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The Crown, The Cake

Is anyone watching The Crown, the series about the English royal family? The latest season 4 is about the all about the dissolution of Prince Charles and Diana’s marriage.

I’m sure it will surprise you to learn that the heir to an actual monarchy has an entitlement problem. Let them eat cake! Invite your mistress to your wedding! Be chummy! Feast on your bride’s confusion and chumpdom!

As Schmoopie’s go, Camilla Parker-Bowles is perfectly villainous with a face like a well-worn pair of jodhpurs.

She never seems to miss an opportunity to superciliously let Diana know she knows so much more about Charles than Diana does.

As Diana tells the story in the tapes for Morton, in 1981 after Charles’s proposal Camilla had a letter waiting for her just as she moved into Clarence House—her new shared home with the prince. The Princess of Wales said the note read:

“Such exciting news about the engagement. Do let’s have lunch soon when the Prince of Wales goes to Australia and New Zealand. He’s going to be away for three weeks. I’d love to see the ring. Lots of love, Camilla.”

One lump of humiliation or two?

Diana further explained to Morton, “[Camilla] said: ‘You are not going to hunt, are you?'” Diana explained. “I said, ‘On what?’ She said, ‘Horse. You are not going to hunt when you go and live at Highgrove are you?’ I said, ‘No.’ She said, ‘I just wanted to know.’ And I thought as far as she was concerned, that was her communication route. Still too immature to understand all the messages coming my way.”

Camilla is Charle’s special ride. Stay away from the stables, Diana!

It’s the same ol’ pick me dance. Grander surroundings.

Any thoughts on royal family fuckupedness?

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  • The comments exploded on Twitter of how mean-spirited this guy was and how he mistreated Diana. The pain she must have suffered. After all that, they don’t even sleep in the same bedroom these days, but then again, one wonders how either of them can even sleep peacefully knowing what they did.

      • I’ll never forget Princess Diana’s comment that “there were three people in this marriage. It’s a bit crowded, don’t you think?” Such a tasteful way of saying her husband is a cheating piece of shit. I feel for the tremendous pain she must have been in. My husband had a multi year “friendship” and then affair with the person he ended up leaving the family for and now marrying – similar story, minus the income, the social status, and the castles, of course.

        The pain of knowing there was a second person “in the shadows of the marriage” for a long time and never being able to quantify what affect that had on the poor quality and eventual dissolution of the marriage sometimes haunts me. I’m glad to be away from it and I wish the two of these sucky people a lifetime of “separate bedrooms” among other karmic retributions.

        • That line, “There were three people in my marriage,” is the most classy way to tell people the truth and shut everyone the fuck up.

          My version was, “I didn’t have a problem being married, but my husband’s girlfriends didn’t like it.” That stopped people in their tracks, especially the people in my church who thought I just need to ____ harder. (Choose one: pray and fast, cook, fuck, repent, tithe, minister, clean, parent, etc.)

          • I love your “I didn’t have a problem being married, but my husband’s girlfriends didn’t like it.” Pithy and it leaves people pondering it for a bit as you walk away.

            Mine was, “My wife had forgotten to tell me about her boyfriend.”

          • “especially the people in my church who thought I just need to ____ harder. (Choose one: pray and fast, cook, fuck, repent, tithe, minister, clean, parent, etc.)”

            Right? In my case one woman at church said: Think Church Lady; “I told myself when I got married that I would never divorce” I said: “so did I, unfortunately FW didn’t give me that option, he moved out of the house to marry another woman” She drop jawed, and the preachers wife who was standing there said: “Yes, you don’t always get a say in the matter”

            Note: my preacher and his wife were totally supportive of me. Also, my preacher tried to help my FW wake up and return to being the man he thought he knew. He found out, as I did; that man was either gone, or never really existed. I will never know for sure.

            • SL: There was a time when I thought the man I married had been replaced by an alien/demon. It took a few years for me to realize that he had always been a monster. He just let his mask slip after a while. Once that happened, it was all over.

              Thankfully, my confusion was cleared up by my therapist (also our “marriage” counselor): Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Covert Subtype.

              I can’t say the red flags weren’t there in the beginning. Unfortunately, I just didn’t want to know what they meant.

              To be honest, I still can’t wrap my head around his willingness to practice such deceit and cause so much unnecessary damage.

              I just keep hoping Dante’s version of hell is real, and all the betrayers spend eternity in Satan’s claws.

              • Yep.

                I will never understand how he could have been so cruel. I get if he wanted a divorce, (it happens) but the treatment of me is just un explainable. I would have never done it to him, or anyone.

        • Oh really…I had “only” read about suspicions of the one married couple friend of theirs. Curious what other dirt there is. What a jerk.

        • Please don’t spread unsubstantiated rumors, even about public figures.we really don’t need any more fake news erupting.

          • It’s hardly rumours. Perhaps not as well known as when they were dating, but he humiliated her OFTEN until he felt she was “ready for the life to be Queen.”

  • The portrayal in the series and my takeaway was that everyone knew, even the Spencer family and everyone assumed Diana knew too. The first chapter has the metaphor of the wounded stag going to crown lands and finally being harvested by Prince Phillip with Diana’s help. I may have put too much importance on this. The hunt for a suitable match for Charles was over, Diana was the trophy .

    • Another way to read the metaphor: Charles is the Stag (single man). His family butcher’s his future happiness by pressuring him to marry Diana (Goddess of the Hunt).

      The metaphor is pretty, and the butchering scene with Philip and Charles pounds the literary significance of the scene to the narrative. There’s something not right here though, obviously, because in this version Charles will only be happy if he is poaching himself the married Camilla.

      Repeatedly The Crown is conveying a reading which says: infidelity and disloyalty is the price one pays to be a Royal: Character is measured not by loyalty to one’s spouse but rather to the public royal life. That attachment to the Crown justifies abominable behavior towards spouses. And that feels messed up to me.

      • All I could think of in that scene, was the fact that they were skinning the stag all wrong.

        Same with a scene in Game of Thrones where Cersei’s father was dressing the stag on a table inside a tent. Not how it’s done.

        But I digress…

        • As a long time subsistence hunter, that scene in GOT bothers me too! First of all, no Lord would have been butchering his own meat! And second, he was doing it all wrong!!!! LOL I HATE little incongruities on film!

          • It occurs to me that later on, they did mount the head of the stag, so I tell myself perhaps they were only concerned with keeping the cape intact, but still…..

      • Absolutely, everything for the Crown, appearences and politics. Marriages? That’s just for securing heirs, public / charity appearances, and photo shoots. Diana was certainly hugely niave to not have been aware of any of this.

      • I think of Edward and Wallis Simpson–he married her and abdicated the crown. So ironic to me, that Elizabeth owes her queenship to that abdication but her son the cheating Charles wouldn’t give up his place in the succession. So satisfying that in his 70s he’s still waiting. And so tragic that Diana, 19 when they married, was sacrificed to his ambition.

