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Uber Driver Busts Jesus Cheater Legislators?

Mary Elizabeth Coleman
Source: Instagram

If you’re a Jesus cheater planning a tryst, you might not want to rely on the discretion of your Uber driver.

In this Twitter thread by @annieschulte, Schulte shares a tale, with screenshots, of a fare she picked up in January 2020 — two Missouri state legislators — Mary Elizabeth Coleman and Elijah Haahr — she alleges were canoodling in her backseat, on their way to a bar.

Schulte recognized Haahr — the Missouri state speaker of the House (and married father of four) — as the man in her car, after his picture appeared in the paper the next day. She did some Googling around on Coleman, also married with six children.

Schulte left it alone until, after Roe v. Wade was overturned, Coleman introduced a bill that would ban abortion in Missouri after eight weeks. And proposed legislation that Missouri women be prohibited from leaving the state to get reproductive health care. She’s also running for state Senate on this charming platform.

Unfortunately for Coleman, Missouri is not Las Vegas. What happens in the back of the Uber, does not stay in the back of the Uber.

The poor chump husband and six kids. Mr. Coleman might want to do some paternity testing.

He’s apparently a useful husband appliance. Reports the Washington Post about Mrs. Coleman’s busy schedule disenfranchising women:

She lives in a large house in the suburbs, with a wreath on every window and a kitchen stocked with 15 different kinds of cocktail glasses. “I couldn’t do any of this if it wasn’t for Chris,” she often says, referring to her husband, an accountant and amateur mixologist who handles a large chunk of the child care. There have been times when she has employed not one but two nannies: one at home and one in Jefferson City, two hours away, at an apartment she used to rent while the legislature was in session.

What a nice set up. Perfect for lawmaker nights out on the town and Uber groping. I’d hate for Mrs. Coleman to have to juggle all that childcare. I’m sure all the future Missourians forced into motherhood will get two nannies and a clueless husband’s paycheck too.


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    • I cannot praise her enough for showing how pathetic these “people” are in real life while telling the rest of us what to do.
      I hope her world implodes over this (although it probably won’t).

      • So I googled Mary Elizabeth Coleman and looked at the news feeds about her. This didn’t get enough publicity.

        How can I (we) make the story prominent? Any advice would be appreciated.

        • Put links to the Twitter thread on your social media. Send links to people you know. Retweet Annie’s thread if you use Twitter, using attention grabbing hash tags.
          Go to the cheater’s social media and razz her (using links to Annie’s story) as soon as she allows comments again.

        • More importantly, how can we get a hold of the two chumps in this situation to lead them over to LACGAL?? Help them wade through the word salads, false apologies and face the real world with us behind them. Both of the Cheaters need outed for sure, but the Chumps need help to gain a better life than living with a cheater.

        • ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox should have local affiliate news channels for the Missouri cities affected by her proposal. And the demographics that vote are the same demographics that still watch tv news daily. Their sites should have links to submit story ideas – or you can call and ask how to email a producer directly.

  • “Jefferson City is a sleepy town on Tuesday nights but I signed into my driving app, knowing that I could always count on a few legislators needing a ride home from the bar.”

    Bible Study at the Bar: State Legislature Edition. Uggghhhhh. #familyvalues

  • This disclosure is important for the well being of women and families. It directs attention to the real questions of power and agency – who has it and who doesn’t. We absolutely have the right to know who in our life is making decisions they reject for themselves.

    • Absolutely, ICanSeeTuesday. I live in a rural area in a tiny state, and last night, I met a friend at the one place you can do that within a 20-mile radius. No surprise that our local state rep was there, and she came over to shmooze, as politicians will. She shared that her opponent, who is anti-abortion and is pushing for this at the state level (highly unlikely it will go anywhere, but you never know), is also one of the loudest voices behind a proposed “personal autonomy” bill (essentially anti-mask/vax). And *against* the personal reproductive autonomy bill in the works. WTF? Classic word salad mindfuck right there. Killed my half-a-cocktail buzz instantly.

    • After my “Christian” STBX and my “Christian” ex-friend blowing up both their families, followed by the majority of my “Christian” friends/church community going MIA on my kids and me in the aftermath, I can attest to the truth of this statement.

