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And the Mighty Award Goes to Dianne Bentley!

Dianne Bentley isn’t taking her cheater’s crap anymore. A thunderous standing ovation from Chump Nation to Dianne for refusing to eat the good wife shit sandwich!

For those of you just tuning in (or who don’t live anywhere near the U.S. news cycle), Dianne Bentley was married to  Alabama governor Robert Bentley — a dude who helped himself to the public coffers to conduct and hide his affair with a staffer.

When this affair came to light (I wrote about it here last year Sweet Spackle Alabama), Dianne Bentley did not stand by her man, tearfully clutch his hand, face the camera crews, or offer up choked testimonials to his good character. No, she passed on that steaming plate of humiliation and divorced his ass.

Let’s review Dianne’s mighty, shall we?

She REJECTED the investment of “all those years together.”

Fuck the sunk costs. This woman suffered a D-Day on the eve of her 50th wedding anniversary. Schmoopie was a woman 30 years her husband’s junior.

Did Dianne pick me dance? Did she ask herself what she did to be so unloveable? Did she buy a new face cream and take up cross-fit? Did she buy 50 books on Amazon on how to save her marriage? Did she excuse her husband or send him to a therapy ranch for cheating fuckwits?

No. She busted his ass.

With the help of a staffer she got  Bentley’s calls recorded on her iPhone and she archived his iMessages. Then she filed for divorce and moved out of the Governor’s mansion.

Best of all? She handed all her evidence to the state ethics commission. Because her husband had not just fucked her over, he’d fucked over the Alabama taxpayers as well.

How did Governor Bentley react? Oh, he skipped the charm and self-pity channels, and went straight to rage.

Governor Bentley sent police all over the state to seek out whatever evidence she collected. He threatened the aide that helped her. Someone vandalized the aide’s car (coincidence?)  And Schmoopie pressured Dianne to denounce rumors of an affair. (AS IF. WTF?)

Dianne did NOT back down. She got the truth out.

As anyone who has ever dealt with a cheater could predict, Governor Bentley did not cooperate with the inquiry. (File it under “You’re Not the Boss of Me.”) The Alabama Ethics Commission was not amused.

Thanks to Dianne’s mightiness, Robert Bentley resigned from office on Monday.

May the shit sandwich history of political wives be forever changed.

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      • Dear God,

        Thank you for making the POS old dude cheater pay! Too many times they slink off into the sunset with little or no consequences. Your creation Diane wasn’t about to let that happen. Please keep making fine women like Diane. The world needs more of them.

    • She made a smart move for herself and a stand for all of Chum Nation.
      Sadly, he was still able to resign and not be impeached. Another loss for decent l, hard working Americans.
      How a man like this looks in the mirror and sees anything other than the old, worn-out, pathetic, slimy, creep-who-thinks he’s a hunk is beyond me!

      • Yes, he resigned. But he had to give up his pension estimated to be worth close to a million dollars. So there’s that!! And he has to live in a state where he is pretty universally detested even by (especially by?) members of his own party.

        • This penalizes the often/usually innocent family who carried their weight during “his” career. Don’t like it.

          Wonder how many political wives are on here??

          • Agreed, although not necessarily in this particular case. The divorce was final last year and Dianne’s pension share is most likely already in a segregated account in her name only. She will not lose her half of his pension purely by luck of the timing.

            • Dixie

              I doubt it was luck. I think she probably has a whistleblower type deal. I think she planned out the divorce before she turned over the documents to the ehtics board.

              • From all reports, she was like the rest of us chumps, torn because it was hard to believe her husband would do this to her, and afraid of what was next. Some of the reports in the official impeachment document say that she confided in her staff member that helped her, that she was embarrassed that she had made domestic violence her signature issue as Alabama’s First Lady, and then she realized she herself was a victim of manipulative abuse.

                the Luv Guv did more than cheat. He sicced state police on Dianne’s head staff person Heather Hannah and someone threw a brick thru her window in her house, and scrawled “DIE BITCH” on her car. Heather Hannah and Spencer Collier, the fired law enforcement chief, are heroes in this story too. Dianne finally woke up and with the support of what seem like terrific, moral, good people supporting her, made her asshole husband pay the price for his actions.

      • Hey CN–long time since I’ve visited but I did have to bring this up–

        Has anyone seen the message wherein the other woman told him what a ‘handsome man’ he was? It exists.
        I don’t recall the other verbIage included but the gal was
        DEEE-LOOOOSIONAL if that’s what she saw when she looked at him.

          • The OW was a major narc manipulator herself. If you read the actual impeachment report, it’s obvious that she was running the state government through the geezer’s dick.
            Nice to hear from you, HATC 😉

        • I do get your point, but I like to steer away from insulting appearances and stick to behavioral commentary, for my part. I’m no supermodel and my body is a war zone after many surgeries, yet I still want to be loved and accepted and found attractive. And, fortunately, some people have been able to think those things about me sometimes.

      • I’m not from the American pool of news, so I googled his name. The affair, impeachment is all filed on wikipedia. He cannot run from this. It got stamped to his forehead.
        Nice idea, I might write an article for the record, for my son, so everyone knows what a POS I have divorced.

  • Thanks for pointing this out! That is the kind of role model our daughters need.It flies in the face of a society that preaches, “I’ll do anything to hold onto money and power.”

  • I was thinking the exact same thing when I read this. The story (kick ass wife left him at the curb, even after 50 years) beneath the story (luv guv had an affair with his staffer on the state’s dime). Good for her, her decisiveness and her courage. The beauty of it all is she didn’t say a word – but her actions spoke volumes.

    I also doubt this was his first indiscretion given his age and his ease with committing financial fraud at such a high level.

    • “The beauty of it all is she didn’t say a word – but her actions spoke volumes.”

      This is so true and so hard to do. After years of spackling, finding excuses or trying to find a good reason for my X’s callous behavior, I’ve stopped making excuses for him.

      Now, when he does something outrageous or cruel to our kid or others, I simply say “his actions show who he is.”

  • She is mighty! I bet he was a real joy to live with. Maybe like me, she felt a little relief she was done with this fuckwit. It still takes a lot of strength to go this route. Maybe she and Jenny Sanford should enjoy a mighty vacation together. Compare notes on soulmate Schmoopies 🙂

    • Right, I thought of Sanford’s wife doing the right thing, as well. Wonder why Hilary could stomach this shit.

  • “The people of this state have never asked to be told of or shown the intimate and embarrassing details of my personal life and my personal struggles,” the governor said outside the Capitol. “Those who are taking pleasure in humiliating and in shaming me, shaming my family, shaming my friends, well, I really don’t understand why they want to do that.”

    Ah, yes tell your story chumps. Gather that evidence and deliver consequences. Who cares if they understand; make them accountable and expose them for their actions. Dianne, you are mighty.

      • Laughable, isn’t it. People are shaming him. Poor sad sausage lost his power.