        I was in England when they were married, and it was clear then that the British public had far warmer feelings for Diana than for Charles.

        • Buuut wallis simpson was a nazi sympathizer and had converted Edward as well. They, as a while, were a national safety risk for the incoming war. Churchill knew if he allowed for them to remain they wouldn’t fight and let the nazis take control. That’s the real story.

          • On the contrary, Churchill wanted him to marry her and remain King. He even floated a “King’s Party”.

            It wasn’t until the whole thing broke in the press, and the reaction of the public was clear, that he backed down. To be fair to Edward, he refused to countenance a King’s Party on the grounds it was unconstitutional, and refused suggestions he should get crowned, *then* marry her.

            If you’re interested in Edward and the Abdication, an excellent book is Philip Zeigler’s Edward VIII.

            • I hated the recent Churchill biopic. So sanitized. Churchill was also a eugenicist. Granted he was a fan in the heyday of “positive eugenics” prior to the rise of the Third Reich and back when eugenics was mostly presented as a program of “more careful breeding” rather than euthanization of the disabled, though the view of the time did promote sterilization of the “unfit.” British humorist GK Chesterton knew exactly where the whole thing was headed in the same time period and tore all the rationalizations for it to pieces, so there goes the “cultural/historical” apologia.

              • Churchill certainly had a lot of faults, and was morally reprehensible in some ways.

                However, he was a brilliant war leader, and he saw the dangers of appeasement when others were falling over themselves to placate Hitler. He was there when we needed him.

  • My question has always been, and I use the CAPS on purpose: WHERE WAS DIANA’S FAMILY? Young women do not become bulimic overnight. It is years in the making, or rather the undoing, of a young girl. It is sad, but not surprising, that she looked for love in exactly the wrong place.

    • Her Mom was a cheater who ditched the family for some Latin American polo player. Her Dad remarried and the stepmother was less than empathetic. Nobody was looking after those poor kids.

        • Their mother died when they were young, they’ve had nothing but their dad’s take on things since they were kids/teens.

          • You mean not in the UK?

            I don’t trust news rags, and I can’t judge strangers from a distance. That said, Harry and Meghan seem to be the only people in the royal family with any common sense, and Harry has repeatedly said he wants to protect his wife and son.

            Sounds pretty reasonable to me.

        • You cannot expect your children to openly reject their father’s choice and also try to maintain a relationship with their father. They often walk on eggshells to try to go along to get along.

          I speak from my own personal experience, of course. My boys were 9 and 12 when I divorced their dad. They detested most of his dating choices, but I urged them to have good manners, and concentrate on time with their dad. I also pointed out most of the dates did not last long, there was a revolving door, and a date du jour. Sometimes there was a juggle of dates, but even their dad realized it was unlikely the boys wouldn’t let the wrong name slip.

          Eventually he decided to marry a younger Asian woman who needed a green card and the appearance of wealth. I believe he thought she would be subservient, and his caretaker, but that is my opinion. I don’t think it worked out for either of them, and the boys report they occupy different levels of a split foyer house. But she did realize that she was not going to replace me in my son’s lives, and their visits with their dad were curtailed after that realization. My sons are polite, and think I am too critical, but they don’t know everything I have learned over the years. I believe time and circumstances reveal character, and my sons will learn over time.

          I am far more interested in the person my sons choose to become than I am in either their father or his choice of companion.

      • It was Sarah Furguson’s mom who left the family for Argentine polo player Héctor Barrantes, while Diana’s mother lost custody after she ran off with Peter Shand Kydd.

        Apparently only Fergie acquired her mother’s ability to drift while Diana suffered the embarrassingly plebian tendency of becoming attached in marriage.

      • It was Sarah, Duchess of York’s mother who bailed out of her marriage to marry an Argentinian polo player named Felipe Barrientos.

        Diana’s mum bailed out of her marriage for a wallpaper salesman named Peter Shand-Kydd. Her stepmother Raine was a relative of none other than Barbara Cartland, an OG scribbler of the frightful literary genre of romance novels. Raine had a crash test helmet bouffant that even would’ve made Margaret Thatcher and Mary Kay Ash stare.

        • My mistake by relying on my memory and repeating and mangling HellOfAChump’s post.

          If the royals would’ve stopped insisting that Charles marry a virgin – instead of a woman “with a past” like Camilla, who he already knew and could actually relate to.

          Charles was not allowed to marry Camilla and was all but forced to marry Diana by his mother and grandmother. The double standard that it’s perfectly fine for men to “sow their wild oats”, i.e., “have a past” but not to marry a woman with(in) whom those figurative oats were sown is a ridiculous idea that should’ve never been taken seriously by anyone.

          • Charles couldn’t marry Camilla because she had married someone else; it was OK for him to make her his mistress, however.

            The entire royal family has a nasty history; just look back to George I and then come forward in history. I guess if you’re royal, you can do anything you want and nobody will tell you no. Except Elizabeth II and her mother, Mary. They both tried their best to be upright and present morality in marriage.

    • Isn’t this the story of many chumps? Our unhealthy families of origin, which include parents who maybe narcissistic or alcoholic or abusive or indifferent, prime us to be susceptible to love bombing, because we unconsciously or consciously want to full the void we feel. What we don’t know is that there is no way for adult relationships to “make up” for what we didn’t get as kids. We have to finish the job of growing up and becoming independent in order to be ready for reciprocal adult relationships.

      So what we get are predators who want to use us as kibble sources, or for money, or for status. Users.

      On top of that, we have the cultural messages about marriage being the goal of life, about marriage being forever, about how we should suck it up and take the abuse if it’s coming. Imagine the pressure Diana was under to go along with the courtship, the unimaginable lovebombing not from the Weak Prince but from a whole country who wanted a fairy tale. She didn’t have a chance. I’m not a 100% fan of Kate, Dutchess of Cambridge, but she was older, educated and at one time broke things off with Prince William.

      • I agree. Well said. We are products of our environment, but it is up to us to pull our heads out of our butts and finally grow up, finally appreciate ourselves, and love ourselves — without turning around and hurting others in the process. Diana’s family just wanted their daughter to be the ‘Princess’. They essentially prostituted her for their own gain. There are many people in ordinary life that do the same to their own daughters/sons. They turn a blind eye to the obvious just so they can (supposedly) better themselves and their own circumstances. I’m sure many a mom/dad told their son/daughter of all the advantages of marrying “so and so”, rather than cautioning their child about what true love is — caring for another in good times as well as bad — because bad times will happen. Oh– true love also requires being faithful and not bringing anybody else into the marriage. Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowels (pun intended) are just many self-entitled fuckwits in this world.