    • Very much isn’t. Some of the worst hypocrites in the world are outspoken people prominent in their religious circle, law enforcement, etc.

      And I say that as a Christian. Some 90% of them are fake bigots to the core.

      • They believe the part about Hell, and think that as long as they loudly pretend to be fans of Jesus, they don’t have to do anything else (like, actually follow his teachings).

  • A delicious Monday morning Christmas present in August!

    Way to frikking go, Wonder Woman Annie Schulte!

    And thank yoooooooooou, Chump Lady!


    • ME’s IG comments are now turned off. But three hours ago posts this:

      …..which is classic busted-cheater image management…..

      I personally don’t and wouldn’t use Uber or Lyft. I prefer professional ride service providers like taxis or limos. But I sure do appreciate that Uber Karma Bus drivers!

      I do know that she likely would not have been outed by a taxi driver or a limo driver. They tend to be closed-mouthed because they could lose their jobs.

      Isn’t Missouri the “Show Me” state?


      • Impression management big time. “Look, honey! I posted a wedding pic of us on our anniversary on IG! This PROVES I love you!” Her poor husband.

        • Posting her wedding photo substantially deflates my already-low opinion of her. Yes, her poor husband, and those poor kids, too.

        • Well, her social media intern was sure on it, anyway. Wonder what the intern picked out for hubby’s anniversary gift?

      • Exactly…..I’m so over these low lives that immediately claim their privacy has been violated as a means of deflection . Rather than admit accept and try to atone they want to blame shift. I’ve said it numerous times, in a committed relationship there are privacy expectations but NO secrecy expectations.

    • Along with the faux apology tour. Possibly a short stint in a rehab clinic. It wasn’t HER, it was the alcohol.

  • ????BOOM????. Karma is a bitch! Let’s hope it really drags her through the mud. But, the more important point (and the reason we all need to pay attention on how society normalizes these a-holes), is these people along with every other politician or famous person who has narcissistic and abusive traits should be exposed. I see more comments of Why? Why should we care what Mrs. Coleman, Ben Affleck, Elon Musk, Trump, or Bill Gates does?? Along with a paragraph or two of their justification. I say we need to pay attention because slowly but surely society has accepted their bad behavior as “OK” and “Acceptable”. And, with that in mind….who do you think that shit perspective affects as it’s rolling downhill???? *US!* It affects us in our own society circles, in the courtroom as we battle narcissistic exes/judges/lawyers, and now in our reproductive healthcare. Hopefully, the next time someone thinks “Why Should We Care”? You remember that you or your loved one may not be able to have certain life saving medical procedures while overinflated egotistical “influencers” are making decisions that negatively impact us and that don’t abide by….they believe they are truly above the law.

    • If the millions of data points from CN are accurate, we can assume cheaters holding or seeking elected office are surrounded by people who have excused their behavior and remained silent. It is imperative that “privacy” or “lapse in judgment” or “addiction” also be protected reasons for decisions about pregnancy. And, if not, all bets are off.

      • In a word, Harvey Weinstein. He raped women for at least fifteen years before even being reported to the police. There’s a new documentary on the massive web of power he built over the years that made victims too terrified to expose him. Also the normalization of harassment and assault in the entertainment industry apparently left victims convinced that Weinstein was untouchable and, moreover, no one would care.

        • Cosby, Epstein, Weinstein.
          Biden, Clinton, Pelosi….
          The arenas are many.
          Education, entertainment, government, medical, religion
          The list of abusers is long.
          The list of the abused is longer.

            • Biden and/or Pelosi cheaters as in adultery? Don’t know.
              Listed both as Hypocrites
              in both in government & religious arenas.
              Via various deception tactics,
              various leaders from
              various arenas
              “cheat on” We The People.

    • Southern Chump said:
      “I say we need to pay attention because slowly but surely society has accepted their bad behavior as “OK” and “Acceptable”. And, with that in mind….who do you think that shit perspective affects as it’s rolling downhill???? *US!* It affects us in our own society circles, in the courtroom as we battle narcissistic exes/judges/lawyers, and now in our reproductive healthcare. Hopefully, the next time someone thinks “Why Should We Care”? You remember that you or your loved one may not be able to have certain life saving medical procedures while overinflated egotistical “influencers” are making decisions that negatively impact us and that don’t abide by….they believe they are truly above the law.”

