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The Elon Musk Super Douche Affair

Elon Musk
Source: Wikipedia

In Wow What a Loathsome Person news, the world’s richest man and Tesla founder, Elon Musk reportedly slept with his best friend’s wife.

I know what you’re thinking. Elon Musk has a best friend?

Apparently. According to The Wall Street Journal, Musk screwed Google cofounder Sergey Brin’s wife, Nicole Shanahan.

Just goes to show chumpdom can happen to tech giants too. They have a young daughter. Brin filed for divorce in January and sold off all his Musk-polluted assets. CN is here for you, Sergey.

From a synopsis in Business Insider. (WSJ has a paywall.)

Elon Musk is said to have dropped to one knee and begged the Google cofounder Sergey Brin for forgiveness over an affair involving Musk and Brin’s wife.

….unnamed sources said the incident happened at a party this year and that Brin acknowledged the apology but wasn’t speaking “regularly” with Musk.

Oh, so that makes it better, Elon? Getting on your knee? What, are you going to propose to him? Is this the Bachelor? Does he get a rose? WTF?

Musk, meanwhile, who’s already in a shitstorm over Twitter, is denying he’s a bigger dirtbag than we ever imagined, tweeting:

Oh you poor man. How long has it been since you impregnated a baby mama or fucked the staff? Someone attend to Elon’s sad sausage at once.


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  • It seems Musk, Trump, Gates and Bezos are in some sort of creepiest skeaziest billionaire competition. Like seriously why are they ALL SO AWFUL? They really do believe that they are above any laws — legal or moral.

    • I would answer your question with CL’s answer to the question all of us woman chumps have asked her: “how could he do this to me and his family?!”

      CL: “Because he can”.

      • “Because he can”.

        I loved that when I first read it, but thinking it over consequently, ( *no* reflection on CL, she helped me save my life) we all have the capacity to do things ‘because we can’, and yet we choose *not* to.

        During my 23 year ‘mirage’ (TM Velvet Hammer), I *could* have cheated, the opportunities were there, but I didn’t. I *can*, but I *don’t*.

        Not sure where I’m going with this, really. Help! ????

        • What I think “because he/she/they can” means: Because he has poor character and gives himself permission to do shitty things. He “can” because he considers only himself.

            • Entitlement. In one word, this explains the cheater’s mindset and definitive character flaw. CL’s writings about this (LACGAL, archives) are the best — and pretty much only — place I’ve found a logical, accurate explanation.

          • Yup, CL once wrote something to the effect of “it does not hurt him to hurt you.” That sums it up. I truly think I give more consideration to someone I accidentally cut off in traffic than my EX does about blowing up his marriage/family.

            • Yeah, “ it does not hurt him to hurt you”. I copied that to my notes when CL wrote it. It’s so accurate.
              There is one world journey that matters to these FW’s and it’s a solo flight for them alone.
              Wealth def greases the ability for these cheaters to cheat with ease and their entitlement is as massive as their egos and wallets.
              It’s a all a big game and they take what they want from it and feel somehow justified doing that.
              No morals and heavy on the scumbaggery, that’s their personality disorders. Money just gives it that exotic, cosmopolitan flair for the masses to be entertained by them. They are just your basic plain old vanilla low life cheats, nothing to envy there, much more to pity.

        • Ex traveled a lot for work. In coming planes to our local airport fly overhead just to the east of my town. I once joked to now ex that if I had a boyfriend I would know when to send him home when I heard the 10:10pm flight approaching. But no, Hurt1 never cheated even though ex was gone sometimes 2 weeks at a time. My character never gave it a thought – except for a little ribbing. Who would have thought he was the cheater returning to his faithful spouse?

        • Some people do things just because they can.
          Other people do things because they care about people and the consequences of their actions on others.
          I know which group I want to be a part of.

      • The research consistently shows the *two* reasons are:

        1- because they are narcissistic and,
        2- because they can

        We could have too but we didn’t have that first part ????

      • He can, she can, I can, you can. It’s not Can’t~ It’s Won’t.
        Faithful people can, but won’t.

    • I’m not a psychologist/psychiatrist, but having read The Psychopath Test (Ronson) I’ll hazard a guess these types are psychopaths/sociopaths. Like politicians. ????????????

      Of course psychopathy/sociopathy is on a spectrum, like most character disorders, so I’m not saying Musk et al are *murdering* psychos/socios, but these types of very driven people all seem to have extremely selfish, entitled, greedy traits in common.

