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What’s the Dumbest Lie You Ever Fell For?

We’ve all been chumped in some pretty outlandish ways. Today your “fun” Friday challenge (is this fun or mortifying?) is to tell Chump Nation what’s the dumbest lie you fell for? Other than “forsaking all others til death do us part.”

I’m not even saying you had to swallow it whole — you may have paused before pulling out the vat of spackle. I mean the sort of lie you didn’t immediately walk out over, because it was so preposterous.

I wear the chump crown here, so I’ll begin.

A week before D-Day, I woke up to find another woman’s thong in our bed (at his cabin, where he’d been “hunting.”) His excuse? “Well, I used to own this cabin with my ex, and I was cleaning out some drawers and doing laundry and it must’ve been there in with the sheets.”

I didn’t buy it. But then again, I didn’t divorce him immediately either. (I did, however, begin snooping.)

A couple months after that, around D-Day #2, he went on a “ski trip” — yeah, alone with promises to be oh so transparent, and checking in. It was in the 40s, raining in New England that weekend. Not great “ski” weather. He never answered his cell phone. He told me, oh the signal was bad in Vermont. Everywhere. He also told me he SLEPT IN HIS CAR. For two nights. In JANUARY. Because I wanted the name and number of the hotel he was at.

Okay, I was lawyered up by that point and threw him out shortly thereafter, but it still boggles the mind he thought I was THAT stupid. (In fairness, I was that stupid — spackle is an amazing thing.)

So, see if you can top me. Dumbest, most transparent lie ever laid on you?

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  • My ex bought his girlfriend a $200.00 bee hive. (yes a real bee hive) Had it shipped to her house with a note to the seller that it was a surprise. I found the receipt, confronted him, and he claims it was payment for work she had done for his company. He could not produce one e-mail or text that was work related, she had done it for free. He felt he should personally pay her back.. He could not show me what she had done. But he bought her a BEE HIVE!!!!!!. I just hope she got stung!

    • My wife said that she was just texting a guy for attention but never saw him in person. Then I snooped and found a text where she told him she was pregnant with his child and he was responding in a way that was obvious he thought it could be true.

      When confronted with this my wife said, ok well I have seen him in person but I didn’t have sex with him.

      Me: So, OK, he doesn’t know how baby’s are made?

      Footnote: He is a medical professional.

    • My ex went back to college to be a nurse. I was pregnant with our Secunderabad child and had a 3 year old. When I tried to get ahold of him a few different times and couldn’t .. he said he was studying… in a dorm with a group of nursing students … hmmm a 34 year old man studying in dorm rooms and not answering his phone.
      Fuck off dickhead … later he got fired for sexual harassment at the hospital where he worked and at his next job he was written up for sexual harassment. He was quite vague about the circumstances surrounding that incident.

        • Wow, Secunderabad child! That might win the auto-correct Olympics this year.

        • How about …” I can’t get a hard on anymore! It must be because I’m turning 40! I’ll have to start looking at some supplements!”
          Maybe it’s because you were fucking a 25 year old?

          • Ha! X told me the same thing when he was in his early 40’s! I was naive and believed him. The reason he couldn’t perform is because he was old…,

            Whenever I mentioned it to X, he would abruptly tell me to stop, to please not talk about it because it made him uncomfortable. Funny, he had no problem talking about this same subject in his 30’s.
            Now I know why…,

          • Ha. I have quite a few.

            Now exhubs had suddenly insisted on following up to get his vasectomy checked to make sure the procedure was successful. Mind you, he was a couple months overdue and previously had said he was sure it was successful and no big deal. Come to find out later he thought he had gotten a chick pregnant and that it could be his baby.

            Fortunately the vasectomy was successful… too bad our reconciliation and his commitment to “never cheat again, it was simply a low point in life” were all extremely unsuccessful.

          • Yeah, that’s what mine says…he isn’t trying to do anything with me because he “has no desire for sex” anymore and “it doesn’t work” but I find the used tissue he cleans up with all over….so if getting old made his desire for sex go away and it doesn’t work, why does he need the tissues to clean up? He tries to deny it still even when I have physical evidence he’s full of shit…I’ve given up at this point.

    • My ex wife said “I would never prevent you seeing your kids. We can do this amicably. I will be totally fair in the divorce. You can keep the family home. I only want half”. She then proceeded to wage a four year war doing the exact opposite. In fact, I still don’t get to speak with my children when they are with her. Happy fucking mother’s day. Yet another day I have to relinquish to her. The mother who least deserves it.

      • What the..! the exact same thing is happening to me right now, do they all do this?. ‘I would never fight you for the kids or the house’ it was only when I tried to get her to sign a legal agreement for 50/50 that she reconsidered and now its heading to court with her 60 page affidavit describing how she should have the kids full time and 70% of all our assets.

    • Mine told me, after shaking like a leaf and being unable to perform in bed with me, that he was having trouble having sex. That even when he would masturbate he wasn’t able to complete things. Said he was sincerely worried about his health. His dad, who’s a jackass cheating mother fucker too, has prostate cancer so I felt terrible thinking he was worried about that. What. A. Dumbass. Chump. One of the first things I asked him 6 months later when I found out the truth was, “Are you really worried about your health?” NOPE, he said. Ok, then I will make you worry about your financial stability, bu-bye!!

  • “I’m on my way home- be there in a few minutes.” Said as he was at OW’s having beer and pizza with absolutely no intention of heading home until many more hours had passed. And later the next day “so and so called me for help and I had to go – what kind of friend do you think I am?”. SMH

    • This exactly! I can’t say how many times my “soon to be ex” would say he was “on his way home.” And then an hour or so later, I’d double check the time, and call to either get his VM, or him saying, “Oh, I forgot I had to stop of Home Depot,” or wherever. The lesson I’ve learned from this (and one I hope my daughters learn) is ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR GUT INSTINCT. It doesn’t lie!

  • I started snooping when I got a text from my ex at 3pm on a Friday afternoon saying he had a meeting in a town about 3 hours away he had completely forgotten about and was already about halfway there.

    That Friday happened to be our youngest daughter’s second birthday and we were supposed to be having a small birthday party for her with my parents at 5pm.

    Why a small party? Well, she had chickenpox at the time, of course.

    Turns out? My ex was going to a concert with a ho-worker.

    Approximately nine months later, she gave birth to his bouncing baby boy.

    ::Drops the mic::

    • Oh my gosh…that’s terrible. Ugh, I hate cheaters. Hope Karma has gotten the better of both of them by now…

      • Oh, the karma bus got him good. To my knowledge, he only saw the kid once or twice. He is almost 3 now. He was born in December. Our divorce was final the following August.

        Just like with my children, he is a complete and utter deadbeat for that kid too. For more info, see last week’s Fun Friday discussion about Uncle Dad.

        He is a malignant narcissist. Not just with women, but in life. He had a promising career in the medical field, but threw it all away because he thought he could do the job better than his boss. He got fired for screwing employees and generally fucking off. So, he took confidential company files to a competitor trying to close his previous employer down and open a new office with him as the new boss with the competitors. He got sued by the former employer and had to surrender all of his licenses. He can’t work in the medical field again.

        Now he sells very used cars on a street corner used car lot, which used to be a gas station, for his mom’s boyfriend because the boyfriend was the only person who would hire him after the lawsuit.

        He has 4 kids with 3 women. He goes through live in girlfriends every few months because he is a lying, cheating drunk.

        My girls are only 5 and want nothing to do with him. He has no toys for them. He takes them for 6 hours of visitation and makes them lay in bed for a 4 hour nap. He poured a glass of water over my daughter’s head when she didn’t say yes sir to him in front of some buddies of his. She said yes daddy. Not yes sir. So I do not make them go to his visits anymore.

        Luckily, he owes me over $10k in back child support and he owes his attorney over twice that, so him filing for contempt is a pipe dream.

        I’m happy he is gone from our lives and I have the power to keep him away from my children for good.

        • I hate him for you and your girls. What a mind-numbingly horrific excuse of a human.


        • Wow what a spectacular fall. Amazing how life implodes when you start doing the wrong thing.

        • I’m glad you can keep your precious daughters away from him. May he ever stay away from you.

        • Poured a glass of water on her head? This made my blood boil.
          Maybe we should pour a steaming hot vat of pig manure on his face….water boarding with a twist.

      • Kelli- that is horrible! I’m so sorry!! These assholes have no soul. My ex is also expecting with the OW. Except she sperm jacked him and he found out after he had already dumped her and moved on to the next whore. My ex would never admit they had sex, would lie about it and say they just kissed. I bet he broke the news to his extremely religious family by telling them she got pregnant through kissing and is expecting through immaculate conception. Would love to hear that conversation. Unfortunately they are such dysfunctional fucktards they would probably believe it. ?

        • Did she sperm-jack him though? Or is that what he bawled to everyone when she tried to hold him accountable for his fuckaboutery?

          • Yes! Although the OW (who used to be an old friend of mine) had a kid she proclaimed was born after her and her then-very-new guy decided to breed and he changed his mind after she was pregnant. Truth? She was fucking an out of town client (probably married) and stole semen out of used condoms. All class.

            • Yeaaaahhh I don’t believe “sperm-jacking” is actually a thing the way men who can’t be bothered to use a condom properly or at all say it is. It’s just another excuse for why they’re not responsible for the consequences of not keeping their dicks in their pants. I believe she was probably fucking a couple of guys at once all right. Just, if your shitbag cheater is bleeding from the mouth about being sperm-jacked, why would you believe him? Because he’s got such a great track record when it comes to telling the truth?

              • Yeah, it’s like every time he opens his mouth, out flies another ho’s (shoplifted from the Dollar Store) thong.

                Another one who drinks Milk of Amnesia.

              • Agreed, Kettle. But in this case she actually admitted to the spermjack. Causing the sperm ‘donor’ a shit load of hassle as he was not so keen on paying child support when – in this isolated case, I grant you! – he had actually always used condoms.

                Good teaching moment for my son. Always securely dispose of the goods yourself!

                Shame my X did not ever fucking bother with the rubbber! Fucktard.

    • Double freak of an asshole: missing daughter’s party and “forgetting” a meeting…

    • @Kelli,

      Usually I would just call someone a dick (among other things). But your Ex? Yeah, he’s a bag of dicks.

      So sorry for that grimy and grainy piece of shit called a human that was your husband. Sorry for your baby who didn’t have a father who could put her before a piece of ass.

    • Sorry Kelli. My ex and howorker are having a baby boy soon, too.

      I was hoping he’d have the decency to wait until we were divorced.

      Hoping they have decency in anything is an exercise in futility.

      • My ex had a baby with young drug addict…we are not divorced yet

    • Talk about a mindfuck! My Mr Spoiler was sent for Chinese food after the homebirth of our first daughter. Gone quite a while, he brought home the food and a pregnant hooker from a local strip club ‘he saw hitchhiking’ with her young son. She wanted to see our new baby ‘being pregnant and all’

  • He got crabs from a toilet seat.
    He only told me once I got them!

    OK, it was 1983 and there was no Google so believing him didn’t seem as stupid.

    All the late night traffic on the FDR Drive and flat tires from potholes.
    Pre-cellphone days. I remember laying awake terrified that something had happened to him. Something happened to him alright – just not what I thought!

    So grateful to have that so far behind me.

    • Oooh yeah! I remember my ex pulling the ‘my car had a flat battery and my phone did too’ line, walking in at midnight, having finished his shift at nine. I had cooked him dinner, his phone was off, and I was pacing the living room thinking the worst had happened to him.. when actually, looking back, the worst was actually happening to me. I’m looking forward to the day I can laugh at this, but at the moment I just feel sad for the old me. Xx

      • Hang in there. I promise you will get to the point when you can remember those nights and feel nothing. And that feels so good!

        • ^^^THIS^^^ You WILL get there, and oh yes it does feel good 🙂

      • Had something similar here. New phone didn’t work right. She went to store that morning to have it fixed. I tried calling her for hours and no answer. I called the store and it had been fixed hours earlier. Still no answer. Call her mom. Nothing. Call hospitals and nothing. Her excuse was I went hiking in the woods and didn’t want to be disturbed. I knew shit was up but spackled like mad! They are really low life shit and am so glad I know get to choose who gets my love and attention.

          • perhaps next Friday’s challenge should be euphemisms for doing the nasty with the OW/OM–“hiking the Appalachian trail” is at the top of the list.

            • LOL! Let’s not forget “running at the beach.” Months and months of that…

              • Well the XPOS…….he said she did ‘spread’ sheets for him!!

                What an asshole

              • I couldn’t sleep so went into the office (pick one:) early, to get caught up, wrap up an important project, prepare for meeting with boss, get ahead, write an article…

                All could have been done from home.

                Sad thing is I believed him.

            • Volunteering at the animal shelter socializing and walking put bulls.

              Yes he was socializing with dogs all right.

      • ” I was pacing the living room thinking the worst had happened to him.. when actually, looking back, the worst was actually happening to me.” Yellowsunshine, this is spot on! The number of times I had been been frantic trying to reach him and then bought his stupid excuse of his phone not working.. sigh.

      • Talk about a mindfuck! My Mr Spoiler was sent for Chinese food after the homebirth of our first daughter. Gone quite a while, he brought home the food and a pregnant hooker from a local strip club ‘he saw hitchhiking’ with her young son. She wanted to see our new baby ‘being pregnant and all’

    • He went on a three hour dog walk. He left the house at 9:00pm and returned at midnight. by 11:00pm or so I was really starting to worry so I called him. No answer. By the time he came home I was in the car about the search the neighborhood. He said it was just a really nice night and he was enjoying the walk and had the phone on vibrate and didn’t notice my calls. Then he gave me a hard time for calling him so many times so that when he finally noticed my calls he was worried that something awful had happened to one of the kids and how irresponsible of me to worry him like that.

