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Ask Me Anything Tonight

LeaveACheater_cvrHey folks, just a reminder that “Ask Me Anything” is a live video Q&A happening tonight at 7 p.m. Eastern time.

I’ve already answered some questions (which Vidoyen asked me to do ahead of time), so if you want a sneak peak, take a look!

There’s still a chance to post questions and I’ll try to get through all the ones up there, time permitting.

Here’s a way to get my snark on video, live and off the cuff, and without the typos! Just lots of messy hair and answering things with my eyes closed… God, technology… I love it.

And, further shameless plug, we’ll be discussing the book too! So consider buying it or reviewing it. Or anonymously donating it to some future chump. It’s all good. See you later!

Ask Chump Lady

Got a question for the Chump Lady? Or a submission for the Universal Bullshit Translator? Write to me at [email protected]. Read more about submission guidelines.
  • Just posted a question. Good luck; we’re rooting for you to sway people. Viva la revolution!

  • The answers already posted are GOLD!!!!!! Can’t wait for the live show and more answers. You are CHUMPPAH – the ascetic sage of of CHUMPISM.

  • The interface on the site looked a bit confusing at first… but it’s not so bad.

    While ChumpLady is live, the questions below will be answered – you can’t view them while being recorded though, so it’s not ‘truly’ live… more ‘live-ish’. So you can start at the top (a few were pre-recorded) and then you’ll catch up. Even when the live hour ends, the videos will remain, so you can browse them later.

    • Thanks for answering my question before you even knew what it was! 🙂

  • this is awesome! Its nice to see you in non-cartoon form! 🙂

  • So great to hear the live answers with oh-so-adorable real Tracy! Great job at changing the narrative.

  • I didn’t think I’d get home in time to hear this livish but I did. Great questions and great answers!

  • I know others had to watch so why am I the only comment? Tracy, you are a natural. Your answers were honest, funny and the true spirit of ‘Chump Lady’ channeled through you.

    The video cam or my phone was not true HD resolution so the tiny pixelation gave you a fabulous luminescent airbrushed look. So your worries about your hair were for naught

    I loved it and hope someone will nominate you for a TED talk.

  • You did an awesome job! I nominated you for a TED talk. It’s easy to do. Anyone can do it. Good luck!

  • Terrific answers Tracy. I even took some notes. You are wise beyond your years!!

  • So happy that Vidoyen allows for post-event viewing! You are lovely to watch and listen to. Really liked how you answered the questions I chose off the video list, such wise and intelligent responses. I usually puzzle over how to deal with problem people and need to learn more on how to protect myself (from past and future narcissists, users, the seriously thought-disordered). I realize it’s just training and practice, and I can’t do that by avoiding people.

    Thanks for doing this important work, Tracy. I lurk here nearly every day and I gain insight from reading the wonderful posts by the folks on this board. I appreciate you all so much.

  • I loved it thank you. Great to hear that cool accent! I listened to them afterwards due to time difference. I especially enjoyed the one about revenge and the other women. My husband is trying to serve my divorce papers here ( in NZ it is 2 years) . A teeny tiny part of me is sad , he has chosen to go to the expense and trouble of serving, rather than doing a joint , cheaper and quicker application. I have been reminding myself that my ‘revenge’ on the other woman is she now has the prize of my ex husband, who was prepared to lie and cheat to be with her, who spent years making the secret films of me, spying on me in the bathroom, and had a porn collection of of disabled, old and weird people the size of Africa. His prize is a women who was prepared to lie and cheat on her spouse to be with my husband, knowing he was married. Her family adore him, and his adores her. She is ‘perfect’ . It still hurts after being together for 16, what I thought were happy, years . So yes the trust they suck mantra has to hold true. Will listen to them all. I agree a you tube channel would be awesome!
    My meh comes and goes. Today I shouted in frustration at my 18 year old, and he told ‘ it’s time to grow some balls mum and put it behind me’ and gave me a the best hug in the world.

    • Hi Kiwigirl, I understand from your post you’re not an expat. Nice to see another Kiwi chump here. I’ve posted on the forum for the Facebook page, would like to meet other chumps here in NZ.
      Me: didn’t leave my cheater, he left me. I pick me danced within an inch of my life, for nothing of course, after helping him raise his 4 sons. Hope to see you on the forum.

  • I did not participate. I just want to thank you Chump Lady. Thank you for waking up every day and doing this public service. Thank you for your analysis and wisdom. In an increasingly corrupt society where such entitled persons receive the sympathy and or glory , it is good to find you. I have never seen any good come out of cheating…ever. it is a fool’s errand. Cheating is abusive behavior in a relationship. It unilateral, selfish, subversive and destructive.

  • I loved what you said about anger, and how people who have the same experiences validate that anger, thus dispelling it. A great rebuttal for those forgiveness trolls who think one should suppress a healthy emotion and who think anger is bad emotion in general.

  • Awesome Q&A Tracy You are the voice of common sense at last. It’s great to see you so natural, comfortable and sensible. I vote for a Chump Lady movie/doco. Hope you’ll come to NZ one of these days to talk sense into people…Great hair, too!

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