      They all *look* decidedly creepy as well. Although Shakespeare stated ” there is no art to find the mind’s construction in the face”, to my mind there is a certain ‘look’ which defines them all, which I can’t describe, but gives me spinal frissons.

      Musk in particular looks like he’s had one too many botox treatments. ????

    • Everybody’s vain, and perhaps rich people are vainer than most. Some of us are bothered by our vanity enough to try to contain it or work on it, I guess, and some of us have been knocked about enough to have a good idea what that feels like and don’t want to do it to someone else.

      And (because I enjoy the snark here) some people are a*seholes 🙂

    • I think perhaps people who become millionaires or billionaires are a certain type of person- one who lacks some empathy but also has a certain ruthlessness and lack of adherence to social conventions etc. They may start off as relatively normal (or not) but become increasingly warped and power driven as they get richer. Mere marriage vows and friendships mean little eventually.

    • ☝️+ ALL Epstein’s Associates~
      You know, all those people
      on all those DVDs having sex with all those girls;
      Those buddies from the Black Books;
      Those special friends who flew with JE, named in Flight Logs

      Where are FBI investigators?
      Hear any news updates?
      Why the Silence?

  • I’m completely disgusted by the wall street journal. I guess they’re just a gossip rag now. I used to consider them very legitimate. I certainly never read it to see who was fucking whom. I’m tired of every news source becoming TMZ.

  • This is what my ex did- his best friend’s wife. Blew up their marriage, our marriage and no longer has a best friend. If I had any doubts that Musk was pure slime before learning about his similarities with my own ex slimeball, I don’t any longer. ????

    • Me too, Katie. STBX had an affair with my friend (her now ex-hubs was also our friend). Took down two marriages, blew up two families. All the mutual friends are gone too. Good times.


    More later, but before I forget, this is a newly-published book, an excellent addition to any chump’s recovery library and infidelity first aid kit. It’s on top of my reading pile right now:

    Healing from Toxic Relationships: 10 Essential Steps to Recover from Gaslighting, Narcissism, and Emotional Abuse


    • I’m reading that right now! Well, figuratively….right now, I’m reading Chump Lady…but I’m reading “Healing from Toxic Relationships” as my current book.

  • I own a business with Traitor X. We spent seven figures on custom-designed manufacturing equipment to make parts for Tesla. Just after it was installed and running, they sent us an email cancelling the part. They do not have to, and aren’t going to, reimburse us for the money we spent on the equipment as Traitor X thought. He was distracted by the affair he was having during contract negotiations and was not paying attention. The equipment is too customized to be used for anything else. It sits idle on the shop floor. The only activity it generates is the monthly check written to pay for it. Imagine putting a whole bunch of cash into a fire pit, once a month. For five years. Four years down, one to go.

    I’ve been screwed over by Traitor X and Elon Musk combined.

    • the symbolism of this equipment is something, VH. it really is. do you kick it whenever you walk past?

        • DamnIt, the carbon footprint of the manufacture of a Tesla and the batteries is significant.

          The only truly green vehicle is a horse, IMHO.

    • I dislike that man strongly, and have no interest in one of his shitty, shitty cars, (all the graceful “styling” of a 2005 Camry.) But hurting a small biz like that is next level cruel! EM could reimburse you in one fell swoop with his lunch money or whatever is in his pocket at the time, but chooses instead to rake in obscene (stomach churning) amounts of wealth while you pay for equipment you bought in good faith to manufacture parts for him! Stuff like that is why I know I’d never be a Musk, Bezis, Gates, etc. Too many little people get stepped on, on the way to that wealth accumulation.

      I hope you can find another Tesla plant to sell that stuff to. Reading that was sickening. Best to you!

      PS– I am a small (very, LOL)business owner myself, and I was imagining what we woukd do if so much capital eas tied up in useless equipment. Honestly? Probably go under.

    • I am sure you looked into this but can the parts be sold as after market parts. I am not familiar with Tesla warranty but I would image as those cars get resold it would negate warranty and aftermarket parts may be useful. It is a big business in the motorcycle world

      • We don’t have any parts. They all got shipped to Tesla. We were left with just the automation equipment we designed and bought for their manufacture. The cost of the equipment was 2.5M, and on a 5.00 part, even if we could legally continue to make parts with the equipment, the ROI would basically be non-existent.

