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The ‘I’m Sorry, We Good?’ Play

Alex Jones
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I consider myself something of a connoisseur of disordered FWs, so I’ve been riveted by the Alex Jones trial.

To anyone tuning in, Jones is a popular conspiracy theorist and broadcaster of InfoWars, who said the Sandy Hook school shooting was staged. The parents of the very much dead children sued him for defamation.

Jones has not been taking the consequences well.

To any chump that has ever confronted a FW with incontrovertible evidence of their crimes, you will recognize the sputtering stupor of a FW busted.

Minimizing? Check.

Blameshifting? Check.

The lamest of lame apologies that should suffice, because HEY! They Said They Were Sorry!


AP reports:

“I unintentionally took part in things that did hurt these people’s feelings,” said Jones, who also acknowledged raising conspiracy claims about other mass tragedies, from the Oklahoma City and Boston Marathon bombings to the mass shootings in Las Vegas and Parkland, Florida, “and I’m sorry for that.”

He’s sorry for That. Read into it whatever you think he should be sorry for. That should cover it. That!

It was unintentional! He didn’t mean to hurt you.

You should also know, it wasn’t his fault. He tried to apologize, but the media wouldn’t let him.

And now that’s he’s said sorry, let’s put an end to these ugly consequences. Alex made a concession! #bitchcookie

The Sandy Hook parents aren’t buying it.

At one point in her testimony, Lewis looked directly at Jones, who was sitting barely 10 feet away.

“It seems so incredible to me that we have to do this — that we have to implore you, to punish you — to get you to stop lying,” Lewis told Jones.

Hey, the guy is pure sociopath. If you took away Alex Jones’ lies, you’d be left with stubble and blubber.

I love to watch these freaks flip through the rage-charm-self-pity channels. I especially love to watch Alex Jones try it in front of a Texas judge.

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  • When I read his lawyers accidentally turned over the entire contents of his phone and texts to the other side I nearly died laughing. I want someone to leak it SO BAD.

    I also want a tell-all book from his ex-wife, since as a far as I know she never did launch that blog about their custody battle.

    I hope the Sandy Hook parents win their 150 million lawsuit and he is ruined forever. He deserves to live in shame for what he has done and said.

    • Mr. CL has a more cynical take on that (as a Texas trial lawyer who operated in that court). He thinks it was intentional. To create a mistrial. And that the prosecution had enough evidence, they shouldn’t have grandstanded about it. I am, however, curious about whatever they found on there that they think is of interest to federal authorities.

      • I was afraid of that. The “false flags” and pre-emptive claims of election fraud seem consistent with this strategy. DARVO.

      • I suspect involvement with the planned coup of the United States government and overturning the election results. Sedition should be every bit as serious as treason by definition and legally – but it appears not.

        • According to what I read, included in the texts are communications with the Proud Boys guy who provided security for Roger Stone on Jan. 6. Pretty sure there’s material in there that is of great interest to the Jan. 6 committee since Jones pleaded the 5th over 100 times when they sought his testimony.

      • I agree those “leaked” texts were not a “mistake”. But it’s lovely to watch his face (“stubble and blubber” LOL) as the opposing counsel accuses him of perjury and obstruction of justice!!

      • I thought the same when I read about it. I’m often cynical about overt incompetence, especially if something can be gained by employing it.

      • Reading other legal opinions, the fact that the lawyers were notified and had 10 days to respond but didn’t, excludes the reason for mistrial. It however might allow him to sue counsel for misrepresentation. Maybe mr. CL can clarify. Whatever shenanigans they are up to, he is exposed for the POS he is. Although I doubt the parents will see any $ but don’t think that is their primary purpose anyway. Hopefully, that phone is a trove of texts with secret service and other J6 leaders that somehow went missing on their phones. Wouldn’t it be great if the SH parents exposed the J6 cover-up? ????

        • Mr. CL should probably get on here and explain his theory. He mentioned suing the lawyers on both sides. Just because you got it by mistake doesn’t mean you can use the whole of it, is that unethical? And a claim against his own attorney for incompetence. Point was to get it to the right-wing Texas Supreme Court that could overturn or lessen any damages awarded. It’s all very awful, and I have to hope that even the hardest of judicial hearts would not deny those parents their verdict.

          • I’m confused…..

            The prosecuting attorney said he contacted Alex’s legal team after receiving the texts and they did nothing, ergo they were presented in court.

            Did that get factored in and does it factor in?

          • Latest news is that the judge has (again) denied the request for a mistrial. Jones’s attorney has been requesting one basically every day. So my understanding, and not an attorney myself but related to several, is that it’s possible that the defense attorney leaked it in the hopes that the plaintiffs’ attorney would use it and THAT would be sufficiently unethical to declare a mistrial. Since ineffective assistance of counsel is only a constitutional right for criminal cases, it’s harder to declare a mistrial because your own attorney comes across as an idiot.

            • Sorry, that should be that a claim of IAC is only permissible in criminal cases. It comes across as saying you have a constitutional right to ineffective counsel. Oops.

