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Tell Me How You Suck

I have a confession. I make pasta wrong. Also coffee. Also stewed tomatoes. Moreover, I cannot properly close a drawer and because of this I am crazy and should be medicated.

These are just a few of the myriad ways in which I suck, according to fat, bald, thrice-divorced (although the body count could be higher by now) serial cheater.

Now, no one is perfect, least of all me. And every marriage has its tensions. But in six years of running this blog, it’s been startling to me to read all the wackadoodle reasons cheaters give for cheating on chumps.

“You served crab cakes for Thanksgiving dinner instead of turkey.”

“You never let me live out my dreams of being a deep-sea fisherman.”

“You don’t put your socks in the hamper.”

Yes, these sins just COMPELLED them to create dating profiles. Perhaps if you hadn’t been so libertine with those socks and tried harder this all wouldn’t have ended in tears.

Your Friday Challenge today is to tell me how you suck. The silly ways. The humiliating ways. And even, the true ways. NONE OF WHICH made them cheat on you.

I’ve said it a thousand times here, and I’ll say it again — anyone who is unhappy in a relationship has an entire decision tree of ethical options. There’s therapy, difficult conversations, and divorce lawyers. And you know what else? There’s spackle. They could overlook our faults the same way we overlook theirs, instead of using them as an excuse to raid the retirement accounts and fuck their Facebook crush. Your faults, real or imagined, did not compel them to cheat — their lousy character did.

So, CN — tell me how you suck.

If you can laugh at it, you can get past it.

And remember — if someone tells you you suck? Consider the source.


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  • “If you were a better mom, our baby wouldn’t have died.” Stbxh said to me promptly after he moved out, six weeks after I had a miscarriage.

    • Wow, no words!! That is the most hurtful thing in the world. What a complete and utter sociopath.

      • I second that. We often say “you are better off,” but you Seeya, are better off without this terrible person.

    • I’m so sorry, SPP ???? That is absolutely disgusting! I’m sorry you lost your precious little one ????

    • My heart broke into a million pieces when I read this. I wish I could reach out and hug your pain away. I hope you are surrounded by people who keep telling you that isn’t true. If not, come here and we will support you!
      I hope that the STBXH will be ex as soon as possible.
      He really sucks!

    • I am so sorry for the hurt he inflicted on you with that comment. Truly heartless. You’re better off without that in your life.

    • Unforgivable, cruel and mean. I am sorry that someone even uttered those words to you. Hugs to you.

    • Hang on, is this the same fuckwit who wanted you to babysit his newborn with the OW, and your children, together on July 4th? Apparently your motherhood is JUST FINE in service of him.

      I don’t have words for how despicable he is. Just wow.

      • Wait. What? Even with kids, you need to be radially no contact with this hyena.

          • Any and all kinds of No Contact,the path to the truth and the light for that guy.
            Very few things here slap me across the face with their incredibly intentional hurtfulness but this guy takes my breath away.
            I don’t know you seeya but I admire the strength you so obviously must have if that guy is still walking this earth.
            Prayers for you and your children.

        • I was done on the first comment. Now I’m beyond done with how low some people can be.

          I just can’t…..

      • I didn’t keep my car clean enough (when asked my brother how dirty my car was he said 2/10).
        I have a HORRIBLE sense of decor
        (getting compliments on how my new place is decorated- all by me!).
        I didn’t clean the backyard enough (this one was true ????).
        If left to my own devices I would DESTROY our house (a Home was and still is my pride and joy).

        I can laugh now but I actually internalized all of it for a good while and took some of the blame.

        • Oh crap! Sorry, I didn’t realize I was on a thread. Meant to be an individual comment.

    • That is just plain nasty. Be glad you are shut of this horrible piece of goods.

      • Just when I thought I thought there were no words to describe what a revolting POS that guy is, you nailed it.

        • Sadly, autocorrect messed it up. Syphilic whore.

          Otherwise, please use it whenever necessary.

          I doubt it’s part of the lexicon of Mehtopia, but I’m not there yet.

    • Your ex wins the prize for THE sociopathic sick fuck of this site! What an asshole. So sorry for your loss. A million hugs to you!

      • Unchumping…

        Where do I collect my, I mean, his prize? ????

        • I’m holding on to it for him but running into problems. For some reason, my city won’t let randos hack into the sewer system with a vactor truck. Plus I don’t think my trophy case is big enough… The largest drum barrel I can find is only 55 gallons. Too bad….

        • Seeya I wish there was a prize – like enough bitcoin for dark net to pay for a hit on his inhumane, disgusting , weak, vile self – we would be doing the rest of the human race a favour wiping him out …I know he is dad to your kiddos but …. still ..

      • There’s no Olympic of pain here and I think her X is utterly despicable but there is another chump that posts here who tracked down and murdered her darling precious son in an attempt to “show her whose boss”. That is the worst and beyond any words????????????????????????

    • Omg, I’m so sorry. That’s absolutely awful. Losing a baby would be so devastating, but to be blamed for it is absolutely disgusting. (((Hugs)))

      • He sounds like a character from The Handmaids’ Tale.

        I’m so sorry for the loss of your child. There is no greater loss.

    • Fuck him Seeya. You are much better than that. There is a super special place in hell for men like him.

    • What a despicable thing to say. 9th circle of hell, party of one! So glad this asshole is out of your life!

    • OMG! This is so evil! Glad you are free of this creature. Thinking of you SPP!

    • Truly a evil man. Thank god he left. A horrible sad sack of shit. You did not deserve that or him!!!

      • Seeya

        That’s beyond adding insult to injury. The fires of hell will one day greet him.

        So sorry for your loss.

    • Hey, Seeya, we can start a CN sub-committee! Apparently, he “had no choice” but to go to hookers and gay clubs, because it was three years after our daughter was killed in an accident and he “had no connection with me”.

      Enough with my grief already! When can we get back to ME being centre of attention!!!

      Was pregnant or breastfeeding for about 30 months of those three years. Oh and I was nearly killed in same accident. Oh and there was a coronial inquest, and a civil case (for which I had 6 psych assessments and had to get a PTSD diagnosis. That was to get money for seperate bedroom for eldest, as, too many babies by accident. Actually, last baby happened while using contraception but having heaps of sex as he told RIC he was being awful to me because feeling “sexually rejected”).

      Anyways, he began cheating (hundreds of anonymous strangers) when youngest was babe-in-arms, revealed double life last year – after ten+ years of it. He’d been dosing up on Esther Perel and was confident that coming clean would “bring us closer together”.

      Um, no.

      • Mamameh,

        I was left with jaw hanging after reading your comment. I’m so sorry you have to deal with this monster.

        We have several children, so Grey rock is my only solace.

        • and yet only with the one you lost were you a terrible mother? How very interesting. By what rationale were you good enough for those other children you were presumably A-okay to bring forth, but yet not for the one you sadly lost. Also, however disastrously awful you are as a person, whatever level of rubbish mother you might be, you’re in excellent company BECAUSE something like 2 in 5 of *known* pregnancies end in the heartbreak and sadness of miscarriage. Almost as though, I don’t know, it’s unconnected with the terrible personalities of the mothers, weird!

          My sincere condolences on your loss, what a dreadful time it must have been, all that and then him stabbing you in the heart.

        • Yep, me too Seeya. Email only. Youngest about to turn 12 so only four more years of coping with mental. Reckon I’m getting there. Once you begin to see them as utterly deluded and absurd, it helps. Point and laugh, people, point and LAUGH!! CN helps so much. Hugs to you x

        • If his sperm hadn’t been addled from screwing around ….but no let’s not put any blame on him.
          He’s a sorry shit seeya. A sorry piece of shit. ( I know you loved it. We all loved sorry pieces of shit.)

      • So sorry about the loss of your precious daughter. That man is unspeakably awful. You are an amazing, strong woman.

      • All I can say Mama, thank dear God that inhuman piece of trash was ejected from your life
        you need love and real friends. sorry to hear about this tragedy.

    • So sorry he did that to you. Maybe it was actually his fault – the stress of living with him. We don’t realize how much stress we endure with them. It’s a constant strain on your physical and mental health.
      Like our daughter says: Everything is everyone else’s fault but theirs.

    • Edit: we do have several other children together from our marriage. So Grey rock is the best I’ve got.

      Thank you all for your support. I know the loss was my not my fault. He is like a school yard bully.

    • What a sorry POS. I hope he rots in hell for that terrible comment. I am so sorry for the loss of your child.

    • Christ. That is horrific. No humour in that one. No one deserves that. Am reeling. I mean no words. Just support from the nation. That is god awful, cruel and vindictive. No excuses.

    • No one with even the shred of empathy could ever say that. What a horrible man.

    • I am so sorry you lost your baby. Not sorry that the sorry excuse of a human being is out of your life.

    • He is evil. That one takes the cake on how truly awful a human being can be. I hope you never take on his shit ever. Hugs to you!

    • What a prime example of the low mentality level of these fucksticks. Stupid stupid stupid. I am so sorry you had to go through that and the immature insults flung at you from the depths of idiocy

    • I am so sorry, that takes the reward for biggest asshole ever!

      Mine went and got a vasectomy when my youngest was 3 (we had two sons) because I wanted another child and he decided I did not deserve one because I was a horrible mother. 11 years later I found out it was because he got his girlfriend (ex wife) pregnant and scared him. She never had a child so not sure if she lost it or if she lied…. did not even ask.

      I was heartbroken for years and I sucked enough to actually think maybe there was some truth in his statement. I should have left his ass then.

      No I think he sucks and sleep much better.

      • FYI – he abandoned those children into my care without a thought to my being a horrible mother. He has not seen or helped them in three years. They are find young men so I an thinking I was not the one that was a horrible parent.

        I never understood how the flying monkeys buy that you are abusive and crazy to the cheater but it is ok that you have the kids. Crazy making.

    • Oh sweetheart! You have a whole Chump Nation hugging you right now! ????

      • Yeah you do. Text me your address and I’ll happily come over right now and make dinner, do the laundry, then go clean up the kitchen while you watch a nice movie.

    • What a worm! That’s like getting stabbed and he’s pouring lemon juice on your wound. I had a miscarriage also. It’s devastating.
      I was blamed for our son turning to drugs. After I found out about his affair and shortly after D-day, we were driving to visit our son in rehab. I cried the entire 3 hour trip. After the first hour, the Worm turned to me and snapped, “How can you be so fucking selfish.”
      I hate Worms….

    • Incredible!
      Many years before Day, I was a bad mom for wanting to go out to dinner while my parents stayed home our 2 yr old daughter & week-old son. Shame on me for wanting a quiet dinner couple hrs alone with my darling husband before my parents flew out. I knew it’d be many months before I’d leave the baby with any other sitter.
      Bad Mom was a recurring theme.
      Funny how he didn’t think leaving his daughter stranded & worried while he got his jollies at the pleasure palace reflected on him as a father at all.

    • I’m so sorry for the loss of your precious little one. I’m not sorry about that awful STBXH being out of your life. That is an unimaginably terrible thing to say. Lots of love to you.

    • That is unspeakably cruel. Truly verbal abuse. No one deserves that, least of all you.

    • When my awful XH returned the day after he walked out 2b with the OW he said, “…and I never wanted any God Damn kids!” Ours were 7 & 4 at the time. Note that we had gone through 2 years of infertility treatment to conceive the first one. Before beginning I asked him if he was sure he wanted a baby & that although I very much wanted kids, the last thing I ever wanted was to have them in a broken home. I told him divorce was not an option if we had kids so he better be 100% sure as I’d rather not have any then have them 2go through turmoil. (He had cheated 5 years before & after a year of Marriage Counseling & 4 more rebuilding & him retaking vows & recommitting to mistakingly believed we were forever but I needed extra assurance before having kids.) Iasked him a few more times during the 2 years of infertility treatment as well. Each time he said he wanted nothing more than kids together. He talked about having a “Daddy’s Little Girl” or a “Daddy’s Boy” just like him. He even had to made a 3 our round trip drive with me 3 times for artificial incemination. He couldn’t of showed he was more committed to having a child then that! Yet, 8 years & 2 kids later he says he never wanted kids?! WTF!?!
      The night he walked out he said it was because I burned something in the oven (I lost track of time while bathing our kids & of course he never helped with them or with anything in the house, even though I’m disabled). He said me burning supper was “the last straw”. I found out later that he told the OW I never cooked for him. Though I admit I’m not a good cook, he hadn’t missed a meal in the 16 years we were together & he wouldn’t even make toast for himself.

      • Oh ya, after he left I discovered from computer search that he was creating profiles & “looking” AT LEAST since I was 5 months pregnant with our first! So much for him recommitting & being 100% sure he’d never ever even think about cheating on me again, especially not once we had kids. The bastard didn’t even make it through the prgnancy before cheating again! (Note that the profile he posted when I was 5 month prego was done while I was at the hospital with both the baby’s & my life at stake= doctors didn’t know if either of us would make it through the pregnancy). Guess he was shopping around just in case I didn’t make it, huh?!

