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New Spanish Translation Posts of CL Have Arrived

Galletillas de EgoRelax! CN has gone global!

I’m publishing posts in Spanish this weekend for the new site. If you know someone who could use some CN support, send them the links!

To those who’ve reached out, nothing is malfunctioning. I can’t build a Spanish page  without links. And I can’t have links without publishing content.

A HUGE shout out to our volunteer translators, Inés Cendón Rodríguez, Paula Potts, Lydia Gregory and Lili Lee who did the original couple of translations.

French is coming next. Probably next weekend.

If you would like to translate content here in Spanish, French, or the language of your choosing, please get in touch.

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  • In my former life I was a Spanish teacher and I took the Spanish only content as a direct challenge from chumplady.

    It took forever. My brain now hurts. My ego is bruised. 🙂

    Glad to hear it’s temporary and that’s awesome that you’re expanding!

  • love this. sooooo glad you are not using a machine to translate! (let me tell you about MSDSs: Material Safety Data Bedsheets, or BC Fire Extinguishers: Translated in the official Company safety program Fire Extinguishers Before Christ! “They’ll understand”, they told me in HR.)

    Way to go; is someone translating your book?

  • Yay! Unfortunately I’m not fluent in a second language…. but would love to know how some of Chump Lady’s creative terms translate. Fuckwit, trust they suck, your walls will sing,etc….

  • From Montreal here- I can totally translate from French to English if need be!

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