      Well said — wish I could upvote it a few hundred times!

  • “The true test of a man’s character is what he does when no one is watching.” ― John Wooden, UCLA men’s basketball coach (1948 to 1975). Today, thanks to the internet and the iPhone, everyone is watching, filming and sharing. What separates the normal from the abnormal today is that the abnormal does not care and will unabashedly lie regardless (aka Trumpism).

  • “She isn’t who she says she is. She’s an emotionally immature, self-serving narcissist disguised as a mousy, altruistic brunette that claims to be deeply devoted to her husband, her constituents and the lord.

    It’s all bullshit.”

    Standing ovation for Annie Schulte. This is quite possibly the best public takedown of an OW / AP ever!
    Certainly it’s one of the most accurate and a thoroughly deserved pile on. The hypocrisy of Mrs Coleman is obscene! This woman is the enemy of all women as she elevates herself while she sets out to punish other less advantaged women which is just gross. She is an abuser of her poor husband and the wife of her AP. An appalling Jesus cheater.
    Love your take on this CL ????

  • Also, just for my sake I wanted to add that I don’t know yet if this is true. I think most pols on both sides are liars and hypocrites so it is easy to believe.

    I suspect it will be addressed publicly before long.

    • Little Uber driver and single mom risks massive defamation lawsuit from an entire political machine? Hmm.

      • They’ll have to prove its not true to win a slander or defamation suit. That’s gonna be tough when phone / text records can be subpoenaed.

        She may not be able to drive for Uber anymore tho.

  • I know there has been deserved piling on of Ms. Coleman, but what about the other cheater? I hope there are serious consequences for both cheaters, and I hope their spouses find their way here. Also, I hope their spouses get at least half of the cheater’s gov. pensions.

    Geez. If a politician can’t be trusted with basic human decency when it comes to their spouse, what about the rest of the faceless/nameless constituents? There are WAY too many cheaters in public office.

    Also, if, for whatever reason, those particular cheaters try to sue the uber driver, I’m all for CN starting a gofundme to help her out with legal expenses.

    Brava, Annie Schulte.

    • He’s no longer in the state legislature, so the Uber driver was going after the one who is still around to do damage.

      Not that it will matter. As long as she attacks other women and LGBTQ people, her voters will just Jesus-think their way around her adultery.

    • A jerk probably but he and his spouse were divorcing. Looks like he cheated on a girlfriend though.

    • In the UK we have to endure well-known adulterers Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock. The former a known multiple offender. Mostly people don’t care about that aspect of their bad characters. Cheating on your spouse is just one of those things that ‘happens’. Women of a certain age, my age and older, love Boris Johnson. It’s nauseating frankly! But all I can do is keep telling my story.

      • According to scores of studies adultery isn’t idiosyncratic but speaks to character in general. I think misguided members of the public tend to support whomever reminds them of their icky role models/parents, a bit like Dominicans believe that everyone envisions God as their own father. Otherwise I can’t wrap my head around why some people manically worship such repulsive public figures. Never mind the boozy bloat, warts, shifty eyes and wormy demeanors! Smells like daddy or creepy Uncle Pete!

  • I do really wish that someone had outed my fw long before they did. It would not have changed our D, but it would have prevented him from ever getting promoted. Yes he got busted, but he really should have never been given the honor he received.

    I was so proud of him and us. We had worked so hard in our city, and I do still treasure the memory of the wonderful folks I met and the kids in the Jr. Base ball program I volunteered for.

  • An anti-choice, Bible thumping “family values” cheater? I am shocked. Shocked to the very marrow of my bones. How will I ever recover my equilibrium today?
    What a gift Annie Schulte is. I reckon her Uber job is over, but she probably considers exposing those slime worth it or she wouldn’t have done it.

  • Am I nitpicking for thinking she should have blown them up even before learning about the abortion laws being overturned? It just rubs me the wrong way that she would say “not my business, right?”