        The biggest contribution I ever made to society was talking XH into having a vasectomy after our second child. I had him do it because I had developed a lot of health issues, my life was at stake during both pregnancies, & I was 40 when I had my second. We had a girl & a boy so that was good. Little did I know he had been cheating for YEARS when he got the vasectomy. Like I said, talking him into getting one ended up being the single best thing I ever did for mankind!!! Lol

        • My ex had a vasectomy as well. I’m glad he can’t father a child, because he would need to give up his selfishness in order to be a good dad. I’m not so sure he’s willing to do that…

      • It’s got nothing to do with whether he wanted kids or not. That was just the “stick in the knife and twist it around” way to hurt you. I’m convinced these fuckwits find just what they know will hurt you the most and then use it on you.

    • Whaaaaaaaaaaat a fucking COWARD. He said that because it was his best sucker punch–just a big fucking coward thing to say.

      I learned this quote here at CL:

      A gentleman will not insult me, and no man not a gentleman can insult me. Frederick Douglass

      You see, that piece of shit that slinked out the door? He thought he could insult you. But he’s a piece of shit. Consider the source before you allow HIM to hurt you.

      YOU know, that a GOOD MAN (as opposed to a coward) would NEVER in a MILLION YEARS take a parting shot like that. NEVER. And so, the fact that the piece of shit said that to you? It’s all the indication that he is a loser, trying to bring you down to his level.

      Well, mama. Rise above. Put your head high. You are strong. You survived a terrible hurt, and you now are in a club of mothers that nobody wants to be in. But imagine the wisdom and comfort you will someday give to another mom who is crushed as you were by the loss of her child. You will say, “I know–it happened to me, too.” And in that way, you will wrap your arms around her when she suffers.

      Compare you to him. He did. And he is so small, and he knows it, so he verbally assaulted you, and slithered away.

      Good fucking riddance.

      Hugs. I’m sorry for what you had to go through. I am glad he’s gone–he’s no good. Sometimes I am grateful for cheater bait. They are the people who deserve what they get.

    • “Why are you so needy?Get off my back!”
      When I rang him at 4 am to say I’m having a miscarriage..
      Had to wait till 6am to get a friend to mind my 6 yr old so I could get a taxi to hospital!

    • Omg that’s horrible I’m so sorry you have such an awful ex husband, mine is also! I suck because I wanted to discipline our two kids and have boundaries. My son now nearly aged 12 is filled with anger because I’m the bad mother for wanting discipline and he’s addicted to violent video games!

    • This guy is just plain evil. What a horrible thing to say! I hope all his protruding parts fall off…… painfully. Great big hugs See ya.

    • Sounds to me like you were pregnant with Lucifer’s child. I’m sorry he said that to you. God has a better life in store for you.

    • Below is a copy of I text I just received from my STBXW after spending 4 days with her in Florida. I went down and slept in a separate room and we went out and ate as friends. We had been together for 28 years, married for 14. She had an affair 4 years ago. I’ve been living in the house with my 17 year old daughter (she just turned 18 and graduated the end of June. She’s moving in with her mother August 10th) and my 19 year old Suicidal son. My (I keep saying my, when it’s our) 30 yo daughter and her boyfriend have no where to live so they moving in with me. Sorry so long, here’s her text.
      You piss me off with this shit. For a year you have told me you wanted the house , so I said you could out right have it. Several months ago you said you think you changed your mind, yet you have done nothing. This is one of the reasons we are no longer together. You cannot get anything done. Any kind of decision cripples you, and you do nothing. Once again, I will do that too. However, I’m going to want half of whatever the house brings in equity in addition to being reimbursed any costs to me to do this from 1000 miles away. Including required airfare and lodging that may be necessary for me to be there. You piss me off with this shit. For a year you have told me you wanted the house , so I said you could out right have it. Several months ago you said you think you changed your mind, yet you have done nothing. This is one of the reasons we are no longer together. You cannot get anything done. Any kind of decision cripples you, and you do nothing. Once again, I will do that too. However, I’m going to want half of whatever the house brings in equity in addition to being reimbursed any costs to me to do this from 1000 miles away. Including required airfare and lodging that may be necessary for me to be there. And I also never had any pet names for her. Can’t understand stand how someone that unhappy would stay in a relationship for almost 30 years.

  • I didn’t hold hands enough. (A lie, of course. And, it’s hard to hold hands with someone who walks 10 paces ahead of you ????)

    I didn’t ‘honestly’ tell him how much I loved him. (Another lie. Every day. It should have been every minute, no doubt.)

    • I had the nerve to get on highways and not be able to text him fast enough when I was working. Which also means there was a period of 30 to 60 minutes some days during the week that I wasn’t thoroughly praising him and giving him enough attention. I got the “??????????” text and the “where the fuck are you did your fucking fingers fall off” text until I pulled over and texted him back. So when I discovered the OW work whore a year later he told me it’s because I was too busy for him so what else was he supposed to do. She texts back faster.

      • I didnt “worship” my wife enough, one of the first things she told me after I busted her, “He worshipped me”. He was cheating on his wife as well, my wife was convinced this guy was going to leave his wife for her, he didn’t. My child and I are 14 or so months out, I still cant figure out what was real or fantasy, but I certainly trust she sucks.

    • Omg that’s crazy the I love yous I know it’s never enough is it? Mine told me two years ago on vacation that is was “MY” job to keep him satisfied sexually as I was a stay at home mom. Like I’m not tired at the end of a 10 hour day, chasing after a toddler with ADHD, a 4 year old and running the house. According to him I did nothing all day the house cleans itself and dinner prepare itself!

      • I heard a story where a husband came home to a house that was a war zone, no supper and the kids were running around the house not properly dressed. The husband asked “What happened!?” The wife replied: “You know how you always ask me what I do everyday? Well today, I didn’t do it.”

  • You left the cabinet doors open.
    You settled in your career. You were so smart, you could have done so much more. (I have a masters degree and worked successfully for 30 years and raised our 2 children)
    You talk too much.
    Your dog is annoying.

    • OMG! I too left the cabinet doors open but I did it on purpose so he would hit his head on the open doors! I loved the dog more than him – well maybe that is true – but the dog was nicer to me. When I left his sorry ass on Christmas Day, I “took every living thing from the house” (kids and dog included). No, I left you there.

      • Raff you did take every living thing. His heart may still be beating but its already cold.

      • Reminds me of the famous “ missing person “ poster on a telephone pole,
        Missing Husband and Dog.
        Reward for dog.

        My moron did not feel “ appreciated “ in our the family of 5.
        My reply was “ some days neither do I “.
        But I didn’t cheat nor abandon my 3 kids and spouse.
        My grass is greener right outside my front door.

    • Omg are you serious? Your a full time career mom and raised two kids successful and still not enough for the greedy ex! It’s unreal!

  • Didn’t do my nails, didn’t wear foundation (schmoopie did all this right) and waxed my legs only once a month not twice a month. Didn’t cook non stop, didn’t tell him he was gorgeous non stop, wasn’t stupid (non-stop). ????

    • Ugh!! Bet you’re glad you didn’t now!!! This whole topic is making me see how unoriginal my pet idiot was.

      I didn’t wear sexy underwear or…. blah blah blah. What a cheek from a man do selfish and boring in bed!!

      • Hear! Hear! I am free! Best feeling in the world. PS. Mine was boring in bed too. And selfish.

    • LOL, omg yup I know all about the cooking thing, your supposed to look like Heather Locklear everyday and be chained to a stove even though we all know Heather is wealthy and has hired help, lol

    • BowTie, I burst out laughing reading yours, omg.. so funny. They’re all pathetic.
      Here’s a few of my faults:

      1) I parked too close to our house.
      2) He said I never complemented him on his muscles, I then gave him complements but he compained
      that I was patronizing him.
      3) I never really loved him.
      4). I left cupboard doors open.
      5). I wasn’t June Cleaver, she’s the perfect Mom and housewife in the sitcom from the 50’s “Leave it to
      6) He no longer felt butterflies in his stomach when we were together ( married 20 years) we aren’t


        • well I’m sorry, but no butterflies? That’s a hanging offence. Seriously, pull yourself together, just because you’ve been together decades is no reason not to be brand-newly together as young, collagen-filled ingenues, WELL IS IT?

          Why are they so stupid and shortsighted?

          • CB they are not stupid and they are not shortsighted. They are crafty like evil toddlers constantly pushing to see just where your boundary is, what is too much for you? Will you haul their ass to MC the first time you have an issue, or can they push it clear to bringing home a hooker for a 3-way like Roger Vadim did to Jane Fonda, and most likely his other four wives as well.

            Nothing stupid about checking to see how your cake supply is holding up.

      • I wasn’t a cross between June Cleaver and Glam girl but he knew me when he married me.

      • When I once told my X asshat that I was proud of him, he replied in a sing-songy, snarky voice, “Ooooohhhh, you’re PROUD of me! I fucking hate that!”

        I had written the sentiment in a sweet card, attached to a basket of more than a dozen interesting/exotic/foreign beers that I had hand picked (he had just won a big contract at work). I think he imagined that being told I was proud of him reminded him of being his mom or something. So yeah, he ruined it for both of us. Couldn’t pull his head out of his ass for even a moment to have empathy that I had #1, never been told he didn’t like that phrase, and #2, had just given him true praise for a job well done. Nope, even when it was all about him he had to make sure to put me in my place with the abuse.

        Clearly I was an inadequate cheerleader even though he freely admits he never would have accomplished a fraction of what he did in his career if I had not been standing beside him reminding him that he can do anything in the world he puts his mind to, and that I would be forever there to support him in the process. What a bitch I was.

        • Now I C, you are just lovely and amazing. I felt sad to read your post. He should have been gratefu, nasty. No spirit of marriage.

      • Yep, I couldn’t compliment him correctly either. If I said nice things too often, I was insincere and patronizing. If I omitted it, I made him feel bad.

        But above all, I breastfed wrong. How he knew this, I don’t know. But he would look at me nursing our daughter and tell me I was doing it all wrong.

        Oh, and I cleaned the house wrong. If I picked up after the slob/hoarder, I was emasculating him, as in his mind, I was secretly pointing out how inadequate he was. If I didn’t dust, I was a terrible housekeeper.

        I didn’t do sex right either. If I tried to initiate, the answer was always no. If I waited patiently, I was “cold as ice.”

        Basically, you are made to keep trying harder while they enjoy the game of changing the “rules” of the relationship,whereby if you had just done what they are going to think up next, they might have treated you decently. Meanwhile, they are selfish, self-absorbed freaks.

        I’m SO HAPPY to be free of him!

        • Yes, I too sucked because I could not figure out when the rules changed and adapt accordingly. I used to stress constantly about doing things the “right” way, now I just try not to pull a muscle when I roll my eyes. ????

        • Omg, HIM telling YOU that u r breast feeding wrong is fucking hysterical! We really can’t make this stuff up!

        • Breastfeeding wrong???? Wth . . . as if he would know.

          I also cleaned wrong. Early on in our marriage, the ex actually “introduced” me to a sponge, because he figured I didn’t really know what one was. I am not a sloppy person either, I just don’t notice every little speck of dust/crumbs/whatever. I was so inadequate on every level by the end . . .

          • I got in trouble for leaving a little bit of blood on the inner edge of the toilet bowl. Apparently, his female friend* noticed it too and was grossed out by it. Well, if y’all don’t like it, clean it. Also, I was not allowed to fold his laundry because I did it wrong. I decided to let that one go, it did get me out of having to fold his laundry…

            *with benefits, apparently

        • Consistently moving the goalposts – its the first rule of anyone who is disordered.

          They do this precisely to keep you off balance. You can never win with these lunatics.

      • I got the June Clever too! I told my mom about it and she said June Clever couldn’t be June Clever if it was in real life, that’s why it’s TV.

      • The butterflies comment is such a tipoff of an immature narcissist. It’s all about the “feels” and nothing about shared experience, history, friendship, comfort or companionship. I wouldn’t care if I never felt butterflies. Lovely creatures but they are so short-lived.

        • Mine said he felt “sparks” for the OW but it was the same butterfly-type idea.

        • Scientists have studied those feelings, which are called limerence, and they are produced from hormones, and they only last, at most 9-18 months. Knowing these facts helped me understand how banal and commonplace X’s twu luv with whore de jour was. It’s been 4 years for them now and those “feelings” wore off long ago. Baahaahaaa ????????????????????

        • Butterflies, yep, I guess the “excitement” of sneaking around doesn’t compare to trust, commitment and being faithful. It really is a show of character.

      • I was told that I didn’t make him FEEL in love with me. He wanted to feel fireworks and rainbows, and I just didn’t have that effect on him.

        I should also have been busty, slim, dark-haired, emotionally unavailable, obsessed with the same things he was obsessed with, undemanding, less intelligent, more intelligent, less attentive, more attentive, and (I suspect) male, and/or a blood relative.

        If only I had tried harder.