        So 2.5M, and the interest on it, went into a fire pit. Because his head was between the legs of a Craigslist Casual Encounters cockroach, instead of in the game at our company.

        But I do truly appreciate your suggestion. ❤️

    • I thought I had read that somewhere.

      And yes, if true then Karma all around. Especially if his current wife is the OW to his first wife.

      These folks trade spouses like socks, so who knows.

    • I had a hunch, Gera. Just knowing that Brinn is a wealthy, well-connected Tesla big man, I immediately thought, “Bet this rich “chump” is a cheater and will be just fine.” Then I saw his photo, which made me even more suspicious. He won’t feel as deeply (because if he’s an FW he can’t), he will be just fine financially, and there are no doubt binders of money- and kibble-hungry young women waiting in the wings. I only feel sorry for the kids involved, if there are any.

  • “It seems Musk, Trump, Gates and Bezos are in some sort of creepiest skeaziest billionaire competition. Like seriously why are they ALL SO AWFUL?”

    In response to this I think their wealth provides even more entitlement than the average FW. Chris Rock after having cheated on his wife over and over (she divorced him) said he felt entitled to cheat because “he paid for everything” at home. Never mind the fact that his wife (an educated and brilliant woman who could have also commanded a sizeable income had she not been a stay at home mom) was taking care of their 3 young daughters and maintaining their home, non-profit, and estate. He was entitled to an affair because he “funded” everything (insert major eye roll) More money also means more resources to initiate and maintain an affair plus more people to help you plan and hide your dirt (see R Kelly)…

    • More people to kiss your behind. Cheater had the same attitude as Chris Rock with the more money he made the more arrogant and entitled he became.

    • Reminds me of Tony Soprano rubbing it in Carmella’s face on several occasions that she had everything because of him & not to forget that.

    • I think cheaters will find any excuse to cheat. So, if they make more money, they will throw it in your face. I happened to make more money which made him feel like less than and he used this as an excuse to cheat on me! Of course, I made myself small and never talked about my work or pay and let him make all money decisions!

      You can never do right with these FW’s!

      • It was the opposite for me. My ex-wife and I both had really good jobs, but she made a little bit more money than me, so when we had our daughter, we decided together mutually that I would be the one to stay home with our daughter, particularly because I could do some of my job part-time and from home, so that I could still be making some money even if it wasn’t full-time. Of course, one of the reasons she used when she cheated on me multiple times (five that I know of) was that she wanted someone more successful, that I didn’t make enough money, and she was sick of being the primary support person. She was cheating with her boss (also married with kids) when she said this to me and was supposedly attracted to him because he was “the man in charge and making a lot of money.” She never approached me with her feelings or to talk about me going back to work full-time instead of her (which I would have happily done). Just skipped straight to cheating. Of course, that’s because it wasn’t the real reason. As you said, any reason they can use to cheat, they will.

    • Super, super disappointed in Chris. He can make me laugh like no other comic. I guess I’m either a terrible judge of character, or he hides it well, because I never picked up on that sense of entitlement from him.

      That makes me sad for his wife, and sad that his comedy is now so sullied that I don’t know if I’ll be able to stomach watching him now.

      • Uh, he had whole comedy bits about what a terrible boyfriend he was? They’re some of his funniest bits: “Women are always complaining about something. Women like to complain, women save up shit to complain about. “He don’t even know I know but I’m gonna get his ass on that shit next month.” They like fucking complaining. They love it. No matter what you do, she’ll be mad. You can fuck a woman with a diamond dick and make her come ten times, she’ll still complain. “Why’d you make me come so hard? This diamond dick is cloudy. Why didn’t you go to Tiffany’s? You’re so fucking cheap.”

        Hilarious, but yeah. Common denominator in his relationships was him.

    • My ex was exactly like Chris Rock too. He felt entitled because he “worked and paid for everything”and I was lucky to be a SAHM . In his mind I was just a wife appliance that he paid for and that I was not entitled to any of his hard earned money. The judge in our divorce thought differently. ????

    • I’m a (seriously flawed) Christian who believes in forgiveness and the possibility of redemption, but I still cherish the belief that an Old Testament Yahweh, oriented toward justice, is going deal with unrepentant, entitled cheaters after they die. There’s no amount of money that can protect you from the judgment of God, boys!

      Excuse me, now, while I check on my own humility level to make sure I have an adequate supply so that I can be a decent human being.

