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Chump Lady Heads to Australia!

Hey! Just a note to let you all know Mr. CL and I are shoving off for Australia on Monday. The blog will be in capable hands, don’t worry. I just locked and loaded two-weeks worth of columns — original stuff, some CN guest posts (Lola Granola and UXworld!), and some reruns thrown in. I’ll be online off and on, but it’s upside down and tomorrow over there, so I can’t promise timely responses.

Dreading the 22 hours of flight time, but I am THRILLED to be meeting Aussie chumps and even a few incredibly intrepid American chumps who are coming! I’ll post some picks here and more on Patreon. I can’t tell you how utterly bizarre it’s been, when you consider the trajectory of this blog, to be headed to the other side of the planet as Chump Lady. Six years ago, I decided to do a snarky brain dump about what I learned about infidelity — and today, Chump Nation is an international organization, with meet-ups, and friendships, and sass. The RIC is no longer the dominant narrative. It’s not defeated, by any stretch, but it’s finally CHALLENGED. Let’s keep it up!

I’ll see you back here, jet lagged, on June 4. But don’t go anywhere — lots of content coming your way! And for the Patreon supporters — the podcasts and video chats begin in June!

Later, gators!

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    • Can’t wait. I’m in Sydney. Heading to Newcastle on the 5:30am train on Friday morning with my beautiful friend who is a new chump. Hoping to meet some Sydney chumps. Xxxx

  • Godspeed you & Mr CL! WISH I could be there. I have a feeling this is just the beginning of the Age of the Chump, with more global adventures to follow.! You have the Nation behind you, Tracy. I love you for sparing my life from the RIC monstrosity. Represent!

  • It KILLS me you are heading down under and I can’t get to Newcastle (work, money, kids, too far away etc). Would’ve been sunk without you.

    You are saving lives all over the planet Chump Lady. Hurrah!! Hope u have a wonderful holiday. Keep changing the narrative fearless leader.

  • A warm welcome from the “land down under” Mr and Mrs Chump Lady

    • Watch out for drop bears and carnivorous kangaroos. Australia has 21 venomous snakes and man eating crocodiles.

      Make sure you enjoy a VB, a 4 XXXX, a Bundaberg Rum and Coke, a shrimp on the barbie and some barra mundi

      • On the wild beasts thing, Dude, I lived in Texas. Are there rattlesnakes in Australia? Rat snakes? Fire ants? Scorpions?

        I will try and forget the scary things and enjoy the delicious eats and drinks. Thanks!

        • Nah – not too many bity’s in Newcastle.

          Good food, good times and good company is what OZ is all about !

  • Love the CN international network! I’m sure the masterclass will be spectacular, and a great educational opportunity for Australian therapists.

    Shedding some tears that I can’t be there to hear CL’s wisdom and meet the fabulous Aussie chumps…someday.

  • And remember when you support Chump Lady on Patreon a wallaby wiggles.

      • Thanks, Bow Tie. I always look for the Patreon pitch at the bottom of the post, and I was mildly disappointed not to see it today. You made my day!

    • Excellent Patreon pitch, Bow Tie.

      I second Rebecca’s message below. This site costs a lot to run and maintain – not just financially but also in terms of Chump Lady’s personal time. Unlike Chump Lady, I know I couldn’t work a full time job and run a site like this in my spare time plus deal with the demands of family life on top of all that. Chump Lady was chumped years ago and like a lot of former CN members, once she reached Meh she could have moved on and left us to try and process our chumping on our own without the benefit of this site to guide us. She didn’t. She has toiled endlessly on our behalf on this blog and continues to shine a light on the murky dealings of the RIC.

      This is the first time that CL has asked for our support to keep the blog going. It would be great if those who can afford to could show how much they value this blog and it’s pro-chump message by stepping up and becoming a CL supporter on Patreon.

      Every time a chump supports Chump Lady on Patreon, the RIC shrinks even further.

  • Safe travels to you and Mr. CL. Enjoy every moment ????
    Thrilled you will speak your truth in Australia!!!

    PLEASE keep explaining about the importance of EACH OF US becoming Chump Lady supporters thru Patreon. I’m not sure readers who didn’t real your post about it understand how Chump Nation needs to stand up and support you so you can keep Chump Nation going!

    PLEASE read this link:

    It isn’t easy to ask for help but CL has and we chumps need to help!