        (sips tea; continues reading book in peace and quiet in own home, blissfully free of closet gay weirdo hyperreligious cheater for over four years now)

        • Bwaaaahahaha!! …… “and (I suspect) male, and/or a blood relative.”…. Was so not expecting that, nearly shot coffee across the room! Love the added visual of you peacefully sipping tea!! Congrats on 4 years free!

    • What, Bowtie? You didn’t that compliment meant to grovel at their feet?

    • I am laughing out loud too! That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard.

    • Oh, I know this one all too well. It’s a perfect accusation because you can’t PROVE anything. How do you prove sincerity? It doesn’t matter anymore that you did in fact compliment your spouse, because they can say you did it wrong.

      My Cheater told me that sometimes I looked at him and he saw hatred in my eyes. I have no idea what he is talking about. But how do you prove you didn’t have hatred in your eyes? I didn’t say anything wrong or do anything wrong. It was just a look. But in his mind, it was excuse enough to look elsewhere because obviously I hated him. He saw it in my eyes. I think he was projecting, of course. The hatred was coming from him. How much could I have hated him? I never cheated.

      • Oh my.. the cheater said the same EXACT thing about looking at him with hatred. I didn’t understand it either. I’m glad I’m not the only one who had that weird experience.

      • Yep, same here. “You don’t even LIKE me! That look in your eyes is pure hatred!” Ummmm, no…. that would be hurt your seeing in my eyes and, if I’m being honest, maybe a smidge of resentment at the realization that my husband of 20 years was a pathological liar who had become fond of strip clubs AND had a newfound ‘Lifelong Dream’ to be an actor, and move to Hollywood to “take his shot at it”…… at 48 years old! Needless to say, he felt I was just not supportive enough and went and found a bimbo 22 years younger to be his groupie. Gag.

  • I didn’t always get the mail. I didn’t love him because I didn’t see how unhappy he was….which I asked for a year of something was wrong. I didn’t have a baby with him…but he never said anything/discussed it, and never would go near/touch a kid. He never got to live on his own, never gets “him” time. And so forth.

  • You’re not confident enough. You’re too messy. I’m not attracted to you (except I am if I imagine that I don’t know you). Mindfuck!
    (Oh, also you weigh 10 lbs too much – because apparently I am supposed to really enjoy food and not have neurotic body issues – unlike previous girlfriend with eating disorder – but also keep myself perfectly trim and fit and I guess ‘mysterious’ and ‘hot!’)

    • 10 pounds!!! Oh no!!! How did you get out of bed every day!!!! Just crazy!

    • I also was too messy. In fact he would often tell me I tricked him in to marrying me because he thought I was a cleaner person and my messiness was single-handedly ruining the house (not the fact that he had invested nothing in repairs for over a decade). I should have been more organized!!! Of course, any time I tried to be organized he wouldn’t follow it and thus would undo it all…

      • I didn’t pick up the cat hair enough – that’s why he cheated. It meant I didn’t care about him.

        • I didn’t notice and deal with the smudges on the tops of the door frames.

    • Because ridiculing someone for lacking confidence really helps solve the situation!

      • Yup. I got that one too. I even told him point blank that he had a role to play in my confidence levels. Totally lost on him.

  • My lovely ex chump husband was told by his first wife that she cheated because he changed the words to songs in an immature fashion ie “Don’t Go Breaking My Fart” Or a “Little Ray of Bumshine”. Apparently, he also messed the clothes up in drawers when he searched through them!! My ex husband cheated on me because I was always too involved with our 4 small children and I was never awake when he returned home from “work” at 11 pm.

    • OMG I would be so pissed off! Some of these men don’t have a CLUE!

  • I was “selfish” because I wouldn’t “let his BF wife into our bed”……ummm….#1 she hates your guts…..#2 I’m 100% heterosexual…….#3 It’s your BF WIFE?!…..#4 she doesn’t even want her own husband to put his penis in her vagina……….NO!

    “I thought you would change!” (after I asked him why, why, why in true chump fashion)
    “How? How did you think I would change?” (because ditto above, I would do anything)
    blank stare…..

    I’m “too” sensitive.
    I’m a “prude” (see above) and also no swinging, wife swapping, adultfriendfinder…..I’m such a pill.
    I do too much for other people…..probably true….in the past.

    • I was also too senstive . . . wouldn’t consider swinging, no rear-entry sex, I wasn’t spontaneous about anything. Blah blah blah

  • I wasn’t “trim enough” at 5’3″ tall and 126 lbs.

    I didn’t wear enough black underwear. (how can you wear black underwear under a white uniform ??!)

    I was “too independent”, so he couldn’t do enough for me. (This was the guy who couldn’t even remember to post a letter or wash up a coffee cup)

    I didn’t do housework bra-less (as he awas never around when I was cleaning, someone please figure that one out)

    If we’d had kids he wouldn’t have cheated (I told him I didn’t want kids before we got married and gave him the option to walk away if he didn’t agree. He stayed.)

    • Me too. If I only cooked and cleaned in a garter and heels then I would have kept his attention and “kept him wrapped around my finger”. If I only said “wrap your big arms around me” when he came home from work I would have been greeted with a kiss and not him saying “hey what’s up” and walking past me. If I wore skirts then he wouldnt have collected whores from online sites. If I looked super slutty and flashy everyday but also invisible and didn’t have an opinion then things would have worked out. If I could remember to only turm one light on at a time then I wouldn’t light his fire and make him pissed off.

    • LOL, I love it housecleaning, “BRA LESS”!????????????????????????????????????

  • I suck because…oh, wait, I’m wonderful?!?

    That’s right. He sent me and the kids a letter from the AP’s apartment (didn’t know there was an AP much less an apartment) telling us what an amazing woman and mother I am.


    He had no response when my lawyer had that as page #1 at his deposition.

  • “If you were a good mother you would quit your job instead of paying for the kids to go to a summer camp.”

    Said by the man who I outearned, and totally disregarding that my job provided our health insurance.

      • I hope you vigorously and swiftly broomed his ads to the curb!

        • This is so true. The more money I made, the harder he went to convince me that I bring nothing to the table. I figured if he’s telling me I don’t make enough money then I’ll get a 2nd job. After the interview he went into a rage accusing me of sleeping with the owner of the business because how else would I get the owner to interview me rather than a manager? umm dumbass because I was wayyy over qualified for the 2nd job I was trying to get to make extra money for us. He made such a scene that I turned down the offer. Looking back what happened was that he didn’t feel he could control my 2nd income like he did my regular job, so he would rather we didn’t even have that income. He made sure the credit card that I had would never be paid off by throwing a fit if I made a payment. Yet the one in his name was paid in full every single month of our marriage. The day i left him I paid my credit card off 5 minutes later with my paycheck. He was enraged.

          • Mine told me I had a shit job. I made almost the same hourly rate as him ( he had tbe ability to make more hours). I had him and our child under my insurance (he has to pay his own now through his work)…. etc. Etc. They say cruel things because they are so low and cowardly.

      • My ex actually said that when I went back to work ( after 10 years as a SAHM) HIS standard of living went down. I guess he lost some sense of control. During my stay at home time, he actually said ” if we divorce, his lifestyle would improve while mine would decline”. And yet, he continually accused me of being jealous of him. Me thinks it was the other way around!

        • My ex said, “You make more money than me.” My response, “Of course I will make more money than you, I have two masters degrees and you barely finished high school!”

          My ex MIL-“If you were nicer to him, this wouldn’t have happened.” My response, “You are the one who hired the whore!” OW is a Howorker in the family business.

          • Urggggh! My ex MIL blameshifted too. I can’t see why these men would act so entitled and bratty when their mothers enable their entitlement mentality. And did that really start now because of us or were they enabling these men since infancy…hmmmm…

    • I have many words about career issues. My X was an engineer, made plenty of money and worked in exotic foreign locations and did interesting stuff. I am an engineer too, went back to school after kids so X had a 7 year “head start” on his career vs mine. Despite him out-earning me for all but the last 3 years of the 28-year marriage, he forever was worried I would catch up. He accused me of cheating with guys at work, screamed at me on the phone when I had to work late one night (people in the room could hear him screaming at me). Eventually I out-earned him and today earn at least 30% more than he does. Poor boo.

      I got to the point that I couldn’t tell him what I made and had could never share the delight of large bonuses, they just got tossed into savings and never mentioned. I had incredible amounts of extra tax withholding in order to pay our huge annual tax bill while he always under-withheld. It made my paychecks smaller than his though. I can’t believe the amount of abuse I took from this asshole about my job. 100% of what I brought in was for us, there was never a “mine.” But he was a jealous prick. And it wasn’t even that he somehow thought my success somehow made him less-than, because he was doing just fine on his own. It was that he didn’t want me to succeed, period. My success somehow was threatening to him even though our combined income made us wealthy. And post-abandonment that was among the reasons he thought I was awful: that I had told him he was wrong to treat me so terribly about my career. He didn’t want to be told he was wrong about that.

      So of course he chose a Schmoopie accountant half his age. It will take her a long time to catch up and he can always look down on her for her job being so much less important than his. Big man.

      Good riddance. Now to find a guy who doesn’t care that I have money and is fine that I can rebuild a carburetor.

      • Like that thing that is going around, Men (people) of quality aren’t threatened by women (people) of equality.

        Bad grammar, good point.

        • Truth. When spouses compete, it’s often a red flag. They should be happy, supportive, cheering us on; after all, aren’t we on the same team?! Not so, to the disordered. They even compete with (belittle, sabatoge, etc.) their own children. Definitely not okay.

      • seriously though kudos for making such a success of your career after having kids.

  • I didn’t take a day off from work (with no notice) to drop off/pick up his highness for one of two vanity surgeries. I did the drop off pick up thing for one of them but I had notice. He compared me to a co-worker who “walked through fire for her husband” during his brain cancer treatments. You know because that’s the same thing as elective, vanity surgery.

    It’s also important to note that I had time off scheduled a month later for this but his doctor changed the date at the last minute but since I didn’t re-arrange my whole schedule at the drop of a hat, he had to cheat.

    I also didn’t berate him when he “lost” his wedding ring. I helped him look for it for hours and he seemed genuinely upset so I guess piling on with some badgering from me would have helped the situation…..NOT

    Egads! I sure suck!!

    • My eyes are rolling back in my head.

      Comparing brain cancer to vanity surgery…does he know you can DIE from brain cancer?

  • I didn’t tell him “I love you” 50 times per day. (Yes at one time he tried to give me a quota oh how many times to say that phrase a day. I also didn’t sit right beside him on the couch. I got a “job which took away from the family.” I didn’t hug and kiss him enough. I was a “reversed sexist” because I expected him to do his share of the housework. Oh so many things…..

    • ????????nothing against the act, but in public. Did he ask for visible hickey’s?

  • You are too fat, I thought you were going to die – Cinderella is much more overweight than I.
    You yell for the kids to come rather than go and get them.
    We have no interests in common – Prince Charming always objected to doing things I enjoyed.
    You and the boys shut me out – Prince Charming needed to be home to participate.
    You don’t keep the house as clean and uncluttered as my mother.
    I spent too much money – let’s talk about all the wood working tools you never use at our home and the camping equipment…
    I wasn’t content being his jack off toy.
    I expected(!) him to pay a little bit of attention to me before we hit the sheets and wanted a bit of foreplay. The nerve of me to even give him suggestions on how to make sex better for me! It was all about him taking 2 mins to get off.
    I could go on but ya know I find I have slipped back into my old self and am much happier and so are my sons. And vibrators are a great invention.

    • Oh one more – MY taste in music sucked because I didn’t want 38 Special, Alabama, Ann Murray, Hank Williams Jr. and other country music acts plus how dare I not want bluegrass music playing 24/7 in the background.

      • Yikes – all that bloody country music/blue grass. You must have been married to my ex. I could take it one time – but the first 15 bars played over and over and over again so he could twang away on the guitar!!!!! Aaaarrrgghghhh – I used to quite like country music until then!

        • My X had a guitar in every room, honestly he had about 7 of them. He would sit wherever and twang away at them, same few bars over and over. Never played a song all the way, always the frustrated wanna be rockstar. Didn’t matter if anyone else was in the room doing something, there he would sit, twanga-twanga fumble fingers.

          I hated it. I put up with it for 3 decades. I didn’t cheat.

          • When my ex moved back to the States I think he had 7-8 guitars and left probably 3 here. He paid over $3,000 in excess baggage – all that for a tone deaf twat who sounds like he is torturing a car! And ditto about never finishing a song!

            • Torturing a cat – not a car – although he could probably have murdered one of them too with his screeching!

              • Mine was a drummer, completely annoying and had a bongo he could play the same beat on. He would play it to impress people, them not realising that 30 seconds was the extent of his talent. When our first was born we lived in a small two bed apartment, the other room was his ‘studio’ so bub slept in our room, which was large. I was way to accomodating of his creative hobby.

              • This thread reminded me of another fault I had or have. I laugh easily, at one time he and I laughed at the same things and I thought we shared the same sense of humer..
                Mine had too much free time on his hands, I think at that time there was an infomercial on teaching yourself to play the harmonica.
                One day I came home and walked in on practicing the harmonica with a music book set up on a music stand and I laughed..
                I didn’t realize the seriousness of his learning to play the harmonica.
                If looks could kill I’d be dead.