        • @ LAJ and AC:

          You both said it very eloquently about how we try to correct our FOO issues when we marry or form other adult relationships. Or as my best, life long friend keeps reminding me: Quit trying to cure self-centeredness one relationship at a time. Reminders like that help slow learners like me.

        • Agree 100% Amazon Chump. My mother did this to me: she wanted me to marry this rich guy, was very angry with me when I broke up, but I knew I would not be happy with him (although I did change 6 for half a dozen, but fuckwit-half-a-dozen had more talents for stringing me along).

          I had a beautiful smart student from a very poor family who fell for this guy who I KNOW will make her unhappy. I swear he is gay and married her as a facade, very common in my country. But her parents goaded her into marrying him because he is super well off. He won a bonus from his employers for a trip to Disney for two and he took his MOTHER. My student WAS dying to go, she had never been out of the state, let alone the country. She asked me in tears if I thought she was being unreasonable…. Of course not, dear! Please fix your picker! But she went ahead and got married. Now time will tell.

      • I think it also shows us something a lot of chumps struggle with, and what was discussed in the blog two days ago, what makes the mistress so “special” and why does the chump suck so much?

        It’s not about sucking or not being good enough or pretty enough, and the mistress isn’t super special and has something the chump lacks. Diana was a literal princess and still got cheated on. You could be legit ROYALTY and still get chumped. That proves it’s not about the chump. It’s the cheater’s suckitude through and through.

        • For real, you can literally be Beyonce and Halle Berry, and some dumbass will still cheat on you.

          Cheating isn’t about you not measuring up – it’s about an asshole with an entitlement problem. You will never be good enough for the wrong person.

          • Or Will Smith.
            Cheaters will cheat because they are terrible, selfish, entitled people. No amount of wealth or status changes that. How many chumps here have exes who cheated for bums with no ambitions or motivation, who couldn’t hold down jobs or homes, and blew every dollar that came their way?

            Princesses, celebrities, stay-at-home parent, 40 pounds over weight, supermodel…doesn’t matter it’s not about any of that. You’ll get chumped if your partner feels entitled and gives themselves permission to do it.

      • Diana was SO YOUNG, too. She was 20 when she married. Charles was in his 30s.

        I had no idea she was that young. It’s shameful that no one protected her against this predator.

    • Unfortunately most of these children are passed off to nannies from the day they are born and the parents have very little to do with raising their kids. They may make decisions on boarding schools and universities, maybe spend the holidays with them or at least partially. So it’s sink or swim for the these kids. Diana pretty much broke that mold with her own children.

  • It’s all played in front of a grand stage… and yet no one seems to care about how the heir to the British throne talked about wanting to be Camilla’s knickers and tampon (apparently they are leaving it out of The Crown). He’s so ick. Camilla’s so ick. The Queen (and what I perceive as continued abuse of Diana — although I’m not watching The Crown and am not sure how it’s being portrayed) is so ick. I’d like to say that now that the US doesn’t have a monarchy, things have improved in that regard. But we have a President who proudly cheats and grabs women by the p**** so it’s a no win, really.

    • And now he looks like he became the tampon he coarsely wished to be – fluffy white top, alcoholically-reddended and fluid-expanded in the middle, utter pain in the bum, always strings attached, and necessary in his environment, but only once in a while, not all the time –

      (And I would never make that foul joke if (a) I wasn’t here at CL and (b) he hadn’t made that utterly ridiculous comment in the first place and (c) he wasn’t one of the foulest cheaters ever himself.)

    • True, and the next administration is no better. Kamala slept with a much older married man to advance her career, and Joe and Jill Biden’s relationship began as an affair as well. She was still married, and her ex Bill Stephenson is currently writing a book about it (50 years later-yikes- he still seems very hurt which makes me sad as a chump). Anyway, I’m beginning to believe so many people cheat, it gives me no hope!

          • Da Mayor Slick Willie has moved on to some woman named Sonya. Still married to his wife though. Head scratcher. Is his plan to end his days being cared for by his wife and kids ?

            • For laughs I just looked at Sonya’s insta. Willie is paying for all that Dior, Alexander McQueen and the Napa house renovation.

          • Willie Brown and his actual wife just bought a property together recently. They’re not estranged – she’s just eating the shit sandwich for decades at a time.

        • Be very wary of “fact checks” or fact checkers”. More times than not they have a dog in the fight and therefore the facts are skewed.

      • Don’t be a conspiracy theorist or a misogynist. There is no evidence that Kamala dated him to advance her career, and, as others have said, he had been publicly separated from his wife for a decade, and there was no pretense that either party was not free to date whom they chose.

        • I’m neither a conspiracy theorist or misogynistic. Willie brown and his wife are still married. Kamala was the other woman. Defending her is victim shaming his wife

          • 1.) Your implication that she slept her way to the top because of a relationship that ended 20 years ago is misogynistic.

            2.) Blanche Vitero was not a “victim” in this matter. She was not involved. The two had bee publicly separated for over a dozen years at that point, and both of them lived openly separate lives. And when I say “publicly” I mean “1984 NYT article (ten years before he dated Kamala) going ‘yes, my wife and I amicably separated two years ago’.” No one was lied to, no one was tricked.

            If you don’t like Kamala’s politics, just say so – but you’re being disingenuous to try and imply she had an affair.

            • I’m sticking to Tracy’s rules, and not going to talk politics here! My original response agreed with the post about Trump being unfaithful, and then added the part about incoming administration, only making a point of how rampant cheating is sadly. Sorry if I offended you

      • Also, Biden has two credible (grabbing) accusations against him. One of them was on the record as complaining in real time, but she was shuffled off to another office, and the media pretty much buried the story.

        My little neighbor has a sign in her yard that says “They all suck, we are so screwed” I nod my head in agreement every time I see it.

        • Thanks for this dose of sanity. The pressure to pretend one side is made up of awesome people when they’re all scummy on both sides feels like gaslighting all over again. It’s been a super triggering year.

          • Cam, choosing between a douche bag and a turd sandwich cannot ever be fun, no different anywhere else in the world really…

            As to the Royal mess, I have not watched The Crown, I have no TV and don’t watch most of the drivel they try to peddle these days, Charles was never man enough to say what he wanted to mummy dearest, was he? They all knew about it, the enablers all…so very sick and twisted!

      • I am still hurt after 26 years. It hasn’t stopped me from going on with life, remarrying a great man, being happy having a kick ass career. But, it can come back on you as it did on me, when FW screwed with our grown son and his family.

        People just generally don’t forget huge hurts, be it death of a loved one, physical injury or emotional injury. It is baggage we carry and most of us have some.

  • She was 19 and he was 37. Was Charles told “marry someone pliable and keep the mistress” and he was dumb enough to think he could pull it off? I do blame Camilla here- she could have been a decent person and refused to be the side piece. But look, she won and they appear well suited and I do think that’s every chumps nightmare. My ex and ow appear the same- she is also an old gf and they have been married a several years now.

