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Shocker. Rudy Giuliani Still a Cheater.

Well, he may look like Nosferatu, but his dick still wanders. Yes, ladies, former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani is back on the market (if he was ever off it). Wifetress #3 is divorcing his ass for cheating on her.

Now some of you may say, “Once a cheater, always a cheater.” But that would be to deny the special, everlasting love shared between cousins. Or that marrying your affair partners isn’t a solid relationship move. Enough with your Twu Wuv skepticism!

Much like his defense of Trump, Rudy says he wasn’t there. And if he was, you can’t prove it.

Page 6 reports:

Rudy Giuliani cheated on his wife with a married New Hampshire hospital administrator, multiple sources told The Post.

The mayor-turned-presidential lawyer, 74, and Maria Rosa Ryan, 53, began their affair before he and wife Judith Nathan separated last month — and Nathan filed for divorce five days after the pair was spotted getting cozy at a resort hotel in the Granite State.

Sorry Judith, karma’s a bitch.

Giuliani acknowledged to The Post, “I do know Dr. Ryan. She is a friend of mine, so is her husband, Bob. She’s a Ph.D. and a very, very fine woman.”

But when pressed about whether he had ever a sexual relationship with Ryan, he said, “I never spent the night with her. There’s no proof. There can’t be because we never did anything.”

I wonder what “Bob” the former Marine thinks? Will he beat Rudy with a shovel? Will he indict? I’m also curious about Dr. Ryan’s husband.

But the important thing to remember, chumps, is that tripping into extracurricular pussy is never the cheater’s fault. You’ve drifted apart, driven them to it, pulled up to the window and ordered fries with that bullshit.

When Giuliani confirmed his split from Nathan to The Post last month, he said, “In these divorce situations you cannot place blame, it is 50/50. There are problems on both sides.”

Which side would that be, Rudy? What side does Dr. Ryan wake up on?

Judging by his incisors, Rudy wakes up in a coffin. He’s back on the prowl! Who’ll be the next lucky Mrs. Giuliani?

Photo credit: Wikipedia, promotional still from Nosferatu

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  • Sure, the old Shared Responsibility Lie…50/50, yeah right!

    • And if you know anything about that “fault”, you’re going to have to prove it!

      If you prove it, you’re bitter.

      You’re welcome!

  • “But the important thing to remember, chumps, is that tripping into extracurricular pussy is never the cheater’s fault.” LMAO I am dying laughing at tripping into extracurricular pussy! Hahahah

  • You know what they say, “Power is an aphrodisiac. And also dementia. And ranting and hypocrisy and incompetent lawyering. They all make the ladies crazy!” Smh. #Vampireagigolo

    • Hahahahaa #vampiregigolo! “extra curricular pussy”!

      Oh how I love this space of CL/CN. Thank you, Tracy!

  • ok, #1 I want to know who would actually have sex with his ugly, old ass (as in, I want to see what this woman looks like)
    and #2 I want to know how he can still get it up because as for me, I am not going to have sex with anyone who has to rely on pills to do the job
    and #3 oh the visuals! Pass the eye-bleach please!!!

    • If you click on the Page 6 link, there is a picture of the purported OW. She’s walking a pit bull.

        • Well, call me shallow, but at least these two uglies have done us all a favor and taken themselves out of the dating pool. Oh wait. Cheaters never leave the dating pool, do they?

    • @IHE, totally agree with everything you said except the comment about ED meds…. if you love and adore your mate and he gets to live long enough to have the natural effects of aging like wrinkles, reading glasses, needing to pee at night, and using little blue pills to be able to have intercourse with you during lovemaking, you will likely be very grateful for these aids.

      I say this mostly as a shout-out of support and validation to my brother Chump-dudes who may feel uncomfortable and hurt by the comment. Rest assured men, I’m a 50 year old successful professional woman with long blonde hair, large blue eyes, petite, very fit, busty, and I love everything about my slightly older BF — blue pills do not bother me in the least.

      • In my opinion, if you are mature enough to recognize a problem and do something about it rather than blaming your mate you are doing something right.

