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Jeffrey Toobin’s Non-Apology Apology

sadzI don’t understand why CNN took legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin back. I guess there is a serious articulate lawyer shortage in Washington, D.C. and New York. Not a single professional who can both comb their hair and break down complex legal issues in 90-second sound bytes. Given this unique quality — a lawyer who can talk authoritatively to television cameras — Jeffrey had to return. So rare and precious a gem is he.

Toobin, you’ll recall, was fired from the New Yorker and suspended from CNN eight months ago, after wanking off on a Zoom call with coworkers. He thought the video was muted. (I snarked about “air time” here, if you want to catch up.)

But today, I am not writing about Toobin’s mischievous Mr. Perky. No, today we pity poor Alisyn Camerota who chose the short straw (that was NOT a dick joke) and had to introduce Toobin’s Apology Segment.

In an interview that will make you cringe and sink into the floor from sheer secondhand mortification, Toobin shares that this entire incident was “inexplicable.”

What? The wanking or the consequences? Because if it’s wanking, how do you know mysterious forces won’t take charge of your trousers again? If you have no idea how this occurred, how can you promise it won’t?

“It was deeply moronic and indefensible… but…”


“I have spent the seven subsequent months – miserable months – in my life trying to be a better person,” Toobin said.

Oh the suffering. The MISERY Jeffrey has endured from trying to be a better person.

To think people do this willingly! Volunteer, feed orphans, pull their neighbor’s car out of snowbank. Goodness is hell to Jeffrey.

“In therapy, trying to do some public service, working in a food bank, working on a new book. I am trying to become the kind of person that people can trust again.”

UBT: You used to trust me, now I have to work for it, and it’s making me miserable.

Pity the poor food bank of Jeffrey’s penance.

Shelf the pasta, Toobin!


(Another forklift of donated groceries arrives.)

Fade out, as the formerly respected news analyst forlornly sorts dented canned goods.


Hey, the important takeaway here is that Toobin is a “flawed human being who makes mistakes.” Who has a new book coming out. He’s sick of the performative sorry schtick. He’s back, aren’t you grateful? He always chooses you. You’re the one he really loves, CNN. He and the New Yorker have broken up. No, HE dumped the New Yorker for YOU. They didn’t understand him the way you understand him.

Just take him back CNN, and your marriage will be stronger and BETTER for this inexplicable Zoom wanking, which doesn’t DEFINE him, okay?

Don’t you want what you had together?


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    • From the USA Today article, this says it all really:

      “…Toobin’s return was an apt reminder that ‘a rich white man can do anything and lose nothing.’ Journalist Megyn Kelly tweeted, ‘There is not a woman alive who could have done anything close to what Jeffrey Toobin did (not that one would) and kept her job. What a disgusting, incestuous boys’ club. So damned tired of it.’ “

    • Linked to the article is a list of celebs accused of rape and harassment.

      A huge number of accusations towards this group of pervs surfaced between October, 2017 and November, 2017 and I have a slightly out-there theory about it. Anyone else notice their FW’s launching into affairs or massively stepped up Craigslist hooker habits or whatever right around that time? Almost like a sulky clusterfuck rebellion in response to all those naughty victims “telling” and breaking the sacred code of Omertà? Maybe a desire to get busted?

      Seriously, the timing has haunted me a bit– the bloody height of #MeToo! I wondered if FW was making a kind of declaration of fealty to the Dirty Old Creep brigade. Maybe the AP was as well– in honor of her drunken cheater rabid QAnon dad who screams “Devil Woman” at the TV whenever AOC appears (just like the AP called me). Maybe all around the world, the response to the #MeToo surge was that FWs and proxy FWs all stood up and saluted with their crotches like the descendants of escaped Nazis swaying tearfully to Deutschland Uber Alles in secret meeting halls in Patagonia.

      I’m very curious about the effects of communal consciousness and hive mind. I don’t think everyone is that knee-jerkedly conformist, but, to the extent that cheaters, exploiters and creeps are as psychologically close to monkey mentality as you can get without actively swinging from trees or eating bugs, I wonder if criminality and misconduct ebb and flow in monkey clusterfuck waves.

      Anyway, a little armchair abnormal psych on a Monday, but I just don’t think in my situation that the timing was an accident.

    • Agree with the article. But it leaves out the fact that his behavior is WEIRD AS F— too. It’s NOT a “mistake”…Jesus. The weirdness factor cannot be ignored. But it is ignored-which says something about our world, too.

      I also think his wife was home at the time. (Nice bowlful of shit sandwiches to add there).

      I literally cannot imagine a woman doing this but IF it happened, she’d never be heard from again (except maybe on a porn channel).

    • Guy whacked off. Most men do or have. Probably the same with women. Weird thing is doing it on Zoom, although he claims he thought it was off.