      • Ugh. The dog thing. Mine used to regularly go for 2 hours “runs” with the dog, “all round the city.” I always told him how impressed I was that he took his running so seriously, how it was good for him and the dog, and nice for him to get out and clear his head, especially since we had a 6 month old daughter. One Saturday morning, when we had marriage counseling at 11am (because we were having mysterious “problems” aka ILYBNILWY), he left before our baby and I woke up and “took the dog to the dog park” for 3 hours. He texted me saying we looked so peaceful that he wanted to let us sleep, assured me he would be home in time for counseling, he loved me, and then sent a picture of our pup playing with the OW’s dog (I just thought it was a random dog, and found out later it was hers). I got such a weird feeling about it while he was gone, that he was with another woman, but brushed it off because… that’s crazy right?!? I asked him when he got back if he went alone, and he said “Oh… actually I ran into a girl I know from work while I was running and we ran for a little together.” I BOUGHT IT. And it took 3 more months to figure out he’d been screwing that girl from work for 2 years.

        • And another one recently that I have yet to prove is untrue because I don’t care enough to untangle, but I definitely bugs me enough to post about it. I found out about the cheating last May and moved out to my parents’ immediately, but I tried to work it out until August. He kept telling me that he saw no future with this woman, and also told everyone who knew about the affair (I told his family, my family) that he did not want to be with the OW – you know, he just also didn’t know if he saw a future with me. The last straw in August was finding out that he had actually had the OW over to the house where we lived together for 5 years to hang out with him and the baby. I “just didn’t understand,” he was “so lonely” since I left, and no one but her “understood the pain” he was going through. Gross. I went NC the next day. I told my therapist about their time spent playing house and she mentioned that I was completely within my rights to tell him that if he was not serious about this woman then he could not have her around our daughter. I explained that to him via email in a very reasonable manner, as in, look, I won’t expose her to my casual relationships, you don’t expose her to yours. It’s confusing and detrimental. So if you’re serious about your relationship with OW, then it’s ok, but if you aren’t sure you want to build the next part of your life with her, keep her away from my daughter. I was assured up and down he’s not serious and will keep her away.

          Here’s the lie: Fast forward to last month and he shows up to pick up baby in her car. When I ask him about it I get a tirade of “poor me”, he can’t afford a car now that I walked off with my big paycheck and OW doesn’t need one during the week so she is letting him borrow. No, she doesn’t live with him, no, she doesn’t see the baby, no, they aren’t serious, just friends helping out friends. Oh, and he “wants to end it” with her. Oh, and he “wants to have a better relationship” with me now. FUCK. OFF.

      • Well, he can rest easy now cause you aren’t worrying about him now, lol.

      • Chumpinrecovery
        Mine did this type of thing ALL the time. He would claim he didn’t hear the phone ring or feel it vibrate (even though he kept it in his front pocket). Then he would complain about my calling him multiple times and then turning it around on me to make me feel guilty. It’s called gaslighting and they suck.

        • Yes, it’s disgusting how they turn it around to make you feel guilty. Mine was supposedly going to dinner and a movie with a male friend (we were “couple friends” with this guy and his wife for almost 20 years). This kept happening over and over. Dinner and a movie with —-… I used to even joke with him that he was having a “man date” with —-, but he would get really mad when I said that and tell me to stop saying that!! then one night his dinner and a movie with —- man friend, lasted about six hours. Around 11:30 that night, in bed already, I called his cell phone. No answer. But when he came home and we woke up the next morning, screamed at me at the top of his lungs, “don’t you EVER interrupt me while I’m in a movie like that EVER again!!!!!!!” wtf seriously. “You interrupted me while I was watching the movie with [man friend]! you terrible person, Muse!!!” Really, so dinner lasted five hours then you went to the late movie?

    • I know how you feel Rebecca. I feel so good now knowing that I am no longer being fooled.

    • Annddd last thing, to Rebecca… crabs from the toilet seat… that was what my mom told herself in 1996 when she and my dad had a crab infestation in their bed. Then 3 years ago it was, it was just one prostitute, he had a mid-life crisis, and he promised not to do it anymore. 2 months ago it was, he and his friend like to smoke weed together, it relaxes him, and also he goes to the gym for 3 hours. My parents are still together with no desire to take their heads out of their asses. The lies are so much easier for the cheater when we are telling lies to ourselves.

    • Oh my gosh! I got “toilet seat crabs” in 1993, too! It was when I was dating, not married, so there were no huge consequences or fallout from his cheating, but it still stung.

      Thing was, I had trusted this man absolutely, and I’m not naturally a trusting person. I was so flummoxed when I began to itch “down there” and, to my horror, discovered the reason. I had a good guy friend at work with whom I could discuss important things, so I went to him for advice. He told me that it was technically possible to contract crabs from sources other than sexual contact, but what was left unspoken was that it’s so statistically rare that it almost never happens.

      I racked my brain for any possibility which precluded his cheating on me. I can’t believe I trusted so fully! Around that time, I’d written in my journal that my boyfriend could be in a room with a dozen “nineteen year old ovulating supermodels ” and still not cheat, so yeah…misplaced trust.

      Then there was a guy a few years prior who gaslighted me for 3 months and gave me chlamydia. I’ve been cheated on a lot.

    • OMG The toilet seat excuse, but he convinced me he didn’t have them, had no idea what I was talking about. But assured me I had gotten them from a toilet seat. My youngest was only a few months old, I didn’t remember the last time I had used a public toilet. I made myself crazy trying to work it out.

      He then began to shave his junk and when I asked why, he said he liked it. When I said I didn’t, he said it wasn’t for you. But denied being with anyone else. Palm to forehead

    • Right, back in the day when they had fuzzy dice they also had fuzzy toilet seat covers…. and shaving one’s junk? Really? That’s like a thing guys do?

      Why don’t they wax?!

      • I’ve dated a couple of competitive bodybuilders here since I’ve been divorced and they shave ALL OVER. That said, both my last 2 exes shaved (one left a little trimmed fuzz just above his Johnson). (My first was in the 80s, we didnt do that back then). I shave. I actually don’t know anyone that doesn’t shave down there or at least damn near and leave a little “decoration”

        • It’s definitely a thing with men who are closeted, though. At least based on the experiences of myself and the women I’ve gotten to know via various support groups.

  • “I slept at a girl friends house”

    The first night she didn’t come home. She was really sleeping with her ex boyfriend.

    • So many of these. I was proud of her for not drinking and driving… So dumb.

      • My stbx went to Christmas party first time without me in 10 years. Came home next day saying he got drunk so got a room – and I shouldn’t worry – he’s ok…..

        Oh I am so relieved he got a room with his howorker and didn’t drive home drunk. He just drove to the hotel drunk and didn’t let me know until the next day so I got to be up all night with the nasty knot in my stomach.

        They are such idiots.

        It never dawned on him to wonder if his wife and kid were ok all those nights he didn’t come home.

  • So many. 1.She was really after me. 2. I’m glad you found out. It was really weighing me down. 3. I never slept with her. 4. I went to the dark side. 4. She means nothing to me (only texted her 18 hours a day). 5. We never talked about you. 6. I’m not contacting her anymore.

    • Ohhhhh……I got that too.
      I was talking to her for two years but we didn’t sleep together till after I left you.
      We were just friends.

      I can’t even type it with a straight face.

      • Got the i’m glad you found out after a skype discovery! A total and complete SLUNT!

      • me too, reading these posts today are making my stomach turn as I recall all the lies I fell for because I trusted X. I spackeled like a mad woman because he was a man of integrity and
        he loved me and our family too much to do anything like that. Even when other people questioned his behavior I spackeled, they just didn’t know him like I did.
        Ugh.., I feel nauseated thinking about all the spackling I’ve done over the years.

        • Therapist he was seeing got all Jungian and encouraged him to read about his “shadow self.”

      • The Coward said, back when I was still begging for details, “It’s really dark, actually.” Apparently this was in reference to the fact that she was a little psycho and an alcoholic. Borderline?

    • “My second wife cheated on me. I know what it feels like so I would NEVER cheat on you.” (Cue violin music and sad puppy eyes.)

      Well she wasn’t his second wife, she was his fourth. And he cheated on her with an old girlfriend, work colleagues, neighborhood hookups, prostitutes and porn. Just like he did to me.

      Thank god for iCloud syncing!

      • Lol. I didn’t really believe him on any of the lies. I just sat back and watched and then yelled

    • X was in a bar in Anchorage Alaska drinking with his first officer and other male pilots. This evening there was a girl who had too much to drink and out of everyone at the bar she zero’d in on X and wouldn’t leave him alone. He wanted to let me know that in case word got around he was messing around with her.
      It wasn’t him, it was her and he wanted to let me know he didn’t do anything.
      Common sense tells me that if X refused to interact with this girl she would have moved on to one of the other 15 men at the bar. Something tells me she was getting attention from X otherwise she wouldn’t have been all over him.

  • Well, there were so many as I look back – but here is one that recently happened. We’ve been divorced almost a year. He came by my house to get something. Took me aside- told me he made a mistake, still loved me.. the usual BS. He said he hadn’t been seeing other women, life sucked without me, he was lost.. ok – fast forward 2 hours. He was supposed to pick up our son for bowling. He never called. My son called him.. nothing. So another hour goes by. FINALLY calls – said he “fell asleep” (go to excuse) and I almost bought it – except that I can read his emails since he still has me on his accounts (idiot) and I saw where all afternoon he was on dating sites hooking up with a bunch of women. or at least trying..
    I called him out on it.. He said he hadn’t been on sites in months…. How he could look me in the face and lie so easily – makes me question EVERYTHING I suspected for years and he denied.

    • NO-contact and all the BS goes away with it! People at work are stunned by my totally cutting off communication with her. We even have older teenagers. Luckily, at their ages the only communication needs to be a real, true emergency. Cut him off completely from your life and use a scheduling program for any communication. If it starts to get personal, you hit delete. It is the only way to prevent and recover from the mind fucking they resort to.

      • Loving the no contact .., throughout the divorce process he would text me and ask how I was doing, saying he lives with such guilt and has such sadness … the whole time he was back with the OW.. I didn’t know it … once I found out she movies in with him and is pregnant I instituted no contact unless it’s kid related … good luck to both of them … they are both pieces of shit

  • I showed him the email that he’d been exchanging with the OW, it was very long, full of soul mate and sweet dreams and talked about flowers he sent her that matched her decor perfectly… The next day he said I imagined it, and that he’d sent flowers to his mother….

    I pulled up the email and he had deleted everything in it except the innocuous first bit of text saying hello. No, I didn’t believe I’d hallucinated the email. It was the sheer audacity that he thought he could convince me I had; not.that.stupid. I’ve got so many crazy lies, that was just the first completely insane thing.

    • Datdamwuf, I got first class email gas-lighting attempt too! A month before D-day he had told me he was unhappy and he was leaving me because I wasn’t “his friend.” After 20 years of what seemed a very fulfilling marriage I was shocked and went into complete denial thinking he must had a brain tumor or something! we were the perfect couple! This could not be happening, I wouldn’t let it happen!!!

      On D-day at 11 pm I found the emails with plans with schmoopie to go to Cancun (including plane ticket for her) and other very clear cheating conversations. I sent the emails to myself, decided not to kill him or I would end up in jail, took my purse and drove to my friend’s house. He was sleeping and had a plane to Mexico very early next morning. I stayed at my friend’s, couldn’t sleep all night of course, and assumed he was going to reach out since I didn’t sleep in our bed and I wasn’t home. Well, he didn’t. At 9 am I turned on my phone and I wrote to him an email saying “I know everything, you better tell the truth and tell the kids you have been having an affair or I will” (I wasn’t planing on telling my older teens then but I was so angry and hurt). Then I wanted to read the cheating emails again and guess what? Since he knew all my passwords he had gone into my account and deleted them!!!!
      Then I got an email he wrote to the marriage counselor and copied to me which said “Do something! she went into my phone and misunderstood some business emails and she is going to destroy the family!!!! She is out of control and crazy!!!!”
      Darn! and now I didn’t have the emails to prove his lies and I was the crazy one! Well I called the email server company and prayed to God that someone would help me. A young man from customer service answered and I told him “this is a weird request I am going to ask but this is what happened…” and told him about the deleted emails. He answered “ma’am, the same thing happened to my mom, I will be happy to get your emails back” and he did!!!
      Ironic thing is I never was able to use them. The Monkey stopped trying to deny his adultery, he put all effort in minimizing it. Eventually I found out he had been cheating with many women through the years. Anyway, reality is worse than fiction sometimes.

      As for worst lie I believed? Maybe into 15 years of marriage he tells me one day “Honey I don’t know why but my left hand hurts so I won’t use my wedding ring or my watch anymore, it doesn’t hurt if I don’t wear them.” I found the excuse so weird but since we loved each other soooo much I didn’t give it a second thought. Now he didn’t have to worry about having a ring mark on finger while hitting on other women. My goodness. Spackle is an amazing thing, as CL says.

      • LOL My ex “lost” his wedding ring too!! About 3 years into our marriage and when our baby was about 6 months old right around the time his affair (that I know about) started. AND he accused me of misplacing it!! I could’ve sworn I left it on the ring dish – you know the dish we have for holding keys and other knick knacks… but no he claims I was the one who lost it!

      • My serial cheater prize of a stbx never wore a wedding ring because of his job as a mechanic.

        • My stbxh said he couldn’t wear his because of the eczema on his hands…..Hardly wore it for the 18 years we were married…..Found out only fairly recently he had been a serial cheater…..
          How stupid a fool was I?
          One of many lies i believed along the way.. .
          The other one was ” of course you ARE enough” when i asked about our relationship & a strange feeling i kept having about the two of us & the ” strength” if it…
          So many more lies……

          • Ok so Douchebag started giving a similar spell about his ring cutting into his finger and nearly cutting it off once while climbing during a hike. Of course I was understanding my own father nearly lost his finger due to his wedding band being to thin at work. He was a cray fisherman. But he replaced it with a sturdy sterling silver band.