        • After he said his enemies would have to “bow to his throne” and he FIRED the head of Alabama’s law enforcement for refusing to lie to the attorney general. Poor sad sausage!!!

    • Typical mindfuckery sounding response from him, with a bit of blame shifting thrown in.

    • “Those who are taking pleasure in humiliating and in shaming me, shaming my family, shaming my friends, well, I really don’t understand why they want to do that.”

      Seems to me that’s on him. His family and friends did nothing wrong to my knowledge and have nothing to be ashamed of. You gonna cheat? Choices have consequences. Better be ready to own it.

      • ^^^^!

        Yes, JustBreathe.

        He did shameful and humiliating things, but apparently was ONLY shamed and humiliated once they became public knowledge.

        That’s the difference between cheaters and chumps.

        Chumps have an innate sense of morality, and they feel shame and humiliation when they do something wrong, regardless of whether anyone else knows.

        Cheaters? Not so much.

        • When I told ex that people were suspecting something was going on with him and Poopsie, he said, “They shouldn’t be gossiping” … yes, well, apart from that, what about you and Poopsie and what makes people suspicious? “Who is saying those things? They shouldn’t be talking like that.” Let’s play Avoid and Deflect, shall we?

          I wonder if this guy is as attractive to his AP without his million-dollar pension.

          I wish I had been mighty. Instead, I dropped $150 I didn’t have on perfume to win my guy back … yeah, perfume!!! … same amount needed for a half hour with my lawyer, which I’m now scrambling to find. Bleeh.

    • Ah yes, humiliating and shaming his wife is totally acceptable. But shame the great Gov? NOT FAIR! (Stomp stomp)

    • Here’s a nice summary of all the sordid details. Because I enjoy spreading them almost as much as Dianne! Please note in the pictures that Dianne is a beautiful lady whereas the ex Luv Gov is a walking corpse. Just gross!!!

        • She really is lovely, inside and out, clearly. Skank girl should take a lesson: this is what true beauty looks and acts like.

          And, yes, he is gross.

          Has been an especially interesting thing to follow for me, because this is essentially the story of cheater boy and slut: working closely, traveling together, constant inappropriate texting, playing with billing practices to cover their tracks, and creating the worst kept secret ever. 21 year age difference for them, but they still look utterly ridiculous together. A saving grace here has been that I no longer find cheater boy (well, dirty old man cheater with the moral compass and sexual tastes of a particularly snotty, pathological, and immature boy) even a little bit attractive. Cootie city, for one thing, but for another he has not aged well at all. These crappy choices really show, and no amount of expensive clothes, fancy watches, or attempted flirtation can cover that up. Do I take perverse pleasure in the rapid disappearance of the hair he endlessly fussed with? Why, yes. Yes I do. When my kids ask why I look so much younger despite being actually a bit older, I always say it comes down to clean living and a heart as pure as the driven snow. I kid, but truly, those inner demons start to show, eventually, and they are truly ugly.

          • +1 Cashmere.

            I read Dixie Chump’s link and I just can’t get over how presumptuous, conceited, and sociopathic these cheater asses can be to the point of denying affairs in spite of solid evidence, expecting not to be noticed, threatening employees, ordering chump around.

            I’m 65 and acknowledging the loss of the ‘investment of “all those years together”’ (in my case, 40 years) has been very bitter. I’m working hard at not getting physically ill about this loss. Dianne’s story is a consolation, as well as Colorado Fox’s story in yesterday’s post.

            • Right? Because that pension was also going to be Dianne’s. She just said, “No thanks, Asshole. I don’t want your pension.”

          • +2

            My cheater is 60 and his AP is 30…and was a subordinate at work. This story has truly hit close to home today. I hear he isn’t aging gracefully and his somatic narcissism won’t tolerate that very well. ?

        • Loved this: “Later documents show Mason (the AP) wrote a statement intended for Dianne Bentley in which the First Lady defended the Mason family and the governor. Mrs. Bentley did not deliver the statement.”

          Yeah! No more spackling for your benefit or political career, Guv! Bye Felicia.

        • I agree with Dixie – she is cute as a button!! He should have been thanking his lucky stars that he had such a beautiful, loyal, obviously strong and intelligent wife. Instead he trades down, and like all cheaters, can’t tell the truth to save his life. The article says: ” ‘I have been totally honest with the people of Alabama and I am being honest today,’ Bentley said.”
          They really all do read from the same handbook!
          One tidbit from the article that really stuck out to me was that the pastor at their church had a sermon targeted at two cheaters and then confronted them directly, and eventually both Bentley and his schmoopie had to leave the church. It is refreshing to see a church that actually does stand by right and wrong.

        • Wow…Applause for Heather Hannah Mrs. Bentley’s aide. I would love to see her and Mrs. Bentley heading up a commission together to empower women. They should be on a task force of some kind together. Heroes. Both of them.

      • Huh, Fucktard sent me a text meant for her too. Fucktard is also older than her, is her boss, not good looking, and fucking retarded (in both the literal and figurative meaning of the words). Not only are these people stupid, they’re pathetic. True love indeed. Try position, paycheck, prestige.

        The latest news is not only is Fucktard going to marry her, he is doing so 1 1/2 miles from my house in the town park. I thought he may have set a date far out to possible lend some class to the event. Nope. Not even a little. The park has 1 pavilion, 1 soccer field, and 1 baseball field. It’s too new for well-developed trees. When I was told I just started laughing. It’s the same park that kids have their graduation party or meet in secret. Lots of puking has happened behind the bleachers. It no longer bothers me, this special and precious love of theirs. It’s just too, well, pathetic to be bothered with.

        • May lightning and thunderstorms hit the area on that day. Lots of lightning….

          • May they be swilling cheap sparkling spackle in the open air hot tub on the deck of the honeymoon hotel when the lightning strikes….

          • If I’m around that day, I will probably be sitting out on my back deck drinking red wine and praying to Zeus. There’s only one way to get to this barren park. It’s to drive past my road. There are literally thousands of parks in New York state. They have foliage, trees, trails, waterfalls, cliffs, etc. This is the closest park to my house and I just don’t get it, unless A) It was their secret meeting place, B) They are dumbasses, or C) They are dumbasses and this was their secret place.

        • The Grifter once sent me a text she apparently intended for her co-cheater. That was the first real bit of evidence I had that something was going on. But, silly, trusting me… instead of saying “unlock your phone and let me see your messages”, I asked, “are you seeing someone else?” The next huge vigorously-waving red flag should have been her response: “how would I have time to see someone else?”

          If one is not seeing someone else, the proper response is “no”.

    • Well, I for one don’t take any pleasure in the humiliating and shaming the ex-governor, and I certainly don’t take any pleasure in the suffering of his family. What I do take pleasure in is that justice is being served, his STBX is getting out of a bad situation and doing what she needs to take care of herself, and that the notion that politicians can get away with these shenanigans while ordinary people can’t is being dispelled.