    • Sounds like a Two Pump Chump ! Wham, bam thank you ma’am-how loving and sensual ! Not !

  • I suck in the following ways:
    – I didn’t let him have a girlfriend on the side during our 20 year marriage.
    – after the first time he cheated (7 years ago) I insisted having an all access pass to all his social and email accounts as well as imposing a “no lock code” on all cell phones and computers.
    – I spent way too much time with our only child, making the Narc feel insecure and unspecial
    – I didn’t readily forgive Narc-O-pot-O-mus immediately and made him suffer for 7 long years as I did my best to heal and learn to trust him again.
    – I expected him to come home at night.????????‍♀️
    – I didn’t understand why he “NEEDED” to have female friends I’ve never met and he refused to introduce me to.
    – I didn’t understand the need for us to take separate vacations ????
    – I began to set boundaries and began to take care of my self.
    – I discovered his year long affair with a girl half his and my age. ????????????????‍♀️
    – I sucker punched him with evidence of his year long affair publicly in front of our employees, customers, clients, financial professionals and friends.????????????????????????????????????????
    – I made him leave our family home and continue to refuse him any access what so ever. GTFO
    – I suck at cooking
    – I suck at not being his mom
    – I suck bc I expect a 43 yo man to adult
    – I suck bc I don’t drink heavily daily and harsh his mellow when I complain when he does it.
    – I suck bc I don’t see the benefit of allowing him to blow our child’s college fund on whores and bitches
    – I suck bc “it don’t have to be like this, if you just let me do what I want and don’t ask questions you can still have this same lifestyle… just let me have my friends whom you don’t need to know.”

    Yeah…. I’m not the one who sucks here.

    • Not2DaySatan – your list is almost a continuation of mine! Embrace the you!

    • I am from the midwest and am a skilled driver. Severe weather conditions deserve respect and get plenty of it from me. One neighbor left for work in the morning and died in an icy car accident. A colleague came home one winter night, slipped and fell in his backyard, and froze to death. I sucked because I defended the use of salt and brine on snowy, icy roads. Some jurisdictions use gravel or sand which are preferable environmentally but which also don’t really work.

      His position was that these preventable traffic deaths were an acceptable price to pay because salt and brine could be detrimental to your livelihood if you are a fisherman.

      I also sucked because I defended the state’s authority to order people to stay off the roads in severe weather, and — suckiest of all — refused to agree that speed limits should not apply to him.

      It was laughable, the lengths he would go to in his rules-don’t-apply-to-me fantasy league.

  • All I could think about was my health. Doesn’t matter that I had been living with chronic pain for years at that point and he knew that very well. No, I put too much energy into fixing my bite and posture and gave him too little admiration. Doesn’t matter that I moved for him, he left me to my devices all day, knowing I had a whole life to build for myself and he’d be away all day and at night “too tired” to have sex or spend time together that wasn’t watching Embarrassing Bodies on tv while he routinely feel asleep without saying goodnight. I felt abandoned, because I was. While he was living the dream of being “awesome team leader” and going out with female coworkers. I know it sounds small, maybe, but the devil is in the details.

    • Fell asleep without saying goodnight. Yes. Much less be intimate.

      Smear campaign about how he’s highly sexed and a “Physical
      Person” and I just wasn’t etc – except would be snoring by the time I’d cleaned my teeth and washed my face. After four babies, of course I drew conclusions about my lack of desireability.

      But of course my fault he cheated as am so sexless.

      • I am married to the same man. Every point you made, that was my life. I have three kids, not four, only difference.
        I would occasionally fall asleep without saying goodnight, and I did not initiate sex enough.
        I was feeling pretty bad about my body because of comments he made about other women.
        After trying out other sluts, he has finally found one who has no kids and loves fillers, Botox, etc.

  • Hahaha!! I don’t know how to close drawers either!! Or keep the toothbrush plugged in. I didn’t do the laundry fast enough (apparently there is a time limit on how soon the clothes should be folded & put away. No points for just having CLEAN CLOTHES??). I was also a vegetarian, but always made my own dinner along with sparkledicks. Apparently that was a huge drag for him though!!
    The final straw was my diagnosis with a rare auto-immune disease. I was put on too many medications (to manage the disease) and he couldn’t watch me take all those pills. Besides, when discussing divorce (before I knew about the OWhore) he actually said “you can get Obama Care, it will be great!!”

    • Eeeew. Do you really expect him to watch u take all those meds?!? For heaven’s sakes, be realistic woman!! ????

      • I know, I’m so horribly self-centered. I also got “too sick” for him to deal with. Turns out HE was the one making me so sick, because my health really rebounded when I kicked his ass out!!

  • I wouldn’t let our 140 lb Great Pyrenees lie on our couch like I “let” the cats (because I like the cats more than the dog) and I made him (the dog) nervous which is why he’d pee in the house and on the furniture.

    We had three kids. A boy and 2 girls. The boy died and the girls were born after that. I failed to have another boy.

    I made his son feel bad and was waaaaaay out of line, when he left a bunch of his belongings in the spare bedroom and I asked him to box them up before his visit was over. (I have no recollection of this) His son was a grown up and in college.

    • Maybe a biology lesson was in order so the asswipe could understand it’s his sperm that determines the sex of a baby. (Not to imply that boys are more valuable than girls!)

      • He also blamed me for the baby dying. He didn’t say that, because what would that make HIM look like? To accuse the mother of a dead child? But he did. I didn’t have a sonogram when I should have which would have found the defect and we ‘might’ have been able to do something…

        • Sunflower now you are in the club with me and Seeya. Women who made their men cheat because dead child. Obviously!!

        • of course the very saddest thing is that there are some issues that are sex-specific and these most often common to boys as they form in utero. This may have had zero to do with your particular situation of course, but girl babies statistically are more likely to survive and thrive. Boys, amazingly are apparently fragile little creatures! I have 3 boys and would have loved a daughter of course, but the idea of ”not giving my husband” a child of a specific sex is medieval and revolting. My condolences on the loss of your little son, you must have been heartbroken and with not much by way of support and kindness x

          • He swears and declares he loves our girls…but he wishes the second was a boy. I could hear it in his voice when the sonogram showed she was a girl and he has sulked over it ever since.

            And he now a new baby with the wife appliance… a girl.

            I was SO glad he did not get a boy… petty but true. I would have struggled much much more.

            • My sister and my relationship with our step mother (by the way, she wasn’t the reason for my parents’ divorce) improved dramatically after she gave birth to a son. Although I resented the idea that this gave her one up on my mother, it did make for an easier life.

        • I posted this before I read the posts above me from Seeya and MamaMeh. I’m really sorry that happened to you both. No one should ever be blamed for that.

          I hope no one thinks I was trying to jump on the bandwagon of the topic and looking for sympathy. Had I been courteous and read before I posted, I wouldn’t have posted that. Sorry!

    • Oh, In an attempt to communicate, I wrote him a couple of emails, one in 2011 and another in 2012 that apparently were the beginning of our demise… because he brought them up as a reason he no longer wanted to stay with me as he was making his exit in 2016.

      He was going to school (and failing, even though he was “studying” so hard…. yeah, it was hard all right, which is largely why he was failing) and working 12 hour shifts and would have to take care of the kids when I went to MY job as a night cook after caring for the kids and taking care of the house all day….So he was doing “everything”

      I couldn’t get him to repair ANYTHING unless it was absolutely necessary.

      He’d get mad at me for not having my busy teenagers mow the law in the summer while 9 mos pregnant…. and he made NO move to mow EVER….

      I had too many “Facebook relationships” and I liked social media more than him. (As he was screwing strange)

      • I never got “I’ll always love you” or the “ILYBINILWY”

        I got “I’m trying really hard not to hate you.”

        So fuck him, I gave him plenty of reasons to hate me now. Why the fuck should I “pick me dance” just so he doesn’t hate me???

  • I sucked because I accused him of having an affair with a married mother of three. It was simultaneously unforgivable and true.

  • I folded his jeans the wrong way and didn’t smile anymore.

    • My ex complained to his mother that I wanted the towels folded a certain way. Yeah, in a way that they fit in the closet! As he never did a load of laundry, I don’t think he folded towels more than twice ( in 36 years).

      • LOL… I dated a guy where I had to teach him to fold towels “the right way”

        I admit, the towel thing drives me batty. I’m sure I’m not marriage material because of it. ????????????????????

        I broke it off last fall and I’m sure he won’t fold the towels correctly out of sheerness spite now. LOL

    • I never took the time to learn how to properly fold fitted sheets. (I was basically a single parent while he worked and played, I worked full time, and did all the shopping cooking and cleaning. Happy kids, healthy food, house is always fairly clean….Sue me if the fitted sheets are kind of bunched together so I can do it all) Sometime after his first affair started, he watched a video, and then whenever the laundry came out, he would make a big deal of folding the sheets perfectly. Oh and he would pick his clothes out and fold them neatly, while throwing anything that belonged to me or the kids back in the pile.

      Shortly after we were married, I remember overhearing him in the kitchen telling his hoarder mother, whose house is literally a disgusting mess, with unstable paths through rooms and 5 dogs 4 cats and pet surprises everywhere, as they looked concerned over “fatty” bacon I’d purchased that “I don’t notice things like they do; I don’t have their eye for detail.” ???? thank goodness I don’t have “their eye;” I’m a functional human being! After he moved out, I noticed life became so much easier for me. How sad is that, he did very little to help! Now without his laundry, criticism, and “eye for detail,” the kids and I have more fun, and we work less but love our home! Without his “eye” I’ve transformed our house and yard into a creatively beautiful home that reflects us! People can’t believe what we’ve done on a shoestring, because his “eye” isn’t always disliking things! When he picks the kids up for his 2 hours a week dinner (all he can fit into his busy schedule I guess but I’m not complaining) he always manages to straighten a picture on the wall or “notice” that our dog is shedding a lot right now, isn’t he? Good riddance! I didn’t realize how small I tried to make myself (literally and figuratively) for 20 years to try to please him! Now I’m 10 pounds heavier and 100 pounds happier!

      • It probably wouldn’t be good to trust anyone who wields the dark magic required to fold fitted sheets into neat squares.

      • Don’t let his ass in the house during pick-up/drop-off. Then he doesn’t have to worry about the dog hair.

  • I was a terrible housekeeper. Just awful. Really, you would think that a woman who could work three jobs simultaneously, plus do all the cooking and shopping and laundry and lawn mowing and snow shoveling, would have been able to keep on top of a minor thing like cleaning the house!

    But I am happy to report that since I began solo living I have mended my ways….I still do all the cooking and shopping and laundry and lawn mowing and snow shoveling, but now the house is always clean and tidy too! Amazing what happens when you only have to work one job to pay the bills. Lose a cheater, find out where all your time and money have been going! ????

    • Mine stormed through the living room in a rage because I was a terrible house keeper. I took a picture and sent it to my friend, laughing, because the living room was clean except for some of his clutter. He was just raging to have any excuse to go see his gf.

      We were camping and he was blaring Buck Cherry’s song Crazy Bitch. I’m a prude because I went and turned it off. Our 7 year old daughter was right there. He couldn’t understand what was wrong with the song.

      After our daughter was born and I had an episiotomy and bad reaction to the spinal – my legs were so stiff and sore I could barely walk – we went to counseling because I was not in the mood for sex all the time. I thought of a nature show I saw about Koalas. The mother just gave birth and here comes the male persistently trying to mate with her. She was angry fighting him off . I totally related to that little Koala.

      They are idiots.

      • Nomorecamping, your anecdote about the demand for sex after childbirth reminded me of an incident after our first (huge) son was born. I also had an episiotomy, but his head was so big that I was literally torn open “from stem to stern” in the doctor’s words. As he was stitching me back together, the nurse exclaimed that she had never seen so many stitches after childbirth. Guess who wanted sex 2 days later and pouted when I said I wasn’t ready? There were no words of concern or offers of help from Golden D##k, just a demand for sex. He also did this after the other two births, after surgery to remove an imbedded IUD and after a six-hour vaginal surgery that turned into an emergency abdominal surgery. I’d say he sucked but I had to, to appease him. He has needs, don’t cha know?

        • Oh man, I’m so sorry. I hope you are doing much better now. I hope life is nice and peaceful.

          I like being alone now. When I was young I was never alone for long. But over 2-1/2 years now…. I’m ok if I’m alone forever. Hugs

        • LOL… I dated a guy where I had to teach him to fold towels “the right way”

          I admit, the towel thing drives me batty. I’m sure I’m not marriage material because of it. ????????????????????