            So Douchebag stops wearing his ring for about a year. Comes home from Adelaide after a cycling trip with the boys and declares he has brought a new sturdier ring as he felt he should be wearing one. Turns out one of the boys noticing him flirting and being hit on by a woman reminded him he was married and maybe he should be wearing a ring to help him “remember”. Fast forward that ring got lost so he brought another and that ring got lost to. He upset one of his OW because he refused to take it off when they went on holiday together (BooHoo) even though he was leaving me for her (Not – typical cake eater). Eventually he brought one that turned like a Tibetan prayer cylinder with the Lord’s Prayer on it. Obviously if he turned it enough he thought his sins would be redeemed cause you know he’s a “Good person”. The mind fuckery is seriously twisted. Who does that to people. And yup he believes his own lies and delusions. So glad he’s in my rear view mirror.

            All I ask myself now when I have to see him is “What the fuck attracted me to that piece of shit!!!” He isn’t just physically unattractive to me now like skin crawling don’t touch me unattractive but also marrow deep character, mentally and emotionally unattractive. Good luck I say to the last OW. She’s his problem now Bahahaha.

            • I love how you put your revulsion in words. Yep. No amount of money or beer could persuade us to find them attractive again.

              Celebrate your freedom from that worthless POS.

              It might be an interesting post to see how many of our cheaters “lost” their wedding rings or came up with excuses for not wearing them. I know I replaced 3 rings that got “lost.” But then again, he was always breaking or losing things. Part of their disordered personality.

              • I feel the same about my ex but I can’t go NC completely because we have two kids together. When they get home from their dad’s I am forced to listen to their many complaints about the OW and her kids. I commiserate with them because their dad has made it clear that his “new family” is more important than his old one. I can’t completely switch off from all the bullshit going on at the ex’s place. It’s a shit situation to be in.

              • Carmel, the New Family is his focus now. But, everything new becomes old, usually pretty quickly.

              • The discard for the “new” family is usually even easier for the cheaters. 1) They’ve done it before. 2) They are even less invested in the co cheater’s children than they are their own biological children. Once they are over having their head up the co cheater’s crotch, there is nothing to tie them to that person’s kids.

                I’m sorry you and your children are going thru this with those two turd buckets.

              • mine took his off because he said it got in the way of his drum playing (hand drums)

              • His first ring he threw away the first time we separated for 6 months. When we wreckonciled, we went and got him another one and I noticed the month or so before D-day, he could not stop twisting it around and around, like Dragonlady mentioned above in her post. I should have seen it as a metaphorcal sign that he was itching to take it off and remove the marriage. I also agree with you, FindingBliss, about how destructive the disordered are. XH broke so many valuable and sentimental items that can’t be replaced, not to mention holes in the walls when he was on the rage channel.

      • Mine stopped wearing his ring about 2 years after we married. He said he was afraid that he’d jam his finger while playing basketball and need it cut off. Never jammed his finger. Then when he no longer played hoops (no pro or even league – just friends in a park), he said his ring no longer fit. Offered to get it resized, never happened. Now, he married whore. Wears bitches ring all the time.

        • Exactly the same story here – ex said he was worried about losing his ring as he had to keep taking it off to scrub for surgery, so stopped wearing it just a few years in. Not surprisingly, since marrying OW he now has the biggest ring I have ever seen on a man, no doubt OW would like to superglue it on his hand as if that will protect her from being cheated on too. Big red flag in retrospect!

        • My dad never wore a ring, and I don’t think he’s a cheater. He and my mom will have been married 50 very happy years this year.

          So I didn’t think anything about it when The Coward didn’t wear his; it was too big.

          I just looked at a new pic of him and the Twat on social media. No ring for him.

      • The ring doesn’t even stop them. I can’t wear jewelry at work (industrial safety thing) so we got tattoos. Mine is just a heart, dumbass went with an infinity symbol. I hope the homewrecking piece of garbage hates it, and that it bothers her every time she looks at his hand.

        I thought about having mine removed, but I decided to just change the meaning instead. I have a pretty red heart on my ring finger to remind myself to love me first.

      • Mine had his wedding ring “stolen out of his suitcase” while on a business trip to Las Vegas. We live in the state and he did do business there, but when I asked why he wasn’t wearing it he mumbled something about forgetting. It didn’t feel right to me but I trusted my husband and chumpy me went out and bought him a new ring. Turns out that’s right about the time he started his affair. Asshole.

      • Somebody help me, my Chump is waking up! Poor cheater. He is more flavors of sick and awful than I want to count.

      • I had a number of similar experiences with customer service reps during my divorce–I reached the point where I figured, what the hell, I’m just going to tell them what happened. In my case X was intercepting bills and I ended up with late charges on a couple of them. I was pleasantly surprised by how responsive folks were, almost to the degree where it seemed they didn’t want to be a party to an abusive situation that could have been much worse than intercepting bills.

      • When we got married he bought me a wedding ring. Instead of buying one for himself too, he bought himself an expensive watch.

        His excuse?

        Men don’t have to wear wedding rings. It’s optional. He would rather have a watch instead.

      • First, I’m going to admit that I didn’t wear my wedding ring much for years. I have arthritis in my fingers and they swell. However, my EX lost his first wedding ring on our 5-year anniversary. He lost at least 2, probably three, that I bought him over the remainder of our 33 years together. He then started buying his own which were always ugly, too big, and lost shortly. I really don’t know if he was cheating all of that time or not but I have wondered.

      • His ring got “damaged” while loading up band equipment. Being damaged, he couldn’t wear it on stage.

        The damage matched up perfectly to marks from a set of needlenose pliers that had been left out that day. *spackle*

    • That’s why you save EVERYTHING somewhere safe. Mine sat in therapy and denied he wrote this, that, the other to the OW. He sounded so convincing and I sounded so raving, they both looked at me like I’d gone mad. I printed up my own personal copies and showed them to the therapist. That’s when she said I was wasting my time with therapy, at least, the marriage counseling kind.

  • On my first DDay, I caught my ex husband texting in bed. I looked over to see if I could read what he was texting (he always said he was texting his kids). I read “you need to leave ur wife”. His response back to her said, “no worries”. My whole life just changed! I asked him about it and if I could see the rest of the conversation. He jumped out of bed and deleted everything! He denied anything was happening and said “his texting was inappropriate but nothing sexual ever happened”. Such bullshit and the first of many lies told!

    • I have to add to this as these lies were so unbelievable… After 3rd DD and I found proof of his sexual encounters all written down in his planner… he told me “It was only oral sex!” And the “I was always drunk!” Great excuses, remember I read his planner so I know exactly what he did with her because he wrote it all down!

      • How stupid could he possibly be, putting it all in WRITING and then trying to deny it??? smh

        • Exactly… it was so unbelievable! He did continue to deny it for awhile, was shocked when I asked for a divorce! Then he threw himself into his addictions and self loathing and expected me to feel sorry for him…. insane!

      • That’sounds how I figured out ex was cheating – through his planner. He had little symbols on a lot of days. Below was the explanation: heart = kiss, o = dinner & x = phone conversation on our home phone. There were several calls over Thanksgiving weekend, same weekend that Tiger Woods was kicked out for cheating. I remember telling ex as the news was breaking that Tiger Woods was such a dirty dog. Little did I know at the time that I was sitting next to my own dirty dog.

        • My dirty dog didn’t even do symbols for the most of his planner entries. He just wrote things like: sex w/kz, bj w/kz, sent dic pic to kz, rub sex w/kz. Pretty much covered their visit! Even wrote down when he had sex with me! So insane. “Just hanging out with my kids!”

          • This is just … so fucking bizarre, Krazy! Writing it down? Because otherwise he’d forget he’d done it???

            • I recently discovered He has so many layers of unusual behavior. I have been so crushed by all of this! I thought he adored me! He is a very well liked Dentist in town and I’m not able to talk about it very much! Entitlement? Bipolar? Who knows. The bravest thing I could do is run away from it!

      • He kept notes in a daily planner? That’s really creepy.

    • When I found a similar email exchange, he threatened to have me arrested for “hacking” his “private email.”

      Not kidding! It’s in my top five WTF moments married to a weirdo! 🙂

      • I got that too, like for 25 years we had open communication, no problem, he didn’t even know his own password, but as soon as he hooked up the with sociopathic sluntwhore, suddenly I was snooping into his privacy and he was going to have me arrested for hacking. I am not making his up. He sent me a cease and desist order slunt must have helped him write. A low point for me.

        • After telling me for month he was visiting his family every weekend I saw pics of a woman on his Facebook page I was able to access his messages. I found 3years worth of messages to the married other women. Even though we shared the same password for everything and ex never bothered to change passwords. I managed to copy all of the messages along with pics of the latest OW and ex hubs in bed together. Thought all of this would be useful for court and it was. He painted me as a crazy bitch and that I was lying about him. He told the attorneys the latest OW was his good friend helping him through “all of this” My messages and texts showed otherwise

      • Mine threatened me with hacking prosecution too! I’d endured his ghosting for over three months with no contact from him (stupid me -giving him space – before I discovered the affairs and Craigslist stuff). I knew his passwords, was the admin for our email account, and just opened the emails! Duh. . . .hacking, right. But he threatened to press charges – after he got caught and after I filed.

      • I don’t know whether to laugh or be horrified. My STBXH said something along those lines during wreckonciliaton. How dare I invade his privacy after he had been caught so many times with the same woman. Looking back on it now there were so many things I glossed over and spackled about in the 11 years. I now believe he’s been cheating on me since day 1.

  • I got ahold of a years worth of messaging correspondence which clearly indicated there was a relationship with someone I’d never heard of where there were hundreds of warm emotional “I love you’s” plans to meet up and weird catfishy lies about his life which included originally saying I was his sister- not his wife.
    That way he could explain the same last name and my non suspicious appearance on all his social media.
    He told me that everyone talks like that on Socialmedia and that its crazy to think you wouldn’t be saying “I love you” to Internet strangers. Also- the “sister” deception was to “protect” me- because … The Internet is dangerous.

  • …I actually don’t have a good example.

    My ex certainly lied, and I believed some of them initially (she was “playing games” on her phone late at night, she was at “public outreach meetings” after work, etc).

    But none of that is too embarrassing. I believed these lies for a few weeks, and the I wised up.

    My ex did tell some whoppers later–particularly during the divorce, claiming she had “talked to lawyers,” and that these supposed lawyers advised her that I owed her all sorts of money.

    But I was way out ahead of her by then. I’d already done my research, filed, lined up my legal approach, etc.

    Of note, my ex was/is persuasive, but she’s not really a good liar. Yes, she bent the truth to suit her needs, but she didn’t really “have a plan” as to how all the little lies would fit together. I believe any reasonable person would have seen through her bullshit as quickly as I did (or likely sooner).

    • Like my ex; a bad liar, and STUPID about how he lied, to both me and the kids, especially post-separation. Since he’s actually a very smart guy, I’m assuming this was because of the entitlement. ‘I can say whatever I want, and things will come out as I wish’ kind of stupidity. Sigh. Damned reality, no matter how hard you deny it, it keeps butting in.

      • KarenE, I totally agree.

        My ex was smart and persuasive. But sustaining a double life over the long term requires a twisted sort of discipline, perseverance, patience, and commitment. It actually requires work, planning, coordination, rehearsal, and an astounding amount of memorization.

        I think that a lot of cheaters just don’t realize how difficult it is. Yes, some are very very good at it. But so many (including my ex) just simply don’t have the cognitive ability to pull it off. So, like you said, thy start arguing with reality itself, because lying stops being effective.

        • “Entitlement” and “sustaining a double life over the long term requires a twisted sort of discipline, perseverance, patience, and commitment. It actually requires work, planning, coordination, rehearsal, and an astounding amount of memorization.”

          Being able to perfectly balance a double life for 12+ years and being convinced that people will believe everything you say all the time…it requires such a smart, twisted, entitled, sociopathic mind.

  • ‘My wife doesn’t show me physical affection or attention I need to feel loved.” Aw no wait. That’s the whopper he told Tits Springsteen the Sluterus.

    • LOL! Love the name! I’m going to adopt it for my X. Hope you are doing well! I don’t see you post very often anymore but have always enjoyed reading your comments!

      • Hi, Lost! I guess part of the built in function of Chump Nation is if it’s working, we graduate a little. One day I bet you’ll be foundntx.

        I’m living. Every day gets more meh. 🙂 I don’t have any Great Successes or New and Redemptive Loves to report. In fact, I find more and more that being forced to fill the abject emptiness of my family being abruptly slashed to just two members from five, I really did choose better than in the past.

        I’m smarter financially and emotionally. I fixed my picker and now apply that concept to everything. I filled the gap physically with things I liked and people I value, and I thought about the nature of owning too many things and being too dependent on some people and too giving to others. I’m owning my shit. And taking no new shipments.

        Maybe the Slow Clap Happy Ending comes later? I hope so.

        I also don’t harbor much ill will toward the bad actors in Lusty Bonobo Circus across town. It’s more of a STFA from Me With Your Pestilence Thang. My goal is to be as utterly irrelevant to them as I was when I was married to one of them.

        But mark my words. If I ever cross paths or the Skankmatron ever contacts me for any reason thinking my opinion of her and women like her has softened, I have pledged to respond with Nicki Minaj fire,

        “What’s Good, Sluterus?”

        • “I fixed my picker and now apply that concept to everything.”

          Luziana, I too am applying Tracy’s method to everything.

        • Luz, you are absolutely one of my favorite writers! I love your audacity. I wish I had words to say how much I love your words.

          I can only quote:
          “I’m owning my shit. And taking no new shipments.”

          Oh, DAMN, girl!

    • Strange my STBX told that same lie to his ho-worker. What I have found amazing is how many people have no respect for marriage.. ex had two long term affairs with women who knew he was married. It’s not that did he get these women and what type of women sleeps with a married man with kids involved. You that desperate ho ?