      • My pleasure.

        I cannot imagine where all us chumps would be without this blog.

        You have to support your son and family and cannot work full-time AND continue to fully cover the huge expenses to keep the site up AND write CL columns, monitor the forum and site, read all your CL mail AND breathe.

        Readers, PLEASE join those of us who have made the commitment to give back to keep this site going. I’m begging you because I don’t want to think about where I would be without it….

      • How far along are the Patreon subscriptions?

        Or is that privileged information?

        • Not at all! I think it’s right there on the page. We’re at 361! 🙂 More than a third of the way there to owning me.

            • …and counting!

              It’s the price of a cup of coffee and a donut every month.
              C’mon folks – it will pay you back more than you could ever imagine.

              (we’re actually buying Tracy’s thoughts which is pretty much how Nobel Prize Winners are picked).

            • Yes, but still need more. I understad that chump Lady is, in fact, doing very well according to patreon averages, but we NEED Tracy on patreon ASAP. Every Day I check out her numbers. COME ON CHUMP NATION!!! Let’s own Chump Lady. She saves lives, creates new lives, gives Hope, wisdom and consolation

  • I found this blog searching the 180 trying desperately at the pick me dance. Bought the book instead of his bullshit 🙂 Forever grateful. Waiting on our QDRO now to be finished and my first purchase will be to join Patron because I’m convinced a unicorn will be injured in the process. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and safe travels!!!

  • Safe travels!!!
    I’m so.proud to be a member of the mighty Chump Lady Nation!!!!

  • Chump Lady,
    Hope you have a great time in that amazing country. (I am goingvt try to be financial ally mighty so that I can send my kids there someday.)

  • Hopefully one day you will be able to do the Oz tour to other states.

    Will anyone be recording this? I can’t make it due to financial sunk costs of being married to a fuckwit but would soooooooo love to see a vid.

    Hope there will be a ‘welcome to country’ of the Awabakal and Worimi peoples. This is protocol to demonstrate respect for local cultural traditions, history, and diversity; and acknowledges Aboriginal peoples’ connection to and respect for Country. You would be surprised how many events I have been to where this has been over looked.

    Have a great day chumps. I’ll be there in spirit and no doubt get updated by my chump friends who are attending in person.

    Off now for a chump meet up with said persons who will be attending next week.

    Viva la revolution!

    • Oooh no, really? Overlooked? Where I am from, in WA, there is always an ‘Acknowledgement of Country’ at any formal gathering/meeting/event if the speaker is a non-Aboriginal person, or a ‘Welcome to Country’ if the speaker is of Aboriginal heritage. I am a teacher, and it is performed at the beginning of every assembly at every WA school. I’m saddened to hear that you’ve been to many events where this important part of our culture has been overlooked. Is this an eastern states thing?! I live on Noongar land, in the Binjareb area. Kaya!

  • WTF – Wouldn’t it be great if we could get Anthony Bourdain’s film crew on this Chump Lady tour!
    I apologize I’m not good at video at all so would leave that up to somebody else.
    (ahem, especially Karaoke night with tequila shots our last night in Newcastle)

    Viva la revolution, indeed!

  • WTF Wrote: “Hope there will be a ‘welcome to Traditions, history, and diversity; and acknowledges Aboriginal peoples’ connection to and respect for Country. You would be surprised how many events I have been to where this has been over looked.”

    I am sure us overseas visitors are aware of the sensitivity concerning the Native people. It’s a big subject in all of our countries. But, I’m seriously worried about your 1st sentence. Should we be come and offer gifts?

  • Eat Tim Tams while you’re there and bring a bunch home!

    Have a wonderful time and I hope that more heed the wise words of CL and CN.

    • Coming from ‘NoShitCupcakes’, what is a Tim Tam?

      This trip is all about spreading the word.
      The Chump Nation word.
      Tomorrow, Oz.
      The next day – The World! lol

        • Well, yeah, they are sometimes. Safeway carries them occasionally, but she’s going to the home of the Tim Tam, so she should eat them there. Ship a case or two home. They freeze beautifully.

          • Are they the REAL DEAL though? Because I lived overseas and I could get TimTams, but they weren’t made in Australia. They were licensed to a local manufacturer and made to “local tastes”, so they were nowhere near the same. They were crap! As long as the label says made in Australia, it’s the only guarantee that you’re getting the real TimTams

      • SheChump, TimTams are deadly chocolate biscuits. Deadly because one is not enough. The double coated ones are the best!