      • Yeah, I would shrivel a bit inside if a man said, “I am not going to have sex with anyone who has to rely on lube to do the job”…

        • The man I dated for 6 years after my ex left is 14 years older than me so ED was definitely a factor. BUT while I was frustrated I loved snuggling up to that lovely body, ED or not. He is an intelligent, self-contained, funny man so I really couldn’t care less about the ED. We are no longer together as a couple but still friends. I would take him over my 4 years younger than me ex any day of the week.

    • Yes, Rudy Guiliani and his current mistress are unattractive people, but what makes them repellent is not the visuals, but what we know about their character.

      All of us chumps know that people can conform to conventional standards of beauty, and yet be ugly. I was married to one of them for 30 years. I’m embarrassed to admit this, but a small part of what kept me with him was I thought I’d never meet anyone else who measured up to his looks.

      Maybe if we stopped prizing physical beauty and castigating the conventionally unlovely we’d learn better how to see true beauty in people.

      • She’s walking a pitbull. Not ‘she’s a walking pitbull’.

    • They both could wear blinders and ear plugs to do the dirty deed. Or just take off the bifocals, that works too.

  • The only reason Giuliani is on the Trump team, is not because of his legal prowess… it’s because his own life is such a hypocritical shit show that it deflects from Trump himself. He’s there for gossip fodder and to wag the dog.

    Nothing more.

  • OMG it’s great you picked up on this one. And with all due respect Judy Nathan can cry a THOT river until she apologizes to Donna Hanover for fucking The Vampire all over NYC. She can (respectfully) suck it.

    I got to talk at length to the New Chick once. Not the Sluterus, the one Cold Slab as a meal ticket for two years before slumming back to the Sluterus. And it was illuminating to hear the same exact phrases were used about ‘wrong on both sides’ when she was discarded too.

    AP’s, your UNSPECIAL is showing. So glad I’m out of that indiscriminate meat grinder!

  • What I find amusing is that my STBX has been continuously posting these news flashes about Giuliani, Trump, etc. on his Fakebook page, expressing his loathing of these “hypocrites” Ummmm…

    • The hell? So glad I have the Free Love Bonobo Monkey Circus Channel in Blackout.

  • A reminder of the Limited squirming out of getting a hotel with N.

    “What if I was too drunk to drive?”

    My response, “You booked it the night before.”

    Connecting the dots from his bank statement and phone records made it easy.

    • Doingme – Same here! He was too drunk to drive home from his Christmas party – the first Christmas party he didn’t take me to. He acted like it wasn’t happening and then ran out at the last minute because “people are calling me – they need me to come!” Then he shows up the next morning – he’d been to drunk to drive – but he’s OK! he said.

      Oh, goody. Glad he’s ok. Me and his daughter, on the other hand are confused and upset. But he’s OK, so all is well with the world!

      And then, yes, the phone records told quite a story. All those calls to the hotel reservation desk.

      But don’t talk about it – don’t be bitter!!

      Final divorce signing this month. Unless he puts it off. Again. They are so gross.

      • Yes. The Embassey Suites, American Airlines and Citibank all got it wrong about when the reservations were made and in whose name……cry me a fucking river. I was home having cancer surgery, the irony of it all was the date cheater troll made the “wrong” reservations was the day I told him my cancer diagnosis and surgery date… can’t make this shit up ….

  • “You cannot place blame … there are problems on both sides.”

    Chump Side: “My problem is my partner disrespected me, violated my boundaries, and demonstrated horrific disregard for my emotional well being.”

    Cheater Side: “My problem is that my Chump has a problem.”

    • And that’s just it. They will never take 100% responsibility.

      I acknowledge I’m not the easiest person to live with, but a I never, ever cheated. Cheating took everything away from me, including the opportunity to acknowledge and work on my own faults in a safe and loving relationship.

      50/50 my ass.

      • “I acknowledge I’m not the easiest person to live with, but a I never, ever cheated. Cheating took everything away from me, including the opportunity to acknowledge and work on my own faults in a safe and loving relationship”

        This. 100%. This is just a fraction of what cheating takes from us but is probably one of the most damaging. We sit in the wreckage thinking if we could have only…then none of this would have happened. It takes a lot to get out of that mindfuck.

      • “Cheating took everything away from me, including the opportunity to acknowledge and work on my own faults in a safe and loving relationship”

        Sunflower you have put into words so succinctly what I’ve been trying to verbalize for a very long time. Thank You.

