• Dear Chump Lady,
    When I read your post I teared & choked up. I want to hug you. All you’ve given here & your strength, & then you really really show your strength by telling me you’re human, like the rest of us. I can’t tell you the number of times I lost it with the cheater’s son, my step-son he’d left with me when he took off. Yeah, honesty, but more than necessary probably.
    I am glad your story turned out better than mine. The kid moved out a year ago to live with his skanky dad & his affair partner. I was left in the dust after 5 years of caring for him on a pittance of support. I wasn’t invited to his high school graduation. The kid texted me a picture of the clothes he was wearing that night, presumably so I’d know I was excluded.
    Anyway, I thank you for helping me feel more human by sharing your humanness. This trauma runs deep & can’t be underestimated or invalidated. I can feel meh when it’s easy & no challenge. My ire arises easily when I feel threatened.
    I am grateful for your candidness & honesty, & I am so proud of your son.
    Thank you for helping me

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