          • I think what Mr. CL means is that if attorney-client privileged documents were accidentally disclosed, that doesn’t mean the other side gets keepsies. There is an obligation to say “hey, we got these documents that may be privileged.” I don’t practice in Texas, but apparently when this happens, the other side has ten days to respond and say “yes, those are in fact privileged and we want them back” – but Jones’ lawyers didn’t do that.

            This morning, the judge ruled that Jones could identify specific stuff on the phone he claims is privileged – and that’s not going to be much, because it would have to be communications between him and his lawyers basically – but otherwise, too bad.

          • It’s becoming like bizarro world. A country filled with billionaires and narcissists represented by unethical and incompetent lawyers. Protected, ultimately, by judges appointed by billionaires and narcissists.

          • The lawyer for the families said he alerted the court when he received the data and waited the normal 10 days for Jones’s lawyer to take it back (which he incredibly didn’t), so now he can use it free and clear.

            I’m not a lawyer, just reporting what I’m reading in the news.

      • The question is when they “erroneously” forwarded the information. Before trial began? If it just happened now that trial has been going on, I would agree with Mr. CL. If they were dumb enough to include things that could be federally investigated, that’s one way to cut off one’s nose to spite one’s face. Sounds like a strategy only a drunk Rudy would come up with.

      • With greatest respect to Mr. CL, I don’t see how this would create a mistrial. It’s a civil case (so no prosecutor) – there was a default as a terminating sanction because of Jones and his rotating cast of attorneys refusing to produce evidence or comply with court orders. The jury is just deciding how much Jones is going to pay, not whether he pays.

        Plus, what would be the grounds for the mistrial? “Your Honor, my client lied under oath about these messages not existing, and as a result of my oopsie, the other side now has documentary evidence that he was lying. So, let’s throw everything out and start over again.”

      • It also may have been intentional to get the texts released to a wider audience.
        I believe the lawyer is handing over the texts to the Jan. 6th Committee.

        One takeaway for me was that the lawyer for the families sat on knowing he had the emails for 12 DAYS!!!!

        I could never have kept my mouth shut for that long. But lesson to chumps going through divorce – THIS is how you have to play!!!!

        • Based on comments above about the relevant law, opposing counsel was required to notify Jones’ lawyers and wait ten days for them to take back and amend the disclosures if they chose before it became legal to use that information. Ten business days means this was the first opportunity opposing counsel had to disclose without breaking the law themselves, which would most likely make the evidence inadmissible in court.

      • I am as cynical as Mr. CL. I think this man knew all along that there was a Sandy Hook. He just wanted to get on the Internet and make a boatload of money off of a bunch of what can only be described as idiots. If he’s claiming bankruptcy then he’s probably got money offshore. I’m just always the one that says follow the money

      • As I continue to work through looking for my Tuesday an attorney friend reminded me last week that my ex’s family doesn’t want to deal with her, her work supervisors don’t want to deal with her, so why in the world do I want to deal with her. When the Alex Jones text thing happened I actually wondered if his lawyers were just sick of him too and got scared that after the trial he’d “brag” about his “victory” which would have resulted in them having problems because they had material that was supposed to be turned over during discovery. We live in a world where the ability to keep secrets has become a full time job for those people who live under rocks

        • one more thing. I am glad CL linked the Alex Jones trial to my world right now. It is hard to watch the news now because January 6, Trump, Alex Jones, Will Smith all remind me of my ex. It’s in my face the way what she did is in my face.

          • Yes, it’s very triggering to watch these entitled FWs out in the world. I take my news of them in small doses.

      • It was child porn. It’s always these conspiracy assholes who are so obsessed with accusing everyone of being pedophiles who are the actual pedophiles themselves. I hope he rots in prison for the rest of his life. There is no lower form of life than this POS. What he’s done to these parents enrages me to no end. I will instantly end a conversation with anyone who tells me they listen to Alex Jones or quotes him for any reason.

      • I’ve heard that theory too, and it’s very possible – Jones’s lawyer keeps requesting a mistrial, and the judge keeps shooting him down.

      • Not a Texas lawyer here, but my understanding is that a mistrial doesn’t get granted just because the defense botched something. In this case, there’s no misconduct on the part of the plaintiffs’ lawyers that could be used by the defense as a basis for a mistrial motion. The plaintiffs’ lawyers went strictly by the book.

  • We live in scary times. The tolerance of society to excuse blatant lies and deleted texts puts more than the institution of marriage in jeopardy. As a chump who is still healing, the constant pushing against boundaries by the entitled is familiar territory. I will oppose this where ever I can.

    • “Just because you believe what you say is true, doesn’t make it true. You believe EVERYTHING you say is true!”

      The judge said something like that … and it sums it all up. Truth as nothing more than opinion. God help us all.

  • I’ve watched a few clips, but I can’t listen to that freak for very long. Maybe he reminds me too much of the ex? Also, didn’t Jones lost custody of his kids a few years ago because he was so awful? If I remember correctly, his excuse was that his Info Wars stuff is all a performance and he doesn’t mean any of it.