    • “But look, she won and they appear well suited and I do think that’s every chumps nightmare.”

      I am certain that is the same with my ex FW. He and schmoopie are definitely two of a kind in terms of morals. I had a long talk with my son a couple days ago. We discussed some issues, and he basically said the same thing. He said, dad met his match; and you were so lucky to get out of that situation. It has been years ago, so this was just a conversation and he told me of his frustrations and how he is handling his dad, blowing up the family etc.

      I will just say it: I finally told my son that the only real issue that my ex spoke of against me, (aside from him never loving me, and was never faithful) was that I wasn’t a good house keeper. Now I wasn’t a spit shiner, but I was ok. So I told my son I assume his wife is a really good housekeeper. Son laughed and said, mom rest your mind, she is a mess; and makes your house keeping look fantastic.

      He did say thought that dad is OCD, and he has seen him scream at her for putting the cans in the cabinet wrong. She just screams back and throws shit at him. Sounds like he has gotten even worse. I honestly don’t know where he got that, his mother though a decent housekeeper was not a great one. His sister is a spit shiner though; her house always sparkled. Weird.

      • I’d say it’s because the housekeeping has nothing to do with actual cleanliness. It’s about control. Your house is likely fine and normal. The issue was never really with your housekeeping.

        • I agree. I mean my kitchen and bathroom were always spotless, and he never had to step over shit to walk in the house. It quite frankly was the worst thing he could say about me. He certainly couldn’t accuse me of being cold, un loving or dis loyal.

          He knew I adored him and trusted him and he not only use that against me, but bragged about how trusting I was, while he was betraying me.

          • Yes. Ex fuckwit was constantly giving me grief about my housekeeping. I was lazy, didn’t care, etc etc. I read somewhere that when they do this, you’re actually getting a clear vision of what *they* are.

            Like Greensal, I totally fell for this shite. Knocked myself out trying to keep the home perfect and pristine. But of course he just kept moving the goalposts.

            I remember one day after I’d spent *hours* cleaning/polishing. He came home, never said a word about how nice everything looked, but went straight to the one bit I’d missed and said, “this is greasy”.

            Like Greensal, even though I’ve left, divorced, have my own little home, there is *still* a part of me that cringes when I don’t keep everything just so. That fucker is still in my head sometimes, screaming in my face and wagging his finger. Sigh. ????

            • Oh my, same here.

              I had hired a house cleaner (against his wishes) anyway, he came home and in his office on top of the small table by his desk, she had put two playing cards, she even fanned them out. He picked them up and screamed at me for five minutes about how sloppy I am, and why the hell are these here yada yada yada. I said the cleaner likely didn’t know what to do with them, so laid them there.

            • Also, once a few years ago, I had spent the day airing out the house and cleaning. My now husband who is a really good husband came home; and innocently said what is this cleaning stuff doing here. I went off on him, (trigger I guess) he just stood there like a deer in the headlights.

              Later I apologized to him. He then felt like shit, and said “I just wondered what they were doing there because you don’t usually leave stuff out”. What I heard was “you worked all day, and the house still looks like shit”

              I now don’t jump the gun, and he is real careful about any “house cleaning” type comments.

            • My first husband (I married too young) was US Navy; every Friday was Field Day. He would come home and take off his shoes and walk through the house in his black socks, running his fingers over the door tops and venetion blinds blades. I got “disciplined” for any missed dust, etc. Small wonder the marriage didn’t last three years!

              • Damn my husband was ex-marine corps and he suggested we had a Field Day every week. Even though I worked full-time and earned more than him, I didn’t realize he meant just me!

        • I second this. Mine was the same and I left with OCD level tics around keeping a meticulous house despite how it depresses and isolated me.

          But now that I think about it, he tried other things first. He went after my cooking, but I shrugged it off – I’ve never aspired to be a great cook, I know I’m not one, I know he’s a better cook than I am, I’ll eat his food, and it says nothing at all about my value as a human or a woman or a wife, and he should calm down.

          Then he tried my clothes. Same. I know what I look like, it’s plenty good for my real life, I’m not a model, I’m loved and connected regardless, and hey, if he has good fashion trips, I trend nerd-frumpy and I’ll take em. Thank ya!

          Then he hit on the housekeeping, where my FOO issues are astronomical and my self esteem is shaky, and he’d found the holy grail. He rode the housekeeping daily -every hour- for the next four years. By the end of the marriage, I was waking up at 4am (with a small child and full time job) to clean and finishing the day at 12 or 1am cleaning. I was sleep deprived and developed autoimmune disease, and couldn’t stop shaking.

          They’re just looking for the one back door that they can use to get into your head and demolish you. If societal sexism and bias helps them narrow it to appearance or housework or mothering, all the better.

          Your housekeeping is probably perfectly adequate. Mine was too.

          • Yep.

            I was working full time, doing massive amounts of volunteer work, that he signed up for; but because of “meetings” (fuckfests) I had to fill in. I cooked for him, washed and yes ironed his clothes. God forbid he send his work shirts to a laundry; that would take away schmoopie money.

            When I (pre Dday) suggested a house cleaner, he hit the roof. I guess that was money that schmoopie needed. Hell if he had been honest with me, maybe schmoopie would have come over and cleaned for me. She certainly needed the money.

            I hired a cleaner anyway, likely another strike against me. Just for once a month to do the deep cleaning/dusting.

          • Greensal–

            “If societal sexism and bias helps them narrow it to appearance or housework or mothering, all the better.”

            Perfectly said. I figured that the typical DARVO bs spewed by cheaters is identifiable as bullying by how it seems like a shout out for support to mob mentality, riding on various social biases (which may even directly contradict the previously stated value system of the abuser) depending on the target. The MO is so clearly to turn the “mob” (social context) against the victim and isolate the victim, exactly like in battering dynamics.

          • My ex criticized my cooking too. I still have a better chance of becoming the next Gordon Ramsay than he does of ever becoming a decent person.

            Weirdly, he complained that I cleaned too much. Because every moment spent cleaning is time that could be spent giving him kibbles (he didn’t put quite that way).

    • Camilla’s great grandmother was the mistress to the then king. They all lived this way for generations, the men and the women.

      It truly sucks but part of this IS cultural.

      • My British friend who worked for the royals said that Charles is a royal asshole!! No pun intended…lol.

        She reported that Camilla and Charles did not have a traditional marriage, they live weeks apart while she visits her kids and grandkids, because Charles cannot take the commotion. She said it is a marriage that Diana never wanted, Diana thought she was going to be loved. Poor thing, her parents were so selfish and not looking out for their daughter. She said Diana was a bit nutty, but totally lovable and drop dead gorgeous in person. What a sad life. Good for The Crown for showing it like it is….disgusting

        She never deserved this treatment. By the way my friend described Charles he sounded psychopathic.