  • The biggest lie? He was impotent. And he was oh, so destroyed by that. Chump me had to be so understanding and not push him to see the doctors. Oh, he just wanted to ignore it all! So I believed him. Good little wife. Loved him, not just the penis.

    Wonder if the OW’s husband believed her headaches?

    • Side note: porn addicts can usually only get it up to porn and newbies. Anyone that’s already a known quantity, no matter how attractive, gets the downside (literally).

      I do think it is important to decentralize intense erections in the whole of a healthy sexual experience. It’s shared pleasure, not a damned stage show, and some people do have legitimate reasons that their physical sexual responses aren’t intense.

      Still, it is important to have clarity and honesty and still share intimacy. A person who can’t be fully connected with a partner solely because the person doesn’t have an intense physical response sexually may have more to tell than s/he is admitting, so we have to at least see it as an orange flag.

      • Thank you for that info. I blamed myself for so long when his ED kicked in, before the affair. Now I know he had been doing porn for as long as he had ED, and then started some crazy deviant sexual behavior with slunt and whatever crack she helped open in his psyche. Coupled with dangerously low T levels and markers for prostate cancer, he’s a mess physically and mentally. Whore took advantage of him, but he allowed it.

        • Yep. The amount of porn I found was ridiculous, and similar markers for my idiot.

          There are studies showing that porn is no different than drinking and gambling… it gets harder and harder (excuse the pun) to get it up for anything but deviant acts, the more you watch the stuff.

          Creates bad situations.

          Although it wouldn’t have been a problem, I don’t believe, if he wasn’t already a fucked up narcissist in the first place.

          • I had a porn addicted ex as well! If you read my earlier post today, you know my ex wrote everything in his planner! I had to ask him what NROP meant? Porn backwards…what a mess he is! I don’t even want to know what he did with that, I had enough with the affairs and lies all while telling me he was with his children (from a previous marriage)> I thought he was being such a good father, bonding with his kids! More lies than truth in this ex marriage!

            • Oh, Mine had an excel spreadsheet to plan when he was seeing which prostitute. It was so much fun when I found that.

              I also found quite a lot of disturbing porn, like ladyboy woman on top man bits on the bottom type porn. I guess it explained his penchant for Thai whores who looked like 10 year old boys…

        • Mine had ED that I thought was just related to being a spectacular textbook example of an alcoholic. Turns out, there was also Imitation E, who was “always willing to do whatever,” and a vast library of porn.

          Shouldn’t the porn fascination wear off at some point? I get it from young men, but I really dread finding a nice mature man, and discovering he’s also got terabytes of smut and thinks I should be as easy as clicking a mouse button.

          • “Shouldn’t the porn fascination wear off at some point? I get it from young men, but I really dread finding a nice mature man, and discovering he’s also got terabytes of smut and thinks I should be as easy as clicking a mouse button.”

            I commiserate with this. I had NO clue my asshat was watching porn – let alone to the extent he was watching it. He was watching it daily – at work – for hours at a time. And, he would pretend to fall asleep next to me while waiting for me to fall asleep. He sneaked out of bed to watch it again – for HOURS. He did this throughout our twenty-five year marriage and I never knew. Not even a clue.

            He portrayed himself to me as basically inept at computers – asking me to help him search for something (like tools, etc.). He “hated” typing. You name it. This was expert-level gaslighting. So subtle.

            One thing asshat didn’t bet on was that keeping all of his old computers (including work computers) would be a treasure trove of data for me. I purged the computers … (looking for evidence of affairs – not expecting to see the oceans-deep level of pornography) — I even printed out screen shots of some of the porn he looked at more than two decades ago. Sucks to be him.

            The sheer amount of time expended on pornography and that he even risked his job – and lied so thoroughly to me about it – was bad enough. (My initial thought was “Holy Hell, he’s acting like a teenager!”)

            But the types of pornography shook me to my core. Some of it was really gruesome stuff. This was the first indication I ever had that my asshat hates women; gets turned on by hurting innocent people; and feels a need to dominate other humans (regardless of age, gender, race, etc.).

            I still feel a need to shower and bleach my brain every time I think about it.

            • I am so sorry JessMom, I know how you feel with this! My ex would get out of bed to “go check sports scores” and I believe now this is what he was doing! At the time, I blamed it on his ADHD.

              • Krazy….mine supposedly had ADHD as well; took meds for it and blamed every fucked up thing he did on it. He’d tell me ‘if you really cared enough you’d read up on it’.
                He’d stare at women (and men, just not as often) so much that I would get highly uncomfortable and remember always wondering why his mother never taught him not to stare as a child. Anyway, that was the ADHD you know that caused him to do that! What a joker!
                As I’m reading down this giant post for today, 3 1/2 years later, I’m realizing the POS probably was a porn addict as well. He took viagra all the time and told me it was bc of the meds he took as to why he had trouble gettin it up. Even with the viagra he couldn’t complete the act and jacked himself off for a long, long time! I’d fall asleep, long time! Sick fuck.
                Also, he had a small safe that I never asked about and towards the end when the ball dropped, I did ask. He said it was all his nasty porn movies in there. I think it was that and more!
                Last thing, I found a pic he printed out of a woman that was posed so disgustingly that I can’t even repeat it here.
                So all the addicted to porn talk is all making sense now. He is a very sick person. HURRY UP KARMA!!

            • how can someone watch porn so much?? My #2 was the same way–obsessed with it! And i pretty much have zero boundaries in the bedroom so IDK what the deal was. I dont have a problem with porn, but it should be used SPARINGLY

              • Hi Catdance – what’s the attraction about porn?
                If you haven’t seen the TED talk yet, and have a little pre-teen over the age of 11, I believe it is essential fact-based problems in our society, called The Great Porn Experiment. We’re creating a monster with so much information out there. It totally shocked me.

          • If you get to reading about it at all, the literature explains that it is specifically designed to create a brain chemistry cycle that will cause the person to need it more and more and weirder and weirder. It becomes impossible for the person to get aroused without feeling more shock and shame. It is incredibly destructive.

          • Yes! You would think a man at 53 would want to “settle into life” and not be so obsessed with how many boners he could achieve in a day!

      • Oh yes, I have personal experience with this as well. I’ve mentioned here before that my ex was so addicted to porn that he kept a huge spread sheet (pun intended) of personal data on porn stars that was THOUSANDS of lines long. He regularly added and subtracted names as he found new ones he liked better. He had their names, birthdays, where they were born, measurements, whether they liked men, women and/or anal, etc. It was horrifying to see such utter objectification of women. It’s like they were baseball cards or something. So creepy. And the hours and hours he must have spent on it… When the ED started to kick in his taste in porn got more and more deviant and I don’t think it was a coincidence that his affairs from that point on were with strippers. Pay them enough and they will do anything, I’m sure.

        As to your point about sexual response Amiisfree, I agree there too. A shared intimate experience doesn’t need a hard penis to be satisfying for both people. It helps, sure, but it isn’t a necessity by any means. I wish more men knew that women truly believe that.

        • Oh yes, the porn habit and the alcohol making him impotent with an actual person, exasshole had that going too. I spent 5 years without sex because I ‘loved’ him. I was a total chump, should have insisted on an open marriage at the least. It didn’t go much better with his OW from what I know, eventually she got him there so I suppose that was a win for her? gag me.

      • Yes, that might explain the Craig’s List emails I saw that he received from a guy and sent back of his own obviously erect member. (I remember my first numb thought: why is our quilt in that picture?) Said the excitement made it all possible. No attachments, just pictures. Of course he sent pictures of his bare bod and face using his real email address. Yeah.
        But all that aside, it seems to run through the males in his family. Leave wife alone, look elsewhere.

      • He wasn’t having problems with MOW. And I didn’t stop loving him for the ten years he withheld intimacy or affection from me. Didn’t want him to feel bad. His affair was for nine years. Shorter cheats on her. I figure he was as cheating on her with those, not me. I only allow one level of cheating.

    • The worst part is, I was happy to see him texting because he had only the most superficial of friendships with two male coworkers and no one else! He could have just said Tony or Ed and I’d have left it at that. Instead I looked at the phone bill. And that is how I learned about Jake From State Farm.

      • Luz, my ex also hid his first affair behind apparent friendly contacts w/work colleagues. Beers after work, running w/a guy at work on his lunch hour …. I was actually happy for him, and perfectly willing to do all the household/child care stuff for those extra hours, because he really had almost no friends.

        And that leads to the stupidest lie that I believed … for a few hours. Ex had confessed Affair #1 as an EA that he wanted to turn into a physical affair. At the time I knew who he was involved with and thought he was already screwing her. I think he expected me to grant him ‘permission’ to screw her, as his previous long-term girlfriend had done – I imagine in a desperate ploy to seem ‘cool’ and keep him (she dumped his ass a few years later, yay for her!) .

        So he had admitted he was involved with her, saw how devastated I was, and screwed her anyway. I was reading RIC crap, and pick-me dancing big time. Finally I told him he had to decide, he said he was done with her. A week or so later, he’s supposed to be coming home on a Friday evening, had already called me to say he’d be leaving soon and did I want him to pick anything up on the way home. He calls back to say a few people are going out for an after-work beer, and did I mind if he went too. I was so torn, upset that he wouldn’t want to come right home when our relationship and our family were in such a mess, but also wanting to encourage him to have HEALTHY friendships. So I said ‘go if you want’, of course he did.

        Only 5 hours later when he wasn’t home yet did I realize he must be with the AP. I’m such an idiot.

  • ‘These welts that look mysteriously like fingernail scratches down both rib cages? I think I’m allergic to the detergent used on the sheets at the hotel I was staying at..’ . Yup, I went out and bought hypo-allergenic washing liquid to wash his clothes in. I didn’t want him having allergic reactions to his clothes – poor guy!

    • Ah, the nail marks. My asshat ran for the rather juvenile excuse of “the dog did it!” Yep. Okay. The dog. *facepalm

    • Mine got fingernail scratches on his back when a mysterious woman showed up at the gym and joined the basketball game that he and some guys were playing. The woman had a really long fingernails, and she scratched his back when she was trying to catch a rebound and he got in the way, or something like that. None of the other guys on the team remember a woman like that hanging around the gym. I guess only he could see her. Oh, and I was 8 1/2 months pregnant.

  • “I use the condoms to masturbate so I won’t have to clean up a mess.”

    “She came on to me and it really freaked me out. Now I can’t get her terrible perfume off of me. I feel so violated.”

    “I have to stay [at work] because the network went down again.” (Third time this week. This was a common thing for years.)

    “I close the screen when you come in so I won’t be distracted while we talk.”

    “I bought a [collector’s item] with the money, but I left it at the shop because they are going to [modify it] for me, then I am going to sell it to [a buyer they don’t know about] and walk away with a tidy profit.”

    “I would NEVER do something like that with a member of your family. I know I have done bad things, but I would never do that.”

    “No, I am not gay or bisexual. I am not sexually interested in men.”

    “I don’t want to live there. That house is ugly.” [He moved into that very house when I kicked him out.]

    And, best of all…

    “I just want to move out so I can have some time think.”

    Well, dear, you have a nice time “thinking” every willing person you meet who has an available hole. I am going to refocus on living a life that isn’t polluted with your thinking bullshit, you thinking asshole.

    • Yes! I got the condom excuse, too. A condom went missing after he’d just come back from a conference three months after the marriage. “I don’t know what happened to it. I might have used it to masturbate to see how it felt.”

      And on D-day when I discovered the sexual harassment notes and 6 condoms in his computer bag, “Gradwhore & I just did some kissing. I had the condoms in my desk drawer just in case, but never used them. I thought I should take them out of my desk drawer from 8 years ago in case they did a more thorough investigation of the sexual harassment case.”

      #3: “I never spoke badly about you,” yet a minimum of TWO APs were utterly convinced that he would leave me for them.

      • “must have” – Maybe it’s me, but I think I would remember if I had masturbated in some unusual way. But, then, if a person ALWAYS masturbates in some unusual way, maybe it wouldn’t stand out. (Yikes! Strange ER stories, anyone?)

        The ex in your case is a first class f’ing asshole. You are completely fabulous and I am glad he is in your history books!

      • Yeah, he was pretty dramatic. The post-divorce online journal lies he told were as entertaining as they were utterly ridiculous.

  • “Oh I couldn’t tell you that I missed the last train last night, and couldn’t make it home, because BOTH of my phones coincidentally ran out of battery. That’s right, even my work BlackBerry.”

    Funny that. Missing the last train home yet again and both phones running out of battery like that. Yes, even the BlackBerry, which are known for having great battery life (compared to the iPhone, for example).

    • Those multiple lies were the worst- and I believed most of them!

      My ex was a goddamn hero, couldn’t leave the house w/o telling some tale about how he got sidetracked saving the fucking world, and then I’d feel so guilty for doubting this wonderful man. Cheaterman to the rescue!

      Ru nning late because he ran out of gas, phone out of batteries, had to help some homeless guy at the gas station, then he ran into an old friend (with his penis) and she was really drunk and he was worried so he drove her home, charged his phone (penis) at her place, and stopped a few times to rescue kittens after perfume and glitter trucks collided near their nest at the church he stopped in, to pray for my suspicious, untrusting heart.

  • It was always a joke between me and Ex-cheater that he couldn’t lie worth a crap. The first lie that he told me when I confronted him about the newly placed passcode on his cell phone. I had started to have suspicions, so the night before when i got home at midnight, I simply hit the “home” button on his phone charging on the nightstand and I saw it. I think I knew then. Nevertheless, when I asked him why he put a passcode on his phone he said, “Oh well, I got an software update and it asked me to set one up.”. (good one right?) My response? “I have the same phone you have and I didn’t get a software update.” He doubled down. “Remember me telling you about John Doe at work? That crazy weird guy? Well, he took my phone the other day at work so when I got it back, I set up the passcode.” Now he’s screwed. I had noticed that I had stopped seeing his cell phone at all. He hadn’t been putting on the kitchen bar when he came home from work. And I couldn’t remember the last time I saw it. His behavior regarding his cell phone was my first clue.