      • Thanks Sunshine Ruby,
        Finding, keeping & sharing
        The Truth is required.
        UN-repentance Warning
        has been offered.

    • My EXH didn’t cheat, but he made decent money and didn’t want me to work. But that shifted the power dynamic and since I wasn’t bringing in any income I had no decision-making power. The EXH didn’t cheat on me, but he certainly financially and emotionally abused me.

      • I am beginning to think that we need a law in this country like the one in Norway or Denmark, that automatically deposits half the pay-worker’s salary into the SAH parent’s personal account each month, so that the person working outside the home doesn’t get unfair influence over decisions in the marriage. It isn’t enough to have this acknowledged only in divorce court–it needs to happen on a monthly basis routinely, so that negotiations between partners are fair and equal.

    • Yup and it seems rich/famous people often surround themselves with enablers who tell them what they want to hear.

    • Add Epstein’s Associates
      The ones in DVDs, in Black Books & on Flight Logs.
      All these people
      All the evidence
      Ms Maxwell & Prince Andrew?
      FBI, Where are you?
      What did you do?

  • Who knows if it is true? Yet, if I had to choose between believing a statement by Musk or the WSJ, l would pick the latter. I also find Musk’s claim that he has not had sex in months an interesting distraction from the accusation. The accusation is not that he IS having an affair with a friend’s wife but that he had one months ago. His faux-humble dismissal ignores the actual claim.

    Is it news? Sort of. Musk’s choices impact too many people and industries to pretend that his personal behavior doesn’t matter. If he cannot be trusted in business or personal relationships, lots of stock portfolios take notice. Look at Time magazine’s story on Tesla co-founder JB Straubel for a discreet critique of Musk from a man who previously worked closely with him.

    • Yes, true. I recall a few years back CA (current) Governor Gavin Newsome had an affair with HIS best friends wife.
      I remember thinking : this shows a total lack of character.
      Why would we vote someone into office like that? Yet we did.
      Short memories on this kind of thing, or maybe it’s just some other “newsworthy” cheater will take the headlines… and we move along… sigh.

      • And now Gavin’s first wife Kimberly Guilfoyle is with Donald Trump Jr. What a headscratcher that is !

    • Maybe his “I haven’t had sex in ages” is him trying to imply that he has some self control? That he’s not an asshole? In other words, that variation on the Sad Sausage known as the Noble Sausage.

    • Truth, moral, motives matter.
      Which journalists can be trust?
      What stories are told, re-told?
      Which are silenced, censored?

  • In my blowup, after 40 years of marriage, it became crystal clear that everyone in my life – including my adult children – were focused on their dad’s sad sausage. It really turned my world upside down. His poor little erections were not being cared for properly and everyone in my hemisphere was rushing in to comfort him and celebrate his new schmoopie (who gave blowjobs in the closets at work while they were both married to their long term spouses). He married her right away, as soon as I pushed the divorce through alone while he had his focus on her crotch.

    I really did not know this was a thing and I certainly never thought it was my world. Dicks are to be worshipped and everyone else can just get under the bus if they don’t join in. I was very much thrown under the bus as they all “moved on”, immediately accepting schmoopie and distancing themselves and my grandchildren from me.

    I am so sad to admit that. I raised two children, was with them everyday (he was always too busy), teaching them values and character. Yet, I guess I was teaching the erection worship principles because I was never able to be heard or respected by any of them. And I continued to serve and love no matter how badly I was treated.

    I need more coffee. Guess it is not Tuesday yet. Thank you CN for listening. Again. This is a very long journey.

    • I’m so very sorry. I hope that with time and your journey to “Meh,” your kids will come around.

    • Sorry about your situation. Cheaters are great with image management and spreading their narrative. My STBX got a lot of his family to his side. Fortunately, he had uploaded his dick pics and his amateur porn with Schmoopie on my son’s shared family photo account. My adult son is firmly entrenched with me and has zero contact with the FW. I am still waiting for grandchildren though.
      FW obviously thought so much of his dick that he had to keep record of it. Once seen, it can never be unseen (videos). I hope the memory fades one day.

    • Tallgrass, I am so sorry. You and I seem to have been married to the same person, raised the same children, been related to the same people and have had the same friends. Yes, it hurts like hell! I also have not met my grandsons (but have seen pictures of the whore with them)! Married 36 years, divorced 5 1/2. Why does it seem like they (these disordered sociopaths) have won?