    And so I googled the custody stuff. His poor, poor ex-wife has been in an on-going custody dispute with him since 2017. She is planning to subpoena his phone records because they will probably help her case.

    Also, the January 6th committee is working to get his phone records and texts according to an article I saw. It’s nice to see a creep like AJ get in trouble. People like him rarely do.

  • Wow! Badass judge. Alex Jones is evil and deserves to be held accountable for his despicable lies.

    Btw, although I know it was for the best that FW and I had a mediated divorce and avoided a trial, I would have loved to have watched a judge like this question him. ????

    • If I need to remember FW’s word salad and trickle truth, I actually recall having to talk to him like this judge. I’m sure he shared the “disparaging tone” I took with OW as evidence of our unhappy marriage.

      • I remember asking my xFW to define “things”, when he would use that word as a vague term to describe 1)what he did, 2)his excuses for what he did, 3)areas he had “to work on”.

        “THINGS” like sleeping around, lying, manipulating and gaslighting me, giving me an STD, blaming me for his behavior, and his vast entitlement/ego.

        Insisting that he actually say the words was so petty of me, according to him. Nope. I wanted him to SAY what he had done. Not vague “things”. Watching him squirm while cataloging those “things” was somewhat validating to me, while really uncomfortable for him.

        • Apology 101- when teaching my kids how to properly and sincerely apologize they had to include what exactly they are apologizing for so the recipient knows it is a sincere apology for the correct misdoing. I also made sure they understood that just because you apologized, you might not be forgiven. They learned this by 5 years old.

          • Apology 101.1, taught to my daughter:

            1) you can’t make someone sorry, but you can make them apologize, and an apology is least of what needs to happen. Apologizing is not making amends.

            2) making amends means “to change”. Not “apologize and keep doing the same thing”.

            3) if someone apologizes, maybe you can be friends again, but can only be considered making amends (changed behavior and/or restitution) accompanies the apology.

            One day at school she accidentally bumped into a little boy and his lunch tray spilled to the ground. She used her lunch money to get him another lunch.

            She and her friends were jumping on a bed at one of the friend’s homes and the bed frame broke. She was the only child to tell the truth.
            The other children lied about it and the parents of those girls allowed the planned sleepover to still take place. I told my daughter she could not go and so she stayed home. The next morning, she asked me to take her to see the mom with the broken bed, where she apologized face to face, gave her a card with a handwritten apology, and offered her saved allowance to help pay to repair the bed. Without me asking her to do any of that.

            She often tells me she is worried she is a narcissist because of her dad, Traitor X. I remind her of all the things she does that a narcissist wouldn’t even think of doing. I don’t give a flying F about grades as much as I do about her character.

            Funny this comes up because this happened about seven years ago. She is fifteen now and in a conversation about the incident, she gave me new details about it….the kids were taking turns launching off the dresser onto the bed. ????

            • TYPO…

              “3) if someone apologizes, maybe you can be friends again, but can only be considered making amends (changed behavior and/or restitution) accompanies the apology.”

              Should be

              3) If someone apologizes, maybe you can be friends again, but it can only be considered if making amends (changed behavior and/or restitution) accompanies the apology.

              That being said, Traitor X has been told, by all the therapist and lawyers (!!) hired because his crazy shit show, that he will never have a chance to repair his relationship with his daughter as long as he is with the cheating accomplice. This goes right over his head, but that is because he knows nothing about how loyalty actually works, what being trustworthy looks like, or what making amends means.

  • “Just because you say it is true does not make it so” I have said that to my children when they were very young. This sociopath evidently was not talked to as a child.

    • My favorite judge moments: “[The asides] were just you abusing my tolerance.” “Yes, you believe everything you say is true, but it isn’t. Your beliefs do not make something true… just because you claim something is true, does not make it true.”

          • I’ll bet every chump on CN is fantasizing about having this woman as our judge — or even next to us as we attempt to confront the FWs in our lives.

            Too little, too late, but the one thing our couples counselor did right a few times was to call my ex out point blank. (I could detect how twitchy and uncomfortable this made him, even if she couldn’t pick up on the signs.) She correctly saw his massive ego and sense of entitlement as major issues in our relationship. It was so vindicating and validating for me to see someone with more power/authority than me hold him accountable… until we ended the session, and he took out his rage at being called out (by a woman, no less) on me. Besides, anything that happens in therapy with an FW, even if it seems good at the time, means nothing IRL. It just feeds the hopium and enables the FW to hurt a chump more.

            I love learning about FWs being held accountable in court, where it counts. You truly ARE a connoisseur of fuckwits, CL. No one sees and UBTs them like you. I wish more of your writing like this was available on a non-chump forum so I could share it with people outside the context of infidelity and without sharing this blog (which is too sacred, and too personal).