      Two things: First, it is probably bullshit that a woman or minority would not get the same second chance deal. I guess we could speculate on that, but, an argument could be made that in today’s PC, anti white male environment, they might get even more leeway.

      Second, I am surprised his infidelity was not mentioned. He fathered a child with a young woman attorney, offered her money to abort, then had to be court ordered to pay support. This, not whacking the mole, is what makes him a sleaze,

      • I agree that there are plenty others who would have and actually have have gotten a pass for awful behavior, in all groups.

        Also yes self pleasure in the right setting is not the issue. Self pleasure in a work setting working with a sex worker is a whole “nother” level. If his ass had itched and he scratched it on camera unaware, or said a nasty word that is one thing, but what he did was nasty given the environment and set up.

        Also, I agree the issue is his past behavior which is why he felt free to do his present behavior, he had never been held accountable. Still hasn’t evidently.

        They guys are happy with themselves. Other folks are just objects of use to them. They don’t change.

    • FWIW, Toobin may be white, and 60 years old. But, he is Jewishh, so a minority, a heavily persecuted and targeted minority. His whiteness and age are irrelevant, IMO.

      Pee Wee Herman had his career derailed for beating off in a porno theater. Men beat off. Women beat off, or whatever they call it. He must be an idiot, though, to get caught doing it in a meeting.

      And, no, there are not a load of lawyers with his credentials who want to be on TV.
      At least I do not think there are.

      People forget this stuff in time. JFK is revered. He hired extremely young women to bone while in office. John McCain was absolutely prolific in cheating on his I hired wife, yet is admired. Ted Kennedy killed a young woman, and on and on.
      Point is, this will blow over. CNN has a known, past success with this douche. He is smart as hell, even if he is an ahole.

        • Arnold

          I disagree. First, this is not about women bashing men. Second, this is not about masturbation, per se, but exposing oneself DURING a meeting with AND while looking at co-workers (and while your already betrayed wife is upstairs.) And yes, he’s been a dishonest self absorbed pig for a long time and yet CNN still retained him – which only adds to the belief he’s entitled.

          And there’s no way a woman would get away with this. Please give one example of anything like it – let alone where a woman retained her job (or her reputation).

          You’re entitled to like his politics – but if he were as brilliant as HE thinks, he would not be in this situation.

          We are normalizing behavior that is -AT BEST- weird AND mortifyingly uncomfortable for all his female coworkers.

          That should matter. It’s wrong.

          • I am no fan of his politics. I am pretty sure if I researched it, I could find a woman doing something similar that was allowed to keep the job.
            Not exactly the same thing, but for decades, until just recently, women sexual predators i.e. Mary Kay Letourneau, Deborahh Lafave et al, were treated much less harshly by the criminal justice system. And these were real sex offenders, predators not masturbators.
            Pee Wee was a white guy and he was crucified, even though he was beating off in a porno theater, a place traditionally reserved for such an activity.

            Race and gender are not a factor, JMHO. Bottom line is CNN has done a cost benefit analysis. If he was purple and 5 years old, they would bring him back if they saw it as profitable.

            Their audience is super left. The viewers of that bent have been defending him. They want him back to do battle with guys like Dershowitz .

            He is bright and smooth and a cheating ahole. O’ Reilly was similar but with a different political view. Charlie Rose, Matt Lauer, actual harasses vs masturbators.
            How about MLK or Jesse Jackson? Serial cheaters but black. They kept their jobs.

            • Pee-Wee was a CHILDREN’S ENTERTAINER. That is why he was crucified… in the court of PUBLIC OPINION. He was NEVER charged. His brand was toxic! (It’s dishonest to compare him to female pedophiles).

              >>>”I am pretty sure if I researched it, I could find a woman doing something similar that was allowed to keep the job.”

              Oh yeah? How about actually do that instead of waving your hand with certainty?

              • No, actually, Pee Wee’ s show and movies were aimed at adults. Do your homework.

              • @Arnold
                His nightclub act/stage show was for adults (the Tim Burton movie could go either way) but Pee-wee’s PLAYHOUSE was a Saturday morning KIDS SHOW, played alongside the likes of the Super Mario Super Show and the Beetlejuice cartoon.
                From Wikipedia: “Originally, Reubens imbued Pee-wee with sexuality that was later toned down as the character made the transition from raucous night club to children’s television.” I.e. Children’s entertainer.

          • What makes you think just his female coworkers are uncomfortable? Think men like watching other guys jack off? Why limit it to women? Seems a bit sexist/ misandrist.

            • Agreed Arnold! It’s really weird that people are trying to make this an issue about sex positivity.

              People exploring their sexuality in the privacy of their home after work hours is one thing. Forcing you collegues to witness you exploring your sexualtiy during work hours on what is purportedly a work meeting is quite another. I can’t imagine that either his female or male colleague were pleased to be gifted with this “unique” experience.

              • Right. It was quite strange how some felt that only women would be bothered witnessing this.

