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Chump Lady Audio Arrives


Wonder what a Chump Lady sounds like? Wonder no more. I’m on audio. Here’s your first sampling above, classic post, 5 Things That Keep You Stuck with a Cheater.

(And yes, sorry, I sound absolutely nothing like the professional voice actress that recorded my book.)

I’ve been promising audio awhile for Patrons, and I’m pleased to let you know it’s finally delivered. The first recording will go out this Tuesday to subscribers (and another each week), and a couple will live on this site, no pay wall.

Also, I wanted to update you all about the site redo. It’s been pushed out another month or so while I’ve had to change designers. You may recall a fatal crash a few weeks ago and getting a bunch of draft posts blasted to you… yeah, I parted ways with that person.

But rising from the ashes is what Chump Nation is all about. The good news at this end is that I have all my work done on new content. And a bunch of selfless, wonderful CN volunteers here have translated content into French and Spanish. My goal is to get that out on this site this week. So if you see foreign languages in your feed, that’s what happening. I have to publish it first to put it on a page.

(A get a lot of OMG WHY ARE YOU SENDING ME GIBBERISH emails of indignation. Please, it’s OKAY. It’s my gibberish, just translated.)

Anywho, onward and upward.

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  • You sound great, love your no nonsense, total common sense BS translations
    Is there a podcast to download?
    I have your book, it’s my go to reference when needed, which, thanks to you is now less often
    You have saved my sanity, thank you so much, after 27 years of crap, I’m almost free but whilst I continue to try & push past being held hostage to his & his solicitors whims, I really feel empowered by Chump Nation ????

    • There are some podcasts on Patreon. There’s also an audio version of the book. If you click on the sidebar of my book, it will take you to Amazon and there’s an audiobook option.

      • Would add, podcasts take a LOT of time and studio costs. Me reading content, not as much. Everything I do here, I do around a regular full-time job. So it’s bandwidth. My goal with the new site is to have a site people can land on that makes sense as an evergreen resource. (Also the existing site isn’t super sustainable as currently built.)

        • Eek, sorry, obviously didn’t realise all the above but, just to be clear, I absolutely appreciate all that you have been through & the brilliant insight you have provided to us chumps, it really was the massive awakening to my shit sandwich,

          I even exclaimed, Oh my god, you’re just a common cheater!!!’ they really do say all the same shit….cheater playbook….
          said after reading the first few chapters, realising that sadly I had been eating said, shit sandwich & doing the pick me dance after D day.

          So thank you for taking the time to do everything that you do, with a full time job as well,
          I look forward to seeing your updates in my inbox, you are my hero Tracy ????

  • You sound great!! Thank you for the sound bite and that message bears repeating again and again because some of us are still (unwittingly) choosing the barbed wire monkey( getting better at turfing them as they reveal themselves though)

  • What a wonderful surprise this morning to hear your voice Tracy.
    I’d buy your remix audio cd again to hear it read in native CL tongue. The paid “professional” voice has nothing over yours because she could never emote your articulations as well. BRAVA Mrs Schorn. ❤️☀️????

    Point 3 I believe you reference The Law of Diminishing Returns (Econ 101) about being too invested to walk away sooner. Like when the steaming hot pizza arrives at the table, only the first piece yields the greatest return. I can see the cheater’s mindset in that example as well. Now i’m baited to hear Paul’s voice!! Que Paul “ IF IT FEELS GOOD DONT. DO IT. “
    Have a great weekend. ML

  • I applaud your diction, Chump Lady. Good tempo, very clear enunciation, and you sound like a good friend giving us a much-needed dope slap rather than a too-smooth paid professional speaker. Hey, anyone who doesn’t mumble behind his hand or turn his head away and speak in the other direction (guess who?) is okay in my book.

    Excelsior = Ever upward (NY State motto, FYI, and it always makes me think of a spirited horse rearing up and a determined hero(ine) charging ahead to victory.)

  • Cool! Thank you. I can understand every word and as someone who has some hearing loss, that is very much appreciated.

  • I have been waiting for audio for sooo long (after listening to book and what’s on patreon multiple times). Thank you, Tracy!

    My hope is someday ChumpLady will contribute more than enough for you to quick your day job (if that’s what you want of course) and the CL message becomes the default thinking around cheating. Xoxoxo you’re the best

  • I have to admit I’d rather have your voice on the audiobook. Not only do I prefer your voice (having heard it in podcasts); there is an authenticity inherent in it as an experienced chump that I think has irreplaceable healing quality, much like when someone shares their experience, strength, and hope at a 12 step meeting.

    (My two cents).


  • Law in economics = “Sunk cost”
    I.e., don’t keep throwing good (money) after bad. When it’s clear that it’s a loser, the amount lost is irrelevant. Cut your losses.

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