  • In 2019 my ex of 26 years behaved in exactly the same way towards me with his ex-girlfriend of 28 years ago. I am finding The Crown (4) very triggering but will continue watching. The ex has never admitted the long-standing affair. I found emails, which, yes, did mock me. Mostly on her part (she’s a nasty piece of work and a life coach). At 60 my life was destroyed and I have rebuilt. I have the utmost disrespect for Charles and Camilla. They put Diana through hell. She was used by at least two narcissists for their own ends, as was Parker-Bowles. As I was used by the ex and ex-gf. They are cowards. It is who they are.

  • In the series (and perhaps in actuality) Diana’s Australian tour with Charles saved the monarchy from a world skeptical as to its value. The public embraced the couple and seemed to identify with Diana as a young wife and mother. That same audience was trickle-truthed and gaslighted regarding Camilla. The royal family seemed fully aware of the situation and witheld the support Diana needed. She was an appliance.

    • I’m an Anglophile, but I’m totally skeptical about the royal family’s value. (I know, continuity, tradition… feudal land-holding rights and entrenched privilege.)

      • Value? Useless. Lots of ways of making money with tourism (the argument I always get) without supporting a bunch totally useless people.

        We still visit Versailles, and the room where Marie Antoinette lived before she was beheaded is a popular attraction too. But France does not need to support a Royal family as a tourist attraction.

        “…the heir to an actual monarchy has an entitlement problem. Let them eat cake!”
        Snorted my coffee hahaha

        • True.

          On the other hand, I would rather have the Queen as Head of State, than one of the current PM’s doxies prancing around as some kind of ersatz ‘First Lady’.

          At least the Queen does her job and keeps her mouth shut.

          As for the rest of them, yep, pfft.

  • There’s stuff upper lip English duty and then there’s personality disorder. Diana, and most people who didn’t really know the Royals or understand their unique psychopathy confused the two.

  • Diana’s brother the Earl of Spencer constantly cheated on his wife. In his wife’s divorce statement she said he cheated on her with 10 or 12 women, made fun of her anorexia in public, drove her into treatment for alcoholism, and told her he wanted a divorce because she was ‘no good as a wife.’ They have 4 children together. Spencer’s mistresses husband sued the Earl for estrangement of affection. The Earl promptly dumped the OW as he soon tired of her. His mistress whined that he ruined her family.

    Spoiled entitled misfits

    Diana was a teenager when she met Charles, she was totally unprepared for the mindfuck. Her own family was a mess of cheating and divorce.

    • There’s another post on CL which I read yday. About the chump’s brother being a cheater. When I left home after Dday3, I moved into my brother’s house. Discovered he was a cheater as well. Haven’t told his wife yet, who is a dear friend of mine. Told my parents, and they don’t want me to interfere until they ‘talk’ to my brother. My dad has done some sexting back in his day. FOO issues for sure. I have no idea when my chumpiness will go away. But it sucks. I still can’t detect lying as I form new friends. As soon I discover I’m being manipulated, grey rock. That’s where I’m at. In therapy to heal so I can recognise FWs, in any relationship. I’m 36, want to have kids, 1 year since dday1, 6 months since I left, 4 months since divorce…. I’m watching the crown as well, even though it’s triggering.

      • You need to tell your SIL. She’s not a “dear friend” if you are covering up and lying to her about being cheated on. That’s not being a friend. She let you move in with her and this is how you repay her. You are treating her like crap and adding another betrayal to the mix. You being part of the cover up will destroy her when she finds out.

        All of my best friends know I will tell their spouses if they ever cheat. They are 100% supportive of that. If you pick and choose when you demonstrate morals, then they aren’t real morals. I will never support cheating, and I apply that to everyone equally.

        • I will tell her, but it’s a question of when. She’s overseas at the moment and they are not together until overseas restrictions are eased. My brother in the meantime added on the abuse while in was recovering to delete evidence from my phone, and launched a smear campaign on me as well. He used trianagulation via his friend to tell me to back off, and that my ex cheated on me because I hold people to impossible standards. So while I was recovering from my situation and trying to get to a place of safety, I could not tell. My father’s life is also on the line as the stress from my brother’s 3 marriages have almost killed him. It’s a matter of time before his heart gives up this time. Despite that, I’m trying to get stronger to tell her as she lives alone and won’t have any support when she learns the truth. I’ll be isolated from my family once I tell, and will need to be strong enough to deal with the impact on my father when I tell. He has forbidden me from telling for now. I have decided to tell anyway. I just wish she finds out before that.

          • You need to tell her today though, every day she is unaware is setting her back and taking her choice away. Please tell her now and hopefully she will still be your friend even after you tell her that you helped hide his cheating.

            • It gets messier. She’s my husband’s cousin and speaks to my SIL regularly. Her family is connected to my family as well. Whole family situation will blow up in India where my aged parents live in covid heavy area. Lining my ducks to manage the situation and trying to assess if I can get her friends to support her before I tell. For now, I’ve just scrambled to safety and working on my mental health. Had no time to grieve and broke down few days ago when I unpacked my last suitcase months after leaving home. This whole year with the betrayal of my X, my unhealthy attachment, my brother’s betrayal and trying to survive on my own having never lived on my own before, has been crazy. Bro has been coordinating getting my things from my house and it’s still not complete. I let go of much of financial settlement to get out of the marriage. Just took my savings back and enough to survive for 3 months. He needs to get my X’s sign to destroy our last embryo from 13 years of infertility struggle. That was my last hope for motherhood so struggling with that as well. Once I cut ties with my brother, I’ll be on my own. Safety first, roof over my head, get suicidal thoughts in check and my depression managed, hold on to my work, while I work out SIL support system overseas before I tell. I’m paying rent at two places at the moment as I got manipulated by a potential housemate to sign an annual co-tenancy contract. I didn’t move in there when she went back on our mutual agreements to safeguard my safety. Just found a studio and moved in few days ago. Trying to get my things from XH. Also got duped by a ‘friend’ I recently met who claimed she was a widow so I helped her out financially. My chumpiness is costing me a lot. So trying to work out how to live on my own and not get manipulated so I have some funds to survive this year. I have been talking to my parents and my counselor on how to deal with my bros situation in the best way. They are still shocked about our divorce as they had no idea of what I was going through last year. We were like a celebrity couple in the family, childhood sweethearts and all. Parents and my nephews will have the hardest impact. My safety will be compromised once i
              I tell, so I need to think things through. Thinking if getting a restraining order from my bro is possible. He managed to break my self esteem further when I discovered his AP with triangulation last month. SIL is physically safe overseas at the moment. All of this is happening hard and fast. One day at a time, one problem at time. Probably in the next few weeks before overseas restrictions ease, will be the next shit show.