      • CL, when I heard the judge say “Yes, you believe everything you say is true, but it isn’t. Your beliefs do not make something true… just because you claim something is true, does not make it true” — I immediately thought of FWs! We need judges that will do this to CHEATERS. Let them punish those gaslighting assholes.

        When I went to court for Pendente Lite (temporary financial support) it was GRATIFYING to watch FW squirm in front of the judge. And she made it clear that she was disgusted by him and knew he was lying. But she never SAID he’s a lying sack of shit like this judge did. I wish she had!! It would have helped me in the future with his attorney who bought every idiotic lie he told.

        On the plus side, the judge awarded me “more than maximum”… so she got her point across 🙂

    • @Spoonriver
      “Just because you say it is true does not make it so”

      Exactly. I recently read that the most common identifier of a pathological liar is that they wholeheartedly believe their lies to be the truth. Even if they’re shown irrefutable evidence that they’re lying they will find an escape and refuse to accept the truth.

      It reminds me of something Dr. George Simon often says: “It’s not that they don’t see, it’s that they disagree.”

  • I suspect that he lied because it was very profitable for him to do so. And as for his apologies now, of all times, I doubt that he’s at all sorry for what he did and the impact on his victims …… but that he’s very sorry that he’s been caught bang to rights and is facing some serious consequences.

    He is an odious individual and a sorry excuse for a human being. He deserves everything that I suspect that he has coming to him …. and then some. The man is a waste of skin.


      • Adelante,

        I assume that they could be donated to a more deserving person should he have some unfortunate accident?


    • >I suspect that he lied because it was very profitable

      Seriously, this guy has made MILLIONS from his lies. He’s a cult leader, and his followers are mean, gullible sociopaths. Jones has egged his followers on to terrorize these poor parents. Imagine losing your child so traumatically and then spending the next decade harassed by strangers in the street and getting your house and car shot at. These poor people are being terrorized.

      Jones is scum. I’ve been waiting for this day a long time and hope he loses everything. I’m angry it’s taken this long.

  • Alex Jones needs to be gagged forever. Our forefathers championed free speech back when lunatics were understood to be lunatics and no one gave them the time of day. It’s kind of like the 2nd amendment was written when you could basically out-run a musket ball. The US need to update our constitution to take into account both technological advances and the Americans who are so greedy that they blatantly lie to make money and brainwash those who, for whatever reason, choose to believe them.

    • I’d rather doubt there’s a way to control those who lie to make money. He’s having his day in court. It looks to me that the system is working nicely.

      Public opinion declared many as witches and lunatics previously.

      • This man is not like the innocent women who were declared witches back in Salem. He is akin to the people who wrongly accused them of being witches for which they were murdered. The system would work nicely if he were to be found guilty of lying about the Sandyhook children and parents being actors and then prevented from ever being able to fabricate conspiracy theories in the future. Such as there being HIV in Covid vaccines.

        He’s having his day in court all right, but imagine being the parents who are suing him – having this consume their lives for so many years, having to prove that their child is dead. These parents have had their lives ruined not only by a young man with a high-powered gun but then by a man who scoffed at their tragedy and used it to make a mockery of a mass murder. Sickening.

        • This conspiracy has always made me want to vomit. It’s makes me so angry I can barely breathe. The injustice of losing your child is too much to bear, for some asshole to make money saying you’re child never existed is just unimaginable. I knew someone who believed this shit. I told them to never speak of this shit to me ever again and instantly stopped being friends with them. I just couldn’t deal with someone who could take part in such cruelty.

          • It really says so much about a person at their core when they believe things like this. I’ve jettisoned many acquaintances because of this.

    • The problem with the media is that in the interests of trying not to look biased, they practice “bothsideism”, except that means they give air to lies without challenge. And that has to stop.

      • There is a good book about ethics called The Moral Landscape that addresses this topic. To badly paraphrase, the author posits that we throw our morals and ethics in the garbage when we are tolerant of speech and actions that infringe on the rights of others.

        So although you are free to believe what you want, if your way of living or religious beliefs espouse taking away the rights of others or oppressing anyone – we shouldn’t give those opinions a platform just for the sake of “being fair” or “religious freedom.”

        Reading about ethics and morality has been tremendously healing for me. I wish it was a required class in k-12.

      • Exactly. There aren’t two sides to questions like “Was Sandy Hook real?” And let’s not forget the agenda behind the disinformation: a huge powerful lobbying effort to deny the damage that unlimited access to guns causes in the real world. They have to lie because if they told the truth, they’d lose the argument. There is NO excuse for anyone to have legal access to the kinds of weaponry that makes this tragedy possible. So the ONLY remaining argument has to be: the whole thing was fake.

        In other words, the more they lie, the more we understand the truth.

  • I loved the part when the judge suspected him of chewing gum in court. He proceeded to say it was dental gauze designed to cover a hole in his mouth. “Here, Judge, let me open my (big fat) mouth and show you what it looks like!“

  • He “hurt their feelings??” Holy minimization! These people who lost their son were threatened and ATTACKED by Infowars zombies. They should sue whatever network or platform continues to carry his show, too.