    • Exactly.

      ….and “chump’s problem” with it causes them “ALL the stress in their life!” Making the “unhappy marriage”
      100% Chumps fault !

    • Or
      Cheater: “My problem is that my chump IS the problem. If they would just take responsibility for sorting out their chump controlling/demanding/needy/negative/critical/frigid ways …”

    • If the problems were 50/50 then why don’t chumps get the memo that the monogamy promised in the wedding vows isn’t being practiced any more?

      Lies and secrecy don’t support a claim of shared responsibility. Pure blame-shifting.

  • One anagram for “Rudy Giuliani” is: “I aid ugly ruin.” True dat.

  • …”A man reaps what he sows “-Galatians 6:7.

    Yes, Christians do believe in karma, it’s just worded differently.

  • I love the “cult of personality” or “idol worship” people have when their favorite politician gets caught cheating. Making all sorts of excuses like “their sex life is none of our business “, “it has nothing to do with how they run their office”, or whatever excuse you typically hear. This runs in whatever political ideology you believe in, whether it’s Trump or Clinton…Democrat or Republican

    Well folks I’m here to tell you, it does matter. Because it shows their true character. If they are willing to cheat and betray the person they love most. They have no problem doing the same thing to you while in office. Plus their position of power slowly gives Adultery some normalcy in our culture

    Hold them all accountable

    Just as no politician is exempt from the consequences from committing murder or theft. The same should be said for Adultery

    • Just a happy note for me. Mark Sanford, of the Appalachian Trail fiasco, was defeated in the primary. I remember reading what his wife said about watching him change as the “yes-men” came out of the woodwork when he said he was running for office. Amazing that these people don’t believe their own shit doesn’t stink.

      • Ah the consequences of shitty character finally shine through. And talk about mighty, Jenny Sanford, recently married and I’m guessing sporting a new last name and rocking that gaining a life thing now that she’s fuckwit free.

        • I was so happy for her. I watched Sanford’s nutty answers after he was caught coming back from SA. It must have been so humiliating for her. Has he even married the OW? I believe I read somewhere that when he needed to get away from it all he got on his tractor and moved dirt around. Huh?!!?

      • I was baffled by all the news commentary that Sanford lost because he disrespected Trump with almost no mention of the YUGE cheating scandal he was involved in as governor. Uh, how about because he’s not only a lying cheater but he’s spectacularly bad at lying too (Appalachian Trail anyone?). Why would SC want that laughing stock back in public office?

        • “At the time his relationship with Chapur was exposed in 2009, Sanford was considered by many to be a viable 2012 “Republican” presidential candidate. Those aspirations went up in smoke thanks to his MISHANDLING OF THE AFFAIR, but Sanford was able to hang on (barely) and complete his second term as governor of South Carolina.”

          Not “Because he had an affair and all of the constituency threw a fit”…. because he ‘mishandled’ it and it blew up in his face.

          This says everything we need to know about the state of politics.

      • I think it’s sad he was re-elected and only defeated this time when the pussy grabber and cheater in chief denounced him. And Trump did not bring up the cheating, “Mark Sanford has been very unhelpful to me in my campaign to MAGA. He is MIA and nothing but trouble. He is better off in Argentina,” Trump tweeted.

    • “no politician is exempt from the consequences from committing murder or theft”. A lot of them seem to get away with those things too.

  • The article…..his lack of ownership sounds just like Douchebag McGee. He also claimed that we were separated…..yet we were still living in the same house. I guess in their minds they were separated, they both forgot to tell their wives. Extracurricular pussy will do that to you.

    I hope his wife gets an amazing settlement!

    • You hope his wife gets an amazing settlement? Why? She was his OW. She’s as much of a lowlife as he is. Just like he’s still a cheater, she’s still an OW.

      • Aw naw! She got what was coming to her because the cheater she cheated with cheated on poor lil her. But there will still be some fun here (for us) because I understand there wasn’t a prenup. I can’t decide who root for. Maybe the IRS? Popcorn, anyone?

    • They really do use the same damn playbook, Lost 220! I found out after the discard that Honey had told all of the men he was on the road with for work that we were separated. Nope, not separated. Just had helped him pack for the work trip and kissed each other goodbye and texted and Skyped every day ‘love you, miss you babe!’ Not. Separated.