  • “In therapy, trying to do some public service, working in a food bank, working on a new book. I am trying to become the kind of person that people can trust again.”

    a.) It’s weird how he equates writing a book with working in a food bank. Is writing a book a charitable act? How does writing a book make him more trustworthy?
    b.) The nuns always told us that it’s not charity if you tell everybody you know about it.

    • As an older white male, it’s maddening that big institutions recycle the same demonstrably failed older white males (as talking heads, CEOs, political nominees, head coaches—you name it) and so rarely consider others who are far more deserving of a shot (especially women and minorities—but also different white males from outside a small circle of schools and careers in “prestige” parts of the country and economy). I’ve been a trial lawyer for 30 years, and the best legal mind I ever encountered grew up poor in Clarenden, Texas, graduated from Texas Tech Law School, and was far more interested in his grandchildren the farm futures report than The New Yorker.

      • Fully agree, Nomar. If only more men like you would come forward publicly in support of denouncing these “flawed” sparkly turds. CNN just lost another viewer.

      • Agree, my favorite comment was CL’s “Are there no other articulate lawyers…” Give someone else a shot at meeting the job description and simultaneously keeping their pants zipped. Not someone whose excuse is that his brain clocked out. Shouldn’t be that hard to find.

      • Isn’t ” best legal mind” an oxymoron? Tried cases for 35 years. It is not astrophysics.

      • nomar,


        The other night I was having a conversation with my 20’s something white male son and this topic came up. The ‘few’ who ruin it all for the males in our world who are quietly going about their business being decent people; people that don’t need someone riding shotgun over them to keep them under control. Unfortunately they do not get the press time and the ones I know, wouldn’t want press time or any attention for that matter.

        Getting people to look deeper is the challenge. Seems like people form opinions almost instantly and they do not ever really investigate their own point of views. It is as thought their very identity rides on their opinions which, in reality, aren’t really their own opinions at all.

        I remember when I finally sat myself down and read the Bible from cover to cover. I was shocked by what I read because 99.9% of what has been written was not talked about from the pulpits I was sat beneath growing up. I was stunned when I began questioning people and I didn’t find anyone who had actually read the entire Bible….not a one. Some professed that they had, but upon further investigation, it came out that they had ‘skipped those parts.’

        I digress…back to the above….

        Follow the money and simply see for yourself where it leads. The saying, ‘power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely’ DOES say it all. Again – read history.

        Something I was trying to tell my daughter but she just isn’t there yet. Like me at her age, she thinks all people are basically ‘good’. Like me at her age, she doesn’t see the bigger picture of what is going on at the top.

        Dday taught me a lot of things. So many in fact that my head spins on a daily basis. One thing that I now know for certain is that BAD people do exist and they ARE NOT basically good.

        IMO really bad people make themselves look good so you have no clue your are being lured in as a human sacrifice to their appetites for power in some form or another. I sure hope she learns that lesson long before I did. (I am rapidly approaching my 70’s)

  • I hope he’s not adding his own special sauce to the food bank pasta!

  • The tone he used when he said ‘ trying to be a better person’ sounded like ‘ I’m trying to grow 6 inches taller’. No pun intended. He had all of the cooperative spirit of a toddler being dragged through a supermarket.

    His actions showed lack of judgement and a no sense of appropriateness. Aren’t these skills required for ‘ legal analysis’?

    Thank goodness we don’t have to shake hands anymore.

    • Guy is a sleaze, no doubt. Cheated on his wife, fathered a child, refused to pay support.

      But, he is bright and qualified. Harvard Law, magna cum etc.

      • Magna cum, indeed.

        Although I didn’t see the vid. Maybe it was just non-magna, non-summa cum.


        Sorry. He really teed that one up.

        • The quality/quantity of his ejaculate not withstanding, the guy is pretty clearly bright and must have gotten decent ratings. Thus, he is back. All about money, not race,age or gender.

          • I agree that CNN’s motivation was money, in the form of ratings/viewers

            But Toobin is worth money because he brings viewers (and consequently advertisers) to CNN. Some viewers understand and value his credentials independently of his race, gender, or integrity. That probably doesn’t describe most viewers, who have no idea how elite or uncommon those credentials may or may not be. Do viewers value Toobin because he’s a familiar white male with gray hair, and they’ll listen to anything as long as he says it with authority? I haven’t seen that poll, but you can bet CNN has! He fills a role that may or may not have been written for a white male. As a white female, I’ve been on both sides of privilege. Not everything comes down to race and gender, but I promise you, privilege is alive and well.

            And hey you have to expect lewd jokes about somebody who’s in the news for “beating off” on camera. Gross.

            • And as long as women and people of color tend to hold less high-ranking positions, they’re automatically less valuable/more expendable to CNN et al. I’ve seen it happen to multiple women, white and black, while the higher-ranking man involved suffers no consequences whatsoever. In defense of OP on this topic, it’s not irrelevant even if Toobin’s retention was based entirely on his own individual value. At best it’s an unintended double standard that impacts minorities disproportionately. Failing to understand the impact is not a defense of the practice.