      On one level, I do feel bad for the ex-governor. On another level, I know it’s all his choices and his own fault, and I reserve the vast majority of my sympathy for his STBX, the AP’s husband, and any kids whose lives may be disrupted by this scandal. I do not celebrate another person’s tragedy.


        • I don’t celebrate “tragedies” either. However, imma bitch about calling phenomena by their correct name unlike the perp whose pattern of continuous shuck-n-jive is illustrated by Dixie Chump’s very informative link-thank you Dixie Chump. One of the most fundamental measures of good mental health/Oriented in Reality is demonstrated by correctly naming that tune despite it’s distastefulness.

          Quite frankly when one behaves in a way that that demonstrates a pattern of shameful behavior they incur natural consequences-including being shamed and held accountable for their disgraceful behavior. However, one can not shame the shameless nor humiliate another who has not a whit of “humble.” The behavior of the Perp-the xgub’ner-is a fine example of both in action.

          At every level the only feeling his behavior has garnered from me is contempt. If that’s a “bad” feeling, so be it: Damn the PC and Butt Hurt. While most of adult life is lived in the grey areas between polarities, ie., good/bad, right/wrong etc., that does not mean those polarities do not exist. His consistent responses are repeated transparent attempts at Deflection and Diversion from his own behavior by bagging his family (see JustBreathe’s observation above) within the context of his own despicable behavior. It is not that he does *not* “understand why they do that:” In the words of George Simon, Ph.D (“Character Disorder,” “In Sheep’s Clothing” etc.) “It’s not that they don’t see, they just don’t agree” the norms, values, laws of society apply to him or his ilk. The squeals of outrage, the indignant protestations of his culpability, Deflection, Diversion are textbook tactics used by career criminals.

          Not only has he spectacularly failed in his familial commitments, he is also a spectacular failure at Suicide Bombing his family by pretending they are some how being “shamed and humiliated” as a result of his perpetual Rutting Season. I have seen no evidence to support this assertion. The only one who went down in flames is him.

          Hubris: Life’s solid ass kick for behaving like one.

      • Aeronaut, I wasn’t thinking this was a case where he stumbled upon misfortune. His actions finally caught up with him and he has to pay the consequences. He is arrogant in his statement about his family and friends. He blames others for sharing the intimate details.

        I see him as a person who had use for others. His expectation of the police department to find and destroy the evidence was not to protect his family; it was all about protecting HIS image. The real tragedy in my opinion would have been if he had been successful in destroying the evidence and continued on as governor.

        Yes, I celebrate the chump who despite being the victim, refused to humiliate HERSELF and divorced him instead. She is a hero. I am curious why you feel bad for the governor?

        • I see it. I, on the one hand, feel bad for the guy because he is doomed to a super shitty life because he is so messed up. I feel bad for mentally disordered people in a similar way to how I feel bad for people with other chronic illnesses that will never get better. It’s a non-specific, philosophical sort of pity. It is not, however, equivalent to condoning their bullshit.

          On that completely different level, I don’t feel bad for him at all. I think he deserves far greater consequences than he will ever receive for his completely reprehensible behavior and choices. He has done immeasurable harm to so many people that no amount of recompense could ever scratch the surface of covering it. I feel the same way about the OW. I would like to send people who do stuff like this to Planet Asshole and let them live their lives out in the chaos they create and leave the rest of us alone.

          I think it’s a nuance thing. I don’t want to allow bad people to turn me into a person who wants bad things to happen to other people just for the sake of it. I do want bad consequences to happen to people who misbehave, and I want their ability and opportunity to harm others to be as decreased as much as possible, but I don’t want to spend my energy hoping for additional badness just for badness’ sake.

          I don’t know if that’s what aeronaut meant, or if that is interesting to you, that’s just my perspective. I respect that others feel differently.

          I also really like how you asked respectfully when you didn’t feel clear about the opposing point of view. That was kind, and I hope I can model that same behavior more and more over time.

          • While I do have empathy for those with mental illness I do not have it for calculating malignant people who abuse the trust of not only their family but the very people who elected him into office.

            I was really thinking he should be hung by his balls in the center of town, lol.

            • I agree, DoingMe. All my life I’ve considered myself a victim’s advocate. I do feel badly for people who make mistakes because of existing mental health issues or bad judgment. People who then double down on those mistakes? I start to lose sympathy.

              People whose mistakes victimize others? Now you’ve lost all of my sympathy. While I may be more of a determinist than most, there is always SOME point (or multiple points) in the decision tree where the person themselves chooses what type of person they want to become, and whether to take a series of negative actions.

              Abuse your power to victimize others? Now I would like you hung out to dry.
              The Guv sounds to me like he has a lifetime of power orientation and entitlement to atone for.

        • All,

          I feel a little bit bad for the governor, in the same way that I would if I heard about a young inner city African-American male who was busted for selling drugs and was spending 15 years as a guest at the federal pen. I’d feel bad for him that he chose this path and threw away some of his best years of life.

          In this case, I feel bad for the ex-governor that he stupidly cast aside a pretty awesome woman, earned the disdain of his grown children, and screwed up Rebekah’s life too because of his stupidity. Oh, and instead of being the former governor, he’s now the disgraced ex- governor. Heck, he’d still be the governor if he could have kept his marital vows. Does he deserve what he got? Absolutely, and he deserves more. I expect he’ll do some time over this. But as a human, I have some sympathy for the mistakes he made.

          I certainly have less sympathy for him than I do for Dianne, her kids, and Rebekah’s kids. Way less. They were victims, he chose his path.

          On the other hand, as Tempest says, justice is being done (and it’s not done yet). But I can’t celebrate the fall of a disturbed human being. I felt the same way when it was announced that Osama Bin Laden was killed – I was glad that justice was served (a high school acquaintance was killed at the twin towers), but I couldn’t celebrate the death of a person, even one as loathsome and horrific as OBL.

          Final point, you won’t hear me saying he deserves a light punishment. Let the system do it’s work, and the court of public opinion finish the job.

          Respect. Strength. Peace.

          • Rebekah absolutely was not the victim. At all. In no way. In fact, she likely manipulated herself into the role.
            I disagree with your assessment. (And I would feel very sorry for the young man in your example.)

            Bentley is a typical dirty Alabama politician. Keep in mind that Alabama is on the bottom of almost all lists ranking states by quality of life issues. It is a hard place to be that poor young man in your example. And frankly, as it population declines, it is a hard place for educated people to want to live.

            Bentley made it worse, not better. Shame on him. For all of it.

            • I was stunned to hear from the thirty something woman that processes my hair that Alabama condones corporal punishment by teachers. There she was, a high school student having to threaten a male teacher with phoning her father if the teacher followed through with paddling her and so much as laid a hand on her.
              How’s that for quality of life ?

              • Use of corporal punishment is legal in 19 states, despite every major pediatric and psychological association advocating against it:

                corporal punishment in schools

          • Thanks for the response Aeronaut.

            I used to have an abundance of empathy. I see just how much I’ve changed.