      Prerequisite marital strife maybe would have clued me in, but there wasn’t any. We get lied to and then blamed for not knowing. For that reason (and not any other) I will take exactly 0% of the blame for the destruction of my marriage. This ‘there’s always two sides’ thing is flat out ignorant. Are there 2 sides in a mugging? Because I got straight up robbed and then blamed for it, and then to boot, got blamed for not seeing the mugger coming.


    The above article mentions that her PhD is from a Diploma mill and Guiliani recently went to FLorida (?at public expense?) to defend her daughter in an insurance fraud case. Seems the 32 yr old let her insurance lapse then got in an accident and renewed the insurance just in time to file a claim. He describer her as “a youngster who made a mistake”…SHE IS 32!!! but Guiliani said that her dad was a great Marine.

    Pisses me off…my daughter was 20 and used weed for a neuro condition and her dead father was a Marine and she got thrown in fucking jail, so fuck the elite and their entitlement and powerbroking and overall fuckiness.

  • Regarding blame, I got this in my mailbox AFTER I exposed his longterm affair with howorker “All blame is a waste of time. No matter how much fault you find with
    another, and regardless of how much you blame him, it will not change
    you. The only thing blame does is to keep the focus off you when you
    are looking for external reasons to explain your unhappiness or
    frustration. You may succeed in making another feel guilty about
    something by blaming him, but you won’t succeed in changing whatever it
    is about you that is making you unhappy. ” —a quote by Wayne Dyer

    If this wasn’t the biggest mindfuck ever. Wait, you had a long term affair, you depleted an affair bank account, you became a compulsive gambler, you filed for divorce(without ever giving me a reason nor telling me in advance) etc., etc. All this and you still do not want to be “blamed”? Yes, trust that they suck.

    • My fuckwit asshat declared that he didn’t want to be told he was doing anything wrong. This was after his sudden abandonment of me and our 28 year marriage, sending me an e-mail as my notice, so he could chase a 25YO ho-worker who is our oldest daughter’s age.

      His pursuit of twu happynez was all that matters and how dare anyone determine that his actions are inappropriate.

      They are children. He might as well stomped his wittle feet like a toddler when told that his actions were inappropriate. It is not their fault! It’s NOT! NOT! NOT!!!!

      • @Now I.C.- I call mine Asshat too! He decided that we should get married in April of last year, after living together 14 years, then turned around and slept with his (now ex) best friend’s wife. That wasn’t kibbly enough, so he’s now in Twu Wuv again with a 27 year old barmaid. But everyone should be HAPPY FOR HIM!!!

        This is the same man who threw a toddler tantrum when his mother married a man nearly 30 years her junior a few years back. “OH, he must be a golddigger!” “This is inappropriate!!!” Now, when I’ve brought that up, he claims that he was the only one of his siblings that supported his mom’s happiness! “Go on, ask my brother and sister!” Yeah, I don’t need to ask anyone. I was there, Asshat.

      • Yes Wayne Dyer was a cheater. He fessed up to it in his autobiography.

        • Go back and read again that self-serving quote of Wayne Dyer’s (above in NotMyFault’s post) with the view that he is a Cheaterpants. How would you like to be his chump-wife and have to listen to him quack that nonsense?

    • He’s the one who should have read that quote and taken it to heart before he strayed. Such a hypocrite.

    • Some people just need to be punched in the head. I’m sad you got this NotMyFault.

      • Thanks. As it was just the beginning of my being dumped after 35 years and discovering why, this quote actually convinced me that HE WAS CRAZY! It’s been a crazy almost 3 years, but, I have survived. Now, on to thriving! Thanks to CL and CN.

    • That is a pile of steaming bullshit, NMF…my nowdeadcheater had one life skill…blame.
      It was the way he responded to any and all problems…he had zero abilities to do anything else.

  • So many of these comments resonate with me today.

    The part of me that is not at meh says, I want to see my fuckwit cheater and his cheater whore in this position. When are they going to cheat again-{ maybe they have} but I would love some public validation that they are the true scum they are. Granted, they are not public figures so it wouldn’t make even page 26 but I would like to see them exposed to their lame friend and family support.