    • “a toddler being dragged through a supermarket.”

      Ah ha, so true. Except one can see a toddler and think it is funny or cute, but this load; not so much.

      All the pedigrees he can scrape up, don’t wash away his stench.

      But, hey if CNN wants him they can have him. From what I have read about them, and it has been a while; their viewer ship has pretty much bottomed out anyway.

  • The “tell” here might be that the seven subsequent months “trying to be a better person” were *miserable.*

    If, as he claims, he truly understands why the behavior is harmful and the impact it has on others, he could have called those months ‘repentant,’ ‘remorseful,’ ‘an opportunity to contemplate how my personal behavior impacts others.’

    Calling out stocking food bank shelves and writing a book only demonstrates his distractions from doing the hard work he professes he wants to do.

    As the analysis notes, this is why so many ‘public apologies’ fail. It gives the offender far too much spin control.

    • He should have called those seven months the most wonderful time of his life, how he had an awakening and now knows what it is like to be a person among persons. How his wanking on a zoom meeting showed horrible judgment, not only just lacking manners and decorum.

      At least that is what I might think to say. And I’m not reading how I’m Sorry I Wanked book.

    • Distractions, that’s exactly what “work” he’s doing to be a better person. Just say the magic apology-like words, make the sad face, put the unfortunate “mistake” behind you, and continue on your sparkly upward trajectory with a few additional unrelated “good guy” trappings to balance out the “mistakes.”

      Not that people can’t make errors in judgement and come back from them, but this dude demonstrates the height of privilege and entitlement, and CNN taking him back is confirming to him that it’s just fine to live that way.

      • his book is on my avoid or steal & toss list. His name is now a verb in my book (as in, “hey are we reviewing the budget today, or just toobin alone?”)

        His non apology was just horrific.

        2 questions:

        1) WHO helped him write that? Fire them.

        2) What PR “Expert” thought this would sound authentic or insightful? It’s neither. Fire them.

        The fucking “food bank” comment – such transparent spin, and the mention of his book – OMG that is brazen self promotion.

        That’s some real self awareness and contrition. FIRE HIM for good. Jesus, – not to get political but Santorum made an offensive REMARK and he was gone. Why keep this particular weirdo?? I’m a lawyer and being articulate is not a rarity in our profession.

        You know, I’m a sucker for redemption stories, but I had zero sympathy for him after this arrogant non apology.

        CNN – You’re in every airport and on the few English channels in Europe. But I’m disgusted. You’ve lost me.

    • Good catch, UX. If he had said that the 8 months were a humiliating lesson about his own deviancy, that might mean something. But “miserable” is just whining about consequences and his loss of access to money and power.

  • His hands better never leave the desk… WTF… when consequences for masturbating DURING a work conference call net you a 7 month vacation to contemplate the error of your ways only to be greated back by a woman, no less, why wouldn’t you continue to think you were entitled and special. F*ck you CNN… back to the dark ages.

    • Not a 7-month vacation, it was a 7-month sabbatical to write a damn book. I hope it’s a complete flop.

      • Fair point 🙂

        Don’t suppose he’s planning to donate all proceeds to PTSD fund for all the people who were unlucky enough to have been on that conference call.




          Is he donating the proceeds from his WANK journal to a women’s shelter??

          Oh, not so much…

          f- him.

          And give any woman who is FORCED to work near him, hazardous duty pay. So gross.

          BTW, not to be legally rigid but I’m fairly sure exposing yourself is a crime. Even in New York.

          Guess no one cares about that either.

          • Again, why limit it to women’s s shelter? There are vastly more women’s shelters around than men’s, despite domestic violence being just as common in women? And, again, what makes you think women would be more uncomfortable around him than men would?

  • Several things struck me about that self-serving, sad sausage, non-apology. First, why the hell was the woman tasked with introducing it? To me it seemed she was the one who was breaking the ice for him, smoothing the way. Because she was the one who had to say what he had done, he never had to specify what he’d done, only faux-apologize, and say why he wasn’t a bad person.

    Maybe CNN thought that having a woman do the introduction was in keeping in the Me, Too movement, but Camerota’s spiel was simply information rather than any sort of “what the hell is wrong with you that you would even think that masturbating to a phone sex worker while on a work call is A-ok.”

      • My ex was a master sad sausage maker, and for years I was his perfect customer and bought all the flavors he peddled..until Chump Lady opened up my eyes to the tripe I was being sold!

  • “make you cringe and sink into the floor from sheer secondhand mortification”

    CL…thank you for finding words to describe my inner machinations to such a thing.

    Honestly, I can’t even watch such a thing.
    Im embarrassed even knowing this has happened.

  • He’s selling his book. CNN must be getting a cut or backing it.