              • Yes. Also need to gather evidence. I don’t have any, and my XH launched a smear campaign which shocked me to the core and now my brother has launched one as well. SIL hasn’t spoken to me since then. It will be my word against theirs. Maybe CN has some ideas. Thank God I came across CL when I did, else I wouldn’t have known about smear campaigns. Chumpy me thought the marriage will end respectfully as I made life easy for him by moving out. Thanks Susie Lee for your kind words.

              • Take your time Yas. Put your own needs first for now. And trust you are wise and will do the next right thing, one step at a time.

  • I watched this with my 27 year old daughter. I was surprised to hear her feel compassion for young Charles, loving a (married) woman but having to marry another for DUTY. I felt indignant and was about to go into an argument but stopped myself. Instead I said: yes, his life situation put him in a difficult spot. Yet. He knew what he was doing and he had ALL THE INFORMATION ALL THE TIME. Diana didn’t. She had bits and pieces. She was LIED TO. He wasn’t. She was used as a pawn in a game and sacrified. He wasn’t. He and his family felt ENTITLED to use and isolate a 19 year old girl. If this was not ABUSE I don’t know what it is. If it had happened to you, would you be so understanding with him?

    My daughter stayed silent and then said “you are right”.

    Mic drop.

    • This. Sucks for him that he couldn’t marry who he wanted, but that didn’t give him the right to deceive and use a teenager. There were plenty of women of suitable lineage who would have happily agreed to fulfil the role of public wife and pop out an heir and spare, in exchange for a crown. Problem was, doing that would have required “cards on the table” honesty and an equal relationship – and he was too entitled for that. He wanted an adoring naive wife he could run rings around, and then acted offended when she had the nerve to naively assume he loved her and was faithful.

  • I tend to agree, if they had just let him marry who he wanted and not HAVE to marry someone “suitable” things might have been different. That being said, Charles and Camilla are both narcs – apparently Camilla’s husband even knew that Charles “borrowed” his wife on occasion. Yuck!

  • She was definitely lied to, but the one truth that mattered she was given the day before the wedding when he told her that he did not love her. Spackle away…..

  • Hmm my sympathy for Diana is tempered by the knowledge she had a number of affairs ( allegedly) with a number of married men, whilst she herself, was married.She seemingly was obvious to the devastation she was causing to the wives of these men.My ex-wife had an affair leading to our divorce,Having gone through the hell of betrayal I could never do that to anyone else.
    As for Charles, you are right the entitlement is strong with this one.He apparently once said to Diana “ Do seriously expect me to be the first Prince of Wales not to have a mistress?’
    Diana described Camilla as the Rottweiler-she got her teeth into Charles and wouldn’t let go.Maybe Camilla should remember the old adage once a man marries his mistress he creates a vacancy.

    • Re: Diana’s affairs, let’s not forget that she was careless enough to be getting off with a dashing ginger military man about the same time she got pregnant with Harry. No matter what the truth is, it’s fucked up that Harry has to live with others speculating about his parentage. It would not shock me if that’s one of the issues that drove him away from the firm.

      • She met Hewitt long after Harry was born. Harry is very like the Duke of Edinburgh in looks, apart from the ginger, which is a Spencer family trait.

    • Diana would not be the first spouse to have a revenge affair, AFTER learning that her spouse is cheating and has no intent to stop.

    • Charles is a weak chinned, weak-minded character with Mummy issues, so any strong woman who knew what she wanted and let him know how he could please her would be his dream come true. I’d say he’s her lapdog now and wouldn’t have the gumption to go out of bounds. Camilla’s rehabilitation since Diana’s death has been complete, she and Charles have lived a pretty quiet life out of the spotlight, trying not to rub anyone’s nose in it, but those of us old enough to remember when the shit hit the fan she basically admitted to being to blame for Diana’s misery and didn’t care one iota. She just thought Diana was dumb and naive and didn’t know how the game was supposed to be played and that was on Diana not anyone else.

  • I watched seasons 1-3, and the other night, binge watched season 4 until 3am.????????

    The thing is, the British aristocracy and royalty have *always* behaved like this. Someone up there said it was cultural, it’s really more a *class*thing. They get married to preserve titles and estates, then bed hop. It’s accepted. And sleeping in separate bedrooms is what they *all*do.

    I think with Diana, she just wasn’t prepared to accept that bullshit, and they were all furious with her because she wouldn’t. Kudos to her.

    Having said that, she was no saint herself. I agree in the beginning she was very young, and yes, *used*, more sinned against than sinning, but later on, she had no compunction about going after married men herself. I think *she* had a strong narcissist streak too.

    But the above doesn’t exonerate Charlie bug a lugs and his cart horse in the least, as someone else said, he and Camillaskank had all the information, Diana was kept in the dark.

    Charlie’s angst about ‘Hollywood trolling’ is typical cheater entitlement, “how *dare* you peasants tell everyone what I’ve done, and *judge* me! I’m special!”.

    As I said to my niece, if even a quarter of this shit is true, no wonder they’re all fucked in the head and heart.

  • If you want a really long thread here let’s go back a few hundred years (beyond Diana and Charles) and then we’d have a subject to never stop talking about it. I have no time for the royals, The Crown or Charles or Diana so I think ‘meh’ to them all. The Crown is obviously on some truths but a HUGE amount of artistic licence in some of the narrative they have created so believe it all at your peril. Some of it is risible.

    However, what I will say is that was just the norm in royal society to have mistresses and just frankly do whatever you wanted and you were supposed to shut up and get on with it and the one thing I do admire Diana for it not shutting up and just going along with it. Did it cost her her life???? Who knows (conspiracy theory no. 10000). That really was a turning point in royal history. I suppose were she Henry VIII’s wife instead of get mowed down in a car (allegedly) she’d just have had had head on the chopping block.

    Still now our royal family is now becoming like the Monaco royal family where they just do want they want and are just over-privileged idiots. Once the Q pops her clogs (ma’am) I don’t think they will hold the respect once had.

    Let’s not even get started on Prince Andrew!!!!! Vive la republique.

      • I keep chuckling to myself about the fact that Charles and Camilla really thought the whole thing had been forgotten and the public were starting to warm to them. Then The Crown Series 4 comes along and a whole new generation is furious about what was done to Diana. Oh,and not only has Me Too changed the way society views women who are treated badly by powerful men, but The Crown has been streamed at a time when pretty much the whole world is stuck at home, angry about rich entitled cliques. I think it’s going to be impossible for Charles and Camilla to become king and queen now.
        The best possible revenge for what was done to the young, vulnerable Diana.

        • “I keep chuckling to myself about the fact that Charles and Camilla really thought the whole thing had been forgotten and the public were starting to warm to them.”

          Just further proof that cheaters are emotional toddlers.