    I know, I know, not at meh yet.

    • I would be profoundly happy just knowing that they had secrets from each other. Like if either one had secret thoughts that the new life was not quite so schmoopy-licious.

      It’s a low Karma bar, I know, but the idea of one or both of them living a lie makes me shaggy-dog laugh.

  • I love that when the latest ow was confronted by the press she said, “go ahead and do what you love to do and ruin other people’s lives.” She should have said “lies” instead of “lives”, I think. Dirtbags.

    • The proper report response is “yes, so tell us again about how you and Mr. Giuliani are ruining lives”

  • What goes around truly does go around….why does wife #2 who was publicly cheating with Giuliani (ugh) think she was going to excape the ax? I’m in NYC and so I watched that whole play out first hand. Giuliani was only too happy for 9/11 to happen to distract people from this whoring sordid mess. Now he’s at it again.

    And it shows that cheating has everything to do with character, not marriages….you would think at this time he would take responsibility for his actions…nope. That’s how he rolls. And that’s why Trump keeps him around. Birds of a feather flock together…

    • Let us not forget that the current wife is #3. He was married to his cousin for years (claims he didn’t know she was his cousin), then to Donna Hanover, now Judith Nathan. He’s a pig.

  • CL
    You made me belly laugh when I read the last paragraph! ????

    Rudy really is a ugly slouching cheater Mrs G
    had to be on drugs to even find him appealing.

    But let the Lady Doc have him… she should get her eyes checked when she has a moment.

    Creepy Cheater ????

  • Typical OW reaction . . . when her beloved cheats on HER! Flail about! Blame! Conveniently forget that when you met this turd, he was married to someone else.

  • I met Rudy Giuliani at a function & I asked to take a picture with him. His security said “Rudy does not take pictures alone with women” , I thought this was so smart, it was a safety net to prevent the appearance of cheating. I even told my cheating husband that he should make the same choice to keep his reputation safe. So I had a picture taken with my soon to be ex husband –What I got was 2 cheaters for the price of one!!!

  • I’ve thought similar about Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert. Karma snapped around on Lambert..should have seen that coming sister!

  • Adultery is listed as a cause for divorce in New York, of course he will deny it publicly

  • As the old phrase says:
    “When a man marries his mistress, he leaves open a vacancy.”

    In other news, I heard Brad Pitt is single again. Who will be his next ex-mistress?

  • Gotta love how Giuliani’s default, go-to response is classic terrible attorney (and Bill Clinton) sleight of hand with words. The question was: “Did you ever have sexual relations with that woman?” He sez: “I never spent the night with her.” Wow, dude. You are embarrassingly bad at this.

    • I sure he rushed out at 2:48 am just before last call.

      If he would have spent until 3:00 am it would count as an affair.

      For now They are just “friends.”

  • I love the insinuation that higher education = smart and/or wise. “She has a PhD” means she would never…?

    Her PhD only serves to galvanize her ever-present Sense of Entitlement and her Cheating LadyBalls.

    • Not only is Cheating Ladyballs the most hilarious description of the female cheater’s parts I’ve EVER heard, it shall henceforth be the name of my garage band.

  • One of the reasons these disordered folks lie all the time is that the truth is so unsettling, even to other disordered folks. That Public image, the person they pretend to be — those lies are very important to support those distorted images.

    When a couple has to work so hard to convince everyone how happy they are, when Fakebook posts have to chronicle every detail of a “perfect” life — I believe it is over-compensation. It is as ridiculous as believing that if you always wear high heels, people will believe you are tall, even if you are truly short. What is important is that you look marvelous, not that you really are marvelous. If they have to tell each other that they are special, and their “twu luv” will overcome all the lies and deceptions, and hurt they have caused others, their unique love is worth it — then I can’t pony up any sympathy for either cheater when the reality bus makes it’s next stop, and one of them turns out to be in a “new” relationship. Happiness is not something you get from another person. You make yourself happy by taking control of your life and making sure you are able to do things which bring you true happiness. Other people can be fun to be with, or not, but I am the one who makes the choices in my life which will result in my happiness or grief. When I have had a hard day, I don’t look around for another human to provide my mood change. I react to music, or nature, or a good book, or movie in a positive way. Those things take me out of depression, or exhaustion and into feeling better. My own brain decides to seek out the light to quench the darkness. No one else can do that for me, especially not a fake, lying cheater.