    Maybe they should consider holding him fully accountable and unable to get this kind of work again rather than making this behavior profitable.

    • My thought, exactly. He was using an “apology” as a marketing ploy.

      I quit watching and listening to national “news” after my DDay nearly 5 years ago. I just couldn’t take it. I learned my life is much happier without all that stuff, much of which I personally have little to no control over. I only listen to my local radio station now, which mostly features upcoming local events and interviews.

      After reading about this, I am even more glad. Ick, ick, ick.

      Thanks for the place to send a comment. What he did was disgusting. Even more disgusting that he appears to only feel sorry for himself.

    • Nailed it MichelleShocked! CNN used Camerota to signal women are OK with Toobin returning just in time to sell his new book. ICK!!!! Personal honor can not be taken from you, it can only be lost when you sell it. Toobin has shown how cheaply he will sell his. .

  • When the collective we refuses to accept this level of subhuman being, that’s when things will change.

    We buy in to the system, we support the system, and we get this system.

    Leave a fukker; gain a new paradigm.

    • Yes, CNN inviting him to return has taken the sting out of the fact that my version of the my local Xfinity tv package does not include CNN. CNN has showed me what they value (“who they are”), and I’m believing them (and want nothing more to do with them).

    • Sent two comments to CNN feedback, then deleted my CNN app. It’s a start.

  • Why the fuck is Toobin still a thing? Why oh why do women and the public in general have to accept flawed characters and their crafted non-apology apologies at face value? Because certain institutions and CNN force the public to give them a pass, that’s why; they empower and normalize outrageous and shitty behavior.

  • The STBX’s image management of choice is also…. yep, volunteering at the local food bank. They really have a playbook!

  • Thank you, CL, for pointing out Camerota’s shit sandwich. I don’t know whether she chose that gig or not, but it’s a shit sandwich either way because she is now forever cast as the fool in this fuckwit stage show.

    Every single person who has to work with him is now working with a known sexual harasser, a proven power abuser, a known unprofessional, untrustworthy person.

    He didn’t just masturbate. He masturbated in front of the computer he was using for a highly significant work meeting, during the work meeting, when he had agreed to be professionally present, and in the form of camming with a live human, which he was actively hiding from his unaware wife. AND he has a cheating history.

    He cast his own wife and children and fools in the same shitty stage show and brought every one of those colleagues in on it.

    CNN happens to have Abby Philip RIGHT THERE ON STAFF and she is more capable, more articulate, brilliantly informed on the topic, and 100% capable of discussing circles around Toobin in any format from ten seconds to ten minutes.

    There was zero reason to bring him back besides somebody being his pocket pal and putting his smug narc lying face back in the public eye out of some form of absurd support — or quid pro quo.

    I don’t treat news stations like sports teams like many people do — but I do understand how viewership data works, and CNN won’t get any more of mine, no matter how good they are at shutting up while the person I want to listen to is talking. This is unconscionable and they’d have to replace their whole executive team to resolve it.

    • This particular bullshit makes me glad I don’t even own a TV. (The STBX had it on 24/7, tv is a trigger for me.) Even reading about this wanker is disgusting. When I read about this the first time I’d really thought I’d read the last of old Jerking Jeffry. What the actual hell, CNN?

      I will take the time to look up the address and write those wanker supporters an old school howler.

      • Wow, same here 33! In August I will have been divorced 4 years and I think I have watched a total of 24 hours of TV since then. I enjoy the peace so much.

        • Clear Waters, it is good to know I’m not the only one who truly doesn’t watch TV. He watched such violent content, and porn. I don’t miss that or him.

  • How sad for his wife and children.

    And how empowering for other cheaters, especially those with public positions. No one is owed a second chance and he appears to have been given several.

    Bad decision by CNN.

  • I figure if you peel back the cnn change of command you’d find an old wing man/frat buddy of his and they share a secret scandal or two and a favor got called in. These fuckers always stick together. And I wouldn’t be surprised if he jerked off for that special someone on that call. What guys do with their junk when they think no one is looking is as primitive as it…comes.

  • Shame on you CNN. Total hypocrisy and double standards. He shouldn’t be in front of a camera speaking to the world. There are millions of people out there that can do his job with integrity.

  • Toobin’s character is transparent.

    “Did you watch late night comics having fun at your expense?”
    – “No. Well, maybe I watched a little youtube”
    Image management, no remorse.

    And when he says his Dad taught him to judge people “by their enemies” (responding to the fact that OJ Simpson ‘took a swipe at him’) – most of us learned that we judge people by their ACTIONS.

    This guy is really slimy.

  • We should all be blessed with the standards of a mediocre white man to live up to. Really.

