there, UNM! I WISH I had been at the party to meet you all, but down here in Africa …

  • I wish I could’ve been there. I loved seeing the pictures of my fellow chumps IRL. What a beautiful and eclectic bunch we are! Congratulations Tracy and CN. I’m proud to be part of this movement.

  • Soooooooooooooo bummed to have missed it! I’m glad that the chump gathering was fun & successful!

  • I wanted to go too! I thought it would be fun if we could guess who each other are based on the conversation. You guys would be able to pick me right away. I’m incapable of not saying Fuck within the first 3 minutes.

  • I wish I could have been there! I love seeing the pictures of all the smiling faces, and the pulverized unicorn corpse.

  • Wish I was at Chumpapalooza, to see all your faces and celebrate bringing chump logic to the rest of the world via your book. Congrats, Tracey. The unicorn pinata is awesome. And, of course, PIE 🙂

  • I so wish I could have been there! May is just the toughest month for me to get away. And what a lovely bunch of chumps we are! Congratulations on the book, Tracy, and on 10 million page views, and on creating a community where people in real crisis go not just for advice but for healing. If we go through the fire instead of getting stuck or retreating to what looks like safety, we can truly gain a better life.

  • I so wish that I could have been there. I seriously considered flying from England, but then I’d have had to have asked lying bastard to look after our youngest son.

  • Feeling wistful…one more ‘wish I coulda been there’…but I’m so happy for you all! I felt totally alone when I left my ex, and never could really understand what the fuck happened until I found you!

    I did pre-order my book, and I’ve been jealous of those who received it and wondering what happened to mine, until I got an e-mail from B&N saying they were having trouble processing my order. So I cancelled it and will just pick it up at the book store, (hopefully).:(

    The pictures are wonderful, Loved the pinata! I had envisioned a unicorn cake, being dismembered by the chumps, but I guess people might have choked trying to eat it.

  • I wish I could have been there, to give Dat real hugs instead of Jedi ones. Love to all Chump Nation!

    We need to set up local Chump Chapters…..


  • What a great gathering of Chump Nation! Also, I love the pics. Cheating knows no race, gender, or ethnicity boundaries–but hey! If they recognized boundaries, they’d not be cheating, right?

    I wish I could have gone. I have family in the area, but I just moved into my new place and work has been about putting out fires.

    Maybe there needs to be an annual event?

  • Tracy – I am so grateful for you. Your advice has guided me out of the forest and made such a difference in my life, and the lives close to me by secondary effect. Thanks for all those messages in a bottle you throw overboard – they are making their way shore and into they hands that need them.

    It was great to meet you and Paul, and to see what is really possible after all this. I could not be happier for you.

  • Massive congrats, Tracy! You’ve created something unique and special. 🙂

  • Wish I could have gone. Are you coming to NYC soon? One thing I noticed is that everyone looks beautiful and glowing. Thanks, CL, for helping us get there.

  • Just echoing what you said CL, what a bunch of dumb-asses out there who cheated on this group of folks. Another clear message that infidelity is some sort of mental illness. It ain’t you chumps…

  • Congratulations Tracy!! What an amazing story of triumph! I would so loved to have been there, and to be able to put faces to the names of so many that I’ve come to love and feel like I know already. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Tracy, and each and every one of you here at CN!

  • Love that the event was awesome! And – I got my copy in the mail today! Massive congrats, hugs and warmth to you, Tracy! Xoxo Thanks for all you do for us Chumps.

  • So proud of our once Texas girl! Looks like a great time!

    • Congratulations Tracy! I ordered and received two copies of your book, one for me, and one is already loaned out. Thank you for starting this awesome CN, with its own language no less, and for helping so many of us travel the road we never intended to be on, and survive, and become mighty.

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