          I broke it off last fall and I’m sure he won’t fold the towels correctly out of sheerness spite now. LOL

        • I thought you weren’t supposed to have sex for six weeks after child birth? I know you’re supposed to take a break for six weeks after a hysterectomy. I was already divorced when I found out I had severe recurrent cervical dysplasia and needed a hysterectomy to avoid cancer. I felt relieved at not needing to worry about having sex while going through all that. Ex informed me after his first affair that we weren’t having sex often enough because it was ONLY 2-3 times a week every week. (Bear in mind I wasn’t saying no, I was just hoping to eat a little bit first because sex took hours). Now he needed it 3 times a day, even though he could easily “pound away” for 2 hours at a time…

          Sure honey, I would LOVE to be painfully sore and not have enough time to sleep so I can commute to work sleep deprived and risk getting in a car accident.

    • Yeah, I was a terrible housekeeper, too. Well, I guess if you consider a pile of paid bills stacked in the corner of the kitchen counter poor housekeeping, then I guess I’m guilty. I mean, besides working full time, taking care of the kids & the house, the laundry, the cooking, the outside chores he had me helping him with, that stack of papers meant our house was filthy. I got around to filing them away & shredding what wasn’t needed anymore, of course with no help from him, and then went paperless on everything & paid everything online. He still continued to cheat. Then when the divorce came up, he was upset because everything was paid online & he didn’t have the papers to go back through to see how to pay bills. Oops, sorry…

    • Mine would moan that my job (paying the massive mortgage ) was not worth the petrol money getting to work. … go figure when the same salary was taking care of his 3 kids and bills while he cried about having to pay the mortgage after abandoning us over night then within weeks of leaving dumping us out of the house too. Obviously it was all my fault because in my grief of ending a 25 yr relationship i didnt move quick enough to sell the house in a tanking market. Well i didnt want us to be homeless. Shoot me. My cardinal sin in the relationship was that i made all the decisions and controlled him . Nothing could be farther from the truth but it freaked me out he actually believed this to be true. Wtf.

  • I had children. He knew this when he met me, and 1.5 years after meeting, with tears in his eyes asked me to move into his house with my children because he “wanted to be a family” with us.
    At D-Day, kids had been grown up and all three had moved out five years prior to D-Day.
    When he told me that OW would be a better girlfriend because “No Children!” he snarled, I replied that there had been no children living in our house for 5 years – he immediately retorted, “And that’s another thing! All those TRIPS to [City where kids lived]!” so…. if kids were some horrible thing, but you wanted to be in a family… but they had been gone for 5 years…. but taking a 4 hour trip 2-3 times a year was so offensive and objectionable, such a burden to him that he was compelled to cheat.

    No sense trying to make sense of the disordered’s word salad. They say whatever pops into their heads.
    Friends said Clusterfuck also told them he wanted to be with OW because they had both attended the same college at different times over 25 years ago, they never knew each other but apparently it made him feel a bond with her. By that reasoning I should have had affairs with every guy that attended my college, right? My bad for not attending vanilla midwest ag school that OW had attended.

    Oh and: “she makes me feel like a real man!” (“You don’t!”) but also, “she sees the lost little boy in me!”
    No sense, cuz it’s all self-serving NONsense!

    • I sucked because I wasn’t her. He didn’t know her before that drunken night when he bellied up to the bar with his stack of crisp dollar bills in search of pole pussy. But, turns out, “She challenges me, she praises me, she rewards me, she completes me.” I sucked because I thought he wanted a loving life partner but in fact it was obedience lessons he was after (note to self: go to PetSmart and buy one of those clicker things to keep in the nightstand).

      Oh, almost forgot. I also sucked because I wanted him to have teeth. He had lower teeth but no uppers (at age 40). He came into some money and could afford to get dental implants but wouldn’t. He had dentures but couldn’t wear them because …. yes, you know it’s coming …. he is so different, and so special, that dentures don’t work for him!!!! Oh my, his precious palate contours simply cannot be accommodated like a normal person’s.

      • OMG, the teeth!! You know, I never really noticed that Clusterfuck had gray and crooked teeth. Then later after seeing photos of OW showing her with gray and crooked teeth, and realized he had them too!! crooked in the same places.

    • Oh, my, about attending the same college. I got the whole “it’s not wrong that she’s my special friend!” because they lived in the same apartments about 25 or 30 years ago. That is a special bond you just can’t compete with.

      So I told him that under his reasoning, it’s OK to sneak around with anyone you have worked with, or lived near, or basically known in a superficial way in the past? Apparently, he thought so.

  • I didn’t give him a hard time when he stopped wearing his wedding ring. Well as his fingers were getting larger I figured he didn’t want to risk gangrene. Or that he had reasons to remove it due to work (scrubbing in for surgery all day long). Nope. He was testing me. Trusting him to talk to me if he was unhappy before he started to chat up other women never occurred to him.

    So, he had to cheat because I trusted him.

    What a crap-ton of crazy.

    • Acording to mine, he cheated because I didn’t trust him enough!

  • I made him feel the house wasn’t his and he didn’t have any space there. Never mind that he had the entire basement for his music studio and equipment (but kept ordering more and never cleaned, so it became crowded and unpleasant to be there), that he took over the couch in the living room and sat there every morning and every evening for hours watching tv, so I couldn’t do anything in the room, and that he had the entire master bedroom for himself (I moved out of the bedroom to sleep on a mattress on the floor of my study after he began masturbating in bed next to me at night; this gave me one foot on three sides of the mattress to walk in, and I couldn’t open the closet). And let’s not forget that he never did any maintenance, repair work, or yard or garden work (other than mowing, and only then once our son moved out to go to college). He made it clear over and over that he was uncommitted to me, our marriage, and to the home we were supposed to be making together.

    But mostly, it wasn’t what I did or didn’t do. It was just who I was.

    • That’s right. It’s just who you are—
      Fatal flaw. Can’t be changed. Must leave.

  • He said:
    1) You didn’t care enough to ask me if I was cheating
    2) You don’t need me like she needs me. She tells me she can’t live without me – you don’t say that.

    • Ugh, I got #2 as well. OW had a really tough childhood! She was practically abused! Her parents (that she still lived with, at 26) were horrible to her.

      After all, my ex couldn’t help what he did. He is a “rescuer” and has to protect helpless and wounded creatures.


  • ‘You’re undoubtedly the nicest person in the world, but I can’t live with you any more.’ I suspect that paramour waiting in the wings issed an ultimatum.

  • The complaints he had about me:
    I wanted sex; I wanted to hold his hand; I wanted to sit next to him on the couch; I wanted to kiss him; I told him ‘I love you’ too much; I used too much dishsoap; I loaded the dishwasher wrong; I didn’t sing loud enough, and I enunciated too clearly when I sang; I was too gentle with our children (“You don’t punish them properly!”); I didn’t fetch him from the neighbour’s house when he stayed there drinking too late; I chose the wrong night to go into labour with our second child (he staggered in, piss drunk, and groaned, “Not tonight!”); I used words that were too big; I didn’t walk quickly enough; I didn’t cook amd clean properly … and there are many more.

    • Oh man, picking the wrong day to go into labor. Such rough news to hear you might have to man up when you voluntarily father a child…

  • After I had bad Post partum depression and pulled myself out of it with the help of my family and friends while parenting two young kids while he was DEPLOYED – he lost all respect for me and has never gotten it back.(ps. post partum is a sign of being in an abusive relationship)
    I gained 10 lbs and he’s not attracted to me anymore because he’s just not “wired that way”.
    -I didn’t have a college degree (while he cheated on me with a girl at college)

    • Have never related my post patrimony depression ( with first child) to my treatment from him. It does make sense in that he never allowed me one day to sleep for more than three hours, he never helped with the baby and I became absolutely overwhelmed by the fact that I was 100% responsible for the care of this baby. Wow. I guess he always sucked.

      • The research on Post-Partum Depression is very clear; there are certainly hormonal factors at work, but the best single predictor of whether a woman will become depressed after having a baby is whether she feels she has sufficient help and support from her partner, the baby’s OTHER PARENT.

        Doesn’t mean all PPD comes from this, but plenty does.

        • notmyfault and karenE,

          I never related my VERY EXTREME post partum (lost 40lbs in a matter of weeks, couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t stop crying) to his abuse either. A woman from another group pointed it out me and sent me an article and my jaw dropped. Google post partum depression and verbal abuse and there are a small smattering of articles that will come up and they all say there is a definitely corrolation especially to verbal/emotional abuse and that there needs to more studies done. But if you take out the whole “post partum” part and just read about depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, they’re all caused by abuse. So why would post partum depression be any different? When you’re tired and weak and exhausted all that raw emotional shit comes bubbling out.

  • I was a complete bitch. I bought mature cheddar and not mild cheddar…. so I buy mild cheddar and watch him eat the mature first.

    I like antique pine furniture…. he hates pine apparently! he helped me pick up every bloody item we had of it without a word. In fact he used to point out items on eBay

    I forgot it was our son that hates mushrooms and not him. He never gets mushrooms.

    He hates our little farm and wants to move. I love my farm but agree to this. He suggests places close to slaggy-anne and nowhere near my work. I could have been abandoned without a job YIKES. hindsight.

    I’m sooooo restrictive with money so he, a policeman, was forced to steal and present false books from a club he was treasurer of subsequently after Dday#2 and running to Slaggy-Anne lost his job because of it. He forgot he was adamant he wanted an expensive car and £600 suits and I had to balance the books so we had no debt. The expensive car was stolen last week by some “thieving scum” he can’t see the irony at all

    However he lost his job in March. Not paid for the car since April and it gets stolen at the end of June?.. coincidence? Has a history of fraud. ????

      • I thought the same thing-repo man rolled up in his truck. Bye bye car.

      • Hahahaha. I can see it now….”The bank stole my car when I didn’t pay them. HOW DARE THEY!!!???” Next, those thieving bastards will steal the house too when he doesn’t pay the mortgage.

  • Here’s a real mindf****, “you are a wonderful woman and it just happened.” SMH. Yeah, and me tossing your crap into garbage bags, humming them into the garage just happened!

    • You didn’t get the “I will always love you” or “I love you but I am not in love with you” bs? Those are pretty special to hear.

      • I got the “I will always love you” AND “I love you but I am not in love with you”.

        I didn’t want to look at the stars with him.
        I will never be happy because I don’t know the true meaning of happiness (butterflies and assorted thrills).
        I am a negative person because I point out facts.

  • My ex, said, the ow is always happy, she’s not entitled to an opinion. My ex said, he took drugs because I had a stillborn baby. He said he liked the ow, she let him drink, and quote my ex, “she doesn’t want her kids”.

  • You were not supportive enough to me during YOUR brain tumor.
    You rolled your eyes at me.
    You gave me the middle finger behind my back behind a wall.

  • “You never say ‘I love you’.” When I responded “yes I do!”, she checkmated me with “Yes, but you have to because you’re my husband”.

    I was confused at the time because I didn’t know about the affair, but I now recognize this to mean “Your ‘I love you’ means nothing compared to AP’s – he tells me he loves me even though he is married to someone else!”

  • “You’re a burden”
    “You didn’t love me the way I needed to be loved”
    “You believe what you see and not what I tell you”
    “The house is too clean. It’s embarrassing” (not a typo, he said that)
    “You sleep too much” (like leukemia is a choice)
    “You’re always putting your nose in my private life”
    “You expect everyone to be accountable for there actions”
    “You never shut the fuck up”

    So glad that’s over.

    • “You believe what you see and not what I tell you.”

      Of course you do!!! You’re not a fool! Have you ever heard that quote, “who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?”

      • Ha! I got a variation of that, she said to me “I hate arguing with you, you are always right!”.

        • A different ex of mine said “you always use my words against me.”

  • Why did you buy red grapes, you should’ve bought green?! Why did you buy red leaf lettuce, you should have bought Romain?! Why are you doing laundry at 10 o’clock at night?! What DO you do all day?!

    I couldn’t cook right, clean right, grocery shop right, care for the kids right … you name it. Nothing I did was right or good enough.

    I showed him … I blindsided him with divorce papers and crushed his ego! It was hell and I lost everything in my divorce… my home, my future, and worst of all my kids … but it was worth it. I have faith that when the kids are out from under his thumb they’ll find their way back to me.

    In the meantime I have moved on with my life and am much happier without that cheating fuckwit.

  • “Quit your job..I don’t want to babysit while you are at work..go back to work we don’t have enough money to spend on myself..we never go out because we use up all the free sitting with your mom..(she really didn’t mind but his family was out of state). It’s your fault we don’t get a bigger tax return..(he’s claimed 9 on close to 90,000 a year) I got laid off today but went and took out a loan for a mororcycle because i deserve it.Why aren’t you a nurse? I’m not cleaning as an adult my mom used me like a slave as a kid..the list is to long”. it was like a watching a tennis match in his bipolar mind. Glad to be rid of him..

    • “I’m not cleaning as my mom used me like a slave as a kid.” I thought mine was the only thimblesieve who said that. The hole in that logic is vast and incomprehensible.

    • “it was like a watching a tennis match in his bipolar mind.”

      LOL! I’m stealing this!

  • Also, I wasn’t jealous and controlling when she went away to professional conferences. Apparently my trust in her showed I didn’t really love her. Turns out she was having an affair with a work colleague.