    • It is all about their image! They all pretend to be real people–but they are not. They can say they are not liars and cheaters–but they are. You can put your boots in the oven, but that doesn’t make them biscuits.

      • “You can put your boots in the oven, but that doesn’t make them biscuits.”

        Love that Jojobee!

        • Men would do anything to deny, deny, deny. After so many years of talking pure bull-shit, their tongues marinate and eventually becomes a permanent stomach-churning disgusting mess. The same thing goes for some women too, especially those who doesn’t think twice before having affairs with other people’s men–even boldly brag about it. One of my nieces–i’ll call her Messy, because she’s a totally nasty mess–once arrived home late after cheating on her hubby with one of her nightly regular ‘friends’. She boo-hooed and had a major fit because two of the condoms she has been using for the past two, three nights GOT STUCK DEEP.INSIDE HER. Gross. One of her friends offered to remove the condoms for her, and to Messy’s embarrassment, Messy refused, and said she’d do it herself. Took over 10, 11 minutes before she finally got the things out. This situation happened over 10 years ago, and yes, folks, Messy is still messing around with other people’s men–and has no problem whatsoever hurting the wives, girlfriends, or whoever to get what so wants. I’m still.waiting for that Karma truck to hit her…

  • The hypocrisy is impressive isn’t it? How compartmentalized does your head have to be to think that a person who cheats on their spouse can still be a fine, upstanding citizen? If you cheat on a person, you’ll cheat on your taxes, in business, in life…all it indicates is that you have low impulse control and an overdeveloped sense of entitlement. Not surprising in Ghouliani’s case, or any politician-the job itself IS image management. Personal corruption equals professional corruption. Same goes with many of these beastly so-called Christians-enforcing every commandment except that inconvenient seventh one. Cheating should be treated as the crime it is-embezzlement, theft and torture. But it won’t be until we hold some standards across the board and reinstate persona non grata as a thing.

    Love to all Chump Nation, seee you at Meh!

  • Chump Lady, when are you going to give the treatment to the NYT reporter who shagged the married Senate intelligence committee security chief? Surely that deserves the CL treatment!

    • From everything I can tell, he’s an old married cheater and she was in her early 20s and unmarried when this started and is 26 now. My only point being, though she is certainly complicit, he’s the actual cheater. If she gets the business, he should DEFINITELY get the business. ????

    • I wondered about the ridiculous Strzok and Page thing as well. An affair. Salacious texts and conspiracy. Doing damage with their every breath. Barf.

      Neither of them are easy on the eyes to say the least. But as CL says, looks don’t matter to cheaters.

      It is about finding the pig who will wrestle with you and get just as slimy as you are. It is not an upgrade, water seeks its own level, even algae slime pond water seeks its own level.

      They don’t leave us for our betters, they leave us for their equals.

    • Me too, I wondered if he was married, but no, the Senate intelligence committee security chief had been divorced by then. Domestic battery charges from his then-wife, yes, but the relationship with the girl reporter (Zoey, from House of Cards) was not infidelity.

    • Looks like he tried to deny the hanky panky that time too. Poor guy keeps getting blamed for affairs he isn’t having.

  • The think that leaped off the page at me was “I never spent the night with her.” Sounds a bit too much like “I did not have sexual relations with that woman”. Is that lawyer speak for “we only did it during the day”?

  • The “I never spent the night with her. There is no proof.”is so twisted. Did they sneak during the day? Stay together until just before sunrise and scurry away? Oh, the cheater/attorney crazy making. Na na na my lies are invisible. Zreo morals.

  • The minute someone says, “There is no proof,” that means they did it but think you don’t have the photographs or the charge slip from the hotel.

  • Watching the shitshow unfold in the public eye is like watching two seagulls fighting over garbage. Rudy and his STBX, two narcissists, are mimicking the motions of real, live people, trying to beat one another to the punch for the ultimate public narrative. Doesn’t change the fact they’re both the same people that cheated on their spouses years ago.

    Rudy has Trump as a distraction, and STBX has her handbags. It’s a low calorie indulgence to watch the implosion as they command their pity parties.