    • I’m so sorry, tallgrass. My only child is 19 and his cheater father neglected him as a parent for his entire life, even when he was in the home before Dday. I was essentially a single mother from day one, raising him totally on my own. Cheater is now trying to salvage something of a relationship with him. My greatest fear is that he will turn out like cheater and also turn on me for some unknown reason. So far there’s no indication of that, but it haunts me.

    • I’m really sorry for what you’re going through, and (I think?) I understand.

      I gave up all my ‘power’ to be a FT SAHM. Partly because I believed it was best for the kids, partly because it made the most financial sense. My management position required 60 hrs/wk but was not close to the income that my now-ex was making. My early retirement seemed to be the best balance to handle life’s two tangible assets, time (we would gain time, as a family) and money (my ex’s potential earning had no limitations, although mine did).

      Over the course of raising three kids, my ex wasn’t outwardly abusive but the anger was always simmering in the background. His ‘values’ clearly lay with just himself, because he was the one who earned the almighty dollar. And for that reason his one and only almighty god was his career. He never failed to state how he was the important one. He was successful at making money so he became the shiny one in our marriage (the world according to him).

      The kids came to me when they were scared of him or his simmering anger. And this is my huge mistake: I spackled, to protect my kids. So while they were hearing about deep spiritual values from me, what they didn’t realize is that I would warn the ex (on the side) to be calm when he heard about the bad report card – or the bong in the car – or the possibility of a gap year before college. The kids came to me first, always, for protection. And knowing that life is tough enough, I too wanted to protect them from their own father. I knew that my ex would blow up when his kids weren’t perfect, and given that no kid is perfect, all that I was able to control was his reaction. All to protect the three humans I love most.

      My therapist has told me that the kids DO figure it out, eventually. But in the meantime the truth is hidden (for years, as I’m discovering), as the kids work through their hurt of a blown-up family.

      Look at the kids who are not making the shit sandwich, but are complicit in serving it up on a silver platter. The Gates kids, the Schwarzenegger kids, the Bezos kids. They seem to have the same desire to declare how wonderful their cheating parent is (who wants to admit that they have a parent who’s an asshole?), but this clearly devalues the honorable parent. By declaring how much they think of the cheating parent, it spackles over the incredible pain caused to the honest parent who held it together.

      A different kind of spackle, but spackle nevertheless. And look who they learned it from!

      “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice”. I hope MLK is right.

  • Not surprised. I do wonder is this dick know about the invention of a condom. He single handed looking to populate the earth, or something? Asking for a friend.

  • Haven’t had sex in ages. Yeah, even billionaires use the cheater-speak playbook. Another reminder of just how much I lowered the bar for the Limited. Why do they always reference a lack of sex when caught with their pants down.

    • Especially when they have initiated the lack of sex by withholding (ten years in my case – what was I thinking!) in order to give themselves a justification to cheat and to stay faithful to OW who, again in my case, had his gonads in a vice. He was constantly having to check in with her, I later found out. But it’s a waste of energy trying to work out why these disordered chaotic messes do what they do. It isn’t worth the effort.

  • And the Most Punchable Face Award goes to..????…Elon Musk!!

    When the Access Hollywood video came out, a lot of Trump’s defenders argued that he’s got the money, so he can “get the girls.” They argue that rich guys have “hot chicks” throwing themselves at them, so how can you blame these guys? By this logic, the only thing keeping some men from screwing other women is their net worth? Yikes. So depressing.

    Maybe I’m missing something, but what about high net worth women? Are they grabbing crotches?

    Speaking of women, let’s not act as if Nicole S had no agency in all this. She cheated on her husband.

    Money can’t buy taste or good character.

    Not that I care (meh-ish these days), but some cheaters are probably heartened by stories of these high-rolling cheaters. x probably thinks he’s now a member of an exclusive club. UGH!!! They can all take a ride on SpaceX together.

    • Hoping for karma that the HAL9000 would be in charge of SpaceX. (HAL’s from the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey if my reference is too out there.)

  • Right? and how about young hot women. I was a young hot woman as most women are at one point, I got plenty of attention and shows of interest from men, wonder how many folks would have excused me if I had screwed around on my cheater, after all the opportunity was thrown at me (us).

    Yeah didn’t think so.