    • The old “you didn’t fight for me when You found out I was screwing strange…”


  • After grocery shopping on Saturdays I would start making lunch. Then the postman would come so I would go out to the mailbox (still wearing my apron) “just to show everyone that you do everything round here!”
    I also loaded the dishwasher wrong.
    You speak better French then me (despite the fact he could have free French lessons on work time for 30 years)!
    I used long words too. (I thought about saying “marmalade” to him one time – see if he would have a coronary!
    I liked to watch cookery programmes (he always had documentaries on that he would fall asleep in front of – that made him an intellectual)!

    • Wow. Mine always had documentaries on he would fall asleep too as well. It was part of his routine: put a doco on a fall asleep.

  • He told me that I was a Saint and when I died if I wasn’t made a Saint, there was something wrong.


    He abandoned me, ghosted me and divorced me because he says I am a Saint.

    Looney Tunes… huh.

  • -our libidos are different
    -she made him feel empowered
    -she loved it, let him do things I wouldn’t, and was impressed by the amount of cum he had
    -of course she came back because I’m good at it. You know that
    -It was just sex. I didn’t respect her.
    Even though this happened for months, they talked daily, she was listed as a nickname in his phone, & when he cut her off abruptly was asking if he was mad? Are we not talking any more?

  • I’m selfish, for doing a part time Masters while working full time and doing the heavy lifting in raising our Kiddo.

    He couldn’t help because his chosen career-I put him through school-meant unsociable hours.

    I now know that my request for him to pull his parental weight was because it would have interfered with Cooch Time.

    I suck, but in a highly qualified way.

    Love to all Chump Nation

    • ‘I suck, but in a highly qualified way.’

      I am totally stealing that one!!!

    • I believe, “I suck, but in a highly qualified way,” is a pretty fair truth…of us Chumps. So many of us juggled work, family, children, school, chores, etc., in our marriages, and did it well (that is why so many of us were married for so long). I think when the disordered can no longer run from the truth then that is going to become a Dday. I think x was given an ultimatum, and I am glad he left me for someone more equal to his crap character.

  • I couldn’t keep a clean house, do all the food shopping, raise the kid alone, do all the chores inside and out, kiss his ass day and night, plan and execute family vacations, weekends and holidays, be carefree, enjoy whatever sports he enjoyed at the moment and have a high paying full time job = I suck big time. Oh, and I couldn’t keep one man happy, how could I keep another one happy? Said to me before we finally parted forever.

  • I yelled out the back door for him to come out of his shop( after I called and he wouldn’t answer his phone and I repeatedly said please go and get an intercom). I nagged( yes after years of living with a man baby who wouldn’t stop spending money stupidly, drinking and driving, smoking himself into major health concerns, and ignoring all parental responsibilities). I said no to sex maybe once every 10 times ( I was sold I wasn’t allowed to say no to sex at all when we wreckonciled after his one year affair with a friend of ours). I was also a nag when he stopped working full time and when he stopped working at all in our last year together, and when I made him give up his shop after losing $500k of our money in it( and continually lying to hide those losses) Boy does he suck!!

    • “Nagging is the repetition of unpalatable truths” wrote another member of Chump Nation

      • Said by Ken Davis, “If you have to ask repeatedly, that’s not nagging. Nagging is when you present your requests with an ATTITUDE.” So, according to Ken Davis, only the times you asked with an attitude count as nagging. If you asked 550 times and only the last 50 had attitude, you didn’t nag all that much.

  • If you didn’t nag so much I wouldn’t have fallen out of love with you.

  • I don’t suck.

    I am a decent, kind, hard-working person. I know how to have fun. I’m funny.

    I’m too good?

    Oh wait! While I’m pretty, I’m not a movie star. While I have enough money, I’m not a multi-millionaire. While I like sex, I don’t dress like a hooker (except when I do).

    I’m just too good for you. — lyrics of Drake’s, revised a bit

  • Now this one is easy! They come up with tons of stupid shit. I am too thrifty with money and practical, overall. Not wild and sexy enough in the bedroom (hmm, new guy thinks I am). I can’t ride a motorcycle. Yup, he actually said it would change things, if I did. I’m not Asian (neither is he). One moment, I was too independent and he didn’t feel loved. The next, I was too emotionally dependent on him and he couldn’t be responsible for my happiness. WTF which is it? I keep the house too clean. He was sure I was going to leave him someday. Oh and my gums smell funny. No joke. He always knew I was the wrong woman for him…it took him 22 years TO TELL ME THAT! Nah, they are full of shit. They say anything to try and justify themselves.

    • Bah! Were we married to the same man! I also got the motorcycle excuse! I refused to ride one.

    • “He always knew I was the wrong woman for him”

      I heard that too. I could not compare to his high school girlfriend who stole underwear for him when she worked at Kmart.

      True story

  • Oh gosh, I suck in so many ways its hard to believe I’m a functioning human being!

    I’m controlling
    I’m needy, but also too independent (the oxymoron faults are my favorite. If it seems like it might be a compliment, trust me, he had a way of making it come across as an insult)
    I’m crazy
    I’m an awful parent and don’t do enough for the kids, but I also ignore him and only pay attention to the kids.
    I fold laundry wrong
    I’m frugal, but I’m also a gold digger
    I’m not feminin enough, but I also wear too much make-up
    I have low self-esteem
    I’m clingy, but I don’t show enough affection
    I’m messy, but I’m also too sterile and don’t allow for a cozy home
    I’m not humble enough
    I’m not sexy enough
    I don’t have a mean bone in my body, but I’m also vindictive and unforgiving
    I’m a bad cook
    I don’t greet him at the door like the dog does (yes, he actually said that)
    I’m not healthy enough, don’t work out enough
    I didn’t socialize enough but if I wanted to go out, I should have hired a babysitter

    No wonder my brain was like mush! I actually should be grateful he wouldn’t stop cheating, because otherwise I don’t know if I would have ever realized the problem was him.

    • It is weird how we are walking contradictions, isn’t it? I got much of the same. clingy/not affectionate, frugal/gold digger, controlling/needy Boy are we something…

  • Just remembered another reason. The Wrong Spoon.

    Mr Fab has a meticulously maintained beard and mustache. Because I never really gave much of a shit about matchy matchy silverware, our dinner table looked pretty random. I had a couple of soup spoons, but if I ever handed him this particular one, because we were having….err…..soup, he would sigh and stomp to the drawer for a different one. After Dday, he said I didn’t respect him enough because, among other reasons I always gave him the Wrong Spoon.

    I left every other piece of silverware behind, but I kept my Wrong Spoon. It’s my lucky spoon now.

    • hahahaha! You gave him the wrong spoon! That’s got to be the best one of the day!

      • Up there on the petty list for sure! There is no Mr Mehphista, and might never be, but he sure as hell will not have a beard!

        Honestly, I met Mr Fab in my early 20s and he always took 3x longer to get ready to go ANYwhere, never mind posh occasions. Who needs to pluck before a walk with toddling Kiddo in the Park? Might bump into Our Friend and Neighbor, his little bro’s ex, Kiddo’s auntie/OW, aka The Downgrade, that’s why.

        That is, is she weren’t already at my table, eating soup. They were classy like that. If I ever get her alone* with my Lucky Spoon I may go the full Sheriff of Nottingham.


        *Not likely, as Kiddo and I picked another continent to live on.

    • I have to confess, this may be one of the ways I sucked. I have a small mouth and hate big spoons. I would bitch at XH on his night to make dinner if he served me my food with a big spoon – because I had mentioned 5,000 times that they were too big for my mouth and it just started to feel thoughtless.

      • More likely it was intentional. Disordered folk often do exactly what they’ve been asked not to do, whether out of spite, or to just make the other person feel unheard/unimportant.

        • Mine does this with towels. I don’t like him using my towel. No matter how many times I tell him which towel is mine he’ll inevitably use my towel. Drives me fucking crazy. I know he does it on purpose just to piss me off. He gets off on getting me riled up.

      • What is it with silverware? Mine loathed teaspoons, and wanted to throw all our ones out. I stood my ground here, and so glad since they’re my most used piece of cutlery. I can’t believe I put up with this crap for years.

  • I didn’t stop what I was doing the second he walked through the door and gave him a hug and kiss. And then, I didn’t leave him alone right after that because he needed time to “unwind” before being bombarded with questions about his day. I basically suck because I wasn’t a mind reader.

  • I rolled my eyes and sighed a lot and didn’t show him the proper amount of respect.

    I complained when he brought a deer in the house and it pissed and crapped everywhere. So uncool of me!

    I wouldn’t swing or flirt with the registered sex offender next door (“he’s harmless! and innocent too!”) and complained when said neighbor peeked in our window.

    I didn’t make enough money, spent too much time with the kids and sometimes left toys in the driveway, wasn’t stylish enough and let my heels get rough going barefoot.

    All true but since leaving him I’ve got my style back and spent some money on oils so my heels are nice and smooth now. Plus I don’t sigh in frustration anymore. Ha!

  • My favorites are these:

    “You’re not a size 6”. (like when we first met) therefore I wasn’t worthy of his love or commitment to our 9 year marriage. I was a size 10 when he left me to sue me.

    “You’re too controlling and I don’t need another mother looking over my shoulder”. This coming from a man with multiple DDays.

    There’s a myriad of others. Search for my “He Said” post if you want to hear all the bullshit spewed to me.

    I am not perfect, no one is. I know my worth now. Especially as I see the line down the street start to form as people start to hear I’m single. But that’s not where my head and heart are at. It will be a while before I get on the relationship ride again.

  • Where do I begin?
    I was too confident, he felt like he was in my shadow.
    I was too responsible, I took care of the bills and the children.
    I didn’t value him enough which is why he cheated in the first place.
    I didn’t respond with love when he told me he was cheating.
    I didn’t fight for him, which meant I didn’t love him.
    I didn’t lay down and die when it came time to divide our assets and settle spousal support.
    I didn’t agree with his version of the truth that he was the victim in all of this.
    I told the truth when our friends asked what happened…..he said it made him look bad. Well…you are bad so what do you expect?
    I didn’t tell him how great and wonderful he was when he wasn’t being great and wonderful.
    I wasn’t a good mother….he actually told me this when I saw the picture of homeslice and I commented about her teeth being yellow. His response “well, at least she’s a good mother”. He later took that back and said she wasn’t such a great mother.
    And the one which sealed the deal…. I didn’t tell him I NEEDED him; he wanted someone who needed him, someone who validated him, regardless.

    Lesson learned in all of this, I will never be with someone who needs me to fill their empty parts. It is exhausting and way too much work. I am not willing to do that ever again.

    He and homeslice are perfect for each other….both insecure, both care about appearances and “stuff” and both financially irresponsible. They just bought a house, but had to have her parents co-sign on a home mortgage–kind of embarrassing when you make at least $150,000 between the two of you and you are 37 and 43 years old; last year they bought a vehicle at 19.4% interest….yikes!!

    Good riddance. I get to be responsible for me and me alone.

  • I was “frigid.” And “an alcoholic.” Oh, and I tipped too generously.

    When I was deposed on all three (seriously) and had facts to counter the first two accusations, stbx had to admit on cross that he was lying.

    At one point, his own attorney and mine were laughing about adultery and financial abuse being right on par with a 25% tip at the Longhorn.

    I had quite a few “fuck you” moments during that deposition. When both attorneys are on your side, you realize you’re walking away from a whole lot of crazy.

    • I was told I was an alcoholic too.

      But this is seriously how much I drank the entire marriage: 3 days. Out of at that point 9 years.

      But his claim was: “since they were consecutive days, that meant alcoholism.”

      Seriously. From the guy that went on a bender so bad that he wound up living in the back of his car.

      But I humoured him and took the John Hopkin’s test online. I am happy to say it’s the only test I’ve ever failed.

      • I am also painted as an alcoholic. As was Asshat’s first wife. Meanwhile, my daughters, stepsons and stepdaughters agree that I am not. He is. And he exploited AA for “easy marks” long before I met him. Projection much?

  • I bought bologna for the dog. This was a sign I didn’t love or respect him, because he wanted to “eat right” and I guess I should have realized the siren song of bologna would be irresistible to him.

    I’m always thankful for this comment because that broke the logjam in my head and I started to realize I had nothing to work with in him.

    • Bologna as a dietary sabotage weapon? YOU TEMPTRESS!. Poor, poor “Oscar” (as in Mayer)!

    • “…I guess I should have realized the siren song of bologna would be irresistible to him.”

      OH my god, this made me cry laughing for ten minutes. I couldn’t stop, and I had to stifle myself so I wouldn’t wake everyone in the house! THE SIREN SONG OF BOLOGNA. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE.

      (That was one of the ways I sucked, apparently; laughing at my ex’s ridiculous statements and actions after it became obvious the relationship was not going to survive.)

  • I didn’t nourish his soul.

    ‘Do you know what it’s like not to be seen?’

    And the gold-plated classic, ‘We don’t even know each other do we?’ I got the black eyes with that one.

    The lonely relationship was making him ill and close friends had been very worried about how it was affecting him (I wonder who one of those ‘friends’ was guys – answers on a postcard)

    I needed to stop and think about the ways I had not faced up to the problems in our relationship of course.