  • It wasn’t unintentional and it didn’t just “hurt feelings.” Good lord. One family has described having to move seven times to escape harassment and being unable to visit their son’s cemetery. Another family had their house shot at. Even minus the threats of physical violence, to have someone attempt to erase your child; to pretend that the worst thing a parent could ever have to experience was all theater, and that someone did it all for profit…I cannot say enough horrible things about Jones.

    • ‘Hurt feelings’ is an insulting, insidious term. None of us here are left reeling for years because of hurt feelings. If only.

      To say that to families whose children were murdered? That “man” deserves a far worse punishment than he will ever likely receive.

  • This is so satisfying. I feel like flying to Texas just to give this judge a hug. Although I suspect she wouldn’t really like that ha ha
    It didn’t happen often but there were a few times in the long yucky divorce and custody process when a neutral evaluator or the parenting consultant interrupted my pos ex as he was going on and on with his lies.The look on his face was the same as Jones’. Like, how DARE objective reality intrude on my fantasy world???? It was so validating.
    I never considered myself a super vengeful person but if Jones is actually punished for the horrible damage he has done it would make me SO HAPPY.

    • ” … this festering pustule of a scumbucket … ”

      … who apparently shares style tips with another festering pustule of a scumbucket, Steve Bannon.

  • I live for vicarious justice and public comeuppance these days. In this case, I am also delighted that it’s a woman judge who is handing his ass to him.

    In my own world, Traitor X, who possibly never uttered a single word of truth in any of the 1M therapy sessions over the course of 32 years, was Chatty Cathy with our creepo cheater sailboat partner (Relationship Genius on wife No. 3, an affair partner half his age) and of course all the OWs (the other Relationship Geniuses) instead of saying anything to me or our therapist. He was told our daughter would be Fine! That we could All Be Friends! Yeah, that’s what’s going to happen! Because, you know, the OW even stood up for me. “Don’t talk about your wife that way!” he said she said. My buddy the OW had my back!

    Fucking cuckoo.

    He wasn’t counting on the Karma Bus arriving in the form of our daughter. She was using his phone to watch a video one day after he ditched us, and all of a sudden he received a drop-down message from someone on Tinder named Amanda. At this time he was secretly living with the Craigslist Casual Encounters cockroach (his “sole mate”). I also later found out that during this same time period, he had been telling our daughter, when directly asked, more than once, that we were not getting divorced but working things out?!! WTeverlovingF?!!

    High IQ daughter also routinely found long black hair stuck to the walls in the bathroom at his groovy Greg Brady Big Boy townhouse. The one he was asked to keep fuckbuddy-free to rebuild trust with abandoned-and-lied-to-daughter in an effort to establish said townhouse as her home with her dad.

    All I’ve had to do is step out of the way and let his lies do the driving while I sit back and relax in the comfy first class spectator seats on the Karma Bus.

    It’s gratifying when people are strangled by their own web of lies and hypocrisy. Words really do come back like a boomerang and therefore I try to be really careful with mine.

    • Amanda(s) and long black hairs … been there, done that! (In my case, there were three Amandas …????)

      • Long Black Hair is the Craigslist cockroach, the main She. Whom he said he wasn’t seeing anymore. DD was over at his house and texted me pictures of hair in the bathroom.

        I was a housekeeper for many years. When one showers, hair that sheds floats on the steam and sticks to the damp bathroom walls. I’ve cleaned enough bathroom walls to know exactly how it got there, which I shared with horrified DD who had been told, during COVID, by him, that he was not seeing anybody and most of all done with the grimy grifting Craigslist co-homewrecker. No one is going to get away with gaslighting my child.

        Lost on the cheaters is how their conduct created the Lord God King of loyalty issues for children caught in the crossfire of cheating….that one of your parents has pledged allegiance to a person who helped blow up your other parent, your home, your security, and intentionally and effectively ended your childhood.

        My daughter wants nothing to do with her dad, which for me is very sad yet it is also a very appropriate response because his cheating and lies betrayed and damaged her too. If I promoted trusting him when it is not warranted, I might as well be putting her on a fishhook as bait for future predators and abusers.

    • Your “Relationship Genius” comment made me shudder with the memory of when I used to write for a religiously themed portal. Another contributor was a tedious mompreneur who offered life coaching to achieve “Relationship Mastery” – whatever the fuck that is. Oxymoron if you ask me… the only way you can be in a relationship is to involve another person and really we ought and never really can master anyone.

      I was dismayed that the editors (I use the term loosely) of the site didn’t see how shallow, delusional and (frankly) damaging her whole message was (is?).

      One day I gave them a marginally polite version of “go f yourselves” and burned the bridge.

      • “I was dismayed that the editors (I use the term loosely) of the site didn’t see how shallow, delusional and (frankly) damaging her whole message was (is?).”

        We’ll, the NYT does continue to feature David Brooks (alleged) Opinions, so…

        (Anyone else get a chuckle about his recent, “I Was Wrong About…”? Um… EVERYTHING. You ARE wrong about everything. Didn’t bother to read, of course. CL UBTs are the farthest I’ll go into that useless skein.)