          I’ve unfortunately known several cheaters and they always clutch their pearls and act shocked whenever people hold them accountable for “ancient history” (even when the affair literally happened last week). Cheaters are truly deranged.

  • Travel further south to Spain and the news of the criminal investigation into former king Juan Carlos I, married for 58 years to Queen Sofia. He has cheated with innumerable woman including one whore, 30 years his junior, that he gave $77M to three years after their affair ended.

    Disgusting pig. The affair was leaked by the Secret Service when the two were on safari and the King shot and killed an elephant and then fell and broke his hip and had to have emergency surgery.

    Apparently the former king, 82, is on the run and hiding from criminal prosecution for fraud.

  • Oh Chump Lady, you are right on target! I’ve been watching season 4 all week and wondering if the show was on your radar!

    The scene I can’t get over is the mindfucking cruelty of the lunch with frenemy Camilla–just appalling. Why do that? Who does that? (Answer: triangulation, cake. Cheaters). And the actor playing Charles deserves all praise for getting the blend of snobbish self-pity, whining, and entitlement just right.

    • Plus Britain’s Most Boring Man, which this series has well and truly established.

      Charles and Camilla don’t live together. Camilla is also by reputation Britain’s Laziest Woman, who liked cake – nice husband and kids, Charles dancing attendance, and all she had to do was sit round drinking and smoking.

      Personally this series of The Crown has made me ravenous for series 3 of The Windsors, which I still haven’t seen. Every time I see ‘constitutional crisis’ in this series of The Crown, I start laughing.

  • My only thoughts are that I love Diana- always have and always will. She was a lamb to the slaughter. I hate how Camilla gets any attention or time with Diana’s daughter in laws or grandchildren. I hope they are all dismissive towards her. I have a lot of admiration towards Kate Middleton but I hope she thinks sourly about her father in law and his mistress and what they did to her husband’s incredible mother. I don’t want it to be forgotten.

  • True story: My D-day was after watching a 1st season episode of the Crown that dealt with infidelity. It made my X tweak out and confess to his ongoing affair, and he left that day—a week before Christmas.

    • My DDay 1 was while watching season 3 and he was in the other room texting I love yous to Schmoopie last Nov this time. I’m able to resume watching the crown now without having a panic attack. That’s a win for me.

  • Ladies, ponder this: we all have our faults and failures, but none of US will be remembered by history as THE ROTWEILER.

    • ????????????????. So true.

      One thing that made me laugh, when they’re in the car in that lane, she calls him “sir” whilst proclaiming her undying love. In public, yes, but in *private*?!? I can only imagine the bedroom scenes…

      I read somewhere Mrs Keppel said “the secret to being a royal mistress is to curtsey then jump into bed”. Smh. ????????

  • Charles wanted to marry Camilla years before but because Camilla wasn’t a virgin, it wasn’t permitted. Then he was essentially forced to marry Diana because she was a virgin — who came from a severely fucked up family. It was a lose-lose situation all around. Since that debacle, the British royal family has stopped requiring royal brides to be virgins.
    I’m not saying he did the right thing but the whole marriage was just a disaster waiting to happen because it was based on two people with family issues making a choice not based on actually wanting to be with each other.

    • My mother pointed out to me at the time how disgusting it was that Diana was examined like a racehorse. Her virginity was of the utmost importance (besides her bloodline) whilst Charles was much older and had already bedded many women. A lamb to slaughter.

    • From what I have read about the situation, and based on my own life experience as a chronological adult who didn’t feel I had agency because I was raised to feel I didn’t deserve any, I feel this assessment is pretty accurate. My early experiences in life are more akin to Diana’s, but I still do feel for Charles. His innate personality doesn’t seem to fit his fate in life, whereas his mother’s did.

    • The older I get the more I think that Charles could have committed himself to loving Diana, and making a life with her. I see life more as a choice you make, not something that befalls you.

  • Oh please, *forced* to marry her?

    He’s a fucking *adult*, he had *agency*. He married her because he’s a pathetic, whinging, entitled wimp, who doesn’t give a fuck about anyone except himself and what he wants.

    Traffic Spiral above succinctly put it in a nutshell.

  • Don’t have access to watch the Crown however disrespect and judge Charles for cheating. And for his entitlement about it and lack of empathy for Diana.

  • YES, and thank you for bringing it up. I just finished watched the whole season. I guess you could say it was triggering for me too, and my partner had to endure me shouting “This is a textbook Chump case!” and “What would Chump Lady say about this?!” ????

    Of course, this show (which I love) is a dramatization and not 100% historically accurate. Even so, I remember when Charles and Camilla finally did get married, thinking “Aha, so every single freaking rumor I ever saw about how they treated Diana probably *was* true, and much much more.”

    I can relate to the “am I taking crazy pills” feeling she must have had due to all the gaslighting. Ugh.

  • I am not an Anglophile nor a Royal Watcher, but I do remember feeling abandoned & lonely around 1987-1989 after my first 2 children were born. I transitioned to a SAHM with STBXH traveling for business quite often. Information about Diana just appealed to me- even a princess can feel abandoned!

  • This may upset quite a few of you, because so many view Diana the way she wanted to be viewed. I see her differently. I don’t like Charles or Camilla, but to me Diana was an image-manager, who was more purposeful and ambitious than innocent, and played the shy naive lamb to the hilt. In fact, it was virtually the only public persona she ever delivered. Behind the scenes, she was extremely troubled long before she ever met Charles. Her older brother talks of the years of therapy he has undergone due to their mother’s neglect and then abandonment, and he described Diana as at least as affected by it as he. Widely considered BPD, she was bulimic, self-cutting, explosively dramatic, and often suicidal. Three months pregnant, she threw herself down a flight of stairs in protest of Charles leaving for Balmoral. Recall, all of this was only a little over a year after her courtship with Charles began in earnest in the fall of ‘80. He did not make her from a sweet shy girl into a crazed self-destructor who somehow never slipped up in front of the cameras, in under a year and a half. She was already well-practiced. Of course her stories always portrayed her as the long silent suffering victim, but reality now proves she was thoroughly involved in adulterous affairs beginning in’84, two years before Charles and Camilla admit to their renewed affair start date. I don’t know or care whether Charles was cheating earlier, I believe he was, but for both this was only three years after marriage. I don’t think anyone was all that virtuous or long suffering. And Diana continued with two long term documented affairs from ‘84 right up until her divorce. I’m not saying Charles isn’t a POS or the royals aren’t entitled cheaters etc, but I do think an accurate take on Diana is that she’s pretty darn bad too, but more attractive and polished in her image management. Given my opinion here, can you tell I married a diagnosed BPD serial cheater with a lovely little Meg Ryan public persona?

    • Agreed, and just because many of us here were cheated on, doesn’t mean we all went out and did the same with other married people like Diana did. Most of us are horrified by the idea and would never consider cheating under any circumstances.