          • I can celebrate the fall of a human being who made a conscious decision to cheat and is only sorry he got caught. He is not disordered or sick or mentally ill; that would give him an excuse for his behavior. He is selfish, arrogant, and narcissistic. I will celebrate the downfall that he created for himself , and I will also celebrate the strength of his wife of 50!! years. Some people simply do not deserve respect as a human being.

          • False Equivalencies. A “young inner city African American male” selling drugs is trying to make a living by selling dime bags while gang banging.
            The gub’ner was trying to fake a living by selling Affair Crack while banging a dime ho.

            I fail to see the relationship between international terrorism and this situation unless the gub’ner plans to release a news item starring him and an AK47.

            • It’s understandable that many of us would be deeply offended by the ex-governor’s behavior. I am too. And I suspect that you still have bucketloads of empathy, Doingme, but you can’t direct any of it his way because it hits too close to home.

              Don’t let the crap life has dished you change you for the worse. I don’t think it has, deep down. You’re just a little more guarded in certain areas. And of course you’ve changed. You’ve grown, and you’re more mighty.


            • Tundra Woman,

              I’m not saying the two things are the same at all. All I’m saying is that for almost any person in that type of situation (incarcerated criminal, guy who had a good life and lost it because of bad, stupid choices, or whoever,) I can find some sympathy for them. If it were up to me, I wouldn’t let the gangbanger out of jail, or let the ex-gov off the hook. But I can still feel that it’s sad that they made the choices they did and ended up where they are, and feel some sympathy for their condition.


              • I don’t celebrate any person’s pain. I applaud justice, I think many chumps would be in a better place, more quickly if justice were something common. In this case there is at least some justice, he lost his power and the lovely woman who was married to him has gained freedom to find happiness.

      • I, on the other hand, take great delight that the governor is shamed and humiliated on the basis of his own actions, since he robbed Dianne (who stood by him) of many years of her life that she could have lived honestly. I’m glad that he is suffering the consequences of deceiving her and the people of Alabama. I take especial delight because he came out swinging, blameshifting, engaging in further deception, and tried to bully his wife into giving up her evidence.

        Can I find one good thing to say about him? nope. Is there anything that makes him redeemable, in my eyes? Nope.

        Society can only function when standards are upheld, and those who violate such standards receive fair punishment for for those violations.

        Smells like justice to me, and I admit I do delight in justice.

        • WORD @tempest
          I too enjoy the heady aroma of fresh, hot justice being served

        • Not sure about why, but despite the whole sordid and disgusting thing being a complete narc mess, the ordering of generic Viagra in Dianne’s name made me murderous. Hope amongst everything else the gross old man was struck off the medical register as well. Ugh.

            • Actually, I’d like to see the generic Viagra 1000+ potency so he has to go into the emergency room from the erection that has him screaming in pain. But that’s just me.

      • I doNOT feel sorry for this asshole. Choices. Decisions.Actions. These are the things this ancient asshole made. What’s to be sorry about for this fuckwad? NOTHING.

        Consequences. That’s what happens to everyone on every choice, decision and action he/she makes. This idiot and everyone he has fucked are not special, ordianed or Christlike. They are entitled manipulative creeps.

        If this asshole develops prostate cancer, I will cheer a slow and painful death. Just like the 10 commandments- he’ll get his stoning for violating the tenants of his faith the 21st century way. Hopefully something similar for his AP as well.

        Plueez….feeling bad for a complete selfish fuck who knows right from wrong AND abusing his public role to cover it up??? If I were a citizen of AL, I would demand the repayment of public monies back to the citizens that these idiots spent on their 50 Shades of Stupid. (I guess his forgone pension will help in repayment.)

        • Hmmm – wonder if the State of AL will allow him to continue to practice as a dermatologist? Don’t you need ethics for that, too?

          He chose these consequences over-and-over for years. He just thought – as all less-than-average cheaters do – that he was special and they wouldn’t affect him. He was elected. He was a “public servant.” That means, the public deserves to know exactly what he did to violate their trust and the office he held.


          • Dermatologists can be skeevy. I had one who ended up killing his wife, had a sex change in prison (or began using tax dollars for that) then killed himself. He was a peach.

    • Why on earth does he think (or wish???) that they are shaming his family and friends. No, ex-Governor, they are merely shaming YOU!
      And thank you, Chumplady, for this post. I was hoping you would comment on this heroine divorcing this dishonest mean man and you did.

    • Giving up your career as governor to schtump some whore half your age, governor? Don’t know w why you’d want to do that! Lol!

      Rot in hell, asshole.

      Nice to see one get exactly what he deserves.

  • Heard this on NPR yesterday.

    OH THE HYPOCRISY! A Jesus Cheater! Fraud! Embezzlement! Fishing off the Company Pier! Oops-the OW is married!

    Great job, Dianne!

    • Same.
      From this moment on I will channel her. Classy and calculated.
      There should be a statue in her honor.

      • Aeronaut, I wasn’t thinking this was a case where he stumbled upon misfortune. His actions finally caught up with him and he has to pay the consequences. He is arrogant in his statement about his family and friends. He blames others for sharing the intimate details.

        I see him as a person who had use for others. His expectation of the police department to find and destroy the evidence was not to protect his family; it was all about protecting HIS image. The real tragedy in my opinion would have been if he had been successful in destroying the evidence and continued on as governor.

        Yes, I celebrate the chump who despite being the victim, refused to humiliate HERSELF and divorced him instead. She is a hero. I am curious why you feel bad for the governor?

        • “Yes, I celebrate the chump who despite being the victim, refused to humiliate HERSELF and divorced him instead. She is a hero.”

          I agree with that completely. She’s much more worthy of praise than he is, and she has my sympathy for what she had to go through. I hope she can put her life together again and enjoy the rest of it.

          But amiisfree summed it up well. He’s a fuckup, and I don’t celebrate his errors or downfall. If someone gets a disease, or has a disability, they have my sympathy. He has a social disability, and then chose to act amorally. I guess you might say that I feel bad for him that he doesn’t have a stronger moral code. After that, the rest is on him.


      • Me too, Paintwidow. I may not have been as badass as Dianne in the past, but moving forward, I can still be badass.

  • Dianne is a star. Wish i had kicked him to the curb from day one instead of shit sandwich eating for over three years I wasnt that brave. But i am now and free! Go go dianne! And the people of alabama have every right to know where their money was being spent. May he spend the rest of his days in misery.

          • Sounds like he’s been spreading natural fertilizer for a loooonnnnggg time now.

          • Burning genital warts off others at no charge at “Town Hall” STD Clinics throughout the state-while being deprived of the same.
            Shooting up other male’s ball sacks with Botox at no charge-while being deprived of the same.
            Team up with Anthony-the-Weiner in carpet bombing the state and public service announcements with the message, “Viagara Abuse may result in involuntary commitment to our state’s Sex Offender Registry. For life.”

      • His community service will be the lecture circuit telling husbands to stop being assholes.