    • “Watching the shitshow unfold in the public eye is like watching two seagulls fighting over garbage”

      Perfect analogy!

  • I said it when I heard the news and I will repeat it here – Rudy Ghouliani’s first wife was his cousin and he cheated on her. That means not only can’t he be faithful and loyal to a wife; it also means he can’t be faithful and loyal to family. Willingness to be Rudy “Walking Dead” Ghouliani’s love interest is no different than volunteering to bathe in vomit. Gross.

    And yeah, I have no, zero, zilch, nada sympathy for cheaters who are soooo special who themselves get cheated on. When you write that check, at some point expect it to get cashed.

  • In the news video, she said that “no one can penetrate us”. I beg to differ.

  • What’s up with these cheaters and cheating with persons having a 20+ year age range. When I date, I don’t look for someone 20+ years younger or older. What happened to going for someone closer to your age. Not that this matters, but I’m noticing the HUGE age gap when a cheater is involved. What could you possibly have in common with someone with a 20, 30, 40 year age gap?? other than sex of course…

    • My ex went for a woman exactly the same age as him. I am a year younger. It doesn’t make me feel any better knowing that he left me for somebody who isn’t younger or prettier. And they still suck.

      • CIR, I’ve always said, starting with Cheater #1 in 2002, “Throw me over for someone younger/prettier/richer/smarter – that I understand. But for some fugly piece o’ass? Um, no. Just no.”

        And in 2014, Cheater #2 repeated the pattern with some fugly OLD piece o’ass. The common denominator? Easy piece o’ass. I mean, you can always turn out the lights, amirite?

        • A friend of mine told me she once asked her husband why so many men cheat on their wives with women who were no more attractive than their wives and many times less attractive. His response: P*ssy doesn’t have a face.

          It is really no more complicated than that. If I’m a cheater and I know you’re someone who, if I blow in your ear, your legs will spread, I’m going to blow in your ear. Cheaters are shallow, superficial and entitled – and they suck.

  • I just found out today that my not-yet-ex is buying a house with his most recent AP (#14, more or less). He’s only been out of the house for 6 months. Neither our nor her divorce is final. On the one hand, this makes me feel pretty good — it means he’s neither learning nor growing, and there’s no way his mandated therapist signed off on this. Which certainly makes Trusting That He Sucks a lot easier. So why the fuck can I suddenly not stop crying?

    I also can’t help but wonder where the heck the money for the house came from, since he had zero savings and didn’t get anywhere near enough for even a partial down payment when I bought him out (compensation for dissolution of marital assets for the win, Alex).

    • Tears of joy I hope. Realize, you’re not a women who blew up her own marriage to be with a man that’s had 14 APs in his previous marriage. Trust . . . Your past is her future. You can bet on it.

    • probably hid money from you, not uncommon for these assholes.

      Jedi Hugs! Stop crying, at least he has someone else to fuck with who is not you

      • Number 14? Christ on a cracker! I hope they all have the same name or something so he doesn’t mistakenly call out #12’s name while he’s with #14.

  • Two comments about Ghouliani. His children are estranged from him and that says it all. Wife 3.0 looks like an ugly drag queen. No offense to any drag queens. A couple of my friends get decked out in full regalia and they look better than Ugly Fugly Judith.

  • I admit, I love seeing skank Judith get her karma served up with bitch fries. Did she really think she was so special and that “2 timin’ Rudy who likes the boobies” was NOT going to do the same to her?

    Today the universe conspired in the chumps favors. All cheaters look like the losers that they are and let them face public humiliation.

    The world is laughing at Judith today. And scorning Boobie-Rudy again…and his married skank just got a dose of “cheaters’ karma?”

  • CH gave a great answer when I told him his hero had been caught cheating again. I was told that Mr.G is Italian. He can’t help it so it is OK. (My apologies to all moral, upstanding Italians.)

    • Skankboy is 100% Italian. Stuff like this “just happens.” (eye roll)

  • This post is highly offensive to vampires, who are usually pretty youthful-looking, hot and sexy, and also have an unfortunate glandular condition that genuinely really isn’t their fault.

    To compare them to this unfortunate old specimen of rapacious roving Italian sausage is positively heartless.


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