    • I will eat all cookies/biscuits in the name of cultural research.

      Hmm.. more research is needed… more Tim Tams…

      • Tim Tams are the best. Bite one corner off and the opposite corner of the rectangle, then place a small part of the bitten end of the Tim Tam in your hot coffee or hot chocolate and as you suck the other bitten end, the chocolate inside will melt. It turns the Tim Tam into a straw for your drink. Completely Australian way to eat a Tim Tam!

  • I am so excited
    How are bookings going?
    I’m getting a ticket tomorrow and trying to get a girlfriend to come too as she really needs it.

    • I’m not the organizer, just the speaker, so I don’t know, but I’d love to see you there. 🙂

  • @Shechump

    Hey, no gifts necessary, my first line should read ‘Welcome to Country’. It’s just a acknowledgement that you are meeting on traditional land of Indigenous people. I’m sure the organisers are all over it.

    I’m so excited for you all. Would be so great if someone records it. Just been for lunch with three other chumps that are going. Sucks I can’t be there, so close, but so far away. Australia is such a massive country.

    Have a great time all.

  • Knock’em dead CL, and try to get some rest/sightseeing in too! xx

  • Safe travels – can’t wait to hear the high-lights from your trip.

  • Have a smooth and safe trip – Welcome to our beautiful country! Newcastle is a delight. I doubt I can get there – so much work. I would love to shake your hand, thank you for your work and ask you to keep going, please. Your website was a huge mind shift for me. Put my perspective and mental models into a place much more resourceful and it finally made sense.
    Go Well Chump Lady

  • Have a good and safe trip. My sister lived in New Zealand for 6 months and had to refuel in Fiji on the way there and back and did get a little time to knock around there too. Hope you do as well.

  • I had anticipated that I would be there – given that I started following this blog back in 2012 when I unintentionally found myself in Oz. Ironically I’ve finally managed to lay down some roots here after a very difficult 6 year journey so I’ve spent my $$$$$ towards a deposit on a house instead of a trip to Newcastle from WA ( yes, Australia is bloody expensive!) Would have loved to have met you but I guess I’m finally heading towards meh ❤️- have a great trip !!!!

  • Bring you swimmers!. See that lovely pool in the photo? Aiming to find it and have a wake up swim before the big day begins on Friday.

  • What a fun adventure! So excited to hear all about it!

    • Somehow I imagine wombats to be cute and cuddly. I definitely need to see a wombat.

      • Yes, you need to see all of our weirdo animals, haha! Please tell me you’re going to a zoo/animal park while you’re here to hold a koala (please don’t say “koala bear” like most Americans I’ve met do), and see kangaroos, echidnas, emus, numbats, quolls, sugar gliders, platypuses, and Tasmanian devils.

  • 22-hour flight will be fine! You’ll love it once you’re here. It’s not that far, really ????

    Hope Newcastle puts on the good weather for us! I’ve been working my tail off so I can come over. Lots of planning has gone into me being able to make this trip from WA. I can’t wait!! ????

    • Yea! You have one of the most memorable CN stories there is. 🙂

  • Bon Voyage Tracy! May your message reach ALL corners of the Earth (and I hope you are travelling business class). I bet 10% of the passengers are chumps. And 30% cheaters. Last year I met up with a former post-doc in London and, in our language, was telling him about my life and my salvation. A girl sitting next to us on the underground was understanding and soaking in every word and smiling in contentment. I could tell she was from my country. She probably was too embarassed to admit she was eavesdropping, but she got the Chump Lady vibe and Google search terms. Hahahah!

  • Thanks for all the good wishes! I’ll be sure to appreciate the wombats and Tim Tams. Will write when I find work… lol.

  • Tracy and Mr. Chump Lady, have a safe flight and the time of your lives in the down under! Would you be kind enough to grab a kangaroo or two the Fuck Nation? They like kangaroos and cacti….just saying.

  • I bet you’ll have a blast in Australia.

    RIC might still be the dominant narrative, but it’s getting a run for it’s money. I’m filled with hope when I read a random narckles article on Yahoo and then read the comments which are filled with regular people calling out the BS about infidelity.

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