    • Right? Years ago when I was “hot and young” my best friend was involved with a serial cheater. When I was going through a difficult time she suddenly was all about being there for me but something was off. She was trying to emotionally draw me in to an affair with her. I put a stop to it and this woman actually acted all hurt like she was somehow wronged.

  • I will never understand how getting your rocks off is the Most Important Thing.
    More important than friendship, marriage, family, children, lawn care, business relationships, employment, money, the dog, etc. and freedom (incarceration).
    Why is it acceptable to have zero self control? Like it’s a GOOD thing you can’t control yourself? It’s unacceptable in every other facet of life, but having no self control over your libido is acceptable??? And the most important thing is your “right to jizz”???

    • When an adult is emotionally unhealthy they most often lack impulse control. Unable to self-soothe, sit in the moment, regulate feelings, or deal with emotions maturely, the quick fix is often to moderate these unhealthy feelings by whatever means distracts from the overwhelming emotions. For some it’s sex, for others it’s abuse of others, overeating, addictions, gambling, drugs, trading partners, etc. Whatever makes the emotional dysregulation go away – even temporarily – is the drug of choice.

      • Agree 100% with your assessment. Blaming the disordered for being disordered is futile. Chumps can’t fix it. No contact and get out.

      • A lot of these people exercise incredible control in most aspects of their lives. So, it’s ridiculous to say that they “can’t” control this aspect. They choose not to.

    • Agreed. My favorite line of “America” is “confirm thy soul with self control, thy liberty in law”

    • Right, and you can be sure that their legal department didn’t let them print it without rock solid evidence.

  • We need to start a ‘Rather Be The Ex Society’. Absolute power (and gobs of money) corrupts absolutely. No matter how fat and hideously ugly. Seriously. Would Zberg, Bezo, Murdoch, Buffet, Gates ever get laid if they didn’t have money? They don’t even have to have nice personalities. It’s definitely better to be divorced from them that married because at least you don’t have to look at them or fuck em for the money. Let’s face it, though, they are tramp magnets who will trophy fuck ugly for money and prestige. Bezos girlfriend, whose plastic surgery makes her smile like a blow up doll Joker – she just gave a measly million to charity (like where did that $ come from??? ) – is she trying to compete with Jef’s classy ex? These guys all deserve to be exploited by the schmoopies of the world. I pity the poor wives and exes and their children. It’s all so very sordid.

    • @Trudy, am I missing some info. Of all the billionaires I ‘thought’ Warren Buffet could be put on a pedestal for good behavior? As I understood it Warren’s wife left him to pursue a singing career in California and was given permission to have his now current relationship. The 3 of them would sign Christmas cards together when his wife was alive. Unusual relationships but it sounded consensual?

  • There are some questions about the validity of the story. I am a big fan of the WSJ, and don’t doubt that it might have happened but I would like more proof before ripping on both of them. I guess I am just sensitive having been falsely accused of something that harmed my reputation and hurt my career. As of now Musk and Shanahan are both denying the affair. I will wait for more evidence.

      • Yes. There’s *character* (what character? 😉 assassination/fake news allegations about this story flying around. Mud slinging payback for the Twitter fiasco? Hmmmm. He who gains the most clicks wins in todays media cycle. All players in this situation are capable of smear campaigns. My bet is Musk did cheat with best friend’s wife. ‘Cause he’s a scumbag.

        • Fake news = twisted, slanted, highlighted, repeated, censored & hidden news.
          It’s about popularity instead of truth.

    • Does anybody doubt anymore that news is bought & sold?
      How much truth gets hidden?
      twisted? Depends on ???? ???? ???? The right influence can slant a story right or left. Dr Chump, you’re a victim of an UN-true smear campaign? Me too.
      You’re wise to ‘consider the source’ before blindly believing.

  • When I was in school, my friends had an expression for bad choices made under controllable circumstances. They called it viewing the world thru beer goggles. I think those bad choice goggles come in all sorts of styles. It could be another form of alcohol, or drugs, or the addled adoration of those with money and/or power.

    Just because someone is “attractive” to someone else because their “vision” is altered, does not mean that person should act on that impulse. Regret and humiliation almost always follow these perception problems. Self-control and discipline should be learned as we grow up. Some of these entitled FW’s never truly grow up. They blame other things and people, but it is always their problem.

    • Spot on Portia.

      I honest think my fw figured he would cheat through out our marriage and he would never get caught up in a mess. But then he was so slick and smart, why wouldn’t he think that.