  • “I was aonenight stand but she used it as blackmail to make me sleep with her”

    Lol!! Poor thing HAD to sleep with her against his will

    “I’d never sleep with her, you know I only like skinny girls”

    “There’s nothing going on – she has a fiancé”

    and the biggest croc of shit of them all…

    “I was a GOOD man” this was a super-mindfuck because he was saying that he was good until I did blah blah, didn’t pay him enough attention etc. So I lost my “good man” to some whore and it wasALL MYFAULT ???

    Um… nah. “Good man” was the biggest lie and once I got my head round that, things were a lot better

    Btw, lie 2 & 3 were never confirmed as lies. Would love to know what anyone else thinks.

    • Ah, good people. “we are good people. This doesn’t make us bad people. We are good.” If you have to say you is, you ain’t.

      • X’s last email to me said “I’m a better person than you think I am.”

        Hm…serial cheater, including while I was pregnant, took an AP to China with him 3 days after D-day when it was clear the marriage was in trouble, and sexually harassed a student who wouldn’t sleep with him out of her graduate program.

        • Then he has set that bar to an all time low for what a “good” person is.

        • Post-DDay, I started examining all he told me… And it turned out my X is masterful at the art of deceiving half truths… The conferences, the summer schools, the trips to visit colleagues as he got more and more successful in his career… Just enough truth to be believable, just enough vagueness to feel he is so much smarter than anyone else, he should really be considered for an honoris causa in deception.

          There is no way I will ever know how much he lied to me, the bigger lie was when he told me he loved me… I failed to understand that his definition of love is very different from mine… His is more along the lines of “you’re so useful to me.”

          The second biggest lie I believed was when prior to our wedding we talked about cheating… I told him that was a deal breaker for me, I had been chumped before and told him about how painful that had been. He had empathized with my pain, had confessed that he had cheated in the past when he was very young but that he had learned his lesson… I spackled believing he meant “I learned my lesson and would never do it again” now I know he probably meant “I learned my lesson and will be better at hiding.”

          I had been so explicit pre-wedding that as soon as I can across evidence by pure luck… I cut him loose right away, and now he is re-writing history, which is only making look more disgusting as when people ask me about his claims, I produce the full confessions himself and his girltress were too dumb to email me, they were pretty consistent about the shit they did together behind my back.

          I have not spoken to my X since Sept 2015, NC all the way since we concluded our divorce negotiation. Our only contacts are over a parenting software, and my kiddo told me the other day that her dad is not happy to that my emails sound like those of a lawyer… Oh he doesn’t like BIFF emails? Meh, not my circus, not my monkeys.

      • I got that too. “I am a good person. I chose a different life path but that doesn’t make it wrong.”
        Can anyone spell DELUSIONAL??? Cheating, lying, deceiving, betraying, destroying a family, abandoning a 25 year marriage? But he’s a “good person”? If he’s a good person, what am I?

        • Yeah, that’s up there with “Sure I club baby seals for their fur, but it’s just a job. That doesn’t make me a bad person.”

          “My mafia boss always sends me to do the executions because I’m so efficient at it, but it’s just business. I’m a softy underneath it all.”

          • Tempest,

            They all use the same cheater handbook for sure! Gad!

            DD: He said, “I’m a good person and I’m at peace with myself. I deserve to have fun and be happy.”


            Biggest lie: The entire 36 years together…so many lies, I’d be hard pressed to pick just one.

            A few lowlights:

            -After I discovered he had been paying prostitutes in sleezy massage parlors for sex, on-line sex, pornography and affairs, he said he didn’t want to be married anymore. He wanted to live alone. Ha!

            -I also found out, at great legal expense, He hid and spent over $100k of marital funds on his sex and affairs. So much for being “alone.”

            -I also discovered he was having his vasectomy (he had it done 28 years prior, as we didn’t want more children. He’s 54.) reversed to impregnate his married AP 36 years old because she wanted a baby and “that’s what people do when they’re in love.” She was a masseuse that offered him “happy endings” that he had been seeing “after work” for two months. Good foundation for starting a family huh? No worries that you are both married to other people…

            So desperate on both their parts.

            -Baby f__ing Grandpa Daddy. I sure hope they can’t get pregnant. I’d feel horrible for the child. Our son will be 35 and we have 3 beautiful grandchildren. It’s so f___ed up!

            -He hid the charges for the urologist (vasectomy reversal) appointment in his hidden Fidelity (Infidelity) account rather than use our great health insurance to pay for it. He had hidden Account statements mailed to his office so I never saw them.

            -He knew I had highly aggressive cancer and didn’t want me to cramp his style. Bye bye wife appliance; you’re useless to me. I have a new shiny appliance that better meets my needs.

            He was happy to dodge the “in sickness” and “forsaking all others” part of the marriage vows and would have loved if “til death do we part” came true asap on my part. I’m not sorry I disappointed him.

            Good news CN, I’m not only alive but kicking! I’m now 14 months post DD.

            -My cancer has been downgraded to low grade. I finished another round of chemo this past Wednesday and and feeling strong. I’m kicking it and can now use the energy I expended fighting him in divorce to hyper focus on self care and saying final goodbyes to cancer.

            -I listened to CL and CN; lawyered up good. Divorce finalized and I was awarded 50% of his income until he retires or 65 whichever is later. (With a new baby mama to support it’s likely his retirement has been pushed back; sad sausage).

            I was awarded 80% of the assets (mediators, arbitrators and judges don’t like people lying to them and hiding marital funds).

            He had to pay 50% of my legal fees. I have to laugh at the legal fee part because he was so contentious he drove his own costs up. Kind of like cutting your nose off to spite your face.

            -I have the respect, admiration and support an incredible tribe of beautiful family and friends that surround me and cheer me on.

            -He has to wake up every day with himself next to another lying cheater and soon both could be taking care of a colicky newborn. He will likely need to work well into his 70’s. How’s that peace thing going asshole?

            Ahhh…I smell meh amongst the Spring hyacinth and daffodils.

            Stay strong ? fellow chumps. When you kick a cheater out your life just gets better and better.

          • Godfather…remember how he was such a family man. Devoted husband. Loving father and grandfather. Soft-spoken. Good man!

        • I’m sure they self program, with some assistance from Schmoopie of course, to say this shit. My XH told me, “I was good to you”. This after I got the ILYBINILWY speech, six days after I scattered my mother’s cremains.

          It has taken me almost four years to understand that no, he was NOT “good” to me. SO happy he married his whore. Now he can be “good” to her. She deserves his goodness.

          • My ex said he was “a good man” too. Even bought the book to prove it. “Why Good People Have Affairs”. Crock of shit!

        • I married a “good guy” too, just ask him.., sad part is I believed him.

          • Same here brit. But hey, if we’really grading on that strong a curve, I guess we’re all gonna be canonized tomorrow! 😀

            • True, X would constantly tell me he was a “man of integrity,” X would be scanning where ever we happened to be, pointing out how flawed or discourteous people were. We could be at Costco and he’d make a huge deal out of someone not returning their basket, “he could never do that.”
              A neighbor once told us they had made hotel reservations for two but actually would be having four people in the room, omg, he was outraged, how could they? that’s dishonest, he could never do that, he had integrity.
              Apparently lying about how many occupants in a hotel room is something to be frowned upon but screwing someone you meet on a business trip is acceptable.
              I wonder if he informed the front desk…?

            • “We’re all going to be canonized tomorrow.” I hope I have something nice to wear!

        • I got the “I’m the still the best man for you!” This was after Dday 2 … as I started to find more and more out he then downgraded to saying he’s a “good man!” I even found a recording he had re-recorded on his iPad from his phone of the OW calling him to apologize for not being as loving as he had been to her and that he was a great man and father (she’s never met my kids). She apparently wasn’t so happy that he had chosen me when I gave him an ultimatum and he had spent months trying to continue the relationship. I really don’t know how successful he was but she used to let him take her out. These cheaters really are sick people.

  • There are so many, but the ones that embarrass me still:

    When crazy drunk girl showed up at our door to claim him, “I didn’t sleep with her, she is just a crazy person.”

    When he left unexpectedly to go on a cruise that a friend supposedly gave him, seriously, he just left one morning and I had no idea where, with who, he didn’t take pictures, couldn’t tell me the name of the other “guy” with him: “You are selfish for not wanting me to go on this cruise, I need some vacation time.” Leaving me with grad school, two boys, house etc. I am the one that needed a vacation and plus, he was with his girlfriend from 20 years ago.

    After finding out he went to visit his old girlfriend in Germany for a week instead of visiting our oldest son who was living there for his birthday like he told me he was doing. “I didn’t sleep with her, but I would have if she let me.” Of course they were sleeping together, they had just taken a romantic cruise together the month before. After I find out the truth about the cruise he laughed at me because I believed him that he didn’t sleep with her.

    I can go on, 20 years of lies. It took me a long time to forgive myself for ever believing him.

    • Got to love it when *they* need a vacation. My now-ex husband disappeared to go home for a weekend, to his parents’ (maybe). He left me in another city five hours away – pregnant, with a 19 month old and a six month old. That was the weekend we were moving to a different apartment, I had to do it myself. Although he did hire movers who only spoke Spanish, a language I struggle with – while he was fluent.

      • OMG. no words

        Chumplady needs an OMG button for some of the stories, it would get used hundred of times. This story is heartbreaking. I hope you are doing better now.

      • Mine also left me for a weekend away while I was pregnant and caring for our toddler in a snowstorm. But hey, his “friend” really needed him (two lady friends, actually, and one was married, but her husband was away — score!)

  • In hindsight, the dumbest lie that I honestly fell for was the one that started it all.

    Suddenly in the summer of 2015 — 4 or so months after a round of couples counseling — KK announced that her “new thing” was to retire to our bedroom after dinner, close the door, and “just listen to music” for up to two hours. “Helps me relax and get perspective on things, I feel so much better lately and I think its because of this time for just myself.” I was totally supportive — anything to make her happier, less eggshell walking around the house, etc.

    When I started documenting the whole sordid 3.5 month episode for my own sanity (highly recommended), I realized that this new habit coincided with the time she said she “became acquainted with” the Tuftsy Builder and began the infatuation that led to the request for an open marriage.

    Of course (with a nod to Bill Maher), I can’t prove — but just know it’s true — that she was testing the waters of OKCupid honing her profile and getting a feel for what was available to her and what she could get away with.

  • I was paying the bills and found a credit at the doctor’s office. Turns out he had gone to our family doctor and requested that she run a STD test because his friend Russ said that “some types of cancer can be screened for with an STD test” (now he knows more than the medical professional?). And he very specifically wanted to pay cash for it & not run it through our insurance. Because he’s too dumb/lazy to drive 15 minutes from our small town to any one of the gazillion testing labs in the neighboring big city that wouldn’t have his insurance on file & accidentally go ahead & run it through.

    So I text him about this weird credit & call the doctor to see about this credit and test that I think shouldn’t be on our account. He calls them & is all upset that “they screwed up.”

    Most embarrassing thing is that I totally bought his lame ass excuse about why he had the test (mostly bc I’m so neurotic that I would totally do something like that). Helloooo? People have an STD test because they (a) think they have something, (b) slept with someone who has something, and/or (c) want to sleep with someone who is making them get tested first.

    And after D-day, when I confronted him about it, he said “it’s actually a really funny story.” Needless to say, I wasn’t amused.

    • Tbone,

      You forgot (d) they just found out the person they are married to is sleeping around and they want to make sure they didn’t get anything from their STBX. But clearly that wasn’t the case in your story, just wanted to complete the list.


  • When I caught him not wearing his wedding ring, after collecting him when he joined us on holiday: “Oh, I put it on the window ledge when I did the washing up!”

    Almost believable, except for the fact that it mysteriously reappeared 5 mins later, even though we were hundreds of miles away from the kitchen sink in question…. (And the almost comical way he was drunkenly trying to hide his left hand when I picked him up from the station). Oooopsie!

    • I used to manage a university cafeteria that also served a police academy on campus. With each new class, a bunch of men in uniform with ring finger tan lines would start trying to hook up with me and my staff.

      I would tell them I would only go out with them if their hands were big enough. They would grin shit eating grins and hold their hands up every damned time. I would say “Nice tan line.” Without exception, every one said “I’m almost done with my divorce. It will be final soon.” I would shake my dad and tell them to get lost. I warned my staff, but they didn’t all take it to heart.

      The girls who did date them would get taken on these big expensive fantasy rides, often with engagement rings and promises of marriage, only to be told by their new fiances when that class was complete that they had to go home because of their kids.

      It was disgusting. I am not saying it was all of the officers by any means, but it wasn’t a tiny percentage, either. And, I never saw any of the female officers do it. (Though it is possible they were just more discreet.)

      • Dad? Good Lord. Shake my HEAD. I do read these before I post them. I don’t know how I did that!

      • Not to generalize, but law enforcement officers seem well-represented in the cheater category. I think it is a combination of factors, including the type of person who is attracted to that work. Add in the stress of the job, irregular hours, the need for close working relationships and the “groupie” factor, and it becomes clearer why cheating is not out of the ordinary in that profession. I know cheaters can be found everywhere, but cops seem to be more prone to cheat, at least in my experience. Some police stations are their own Peyton Place.

        • And entrepreneurs – don’t take no for an answer, great compartmentalizing, and charming sales skills. Confidence and ability to say what needs to be said in order to get the wanted response. Aka lying. Of course the biggest lies are the ones they tell themselves.

          • Yes, my ex was a home repair handyman. Great access to all kinds of single and divorced women as well as gay men. I always wondered if there was a double entendre on his business card, which said in small print at the bottom: “experienced in responding to special requests.”