  • I also want to point out that the man is a former baptism deacon (aka Jesus Cheater). So, she likely had all of the special pressures to be graceful that religion can bring to the table as well! This woman is a BAMF and I salute her along with all of chump nation!

  • NO menu of shit sandwiches for this LADY!! Not one bite!

    Looks aren’t supposed to matter, but man he is one UGLY cheater!

    KUDOS to LADY DIANNE. She definitely is mightly!

    Hear the lions roar! ?

      • I suspect that Shmoopie wasn’t attracted to his looks, but his power. If so, as is typical in these situations, each was using the other. Glad that it’s a sad and sordid end for the ex-governor, and yet another example showing that politicians aren’t allowed to neglect marriage vows.


        • This was absolutely about power and money and included a cushy high paying job for Rebekah’s husband John. The new Governor Ivey fired John on her first full day in office. 🙂 And Rebekah Mason is fully expected to be tried in court for her part in misuse of campaign funds. YAY!!

    • Ugh– his turkey neck, his non existant snake lips, his snake eyes, contempt and distain written all over his face. Nasty fucker.

      Dianne you are amazing and hope you are on this site anonymously getting the support you deserve. Sending you love and best wishes for a better future!

  • Surely I’m not the only person who sees a striking resemblance between this Expert On Warts (yes, he really is) and the evil Montgomery Burns of *Simpsons* fame?

    Cheating knows no political boundaries, but the hypocrisy of Jesus cheaters–especially those placing their moral superiority in the public arena to gain power and treasure–carry a special stench. The horseradish spread upon the shit sandwich they serve up for those who have loved and supported them.

    How ironic the the Love Gov, who operated a chain of dermatology clinics to make people *appear* beautiful, is revealed as truly ugly, inside and out.

    • That’s my nickname for my ex– in my phone, he comes up as “Charles Burns” (when you look up Monty Burns, Charles is his first name, and Montgomery is one of his middle names). My ex is skinny, focused on money, and a dastardly creep like Burns. He has that pinched, beaky look like Burns and this gross governor as well. Coincidence? I think not! 😀

      I think it’s great that Dianne showed such great strength and courage. Let her be a role model for struggling chumps everywhere.

    • Ha – if I had read one more post before I posted! I just said the same! It’s so true. Mr Burns!

      • Thanks Tempest!!! It’s creepy how similar Bentley and Mr. Burns look alike.

      • If I remember my Simpson’s correctly, this still is right before he uttered the famous phrase,
        “Smithers, release the hounds.” Perfect.


        • “Release the hounds,” indeed! (or perhaps in this case, “release the voters,” or “release the ethics board.”)

  • I feel really bad for his side ho’s husband. She’s in the ILOVEMYHUSBANDDEARLY phase. She’s a pig.

    • I love my husband dearly but I spread my thighs for the governor to advance my career, …. Karma bus is heading her way.

    • Don’t feel bad for OW’s husband. He was fully aware and “stood by her” while getting a plum, high paying no work state job. The new Governor Ivey fired him on her first full day in office.

      • Well then, nasty little triangle indeed. Hope their kids (if any) aren’t collateral damage.

      • Yeah! Husband was eating shit in exchange for a tax-payers’ fnded job. I wonder what kind of job he could land without his cheater wife’s hand? No respect at all for Mr. Mason.

        • I don’t think that’s fair. We’ve all been clumped, but somehow we are going to blame this guy for his own abuse? I pass.

  • Love these Karma Bus stories! Needed this today…

    As I look back on a many storied career of looser relationships with cheater/narcs, not a single one of them is doing great post me (as far as I can tell – when I even think about it) because if they were – somehow they would make sure I know.

    Which just emphasizes (to me) Chump Lady’s constant question to Chumps, “is this relationship good enough for you?”

    Dianne B. – what’s her maiden name? Maybe we should start using it instead of her ex-fucktard’s!

  • Way to go Dianne! Not only for leaving the cheater but also for exposing his duplicitous life. You and the people of Alabama deserve better.

    • And Hillary. I still think she would have won if she divorced Bill. I know I would have respected her even more for knowing her own worth.

      • I do too!!!

        He is the problem, his smirking grin. Nasty man, Bill Clinton is, nasty man.

        She would have been so much better off without him!!

      • She was smarter than him, but you can see in old photos he’d completely bewitched her. And she thought she could walk three steps behind first him, then Obama, and she’d get her reward.
        There’s a very thorough C-SPAN report (c.2013) that was uploaded to YouTube called “First Ladies” -that is my source.

        Who knew we’d be so affected by a crap marriage

  • Only in the mind of a disordered invertibrate fuckwit can breaking the law by using public money to fund infidelity and intimidate others fall under the category of “personal struggles.”

    • And sticking one’s wedding tackle between someone else’s thighs multiple times over multiple months is called “errors in judgement”. It’s all about sanitizing the verbiage, and the desire to a card with black symbols on it with points on the top anything, anything other than a ‘spade’.


      • Not unlike yesterday’s epic, assholian sanitation of Hitler’s atrocities and concentration camps as “Holocaust Centers.”

    • Yup, it’s what they do: struggles, mistakes, a number of poor decisions, flaws. Humility always faux and for show.

    • Yes, “personal struggles”? What a misnomer. I don’t see that he was doing any struggling whatsoever. That would imply that he was actually fighting the temptations or attempting to overcome his evil ways. Someone needs to explain the difference to him.

  • I have been waiting for CL to write something on this! Dianne is an absolute warrior goddess and my new hero.

  • That is excellent.

    It’s also a really good example for why all states should have an at-fault divorce option with those who commit adultery (along with other bad behavior like abuse) being punished.

    Don’t you just love his panicked, frantic attempts to scare his wife and aid, all for it to come out anyway, making him look like an even bigger idiot?

    This makes my day. Thank you, Chump Lady.

  • Diane is my hero! To be that mighty in the white hot spot light of politics is a true testament to this lady’s character. 50 years? No problem because she isn’t going to pick me dance for that fool!

    Way. To. Go!

  • And can we now officially retire the powder-blue attire and pearls typically worn by politician’s wives, who are forced into public humiliation by standing (literally) behind their cheating man as he delivers his public apology about “mistakes were made” in a pathetic attempt to hold onto the reigns of power?

    Let us substitute a kick-ass red dress for Diane Bentley and Jenny Sanford, who kicked those losers to the curb.

  • Just have to add….regarding that band on his ring finger…can think of a few more appropriate places to place it!
    Usually I try to post positive, somehow, encouraging posts (hence in life often branded a “peacekeeper”) but in this case there is zippo in that area for this RAT!

  • Tempest, can we add red spiked heels to Dianne’s attire, that is after one heel has delivered that sparking wedding band somewhere else more appropriate than the wedding band finger?! Just thinking!

    • By all means! I think spiked heels would complete the red dress attire nicely!

      • or, given what Diane Bentley did to roll the karma bus over the Guvnor, combat boots would also complement the red dress ; ).