    • I just read that link, CIT. Perfectly describes the trajectory of so many late-blooming cheaters. It also highlights The Lola Doctrine: cheaters always trade down! That posing, hip, sexy, young OW is such a trope; she looks like a boring, phony, narcissistic, superficial piece of garbage. Brin really showed himself and the world how awesome he is and how much he’s worth by bagging that young trophy. Great guy. Impressive.

      I lived the woodsy homesteader version of this story, parallel FW and OW(s). It’s almost funny. Just came across a photo and story about my wholesome, charming Nice Guy ex (and the home we were building) in a new coffee table book about design and rural homes. What a joke. People see this stuff and have no idea.

      The irony is, these guys are worth so much more as nerdy, lovable and loving, genuine young men than they are as successful, sophisticated, experienced charmers oozing social capital (much of which is thanks to their mighty, generous, loyal longterm chumpy partners). I loved the illusion I fell in love with; I am repulsed by the man he grew into. Any decent person of any age, gender or sexual orientation would be, too. And yet these OWs know who they are and are drawn to the kibbles and status. And the perception that they’re “winning.” Sometimes, I think I have more in common with my pets than I do these people. Fuck the patriarchy and fuck narcissistic sociopaths. This is why I can’t bring myself to date.

  • If true, I agree. (it does seem plausible), but please be sure to also comment on Sergey’s wife as well. There were two people that both chumped Sergey.

    • After reading more, I’ll have to retract some of my comment…. but still think a few comments on the ex wife who allowed should also be put in. Wow… the twitter comments sometimes remind me of someone else.

  • I used to enjoy this blog because understanding soulless demons is a life skill I acquired late and in perpetual incompletion. Now I am also intrigued by the advertising mechanism that urges me to fast with lurid cartoons of ugly bodies and promises a career in IT could be uniquely fulfilling. Anyone else getting distracting ads?

  • Welcome to the club, Sergey! I hope you find your way here….or anywhere away from this egomaniac. (Clearly, you should stay away from him at parties…no telling what his next charade will be to win over your forgiveness. Poor Musky….sniff sniff, he’s such a victim. He hasn’t fucked anyone in a REALLY long time and he’s sadz that you didn’t think it was ok for him to put his Dick in your “friend”….I mean wife).

    What’s disgusting is how women still open their legs for this pasty, potbellied, entitled poor excuse of a man!

    • I just inserted my foot in my mouth. Instead of Welcome to the Club I should have said…pay back is a bitch! Thanks Chumpintraining for the other article in 2014 of how S cheated on his first wife.

      Regardless, I think what this article points out more than anything is how Musk is out of control and how sad that society finds him and the other yahoos “fascinating”. Society needs to wake up! People like this (ie: Musk, Trump, Gates, etc.) are nothing but abusers.

      • So by virtue of my ex husband’s career and what his company was working on at the time, we had dinner with Larry Page, the co-founder of google, and his wife. She was incredibly brilliant and lovely. He was brilliant and WEIRD. Like there is so much going on in his brain in any given moment, he can’t also do social graces at the same time (fun fact, he was driving one of the first teslas!). My ex was introduced to Musk and had a meeting with him. He reported back that he was brilliant but WEIRD. And arrogant and very much into himself. It’s like there’s a way these peoples’ brains work that is different from ours. It enables them to function at a higher level in so many ways intellectually and inventively, but their social awareness and EQs are in the toilet. (note – as far as I know, Page has been completely loyal to his wife. Just socially awkward when I interacted with him.)

    • …how women still open their legs for…. Yes still. And I expect than still, I expect more, more easily & more often,
      more blatantly and much more shamelessness.

      I blame pornography. I really do.
      Not totally, of course, but as a historical marker for when the conception of nation wide sexual immorality occurred.

      Hefner with Playboy & that other guy with the other magazine.
      2 publishers of entertainment + The rulings of their court cases
      = viable fetus stage.
      Now? There’s a newer breed with tons of offspring gone viral.
      Adult Entertainment Freedom
      now includes grade-school kids.

      Hear about this epidemic on your favorite news source?
      Ever? Why the silence?

  • “I’ve only seen Nicole twice in three years, both times with many other people around. Nothing romantic”
    Translation: I F’d her twice with lots of people around in the next room. It wasn’t romantic and therefore not technically an affair.
    Classic Elon Douchbagery

  • >