    • Glad you said that.

      In my case I am sure the dime dropper waited until it benefitted them before dropping the dime. In the mean time I was being robbed blind by fw and the whore, I was working my ass off to help him achieve his dreams etc.

      I could have spared myself years of treachery committed against me had anyone who knew and had any scruples just spilled the beans.

    • You’re not nitpicking, but for all the driver knew, they had an open marriage or were already separated. She probably didn’t even give it much thought at the time, since Uber drivers must see that sort of thing a lot. Then she found out Coleman was using her marriage, kids and supposed religious righteousness for political gain, so she knew Coleman was a massive fraud and hypocrite. That would piss me off too, somebody using me and my car to help pull off a disgusting scam.

      • I do think way fewer people would have payed attention outside the context of Roe. Not that the driver could have predicted that she’d get the perfect opening, but in this case I think waiting for the reveal ended up being more effective even if not the right choice, and hopefully helps more people in addition to the Chumps that are directly involved.

    • I thought that myself. If she was actually principled about it, her decision to expose them wouldn’t have depended on their politics.

      • I think it’s more than mere politics. Overturning Roe told 52% of the nation’s population that they have no right to make decisions about their own bodies or their own healthcare and condemns anyone with a uterus to carry a fetus based on someone ELSE’s politics, someone else’s “principles.” Exposing the true nature of that someone else’s principles seems fair to me.

        • Supreme Court’s recent Roe ruling informed 100% of the nation that abortion is not a
          national Constitutional right.

  • Did the Uber driver even consider the children involved? Children can be cruel and they’re probably going to have a rough time of it at school.

    • My previous post didn’t make it through – I think the Uber driver was wrong. She knew who they were, she could have notified the spouses privately. I get the feeling this was a political gotcha tool rather than abhorring cheating. It is a slippery slope – hope we never do anything our Uber drivers don’t like. I’d hate to wind up on social media (yes, cheaters suck).

      • She said nothing until she realized ME’s goal of restricting healthcare to millions of women. A woman who campaigned on integrity, devotion, faith, family unit. She’s a fraud. Just a fraud. The Uber driver spoke to the voters, ME’s constituents to whom she must answer for a double standard of good for me, not for thee. She’s a thief of her position and power, hell bent on subjugating and punishing women with a different belief system than the one she pushes yet doesn’t follow herself. Zero sympathy.

      • “I get the feeling this was a political gotcha tool”

        Since when in that a bad thing, catching a political and religious hypocrite and exposing her for what she is?

        As long you’re not being an asshole in an Uber, you have nothing to worry about, particularly if you’re not a well known person. What are they going to do, start a thread about some random person they know only by a first name and last initial?

        Look, Uber is not a confessional. There is no reasonable expectation of privacy, so the driver did nothing wrong.

      • I agree with this. This wasn’t shared because adultery is wrong. It was shared for political reasons and honestly, that even makes the truthfulness of the whole account suspect.

        • “It was shared for political reasons and honestly, that even makes the truthfulness of the whole account suspect.”

          Give me a break. Since when did being a cheater ruin anyone’s political career? Hasn’t happened since Gary Hart AFAIK.

            • Special circumstances since his wife was terminally ill and he was obviously only staying with her to inherit her money, waiting for her to die like a fucking ghoul. In addition, his whore was making a vulgar display of herself all over the media, trying to be a star. It was all too gross to ignore.
              As a general rule though, people don’t much care about adulterous politicians.

        • Suspect? Did you see the tweets? Uber driver has proof.
          Adultery is wrong, yes. This person is trying to ***legislate*** morality while doing something morally wrong — and while using family values to advance her career. She herself made this political; no one else.

        • Whistleblower = Hero?

          A truth-teller automatically becomes a hero? OR are there if & when conditions?
          IF I like the truth told ~ and ~
          WHEN the truth benefits me.

          When I Hate the truth ~ and ~ When the truth Hurts me?
          Whistleblower still Hero then?

          Can this hero-whistleblower
          who exposed a hypocrite
          BE a hypocrite?

          Can a Hero be a Hypocrite?