        • Let’s face it, she’s so mighty she could pull off bunny slippers

  • Good! He looks like an evil Keebler elf, the young woman having an affair with him must have had a strong stomach and a lot of ambition. He deserved to be exposed and consequently lose his career. I once anonymously contacted a newly wed wife to let her know husband had many stripper girlfriends. I knew about his dalliances because he was my ex’s friend lol yes they run in packs! Due to my interference the relationship really went down the hill and 1.5 years later they are getting a divorce. I don’t regret doing it some people said it was none of my business but I wish someone would have been kind enough to let me know instead of having to struggle to find proof.

    • fbi, do you think “some people” would say it was none of your business if he was physically abusing his wife? I’m with you, I wish someone had told me. It would have spared me so much pain.

      • None of your business is so much BS. That’s like saying that it’s none of your business to tell your friend her husband is slowly poisoning her to death. Or it’s none of the doctor’s business to tell a patient they have cancer. You didn’t destroy their relationship. He did.

    • Bravo! The internet (and heck the old timey postal service!) make reporting/exposing a cheater anonymously a breeze. And the “Switzerlands” who say you shouldn’t be involved, well there is a special place in hell for those blame shifting a-holes.

    • fbi, give me advice here:

      My aunt (dad’s sister) is a dirty ho, a desperate housewife, addicted to plastic surgery and botox, and tried to seduce my husband, several times. She is a Jesus cheater. Rich.

      Here is my question: Should I email her husband and tell him the above?

      My family will make me pay and pay, I’m in a “family” straight out of Sodom and Gommorah.

      • Personally, I’d start by talking to your dad. I’d hope that he’d be horrified that someone was trying to seduce his daughter’s spouse, even if it was his own sister. Maybe he has some insight on how to get the situation under control, and what the source of the problem with your aunt is.

        Good luck. Hugs. Strength. Peace.

      • It sounds like most of your family is disordered or abusive to some extent (“My family will make me pay and pay, I’m in a “family” straight out of Sodom and Gommorah.”)

        I recommend focusing solely on your personal well-being and peace in this situation.

        It doesn’t sound like your aunt’s antics were the cause of your break-up with your cheating husband, I’m assuming it was other OW(s). If your aunt wasn’t your husband’s affair partner, I don’t think the potential fallout is worth trying to address her random, amoral behavior.

        Unless…you dearly love and respect your uncle *and* you are willing to walk away from some family relationships if the resulting drama spins out of control and you are made to “pay” the price.

        Sometimes taking a stand ethically, rocking the boat and then going grey rock or no contact with one’s high-drama, disordered relatives is worth it. But only you know if this is worth taking such a stand on. Wishing you the best.

  • After two years of eating the shit sandwich while performing the pick me dance in a sequined dress, this post is an inspiration . . . my lawyer appointment is in two hours!

    • Good luck! If the lawyer isn’t 100%getting ” it” keep looking ….I made the mistake of hiring a top-notch lawyer who in hindsight was a total narc blame shifting liar. Thankfully he fired me about the time I just about died because it was during a critical phase of my divorce but the person that I thought instead was light years better and totally understood the abuse that I have suffered and he went to bat for me all the way through trial and I got way way way more than the first asshole said was possible.

      • Thanks to all of you! When I brushed my teeth this morning, I realized I won’t have all that shit sandwich residue anymore!

        My lawyer is a woman who was cheated on by her husband! Her nickname is Man-eater.

        My husband wanted an arbiter. ?

        Uh, no.

        • No, no arbiter for you, dumbass. You get the Man-eater. You should have thought about this a long time ago.

        • I hope she dines well, GonnaBeOK.

          Hugs. Strength. And when you’re through it all, peace.

  • I have always found it interesting that those who love to cast stones from the front steps of the church are the very ones who seem to find all the dark out of the way corners of the same church to practice their deceptive shenanigans. There must be some special icing on the cheater cake that is enhanced by being a hypocrite. Not only are we “not the boss” of them, but we also should support them when “mistakes were made” and believe they have “remorse” about their lack of scruples.

    One of my Ex’s told me once that he was interested in attending church because it was good for business. I told him that I didn’t think it would be good for him in the long run if he ever had to explain that thinking to the Lord.

    • People who are more invested in appearing to be “moral” than actually being good. Shudder.

    • Portia, my therapist told me the disordered are attracted to the devout. Those who love God, overlook faults, help others overcome, never believe in the bad in others — that’s all catnip for lying, cheating, blaming, gaslighters.

  • Nothing like a decrepit Viagra popping Super Christian Ex-Gov flipping the table over and blaming his resignation on political a conspiracy to Shame him. On cue…..the cheater plays the victim.

    High five to his kick ass wife of 50 years.

    Anyone notice that dirty old ex-gov looks like the evil Mr. Burns on the Simpsons.

    • Better yet.. the husband lost his STATE job of oversite of “faith based services”! Way to spend your tax dollars Alabama, one of the poorest states in the nation.

      • Yeah, his “wife-rent” was $200,000.00 annually.

        The Guv’s tantrum when he was caught is typical for that kind of narc.

    • Yes … Jon Mason is not your normal chump. And Governor Ivey fired him her first day on the job!

      • Dixie, are you here in ‘bama, too? I have no idea how much the rest of the world is seeing from the news and such, but the news flashes just keep on comin’ ’round here. Honestly, it’s made me laugh pretty hard. (Better to laugh than cry, right?)

        As if the LONG history of smh and barf-inducing behavior of MANY Alabama governors wasn’t enough…LOL!!!

        Scandal, divorce (mighty Alabama woman brings mighty cheers from all over!), details are discovered, documented, and reported, highly visible gov resignation (finally), Lt. Gov (a woman LOL!!!! Yaaassss!) follows staff’s plan (which was established LONG ago) for her to inevitably take the oath of office and pick up the ball, and OW’s own chump spouse is fired from his highly paid gov job. …and MORE to come, I’m sure!

        Cue the circus music, vehement statements of disgust, laughter, and a whole danged lot of us ‘bamians gettin’ cricks in our necks from all the smh. The last couple of days have been like watching a bizarro-world tennis match from which we just can’t seem to turn away.

        Good ole boy crap, busted, mighty Southern woman, consequences, disgust, circus… Nah. …not just a tennis match. A real life Southern soap opera. Smh. (Ooh. There’s that crick.)

        • Yes, I am down in LA. The corruption and ineptitude of Alabama politics is breathtaking!

          • Ain’t THAT the truth?!?! “Breathtaking” is certainly the word for it!

  • I bet there will be a lot of interesting discussions around the dinner table this week in Alabama.

    I double bet there will be a few asses kicked to the curb as well.

  • The sad part is, he rubbed his affair in her face even after she left. He even took Rebekah (and her husband, who was fully aware and okay with the affair because he was also getting paid in exchange for his wife’s ‘services’) to the Presidential Inauguration. Thankfully Dianne stayed strong with her dignity and pride while those three will hopefully all be brought up on ethics charges.

