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Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Dad’s day to all the chump men! Hope you’re out celebrating today and being celebrated.

If you’re going through the infidelity and divorce crucible right now, and the Hallmark bonhomie of Intact Family Celebrations turns you off, please know it gets better. Like I tell all the moms on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day is your chance to celebrate YOUR way and make this day about YOU. (Yes, my chumpy friend, your needs don’t have to be microscopic on this or any other holiday.)

Thanks for all you do to be the sane parent. Thanks for setting a good example. Thanks for giving every straight woman and gay guy here hope that Good Men Exist. We love you and we wouldn’t be Chump Nation without you.

And a special shout out to my husband who is a wonderful father. To his corny jokes, to making everything a Teaching Moment, to his love of baseball, popcorn, and BBQ, to his spoiling dogs to a ridiculous degree (he bakes them DOG CAKES for their birthdays!) to his being the sane guy who shows up — thank you. My own son’s father ghosted him (here’s to the healing powers of step-fathers!) and today my son is proud to call my husband his parent.

Let’s share our Good Guy stories and show our appreciation for the awesome dads out there.

Happy Father’s Day!

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  • Happy Fathers Day gents. I’ve never cared about my birthday because I had nothing to do with it. Fathers Day on the other hand I take great pride in. I CHOSE to be a father and I’m so glad I did, even though it was with someone of low character. Being a father is and always will be my greatest accomplishment. Enjoy your day fellas.

  • Happy Fathers Day to the mighty male chumps! My daughter was saying she doesn’t hear much from her dad and forgot to get him a FD gift. I suggested a pack of beer and she settled on a bottle of wine( for the diabetic alcoholic—something she doesn’t acknowledge). Meh not my circus or my monkey. Have a great day Chump dads and dads-by-choice.

  • Happy Father’s Day to the dads, step-dads, granddads, male role models and even the moms who play the role of dad too! Enjoy your day! ????

  • Happy Fathers Day to everybody here… to all the people who are making this day about letting their kids feel like part of a happy, healthy family. Make some good memories today!

  • Happy Father’s Day to all of the great men of CN that are loving, supportive, and doing the hard work of raising their children. We love you! Fight for every minute that you can get with your precious children because you are the sane parent.

    You guys ROCK! Don’t forget it.

  • It’s so good to see men rise to the challenge of fatherhood, all the way through.
    My eldest daughter is going to see her father tonight because she feels obligated. My middle daughter lives with him and stopped talking to me because… birds of a feather. And my son is working today all day and laughed when I texted him that today was Father’s Day and it would be a great day to tell his that it’s not too late to be one…

  • Happy Father’s Day to all the men on this site today. You are the reason a lot of chumps have hope that not all men are fuckwits. Happy fuckwit free day.

  • Mr. Sparkles waited until today to invite his son over for a bbq… and now he’s 30 minutes late for pick up.

    Chump Dad’s… wish I could buy each of one you a beer (or a pelegrino!). Thanks for not giving up on your kids and staying committed to them through the shitshow of breeding with a cheater. You rock. Enjoy your day.

  • Happy Father’s Day to all the sane males! You rock even if you are crawling out of the debris field. I’m crawling out too!

  • Chump Dads, we see you and we love you. You’ve got a harder row to hoe than many of us chump moms because society sets up more hurdles for you, and gives you your own special set of shit sandwiches to choke down. And still you show up, show out and set a good example. Happy Father’s Day!

    A shout out to my own Dad, who has been my rock since dday; to my brother, who is the kindest, strongest, most tender SAHD you’ll ever meet; and to the many faithful, loving dads married to my friends and my cousins. You guys are the best, and I’m glad you’re out there.

  • My chump sister has been with her significant other now for over 14 years. (met after children were grown). He is Grandpa to her grandchildren, and all of the grandchildren in the two families are like cousins now. They even do Grandpa and Grandma vacations with them. Meanwhile bio-cheater Grandpa is miserably married to schmoopie, who has no interest in his former kids and grandchildren. They see the kids MAYBE once a year if they don’t go away for Christmas.

    Meanwhile, this is my first fathers day without my dad, who was married to my Mom for 75 years and treated her like a queen (and she treated him like a king). They were a couple that had it figured out. Whenever I feel bad that I don’t have that, I thank God I had them as my parents. We can’t have it all! :-). BTW, he knew something was up when I was in Wreckonciliation and still keeping it a secret and ended up being a huge support through that.

  • I have to confess that I never realized there was such a thing as a male chump until *I* was chumped and looked at this forum and on Reddit. Honestly, I never really gave it any thought and, conditioned by society and movies, I just ran with the stereotype that it is always the man who betrays his partner.

    Stupid assumption.

    As the men on this forum demonstrate, it’s not just males who are cheating assholes. And there are certainly some good guys out there. Thanks men of CN! And Happy Father’s Day!

  • Happy Fathers Day! It’s so easy for cheaters to step out. It hard work stepping up. That’s what chump dad’s do, all the time. Have a wonderful day.

  • I like to think of Mother’s’ and Fathers’ Days as Parents’ Day #1 and #2, since I know a lot of families with either two moms or two dads, or non-binary folks. But it works even for straight cis men in CN who know they’re the Sane Parent, and not just some handyman-around-the-house appendage the way they’re made out to be on greeting cards. I see you, Chump Dads, and I appreciate the hard work you’ve put into parenting even (especially!) when your heart is shredded by a cheater. Keep being mighty!

  • Happy FD to all the chump dads and step-dads who stepped up when cheater bio-dads f’ed up.

    Mensches… making the ersatz version look bad since we swung down from the trees.

  • I’m a Mom but my 2 kids have been celebrating Father’s Day in my name for 4 years now. They haven’t seen the sperm donor for that long & tell me a better father anyway. So now I get both Mother’s & Father’s Day. There definately is a plus side!

  • First FD since divorce and complete abandonment of our 2 children. Lesson in knowing boundaries and seeing how abandonment destroys father child relationship. I told my children it’s FD and asked did they want to call their dad. They chose not to. I respected their choice. Not much of a dad since he hasn’t seen them in a year and only calls every few months. Fuckwit reaps what he sows. Big hugs to all the dads who actually show up.

  • Happy Fathers Day to all Chump parents out there, doing the work of two! To all children of Chumps out there contending with having sh*t fathers or mothers – you don’t get to pick your parents, but you sure as heck get to pick how you respond to them, and how you choose to behave yourself. AND how you cherish the Chump that stayed and sane-parented/parents you through the sh*tstorm. Treasure the Mightiness! (Fathers Day is in September in Australia, but hey, any day’s a good day to celebrate the mighty)

  • Happy Father’s Day to all the chump dads. Your decency gives us all hope for the future

  • Happy Father’s Day to OBS, who followed his WW around the world after she told him she wanted to D, who is now building a house for his kids in an unfamiliar town, who continues to face her mental and emotional abuse, all to be beside his children. You rock, and don’t ever let that bitch tell you otherwise.

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