        • Adulterer that didn’t affect me 2+ years ago? ????????‍♀️ ????
          Adulterer who might affect me in future via kids? ???? ????
          ????????‍♀️???? + ???????? = ???? your hero?

    • Ms. Coleman’s children should not be the concern of the Uber driver…they SHOULD be the concern of Ms. Coleman.

    • “Did the Uber driver even consider the children involved?”

      That was the cheater’s responsibility. She shouldn’t have entered politics representing “family values” if she wasn’t going to be faithful. It’s not the Uber driver’s job to keep her dirty secrets.

      The kids would eventually be better off if the dad divorced the cheater, so the driver has actually done them a favor. Since when do we think parents modeling hypocrisy and dishonesty is good for kids?

    • “Did the Uber driver even consider the children involved?”

      That’s like blaming an abused parent for the pain and destruction the abusive parent brings upon the family.

      Also, these politicians are in the spotlight. They know their affairs will potentially — likely — get leaked at some point. They choose to cheat and lie anyway.

      • In Ohio, J.D. Vance says women are obligated to stay in “violent” marriages, for the “good of the family”. So some people want to mandate suffering more abuse.

        I put Mary Elizabeth Coleman firmly in the same camp.

    • Considering the children was the job of the PARENTS who were cheating. As long as the driver didn’t name the kids, that’s not on her. The number of children the cheaters have is relevant as at least one of them is a forced-birther.

    • Did the cheaters consider the children involved? The chumped spouses could offset some of that potential fallout by divorcing and getting as far away from the cheaters as possible. And it’s likely the same type of parents who would protect children from gaslighting abusers (and apparent alcoholics) would also probably go to the mat to protect children from bullying. If there’s a sane parent in the picture, I’m not worried. I’d be more worried if the cheating was normalized for the kids.

    • The Uber driver didn’t cause the cheating — It’s not her fault if the children have a rough time of it at school. The cheaters — especially a parent priding themselves on integrity, faith and a strong family unit — caused the cheating.

  • not the mousy woman, hopping up the salty steps of the legislature. the mousy legislator, sitting the back of an uber on the corner of high street and madison, waiting for your lothario. strong feelings flow, flow, flow past: lust, desire, a wish to leave it all. but leaving it all behind is not enough.

    a white shirt, a white shirt, a white shirt. expensive cotton. a sign. you long to knot the cotton to your bedpost. imagine glory at the twin bridges, so dirty. instead, the hilton, a quickie in the bathroom stall at the sapphires lounge. outside, the noise from the jazz trio, restrained. you emerge. the carpet is dizzying, short skirts and shiny suits, laughing and drinking, orbs of red light glow. outside, mean clouds catch on the dome of the legislature.

    bruises, new friends, mark your wrists.

    • LOLOLOL!! This is great. Pitch perfect! In my line of work I see a lot of poetry looking to get published, and a not-insignificant amount of it is from people confessing/justifying/glorifying affairs, all hyped up on their sense of freedom! adventure! romance! devastating tragic beauty! of being the main character in the poetic (in)justice story of fated lovers, star-crossed, oppressed by their mundane marriages, by their dully devoted partners, by the duty involved in parenting, finding aliveness and moment-to-moment intensity in furtive, clandestine, passionate intimacies … it sounds just like the above!

      Can’t help but hear, as a coda to what you wrote:

      bruises, new friends, mark your wrists.

      this is the best you’ll ever be, right now, this is the best you’ll ever be.

    • Please write an entire book of cheater poetry parody. It could be its own genre– certainly a great Friday challenge.

  • I just perused Coleman’s bio on her website. She includes this phrase, “If we send more principled people of integrity to serve…” Principled, eh? Integrity, eh? Reminds me of a particular AP/ex-friend’s motto for her first-grade class: be kind to each other.


  • You can send her an email with the posts about her indescretions. I also noted that she attend Catholic schools. What a hypocrite!

    • I forgot to add the email info:
      Biography. Representative Mary Elizabeth Coleman, a Republican, represents parts of Jefferson and St. Louis counties (District 97) in the Missouri House of …
      Legislator Assistant: Seth York
      Phone: 573-751-3751

      • I just sent the link to this to the St; Louis newspaper. Most papers have a tip line. Do the same for other papers if you wish.