        • Yup mine was a cop and all of his friends, and him, cheated. They are disgusting.

          • Ditto. They called their side pieces their “squeeze.” As in so and so got a new squeeze. Ugh.

        • police also well represented in domestic abuse cases and extremely scary because their buddies help them. sickening.

        • I have also known some really kind and solid police officers and employees. But, yes, it is one of those jobs that provides a lot of opportunity, along with technology construction, entrepreneurship, politics, real estate, medicine, etc. I think it’s not so much that those people cheat as it is that people who cheat are drawn to careers that where it seems reasonable to flex their time, be spontaneous, meet a lot of people, and remain unavailable for hours without being observed or having to check in.

          • Sorry for typos – this site sometimes really doesn’t work well on my device.

          • @Amiisfree, agree! My STBX traveled for work and he really should have left that career. The pay was awful and the demands were heavy, but he never wanted to. Now I know why. The traveling and various hours hid his cheating for years.

        • Same with Firefighters and no offense to anyone in the medical profession, a HUGE majority of cheater husbands of friends of mine cheated with nurses.

  • My ex told me he had to stop by a boat manufacturing company in our town that he occasionally did work for on his days off ( he’s a firefighter for his real job. After calling his phone for hours with no response I tracked him and his phone tracked to the exact parking space at a hotel MILES from that boat company. This was the text exchange that followed.

    Where are you?

    Pot pie:
    I got stick in a meeting here, I’ll call you later.

    Ummm….I tracked your phone because I was afraid you were in a ditch and it tracked you to this hotel .( insert screen shot of the find my iPhone screen)

    Pot Pie:
    I’m so tired of your crazy. I’m in a meeting, do you want me to send you a picture??


    Pot pie:
    I’m not doing that , if you can’t trust me ( 4 previous affairs) then we shouldn’t be together.

    Spoiler alert…..there was no meeting.

    • This was Deadfool! Except he would send sarcastic shots of him stepping out of his car and walking to the doctor’s office etc to prove he was there, in an attempt to distract me from the fact he’d lied about having the ENTIRE WEEK OFF FROM WORK. But I guess if you’re at the doctor right NOW then everything’s fine.

    • I called mine “Pot Pie” too. “Honey Pot Pie” because he was so SWEET. GAG!

      • I call mine Chicken Pot Pie . He was Chicken Little when he first left because when it came to the settlement he always acted like the sky was falling. My boyfriend renamed him the chicken pot pie when he gained like 75lbs after we split and he moved in with the mistress.

  • Too many to pick one:
    ” you move out into that apartment and work on yourself–I’ll come to see you every day maybe we’ll reconcile in 6 months maybe we’ll even get remarried”(trying to get me out of our house we were just separating not divorced).

    “The money is in vehicles in stock for the dealership” –after blowing $400000 of our personal line of credit (half of our total assets), there was about $60000 in stock–3 years later I still don’t know where the money went, no disclosure no spousal support and he took his share of what was left
    “But she’s my friend!” Not a lie really but what he said when I told him he had to have no contact with our friend who was his AP

    Piece of shit….

    • I almost bought the “you move out” shit… but the kicker for this was that she was paranoid if I did that then I might meet someone else (she even had the MC weigh in on it and make me promise I wouldn’t).

      Of course she was in contact with the fuckbuddy the whole time during Wreconciliation, despite claiming she was no contact – it was just projection on her part.

      • I got “God, why would I sleep with her? She’s gross. Plus, I deal with hedge fund managers and the country’s top lawyers. If I’m going to fuck around, it’s going to be with quality.” I must have looked like a confused dog with my head cocked. My response was “quality women don’t fuck around with married men. Conceited much? SHE’s exactly the gross thing that fucks around.” I believe there was a harrumph and he ran out the door texting like a bitchy teenage girl. Fun times.

        • Near the end of what was a 15 month long affair that I had no idea about, but had just started to feel a bit … squirmy about a friend of ours (OW) texting him at odd hours (he always showed me the phone and text if I asked, he had given VERY clear instructions to her that there was to be NO SEXTING OR INAPPROPRIATE stuff written down, ever, of it was over) after she texted “What you doin’?” at 12pm on a school night, as we were all entangled together on the couch:

          Me: Hmmm, um, this is gonna sound weird, but … are you doing anything you shouldn’t be?

          X: What? Oh God no. She’s drunk. You know, single mum, had a few too many wines after J went to bed. Sad really.

          Me: [sitting up now and staring directly into his eyes] you’re not making me the stupidest woman in the world here, are you?

          X: Oh Snooks, no way. She’s lonely. And not a little pathetic. It’s only ever been you, and I would say if there was a problem, or we needed to talk, come here, where were we?

          And I cuddled back into him with nary a care in the world.

          D-day was about seven weeks later, he had ended it after that text. She didn’t believe him (who ever does, lol?) and she threatened to tell me. He told her that if she ever told me, there was never any chance for them – it was over, either way. So, my “friend” sent me a text – telling all – while I was at a mutual friend’s birthday party that I had been trying to convince her to come to all afternoon, she was invited, but “didn’t feel up to it.”

          That I was convinced because he said so, still stuns me! But, he had been a loving, caring, wonderful partner for 25 years to that point, and we were still very passionate, and very intimate with each other about our lives (all except him fucking our friend for 15 months, just that little thing.) I thought I was (for the first time) being somewhat paranoid, and thought I must be losing it. Trust is a fucker

          • Oh yeah, forgot to mention she looks like a frog. Not that looks mean a damn thing. But he, who rarely speaks badly of people, had referred to her as something he would have to scrape off his boots. She had cheated on him in her teens (him early 20s) with at least four guys by the time he found out. They dated for two years, but lived in different cities, and he had always said to me that it only lasted two years because he only saw her every second weekend! Suited him, was not that into her, obviously. You’d think, right?

        • For Affair #2, I got ‘have you seen her? She’s not very attractive’. Sooooo, if you’re not cheating, it’s not because you wouldn’t, or because you had promised after Affair #1 to nevr do that again, to leave first, or, heaven forfend, because you actually loved me and liked our life and family. It’s because she’s not attractive. Uh huh. Plus of course, throwing the AP under the bus – as I’m sure he was doing to her about me. Later, when I wouldn’t take him back, there was the muttered comment about how ‘that wasn’t supposed to be a long-term relationship’.

          Well, she turned out to be attractive enough for him to stay with for over 2 years post my kicking him out. Until she dumped him for another man. Twice.

  • She was doing a spa weekend (on her own) at a hotel we always went to as a family (so not suspicious). She then sent me a message saying her phone would be off as the battery was flat and she was leaving it in her room whist she ate dinner.

    I then spoke to her much later in the evening – asked her about “dinner” (she was offline for 2-3 hours) and asked her what she did that whole time. Read a magazine, she said. me: “ok… what was in the mag?”, her: “I can’t remember, I was just looking at the pictures”…. for 3 hours…

    The gut was going mental at this point, but I didn’t confront her despite this and other suspicious behaviour going on a for long time. I did, however, start snooping and eventually confronted her with the evidence.

    But fuck me did I WANT to believe her bullshit I was reading a magazine for 3 hours even though I can’t remember any of it BS story.

    She eventually admitted her fuckbuddy was there, but how fucked up that she though enough about deceiving me that she came up with the dead battery BS story to make sure her sex session was beyond suspicion….

    • “She was doing a spa weekend ” what is it with the Spa weekend cover stories.

      Yo Yo Knickers used this one. She text me to ask what me and the kids were up to, whilst she was on a ‘Spa Weekend’. After D-Day I thought she text because she felt guilty spending the weekend with Lover boy…I got that wrong. She confessed that she was checking I hadn’t gone to the city where she was having her spa treatment…theres a joke about getting a “Facial” in there somewhere.

      • Worst bit….. she was being an abusive bitch and complaining about how shit her life was. Being the guilt-prone sucker that I am – I actually suggested she do the spa weekend to have some time away from me and the kids (who were the source of all the unhappiness in her life).

        Chumped much?

      • XH and Miss Piggy would go on these little trips together offered as part of their “education”. But the classes were not mandatory. No one else seemed to be taking these expensive courses to further their career. Just them.

        I knew about their on going affair ( biggest piece of horse shit I ever swallowed was the just a friend lie ) at this point and was putting my ducks in a row. But it still pisses me off.

        They told us ( me, my children and her husband ) that they were staying at a certain hotel. In fact, there were other coworkers going to this course who were also staying at the same location.

        My kids could not reach him by phone and missed him. He was always working and away. So, my oldest decided to call the hotel and see if she could get through to his room or leave a message.

        Not only did they not check into that hotel, their co-workers let it slip out that they did not know what hotel the two had chosen to stay at. It was a BIG SECRET.

        I had been swallowing the lies for sooooo long that they didn’t even try to cover their tracks any more.

    • I was so naive that he convinced me that I HAD to attend a series out-of-town meetings over his birthday weekend or our business would suffer. So, being the fool I was, I left the kids with him and traveled out of town to attend three days of meetings, feeling guilty the entire time I was gone. Being the good chump I was I, of course, busted my ass to “make up for” not being there to celebrate with him. The reality was that he spent the entire time I was gone with the crazy church lady. He did come home at night, so that no one was the wiser, certainly not me or the kids.

      In a hilarious twist, I think his scheme actually blew up in his face, because he thought he was going to get laid the entire weekend. Instead, OW told him she had filed for divorce, and that she wanted him to do the same so that they could get married! Now, my X had absolutely no intention of marrying her; like so many others, he wanted his BJ’s on the side, but did not want to lose the cushy life I had created for us. I would have loved to see the look on his face when he realized the bitch was giving him an ultimatum! After that weekend, he walked around like he was planning his own funeral. Silly me, I thought it was because I had missed his birthday. No, he was just wondering when the shit was going to hit the proverbial fan. Three months later it did, and the joke was on both of them. He lost the love of a good a faithful woman and the respect of his friends and family. She lost her marriage, home, job, a relationship with 2 of her children and the money he was paying her as a “consultant.” Karma’s a bitch!

    • Ah yes, the “I can’t remember” answer. I got this so often when asking clarifying questions, I actually thought he was in early dementia.

    • Mine came up with a real original line: He told me that he had joined a gym at a hotel so he could work out and get in shape. Each Friday he would spend the whole day there “working out”. He would pack a small bag, because he “preferred to shower at the gym”.

      After D-Day of course I found receipts for hotel stays each Friday. He would go screw his 19 year old girlfriend and then she would stay overnight and party with her friends.

      Heck, I even found e-mails where he complained to management at the hotel when they wouldn’t let her into the club lounge without him present. It was a Sheraton. Guess they knew a slut when they saw one and didn’t want prostitution going on in their hotel either. Or maybe they just had a thing about unaccompanied minors!

      Sheesh, how low of an opinion of yourself do you have to have to be willing to put a young slut on retainer and let her party with her friends on your (well my, actually, since I was the one mostly running the business by this time while he played) dime?

      I’ve told the story before, but I still would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when he found the e-mail the 19 year old slut wrote to her bodybuilder boyfriend about how she couldn’t see him right now because she had a sucker who was going to buy her a car. That must have been a bright moment in his life, and I would have loved to have seen how he narc-spackled over his ego on that one! He did tell me just after that time that he’d “decided it was best not to see her anymore”. In true narc fashion, he had others lined up to take her place. Money talks. Unfortunately it was my money, and he spent a lot of it before I found out… living in a no fault state. My bad.

  • My stbx bought a new camera. He had to go out and “take pictures” every Saturday night until 2:00 or 5 a.m. He had to do this at night because the light hurts his eyes during the day. Yes, he actually said that.

    I told him I didn’t like him coming home in the middle of the night every weekend. He stomped around like a toddler crying about how I was so mean – I was not not supporting his hobby! After he works so hard for us! After he works such long hours providing for us (working long hours screwing around).

    I asked if he was having an affair. He stomped around like a toddler saying how he would never do that – cried about how insecure I am! He declared that our child would never know what it was like to be from a broken family!

    Well turns out his ‘hobby’ was really his 22 y.o. coworker half his age.

    They’ve been living together for about a year. Our child knows what’s it’s like to come from a broken family. Their baby (that was being kept a secret) is probably due in a month or two.

    After my daughter found out I wasn’t really the bad person he made me out to be to justify his whoring around, he told her that he did what he did because he was unhappy. He said he was sorry – what more did she want. (I read the text) He told me he had cheating parents and he got over it, so our kid will have to get over it. (Lovely thing for a father to say).

    My stbx is furious beyond belief that I did not file married and jointly. I was advised that it would not be a wise thing to do. I’ve paid the mortgage and taken care of the house all by myself while he continues to be sneaky and deceptive trying to dump me as cheaply as possible. We have not been ‘joint’. He is ‘joint’ with someone else, but wants to claim ‘joint’ to benefit him – it’s all about him.

    The next time he flies into a pity rage about me filing separately on the taxes I should tell him I did it because I was unhappy – get over it. And watch the sparks fly.

    Oh, and I had been supportive of all his hobbies – boats, boat racing, drones, RC cars, RC boats, motorcycles, quad, etc. But I’m so mean and evil not supporting his ho-worker hobby.

    Oh yeah, he had to sleep in his car one night because I was so ‘mean.’ So a 240 pound oaf slept in a little Kia Spectra in the middle of winter. Interestingly, I found the receipt for the $250.00 room at the Hyatt for two. Maybe he and his car got a room. haha

    • It’s funny how they’re all morbidly obese fuckers, isn’t it? Mine too. But he was staying at Sheratons with his 19 year old whore.

    • THIS is my favorite lie! (Because you have to laugh so you don’t collapse in a heap, right?)
      I was taking photos til 2 AM!
      You big Meanie- what do you mean, I must be up to something?
      My goodness, it’s just stunning, how weird they are. Now I have to go get my camera bag ready for my midnight photo shoot later, I hear the big moths are out tonight!