    Prick. Mine fits into that ‘nice guy great dad can’t have his image tainted bracket too hence why he lied through his teeth but of course I soon found out what had been going on and then I got it both barrels. Psychopath.

  • Well for me I suck because I made faces (huh!!)
    Talked to myself ( well he was just a sack of potatoes on the couch watching TV)
    Cleaned the house every weekend (because he made it dirty)
    Expected him to make love to me (too tired from work)
    Never did any work outside in the yard (weeded twice a month on my flower beds)
    Everything is always about your family (because yours is 4 states away)
    And the most dramatic way possible “Loves dies”

    I now routinely make faces in the mirror to make sure I don’t lose my touch. Tuesday came and guess what I don’t give a fat rat ass where and what happened to his tightwad ass.

    Love my life

  • He never got to surf
    He wished he could Live in California
    He wished he owned a nome on the ocean
    I put peppercorns in the shepherds pie
    I joined a gym and bought clothes for myself
    How dare I get my hair done
    HE supported me financially (supposedly) and at 40 while I was finishing up clinical hours to graduate he moved to Florida worked as a barback causing me to lose my home. He stated it was my turn to support him.
    After two surgeries for prostate cancer a
    Failed attempted for a working penile prosthesis and another replacement I was told he found someone and wanted a divorce. THIS WAS AFTER I stood by his side and went wothout sex for two years.
    Oh and I didn’t know how toload a dishwasher.

  • Sociopath to me: You are too tough.

    Me: What do you mean?

    Sociopath: You have such high standards and your not flexible or forgiving with them?

    Me: What do you mean by “high standards?”

    Sociopath: You don’t have any tolerance for people who aren’t perfect and cheat.

    Me: Well, why the f*ck should I?

    • Bwah hah! Yes, and I also don’t tolerate people who out want to punch me, feed me poison, or steal my wallet. Pesky boundaries.

  • Wow! Reading this list amazes me! What a bunch of mighty chumps! We women and nice men really do power the world behind the scenes while the narcs and selfish ones do there own thing! It’s our turn to live our own lives and benefit from everything we do and are without the vampires sucking us dry!

  • Apparently, I was a nag who “made him take antidepressants” when he didn’t need them. I also “made” him go to a doctor when he was fine. The final straw was when I “made” him go to a psychiatrist who made a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. So far, he and his now wife have managed to survive without him being medicated but she has the same tendencies.

    Also, I asked him to load the dishwasher even though he does yard work.

    And, I asked him to housebreak a puppy since he was unemployed and at home all day. (He didn’t do it and it took me two years to break her of her bad habits. The kids told me later that he would lock her in a room all day and let her out when it was time for me to come home.)

    Additionally, the fact that I had finally found a job to settle into (we moved frequently for his work and I only took positions that I could easily leave) with major responsibilities and a supportive group of colleagues was detrimental to our relationship. I mean, why was I talking about something other than him and his work?!

  • OK, OK what in the whole wide world is it about loading the freakin’ dishwasher? I had one before him, I’ve had a few since him. But never ever once in 23 years of marriage did I ever load it correctly, to Himself’s specifications.

    I read that at least four or five times on here this morning.

    Oh, and I was a ‘barren’ woman—he was shooting blanks, the fertility doctor confirmed it.

    • I agree, there has to be something to this ‘dishwasher’ fixation. I cannot remember ever NOT having a dishwasher, but Dick never had one growing up, no garbage disposal either. I guess when we moved into an apartment and he finally possessed these appliances, he was now an expert. He would rearrange it after I had loaded it! Then, he would not run it…he had to admire his dishwasher loading skills, meanwhile, dirty dishes pile up in the sink… I am on the side of ‘if it fits, it ships’ and just run it. RUN it. Every. Damn. Day. He also had many rules about the garbage disposal. So. Many. Rules.

      • In our house it was my pouring boiling water into the sink (such as draining pasta); he thought I was a terrible person for doing that, even AFTER the plumber told me it was great, cleared out grease in the pipes, and sometimes I should drain my pasta in the bathroom sink or tub, too.

        Plus I didn’t squeeze out the dish sponge sufficiently. And apparently I was bad at organizing the recycling in the box.

        These were ones Cheater Narc complained about in the early years of our relationship – constantly, furiously, huge fights because of this tiny stuff! Eventually I shut that down, but it made me miserable for so long, and was hard on the kids, too, the constant fighting.

        Agh, yet more proof I should have left him sooooo much earlier.

        • I got the dishwasher gripe too. I would load it and he would immediately unload and reload it in a huff and with a lot of attitude. I always thought that was the stupidest thing ever. Why? Isn’t the end result the same? What difference does it make? I used to stand there at laugh at him fuming away at my inability to stack the dishes as if it were Tetris.

  • I am a good person
    I’m the kind of person that likes to “clean things up” (in reference to resolving issues)
    I am amazing
    I am the best mother he has ever seen
    I am logical and really smart
    I am a great business partner
    I “won’t be out there long” (I guess I am so amazing that some guy will snap me up immediately after you divorce me? Um, no. Between the two of us, I am the smart one who realizes I have no business getting involved for a long time!)
    We are incompatible
    (He couldn’t be more right about that. I don’t want a lying cheating morally bankrupt emotionally immature conflict avoidant penis-centered uncommunicative strange-fucking
    blame shifting partner WHO PICKS HIS NOSE AND EATS IT AT 53 YEARS OLD.

    • BTW….re: complaints are rarely voiced to me. He prefers to talk ABOUT me rather than TO me. He told our daughter that “I am selfish and don’t think about anyone except myself.” She told me this just before they left for the Christmas dance at her elementary school. The whole time they were gone, I was immobilized on my back on the couch with tears streaming down the sides of my face. I had a true narcissist mother; this comment was my Worst Fear Come True. I have spent my adult life clean and sober, in therapy, to NOT be like her. Prior to that night, he had never literally said one mean thing to me, or about me that I knew. It was a harbinger of things to come.
      He didn’t even have the guts to say ANYTHING to my face.

      • The triangulating mind fuck. Mine was an EXPERT at this too. Complete lack of introspection. Compelte mastery of blamishifting, gaslighting, abandonment etc etc etc. Fuck him! Fuck your ex. Fuck all the fuckers who thing we are mere orbiting planets of their shining fuckupedness! Keep doing you ciase you’re AMAZING!

    • No!! to the eating of the boogers…….man-child. Gross! Thank goodness you’re no longer kissing that one.

    • My Ex used to pick dried mucus out of his eye socket and eat it at the kitchen table. I always tried to look the other way. But I did not know how to properly load groceries onto the checkout counter. Even though I was paying for all of it, every time, for sixteen years. He would insist on doing it by himself. Then chat up the girl cashiers and they would hand him my change. I would be annoyed and he would laugh at me. Ah, memories.

      • Chatting up the girls!!!! EVERYWHERE!
        ANYWHERE! For years I just thought he was Mr Nice Guy being friendly. I am seeing that all differently post DDay.

        • Ah yes, the girls. CheaterPrick ditched me for a stripper. A few months later her sister got married and (I’ll apologize in advance because this just makes no fucking sense) CheaterPrick and Pole Pussy joined the newlyweds on their Vegas honeymoon. I saw a picture of the four of them on the sidewalk with a fancy feather-headdressed stripper hanging off each of the guys while Pole Pussy and the sister bride stood there pretending that this was fun. My chumpiness is confirmed because I actually feel sorry for her. She has no idea what’s coming but I do and it’s ugly. I just hope she is equally disordered and will be fine trading on to some other dude.

    • Eewww. That would have been a deal breaker. Hope his new side piece enjoys that.

      • Yes, I hope she does enjoy that. That and his explosive diarrhea all over the toilet bowl. But then, OW is someone who was known in her workplace for leaving small bits of soiled toilet paper on the toilet in the workplace ladies room. They are gross out soul mates.

  • I got from him ” the most important thing I Could have done for him was to love HIS mother”. His twisted version of the most important thing that a father can do for his children is to love THEIR mother. Very sick indeed.

  • My ex had his mother do the criticizing for him. This same mother also pick-me-danced on behalf of her son with the OW because OW was cheating with several married men.
    So I was lazy and a poor housekeeper and failed to cook while I was in a wheelchair with injuries related to having her grandchildren and working full time while he didn’t . Also I “drank alcohol” (half a glass of wine) and kept these horrible dirty cat creatures that carry diseases. (She was far more likely to bring a disease into the house than an indoor cat.)

  • Mine are all kinda true actually.

    1) “You’ve never respected me.” -He was a good friend since childhood and after dating a couple years as adults I knew we shouldn’t get married so I broke up with him…he begged and promised so I took him back. Those lasted until we got married then all those promises were broken…how does one respect a liar and a manipulator?

    2) “You’ll be happier without me.” This was when he was explaining his cheating and wanting a divorce in terms of it being good for me…I was pissed at the time but it actually turned out to be true I am indeed happier than I’ve been in years!

    • Yes mine said the same:
      I want you to be happy… I thought I was happy..

      • Exactly, we got along good enough, I thought I was happy, as happy as one can be during the season of raising 5 kids at least!

    • “how does one respect a liar and a manipulator?”

      I’m still trying to figure out that one too. Also, how do you respect someone who does not respect you?

  • I didnt throw him a 50th Birthday Party. Not once in 33 years did he do ANYTHING for my birthday. I always had his folks over and played it up big. I was told by him he did not want anything for his 50th so I complied. Then he threw this in my face right after his girlfriend call me and told me about “them”

  • I wanted a house. Silly me. I thought we were raising a family. The family he wanted. Bastard.

  • I served dinner out of the cooking pots on weekdays. I started using serving dishes every night after he complained. He never noticed because by then he was complaining that we didn’t have meat with dinner every night instead of only 3-4 nights a week. I started cooking meat every night for him and the boys even though daughter and I are vegetarians. He never noticed that change either because I made the mistake of serving hot dogs for dinner (that’s a lunch food not a dinner food). My kids remember to thank me for cooking every night.

    • Of course he was late for dinner every night anyway but why bother to be on time when I couldn’t get it right anyway?

    • Chumpinrecovery,

      Oh man me too! I didn’t make enough money. So I busted my ass to sell more houses. But then I didn’t cook enough, because I was too busy selling twice the amount of houses. So I started cooking more. Then there was always dishes in the sink. Then I didn’t clean enough, so I hired a cleaning lady that I paid for out of my income. Then he’s mopping the floor one night and was annoyed because he felt like “It was either him mopping or the cleaning lady mopping”. He was annoyed that I wasn’t the one doing it because I was a “spoiled middle class white girl” WTF?!?!

      It was like climbing Jacob’s ladder at the fair, you were never going to win, you’re barely balanced every step of the way, one wrong move and you’ll most likely be flipped upside down and end up dangling precariously or flat on your back like a chump. And you had to pay the asshole money to play. What a joke.

  • I didn’t delete my junk emails and keep my computer desktop clean.
    I didn’t chitchat with the security guard at his office when I visited once a year for lunch.
    I didn’t keep my car clean like his when the children were babies and toddlers in car seats.
    I didn’t wear a bikini on our vacation when my youngest was 4 months old.
    I made fish sticks- on purpose.

  • I am messy. I made more money than him. I am a good mom, while being a shitty wife. I am strong, so he can treat me like a doormat. He’s weak-he got that one correct. I had an idyllic childhood. I am not his soulmate-again he got that right. Big sigh.

  • I had changed. According to him I wasn’t that bubbly or smiley during the last 2 years. Maybe it was something to do with me battling breast cancer? I had also 2 blood transfusions and a full hysterectomy all in 2 years.

      • I think our behavior reflects our marriages. Good marriage, honest, supportive spouse? We are happy. Crap marriage, disordered, lying, cheating spouse? No longer “bubbly or smiley.” Hell, no wonder we’re no longer any fun. ????

  • I did not like sports, so he “decided to get a sports girlfriend”.

    I also was not giving him some magical, indefineable, ephemeral thing during sex – though this was something he was never able to communicate or define so could we work on it. I didn’t know if he needed me to wear a wookie costume and sing “The Hills Are Alive” or if I should stand on my head with a trombone out of my ass, playing improvised jazz. This not being a sexual mind reader was my fault and my responsibility and I needed to fix this even thought I did not know what “it” was because judging by his response in bed he was plenty satisfied. Now of course I am pretty sure it was just a mind fuck to keep me off balance and pick me dancing.

    I did not contribute enough to the household – even though he specifically told me to take this time to start my business and I was doing all of the housework except on special occasion when I asked for a hand cleaning a toilet or vacuuming before a big party.

    And the biggest mind fuck of all – he liked all my talents and gifts and all the wonderful things I brought to the house but he did not actually like “me” as a person. Charming.

  • I’m pretty cliché. I didn’t workout enough, didn’t “give” him sex enough (3x a week = not enough), didn’t fold his underwear, had Post-partum Depression, asked him to do house work… Ya know, the usual. ????