  • Here’s how deep Alex Jones’ sorry is. The New York Times reported:

    “In closing remarks on Wednesday, Mr. Jones’s lawyer said he was prepared to pay a single dollar to Ms. Lewis and Mr. Heslin for each of the eight defamation claims.”


  • I’M SO SICK OF CON MEN! Grrrrr
    Can this waste of flesh get charged with contempt of court? Please? And some jail time.
    Since so much of social interaction is based on trust, these low life’s just really seem to naturally take advantage, in every part of their sick worlds. At least they always tip their hands eventually.

  • He’s filed for personal and business bankruptcy. IANAL (as many of you can easily see) but my lay woman’s read is that he’ll never pay a cent.

    • His last bankruptcy filing got bounced. The latest one is also being challenged as fraudulent – because the “debts” are all to a company that Jones and his parents jointly own. He’s also being investigated now by the J6 committee, and there’s a separate lawsuit in Connecticut where he seems to have violated some court orders.

      I think he is going to have to pay a painful amount of money. You can tell that he’s just now starting to realize that he can’t blabbermouth his way out of consequences, and he has no idea what to do about that.

  • My son-in-law was shot during a car jacking in Minneapolis during the troubles after George Floyd died. He’s in a wheel chair. People have been good overall but my daughter and son-in-law were hurt and surprised by people denying their reality and claiming they made it up. I did point out to them what happened with the Sandy Hook victims and their families. My question is why do people do what this idiot did? Another skien?

    • I have an acquaintance who has a family member that took a famous picture after United Flight 93 crashed. The family has been the subject of harassment and conspiracy theory claims, including how they benefited financially by making it all up. All from a photograph.

      I’m sorry about your son-in-law. Those are the stories, the impacts, that we don’t realize from the larger story.

    • In general, the reasons do to this crap are usually tied in with money, sex, or power. By all accounts this monster became a multi-millionaire spouting his whack-a-doodle conspiracy theories. At his command his followers have harassed or harmed other people. As I learned from my 25 years with a narcissist, he ENJOYS seeing other people’s pain. It makes him feel alive. At least that’s my personal untangling of the skein. And that’s enough for me. If you haven’t read “Why Does He Do That?” you might find it helpful.

      • The golden calf of the Old Testament represented money, sex, and power too.
        This story is as old as the hills…assholes being assholes.

        Tormenting people whose kids were violently murdered though…that is so desperately low I cant even.

    • I’m so sorry your family is going through that. This kind of conspiracy craziness seems almost like it’s being passed around like a virus and there are no limits to what hurtful things the nuts will say to try to validate their irrational beliefs.
      It’s a sociological group think phenomenon (reminds me if the Salem witch trials) as well as being about the psychological problems of these individuals.

      Sadly, we’ve had conspiracy theorists posting here as well. They’re everywhere, with the latest craze being Covid and anti-vax conspiracy nuttery.
      Many of them have even had Covid themselves but still claim it’s not a real disease, but was invented to give the government and excuse to take away freedoms. SMH.

    • Spoonriver, I am so sorry your son and family have experienced that response, on top of such a traumatic and life changing crime.

      I think they do it out of ignorance and a lack of integrity and empathy. They’re weak, bad people and it’s a grab for power and control. Kibbles and cake. Entitlement, “because they can,” and who knows what the fuck else. We’re chumps, so we can’t imagine. They’re sick, selfish, dishonest cowards, and they make stupid, harmful choices. So yes… a skein.

  • I have watched the clip of the lawyer telling him about his text messages so many times.

    Many are saying they think the text message release by his lawyers was purposeful so he can claim a mistrial due to incompetent legal representation. I wouldn’t put anything past that a$$hole. And that would suck.

    Also, in the emails that the Sandy Hook lawyers received were images of child porn. Unsurprisingly. So he better face some charges for that.

    • Child porn??!! Aren’t lawyers officers of the court? Why are we not seeing this immediately turned over to authorities for prosecution?
      I know this is a civil matter, but this guy needs to be arrested if that is the case …

    • “Ineffective counsel” is a thing in criminal trials as a reason to overturn a verdict, because criminal defendants have constitutional rights that would otherwise be violated. It’s not in this civil case, where Jones has already been deemed liable to the plaintiffs as a sanction for refusing to cooperate with court proceedings for years. The jury is just weighing how much he’s going to pay.

      There is no reason to think the phone release by his lawyers was on purpose. They certainly don’t want to risk their licenses to practice for this creep.

  • I love that judge so much, and bless her heart . . . to exercise that much restraint in dealing with that a umm ducking pig must have been very difficult.

    • I am now a huge fan of Judge Maya “Crystal Fucking Clear” Gamble. I would totally watch a Judge Maya show. And hope it makes her twice the money made by that greasy grimy Alex Jones.

      I saved this video. I plan to review before any required interaction with Traitor X.