      • My ‘best’ lie isn’t too crazy, he was telling me he had to go spend his Saturday off with his secretary, to ‘fix her faucet’. ?????
        The two weekends before that, it was to help her move. And before that, ‘we like to get high together, and you don’t FreeWoman’. They were friends!
        She also occasionally would invite us over for dinner, as her long-distance trucker hubby was home, and we should all hang out! (Cheater viewing his harem kibbles).
        She has two kids, and her son, who was born during those days, looks so much like my X it’s amazing! How did that happen? Why does he look nothing like her husband?
        I blame the faucet.

        • HA ha HHAAWW – – I blame the faucet – – thanks for the laugh, FreeWoman!

        • The handymen are great, huh?

          I had been working 70+ hours weeks for about 8 months, and was finally getting a break. Friends of ours have a beautiful launch, and offered for us all to go up north and go fishing for a long weekend, both families. Them and their five kids, and us and our three. X was a keen fisherman, and had also been working long hours (self employed) and taking up the slack with the kids’ activities to a large degree (he hadn’t really for the previous 17 years of their lives.) So, I thought, great, something relaxing we can do together with friends we both like. Except, he couldn’t go. He had too much work on (he’s a farmer, so could have put any jobs off for three days – it wasn’t urgent.) I was terribly disappointed, but took the kids anyway, and had a lovely, relaxing time.

          On my return home, that night, his phoned was lying on the kitchen bench, and I picked it up to shift it. (He’s a technophobe, and has no passcodes, etc on his phone.) The message from “my friend” – the OW, and his ex-GF from over 25 years earlier, whom he professed to dislike intensely, not helped by her nultiple cheating on him – read something like this:

          “Why? There’s nothing to regret?”

          My heart skipped a beat, and I thought, Whaaa? So, I went back through the recent messages between them. The one he sent her before that read:

          “I am sorry, I have so many regrets about yesterday”

          I gripped the phone, and calmly went into him and said, what are the regrets? Weird messages, I think we need to talk, please.

          He looked shocked. We had NEVER had a conversation like this in our well over 20 years living together. And I had never looked at his phone, he would sometimes show me messages, funny things, etc. I added, “and we need to do this away from the kids.”

          We walked to another building on the property together. In silence. Once inside, with the door closed, I asked him again, “what regrets are these? This looks pretty dodgy.” He replied that he had driven up to her house the day before (a 6 hour round trip) and helped her in her back yard, breaking up some concrete she needed removed. My jaw dropped. “Um, what?! You were ‘too busy’ to spend three days with your family, after complaining about my long stretch at work [it was a new job, I had worked alongside him for 17 years previously, and I had to prove myself, but the long hours had come to an end] but you had a whole day to go and break up concrete for your EX GIRLFRIEND? Really?” His reply was ridiculously swallowed, hook, line and sinker by me.

          I recall about an hour and a half in that room, ‘discussing’ things, a LOT of tears, and me sliding down a wall in despair.” But, somehow he convinced me (usually the ultimate cynic) that he took pity on her, and had gone up to help a poor single mother out. My reply? “Why didn’t you tell me?” (I had also helped her out a lot, babysitting and giving her clothing for her child, and support with parenting issues, etc.) I even said, “you were up there, in late summer, sledgehammer in hand, smashing up concrete, with your shirt off, sweating and rippling, and the girl who never let you go, just gave you a glass of lemonade, and you drove home? Yeah, right!!!” I still don’t know what it was he said that made me believe him? I really can’t imagine me being that stupid. I guess I had had well over 20 years of good with him, we were a very connected couple, and I just trusted him. I still beat myself up about that. Turns out he had fucked her about four months earlier, and told himself it was a total fuck up, and a ‘once only error,’ feeling huge guilt and confusion after more than 20 years of love and fidelity with me (well, who really knows? Fucker.) He would NEVER repeat it, and would take to his grave.

          Only, he didn’t. He did this instead, four months later, and it was then game on for another year. A full-on affair, right under my nose, right in my homes, cars, all over my farm, every-fucking-where. And I got the diseases to keep forever to remind me of her, nice.

          But I bought that he just got a glass of lemonade? FML. I never thought of that conversation again, for over a year. Never. WTF? I never turned into the marriage police, why? How stupid am I really? Pretty damn easy to fool, apparently. And I thought I was onto cheaters, I had picked a hell of a lot of them throughout my life. Until it was my fucking cheater. Cool.

          • I know exactly how you feel! Looking back, I ask myself how could I have been so trusting? All those stupid lies, all those unexplained absences. Typing this I realize I put his biggest lie completely out of my mind. X had a bad back and all of a sudden he was going to physical therapy twice a week, but the appointment wasn’t being billed to our insurance. This made no sense, but he told me the guy felt so bad for him that he didn’t charge him. And I believed him!. Then, once when I was out of town and he was supposedly at an appointment, his secretary let slip he was with OW. I confronted him more than once about these discrepancies, but he was just so damn good at convincing me I was delusional!. He was SUCH a silver tongued LIAR; he could convince me of anything! Which is precisely why OW made sure I found out in a most public and humiliating way. Hard to lie when there is a front page news article staring you in the face…

        • The faucet would make a better companion than these souless remorselss creatures.

          You wouldn’t hear any stupid lies and drama and blame.

      • Don’t forget he couldn’t take pictures during the day because the light hurt his eyes, poor sausage. He had pictures taken at night on his camera, but they could have been at 6:00 p.m. for all we know.

        One night he couldn’t call me back while taking pictures of racoons at night. His phone was in tbe car and the car was far away, he said!

        I pointed out that the picture of the racoons had part of the car in it.

        I got the blank death stare over that one.

        Yes, pathological liars. It got so weird I thought he had a brain tumor or dementia, too.

        I still think he has a brain tumor sometimes with the weird things he says.

  • Studies show that cheaters are not talented liars but that lying to someone who trusts you is the loophole that cheaters take advantage of.

    Cheaters take your trust and kindness for stupidity.

    • Wow. “Studies show that cheaters are not talented liars but that lying to someone who trusts you is the loophole that cheaters take advantage of.”

      Haven’t seen that bit posted anywhere before. Perfectly sums up KK. (And me, I suppose.) I’ve always known her to be the worst liar I’ve ever seen — just call me “Loophole.”

    • Mine is a consummate liar. Probably because he’s so well-practiced. and a sociopath.

      It took me 6 months after D-day to figure out his “lie” face, and we’d been together 24 years.

      • Mine is a pathological liar who will lie even where the truth is perfectly acceptable. At the time of DDay, she told me “she only lied about the affair” as if that made it any better, but with distance and space I noticed she lied about a lot of things and was also encouraging our kids to lie about things. It’s a huge red flag now as I think anyone prepared to lie about even small things is potentially lying about a lot more. My X seems to be oblivious to the fact she is lying is some cases – either great acting or just a superb liar about lying…. – not my problem now, but I suspect a lot of cheaters feel very comfortable with lying ….

        • Another danger sign is someone who has to be in control all the time. Pathological liars use lying as a form of control, and maintaining control is their motivation. If what they say convinces another person to believe or act a certain way (that is different than how they would think or act without that piece of knowledge), it is the ultimate power trip to the liar.

          • Cheater’s lies no longer work to control me, but the hindsight I now have makes me feel so stupid! I was in chains.

          • Yep – my pathological lying XW was all about control. It made her feel good to have power over me, do what she wanted, know what I don’t know. The little smirk when she thought she’d gotten away with it, or I had worked out she had something but didn’t know what it was – or the total destruction of self worth when I blew out her really big lies.

            There’s another comment below in which someone mentions that they gave up what the tell was… I waited until we had split up and then told her, but even that I regret… would have been better to tell her (with a little smirk) that I know she has a tell and then not tell her what it is – would have driven he crazy!!

      • My cheater’s lie face is a very precise, barely-perceptible smile. Like when someone insults me so I set my “it doesn’t bother me face” but I also didn’t like them anyway so I’m a little pleased they’re riled and a tiny smirk emerge.

        Took me a year of “trickle-truths” – asking a leading question I already know the answer to and a myriad of interwoven fishing expeditions – to detect it… but I’m a human lie detector now. I did the same with his friends and co-workers and learned many, MANY lie faces. A silver lining?

        • I’ve actually had to start my own business as a result of this adeptness at detecting and catching people in lies… too many bosses and district managers think their peon salesmen don’t deserve to know what’s true. Working in toxic environments full of other liars didn’t suit… I was always on edge. It wasn’t IF I would be lied to, it was who and why and how often each day I would be lied to. My “shit-stirring” was telling other co-workers that x, y, and z things were a lie, show them with proof how I know this, and then they would stand up for themselves as well.

          I’d rather make less money for a little while and build it up than have to choke down being lied to multiple times a day.

      • A few years into our marriage I realized that my husband’s mouth became very dry (thick) when he would lie. Like an idiot, I pointed this out to him to prove I knew he was lying at the time. After that, my “dry mouth detector” never had cause for alarm — NOT because he suddenly became honest. Rather, astonishingly, he managed to stop that little physiological “tell.” I was left with no sign at all.

        It actually scares me that he can lie so expertly.

  • Mine told me her AP was ‘probably’ gay anyway so when she stayed all night there nothing was going on.

  • “I need to go out there and miss you…to remember why I fell in love with you.”

  • “The storm is freaking me out, so I can’t catch a bus to get the last train home. I’m going to have to stay at a friend’s place and come home in the morning instead.”

    Grown man afraid of English weather, so cannot return to wife and children in the suburbs.

    • Perhaps he thought he was made of sugar?

      I believed the “I have to get a hotel so that I don’t have to drive drunk after the department party.” Yeah, the one that graduate students attend.

      • I got that one! The next day told me he got drunk and had to get a room (with howorker) but don’t worry – he’s ok.

        It’s all about them.

  • The saddest part about this fun Friday what lie did you fall for assignment is that we could probably do this every Friday and never run out of shit to post.

    • Agree with that! So many lies, almost hard to think of the worst ones! Endless list!

      • It reminds me of that old eighties song, “Lies, lies, lies, yeah..they’re gonna get you..” I don’t remember the artist but good karma song for all the lies these cheaters have told.

  • There are so so many that I believed WITHOUT question in the beginning. He told me he had gone to rehab for cocaine abuse but was clean and sober now (lie). He told me that he had played professional soccer with Crystal Palace and was a striker “who came up with Ian Wright” (as far as I can tell now that I have looked at history of players this is a lie-plus I feel so stupid because the man has NO memorabilia from those days and I STILL believed him.)
    I did however tell him my boundaries (no cheating or physical abuse or drugs-I SHOULD have had more!) For some dumb reason although I believed the above dumb bs when I found over 4,000 text messages, phone calls and pics on the cell phone bill and confronted him (he said it was a therapist) I immediately went no contact (he had moved in with a “friend” a week earlier because in his words, “I have a right to be fucking happy!!” -words he screamed at my 6 year old daughter and me when he left.) I guess the 10 years that I was spackling just got old.
    A week later when I called a person he works with to ask them if they knew, they told me that he had been using drugs since we got together and everyone is amazed that I had no idea-they all wondered if I knew and didn’t care or was just naive.
    I literally fell in the floor I was so shocked. All the conversations where he spoke about how he “used” to be a junkie. All the days I told him how amazing I thought he was to have turned his life around…All the days he slept and didn’t go to work were not because “he has depression” (although I am sure an addict/undiagnosed nod would be depressed and have anxiety) but because he had been sleeping it off!!!!

    I am SO angry still after 9 months but more incredulous that I had married a complete con man WHO IS STILL CONNING HIMSELF AND NEW MARKS. (A new set of amazing friends and a new love he lived with most likely since he left our house that he stopped paying the mortgage on several months before he abandoned us) I filed for divorce the following week without telling him my intentions and have not looked back. It is so hard dealing with the feelings of being violated though. While this guy is spinning a new narrative with another group of people I am still reeling from feeling like a dumb ass for being tricked and putting up with what I now know was a completely disfunctional day to day with someone who doesn’t even have the capability to tell the truth let alone have healthy relationships with people.
    I have a great therapist who is helping me immensely and I am on the right path. Just waiting on Tuesday I guess. CL and all of you are my absolute pleasure on my commute every morning. Thank you.

    • Nejla–that anger/rage at being duped and violated lasts a long time (year and a half is my best estimate). And it resurfaces occasionally into year 2 post-divorce. Hard to wrap our heads around the person that we pledged our life to burying a hatchet in our backs so deliberately.

        • Jedi Hugs Nejla! You might consider taking an IMPACT self defense class or something like Krav Maga. I haven’t done the latter but the first class was satisfying, I got to HIT hard – something I’ve never been able to really do before. I’ve also learned to express my anger better but still not well enough. I think that keeps us stuck some too, not being able to truly express the anger.

          • I second this. A martial arts class — and a good, solid punching bag. Wonderful stress relievers (and a boost to the ability to defend ourselves).

          • I also recommend an IMPACT self-defense class-you’ll be able to kick the sh*t out of the suited instructor in the head as well as the cojones. Gavin de Becker recommends the organization in his book “The Gift of Fear”.

      • I think you sound like you are doing great, Nejla! Nine months out? You sound clear and self aware. You’ll get there. 9 months out I was getting so triggered I would shake half the day.
        Time is our friend – plus a very good therapist! And BTW I don’t shake much anymore….

  • Not infidelity-related, but should have been a red flag: “I don’t have a middle name.” No reason I shouldn’t believe her, until government mail came to our (pre-marriage) apartment with her middle name (an Eastern European version of Agatha) on it. She explained this by saying when her family had come to Canada via a refugee camp in Austria, the paperwork required a middle name so her parents had used this one. Later: we’re showing our wedding invitations to her father, who points out that we’ve “forgotten” her middle name. “But she doesn’t have one,” I say. Awkward, as the young people say.