  • Absolutely disgusting. And he really hemmed and hawed about more skeletons in the closet. He was pretty sure there weren’t. I wonder if he was thinking about the son he had via an affair; and wondering if people would think that was a skeleton even though it has been reported. Most people don’t know or care. He was so smug and borderline jolly. He’s just a flawed person who makes mistakes.
    That’s a bit of an understatement Jeffrey.

    • Yes KathleenK, I happened to be watching CNN when he showed up last Thursday and I was thrown by his unapologetic manner which you describe so well as “borderline jolly.” WTF?

      It was so awkward. Couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Such a disconnect: should have been ashamed of himself but he couldn’t keep himself from grinning. Ewwww.

  • Toobin has a very long history of being a complete slimeball, cheater, and sexual predator. The fact that CNN is allowing him on their network, that he is able to write a book and presumably market it, and that his only punishment after YEARS of disgusting behavior, was 7 months away from CNN and being fired from the New Yorker, is appalling. Once again, entitled older white guy gets protection from other older entitled white guys and nothing changes. I don’t watch CNN because it’s a crap network, and giving Toobin even one minute of air time should make viewers permanently boycott them. And him.

    • Calling CNN a “crap network” and then including a “news” article from the Daily Mail is puzzling to me…….and yes, Toobin is a creeper.

        • I grabbed this article because it detailed all of Toobin’s past history that’s been made public. The Daily Mail may be a rag publication, but they got this right.

      • cnn slavers over a slime like toobin snd you’re castigating daily mail?

  • Nothing new here CNN is morally bankrupt. Sadly this is the state of most media today.

    Is it a wonder trust is at an all time low?

    • It’s one creepy dude. Bringing him back is a terrible decision on CNN’s part, but I wouldn’t damn the whole network or the other professionals there.

      If we start casting network stones, there’s Roger Ailes.

      • I’m a huge fan of Anderson Cooper.

        But I still deleted the app so that the higher-ups will get the message.

      • “Journalism matters, today more than ever” – saying on a t-shirt I ordered from the Chicago Tribune during the Trump administration. They have some opinion columnists with whom I vehemently disagree, but they also have some that I love and look forward to reading.

        CNN has many responsible, professional, and trustworthy journalists. They air corrections when they have made reporting mistakes (Fox News, on the other hand, is the TRULY morally bankrupt network that doesn’t believe in correcting the extremely harmful nonsense they spew out). CNN’s coverage of the pandemic has been excellent, with much credit due to Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

        I believe it’s best to keep informed by getting your news from multiple usually reliable and credible sources. My mix includes CNN, PBS News Hour, the Chicago Tribune, the New York Times, and the Washington Post. None of them is perfect (David Brooks is at NYT – ewww). But they all genuinely strive for accuracy and are providing an essential service that no democracy can survive without.

  • CNN hasn’t been a serious news organization for long time….its basically a bullshit tabloid.

    Lest people jump to the conclusion that I’m a crazy QAnon type…I’m not. I don’t have a party affiliation and will vote for candidates I like regarding of party.

    I like to peruse many news sites for different angles, but I never bother with CNN.

    And IME there is a subset of liberal men (like Toobin) that are in fact the most dangerous misogynists. They pay phony lip service to how highly they think of women and then abuse them when they think nobody’s watching. At least with the right wing misogynists you know what you’re getting …they’re open about what they think.

    Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

    • I don’t watch CNN, MSNBC or FOX. Right or left they are screamers. I call them the Chicken Little Channels because every day the sky is falling. Once you let go of them your nerves settle down.

      • I just try to keep my sense of humor.

        Humor goes a long way with ridiculousness ????

        • KIM

          well said. I listen to news from more than one source but I’ve seen plenty of inaccurate and smug crap from each major news source over the past 18 months to refuse to follow any ONE source. Unlike some in the media, I don’t have amnesia.

          Thing is, CNN is all around the world and by normalizing this weird behavior (which is a form of abuse for his co-workers) and it enables more of it.

          The hypocrisy of their progressive opinions vis a vis THIS garbage, is disheartening to say the least.

  • Non apology is right!

    He repeats ad nauseam “I thought the camera was off”. Masturbation during a zoom work call isn’t a problem, the camera is the problem. Uh, so it is OK to masturbate during a work call as long as no one sees you?

    And who are these people that can conduct such an absurd interview without one hint of nervous laughter. My empath self was embarrassed for them. Wouldn’t most people be mortified Alisyn Camerota and Jeffrey Toobin?

    He does say he was embarrassed but I am not seeing it in his actions. You don’t write a book and do public service, you crawl under a rock Jeffery!!!

    And Alisyn, why do you let your network exploit you like that? Where is your outrage that you are required to ask softball questions and hold this wanker’s sad sausage hand? I pity you. Call Megan Kelly, and Gretchen Carlson, Rose McGowan, anybody that will listen.

    And take note when she asked if we would find anymore embarrassing past incidents coming out in the future, there was no emphatic NO, instead a nervous stammering a tone that said uh let me think, uh no, uh, I don’t think so.