  • It came out in court during his custody dispute that he was diagnosed with NPD.
    Anyone familiar with his habit of taking his clothes off on camera to impress people with his non-existent hot body (My eyes! My eyes!) would not doubt for a minute that he is NPD. Apparently he would take off his shirt in family therapy sessions with his kids as well.

      • Alex Jones as Chippendale’s dancer?!

        Please pass the MIB Memory Wipe diffusor…..

        • He used to promote his quack male virility supplement using his flabby body. This would not normally be an effective sales sales technique, but with his target audience of delusion psychotics, who knows.
          I saw the most infamous example, which was a clip of him stripping down to his panties, pounding on his pudge in various areas and loudly, manically bragging of his supposedly obvious virility.
          It’s hilarious enough that it’s even worth the nausea. Alas, I couldn’t find it. Maybe he got it taken down after being thoroughly and entertainingly mocked for it.

          More delicious Alex Jones gossip; transgender porn was found on his phone. His far right homophobic and transphobic bigot allies would not be okay with that.

          • Yeesh, please excuse the multiple typos. Thinking of Jones going down in flames is making me too giddy to type properly.

    • But what does it say when someone like that can make $800,000 per DAY at being a liar and crazy person? I mean that as a real question. Great swaths of society SUPPORT this vicious behavior. The parents are horribly traumatized, he pours salt in their wounds repeatedly and dangerously, and supporters are ALL-IN on that!!!?!
      What’s a sane person to do?

      • These are my thoughts exactly. There is a terrifying appetite for astonishing cruel misinformation. What has become of civil society?

      • Not nearly good looking enough to bag 150 women in his teen years alone, which he has claimed. He also claimed that he used to get in a lot of fights and would win every one. Riiiiight. I fully believe that he started fights with his loud, mean mouth, but no doubt he got his ass kicked and justifiably so. How pleasing it is that the judge got in on the ass kicking, legal style.

        • I’m always baffled when men brag about how many women they’ve slept with. They’re clearly trying to impress other men, not women, because MY immediate thoughts as a woman are 1) “Ew” and 2) “How many of those women came back for seconds?”

          I’ve asked that last question of more than one guy who thought his body count would impress me. They’ve obviously never considered this before and usually react with a mix of confusion and outrage.

      • Well, I heard on the radio one day, an interview with a childhood friend of AJ, talking about how he lied, and made up dramatic stories about his history. This was in high school, something about a policeman harassing him, it was all bs. He’s a big liar from way back.

        • Yes, he claimed the police department was openly selling drugs to teens at parties and they were out to get him because he had seen them doing it. It was complete fantasy according to people who knew him. After that his family had to leave town because he was physically attacking other students in class and they were being sued. That guy isn’t right in the head.

        • Funny how there’s always red flags going way back in these people’s histories, but few people connect the dots until many years later when the perp’s in a courtroom. In hindsight, everything is obvious.

      • This link makes me think Alex has been drinking way too much for a very long time. He certainly has the personality of an untreated raging alcoholic to match his appearance of one. Thanks for a link that inspires gratitude for my sobriety, Tempest!

        To be fair, if the crap he sells on his website restored him to his younger self, I’d be ready to eat my critical words.

        • His ex says he’s an abusive, long term alcoholic and so do people who worked at Infowars.
          His face definitely has the look long term alcoholics get, just as you say. I would bet his liver looks like suet.

      • He looked like a meaty baby-man even then. Back before the flood I guess it wasn’t the fashion to use stubble to give himself a less squashy jawline but apparently he could clench his teeth like he was getting a cavity search.

  • I could watch this video 1000 times. It’s better than chardonnay-zen. It’s better than exercise-endorphins. It’s better than sex. (Only kidding. How would I know?) I love this woman and would vote for her for prez. Or better yet – for presidential debate moderator!!!

    • ChumpMD, if this worked, I’d be 30 years younger, a billionaire, look like a super model, and be engaged in a passionate affair with my favorite hot actor!!!

  • “If you took away Alex Jones’ lies, you’d be left with stubble and blubber.” I stopped reading here, just for a moment, so I could applaud this statement. It’s brilliant. Unfortunately, applause is through tears because it’s just horrifying how someone so shallow could so cruelly compound the pain of so many people.

  • Update: More information about the digital copy of the cell phone has come to light. The document was apparently unintentionally uploaded into a shared Dropbox. At that time, the lawyer for the parents contacted lawyers for Alex Jones, but the latter never responded. According to Texas law, in such situations you must give the opposing party ten days to respond. After the period was over, the parents’ team opened the file and saw two years of records from Jones’ phone. The texts and emails include the dates of the 2020 election and January 6th insurrection, and since Jones is an influential figure in conservative circles, it could shed light on the behind-the-scenes efforts to coordinate sedition.