    • Lovewarrior,
      If you can find my other comments (I don’t exactly know where they are on this thread) but me and two other ladies are discussing how post partum is often caused by verbal abuse. Google that shit. I had very bad post partum (REALLY BAD) and a woman from an abuse group sent me an article. My jaw dropped. Actually makes sense when you think about it.

      P.S. I sucked because I always lost his socks from washing them. He used to change often in his car from gym clothes to work clothes. I would find socks in my driveway. But it had to have been me that misplaced them.

  • Instead of listing what my ex thought I did wrong (which was everything and a moving target), I’m going to list my actual quirks. My current fiance either doesn’t notice, doesn’t care, or finds them charming. That’s what love is. You see your partner’s quirks as an interesting part of their character. I:

    – Fall asleep when watching TV (I have three young kids and a full-time job), but my fiancee loves to cuddle me when I doze
    – Usually prefer quiet parties to loud, over-packed ones (so does my fiance!)
    – Try to always keep my houseplants alive, but sometimes they don’t make it (and that’s okay!)
    -Realize that having a dog would be too much work for me at this stage in my life, although I do love them, and want one someday (and that’s okay, too…he’s happy to wait!)
    – Am in my early 40s, and he’s happy with that (he doesn’t expect me to look/act 18)
    – Get overwhelmed sometimes with kids/work/house maintenance, and he’s there to support me (instead of berating me, like my ex)
    – and on and on

    • Yes I have my quirks too. I am generally intelligent but I can be a scatterbrain. This leads to embarrassing although mostly harmless situations often. I have tried for years to fix this to no avail. My brain just misses things sometimes. I have learned to accept it and if my scatterbrain does cause a problem I take responsibility and do my best to correct it or make amends. Most people who are close to me find this quirk endearing most of the time, but ex was embarrassed to be associated with me.

      I also have a tendency to show intense emotion when feeling overwhelmed or blindsided by the unexpected. It is mostly harmless. I shoot sparks to let off steam and then move on and work at solving the problem at hand. Sometimes, I might say something hurtful to the kids or others, however and I don’t like that. I am working very hard at fixing that one. Ex never mentioned this one in his list of complaints, however.

      • My ex said I am smart but scatterbrained airhead – how did I survive each day being so dense?
        Well, I took care of 2 dying parents by myself while working, then after narc I bought him out, I have good job and take care of the house and our daughter – all by myself (she refuses to see him and he doesn’t even ask about her or if she needs anything). Yeah, I’m an air head sometimes but I don’t lie, cheat and abandon my family and have children while married to someone else.

  • I was always trying to poison him by using food like cheese with bits of mold on it. I finally said if I was trying to poison you, I think I would use something more effective than a little moldy cheese, ya think?

    Such a drama queen. Do not miss him at all.

    • Not only a poisoner, an incompetent one!!!

      Let’s all hope that whoever he ends up with is more efficient in the poisoning dept.

  • “A thousand little things and a few big things, but I can’t tell you because it would hurt your feelings.” What? Having a secret life and hundreds of sex partners throughout our 30+ year marriage wasn’t enough pain …oh and then there was the part where it was my fault.

    • OMG!!!! I heard THE EXACT SAME THING.
      You must be my long lost sister wife!

  • My offence was having my own brain and saying no to him. In his words” I have no control over you.”
    Well that was my cue…

    • One time, my now-ex did something I disliked (that he knew I did not like at all because I had asked him not to do that every time he did it), and, that time, I asked him why he did it. He replied, “I’m trying to control you.” At the time, I thought it was a joke and laughed. A couple of years later, after dday, I realized he was likely speaking the complete truth. And that’s probably why he also pointed out my flaws repeatedly and made fun of certain things he knew I was insecure about. Of course, it was always done as “joking” so I didn’t feel I should get too mad because it was only a joke, after all! I didn’t realize how he was slowly making me more insecure over the years. He started this kind of thing after we were married: I was the frog in a pot of water on a burner while he cranked up the water temperature. Thank goodness I had a healthy self-confidence going into this, and we were only married a few years. After dday, I started to clearly see all the unhealthy stuff I had been putting up, thinking it was normal because none of us are perfect, right? Sigh.

  • “You could have cooked more…” He hated my cooking. It upset his stomach and he never ate meals with us. Because: beer. Plus I did literally everything else a and was exhausted. Seemed like the ONE thing he could do.

    ” You need to step up your parenting..” This was said after months of love bombing that I was the “best mother he ever saw…he is so lucky to have me….”

    “You don’t like my friends…so I had to make new ones (on POF)” because his only other friends were a couple he had a threesome with.

    ” My kids never liked you anyways….” Saw his two boys (former stepsons) a few weeks after this and they begged me to attend their sporting games and reminisced about our camping trip 2 years prior, and admitted they had a picture of me with my two kids that they kept hidden from their dad and looked at often…..

    I don’t know how to communicate.
    I run out on every one. (More like escape abusive assholes).
    He didn’t like my family.

  • Just a few:
    -I didn’t acknowledge him enough for taking out the trash EVERY week
    -I left the medicine cabinet open
    -he didn’t like our wedding vows
    -he wanted it to be exciting “all the time”
    -I am too negative (this came out when I said that to pay off the credit card we should stop using it and he said that I just needed to think positively about it instead)
    -and best one, I decorated the house too much at Christmas.

    • Just think positively as all your stuff is getting repossessed dude. See how that works out…

  • We didn’t communicate a lot, especially toward the end, but he made it known that I particularly sucked at:
    1) Cooking smells. Marinara sauce is good, but cooking with garlic isn’t.
    2) Actually, strike that, any cooking smell is bad. It just is. Toast smells.

    I actually like cooking and I’m decent at it. CheaterX always had a limited palate. He didn’t eat many veggies, for example, and he ate only poultry (white meat only), and some shell fish. One thing I really like about being divorced is that I eat a lot more veggies now and have a lot wider protein options.

    I remember that he once snuck off to Schmoopie’s for some sort of get-together. She sent him home with a styrofoam tray of leftovers, including barbecued chicken thighs. He never ate dark meat, and couldn’t cut his chicken from the bone anyway. I had to serve him boneless meat througout our marriage.

    Schmoopie was under the impression that he liked to eat home-cooked meals. Boy. was she in for a surprise after she started living with him! He’d push around the food on the plate and then throw it out. 😀

    • One of my favorite things about being divorced is that I can make whatever I want for dinner!
      Cheater like red meat, chicken and fish, but I was very limited in what seasonings I could use. No exotic flavors. Basically is was beige meals for us.

      I get to make salads as the main course now!

      • Oh my God, that reminds me. We used to go to a restaurant near here that served a small (free) salad to begin with. BUUUUUUT it had sweet corn in it! “Who the hell puts sweet corn in a salad”. So his solution was that we were NEVER allowed to go there again. My thoughts were it’s free, say you don’t want it or just leave the sweet corn on one side! But then I always was unreasonable!

  • I didn’t use every gift he gave me every day.

    The gifts I did use every day got worn out and didn’t look pristine anymore.

    I didn’t quit my career to be a stay at home Mom.

    I wasn’t making enough money and wasn’t far enough along in my career (after thirteen years of cutting back to 30 hrs a week and making family my first priority when needed which was the agreed upon compromise to my refusal to completely quit my career).

    When I started putting more time into my career so I could advance and make more money, I wasn’t giving him enough attention.

    I didn’t give him the four kids he wanted (only three) and we didn’t have them sooner.

    I gave the kids we had too much attention.

    I didn’t seduce him often enough even though he blew me off whenever I tried.

    I didn’t look sexy bundled up to go biking in subzero weather so I could continue to get my exercise and stay fit and not “let myself go”. He never actually complained that I had let myself go but made it clear he would think lesser of me if I did.

    I was too predictable when it came to sex. He was only ever interested if it was 3:00am, five minutes before my alarm went off, five minutes before I had to walk out the door or Saturday mornings. I picked Saturday mornings. Yup, predictable.

    I didn’t respond fast enough to his texts. When I started texting faster my texts were full of typos which made me look stupid and who wants a stupid wife.

    We didn’t have enough money

    I didn’t go clothes shopping often enough and the clothes I did buy were too cheap and I don’t know how to accessorize (“People will think I am neglecting my wife if you don’t wear expensive clothes and accessories”)

    He didn’t feel needed.

    I was too needy.

    I didn’t have enough confidence after years of his putdowns.

    When I made lunches or washed dishes I was mothering him, but he felt put upon because he had to do the laundry.

    In other words, if I did it one way it was wrong, but if I tried to change my ways and do it the way he implied he wanted it done, that was wrong too. If I really loved him, I would be able to read his mind and know what he wanted even though what he wanted kept changing. If we were soul mates then everything I did would just automatically be just the way he wanted it every time. Good luck Schmoopie.

    • ‘ If we were soul mates then everything I did would just automatically be just the way he wanted it every time.’

      This is exactly what my ex thinks. And he RESENTS me because I didn’t fulfill his every need and wish every single time, without his having to express anything. Before he even knew it himself would have been great!

      They really are very large toddlers, eh?

    • I got… i thought you could read my mind….wow toddler thinking style

  • I sucked at running our household budget because he didn’t have enough “fun money”. ((I managed to balance our budget while paying cash for his second bachelors degree and I had the nerve to pay off his of his 42K Student loan debt months.))

    I sucked because I never let him take me on the bathroom counter or bathroom floor…um…ok.

    I sucked because I never let him go down on me out of the blue while watching tv…um…ok…what do we do with the kiddos running around?

    I sucked because I made more money than him. ((Well, obvi because he was a college student again and I was working full time. Would’ve thought that Master’s degree would’ve helped him see that. Math is hard.))

    I sucked at planning fun, relaxing weekend getaways. ((It made him feel bad because he couldn’t ever plan a weekend away for us because he didn’t think he could plan it correctly. So, how is that MY fault??))

    I sucked because i wouldn’t shave like he wanted me to. ((Yeah, I’m not a porn star so I don’t need to be bare or have it shaped like a star.))

    I sucked the most because I filed for divorce and took away his cake. He is still so angry that I said no to our (secret one-sided open) marriage. God. I really am an awful person…the worst wife appliance ever. Buh bye, Asshat!

    • **paid off his 42K student loan debt in 24 months. Yeah, I sucked.

  • OMG where do I start! When he couldn’t make love to me(10 years of ED); it was my fault. He thanked me for being a loving wife and a great friend!?
    He also wrote to me and told me that I antagonised and frustrated my family friends and staff and I always have done?! I walked out; he didn’t (when my oldest daughter & I caught his 60 year old miserable arse and his 38 year old MOW naked in our food van in the local swamp) & best of all! He told me to move on because I brought this on myself! What a delusional limp dicked loser! I have dodged a bullet! Imagine growing old with that!

  • I wouldn’t get clown boob implants.
    I didn’t rinse dishes properly after washing them.
    I didn’t support his hobbies (despite the 3 motorcycles, expensive 4 wheel drive truck, extensive gun collection and myriad of things he bought constantly, oh yea I was the only one working to provide all these things)
    I was no fun (I wasn’t supposed to be tired after a long day when all he did was nap because he couldn’t hold a job)
    I would walk into the bathroom when he was in there “crowding him”
    I had bad taste in music
    I didn’t “understand” his need for daily porn
    I was too successful, made him feel less than a man (of course he never kept a job longer than a year because he was never appreciated for his greatness)
    I once put apples in the streusel – oh the audacity

    I mean the atrocities I committed as a wife must have been so hard to live with that it drove him to multiple affairs. I guess when you dont work it leaves a lot of free time to fill because I had to work. Funny how he didn’t mind spending the money. Le sigh.

    • OMG! This could almost be my cheater, lol! I too was the breadwinner and bought him anything and everything he wanted. But he felt like “he wasn’t contributing” yet, somehow, never managed to actually get a job to contribute. And yes, when you don’t work, you apparently have lots of free time to date other women that you meet on the Ashley Madison website. They are unreal.

      • Well in their defense they did all attend Cheater Academy, located in Cheaterville USA and obtained degrees in Cheating with a minor in Douchebagery. Apparently the textbooks and curriculum haven’t changed in decades. I hear their class reunions are the bomb! LOL

  • I was a “deadbeat.” (He’s a pro at projection!!)

    At one point, after a job change (I quit a job after over 20 years when they cut staff and started expecting those of us who remained to work an extra hour or two every day for free), I made much less money than the Python so he had to pay more than half of the household expenses for the first time in years.

    I thought reciprocity wouldn’t be a big deal. OH, BUT IT WAS!!

    I’d been subsidizing him re the monthly expenses, as well as paying off his credit cards, buying him cars (used, but in excellent condition) and very expensive bicycles (he wanted racing and mountain and recumbent, etc.), and paying for our trip to Europe.

    Because of his PTSD, I thought he needed to spend his money on toys and hobbies because that’s therapeutic – super spackler! I’d forked out tens of thousands of dollars over the years, the money moving in his direction and never the other way, and then when I looked for some financial reciprocity, I became a “deadbeat.”

    Oh and for good measure, I was a “feminazi.”