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Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Dad’s day to all the chump men! Hope you’re out celebrating today and being celebrated.

If you’re going through the infidelity and divorce crucible right now, and the Hallmark bonhomie of Intact Family Celebrations turns you off, please know it gets better. Like I tell all the moms on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day is your chance to celebrate YOUR way and make this day about YOU. (Yes, my chumpy friend, your needs don’t have to be microscopic on this or any other holiday.)

Thanks for all you do to be the Sane Parent. Thanks for setting a good example. Thanks for giving every straight woman and gay guy here hope that Good Men Exist. We wouldn’t be Chump Nation without you.

At the Chump household here, we had a low-key celebration. Got texts from the kids. I called my dad. And Mr. CL is spending a glorious summer day doing yard work, and rewarded himself with a bucket of fried chicken. Which he should probably keep out of sight from our yard chickens, who I threaten to fricassee. However, Mr. CL is very devoted to them. (Zero cognitive dissonance about that bucket of Popeyes.) He gets special grubs for them on Amazon. They follow him around like groupies.

Hugs to anyone missing their dad today. Hugs to the good guys out there doing the long arc of parenting. Happy Father’s Day!

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  • Happy Father’s Day Mr. CL & all the dads especially the ones flying solo here!

  • The long arc of parenting is what you have to keep in mind. Kids are a long term project.

  • Chickens love grapes and watermelon. Watching them chase grapes is free entertainment.

  • High five to the other dads!
    It’s not how I pictured Father’s Days to be, but they are what they are & they are better without XW around!

    • I’m sorry, but how do you know they are better?
      She’s their mom, so they have to be conscious of what they are with her.
      I feel so bad for kids going through the Divorce process. It’s like ripping out tendons.
      Seems like such a cruel prospect to have kids when a spouse cheats.

  • Thanks! Men are the minority on this site (though not the minority of chumps, since women cheat as much or more). So thanks for the shout out.

  • Infidelity, unfortunately, is a gender equal opportunity mindfuck.
    Happy Dad’s Day to you chumpy dads out there keeping it sane and real.
    It’s a hero’s journey you’re on. You all rock!!????????????

  • Happy Father’s Day to all the fellow chump dads out there, the minority in the club nobody ever wanted to join, but all of us are lucky to have found.

  • Happy Father’s Day to all the dads who are doing amazing jobs , keeping there kids happy and sane through stormy waters. It’s a great day to spend with your kids telling them how much you love them and how amazing they are. It’s the only good thing my cheating ex ever gave me , and I thank her for that. But not for the rest of the shit. Happy Father’s Day guys enjoy

  • This was the first Father’s Day my girls got through without their dad. He committed suicide on March 15.

    We spent the weekend at a swim meet and had to come home through the town where he lived and was buried afterward.

    When we came into town, I asked them if they wanted to stop by the cemetery on Sunday. The headstone has been placed and they haven’t been there since the burial.

    They both said “not today,” which surprised me. I changed the subject and we opted to stop by the gas station and indulge in junk food on the way home. Something I don’t allow during swim season.

    It does makes me sad for them the way he exited. Lots to unpack for a long time.

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