    • Yes, Dianne stayed Mighty even under very very challenging circumstances. This is what makes her so heroic. She should run for governor of Alabama.

      “Dianne for Gov”

  • Also, Dianne is beautiful in a way that the mistress could never hope to equal.

  • Outstanding! Lying cheating sacks of shit deserve to be dumped in the trash. Well done Dianne!

  • Under Bentley we almost lost our state parks, he closed mental hospitals and countless other things. He has put us in a financial state of emergency and I guess we know why. He said when it first came out (this was a couple years ago, before his infidelity was known), that he didn’t want to upset anyone. About our state being so poor. Just wow. Alabama is already such a poor state!! I voted for this crack pot. Makes me sick. When the state parks almost all closed I really suspected him of wrong doing. Uhh.

  • And here is an “Only in Alabama” footnote for you … lest you think he has suffered unduly. The Luv Gov did get the Crimson Tide season tickets in the divorce settlement … cause that’s pretty damn important, ya know!!!

    • Yes, football tickets are certainly more important the wife and kids…

      • Lawd, y’all just don’t know. Iron Bowl in ‘bama affects EVERYTHING.

        • And on another ironic note: the new governor, Kay Ivey, is an Auburn graduate.

          …may not mean anything elsewhere, but here? Bentley got the Crimson Tide tickets, but his replacement is an Auburn grad. I find that hysterical. LOL!!!!! (…and just for the record, I’d also find that hysterical if the schools were reversed. Seriously. Iron Bowl literally affects EVERYTHING here.)

          • Agreed! I once took my son to a chess tournament in Tuscaloosa the weekend of A-Day! We almost had to sleep in our car! Football is life here.

    • Hey!! We can get a woman in the Crimson Tide management to give Dianne some sweet seats!!

  • Good for her! Setting a great example for women everywhere that no one has to take this shit, no matter who they are. And am I mistaken, but didn’t the wife of cheater creep politician Mark Sanford divorce his ass as well?

    • Wow, this is what the link states: “In the span of a few years, Lewis witnessed the governor’s transformation from a practicing deacon at the First Baptist Church of Tuscaloosa to an adulterer and domestic abuser.”

      And how he went from a loving husband to emotionally and verbally abusing his wife. That’s how he thanked his wife that stood by him for 50 years. By constantly berating her and treating her like crap. He makes me sick.

    • Thanks, thistooshallpass!! This was a fabulous post, so I am copying it here, if you don’t mind. I don’t know who this guy is, but he really gets the abuse angle of cheating.

      Dianne Bentley – Strength in the Face of Domestic Abuse
      By Donald V. Watkins
      ©Copyrighted and Published (via Facebook) on September 23, 2015.
      Governor Robert Bentley abused Dianne Bentley emotionally, psychologically, and verbally. The abuse started when Rebekah Mason became Bentley’s closest advisor and lover during the governor’ first term in office. Bentley’s domestic abuse of Dianne was pervasive, degrading, and ugly, and his malicious words and deeds, ultimately left Dianne feeling irrelevant, disgraced, and utterly inadequate.
      As Bentley’s romance with Rebekah Mason heated up, so did his abuse of Dianne. Though not physical in nature, Bentley’s abusive conduct was so disparaging towards Dianne that even the couple’s four sons and some of his grandchildren have felt the need to disassociate from him.
      Once Bentley became governor, he changed. He was no longer the kind and gentle man his children and grandchildren had known all their lives. Everyone noticed how Bentley’s respect for Dianne began to wane. This became particularly evident after he began spending more intimate, personal time with Rebekah, the attractive 43-year-old mother of three. As a result of his newfound relationship, Bentley began to manifest an oversized ego and an inflated sense of importance. He constantly talked down to Dianne, berating her over the smallest of things, and he increasingly treated her in a mean-spirited manner.
      Bentley had become a man Dianne didn’t recognize. He was enamored with the trappings of the governor’s office – the trooper escorts, use of the state airplane, global travels, access to dignitaries and celebrities, life in the Governor’s mansion, wining and dining Rebekah like a billionaire at Winston Blount’s magnificent $28 million estate, along with all the other high-life perks that come with being called “Governor”. Bentley had gone from obscurity as a little-known Tuscaloosa legislator/dermatologist to rock-star status as governor, and he simply could not handle it.
      As the governor’s domestic abuse of Dianne escalated, state trooper Wendell Ray Lewis grew progressively more impatient and distressed by the governor’s actions and progressively more concerned for and protective of Dianne.
      After taking office, Bentley brought Lewis from Tuscaloosa to Montgomery, where he became a member of the governor’s inner circle. Lewis had a tremendous amount of respect for Bentley when Lewis first arrived for his executive security work in Montgomery. The governor made sure that Lewis was well compensated for his work and that he was promoted from sergeant to lieutenant. Once Lewis became a lieutenant, Bentley placed him in command of the governor’s executive security detail.
      As Bentley’s protector and confidant, Lewis saw two disturbing character flaws emerge in Bentley that bothered him deeply: Bentley’s growing degradation of Dianne and his blossoming romance with Rebekah. In the span of a few years, Lewis witnessed the governor’s transformation from a practicing deacon at the First Baptist Church of Tuscaloosa to an adulterer and domestic abuser.
      Lewis, who holds strong Christian beliefs, formed a close professional relationship with Dianne. He admired and respected the First Lady for her character, class, and principled life. The two talked often and remain close friends today.
      Lewis retired from the trooper force a few months ago, in part, because he was powerless to stop Bentley’s marital infidelity and psychological abuse of Dianne. Because of his strong admiration for and loyalty to the First Lady, Lewis could no longer function comfortably in the duplicitous environment of deceit, betrayal, and abuse perpetrated by Bentley on Dianne. Lewis’ loyalty to Mrs. Bentley’s devout Christian values trumped the Governor‘s efforts to curry favor with him through the award of promotions and enormous overtime pay.
      Lewis’ efforts to get the governor to stop his illicit love affair with Rebekah were unsuccessful. Bentley would not listen to Lewis just as he refused to listen to anyone else broaching the subject of the governor’s relationship with Rebekah.
      Ironically, during her first term as First Lady, Mrs. Bentley chose awareness for domestic violence prevention as her platform to make a difference. Because she is a staunch advocate for healthy marriages and families, Bentley’s pervasive domestic abuse, coupled with his marital infidelity, was something Dianne Bentley just could not bear. On August 26, 2015, she reaffirmed her platform as she signed her name to a sworn divorce complaint against her husband of 50 years.
      The divorce filing caught the governor by complete surprise. He was stunned, angry, and visibly shaken. This time, there was nothing Bentley could do to hurt Dianne emotionally. He had already alienated her affection, abused her emotionally, and dishonored her 50 years of unconditional love and support. She was done.
      Dianne’s filing for divorce signaled to the world that she would not live a lie. She was prepared to endure whatever public shame and embarrassment flowed from her divorce filing, suffer any act of retaliation or revenge from the Governor and his henchmen, and bear the heavy burden of starting life over again at 72 years old.
      In the end, Dianne Bentley set herself free from her husband’s domestic abuse and martial cheating. In the process, she preserved her dignity as a woman and legacy as First Lady.

