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Hi CN. Just an update on the new site launch. Not there yet. It’s very buggy, but hopefully soon.

This whole ordeal reminds me of my third day of childbirth. Theoretically a baby was coming, but all I could feel was pain. (The baby is now 23 with a job… It all worked out. This will too.)

Anyway, I’ll keep you posted as soon as I know more. I hate to promise and not deliver. Bear with me while the kinks get worked out. Meanwhile, regular programming tomorrow.

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  • Rubbing your back and handing you the chipped ice! You got this. It will happen! This new “baby” is going to be so wonderful!

  • Please breathe, relax, and know that this is no problem for all us chumps who love you and appreciate all that you do for us.

  • You have so much classic content I have yet to catch up on, you could take all the time you need with the new site! As a survivor of 58 hours of natural labor (water broke Sunday night, he arrived Wednesday morning, he is 6 and still has no job lol), you got this! Let me bring my Hypnobirthing video and some bottles of Gatorade to help you through!

  • Would an emergency delivery of kirsch roulades and bienenstich help?

    I know the UBT prefers lebkuchen, but your assistants may have other ideas.

  • I’ve heard that a little bit of gentle nipple twisting can help bring things along.

    Just a thought…

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