  • Also interesting …
    Uber lady said that they told her in the car that they were legislators. “If there’s one thing you can count on, it’s that legislators will tell you that they’re legislators at the 1st opportunity,” she said in the tweet. The ego and entitlement blind them to any risk or any reality. Even though her six and his four children and their spouses would be devastated, still they had to out themselves as “important.”

  • What a lot of people don’t realize is that there is no expectation to privacy in public period. In you own home and in your personal relationships but not in public that includes anywhere, cabs, beaches, bars unless otherwise stated. If you don’t want anything to be made public then don’t do it.

  • Mary Elizabeth Coleman is running for the US Senate.

    From her Instagram page:
    656 Posts 502 Followers. 333 Following
    Mary Elizabeth Coleman
    Chicken fried steak eating, craft cocktail drinking Catholic wife, mom x6. Lady lawyer. Elder millennial. Transplanted Texan Missouri lover #MoLeg Rep

    And here’s more from Annie Schulte about why she outed them:
    “So, Mary Elizabeth Coleman was having an affair with the Speaker of the House. Personally, I didn’t care. Not my business, right? It wasn’t until SCOTUS overturned Roe v Wade that I ever thought about her again, after reading an article in Vanity Fair…

    “I precede to learn everything I can about this woman, discovering that she’s currently one of the biggest threats to Missourians – specifically women. As a single mom of three little girls, I decided it was time to speak Mary Elizabeth’s truth.
    She isn’t who she says she is. She’s an emotionally immature, self-serving narcissist disguised as a mousy, altruistic brunette that claims to be deeply devoted to her husband, her constituents and the lord.

    “It’s all bullshit.
    BTW, the bible doesn’t even mention abortion but it sure has a lot to say about adultery, Mrs. Coleman.
    Also, happy anniversary, Mary Elizabeth. My apologies to Chris if he’s just now discovering that you use session as an escape to bang other dudes while he’s stuck at home, watching all those kids.”

    She is running for the Senate and practices law for the Thomas More Society, a National Catholic Association which is a type of public association of the faithful under the canon law of the Catholic Church. They have filed numerous lawsuits to overturn the presidential election on behalf of Trump, and to oppose social distancing, masking, abortion, same-sex marriages, mandates requiring health plans to cover contraception and voluntary sterilization, and other conservative causes.

    • Isn’t she running for state senate?

      It’s important the voters send a message to all the candidates who hold her views. The hypocrisy started before the Uber ride.

  • I wonder if they were on their way to a prayer meeting at Motel 6? Having worked for private religious affiliated Christian schools, I cannot claim surprise. There must be something delicious about hypocrisy? It must be an acquired taste. How do you tell other people how to live, and what they are legally entitled to do, and then live the opposite way, and do the opposite of what you claim to believe, and be ok with that?

    It pains me whenever people do evil and claim to be working for God. I think of all the child abuse, in some cases torture and death, of all of the closeted LGBQT clergy and teachers, who have to deny their feelings to be allowed to worship God, or follow their vocation? I still wonder why, on occasion. For the most part I do not waste my time worrying about other people’s problems that are absolutely none of my business.

    For these two — I really wonder how much it will hurt their careers? I watch the news daily and am amazed there are not more arrests and convictions for crimes that appear to have a mountain of evidence. I have learned the difference between trying to help someone with true remorse heal and enabling behavior. These two will probably only learn to cover their tracks a little better in the future.

    • Lol I wonder sometimes if fw and whore prayed together, likely prayed they wouldn’t get caught so he could sanitize her and bring her in as a new love once they disposed of me.

      They weren’t church leaders but he was a professing Christian. I doubt she professed anything, she just went along with whatever married man whore that was currently paying her bills.

    • “How do you tell other people how to live, and what they are legally entitled to do, and then live the opposite way, and do the opposite of what you claim to believe, and be ok with that?”

      They consider themselves special and therefore above the rules they demand us “ordinary” folks should live by.

      • I think it was one of the Watergate burglars who claimed he had to sin so God could redeem him. That pretty much gives anyone free rein doesn’t it, as long as they say sorry after.

