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It’s Coming… A New and Improved Chump Lady Site

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Hey CN, just an update. Our new and improved site will debut next weekend, scheduled for Sunday, March 14. I’m told the WordPress core update (headed like a meteor crashing to earth on Monday) shouldn’t whack anything out meanwhile. Fingers crossed…

Here’s what you can look forward to:

A one-stop-shopping Toolkit for Newbies. Know someone who just discovered cheating? There will be a page with all the evergreen posts for what to do and rookie mistakes to avoid.

Mini CN sites in Spanish and French. A HUGE thank you to the volunteer translators of Chump Nation who took this on. You’ve probably noticed all the odd posts in your feed as I’ve published pages. We can keep adding translated content as we get more. If you’d like to translate some posts, email me.

Cheater Song Parodies by UXWorld. Behold the healing powers of snark. UXWorld has compiled all his greatest hits. Hum along to “Triangulation… Is Making Me Waaaaa-it.” The songs will be linked from a Fun and Games page that has all the contests and twisted Valentines too.

Resources — a new and improved list of CN-approved books, that are not the RIC. It’s also built with Amazon affiliate links that will support the site.

The Universal Bullshit Translator. Revealed in cartoon form. If you’ve wanted all the bullshit in one place, you shall have it.

Chump Lady videos. I’ve complied a page that has every video interview of me ever produced. Assuming you want the full dorktacular immersion experience. (It was sobering to realize there’s an entire bootleg youtube universe of me on video. Dear God.)

Chump Lady audio. I sound nothing at all like my audio book. I’ll have a few up on the new site as teasers, but I’m reserving audio content — me reading letters, me reading Trust That They Suck and other classics, me dropping F bombs — for Patreon subscribers. I’ve been promised the new files this week. (It would’ve been sooner, but the producer had a death in the family.)

and finally… I have a new Support the Site page. I’m taking down the wretched BlogHer ads. I’ve hated them for forever. Eventually they may be replaced with a kinder, gentler, less spamtacular ad network, but for the near future, I will be relying on Patreon.

I hate to rattle the tin cup. But stepping outside my comfort zone, I will. Keeping this place alive and improved is a large financial and time commitment. If you can pay it forward in any way, I would very much appreciate it. Thank you.

Here’s the pitch that will be on the new site:


Support the one infidelity resource on the interwebz that is not predicated on reconciliation.

This continuation of this blog is thanks to the support of Chump Nation. Every day, newly minted chumps wash up on our shores. Instead of getting being sold false hope, or blamed for not “meeting the needs” of cheaters, they get compassionate, snarky, straight talk.

We’re here to save others the pain and shorten the learning curve. As I say often, the chump condition is not permanent. It’s situational. Leave a cheater, gain a life.

Why should I send you money?

A) Chump Nation is trying to change a narrative — that infidelity is abuse. Managing a site this large is a huge time commitment and financial expense. Donations support my writing and the IT costs associated with keeping this site humming.

B) It keeps the Universal Bullshit Translator in cookies.

How can I help?

You can make a one-time or monthly donation at As a supporter, you’ll get swag and can subscribe to weekly audio recordings, and explore other extra content on the site.

You can shop at the Amazon portal on the Resources page. When you buy something, the blog gets a small affiliate percent.

You can purchase the book or audiobook, “Leave a Cheater, Gain a Life — The Chump Lady Survival Guide.” And please remember to review it.

Thank you so much for your support.

Ask Chump Lady

Got a question for the Chump Lady? Or a submission for the Universal Bullshit Translator? Write to me at [email protected]. Read more about submission guidelines.
  • Yay! Yay!! A thousand times yay!!!

    And a million thanks too.

    I noticed I felt pretty good today. Just over three years out, and I am sighting land from the shipwreck I have been clinging to since my life was struck by a torpedo from a Twu Wuv enemy U-boat.

    Love love love to you, dear Tracy and Chump Nation for saving me from the doldrums and purgatory of wreckonciliation!

  • Dear Chump Lady,

    I continue to be amazed and humbled by your tireless dedication to us chumps from all over the globe.

    Your hard work has saved legions of us – wiped out by crying, mouths gaping with shock, lead feet unable to move, spirits crumpled – and helped us heal. You carry so many on your back until we could stand alone (sort of). You created the Land of Meh and a guide to our own Tuesdays as both a goal and a promise.

    The amount of personal time, money, and energy you put in everyday, while parenting, demonstrating what real love looks like, and keeping up with you salary-paying career is unknown to most who follow you. I know the costs are enormous.

    It has been my pleasure to support your work and help all the old and newly minted chumps.

    May life reward you a million times over for all you do.

    Cannot wait to see the UBT!


    • Very well said Rebecca! CL’s book and blog helped me so much and I’m happy to be a patron to help all the newbies. I’m 4 years out and at meh with a few scars but happy alone mostly.

      • Thank you, Georgie.

        If only every chump that could afford at least $3 per month pitched in, Chump Lady could really create an amazing platform!!!

        In this crazy new world how many of us are not spending that $3 a month not stopping off for coffee because of COVID? Please consider re-directing that money to a cause dear to all our hearts. For those that cannot give, others are happy to help shoulder the burden so no guilt please.

  • Long time Patreon subscriber here thanking you for life saving work. It’s that important.

  • CL I am so happy you are doing this as we are all in different stages. And French/Spanish too woo hoo!!
    I got lucky and found your first book (by accident!) and ordered it. Been almost five years now. Wow. Not at Meh yet but very very close I can tell(still stewing over the financial impact/cost of the divorce as he kept NOT showing up and aftermath getting on my feet money wise that’s all).
    I cannot wait to share this with others to help them.

  • I’m very excited to see the new site. Glad my couple of dollars monthly helps.

  • Congratulations CL! I greatly appreciate the support you have given me throughout the years. May God continue to bless you.

  • Proud to support Chump Nation through my meagre Patreon, and help fight cruelty and injustice on behalf of all my beautiful fellow Chumps. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, lovely Tracy ????

  • ???????????????????????? Yay to the new site!!!

    Thanks to CL and CN for restoring me to sanity and for guiding me on the rocky, sinuous, IED-laden path to Meh Land. I’m getting there…

  • Proud to contribute every month via patron. This site has been invaluable in my continuing healing. You rock! Thank you Tracy for all your hard work on our behalf.

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