    • I agree she turned into an image manager, but I don’t think she started out that way.

      I still think she was more sinned against than sinning, at least initially. *Definitely* not excusing her pursuit of married men later, though.

    • TKO You will probably never read this as it is so late but I feel compelled to write it anyway. It makes me sad that you would attack a teenager in such a way. Particularly one with an eating disorder. A nineteen year old brain is about 6 years short of full adult development. The structures that control rational decision making and impulse control are not fully develped. A nineteen year old brain addled by an eating disorder would be further off than that. Eating disorders create havoc in the brain; there is plenty of evidence to support this. Beyond that, it seems as if she were abused by all of the adults in her life for years and then she was sold off to the royals. We all need to look past our own experiences and find empathy at times. Mean spirited painting of others with the tainted brush of our own experiences to balm our own hurts is not helpful, it is just sad.

  • I binge watch on Netflix, a lot. It is one of my guilty pleasures. I don’t believe everything I see, but I have to admit there are some interesting characters and storylines. I watched this season of the Crown, and for me the most interesting part of the story was when the Queen visited with each of her children, and was appalled by them all. Wealth, entitlement, public image vs private reality . . . what is the real story? We will never know.

    The history of all royal families are filled with scandal and intrigue. One thing I absolutely believe is power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. We all seem to expect perfection, and become upset when our heroes imperfections are exposed. Maybe we want too much? After all, everyone who is human is fallible. Genetics show there will be mutations and anomalies. We are influenced by our environment, culture, and FOO.

    The entire story of the life lived by the royals is odd and distasteful to me. I feel the same way about the “Fairly Tale” marriage of Charles and Diana. It was never a marriage based on truth or reality, for either of them it seems. I feel sorry for their sons, and I wonder how their lives will work out. I really hope Charles never becomes the King. The country and the economy have huge problems to overcome, and I cannot see how having a monarchy helps.

    I love the US, but we have many of the same problems to overcome here. We don’t have a royal family, but we do have a great divide between the haves and the have nots. We have to learn to stop hating each other. I think concentrating on past wrongs and differences is not productive. Regardless of whether or not Charles was/is a giant jerk, he has no bearing on our problems or needs. We have plenty of our own jerks to try to get rid of. Since the present pandemic doesn’t seem to care whether we are rich, or poor, Democrat or Republican, perhaps we might find some way to work together to stay alive. Then we can argue about all our other problems. Just a hopeful thought.

  • I think with the climate we live in we might all do well not to believe 98% of what is presented to us as truth. I think Harry, looking at the threats to his family, moved them away. I think prince Charles was coerced into marrying the first virgin they could find with some sort of royal connection. I think Diana was hung out to dry and the whole bunch of them ought to be ashamed of what they did to her. Meghan worked, lived in another country, was/is proud of her heritage, and shows so much more class that that bunch. Harry got a real queen.

    • Meh. Meghan appears to be a duplicitous narc. Just like Diana came from a messed up family and naively married a messed up man, so too Harry jumped from the frying pan into the fire.

      • I burst out laughing when I heard Meghan claim she didn’t who Harry was. Bull ????. It’s not like she went on a date with a prince from Liechtenstein . Royal watching has been splattered all over the media here in the States for decades. Television coverage of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation was the first event orchestrated by the Firm and its staff.

      • Agree, I think he’ll suffer an unhappy marriage for a while and then return to England, full of self-recrimination that he was fooled by that gold-digger.

    • Harry and Megan are a pair of massively entitled, massively rich, narcissistic twats.

      Swanning around in private jets, limousines etc etc, and then having the incredible *gall* to pompously lecture people who actually work for a living on their ‘carbon footprint’?

      They make me sick. ????????????

  • I believe Charles to have had an endless string of hopefulls,and had no wish to marry,but
    The public was tired of useless,jobless,philandering aristocratic bores!The public was
    Just desperate for a king in waiting to show some sign of responsibility,hence DIanna,a beautiful warm girl with a gift for inspiring the u,k and the world with some hope for the monarchy s future.The story of Camilla wasn’t that of enduring love at all,we got sold that story,she was just discretely available,could have been anyone happy to pander to entitled boredom.

  • I wonder about the marriage-mending conversation in Australia. In The Crown, it takes place after Diana puts her foot down about being separated from her baby. And, then, she proposes a solution where she and Charles support each other because he also feels “so unappreciated”. Very sad sausage.

  • Awfully to watch the chump story being played out in the Crown, I find myself wishing desperately for the Tarantino rewrite,maybe the avalanche could have put an end to sad sausage and the chump have gone on to fix her picker and have wisely chosen a happier ending..

      • P,s they left out so many unpleasant revealing truths..such as Charles demeaning comments to Dianna at the extremely short bedside visit after she labored alone with baby Harry,after which he left her (still alone) to play polo with friends..

    • I already solved it and saw that too, but still I think you are morally obliged to put prepend SPOILER before revealing things like that. Sometimes I don’t get to the crossword until late in the day…

  • As a Brit, can I stick up for Prince Charles a little bit. Camilla was always the love of his life, she rejected him and he wrote something in his diary about endurance on the day of her marriage to someone else.

    What people don’t know, is that Diana was a narcissist whose staggeringly selfish and rather dim father brought a lot of trauma to her childhood. She was a bottomless pit of neediness who drove away the men in her life. She could be an absolute monkey.

    Prince Charles is actually a very kind man and provided a lot of protection to her, but even his interest in Jungian thought could not cope with the level of her demands. Diana’s life actually unraveled and became unsafe when she made that horrendous interview and was frozen out by the Royal Family; which left her exposed to manipulative and self interested people.

    Diana deeply regretted that interview, made her peace with Camilla and told Tina Brown she would have Charles back in a heartbeat.

    Remember The Crown is drama and not facts based historical documentary.

    [might know people who know people]

    • I think Diana was a bit foolish marrying Charles, knowing he wasn’t in love with her. Chump Extraordinaire. What did she expect?

  • Very kind man? Provided protection for her?

    Interesting take. I am sure she had a borderline personality disorder, but that does not give Charles the right to abuse her. If Camilla was the love of his life, perhaps he should not have married, and waited around until Camilla was available again, or convinced his mother otherwise. To do otherwise was cruel on Charles part, and undeserving to Diana, regardless of her diagnosis.

    I do not feel sorry for Charles or Camilla. They are disgusting. Diana was 20 years old when she married and had no bloody idea what she was doing.

    • Agree! Seems as if Diana’s chump response to the terrible unfolding discoveries of life with the cold personality disordered,(agonizing pain and temporary craziness) just played into the opposite camps hands, a situation presented easily for discrediting her!

      • And there must be little doubt Charles had to be coerced into marrying Camilla,otherwise
        no hope for him to be acceptable to a hard to decieve public (image management at its finest!)

  • >