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A Chump in a Land Down Under

Hey, if you live in the Southern Hemisphere, (or are just really adventurous) just a reminder to come check out my day-long chump talk in Newcastle, Australia on MAY 25! Details here at Zhuchi and kibitzing and coordinating here on Facebook.

A shoutout to organizer Zhuchi (aka Liz Edwards) for putting this all together. It’s for mental health professionals, chumps, and anyone who’s interested in challenging the narratives around infidelity. It takes a lot to put a seminar together, so if you’ve been on the fence, please commit! I’ll be talking, snarking, reading from my book and doing whatever I can to make it worth your while…. drawing cartoons in the margin of your program… crafting effigies of Esther Perel… Feeding them to dingos… No, I’m a serious professional. My RIC effigy thing is just a side gig…

Anyway, if you’re anywhere near Australia, you should come. I’d love to meet you. Besides — have you seen the pictures of Newcastle? It’s on a BEACH. You can meet me and watch me blister in the sun. It’s a twofer.

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  • Hell yeah! See you all there. Will be organising an informal Chump meet up the night before – picnic in the park sort of a deal.

      • … and I wish you were coming to Wellington … no chance of you making a short trip across the Tasman Sea while you’re in Aus?

      • Flight between Newcastle and Melbourne can be bought for aroun $79 with Jetstar!

  • Beats the snowy Midwest this time of year. Hope it’s just a start of a world tour!

  • Absolutely will be there! Thank you Liz Edwards for putting your house on the line! Wonderful education, capacity to engage & network plus all round opportunity to hang out with the guru of straight talk,reality, got your back, walk the talk; Tracy Schorn!! Unmissable irreplaceable fun!

  • Plus I get to buy signed copy of the book! Please pack an extra one for me Tracy?

  • Now look I’ll sweeten the deal. I will bring gorgeous morsels for everyone attending the Inaugural Chumpaloosa Picnic in the Park. Cocktail size Lemon Meringues, Banoffie, Strawberry Lemon Limes and more. I’m a Pastry Chef baker you see!

  • Yes Tracy, Canada next! I’ll find a venue in Ontario if you come!

    • Yes please!!! Stuck in Alberta right now but I’ll fly anywhere in Canada to meet you if you decide to brave the blizzards and polar bears and come up here 😉

  • I visited Australia on a 6 week tour in 2012, just 3 weeks after seeing the one any only suspicious text message to STBX. Stuffed it down until ultimately 5 years later, and seeing internet searches on phone a few times over the years, confronted and learned of prostitute use for 20 years..
    The power of spackle and denial. I hope one day to revisit the country and see it without the fear and pain in my gut. Tell it Tracy to all who gather to hear the message. Leave a cheater, there is a better life on the other side.

  • Will be there. Road tripping down from Brisbane. Really looking forward to it ????I’m not a pastry chef but very skilled at eating delicious treats haha

  • Not a single person is concerned that I joked about throwing EP effigies to dingos.

    Wow. My work here is done.

  • I’m in the US PNW about as far away from lovely Australia as one can be but I so would like to join you all. What a great event!

  • I may be on holidays, or starting a new job. I can’t believe my luck! If it’s a new job, I will be there, if it’s the holiday, have a great time meeting each other and kicking arse Tracy.

  • I ca’t wait will be there & for picnic please let me know where. I have my ticket just have to book a hotel as coming from Sydney.

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