  • So many lies after DDay, but one just before sticks in my memory. It’s a Friday in August, I’m driving back from a college visit with my high school senior (which STBX couldn’t attend because…working). I get a phone call from Asswipe (daughter is driving) saying that he’s just completely overworked, exhausted, and has decided to take himself on an overnight “beer tour” (he loves visiting local breweries). I can’t say very much since my daughter is sitting right next to me, but I ask why didn’t you text me you were thinking about doing this instead of calling as you’re driving out of town? Him, it was a spur of the moment decision and I didn’t think I should bother you while you were visiting the college. Says he’ll be gone overnight and be home sometime Saturday. While he’s gone, sends pictures of himself at various breweries. Then doesn’t come home until Sunday. I’m pissed and hurt, but chump me doesn’t question his explanations. After DDay a month later, I ask, did you meet (the whore) on that “beer tour” a month ago? Completely denies it. Then when confronted with his lie after I find out the truth from a friend (because he confessed to her husband!) he said he was “scared” to tell me the truth because he didn’t want me to kick him out. Because after each of the three DDays, he VOWED he wanted to be in our marriage, wanted to give her up but just kept “slipping up.” Ugh. So glad to have that constant lying and gas lighting out of my life.

  • We just discuss the bible and try to understand it better. Well that was a total failure! God himself wrote 10 things not to do. You can’t understand them? Both are a total failure and I hope they roast to a good charred black in hell!

    • Yes, I got the “we were praying together”, too. Now, that one was a major red flag and I called him on it at the time. Why? Because, in the entire time we were married, I had never seen X pray once and he repeatedly told me he wasn’t religious. As for OW, she was “preying” alright, just not in the way she told the members of her church!

  • Let’s see, I got:

    “Were just friends.”

    The Tramp came home at 6:30 in the morning, I asked where she was, “I fell asleep on my friend’s couch.”
    I had called her she said her phone was on silent, which she never did.

    The next day I overheard her talking to her friend about how om texted her that if he knew she was going to stay out that late he would have taken her to a nicer hotel than motel 6. When confronted The Tramp said, “We were texting about my friend and her affair partner, not me and om2.”

    Then I heard her talking to om2 (right before i filed) saying she talked to her friend about if she could see herself long term with om2, and “the sex”. When I confronted her later, “I don’t remember ever saying that. I am a married woman, I would never say that to another guy.”

    Finally after I filed, and called her a cheater, “I have not had sex with anyone but you. Don’t call me a cheater. If anything I only had an EA with om1, so you need to say I was an emotional cheater. om2 is just a friend.” Her favorite saying about both om, “they have too much shit in their lives, I would not want to be with him.”

    • I forgot “you violated my trust in you by looking at my text messages with om1.”

      I was going to tell you about my new “friend”, om2, but you caught me talking to him drunk at 2 a.m.”

      • Holy crap! I got the word for word same lies.
        ‘We were just friends’
        ‘I fell asleep on my friend’s couch’
        ‘My phone was on silent/I left my phone in the car/I wasn’t getting a signal’

          • This one always gets me. You (cheater) behaved strangely enough that I asked about it, then acted evasive when confronted. Therefore, I looked for evidence and found some. Now the problem isn’t that you are a deceptive douche, the problem is that I found out you are a deceptive douche. You are indignant that I violated your privacy, but I am not supposed to hold you accountable for lying, betraying, harming, etc.

            Deflect at all costs. That’s the cheater way.

          • I asked about a charge on our bank account. He yelled at me that if I researched him he would leave me!!

            I had already told him that he was leaving. I saw the signs.

            They become rageful to shut you up. Scumbag.

        • I forgot my two favorites (the lies just keep coming back in my head):

          “I really thought we would be able to work it out, but by filing for divorce you ruined everything (I am sure she just meant her cake eating)”,

          And the piece de resistance:

          “I have cried so much since you filed for divorce.” Note: she did not cry to me once (well she cried once, when she got in her car, and then stopped crying in about 30 seconds when she got out, I watched all this), and when she told a mutual friend, who likes me better, she did not cry at all. Our friend thought it was really weird, because she did not seem upset. When I heard this I knew I had made the right choice.

          • “I have cried so much since you filed for divorce.” I never cried out of guilt when I was cheating on you, but crying out of self-pity since it started to look like my cheating would have consequences? Oh yeah, crying buckets.

          • Mine whined about how I filed papers when things got rough.

            Rough is maybe having an accident or job loss.

            “Rough” is not lies, deceit, disappearing, his cruelty, no remorse, arrogance, turning our daughter against me, rejecting our daughter because he had to run to the hotel when she wanted to hang out with him, the trickery, the gaslighting, threats and bullying.

            Things were abusive – not “rough.”

  • My cheater kept his changing his cell phone password, claiming the phone company was doing it. Believed it until it became MRDarcy31. and trust me, he was no Mr Darcy!!

    • My ex took his cell phone in the shower. Wrapped in a tshirt and put it in the edge of the tub. When I asked for his password for the phone, he said he’d give him to me if I promised not to look at his phone.

  • The lies I fell for : I love you and only you! I dont know where she is, she left and went back to China!! We never had sex!!! The flowers charged to visa was not me they made a mistake ha ha. I am going on an ice fishing weekend!!!! ( when we were supposed to be trying to fix the hell he created) oh and one more: I have to work late and go in extra early!!!!!
    I am getting angry just writing this, I was a major chump. Believed everything. Never again!

    • “…go in extra early.” Hmmm…yeeessss…that one is familiar. Is it wrong for an insurance claims person to start work at 4:00 am? Or to go in on the weekend to “work” at 4:00 am? He accrued a ton of vacation time, but could never get any days off. My guess now is that he was having plenty of PTO, but would spend it in the whore’s bed, come home freshly showered and eat a home-cooked meal that he’d request.

      “Hello. My name is NoKibble4U and I am a chump.”

  • Maybe the one where I found condoms scattered around his bed at his workshop where he stayed when “too tired to come home”(happened a lot) and he told me that they must belong to a friend?

    • Hahahahahahaha….I used that line as a teenager when my parents found my cigarettes!

        • Tempest, you know what the sad part of finding the condoms is that “I was making balloon animals”, is one of the most ridiculous sounding excuses, but we have all chosen to believe the ridiculous lies at some point.

    • When we were young, we worked the same position in the same company. We had company cars. We left the company a few weeks after marriage and our respective company cars were reassigned. Someone found a used condom in now X’s former company car. The entire organization ended up having to attend a “biohazard” training. X denied it was his condom. Said car must have been used by someone else after we left. I didn’t learn about this until many years into our marriage. I was mortified that people thought it was “OUR” condom!

      Now it all makes sense.

  • Found a condom under the driver’s seat of his truck. He said “It’s not mine. It must have been there when I bought the truck.”

    He did buy the truck used, so my spackle-y self supposed that was possible. *Except* that under the seat was also *his* favorite kind of cologne and his comb. (doh!)

    Not sure that was the most ridiculous lie, but it’s in the top 10.

  • Let’s see:
    She’s crazy.
    It was only an emotional affair, we never had sex.
    I want nothing to do with her.
    I love only you.
    This was the biggest mistake of my life.

    Truth translated:
    She wasn’t crazy, he was lying and conning her (the last OW that is).
    We have been having sex for over a year.
    I want her and you and any other troll I can find.
    I only love myself.
    Getting caught was the biggest mistake of my life.


  • “I met him for supper to get closure”

    After catching her out when she said she was going for supper with a girlfriend.

    How do cheaters do this shit. All the lying and deceit. Stirs up anger in me for being such a chump.

    • Oh yeah, I got the closure thing too. Still pisses me off 3.5 years later. “She needs to see me one more time for closure.” Yo, Whorebag, when you have an affair with a married man, you don’t deserve closure. Turns out the “closure” dinner was actually an overnighter at his hotel…

  • My STBX travelled a lot for work and our standing joke was ‘say hi to your girlfriend in … (whatever country he was going to)’. Problem is, the joke was on me. He would get his whore to meet him (him paying her first class tickets).

    When calmly asked if he was having an affair – ‘As if I would have time for that! I’m so busy!’ – add chuckles at my ‘silliness’.

    The constant cry of ‘I’m sooo tired. I need a holiday’. So chumpy me finds him a nice resort, cruise etc to recuperate from his overfilled schedule. Then he brings his whore or finds a temporary one for that ‘rest’ he needed. One time he even paid for extra nights (at a beautiful hotel I picked for him) for his whore after he had left! She must have been ‘sooo tired’ from her exertions….

    So many, many more where these come from…

    • So you were married to the same guy as me then? Sounds like an identical scenario!

      You don’t happen to live in Sydney, Australia, do you? The cheaters seem to have only the one playbook.

      • Ha! That’s where I’m from and that’s where I met him! He’s from Melbourne. We moved to Hong Kong, then Dubai, then New York and now Connecticut. All for his career and our own business that I worked hard to build. After discovering he’s been cheating since at least 2007, I’ve called time on this farce of a marriage and I’m taking my three children back to Australia so they can build some kind of cultural identity. The sacrifices we all made for him. No more – it’s now all about me and my three!

        • I’m telling you, I think it may be something about proximity to Asia with these Aussie guys. They think they can just have a wife as a beard, and pay for whatever else they want on the side!

          I was married to mine for 20 years from 1994-2014.

          At first I thought his infidelity was something recent that had developed towards the end of our marriage.

          But I had access to his computer because of the business, and backed it up early in the process to remove the massive password protection he had on it.

          The further I went back in time the more I realized this wasn’t a problem that developed over time, it was actually who he was all along, but just didn’t reveal to me.

          I got back as far as about 2003 on that computer, but the more I discovered, the more my head went back to the past until I realized that when I first went over to Sydney to be with him, he had this really young, pretty waitress, who worked at the restaurant he owned at the time… And that she was bonking him way back then, before we were even married yet!

          Happy to say now I’m back in California, living with someone I knew in high school, who would never dream of acting like that and totally shares his life with me.

          I know some would say the cheater rule book is the same around the world, but the one the cheaters use inAustralia seems decidedly worse!

    • Wow, this reminded me of something. Skankboy and I are both short. When I would get into his car, the seat was pushed way back. I would say to him as I adjusted the seat, “boy, your girlfriend must have long legs!” SMH!

  • How about just the biggest lie of them all. We never had sex. Yeah right. You’re in love and have left your wife and kids to “pursue this for your own happiness” and you’ve never had sex with this woman in a whole year. I call BS. This all from the pathological liar! It is pretty constant.

  • My ex often fell asleep in his car and went to the beach in the middle of the night to work out. You know working out at 1 am at the beach makes perfect sense! He also had a ‘friend’ that text him all the time, Ali was her name in his phone. I began digging and found a ton of emails and naked photos from ‘Alicia’. He claimed they were different people. Ali a friend and Alicia was someone he just exchanged naked photos with. Turns out Ali and and Alicia were the same person even had the same phone number. He insisted even when confronted with Alicia’s naked photos and Ali’s FB photo they were 2 different people!

    • CheaterEx did a lot of late night “running at the beach.” Because he felt safer there. And he went late at night so he could “help with the kids” first. Such a great guy!

  • Dumbest lie #1 – I’m sleeping with the Sheriff”s wife. #2. I’m going to orgies. #3. I was helping a friend cheat. He didn’t want to leave a trail bCk to him on his credit card. (so u leave a trail back to your credit card?) #4. I never had friends growing up…that’s why I was vulnerable. #5. I was sexually molested as a kid so “talking” to her made me feel better. #6. I went to Cover Haven lovers resort in the Poconos with “the guys ” on a fishing trip. Really mofo? U slept in a heart-shaped bed and used. Champagne shaped jacuzzi ALONE????!!! #7. I was at Walmart (for 5 hours every Sunday) #8. Shes my 3rd cousin!!! #9. When I found an email confirmation for 2 tix to Nascar from “her” on his email he says “I dunno why she sent that?” #10. I’m gay. Thats why I went to hotels. Yea right asshole. #11. I bought that Tiffany necklace for you. Mind you, he bought it on Christmas Eve. Still hadn’t given it to me by New Years Eve!! #12. When I caught an STD (trich…what an appropriate name) he swears I got it from a toilet seat despite Dr telling us that’s not possible!! #13. And the piece de resistance …….I love you! …..yeah..right

    • You just made me feel not quite as bad about my ex’s antics.

      I’m so sorry.

      I’m glad you’re out of that mess!

      • I got that right! I’m so glad his ho-worker stole him away!! But karma is always around the corner….he has prostate cancer. I try to snicker ..hehhehehe oopps!

      • Yes he’s quite an actor lol. Laughable now.. not my problem anymore thankfully

  • I visit the apartment in the city that he uses through the week and find a packet of condoms in the bathroom cupboard. His response ‘But they’re not opened! I don’t know why I bought them!’ I had a tubal ligation years ago and he was my only sexual partner ever and I was supposed to be his only sexual partner ever. Modern miracle – an STD has evolved that doesn’t need sexual contact to spread! Guess I’m just lucky…

  • “Nothing happened when she was living with me.” OW rented a room in our house once when she was new to town. I was away with the kids during those 3 months.

  • “I am not having an affair.” Later he claimed that this was not a lie, since he was having many one-night stands and a couple of affairs, not just one. Still says “I never lied to you.”

    • I learned to say he was deliberately deceptive instead of saying he “lied”. He would say “I never lied” and I would say “You withheld specific information with the deliberate intent to deceive me. Deception doesn’t always require a spoken lie.” He would then just look at the floor and sulk.

      • Misdirection and intentionally giving you a false impression so you reach a wrong conclusion are just other forms of dishonesty. Don’t try that ‘but I didn’t lie!’ line with me. There is also the blatant lie – that became a favourite if his.

      • “I never lied” — I got that one too (from a pathological liar, making it hilarious in hindsight). In his mind, he told half-truths and half-truth means a statement is not a complete lie. Thus, it’s not a lie. (Cheater logic is gag-worthy.)