      • Well, Missouri voters voted for her, so if they don’t think she’s so special, they can vote her out. ????????‍♀️

  • Religio-political hypocrisy has a history going back at least to the ancient Egyptians and likely long before. I wish I could figure out what put this worm in the apple of the human soul.

    In any case, there have always been plenty of these folks polluting the landscape. How delightful to see them exposed.

  • Here’s more, from ME herself :
    “My most important job is as wife and mother. Chris and I have been married for nineteen years and have six children: Curtice, Leavitt. Hayden, Johnston, Larkin and Gerhardt. They challenge me every day to grow, love sacrificially, and appreciate more fully the many gifts I have been given. Chris and I came to the decision I should run for re-election because we believe it’s important to our children’s future that Missouri remain a great place to live, work, and raise a family. If we send more principled people of integrity to serve in Jefferson City, our state will flourish economically and we can have leaders whom our children can admire as role models.”

    What’s interesting is that although many sources report that Elijah although has four children, they can’t find any reference to a wife, ex-wife or adoption. I couldn’t either, except she’s pictured in this article with him and one of their kids, but not named: Very odd.

  • Its too bad that noone seems to care she is an unscrupulous hypocrite. Unfortunately thats politics for you!

  • Turn about is fair play. When my body, my genitalia, and my reproductive life becomes their business, that means I will take a stake in theirs. Accountability needs to go both ways.

    I am sorry for their children. But they were going to learn who theirs parents were anyway. And anyone in public life knows their children or other relatives will be exposed to the media. And they chose public life. They also chose to be cake eating cheaters. There is always a price to be paid.

    • ChumptyDumpty said:
      Turn about is fair play. When my body, my genitalia, and my reproductive life becomes their business, that means I will take a stake in theirs. Accountability needs to go both ways.

      Well said!

  • 2.5 years ago, their adultery
    didn’t affect you. Post Roe ruling, abortion restrictions might affect you via your daughters. Now, you are (morally) against their adultery.
    I always applaud truth-loving,
    truth-seeking, truth-telling heroes
    who are brave & unselfish, willing to personally sacrifice for the welfare of others.
    This whistleblower isn’t in the same category as Dr Kennedy
    vs Dr Faucci) or Bill Binny (vs CIA).
    She risked nothing, lost nothing.
    Another member of the cancel- coulter movement? It’s now alright to thoughtlessly, carelessly, recklessly Attack whomever disagrees with you?
    Silent about their adultery THEN, but will weaponize that adultery NOW. How convenient.
    Can a real hero be so concerned about her own 3 kids while simultaneously be unconcerned about 10 other kids in her story? Switzerland then?
    Machiavellian now?
    Have you the reader/responder questioned her morals, method, motivation? Your “ hero”, really?

    Morality of Sexuality is a WHOLE,
    mixed & baked together thing ~like a casserole~ unlike a cafeteria where one subjectively selects only some. Jesus was/is totally against hypocrisy. God’s moral truths are absolute, not a buffet of options.

    • “Morality of Sexuality is a WHOLE, mixed & baked together thing ~like a casserole~ unlike a cafeteria where one subjectively selects only some. Jesus was/is totally against hypocrisy. God’s moral truths are absolute, not a buffet of options.”
      I assume you are referring to the Coleman woman? She is the hypocrite here.
      I assume you do NOT mean that Robert Kennedy (who is not a doctor) is some kind of whistleblower against Dr. Fauci??

      • Anybody who brags about
        their morals then acts against those morals and/or covers up their immortality is a hypocrite.
        By definition.
        AND Any whistleblower has motivation, method & morals that lead to the decision to expose somebody.
        What I’m trying to emphasize is that it’s a wise to seek truth BEFORE blindly believing
        an accusation.
        What’s known about the accused? the accuser?
        BOTH sides can be & ought
        to be questioned.

        “Kennedy is not a doctor”
        Ok, thanks for correction.
        Kennedy, others educated, experienced people in both the
        medical & political arenas
        have been/still attempting to have Dr Anthony Fauci thoroughly, formally & publicly investigated.
        I just heard this yesterday:
        2 countries (Brazil & Ireland)
        believe that Fauci is guilty of a horrific crime against humanity
        thus have no trust in WHO.
        Who and/or What we believe
        can be as serious as a matter of life v death. Literally. Choose your news sources carefully (via critical thinking)
        is my unasked for advice.