  • Love this woman!!! And Rebekah’s husband what a superchump… seriously lol.. people like that deserve to be cheated on. He must love being a doormat.

    • No one deserves to be cheated on except for cheaters-for them I make an exception to the rule.

      Also-rumor has it this guy took a high paying (no) job knowing his wife was boinking the luv gov, but if he was a super chump, we wouldn’t laugh at him here. We laugh at cheaters, not chumps.

      • Right, we all must’ve known right? I mean how stupid could we be? It is almost like we deserved it somehow.
        How many people you think spread a similar rumor about us? I KNOW they did about me. So fuck this.

  • Did you know Harry Stonecipher, CEO of Boeing, was fired for cheating? His wife of 50 years and he divorced. He married his lover and last I heard they were living outside Asheville, NC fighting a home owners association about having 9 cats. I think he is about 70 and she is about 50. Two CEOs in Australia cheated with younger women. Who loses? The wives, of course. In one case the mistress is fighting back. She was fired, he wasn’t. Gee, wonder why women marched on Washington?

  • I think Diane Bentley is absolutely adorable. It’s so refreshing to see an older lady who doesn’t try to be anything except what she is.

    • She’s a typical example of a lovely, gracious Southern Lady, who tucks her switchblade knife into her purse next to her lacy hankie.

      Go, Dianne!

  • I read the link that Dixie put up and pondered the photos for awhile. Conventional wisdom would say that the Gov was attracted to a younger woman and OWRebekah was in it for the power.

    But the longer I thought about this, the moreI think that those were auxiliary kibbles.The real deal here was the cheating itself. The secrecy. The sneaking around. Rebekah getting to control where people sat the at the Gov’s speech, lording it over both the wife and the staff. Rebekah getting to control (or try to) the very words in Dianne’s mouth. OWRebekah’s husband having to sit still for an affair and getting paid off with a no-work job. The power here was not about politics, primarily. It was about their centrality and superiority and their entitlement to everything–political power and control and influence and people to boss around. And they were essentially getting their kibbles from the whole state. It was about the power to control and manipulate large groups of people in the service of “We know something you don’t know” and “Don’t believe what you see and hear, believe what we tell you.” It was all about power in the most degenerate sense.

  • I went through the story summaries on What a bunch of assholes. I lost track of all of the players. So much corruption on so many levels. The affair’s just the tip of the iceberg.

  • As a former Alabamian, I have been following this story and cheered to myself that this man was brought down…not because of Dianne Bentley, but because he likes CAKE!
    Thankful for Dianne’s mightiness in exposing the cheater and how he duped the fine citizens of the great state of Alabama.
    I vote Dianne Bentley the CN Superstar of the Year!

  • Ahhhh ha ha ha! He totally underestimated his wife and thought he could get away with it. And look at his level of entitlement that he went into a rage about his behavior, denying everything until the very end. Little does he know that following his cheating, his wife also got down and dirty, plotting his downfall. Quite the becoming ending for this piece of shit who looks like that old decrepit Mr. Burns in the Simpsons. Let’s see if Rebekah the mistress still loves him…

    • Yes, I am really curious to know if Rebekah still loves Bob now that he is doing “community work”.

  • May Diane be a shining example to how mighty one can be when being chomped and publicly humiliated.
    I don’t feel sorry for him. You don’t want people to know then don’t do it!!!!

  • Wait… but my cheater said he did the things he did because he was “only human”.

    It turns out that all cheaters are the same lying pieces of shit, no matter what their age, race, or position of power.

    Good riddance, EX-Governor Bentley. Your chump ex-wife and chump state of Alabama (not my state, never even been there, but I’ll speak on its behalf as part of Chump Nation) is better off without you.

  • I bet Governor Coward and his homewrecking whore are SO HAPPY now, because it was meant to be, you know. They will live happily ever after. How romantic.

  • Dianne is a role model for us all! I can’t imagine the pain she must have felt finding this out on the eve of her 50th anniversary. This lady has a strong moral character and a whole lot of class! Thank you CL for providing us with a good example of mighty!! If Dianne can leave her husband’s ass at 72 and after 50 years of marriage, there is absolutely no reason why I can’t do it at 42 and 18 years in.

  • I think for all of us who wish we’d lined our ducks up better, this is a huge victory.

    To have the presence of mind to not only not stand for this crap and be a chump, but to actually be mighty enough to make him eat his own consequences instead of cake and kibbles? Brilliant!

    Even though NSW is a no fault state, Australia has strict travel sex laws. If you are caught even propositioning minors in various overseas countries, you can land up doing 10 to 20 years in prison.

    I had ample and very detailed e-mail evidence written BY my husband to his sleazy friends about talking to Thai pimps in nightclubs over there about buying girls to take their virginity. And evidence that at least one of his Thai girlfriends was underage when he was first “dating” her.

    I considered very seriously handing over my evidence to the Australian Federal Police, after the divorce financials were finalized. My lawyer advised me not to do it until finances were split (yes, timing is everything) or he would likely go through all our money in legal fees defending himself.

    Once the divorce was final though, I no longer wanted to pursue it. I have no way of knowing for sure that the “virgins” were underage, and the girlfriend may have had her parents’ consent to fuck a morbidly obese old guy for money, so it may have been a moot point.

    Living well is the best revenge. I am living well, remarried to a great guy now, own my house outright with money from the divorce, while he apparently had sinus surgery last month, and as an only child gets to now watch his mother in her last few years of life. Karma is getting him for me.

    But this woman is both living well, and very publicly took down her husband in every way imaginable! And on behalf of all us chumps, we can be proud of her!

  • Great Job showing other women that they too have what it takes not to eat the shitsandwhich and stand up and say NO!

  • Like everyone, I salute Dianne here. She has done it like a boss. My thoughts, however are, how many of these situations has it taken for her to get to here, 50 years later. Seems it would be a rarity indeed for the Gov to have this ‘one’ indiscretion. And his bullshit way of blameshifting, minimising and using public resources suggests a lifetime of fuckwittery and entitlement. Was it the public nature that broke this camel’s back? I can’t imagine the buffet of shit sandwiches she has digested that Mr Burns’ even more evil twin has dished up to her over the decades. But so glad she will be free of it to enjoy this period of her life cheater-free.

  • Decades ago, my husband worked for a company in which one of the (married) bosses was having a blatant affair with one of the female employees. When the company went bankrupt, it emerged that they had their hands in the till and had embezzled hundreds of thousands. Too bad for all the other employees who lost their jobs, eh?
    So, it doesn’t surprise me one bit that a politician who’s screwing around is also misusing public funds. The entitled mindset means that people who do this think they have a right to help themselves to anything they want. Got to love how he complains that the press have embarrassed his FAMILY by revealing this. So, nothing to do with your own actions, big boy?

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