    • Why would they take the risk? The guy has a long history of being transgressive. A 10-year affair with his co-worker’s daughter, for starters.

      Like I said – are there NO other qualified candidates?

      • I am thinking your question is rhetorical but a very brief google search of Jeffery Toobin led me down a rabbit hole that I must quickly exit. His pedigree and connections would limit a replacement choice greatly if that is one of the considerations.

        And this,

        My head spins with the generations of high profile cheating/entitlement. I will head back to my simple life now with questions answered.

        PS, you ask why she would take the risk? I look at you and am forever thankful you took a big risk to fight the tide of divorce oppression/ cheating. Maybe you didn’t perceive yourself as having as much to lose but it still speaks to having a greater purpose and character.

      • Seriously, since when did being a cheating ahole like this guy ever disqualify a celebrity or politician. Some highly revered folks are cheaters: JFK, MLK, McCain, Charles Kuralt, FDR, Clinton, Biden, Paul Newman, Barbara Walter’s, Laura Schlesinger, the list of actors, actresses and politicians is endless.

        He is a talking head. For God’s sake, we have guys who have access to the nuclear button that thought nothing of banging young interns. Who cares if some pundit screws around or beats off?

        • Arnold, the point of this site is to change the narrative. You listing people who kept the narrative in tact is tone deaf. WE CARE that people who screw around face limited consequences. WE want that changed. WE want a cultural shift around this behavior. WE want consequences for cheating and this perverse behavior.

          • I would like to see it changed, as well. My point was that it is unrealistic to expect it. Sorry you missed that.

  • If you watch CNN while he is on you can note which companies advertise. If you let them know you will not be using their products as long as they continue it might work. I read once that one letter, email, twitter means 10,000 people feel the same. This is a money driven channel. Use your pocketbooks.

  • Once the classic patterns of entitlement and narcissism are clearly revealed, you can never un-see them, ever again. And, your literary snark and sarcasm are at the top of their game these days! “looks forlornly at the dented cans.” I about spit out my coffee. Thank you for a laugh on this rainy Monday at the beginning of a work week. XO

  • In addition to my disgust that this cicada of journalists has re-emerged from whatever hole he crawled into, I am completely baffled by CNN’s decision to allow him back on their network. As CL said, it’s not like there is a shortage of articulate, camera worthy lawyers within a literal stone’s throw of the set – and plenty of those are someone other than an old white man whose morals (and common sense) aren’t just questionable, they’re nonexistent. They could have sent a producer down to the sidewalk and had them hire the first lawyer that walked by and they would have been a better choice than this guy.

    • I do not think there are a ton of lawyers with his credentials, connections, or experience. His resume, cheating and beating off publicly notwithstanding, are pretty good. And, based on what I have read, CNN’ s viewers, support bringing him back.
      I think we on this board are much more sensitized to what a really abusive, traumatizing thing cheating is, and, as such, hate this guy a lot more than the general public. That, IMO, is coloring our view of the walking incident. Clearly, it was not his intent to broadcast it.
      Cheaters get elected all the time. They thrive in any number of pursuits. Beating off is just not that big a deal to folks. Plenty of old ,white guys have been canned for sexual harrassment. O’ Reilly, Rose, Lauer come to mind. But, masturbating and unintentionally publishing it are nothing like sexual harrassment.
      I disagree with Toobin on some things, but to pretend he is easily replaced is incorrect.

      • He’s replaceable. Full stop. This country is teeming with brilliant and articulate legal minds ready to be handed the torch. And if he had any dignity he woulda walked away. But any person who jerks off during a work meeting has zero shame. That’s the point.

        • Yeah, I doubt there are a ton of qualified lawyers, at least not as qualified as this guy.

  • “a flawed human being who makes mistakes.”

    Funny, that’s exactly what my ExDick wrote to me after Dday, not admitting to or naming any of those mistakes, just an overall blanket excuse, sad sausage style. Like, “I’m just a poor boy, from a poor family”, cue the violins! I was embarrassed by his lack of originality, as well as his poor spelling and grammar. To follow it up, I was to be held accountable for every ‘mistake’ I’d ever made, up to and including being too smart. ?wtf, is that even a thing? I wasn’t too smart to have married him, but that I have fixed.

    I could never watch Toobin again, because you can never un-know those things. Ewww. Bad idea CNN.

  • Don’t put too much faith in any professional. William F. Buckley said “I would rather be governed by the first 2000 people in the Boston telephone directory than by the 2000 people on the faculty of Harvard University.”

  • Oh, they try so hard.

    “trying to do some public service”

    “trying to be a better person”

    “trying to become the kind of person that people can trust again”

    Give him credit! He’s trying! Can someone tell me what this means? Just like trying to be transparent. Tryng to be honest. Trying to keep promises. Trying to not fuck a stranger while in counseling with your partner. Trying to not be abusive.