        • Ireland has no such view of Fauci I assure you and is fully supportive of WHO. You’re the one who should be getting your facts right. Choose your news sources carefully.

    • In other words, her pro-choice motives for busting this anti-choice, religious hypocrite offend you. It would have been simpler just to say that. Who cates what her motives are? She busted an asshole. Do we need 100% pure, unselfish motives for busting assholes? Well that leaves those of us out who busted our cheaters and their APs.

      “God’s moral truths are absolute, not a buffet of options.”

      I’m pretty sure most God believers are of the cafeteria variety, because the ancient texts proscribe many highly repressive, bigoted and downright nonsensical rules which don’t fit into a compassionate, progressive society.

    • Generally speaking, chastising internet strangers to care more about these “ten” kids than their parents do is inherently immoral. Virtue signaling at its worst. Whatabiutism does not a discussion make. People who willfully seek to legislate their brand of morality which takes personal agency away from half the population while simultaneously promoting and ignoring their moral Biblical rules are foul. The Bible says so. She wants to prosecute and imprison people for personal choices. Maybe she should wear an A, and be shunned. Her silence is deafening. There is no defense or she’s be crowing from the rooftops. I hope every difficult choice you make is on a timeline I approve of.

    • Just an FYI, spoken-word poetry sounds pretty stupid when it’s typed. Next time just write normally, or save it for the coffeeshop open-mike night.

    • P.S. Yes, originally when she was only hurting her own family and friends with her lies, betrayals, and fake-pious facade, and we had no connection to any of the people involved, it was less of our business. Now that she’s weaponizing said lies and facade to hurt a whole lot of people, it becomes more of our business.

      Once you use something to harm others, that thing becomes their business. Gold Star for figuring that out.

    • You’re doing what so many cheaters do. You’re focusing on someone’s reaction rather than the real problem of hypocrisy, elitism, classism, racism. Image management. The emperor has no clothes but let’s focus on if the crowd was early for the parade.

  • YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSS CL! (Chef’s kiss so hard it hurt my lips a little!)

    Beautifully said!

  • So an Uber driver, upset about how Coleman and Haahr voted, is claiming a ride she gave to the pair back in January 2020 and they sucked face for the ride. She didn’t say anything about it when it was more easily verified, until she was mad about how they voted.


    Not saying it didn’t happen, but Imma gonna have to have more before I find her story credible. ????????‍♀️

    • She posted about in January too. Provided maps and details of their ride, activities and ME’s conversation.

  • I wish the Uber driver had come forward earlier in the campaign. She won.

    Precincts: 41 / 41 (100% reporting)
    Mary Elizabeth Coleman (R)
    Jeff Roorda (R)
    Dan Shaul (R)
    Shane Roden (R)

  • Perhaps her Democratic opponent has an opportunity to distinguish his views (and moral character) from hers. Are Missouri chumps following this race?

  • So basically this Uber driver is telling us that she wasn’t going to say anything about this until she realized she didn’t like the way they voted. I get the satisfaction of exposing this unscrupulous POS; she richly deserved it. But it’s not because the Uber driver gave a flying fuck about the chumps. It sounds like she was perfectly happy to let the whole thing slide if the legislators in question had agreed with her politics. It doesn’t make her a champion of chumps everywhere.

    • Keep in mind, the anti-abortion legislation seeks to criminalize those who assist woman, including Uber drivers. The driver who shared the illegal (?) adulterous behavior of elected officials did a service to all victims of their lies.

    • ☝️ Jennifer, ????????????Thank you!
      Who else can fill in the blanks?
      Driver is Silent for 2.5 years
      UNTIL _______
      Driver publicly EXPOSES _____
      BECAUSE _____

  • Sounds like this was a first time fling for her but he had done it many times in the past with other married legislators. One of them was a state representative when he was and is now a senator that divorced her husband over her many men in that city behind his back.

  • >