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Chump Lady’s Book Now on AUDIO!

Hey guess what, CN? The Chump Lady book “Leave a Cheater, Gain a Life” is out on audiobook, available for download starting on September 20!

Tantor Audio bought the rights, and boy are they fast operators. I was surprised to see it would be available so soon! So if you’re interested, make my agent happy and pre-order it now.

So if you’ve ever wanted to drive long distance and listen to “Trust that they suck,” or wash dishes to the idiot sounds of “Stupid Shit Cheaters Say” — now’s your chance! The book will be available on MP3, or CD-rom (if you’re old school).

You may be relieved to learn that I am not narrating it. Instead that honor went to a professional voice actor Laura Copland, who I was assured could say “fuck” with the best of them. (It was my only criteria really. They gave me two actors to listen to, both reading boring bits of non-fiction and my gut said Laura had the cussing chops. Hey, she’s been on Broadway.)

It’s an exciting development for CN, guys. Viva la revolution! We’re streaming!

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  • Great news- I notice from Laura’s bio that she trained as an attorney- so that should add some suitable ‘lawyer up’ tones ! Also an ideal audio book to listen to at night, esp close to D-day when your head is as mangled as your heart.

  • OMG, I commute 2hours a day in my car – this will be perfect for me! I hope Laura is as good as Wanda Sykes at the cussing (cos my vote for narrator was Wanda) ????

    Congrats, Tracy! I am still hanging out for Chump Lady, The Movie ????????

    • Ah yes, Chump Lady, the movie. That is encouraging just to imagine. Congrats on the audio version, Tracy. Good things just keep coming. The tide is slowly turning.

    • CHUMPLADY the movie!!
      BRILLIANT just brilliant!!
      God that would make a great first date movie. Bahaha
      Scare them early that you ain’t messing around.
      *tears running down my legs…

  • Great news. It will help many people to HEAR your book in the car when they start ruminating about the Cheater and the Schmoopie. Fill the ears and break those mental chains!

  • Congratulations Tracey! More Chumps on the way to sanity, safety, justice, wisdom about themselves and human nature and … Meh!

    And PLEASE consider translations. In the most spoken languages, there are nations of chumps in other cultures who do not read in English.

    Order of ten most spoken languages in the world according to Wikipedia (use with caution)
    1-Mandarin, 2-Spanish, 3-English, 4-Hindi, 5-Arabic, 6-Portuguese, 7-Benagali, 8-Russian, 9-Japanese, 10-Punjabi (Bengali in some lists). In all these cultures there are chumps and I know that the Hispanic ones, many of which have people who are not fluent in English, would benefit imensely, especially women.

    Portuguese: Largue um Trapaceiro e Ganhe uma Vida.

    • I’d love translations. Unfortunately, I have no control of this, it’s in the hands of my publisher. However, I am considering a plug in that WordPress does for translations and I could some day translate the blog.

      Problem there is moderation. As I don’t read the language, I couldn’t moderate. Maybe the thing to do would be translations without the comment function. Or I’d have to find trusted moderators in each language. I’m open to suggestions.

      • Part of the worderfulness of this blog is Chump Nation. Any translated blog would have to have the comments from fellow chumps. I am not familiar with the logistics and how hard translation of comments would be.

        I miss some points, jokes, etc., on the blog because of slang, idiomatic expressions and ignorance about some current events in the USA, but I “get” 98%. But other chumps I know who desperately need CL and CN would miss much more.

        Maybe a survey among current members about demands from other nationalities/languages and then an online summit with representatives to discuss moderations?

        I would love to translate the book, but, solomonically, I just hope your publishers seriously consider this possibility.

        • It’s all I can do to handle the amount of traffic this site gets, so another site in another language gives me pause. The only way I could do it, at first anyway, would be without comments. Which I realize is not the same — but it might be better than nothing?

          Part of the comment problem is spam and trolls. If I can’t read what’s coming in, I don’t know what to moderate/look for. Software only does so much. There’s a lot of behind-the-scenes work that goes on. Big shout out to Tempest who shoulders much of this role here.

          • Werd – it would be great if all could participate, but I agree that it MUST be moderated, so it makes sense to sacrifice comments where moderation can’t occur. I support that plan.

  • Congradulations!!!!!!!!!
    Sometimes ive been too stressed to be able to sit down and read – this is great news 🙂

  • Please request that your agent put a sample of “fuck” in all those languages on the marketing page. I’d like to hear that!
    Congrats to you and another feather in your cap!

  • Squeal! I just found your website & tore through your book. Cannot believe how many times I wanted to cry & laugh at the same freaking time. Congrats on your audiobook! I’ll be adding it to my anti-ex arsenal & my stay-sane-and-safe toolbox. You amaze me. ????

  • Congratulations! The more ways to access these oh so helpful ideas, the better ???? Would love to see the movie too one day.

  • I’m late to this party but yay!!! If it will be available through my local library in the hopefully not too distant future, I’ll have to read it. It’s been one of my “damn it, I wish I could see” books ever since I found this site. Thank you, Chump Lady!!

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