    Notice the things cheaters claim to try, and the credit and/or pity they feel entitled to for their efforts. Once you catch on, it becomes absurd.

  • Why would CNN take the risk? Simple. No publicity is bad publicity. I think this guy is sleaze and his explanation and lack of remorse and WILLINGNESS to come onto a national news channel, only shows what his true intent is. He misses the power of his position. He misses the spotlight and CNN or any other news organization, if you can even call them news and journalists anymore, knows the power of shock and awe. Sometimes I wonder if it isn’t ourselves that should be ashamed of wasting our short time in the world even paying attention to any of them. Yes I know, that makes me a hypocrite for even commenting. Look I just wasted 3 minutes of my precious life on a charlatan who can’t control his urges. This is your website chump lady and you can do what you wish on it. I think stuff like this is beneath you and you’re message. A message that actually resonates with people instead of disgusting them. I’ve always looked at this place as a place to heal and laugh and yes, to cry. This guy and pretty much any news outlet, while they may be useful to confirm what we all know. Pretty much just calling water wet. Once again my favorite, Trust that they suck.

    • Exactly. CNN sees it as a moneymaker. And, let’s face it, the guy ,clearly, did not intend to expose himself. He was beating off, like just about every guy has done.

      This guy is a puke for cheating on his wife. He is a moron for not knowing his camera was on. But, he did not intentionally expose himself.

      • Chances are just as likely that he did know.
        Now you’re believing a cheater?
        Lying and cheating go hand-in-hand. Poor boo-boo didn’t know the camera was on. Bullshit.

        • Yep, goes right back to blaming the victim. It isn’t like we aren’t used to that.

          Cheaters will blame their spouse, and we all know that many folks believe them. (or at least pretend to) It is amazing to me the benefit of the doubt that folks will give to a lying cheating piece of scum to excuse his/her behavior.

      • He’s just a tech savvy window-peeper, no better than the guy I saw whacking off in a parked car in broad daylight, making eye contact with the women passing by.

        • Egg his car ? (“I know I have a half dozen in here somewhere” she said as she searched in her purse ????) Point and laugh. ? Pull out your phone and make him famous ? Women are so sick of this.

  • While I agree that he’s a moron. I think most people tend to underestimate or just fall behind the technology that exists in our world. I had a friend that worked in the communications industry when cell phones were first becoming a big thing. Believe it or not but you’re average ordinary police scanner could pick up cell phone calls back then. Yeah scary. I’m not saying be paranoid, just be mindful. Probably don’t do private things in front of the computer camera, or the phone for that matter. Call me a conspiracy theorist if you want.

    • Little pin hole camera facing you when you’re on your smartphone, even when you’re not FaceTiming. Also the microphone.
      Big Brother, or Sister.

    • More to the point, don’t jerk off during a work meeting. If he had followed this very basic rule, there’d be no controversy here.

  • There is no real difference between what Toobin did and the average window-peeper who whacks off (somewhat hidden, but in public) while invading someone else’s privacy. He uses other people for sexual gratification without their knowledge or permission. How many other times had he done this pervy deed before he was caught?

    How about this gem from the interview? “”I’m sorry to the people who read my work and who watched me on CNN who thought I was a better person than this.” To the people who thought I was a better person than this…nope. They thought wrong. And it’s worth remembering that Toobin’s long-term affair and his attempts to avoid child support for the child born from that affair is just another example of how he sees other people are objects to be used. He’s not quite on the same page as Jeffrey Epstein, bot he’s in the same book.

    This is a masterclass is why not to believe the apologies of people who show no real shame or remorse. They use words to manipulate people.

  • I do not keep up with a lot of news and have never heard of this guy. I would be so horrified and embarrassed if I were him there’s no way I would want to be seen or heard from again by anyone. A witness protection program would be better. These people think so highly of themselves. My ex-wife prances around like she’s the star of the world with not a care in the world. She’s happy which is all that matters.

  • Say it ain’t so!! Simply unbelievable that CNN allowed Creepy McCreeper back on their airwaves. WTF are they thinking?!!

  • Done with CNN when they let Fareed Zakaria off the hook despite his plagiarism. Toobin is a disgusting sleaze, but Zakaria committed the mortal sin of journalism.

    There is something about this story that makes me very uneasy. Despite the personal agony of being married to a man with a secret, deceptive sexual life, I don’t want public figures crucified for their sexual behavior with other consenting adults That is, I don’t want to see cheaters doxxed and cancelled. Their partners should be made whole in a legal system that appropriately recognizes the trauma and damage of breaking the marital contract, and their therapists should recognize the great trauma done and support the partner in moving past it. But cancelling someone is mob mentality and it never ends well for individuals or society.

    • Dude jerked off during a work meeting. You can spin it anyway you want, but it comes down to that fact. If that’s not cause for losing your job, what is?!

  • I guess Santorum’s departure from CNN left the asshole space open.

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