  • One of the creepiest things is that Jones blathers so much and opines on so many different things that, like a stopped clock, he might even be right twice a day (more like twice a decade). When a pharmacology professor and researcher who’d written a valid expose on pharmaceutical industry corruption found himself quoted by Jones to back up some crazy theory, the author/researcher said it was “like being vegan under Hitler and suddenly wanting to slaughter a cow” (presumably to escape the association because Hitler was vegetarian and made animal abuse punishable by death). He didn’t want credit for the analogy and welcomed anyone to borrow it.

    The author also echoed suspicions that Jones might even be paid as part of some Sunsteinian scheme to negate valid information by turning himself into such a manure-hose that anything valid he occasionally coopted would automatically get tarred as bs. I don’t know if the latter is true but I don’t think for a second that Jones believes most of his own malarkey.

  • I have a ring-side seat to this trial in Austin, and frankly, it is better than a Netflix series. From Jones trying to get around a restraining order by yelling at his wife from a helicopter (to keep the proper distance), to his destroying the lives of grieving parents in Sandy Hook, the smell of schadenfreude is *chef’s kiss.*

  • Imagine how it feels to be told you and your children are not even real. This is gaslighting on steroids. AJ is a despicable human being and he knows it. He embodies the traits of greed, anger, and dishonesty that are so admired these days by almost an entire political party. He’s but a two-bit carnival barker running a freak show of losers.

  • I forgot to mention that Jones has also been accused of physically and verbally assaulting employees on his now defunct show multiple times. One former employee claimed he was always drunk and would fly into rages and begin smashing things. The employee claimed it happened at least once a week with no warning and for no apparent cause.

    His ex wife alleged constant drinking, smashing things and physical and verbal assaults on her as well.

    Another story about him was from his school days, where he was said to roam the halls in a cowboy hat, screaming incoherently with a beet red face.

    That’s just a small taste of the number of stories about how whack the guy is. So I do think Jones is legitimately mentally ill, but he’s also a calculated liar. Behind the scenes he has admitted to making things up. How much of what he raves about is what he really believes is unknown, but that’s not the point. Even if you do genuinely believe something, you don’t get to claim it as fact and use it to terrorize people and ruin their lives. Doing that isn’t about mental illness. It’s about being evil. A person can certainly be both and he is living proof.

    I hope they find his money (likely offshore) and take it all. I look forward to his narcissistic collapse and disappearance from public life. Fingers crossed.

  • Latest – Jones has to pay $4.1 million in compensatory damaged to the parents. Punitive damages TBD.

      • CL, I’m with you. $4 million is not enough. And how about prison time for perjury? Throw in some protections against this idiot continuing his behavior on his show too (you know he’s going to go right back to it the minute he’s back behind a mic)

  • Did you see today where he was trying to lie his way out of having trangender porn on his phone?! Bwahahaha…he said ‘everyone gets porn popups on their phones all day long’ I don’t.

    • Classic gaslighting, Chumptopia. My ex used to say things like that about the ads on his laptop (before he locked me out of that, too. And who knows about the pop ups on his phone… wouldn’t let me near it, because even though I’d never snoop, he never knew when a text from an OW would come through.)

      Then, when I accidentally discovered his porn habit when a history window popped up — and turns out it had been a secret, daily routine our entire 15-year relationship — his gaslighting changed to, “Everyone does it. (And it’s your fault I’ve been keeping it a secret from you while sexually and emotionally neglecting and devaluing you all those years.)” They are so predictably manipulative, dishonest and squirmy.

  • The thing that bothers me the most is how long it has taken for these poor parents to receive justice. As if the tragedy was not enough, to have the additional abuse of years of false accusations heaped on. It seems everything these fraudsters do or say quickly and thoughtlessly takes years to be corrected, and sometimes, relief never is granted. How much evidence is needed before we say enough? I don’t understand how so many of these FW blowhards walk around free as a bird, while other people are convicted of misdemeanors and actually have to serve time. I guess we have plenty of time to arrest and convict the poor, and uneducated, or actually untreated mentally ill folks of this world, but no time to arrest and convict the wealthy powerful absurdly crazy folks.

  • This guy amazes me! I thought he was just cynically lying to make money, but it’s evident he’s a narcissist who thinks he can make his own reality. And that he’s immune to the rules, such as telling the truth under oath, and possibly being cited for contempt by a judge.

    The kindest interpretation is that, as we say where I live, “That boy ain’t right in the head.” But I don’t think that’s it; as several commenters have said, he’s a narcissist, and as Chump Lady said, he’s a sociopath.

    Sheesh. (smh) And wow. Just wow.

  • great adjectives. I never listened to this guy more than a minute. I just thought oh crap more of the same morons . when will it ever end. ? Hopefully theres an end in sight. Was listening to liz chaney and she said Turmp should not run again and despaired of the republican party being in ruins.

  • This is basically the problem with their country right now. It was just perfectly demonstrated in that court room.

    Beliefs are not facts. Facts do not have alternate facts.

    This is the most impressive example of shutting down a narcissist than anyone will ever see, in my opinion.

  • Wow! This was so good to watch a judge see right through him and call him on it. Love it. I needed someone like this with me when I was going through the early stages.

  • >